i got bored so i put captions for all of the photos

so, last week i was thinking somebody should write a comic about a shy teen superhero whose powers are fueled directly by her own sense of embarrassment

then i, uh, wrote a ten-page script for it? and wound up kind of liking it a lot?

so consider yourself cordially invited to read issue #1 of my extremely indie superhero comic, and if you wish, you can illustrate it inside your mind, using the power of imagination!

(A teen girl sits on a swivel chair in her bedroom, facing the viewer. She’s got braces and glasses. Her hair is in a messy braid.)

PONNI: Hi! My name is Ponni Murthy. I’m sixteen, and um…

(We zoom out a little. She’s wearing a T-shit that says “The Moon ROCKS!” She’s holding a cane—covered in glow-in-the-dark star stickers—in one hand, and a stuffed animal cat—wearing a sloppily homemade astronaut costume—in the other. Posters cover the walls: fantasy movies, rocket ships, Ada Lovelace, Aamir Khan, Sally Ride, etc. She has multiple posters of the solar system. She gestures dramatically with her cane-hand)


(We return to her face. She looks very earnest.)

PONNI: That’s not, uh, directly relevant to the story, I just—I love it, so much.

(She has now taken on a pensive expression)

PONNI: I love a lot of stuff. But I used to feel a little weird about that.

(She is cheerful again)

PONNI: This is the story of how I got over (some of) my shyness, and rescued a gymnasium full of people, using dark powers I only kind of understand!

PONNI: We begin last year…

(Close-up on her stuffed cat, which is now holding a title card that reads): THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF PONNI MURTHY A.K.A. SHAME-FLAME THE UNCONQUERABLE)

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pipe dreams (part three)

inspired by this photo of yoongi from forever ago but we all had the same thought when we saw it, let’s be real

pairing: reader x yoongi

genre: angst, fluff, smut(!!!)

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summary: you’re the girl yoongi left behind to pursue his music career. flash forward seven years, and you’re a lawyer representing a company suing bighit for copyright infringement. what happens when yoongi is still harboring feelings for you?


Returning home, you quickly change into comfier clothing before calling Kyungsoo on your landline, twirling the cord around in your hands.

“Kyungsoo, what’s up?”

“Hi, Y/N. Thanks for picking up when I called earlier.” Kyungsoo sarcastically responds.

“I was busy! My world doesn’t revolve around you, D.O.” You snort, adding in his nickname teasingly.

“Whatever you say. Anyways, I was asking what color you were going to wear tomorrow so that I could get a matching tie, but since you took so long to call back, I just got black.”

“Tomorrow?” You wonder out loud.

“Yes, Y/N, tomorrow. The charity gala. You forgot so soon?”

“Oh, right! Lucky you, it looks like I’m still free!” You recall. You can envision Kyungsoo rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone.

“We all know you were just going to watch dramas all weekend anyways. Let’s be real.”

“Hey! That’s not true! I was going to maybe order take out, too.” You protest.

“Okay.” He responds succinctly. Trust Kyungsoo to be the most straightforward person in the world.

You sigh in to the receiver. “What time are you picking me up tomorrow? I trust you’re picking me up, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll pick you up at five. Don’t be late, Y/N, we’re going to have to walk the red carpet thing they have set up for photos.” Kyungsoo warns, knowing your tendencies to run late. “Also, dress to kill. I can’t have my date embarrassing me, so you better not show up in that dumb pumpkin-looking shirt with the cars printed on it.”

“Kyungsoo! Are you my mother? I’ll dress really pretty for you, I promise.” You whine. Kyungsoo actually has no boundaries, something you admired most of the time. Most.

“Okay. Bye now, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kyungsoo hangs up without waiting for your response, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head.

You begin to sift through your closet in search of a suitable dress for the occasion, thanking the heavens for your wide array of formalwear. Perks of being an attorney. From its place on your bed, your phone chimes, signaling that you’ve received a text message. Curiously, you peek over at it, seeing that it’s from Yoongi.

