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The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

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It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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Beyond a reasonable doubt

My response to recent fandom meltdowns. What would Mulder and Scully do? Slightly not safe for work. 

Mulder was propped up on his left arm, his mobile in his right hand, the bed sheets tangled around his legs. Scully took a moment to admire the ripple of muscles in his arms and chest as he scrolled.

           “What are you looking at Mulder?”

           “There’s been a drama unfolding on Tumblr.”

           “About Trump?” She untied the belt on her robe and hung it over the chair next to her side.

           “No, about that actress Gillian Anderson.”

           She sat on the bed. “Who?”

           He looked at her with a lazy grin. “The one who played Stella Gibson in The Fall.”

           Recognition flickered across her eyes and she hummed a little. “Ah, yes. Those silk blouses and pencil skirts. Those legs. That impeccable British accent.” She licked her lips and closed her eyes for a moment.

           Mulder chuckled. “You know there’s no such thing as a British accent, don’t you Scully?”


           “There are around 60 accents in the British Isles. Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson speaks with a southern English accent. Plummy.”

           Scully let herself slide further down the bed and turned to face him. “Like Phoebe Green, you mean?” She did her best ‘home counties’ accent and waited for him to bite. He rewarded her with an eye roll and a quiet ‘hmph’. “Can I see?” She took the phone. “So what’s the issue? Why is this picture a big deal? She looks happy.”

           “Yep. She does. But it’s who she looks happy next to that’s creating the blow-up.” He tapped the screen. The image enlarged.

           “Who is it?”

           “His name is Peter Morgan and he’s a screenwriter. We watched his most recent show, The Crown.”

           Scully peered at the phone. “Is that the one with Queen Victoria?”

           “No, that was Victoria. The Crown is the one about the early days of Queen Elizabeth II. Remember?”

           “Oh yes, that was great. A young woman thrust into the patriarchy, daring to have her own opinions and having to put up with a partner whose attention span was akin to a five-year-old and whose loyalty was sometimes dubious. Tough woman.” She gave him back the phone. “So what’s the fuss? And why are you on Tumblr, Mulder?”

           He put the mobile on his bedside drawer. “The fuss is that she has been linked to David Duchovny, the actor from Californication, for quite some time. And the fandom is in meltdown that she is now apparently seeing this Peter Morgan. It’s goodbye Gillovny and hello Gilligan.”

           Scully shook her head. “So the poor woman is reduced to a celebrity match name instead of being recognised for the talented actor that she is. It’s disgraceful. Imagine if we were given a couple name? How demeaning would that be?”

           “Would we be Sculder or Mully?” he asked, watching the strap of her nightgown slip down her shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss there. She turned and stroked his head, chuffing out a soft laugh.

           “And was she ever confirmed to be dating that Duchovny guy? I mean, he’s pretty hot, but do we really know anything about him? He might be conceited or arrogant or unfaithful or boring. Although, I did read his books and they were funny and sweet,” she let Mulder continue his ministrations. “And this Peter guy might be plain in comparison but he might be super intelligent, witty, charming. Women are turned on by all sorts of different things – emotional, intellectual and physical traits. It’s sometimes a slow and subtle burn that worms its way through your entire system until one day you look up and realist that this ordinary person you’ve known for a while is actually the love of your life.”

Mulder stopped kissing her arm and looked up at her. “Ordinary?”

“I’m not necessarily talking about you, Mulder. Carry on.” He did. “And how do any of these people on Tumblr know anything about these celebrities? They must spend half their day consumed with what famous people are doing instead of living their own lives, or loving their partners or children, or creating things, or helping others.”

           Mulder kissed down her arm to her elbow and licked the soft skin at the inside. She let out a slight moan. That sound did things to him.

“I know, right?” His teen girl impersonation made her giggle and he listened to that wonderful sound before licking again.

“Mulder, that’s really good, but I still want to know why you’re on Tumblr?”

“I’ve got an account.” He moved down her arm to her wrist and pressed his full lips to her papery skin there. That always got a reaction. She squirmed and he put his other hand over her abdomen, lightly stroking the silky material of her gown.

“What?” she pushed his hand away.

He pulled back and frowned. “Yeah, and this shit goes down and it’s terrible. People have actually sent death threats to the children of some of the bloggers. Anonymously, of course. But that’s scary.”

Scully looked at him, quirking an eyebrow. “It is. But since when did you get a Tumblr account, Mulder?”

“And who’s the real victim here, Scully? The celebrities, the bloggers who are being harassed, their children who don’t even know about the shitstorm, the rest of us watching it going down consumed by second-hand anxiety about people we don’t even really know?”

“You’re always on the side of the victim, Mulder, but this isn’t real life.”

“It’s somebody’s real life. It’s the real life of the mother whose child’s life was threatened.”

She sighed. “I know. It’s terrible. But when did you get a Tumblr account?”

“I set it up a while ago. I don’t have many followers but I like to see what’s going on so I look at my feed and go onto some of my favorite sites.”

She looked at him, tucking her chin to her chest. “What’s your blog called?”

“But Aliens.”

“Butt Aliens?”

He looked hurt. “You’re saying it wrong, Scully. But Aliens. It’s a blog about other the possibilities of life forms, space travel, conspiracies, UFO sightings. I just need more followers, you know?”

“I can imagine.”

“You sound a bit judgy, Scully.”

“No, I just don’t see what you’re trying to prove by being on a social media site like that.”

He climbed on top of her, pulled off her gown and grinned. “Right now, I’m trying to prove to you that people on the internet are crazy, and I think I’ve just about covered off on that. And next up I am about to prove that I’m also crazy in love with you. So, if you’ll just stop that brain of yours from disapproving of my downtime habits and let me proceed, I think you’ll find that my case is sound beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“There are some downtime habits of yours that I do approve of, Mulder.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, then pushed it down to her chest. He obliged and took a nipple between his teeth, enjoying her sharp hiss. He took his time, working her up to a crescendo of moans before trailing his tongue down her belly and finding the right spot with the sort of precision borne out of years of practice.

The morning sun cast a silvery shadow across their room. He breathed in the musky smell of their night’s pleasure and he picked up his phone.

           “Whoa, Scully! I’ve picked up lots more followers overnight.”

           She turned over and grumbled. “Don’t tell me you posted a photo of us together with the caption ‘Sculder confirmed.’?”

           He grinned into the side of her neck. “No, weird porn wins the internet again. I changed the name of my blog to Butt Aliens.”

Snapchat (S Bros)

(I’ll be answering most asks by tomorrow because I’m settling in from getting back home from holidays. I was going to answer them now but this came to mind. Please be patient haha, but feel free to send them in!)

You held your phone close to you boyfriend’s face, who was sleeping soundly. You focused on his face with the camera and chose the filter that scrunches his face up in a funny way. You took the picture just before he sat up and pulled you onto his lap. You squealed and giggled and tried to get away but he held you down, curious. “What are you doing?” he asked, staring down at the picture of him on your phone. You saved it and looked up at him sideways. “It’s an app called Snapchat. It has filters, see?” You scrolled through the filters. “Wanna try?” He carefully took your phone and looked at different filters. He chose the one with the hot pink flowers on both sides of the head, the screen slightly pink. “It says to try with a friend. Wanna do it with me?” You nodded and giggled slightly as he held out the phone so it could focus on your faces. You kissed Shu’s cheek as he took the picture. You pressed save and chose the filter again. “Now a funny one.” You stuck your tongue out and raised one eyebrow and he rolled his eyes back into his head and stuck his tongue out slightly. He looked at the picture. “We look like idiots,” he said while saving the picture and going to your camera roll and finding the first one you took together. He set it as your lock screen. “There. Wanna lay with me?” You nodded and laid down next to him, looking up at your lock screen, smiling brightly.

Reiji was working in his lab while you sat bored, playing on your phone. You kept choosing funny filters and taking pictures of yourself. Reiji noticed this and raised his brow in question. “What on earth are you doing on that device?” he asked, walking up behind you. You craned your neck to look up at him as he squinted at your phone. “Show me how it works.” You demonstrated and explained and gave him your phone. He held it carefully, looking for a filter. “This is a nice one,” he said, holding out the phone in front of yours and his face. It was the flower crown filter. You giggled and made a funny face just as he took it. He looked at the picture then back at you, then back at the picture and laughed, a rare sound coming from the vampire. You blinked in surprise and laughed with him. “Oh my, that is funny. Sometimes these things are just tolerable. If I get a phone, will you forward this to me?” You nodded and got up from your seat, wrapping your arms around him and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Let’s do more weird things together.”

Since you were on vacation, you decided to send him a picture of yourself and what you were doing everyday on Snapchat. He loved that. You could even call on it! That was really cool and fascinating to him. You chose the dog filter and stuck your tongue out, taking a picture. You captioned the picture “miss you” with love hearts. A few seconds later, he sent you a picture of your hotel, saying “finally get to kiss you in person”. You covered your mouth and ran to the window where you could see a medium red dot. You waited for him patiently until he knocked on the door. You ran to the door and unlocked it, practically jumping on top of him. “Snapchat for this special moment?” you asked. He nodded and took your phone, going onto face swap. You both looked really odd. You laughed and put up two peace signs as he snapped the picture. You put it on your story, captioned “he’s my Chichinashi” and turned your phone off to finally kiss the redhead.


Kanato walked into your room without you noticing. You were taking pictures on your phone with these weird things on your face. He walked up behind you. “What are you doing?” he asked in a bored tone. You looked back at him. “Oh, it’s this app and you can take pictures with these things called filters,” you explained, showing him. “I would like to try,” he said, snatching your phone and choosing the flower crown picture. “Try with a friend. Hmm. Do this with me,” he said, pulling you close to him. You smiled and put up two fingers. He took it and stared down at your phone. “Not good enough.” He made you both take it about fifty times, you always reminding him that he looked great. He also did face swaps with Teddy, completely forgetting about you or why he had even come into your room. Afterwards he came back with your phone and asked for you to take another picture with each other. Another thirty pictures later, he had the perfect picture of you and him smiling, heads close together. You saved it then had a nice tea party with Kanato.


Laito walked down the hall to your room, standing at the door, his ear pressed to the door. He heard faint giggling. What is Bitch-chan doing? He opened the door to see you on your bed, taking pictures on Snapchat. He used it to talk to you often but mainly just for talking to other girls. You two weren’t officially a thing yet but you both had a positive feeling about one another. “Bitch-chan, I wanna take pictures with you too,” he whined, plopping down next to you. You sighed and gave him the phone, letting him choose a filter. He smirked and held the phone up to choose one without you seeing. You rolled your eyes and waited until he was done. He chose the most popular of them all, the dog filter. You laughed as he held the phone out and you cuddled up next to him, poking your tongue out. He did the same. You took a couple more photos but in all of them he was staring at you. In the middle of a picture, you looked up at him and stared into his eyes for a second. You both did this for a moment until he leaned in and slowly but passionately kissed your lips. He kept taking pictures until you blocked the camera with your hand. You pulled away and laughed. “Wow,” you said. “Wow,” he replied. 


 You were bombing your white haired boyfriend with pics and posting them on Snapchat. He covered his face with his hands and angrily told you to stop, his big black sweater sleeves covering half his hands. You giggled and pulled one of his hands away. “Come on, Ru, for me?” you said, batting your eyelashes. He sighed and took his other hand away from his face. “Fine, but I want it with you. Make it quick,” he said, crossing his arms. You put an arm around his shoulders and chose the cat filter. He was still facing the other way. He looked at the camera quickly and blushed when he saw what filter you were using. “No, no. N-not that one- aw, (Y/n),” he stuttered, making a strange face. You snapped the picture, the blushing vampire making a strange but cute face as you did so. “(Y/n), d-delete it,” he whined, holding your arm. You giggled, saved it and quickly put it on your story. “Oops, my finger slipped,” you said in a teasing tone. “You look cute though.” You got close to his face and tapped his nose with your finger gently once. He blushed a little more and laughed slightly. “Can-can we take another proper one?” he asked, taking your phone in his hands. You nodded and he held up the phone snapping a few more photos. He started liking it and surprisingly wasn’t mad. “When and if I get a phone, can you send me these?” You smiled sweetly at him and nodded slightly. “Of course.”

half step and a tumble

Title: half step and a tumble
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Dan doesn’t have a date, and Phil won’t answer his phone. [Read on AO3]
Notes: I started writing this last week when it looked like Dan was going to be in Seattle by himself overnight. Naturally, they screwed me by not even staying apart the full twenty four hours so this is reality based tour fic with a slight AU twist.

They don’t kiss goodbye.

They’ll only be apart for the day. Dan has a flight to catch to Seattle and a date with the Guild Wars offices, which he’s been gleeful about for weeks now. Phil’s staying behind and traveling the more scenic route with the bus so he can work on tour details that need to be finalized before the next round of ticket sales, which he feels decidedly less excitement for. He’s been good about it though, letting Dan ramble excitedly all he wanted and not complaining. (Much.)

They’ll only be apart a day. No time at all, really.

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Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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Being Harry’s girlfriend would include:
  • Braiding his hair whenever you pleased
  • Him insisting to return the favor to you but halfway through it he abandons the idea and just puts it into a slightly crooked ponytail
  • “I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to braid better in case our future daughter want me to do her hair while you’re out.”
  • Harry always talking about the future and how he plans on having about 8 kids with you and getting married in Hawaii 
  • Waking up to find him baking cooking at 2 am because he couldn’t sleep
  • “These are so amazing, oh my god.” “That’s only because I used to work in a bakery, dear. Learned everything I know there.”
  • Adopting a kitten together after trying to convince you for a month now
  • Waking up alone and wandering into the kitchen to find him cuddling the lil kitten
  • Him making you help him strategically place things for the perfect instagram photo
  • “Wait, quick help me come up with a witty caption for my new instagram picture.”
  • Forcing you to take selfies with him so that he has a variety of photos to pick from for his background
  • Him trying out new pick up lines on you all the time
  • “Harry, you already got me. You can stop with these atrocious lines.”
  • You having to endure all his jokes but after awhile you get used to them and some of them actually become funny
  • Or just laughing at the awful jokes just to make his proud that he caused that laugh
  • Him literally wanting to eat you out all the time
  • “C'mon just a little taste, dear. Please?” “No, Harry you’ve gOT TO BE ON STAGE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Him pouting because you denied him but obeying you anyways though you were sure he wouldn’t give up the idea
  • Lot of forehead kisses and hand holding in public
  • Stealing each others clothes and getting annoyed that he can fit in your jeans and they somehow look better on him
  • Sharing hair ties since he always loses his and always want his hair in a bun
  • Cuddles all the time
  • Especially on colder nights when Harry doesn’t turn on the heat so that you’re forced to snuggle with him (not that you’d ever deny cuddling him)
  • Asking him what all his tattoos mean and most of his response are along the lines of “I just like mermaids so I figured why not get a tattoo of one.”
  • “But why doesn’t she have a seashell bra on like Ariel does?”
  • “Why does she need a bra?” *suggestive smirking*
  • Him dragging you along with him when he goes back home to visit his family
  • Spending more time with Gemma than him causing him to whine about how he “always knew you liked her better”
  • Harry saying he’s going to make you a extravagant dinner and tells you to dress up for it but you go downstairs to see he made grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • “What do you mean this isn’t fancy? I’ve seen this on some fancy restaurants’ menus.” “Yeah on the kids menu, Harry.”
  • But you both happily eat it while being dressed so fancy because it is pretty good
  • Marathoning Friends on your days off when you’re bored and wanna laugh
  • Going to LA with him and Harry enthusiastically showing you around helping you arrange your stuff in his LA house
  • “Just leave some stuff here babe that way you won’t have to pack so much stuff next time we come down.” “What makes you think I plan on coming back here with you?” “Be nice, you loser. I know you love it when I take you places you’ve never been to. ”


Inside Joe Jonas' Low-Key Luxury Chic

DNCE leader shows off vintage Godzilla T-shirt, Cuban-cigar collection and other prized items from personal style stash

“I’m a pretty big nerd,” says Joe Jonas, sitting in the L.A. house he’s newly dubbed “the Shaq-teau.” If you’re wondering why, check out the life-size cutout of NBA great Shaquille O'Neal that greets you upon entrance. Jonas – who just released his debut LP with his disco-pop crew, DNCE – has come a long way since his teen days as a sitcom star on the Disney Channel. But he’s kept a boyish sensibility, even as he’s become a little more rugged and sophisticated with age.