Guilt seeps into your veins as you choose to ignore it. You’ve made your decision. It was out of line to be romantically involved with someone you were pinned against in the courtroom. If anyone found out, you would be removed from the case immediately for being biased. In any other situation, perhaps it would’ve been different…Yoongi had simply reappeared in your life in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

The next morning rolls around rather quickly, and you wake up at noon. As Kyungsoo had predicted, you’d binged dramas until about three in the morning before passing out. This was the routine you had set for yourself on the weekends. Although, admittedly, it did fuck up your sleep schedule pretty badly. Drowsily, you check your phone for the time, gasping when you see you have five more messages from Yoongi.

Min Yoongi: text me when you get home safely.

Min Yoongi: okay, or don’t. that’s fine too, y/n.

Min Yoongi: sleep well, beautiful

Min Yoongi: good morning~

Min Yoongi: are you even alive

The last text had been sent to you a mere minutes ago and your fingers itch to type a response back, but you fight the impulse off. Crawling out of bed, you decide to shower to take your mind off of things. When you step out of the shower, you check your messages again, feeling relieved to see there’s nothing new from Yoongi.

On the other hand, Wendy has sent you a text asking if you want to eat lunch with her. She lives a couple of blocks away from you — walking distance. You agree, and the two of you decide to meet up at a small restaurant nearby.

“Guess what?” Wendy is beaming as soon as you’ve taken a seat in the booth. “I got a promotion!”

“What? Wendy! I’m so happy for you! You worked your ass off for this, congrats.” You cheer, patting at her hand fervently in excitement.

“Thanks, Y/N. That is why lunch is on me.” She says proudly, pointing her thumbs towards herself victoriously.

“Well, I’m not one to turn down an offer of free lunch.” You shrug, giving her a pleased look.

When your food arrives, you snap a photo of Wendy and your meal, posting it on your social media with a short caption: when wendy buys you lunch…

After the two of you part ways, you pull your phone out again as you walk home.

Min Yoongi: so you can post stuff but not respond to my texts. i see how it is.

Gulping, you feel the guilt hitting you again. Well, at least he got the picture now, right?

Your mind is off of Yoongi as you dance around to music while getting ready for the gala. You take your time, allotting two whole hours before Kyungsoo is scheduled to arrive and heeding his warning about being late.

Minutes before he’s supposed to knock on your door, you take in your appearance in the mirror, giving yourself a thumbs up.

You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Y/N!

Giggling, you dramatically swing open the door when Kyungsoo presses on your doorbell, twirling around to show off your gown.

“Nice.” Kyungsoo says simply, nodding his head in approval.

“Yah, Do Kyungsoo! I did not spend two hours blending eyeshadow on my eyelid for you to give me a one word compliment.” You slap his arm. His expression remains the same, a sigh leaving your lips. “Okay, fine. ‘Nice’ is better than nothing, I suppose. A ‘nice’ from you is the equivalent of a ‘wow, Y/N, you’re so beautiful and I’m so glad you are going with me to this, you goddess!’ from anyone else.”

Kyungsoo crinkles his nose at your response, but smiles nonetheless. The two of you hop into the backseat of the car swiftly, making small talk along the way.

“So what can I expect from this gala?”

“Usually we have a toast in the beginning to the cause, and then dinner. Afterwards, there’s an auction and then everyone kind of just wanders around, socializing and dancing. It’ll be fun, Y/N.” Kyungsoo doesn’t have you convinced, as he utters the last few words quite unenthusiastically. You give him a look of disbelief and he sighs. “Okay, it’s kind of boring sometimes because you’re forced to talk to people. But since you’re with me, it’ll be less dull maybe.”

“Wow, Kyungsoo. You really have a way with words.” You coo, patting his shoulder in feigned approval. “Hey, at least I’m out on a Saturday night! That’s better than nothing.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome.” Kyungsoo glares at you.

“You know my life is sad when I’m relying on you of all people to invite me to social events.” You sigh.

The car comes to a stop in front of the venue and you shuffle out of the car. Kyungsoo offers an arm for you to hold on to, to which you raise an eyebrow. He shoots a very threatening glare at you and you clutch onto his arm lightly, ascending the stairs into the building.

You’re greeted with the sight of a small carpet set-up, where guests are taking turns posing in front of a logo-filled backdrop. Kyungsoo and you step in front of the camera briefly. You give a small smile before being dragged to the dining area by your date.