“As a band, we’ve always been attracted to fashion and our own versions of that,” he says, “My bass player [Cole Whittle] would, like, find a vest from a guy who’s doing scaffolding work in the Lower East Side. Whatever lets you be yourself.” For Jonas, that means having a house stocked with childhood memorabilia, as well as fine art and a wardrobe that mixes leather and letterman jackets in vibrant, dime-store comic-book colors.

Godzilla Shirt

“I was in a really rad vintage store in Harajuku when I found the T-shirt, and I freaked out. Like, ‘No way, a Godzilla shirt in Japan!’ I’m a pretty big nerd; I loved all those old shows. … It has all the villains from the movie on the back. I think it was still on the mannequin – I had to barter with the guy to keep it.

"Harajuku is one of the best shopping areas I’ve seen in the world. We always try and take a day off and go lose our minds there. That time we only got 30 minutes – I really lucked out. It’s the one shirt I’ll always wear until it falls off.”

G.I. Joe Vintage Lunchbox

“I loved G.I. Joe as a kid. I used to collect the action figures; I also loved the show. I thought I was gonna make all this money and eventually sell all my G.I. Joes. Then I found out my little brother Frankie ripped out all my action figures to play with. I was pretty bummed out, but he had a good time.

"I found the lunchbox somewhere in London. … You know, to keep a piece of my childhood. You find the most bizarre stuff around the world, all this stuff from America. Like, we were in Japan and I found T-shirts from my hometown, Wyckoff, New Jersey.”

Vintage Tuffy Boxing Gloves

“The gloves were a gift from Cole. They’re these vintage gloves from the Thirties or Forties. They’re very worn-in. To me they represent hard work. I have them hanging up in my bedroom – they’re like the first thing I see in the morning. I don’t use those, though – I have newer boxing gloves that I take with me on tour.

"I got more serious about boxing in the last year. I joined a gym in L.A. called Unbreakable. They do all kinds of training – MMA fighters, boxers, former athletes. They’ll link you up with so many different, unique trainers. When I was on the floor, I fought one of the trainers, Ava Knight – she’s a flyweight boxing champ. She is an incredible trainer; she puts me through the ringer.  I’ve learned so much from her.

"For me, [boxing] is therapeutic! You just lose yourself. You can zone out, not think too much. You’re just listening for the clock. Doing the same routine at the gym gets really annoying and boring. You can box anywhere – at home, in a hallway, inside, outside. On tour it’s very useful.”

Giants Bomber Jacket

“I’m a big-time Giants fan. I grew up right by the stadium. The band always tries to go to games when we’re in New York. We’ve gone to three games this season. This jacket is vintage. I got lucky and found it at a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s obviously very good for shopping. I rock it as much as I can. My guitarist, JinJoo, went to her first Giants game recently and has been feeling [the jacket]. She’s been wearing it quite a bit.”

Extensive Knife Collection

“It was kind of an accidental gift. One late, drunken night, my friend was trying to figure out what he was going to buy me for my birthday, and on an infomercial there was a collection of 150-something knives for $90. That was my birthday present from him. … It came in the mail months later and I was shocked.”

Louis Vuitton Slip-On Sneakers

“[Designer] Kim Jones gifted me these, from a collection he did with Colette in Paris. I don’t even like to touch these shoes because they’re really special to me and [there are] only a couple in the world. I wore them a couple weeks ago and now they’re on my shelf because they are a prized possession and a special memory.”

Cuban Cigars

“These are probably all Cuban – Cohiba Behikes. Me and my younger brother Nick are big cigar smokers, we probably have multiple humidors at this point. The cigar box itself has the presidential seal on it. I tell people it was a gift from George Washington when they come over, [from] George Washington’s great-great-great-great granddaughter. … But it’s definitely not true.”

Art by Alejandro Diaz-Ayala

“I’ve gone to Miami for Art Basel over the last couple years. I’m not a pro collector, but I guess that’s the beauty of art – I just grab stuff that I’m really attracted to. … There’s this guy Alejandro Diaz-Ayala – he’s from Mexico and is very famous for his graffiti art. I saw his work in Miami a couple years ago. I got to meet him recently. The only way I can describe it is meeting your favorite artist and actor. … He’s such a rad guy. This painting reminds me of Elvis in a way. It reminds me of my friend John.”

Art by Ryan Hewett

“Ryan Hewett is South African, but I saw his work at the Unit London. He just … kills it. He does these really big, portrait-style works. I was looking through his pieces, wanting to buy something. Then I stopped at these two figures sparring – I think one of them is Muhammad Ali.”

Rick Ross Ashtray, Assorted Art Books

“There’s an awesome artist named DeerDana – she made this cool ashtray and sent it to me. The coffee-table book was a gift from Peter Tunney; it’s actually an art piece. He worked with hundreds of other artists pulling together different curated skull pieces and they made a book – he designed the outside cover.”

Arm Tattoo

“There’s this artist named Curtis Montgomery – he’s based in Toronto and Montreal. I’ve been a big fan of his work; some of it is pretty perverse, pretty crazy. Or naughty, I should say. I really love the way he does line work. For those who don’t have tattoos, clean line work is hard to find. I was in Toronto; it was during the storm Jonas. I was doing a radio takeover in Canada, so we called it the Storm Jonas Takeover. I had a few hours to kill, so I called Curtis. He magically had the next few hours off. And it turned out he was at a shop just down the street.

"I’ve always been attracted to the number three. It’s got three points; I’ve got three brothers. Another important thing is the hand – it’s an open hand, a female hand. It’s giving, like Mother Nature.”

Jonas Brothers With the Obama Family

“I’ve been lucky to go to the White House a couple times. This photo is from when we played with Paul McCartney. The experience was one thing I was both … so excited to do and couldn’t wait to be done. I was nervous the whole time, playing for all these iconic people. But our first time there was especially memorable. We played just after Obama became president. Me and my brothers got a call being like, 'Hi, can you get on a plane and play for Obama’s daughters?’ We were the surprise at the end of a scavenger hunt for the girls. It’s so cool to have been a part of that era.”

Orange Bomber Jacket

“A paparazzi took a photo of me walking [in this jacket] next to a construction cone. So I tweeted it with caption, 'Who wore it better?’”

Shaquille O'Neal Cardboard Cutout

“When Cole and I lived together, we’d call our house the 'Chateau.’ We’d collect cardboard cutouts from radio stations and encourage fans to bring them to us onstage. We played on the James Corden show once – Cole is really good friends with the art director there. The guy made us these amazing cardboard cutouts – one of them was a massive Shaq head. I started our performance wearing the Shaq head, pretending to be Shaq. I obviously keep that at my house. … It’s now the 'Shaq-teau.’”

Source: Rolling Stone

usuk writing 10/10

this is a fill for @red-admiral-lyon – thanks so much for sending in a prompt, much love, and i hope you enjoy this!!!! said prompt was very specific and i don’t want to give it all away right in the beginning for everyone else, so let’s dive in!! :) 

Arthur sighed, walking into the spacious apartment. The keys just barely fit in his pocket considering all the stupid keychains that his idiot boss had attached, but he pushed them inside his jeans anyway. 

His boss had been traveling for “work” for two weeks now. As the CEO’s son, he could surely be doing actual work, such as greeting their investors and partners and so on. But the CEO apparently thought that simply getting his son out of his hair was a better idea. So Alfred had been doing “business” in places like Maldives, the Bahamas, and Ibiza. 

It was more of a vacation for Arthur than anyone else. He still had to work, yes, but conditions were unarguably better now that his annoying[ly handsome] boss wasn’t bothering him every day.

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Title: Snapchat

Pairing: Phan (Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil)

Genre: purely fluff

Words: 500

Warnings: None ^-^

Summary: Cute fluffy snaps

A/N: Oh. My. God. This was so hard to write! I didn’t know what to do, so I just made it into a short little drabble Like I even tried reading some other authors snapchat Phanfictions but it was all smut! Anyways! Here you go anon. Hope you like it

Dan groans patting the spot next to him for Phil, before remembering that Phil was away visiting family. He sighs sitting up and immediately grabbing his phone

New Snap from: Phil!

Dan smiles opening it up. Just a few weeks ago the couple decided they would get snapchat, and so far it was working wonderfully.
Phil had sent a picture of his families fluffy dog with the caption. “You’re still cuter.”
Dan awed softly, quickly taking a selfie still in bed and pouting. He quickly captioned it. “Wish you were here” Before sending it and climbing out of bed.
He sighs trudging to the kitchen and grabbing a bowl and his cereal. He frowns at the surprisingly light box before peeking inside. All of it. Gone.
Dan huffs, quickly snapping a picture of the inside of the cereal box and sending it to Phil along with 10 exclamation points.
He throws away the box with a pout and puts away the box grabbing a pop tart instead.
Turning on an anime, he begins munching on the pop tart until his Phone dings again.
He sighs opening the snap notification.

Phil had sent him a selfie of him pouting and holding the puppy. Below it were the words.

“I’m sorry, and the puppy says you should forgive me.”

Dan tries with all his might to stay mad, but is unable to. He smiles softly taking a selfie

“Fine I forgive you. Sort of.”

He takes another selfie, this time he’s tapping his chin. This one he captions. “Maybe I’d forgive you more if you got here sooner.”

He waits for hours upon hours, but no response from Phil. He’s about to send him another snap when he hears the door open. Cautiously, he creeps off the couch to go investigate.

He reaches the door, wielding a spatula as a weapon, and raising it above his head and watched the door. When it opened, he let out what he hoped to be a manly battle cry surging forward.

“Woah woah woah!” Phil cries catching Dan’s arm before he can hit him. “First you beg me to come home, now you’re attacking me!”

Dan sighs in relief falling limp. “Sorry Lion, I didn’t think you were gonna come, so I thought it was an intruder.”

Phil laughs pulling Dan into a tight hug. “It’s alright.”

Dan smiles breathing in Phil’s scent before pulling back and frowning. “Wait a minute. I thought you were coming home in 2 days.”

Phil shrugs. “I was getting bored and feeling a little homesick, so I told my family that you weren’t feeling well and I had to go home.”

Dan smiles with an ‘awe’

“That’s great lion.” He smiles before kissing softly but passionately.

He didn’t notice when Phil took out his phone and snapped a photo sending it to Dan.

Dan’s phone dings and he pulls it out opening the snap.

It was the recently snapped picture with the caption.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world”

Imagine #14

I was laying in my bed, with him laying beside of me. His hands playing with my hair as mine was just laying on his bare chest. We were completely silent, and all we could hear was cars, people laughing and birds through the window. My family was gone for the weekend and I wanted to be home with Grayson.

We was finally alone, Ethan being with us all day and now leaving us alone, finally. All I wanted to do was to cuddle, just to feel his presence. I took a deep breath as I moved closer to Grayson.

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Originally posted by yaelstiel

Summary: You work at Starbucks, and it was just another boring day at work, until you get a very unexpected customer.

Word Count: 1,034

Warnings: full fangirl mode activated


“Ah, hey, I’ll just have a Chai Latte.” You heard a man’s voice say.

“Whipped cream?” You asked in monotone while looking down at the register. You were the only one working today, and business was slow. You were bored out of your mind.

“No thanks.” The man said.

“And what size, sir?” You asked, pushing buttons, reaching slightly towards the cups as you waited for an answer.

“Grande.” The man said.

“Okay that’ll be $2.25. Can I have your name please?” you asked, picking up a sharpie and holding it to the cup.


You sprawled the name on the cup and tore off the printed receipt from the register, sliding it over to the man, still starring down at the floor. You made the latte with minimal enthusiasm. When you were almost finished with it,  you called out the name, looking around the shop. You were trying to push down the stubborn lid, to no avail.

A man stood up and walked toward you. You froze.

Jared got up to the counter, but you just stood there, staring at him. Which was probably really creepy, but you didn’t care.

“You’re Jared Padalecki.” You said, completely starstruck.

The man let out an amused laugh, “yea, you’re a fan?” 

“Understatement.” You said. You began to ask yourself if this was really happening. It was at this moment that you realized that the latte was spilling from the cup and all over the floor.

“Shit. Uh, okay, I’ll just… go make you another latte…” You said awkwardly, when your back was to him you mouthed ‘Oh My God’ over and over. Your cheeks were burning with embarrassment. Your stomach was doing flips, you could not believe this. You grabbed another cup, sprawling ‘Jared freaking Padalecki.’ across it. While making his latte, you kept looking over your shoulder to see if he was still there. He was. 

You walked over to him, making sure the lid was on this time, and handed him the cup. He caught sight of ‘Jared Freaking Padalecki’ written on it and he let out a laugh.

‘Holy shit I just made Jared Padalecki laugh!’ You thought to yourself.

“Uh, c-can I have an autograph?” You asked awkwardly. You probably would have smacked yourself if you could have without looking insane.

“Yea, sure.” He chuckled. 

‘Oh, my god Jared Padalecki chuckled.’ You couldn’t stop fangirling. 

You tried to calm down, knowing he probably dealt with this on a daily basis.

Jared waved his hand in front of your face. Shit. You’d been staring at him this whole time instead of looking for something for him to actually give you an autograph with. “Do you have a pen and paper?” Jared asked, obviously amused. You, on the other hand, were blushing like crazy.

You frantically looked around, grabbing the sharpie you used to write names on the cups with. You were unable to find any paper so you just grabbed a Starbucks cup and handed to him awkwardly. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow. You shrugged. He put his latte down and held the sharpie to the empty Starbucks cup

“Whats your name?” He smiled at you. Your heart fluttered. You replayed the image in your head on repeat.

“(Y/N)” You stuttered.

“Last name?” he asked.

“(Y/L/N)” You felt like you were dreaming.

You watched as he scribbled away on the cup.

“There you go.” He smiled, handing you the cup and the sharpie.

“Okay, I’m so sorry but can I- like - get a picture with you?” Apologizing because you felt that you were being a pest.

“No problem.” He smiled. 

You took out your phone and walked out from behind the register, feeling dazed. You mentally high-fived yourself for not tripping on your way over to him. 

You stood beside him, you held the camera toward the two of you, and Jared put his arm around you. You smiled, trying to keep in your internal squeals by holding your breath. 

 Your hands were visibly shaking. It was then that you noticed that he was too tall for you to fit the both of you in the frame.

“Uh, here let me get it.” Jared said, putting his latte down on a nearby table. He took your phone from your hands and held it out farther than you could, enabling you both to be in the picture. Jared snapped two photos, and handed your phone back to you.

“Thank you so much.” You said as you stepped away from him.

“Always nice to meet some fans.” He nodded, shooting you another smile.

“Have a great day.” You said to him.

“You too.” He responded, taking a sip of his latte. He gave you one last wave and headed out the door.

You let out a breath that you had no idea you were holding. You looked at your autographed cup, which read ‘To (Y/F/N) Freaking (Y/L/N),” And his signature at the bottom of it. You laughed loudly.

You got on your phone, posting the pictures of you and Jared on twitter and tagged Jared’s twitter account in them. 


A few hours after your shift was over, when you were on your couch, watching TV and thinking of the days events, your phone let out a chime. Then multiple other chimes. You snatched your phone and looked at your twitter account. Finding you had multiple new followers. 

Jared had taken a photo of your Starbucks cup that said ‘Jared Freaking Padalecki’ and posted it to his twitter with the caption “Met a funny fan today.” with your twitter name at the end, which he had obtained from the photos you tagged him in. 

Jared thought you were funny. Holy shit.