“Hurry up before other guests try and make small talk, Y/N! Let’s find our table.” Kyungsoo whispers forcefully towards you, making an uncomfortable face.

He scans all the nameplates on the tables around the room, wandering to find your table with you attached to his arm.

“Here it is.” He pulls out your chair in a chivalrous gesture. Suho and Baekhyun are already seated at the table with their dates, and you say your greetings before allowing your eyes to drift around, taking in the names of the others at your table. You inhale sharply when you see Min Yoongi on the card directly to your right side.

Of course.

However, Yoongi still hasn’t shown up when the toast is given, and you allow yourself to relax a little. Maybe he won’t show up at all.

You had just immersed yourself in a conversation with Suho when you see the chair next to you pull away from the table in the corner of your eye. Looking reluctantly to the side, your eyes are met with Yoongi’s. He seems rather angry as he takes in your appearance, eyes trailing down your dress.

“Yoongi.” You give him a thin lipped smile. He simply nods in response and you look to see who his date is.

She’s beautiful, a thin woman with tanned skin and blue-green hair falling in waves down her shoulders. She extends a hand towards you, and you grip it solidly.

“I’m Suran. It’s nice to meet you!” She chimes cheerfully.

You give a smile in response, finally putting a face to her name. Your eyes flicker between her and Yoongi.

What’s this feeling you are feeling right now? Was it…jealousy? You mentally curse as you realize you had told Yoongi everything about your love life without asking him about his. Did he like Suran? She’s cute and nice and talented, so why wouldn’t he? Why did he kiss you if he was obviously with Suran? You’re distracted by these feelings of insecurity throughout dinner and the auction.

“Y/N.” Kyungsoo is waving in front of your face. You blink a few times but aren’t fazed by his motions. He squeezes your hand that’s placed on the table in a manner that makes you feel like your bones are being crushed. “Earth to Y/N. Are you okay?”

Snapping out of it, you wince at his strong hold on your hand. “Yeah. I’m okay, just tired from binging too much drama last night.” You joke. “I think I’m going to go get a drink from the bar. Do you want anything?”

As Kyungsoo tells you he doesn’t want a drink, you try to look at Yoongi and Suran out of the corner of your eye. She’s laughing at something he’s said, almost spitting her water out. Yoongi is practically cackling, too, and you feel insanely jealous. What were they laughing at? Some kind of inside joke? They had to have been at least friends for a while, considering they worked together.

Sighing, you put your napkin on your and excuse yourself from the table, going to the bar to distract yourself with alcohol as per usual. Perching yourself on the leather stool, you order a drink and wait patiently for it.

“Having fun?”

Your neck snaps to the side to see Yoongi sitting on the stool next to yours, the legs creaking against the wooden floor.

“Sure.” You avoid his gaze.

“Didn’t know you were friends with Do Kyungsoo.” Yoongi remarks sullenly.

“I am. We met after I consulted for SM.” You shrug, thanking the bartender when your drink arrives in front of you.

“Do you have feelings for him?”

Your eyes shoot up to look into Yoongi’s, finding his expression to be unreadable.

“No, why would you think that? We’re just friends.”

“You looked awfully cozy back there. His hand was on yours.” Yoongi’s eyes narrow.

You stifle a chuckle, almost breaking your serious demeanor. What, he was jealous of Kyungsoo trying to break your hand? That was definitely not a display of affection.

“Well, I could say the same for you and Suran.” You shoot back defensively.

Yoongi snorts. “Not even, but maybe I’ll reconsider. At least Suran texts me back.”

“Okay, then maybe you should go back to her then instead of following me around.” You huff, taking a huge gulp of your drink and wincing at the sting of the alcohol burning down your throat.

Yoongi’s eyes soften a bit. “No, I wanted to talk to you the whole night. Why didn’t you text me back?”

“I was busy. Can’t I be busy?” You claim. You know that’s not the truth, but what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.

“Okay, fine. I’ll let you off easy just this once.” Yoongi’s eyes curve into a cute eye smile as he relaxes in his seat. “I missed you.”