Since no one was around you this time, you let out a loud squeal, trying not to fall off your couch.

You decided to take a photo of your Starbucks cup with the caption “Met a funny actor today.” and posted it as a reply to his tweet.

Then you gained even more followers. Scrolling through the newest ones you found @Jarpad with a verified check mark beside it. 

You let out another squeal, falling off the couch.

Nothing would ever top this day.


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Jamie Benn - Terre de Nos Aïeux (1/?) (requested)

a/n: god help me. ~7000 words of olympic hype, canadian pride, unresolved tension, and a whole lot of love for the canadian women’s team. i honest to god have no idea how many parts this is going to be. if you’re on mobile, i’m sorry. 

You’re due on the ice in about ten minutes when your phone buzzes. You don’t think twice about reaching for it until you hear a tut from your left. When you look over, Bec is staring at you, one eyebrow raised.
‘Hey, don’t look at me like that,’ you say. ‘Not everyone sticks to your weird pre-game superstitions, Johnston.’
‘It’s not weird,’ Bec insists. ‘What if someone texted you something really bad? That text could ruin your game. ‘
You snort derisively. ‘Have you seen the shape of the Swiss team? I don’t think a lot could ruin my game.’
‘Hey, don’t get cocky, kid,’ you hear Meaghan laugh.
‘Sorry, Miks,’ you reply, a little bashful, but when you look over at her she winks before returning to her stick tape.

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Read Between The Lines

This is based off the prompt “AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line appears on their wrist”. They’re still in Fifth Harmony and everything so I didn’t get completely AU. I’m not sure if anyone else already did this, I haven’t seen one but I could have missed it! Anyways let me know what you think.

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The quiet one no more Free of 1D, Zayn Malik, the nascent solo star is all for ‘dirty R&B’, creativity and perhaps going to lectures

The first glimpse I get of Zayn Malik is of his hair: the tips of his big, badger-streaked hairdo, a glorious crescendo of peroxide and hairspray. We are in a draughty studio in south Los Angeles, with Malik downstairs doing a photoshoot and me upstairs in a glass-cased mezzanine, waiting to meet him. Like millions of teen girls before me, I crane my neck to see something of Zayn, the first member of One Direction to go rogue. But a sea of “creatives” crowd around him, and I have to keep peering, the blonde tips bobbing up and down.

Eventually, bits of face appear, then, finally, I get the full Malik: black jeans, black boots and topless, his chest and arms covered in tattoos. First he strums a guitar (bless), then he smokes something rather joint-like. None of this is shocking for a 21st-century pop star; it’s almost de rigueur. Certainly, none of it stopped Zayn and his fellow band members from becoming the boyband of the decade, catapulted to fame after being put together by Simon Cowell during the 2010 season of The X Factor. What is most surprising is that, as the camera hammers away, Malik cracks a huge smile. When he comes up to talk, I mention this. He nods. “Sometimes it may come across like I’m not enjoying it. I think that’s just my attitude. I’m just laid-back, a bit chilled. But I’m always enjoying myself, I promise.”

Ever since we saw Malik as a shy 17-year-old on ITV, nearly bolting from the X Factor auditions because he didn’t like the dancing, he has never seemed quite like he’s enjoying himself. But that hasn’t been entirely unhelpful: of all the 1D members, it’s Malik who has had the most mystique, the most alluring nonchalance. This is admittedly relative: One Direction were a triumph of marketing rather than songwriting, heading up every bit of merchandise going. Yet Malik always seemed a little different: “the most handsome”, “the most silent”, “the most troubled” and, surest of all, the most talented, blessed with a soulful croon that 1D obviously missed once he quit last March. (The band announced a “two-year hiatus” later in the year.) Malik, of British and Pakistani heritage, was also the band’s only person of colour and its only Muslim. Inevitably, on the ever-rolling conveyor belt of boyband types, he stands out. He likes this, mostly.

Now he has just turned 23, and things have changed. He is happier, freer, he says, able to express himself creatively. Because, as tradition allows, Zayn is going solo; he is blessing us with what he described in a tweet as “#realmusic”. Although one or two details have stayed the same. “I’m not a dancer at all,” he admits in what remains a marked Bradford accent, his As resolutely short and flat. Not even socially? “Yeah, I move a bit. I’ve grown up a bit as well. I’ve learnt a few moves over the years, in the clubs. But I’m not yer dancer, that’s not me.”

X Factor audition

He left One Direction because he was bored, he says, and he didn’t like the product. The band represented two distinct phases for him: getting to grips with the madness of it all, then unlocking himself from the band’s grip. This past year has been a much better one for him after being “worked and worked”, and the new music — written mostly by him — reflects this. It’s good, actually, surprisingly good, a savvy mix of pop and “dirty R&B”, as he puts it, your tween star’s classic bid for emancipation. On his album, due in March, he says he will “let people know what’s really going on”. Then again: “I don’t want to make it black and white for people. I just want it to be creative, still, and artistic. Know what I mean?”

If Malik was once the “quiet one” in 1D, he now seems a lot more expansive, within the confines of a classic Yorkshire gruffness; a normal 23-year-old lad, but equipped with a leather and suede jacket, that huge blond quiff and 17.2m followers on Twitter. He is polite, but alternately chatty, giggly, surly and cocky; languid, but full of a certain beady-eyed energy. (“I’m always on my feet, I wanna do summat!”) Mercurial, basically. He is also managing well, considering that his grandmother died only a few days before, after a long illness. (“It’s cool, it’s life.”) It’s his face that’s most expressive, serving up a series of eye rolls, eyebrow raises and smirks that say a lot more than anything he could mutter.

On Cowell, for instance, can you clarify: did he broker your new solo deal? A big, bemused face. “I can’t clarify anything. I don’t know.” But you’re in contact? More face, more smirk, more swivel on his swivelling chair. I don’t get this, I say. “I don’t get it, either. You can say that. I don’t know what happened.” He’s actually kind of enjoying himself.

If pop were a science, Malik would be the most certain of the 1D boys to be a solo star: best face, best voice, best smoky eye to camera. But pop is an art, unpredictable and not entirely fair, and he has competition, notably from Harry Styles, who exerts similar levels of charisma and tabloid fascination. Certainly, the heat is on. Recently, Malik revealed that he wasn’t speaking to his ex-bandmates. Has anything changed since then? “I got an email,” he says. Who from? “I don’t even wanna say names.” He then shrugs, says he’s “not that fussed”. He also says he hopes they’re all friends: “I have no beef.” But he would say that.

You really should all make up, I say, because you need to be on good terms for that inevitable reunion in 2025. He giggles at this: “Who knows?” Come on, Zayn, all bands reunite these days. “I don’t know. If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around.”

At any rate, it was a canny decision to be the first to leave, right? He laughs again. “I guess so, yeah! But I didn’t really think of it like that. By that point, I just knew that I wanted to go. I was fed up. I didn’t wanna do that any more.”

I ask Malik if he looked at the examples of previous boyband members who went solo: Robbie Williams, say, or Justin Timberlake. He pulls another scrunched face when I mention Williams’s music (eurgh!), pointing out that that really wasn’t his era. It’s sobering to realise he was only two when Robbie left Take That. Anyway, he says: “It’s not like I read a book on How to Leave a Boyband and Be Successful.” Well, no. But wouldn’t that be a fun book? “Yeah, it would be a great book. I’ll write it one day, if I do well.”

The R&B Malik has made is both entirely expected and a slight risk: most pop stars make their millions by churning out generic EDM tunes. Malik doesn’t like that, though. He’s not into “raver music”, he frowns, sounding a bit Alan Bennett. Neither was he ever much into One Direction’s jolly, jangling, aseptic guitar-pop, written from the waist up. The solo stuff is somewhat different. On his first single, which is imminent (the details are still a closely guarded secret), he croons about something “so pure, so dirty and raw”. “I think I’m pretty black and white what it’s about,” he says with a little grin. “Everybody has sex, and it’s something people wanna hear about. It’s part of everybody’s life, a very BIG part of life! And you don’t wanna sweep it under the carpet. It has to be talked about.”

Malik’s father, Yaser, played a vigorous diet of R&B and soul as Zayn grew up in the home they shared with his mother, Tricia, and three sisters in Bradford. Throughout our chat, Yaser recurs as an influence; there will apparently even be a track on the album written from his father’s perspective. Yaser is a personal trainer, “pretty built”, emphatic about the need for a good education and generally “pretty cool”, his son says. And there is, of course, the fact that the Maliks are an observant Muslim household. Not everyone might expect them to have R Kelly booming out from the speakers. Was there ever any culture clash? “No, not at all. He doesn’t ever really make the two linked. He’s like, music is music. My dad’s open-minded in that sense. He’s very modern.” And you share his views? “Exactly. Yeah.”

As his solo campaign has progressed, Malik has become eager to resist a certain pigeonholing. And who can blame him? Only a few months ago, The Huffington Post had to apologise to him for captioning a story about Isis with his photo. Does he feel he is perceived as different from his peers? He has no way of knowing, he insists. “For me, I’m just, like, whatevs. I don’t know if it’s extra scrutiny,” he says carefully. “It’s just my scrutiny, and that’s cool.”

He seems “cool” with most things; most conflicts are brushed off with the same determined shrug. He says this attitude is inborn, but it was surely acquired as well. He shows the same steely nonchalance about being a mixed-race kid from Bradford — intriguing if you know that city’s troubled history. Were there many others like you?

“For my generation, I was rare. There weren’t a lot of mixed-race kids. They didn’t really know what I was, if I was white or brown. They were confused. In my sister’s generation — she’s 12 or 13 — it’s a lot more common. But yeah, it was unheard of when I was growing up, so that was pretty weird.” Weird? “Yeah. Just a bit weird.” So you were fine with it? “Yeah, I’m cool, that’s other people’s problems. I never really had an issue with who I was. From a young age, I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and what I wanted to be. And that’s always been in me. I don’t really care about other people’s thoughts.” He knew what he wanted to do. Does he mean pop? “No. I just knew I wanted to do something that was outside of Bradford. I knew I was gonna go somewhere.”

Malik’s original plan was to study English at university, until he quit halfway through sixth form to join One Direction. Today, he says he’d still like to do it. That sounds lovely, but I say I’m not sure how he could manage it. “You know what, to educate yourself isn’t that hard these days. You can do it at home,” he says brightly. “You can go to lectures — just sit there, which hopefully, at some point, I can do — like, just sit and listen to a lecture.”

He begins to sound quite passionate, saying it would be “something that is only, solely for me, you know what I mean? And when my kids ask me, in the future, and I try to tell them to go to school, they can’t turn around and say to me, ‘F*** off, Dad, you were in a band!’ I can turn around and say, ‘Excuse me, I went back to school and got my degree. So you definitely have to do your schoolwork!’”

You wonder how long it will be before he could sit quietly in a lecture: 15 years, 20? Back at his London home, fans photograph his garden over the wall; they buzz his doorbell at 2, 3, 4 in the morning, hoping he’ll answer. He has just moved out of that house, he says, for that reason. Then there are the other types of scrutiny. Take his tendency to nab celebrity girlfriends: first it was Perrie, from the girlband Little Mix, and now it’s the nascent supermodel Gigi Hadid.

You said you wanted a normal life, but you could try harder at being low-key, couldn’t you? He giggles a little at this, and says he was discussing it with someone only a few days ago. First, he says, it’s great to be able to skip the “explanation phase”; somebody who doesn’t know what fame is will find it terrifying, “it will confuse the f*** out of them”. Second, “there’s no real trust issues in a sense — like, ‘Is this person gonna record me while I’m taking a piss?’” (Charming, but sadly feasible.) And there’s also the fact that, well, if you could, you would.

“It’s just life. The situations that I’m in grant me to be around them sort of people, you know what I mean? And luckily, you get to have a conversation with them sort of people. Because…” — his eyes light up — “there’s a lot of fit celebrity birds!” He gives another laugh, but this time it’s a distinct one: the embarrassed laugh of a 23-year-old lad from Bradford, but a 23-year-old who is a pop megastar, who lives on planes, tweets to millions and dates supermodels. Of course he’s finally laughing. What if he got used to it?

anonymous asked:

hi can i request a sehun imagine? angst fluff please 😁 idk if u hv any rules bc i cant see it on my phone so i hope this is okay 💕 thank you

You never meant to lose your temper; you never wanted to break Sehun’s heart, yet here you were about to have a heated argument with him over your anniversary gifts for each other. You put a lot of thought into your gift to him prior to your anniversary. You even planned out your entire day, which consisted of ice skating, dinner, and a movie. After several weeks of thinking about his gift, you chose to give him a brand new MP3 player with a playlist made by you on it, an expensive set of headphones, a new winter jacket, and premium skin care products. You knew Sehun better than anyone else, and he loved your gifts just like you knew he would. However, when you opened up your small gift, you were less than pleased.

He gave you a small white box with a jewelry company’s logo printed on the front. It wasn’t the small size of the gift that bothered you, but the piece of jewelry that laid inside. It was a necklace with a thick gold chain and large purple pendants hanging from it. You despised the color purple– he knew that, or at least he should have. You also weren’t fond of gold jewelry; all the jewelry you owned was silver. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the necklace, speechless for all the wrong reasons.

He looked at you hopefully. “What do you think? Do you like it? It’s genuine gold and sapphire.”

“I mean, it’s not really my style, to be honest,” you said while frowning down at the horrid necklace and running a hand through your hair.

The disappointment written all over his face would’ve hurt you if you weren’t so stressed out after planning this long day and spending a fortune on his gift. You understood that the necklace, no matter how despicable it was, must’ve cost him a fortune as well, but you were ready to explode. You couldn’t think about that.

“Why, what’s wrong with it?”

That was it. His obliviousness to your taste pushed you over the edge. “You know that I hate purple, Sehun, and come on– it’s really not even pretty at all!”

“Whoa, whoa!” He looked at you with a hurt and shocked expression. “Don’t you think you’re being a little ungrateful?”

“Well, I’m sorry, but do you want me to lie to you? I’m really not crazy about it.”

“Okay, and there are nicer ways to say that.”

You balled up your fists that hung on your sides. You knew he was right; you were being ungrateful and harsh, but you were still fuming and you couldn’t bite your tongue even though your brain kept telling you to. “So I’m the one who’s at fault that you don’t know your own girlfriend’s taste? You had all this time to get me a gift, and this is what you came up with? I’m the one who planned out our entire day and I still got you an amazing gift! You did nothing! You had all the time in the world and you still got me a crappy gift!”

He scoffed in an attempt to hide how much your words were hurting him. “Yeah? Well no one asked you to plan out an entire day for us anyway! One year of being stuck with you, big deal!”

“I cannot believe you just said that to me,” you muttered.

“Then I guess that makes two of us.”

Tears began to well up in your eyes. You harshly bumped into his shoulder as you walked past him and slammed your bedroom door shut. To your surprise, he let you go without another word. You began tearing off the stupid jewelry weighing you down and wiping off your smeared makeup, caused by the tears that streamed down your face.

When you opened your eyes in the morning, you immediately felt a wave of sadness come over you. You remember tossing and turning for hours until you finally cried yourself to sleep. You rolled to the other side of the mattress, only to find that you were alone. Sehun had never come to bed. You forced yourself to get up to see if he was okay sleeping on the couch. When you got in the living room, he was sprawled out over the couch like a starfish. He was still wearing his dress pants and shirt from last night, while his tie was thrown across the coffee table, along with a few other things. There were scissors, glue, and dozens of pieces of paper. What could he have been doing with this stuff all night?

“Sehunnie,” you said softly. You shook his shoulders gently and he soon opened up his eyes.

“Oh, hey,” he said in his morning voice before sitting up and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “How did you sleep?”

“Horribly,” you admitted.

“Same here.”

You hesitate before pointing towards the coffee table. “What’s with all the junk on the table? Did you even sleep?”

He shrugs. “I slept for a little bit. If you want to know what I was doing all night, then sit down.”

You hesitantly sit next to him on the couch when he reaches down a picks up a pink gift bag. You face each other on the couch and he places it in between you two.

“I thought it was only fair if I put in as much thought into my gift as you did for yours. So here you go.”

You shook your head. “Sehun, you didn’t need to do this. I was wrong to act the way I did. The necklace–”

“Forget about the necklace. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I’m pretty sure I can get a refund on it. If not, I’ll sell it. I just didn’t like the way you told me that you didn’t like it.”

“I know, I’m sorry, so sorry…” you mumbled. You lowered your head in shame, ashamed that you hurt the person you loved the most when they were just trying to do something nice for you. “You should be mad at me, not getting me even more gifts.”

“But I’ve already forgiven you, babe, and I’m sorry about what I said too. I really didn’t mean it. Now I worked really hard on this, so please take a look at it.”

You sighed and nodded, accepting the gift bag from his hands. When you reached into it, you retrieved a jewelry box, a scrapbook, and a decorated mason jar.

“Open the box first,” he spoke.

“Okay…” You opened up the black velvet box and in it was a stunning, sterling silver necklace with two connected hearts and a diamond in each one. It was simple, yet beautiful– just your style. You held it up and admired it. “Wow, it’s so pretty!”

He chuckled, “I’m glad you think so this time. Can I put it on you?”

“Yeah, of course.”

He carefully wrapped it around your neck and hooked the chains together so it would stay in place. You looked down to see how beautifully it laid across your collarbones and smiled.

He kissed your cheek and motioned for you to look at another gift. You reached for the scrapbook that had both of your names written on the front and your anniversary date. Inside were all sorts of cute pictures of you two, some of just you. There were cute stickers and captions for each photo, courtesy of Sehunn.

“You made this yourself?” You asked in awe.

“Yeah,” he smirked with pride. “I’m sweet, aren’t I?”

You rolled your eyes, but agreed with him. “The sweetest. Thank you, I really love it. I don’t even deserve all this.”

He shushed you and stroked your hair. “It’s fine, I said I’ve already forgiven you, Y/N. You’ve gotta open the last one now.”

You pecked his cheek and released him, excitedly reaching for the decorated jar. When you opened it up, there were dozens of pieces of pretty folded up paper. You opened one up and it read, ‘I love you for your kindness and compassion. You put everyone over yourself.’

You smiled at that and opened another one. It read, ‘I love you for your dorky-ness. You can never tell me a joke because you always crack up before you can even start.’ You both giggled at that.

“See, you can open this up whenever you’re sad, or even just bored, and read about all the reasons why I love you.”

You put the jar and paper down to hug him, squeezing him even tighter when he hugged you back. You had been so cold to him, and even though you were clearly the one at fault, he still loved you enough to get you a new gift that came straight from his heart.

Distance (J.J)

|based on the request: Your writing is just amaze balls 😭😭😭 please could you write me a Johnson imagine where I go and surprise him on tour or whatever after not seeing each other for months???💖|

|2.1k words woo, it’s rlly long and boring tbh, it’s rushed af but idk, fluffy Johnson for you, masterlist is in my description and if you want to request, please do, but I need more requests for the other boys😫😘 AND THANK YOU FOR 700 FOLLOWERS ITS CRAZY HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH|

“And here we have a whining Jack Johnson, sulking over how much he misses his girlfriend.”

“Screw you, Sam.”

“I’m pretty sure you’d rather screw your girlfriend!-”

The 10 second long video comes to an end, leaving me smiling. Sammy is pretty much documenting everything that Jack does and posting it onto his Snapchat story and sending them to me. For the past 120 seconds, it’s just been videos of Jack being comforted by Nate and Sammy mocking Jack and Jack threatening to beat Sams ass.

That’s my boy.

Jack has been everywhere but California in the past month and a half so we haven’t had any physical contact at all. He’s been touring with the boys and doing one off shows and meet and greets and going back home to Omaha to be with his family for a few days every few weeks, but he hasn’t had the chance to come back to LA.

I would normally jump at the chance to go travelling with the boys, some of my best memories have come from the Jack and Jack DigiTour, but I couldn’t this time around.

I recently got a job at a daycare centre to help pay off my student loans and buy me food. I don’t have much vacation time and I didn’t feel confident enough to ask for some time off after I had only been working there for three weeks.

The red barrier across the top of the Snapchat app pops up as I receive another picture from Sammy.

It’s a picture of Jack tucked under Skates arm with his face hidden in his hands. My heart clenched at the sight. I instantly reply back with a selfie of my pouting sadly, captioning it: “My poor baby😫 I’ll call him”

I make sure that the photo actually sent before I exit the app and open my calls list, Jacks contact being on speed dial and at the top of the recents list. I quickly press his name and hold the phone to my ear. He answers after about 3 rings.

“Hey,” He sighs into the phone, making me pout even more. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, J, but what’s wrong? Why are you so glum today?”

“Because I just miss you so much and it’s hitting me really hard today. I haven’t seen you in so long and I’m under so much stress and I don’t feel good about traveling without you.”

“I get it that you’re under pressure to perform well and be a perfect star and that’s putting you under a lot of stress, but you need to try and cheer up, please. I saw a video of last nights performance and I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, what the fuck happened out there?”

He just wasn’t in it, not at all. He was forgetting lyrics, constantly yawning and he never smiled. All of the fans could tell something was wrong, Jack is usually so happy and excited when he’s on stage.

“I feel like I need you here to be able to perform at my absolute best. I haven’t had a proper nights sleep since I’ve been away, I can’t even sleep without you.”

“Baby,” I whine, resting my head against my pillow. “Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry!”

“I can’t help it, I just miss you.” He chuckles through the mic and I can just picture the sad, innocent little smile on his face. “I really wish you were here.”

“I wish I was there too, J.” I sigh, rolling my head back. “When are you coming home?”

“Not for a while… Can you come out for a weekend? Please? I’ll pay for your ticket.”

“I have work babe, I can’t.”

“On a weekend?”

I scrunch my eyes up and purse my lips, “Yeah, one of the moms needs me to look after her kid on Saturday night and she’s paying me quite a lot, I can’t pass up the money.”

I can’t pass up the money because I already brought my ticket for a flight on Sunday morning.

“I’ll give you the money, Y/N! Please, I just really need to be with you… Fuck it. You know what?”

I give him the ultimate rhetorical answer to his question, “What?”

“I’m just gunna leave, I’m gunna come home to you first thing in the morning.” His voice modifies from being soft and sweet to determined and serious in a matter of seconds.

Is he being serious? Does he really think that Gilinsky, Nate and Sam would just let him run off and ditch them when he’s a key performer at an event?

Does he think that I’d let him do that?

Hell no.

“Jack, you’re staying where you are, there is no way I’m letting you leave the boys.” I argue, keeping my voice strong and firm to keep myself from cracking and blurting out my plan.

“I’m leaving to be with you!”

I roll my eyes, “This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel, J, I’m not going to let you sacrifice your entire career just so you can fly to Los Angeles to be with me for a few hours.”

“But babe-”

“No buts! I’m not letting you leave!”

“You’re so bossy, Y/N, but please, I need to be with you…”

“I love you, but no. And if you dare try to argue with me about it, I will hang up and refuse to speak to you.”

“Y/N, I am coming home-”

“Bye, Jack. Love you.”

And I hung up, ignoring the rest of his calls, texts, Tweets and Snapchats for the rest of the day.


Two days later, I still haven’t spoken to Jack and I’m currently in Oregon, where the guys are performing a show tonight. I told Sam and Skate that I’m coming, who told Gilinsky who didn’t tell Johnson. Obviously. It would delete the purpose of it being a surprise visit if they told him.

I manage to get out of the airport fast and get into a free cab before the rush of people force their way out and into random cars. I give the driver the name of the hotel and relax in the back of the comfortably warm car.

Sam and Gilinsky are going to take Jack out to get some food as soon as I tell them that I’m 5 minutes away from the hotel so when he gets back, he’ll be surprised. Nate is staying back at the hotel so I can easily get into the room without the hassle of the front desk.

To my surprise, there aren’t that many fans outside of the hotel, not like there were when the Jack and Jack tour was going on. There’s a few people scattered around the entrance and sitting on the benches and grass area, just waiting for one of the boys to walk out and greet them.

I pay the driver and pull my hood over my head, I don’t really want to get stopped when I don’t have much time to get in and hidden (in Johnsons bed). I only brought a small carry on bag with me so I’m quick to jump out of the cab and scurry into the warmth of the hotel, where Nate is sat in the lobby waiting for me.

“Yo,” He grins when he sees me, jumping up from the seat and walking towards me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and gives me a short side hug. “Long time no see.”

“It’s been too long.” I sigh, gently patting his back in the hug. “I missed all of you guys, I can’t even lie.”

“We all missed you too, partially because Johnson was a moping asshole and someone needed to cheer him up.”

“I reckon he’s gunna cry.”

“We already made a bet about it.” Nate laughs, shaking his head with his laugh.

“Why wasn’t I included in that? I would’ve made easy money!” Yeah, betting on my boyfriends emotions because I know him so well - girlfriend of the year.

“We’ll include you next time, Y/N, just hurry your ass up because Sam said they’re around the corner.” Nate literally tugs my shoulder and pulls me forward, towards the thankfully open elevator.

I don’t know if I’m actually going to be able to pull this off, I’ve never surprised anyone before! I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say when Jack walks in, do I just stand there and awkwardly wave or do I attack him with a hug?

There’s so many options but so little time.

As soon as the elevator reaches the floor the room is on, Nate rushes me down the hall to where the Jacks room is, scanning it open with what I assume is Gilinskys key card and literally shoving me inside.

He slams the door open and shoves me in, like I’m a fucking rag doll or something, he just doesn’t seem to care. At least I landed on my feet.

“Go and sit on Johnsons bed and just wait,” I go to ask which bed is my boyfriends, but Nate cuts me off as if he can read my mind. “His is the one closest to the bathroom.”

“Okay, thank you for helping me out with this, it means a lot!” I rush, flashing Nate a big smile before he slams the door shut and rushes down the hall. I guess they’re closer than I thought.

I place my bag on the small couch under the window and take a seat on the bed Nate instructed me to. I lean over and click on the lamp, not really knowing what else to do. But just seconds later, I can hear shuffling footsteps and muffled words from outside the door.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna come back to mine and Skates room? We’re gunna order up some desserts and order a movie.” I hear Sam say, clapping his hands together in a ‘it’s a plan’ sort of clap.

“Nah man, I’m just gunna go call my girlfriend and try to catch some zees.” I hear my boyfriend loud and clear and my heart starts racing. I’ve been longing to hear him in person for so long now.

“Well just come down if you want, we’ll be there.”

“Thanks man, see you later.”

“Tell Y/N that we say hi.” Gilinsky adds, but I can hear the teasing hint in his voice that makes me smile and become all giddy. I feel like I might through up, I’m that excited and nervous right now.

“Um, okay, sure…” Jack mutters in response to his best friend before he goes quiet, he’s probably standing right in front of the door right now.

I hear a small beep and suddenly, the door creeks open. Jack carelessly walks in without even looking up from the floor, running a hand through his hair, tugging at it softly and sighing.

“What’s up, buttercup?” I ask, sitting up straight with my feet against the floor, ready to stand up.

Jack jolts backwards at the sound of my voice, backing himself against the wall with a hand rested over his heart and the other holding his forehead. “Holy shit!”

I raise my eyebrows and laugh a little bit, “You okay?”

He looks at me in shock before looking at the floor, shaking his head in disbelief before looking up at me again. “What the hell- Y/N! What the fuck?!”

“Hi.” I smile, I slowly stand up and walk towards my boyfriend. “Are you okay?” I ask quietly.

“Fuck, baby girl,” Jack throws his arms around my neck and pulling me tight against his chest, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. “I can’t believe you’re here, this is fucking amazing, I missed you so much.” He mumbles into my skin, lightly peppering kisses every time he made a point. “I really fucking love you, oh my God.”

I can’t help the few tears that escape my eyes as I cling onto Jack, wrapping my arms around his middle and squeezing him as hard as I can, without hurting him.

“Thank you so much for coming out, baby, I don’t think you realise how much this means to me.” He muffles his words into my neck, wriggling his hands into the ends of my hair.

“I needed to be with you, J.”

“I fucking love you, Y/N, thank you so fucking much.”

“Don’t thank me, babe.” I smile, shaking my head into his chest. “I came because I love you.”

“You’re seriously helping me by being here, Y/N. I’ll finally be able to sleep and I’ll be able to perform properly because I’ve seen you and the fans will be happy with me again-”

“Hey, Jack?” I mumble, cutting him off from his little speech and pulling my face away from his warm chest. “Could you shut up and kiss me?”

He nods frantically with a loved up smile, looking down at me and grabbing my chin with his fingers. “I love you, beautiful.”

Imagine - Davi is going to hide.

➖NEYMAR IMAGINE - Davi is going to hide.➖

It was a nice warm evening in Barcelona today, Neymar had today day off and he has Davi for two weeks which was going to be good, Davi is so cute, I just love watching him and Ney together they were adorable.
We decided that we was going to eat dinner in the garden as the warm weather wasn’t going to last long as winter is on it’s way.

Me and Neymar have been dating for a while but never made it official, we posted photos of us together on Instagram but just never really confirmed it.

“Davi what do you want to be when you are older” I asked “umm a race car driver” he smiled “noo your meant to follow in my footsteps as a footballer” Neymar joked “football boring” Davi laughed and I laughed “NOOO Davi” Neymar pretended to sad “sorry daddy but I be what I want” Davi said in a serious tone which made me and Neymar laugh “it’s okay Davi, you can be whatever you want and I will always support you” Neymar hugged Davi.
I was playing races with Davi and Neymar where we had to run up and down the garden “I got to go and get something be back in a minute” Neymar gave me a quick peck “okay” I smiled and turned around to get ready to race again but Davi had his hands over his eyes “what are you doing” I giggled “hiding so I can’t see you and dada kiss” he jumped up and down “you will have a girlfriend later on” I said “I already have one” Davi went all shy “do you, does Davi Lucca have a girlfriend” I started to chase him around the garden.

Neymar came out with the dinner and we all sat down around the table, Neymar took a selfie of us three which was cute, he was on his phone probably posting it on Instagram “Neymar” I said whilst taking a bite of dinner “yeah” he replied putting his phone down “Davi has a girlfriend” I looked at Davi and he started to hide under the table “does my boy have a girlfriend” Neymar cooed “yes” he giggled “what’s her name” he asked “Sophia” Davi took a spoonful of his dinner “aww, when can we meet her” I said “never” Davi said “well what if she is on her way now” Neymar asked “I’ll hide” me and Ney bursted out laughing.

I got my phone out to record what Davi just said “Davi your girlfriend is on her way, what are you going to do” Neymar asked but was still laughing “hide” Davi said, for some reason Neymar couldn’t stop laughing “where are you going to hide” I giggled “under here” and Davi went under the table, all me and Ney could do was laugh, I stopped videoing and posted it on Instagram captioning it as ‘Davi is going to hide from his girlfriend 😂 @neymarjr’ I posted it and then flicked through my feed, I saw the photo which Ney posted earlier it read ‘dinner with my favourite people @Y/N ❤️’ it made me smiled his comments were filled with people saying how it was cute and if we were together or not. I looked back on the video I just posted and the comments were mainly filled with ‘omg so cute’ ‘Davi is adorable’ ‘are you and Neymar together’ ‘omg this makes you official surely’, “people keep asking if were together or not” I smiled to Neymar “well they will soon realise” he smiled at me with Davi on his lap who was playing on his phone and I smiled at the thought of having a family with Neymar.

We finished dinner, I helped Neymar take in all of the plates and Davi helped with carrying the cups in “Y/N cups” I hear Davi say, he was holding them in the air for me “Thankyou” I said to Davi as I took the cups so I put them on the side, I washed up and then the rest of the evening we got into our pyjamas, had popcorn and watched finding nemo, it was perfect.