You swear your heart stops beating for a little, and you lightly hit your chest in attempt to restart it, pretending you have a cramp or something. It sort of feels like your heart has cramped up. Curse Min Yoongi and his sweet, sweet words.

“I-I missed you, too.” You know you shouldn’t have said this, but you can’t help it. You really did, despite your pact with yourself to not become romantically involved with him again.

Yoongi is grinning his cute gummy grin now, and you feel your head spinning. That has to be one of your favorite sights in the world. His hand reaches out to lightly press against yours, the one that is wrapped around your drink. It’s as if his cool touch wakes you up, and you’re startled at the memory of your promise to yourself. No Min Yoongi. It was too risky.

“M-maybe we should get back to the table before Kyungsoo starts to worry about where I am.” You grit your teeth at your stuttering. You’re lying; Kyungsoo could care less where you crawled off to, but you had to make an excuse in order to avoid being sucked into Yoongi’s charms.

He reluctantly nods and follows you back to the table, hand lightly pressed against your back secretively the whole way. Butterflies are eating away at your insides, you swear. Without notice, the two of you slip back into your seats at the table again. No one seems to care that you’ve come back together because Baekhyun is in the midst of rambling. A million thoughts are coursing through your mind as you pretend to be interested in Baekhyun’s story like everyone else is.

You jolt in your seat when you feel the cold fingers of Yoongi crawling up your thigh, pushing your dress upwards. Thankfully, Baekhyun had just said something particularly funny, and everyone was falling over in fits of laughter. Looking over at Yoongi, you give him a silent warning as your eyes widen. He’s laughing politely at Baekhyun’s joke, ignoring your glare as his fingers trickle upwards, threateningly close to your core.

Nervously, you look down to see the tablecloth is thankfully long enough to cover your lap. The room is dark enough now so that no one would notice Yoongi’s hand in your crotch unless they were really paying attention. People are taking to the dance floor, and music is beating off of the walls.

Despite that, everyone is still seated at your table. Yoongi’s two fingers inch up far enough to hit the hem of your lace panties now, and you’re trembling in both anticipation and anxiety. Was he trying to kill you? Kyungsoo was only a couple of inches to the left of you.

You squirm a little, pretending like you’re adjusting your dress as you grip Yoongi’s wrist, looking frantically into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” You whisper towards him.

“Showing you how much I missed you.” Yoongi says out of the corner of his mouth, giving a fake grin at Baekhyun’s story again.

His fingers travel over your clothed clit before pressing down and rolling firmly. You bite back a whimper at the sudden sensation, opting instead to shove a large chunk of your leftover cake into your mouth. Relentlessly, he draws circles over the lace of your panties as you feel yourself growing wet. Yoongi seems to feel this too, and he gives you a smirk before dipping his fingers into your underwear. His pointer finger swirls around your entrance and drags your juices up towards your clit before his thumb replaces its place on your sensitive nub.

You shakily take a sip of your drink in attempt to act normal, trying your best to hold back your moans. Without warning, he thrusts two fingers into you, albeit rather slowly as not to attract attention. You bite down hard on your lip as he starts to move at a painstakingly slow pace, making sure to drag his fingers against your walls. As you start to feel tension build up in your stomach, clenching erratically, you decide it’s enough. Pushing his hand away from you, you stand up abruptly, causing Kyungsoo to look at you worriedly.

“What?” He asks.

“I have to pee.” You blurt out, turning to go to the bathroom. You hear Yoongi’s chair scrape against the floor as he gives a half-assed excuse. You step outside of the event room and into the hallway of the venue. Yoongi has caught up to you, tugging at your hand to let you know he’s there.

Fuck. You make the mistake of looking into his eyes, finding them full of lust. He gently pushes you against the wall and your lips connect hurriedly, as if trying to makeup for lost time. You mesh your lips together as if time is running out, his tongue swirling against yours needily. Yoongi pulls apart from you to pepper kisses down your neck, sucking furiously at the spot where your neck meets your shoulders.

“Did you enjoy teasing me at the table?” You sputter, trying your best to convey a tone of annoyance.

“Yes. And by the looks of how your walls were clamping down on my fingers, so did you.” He smirks against your skin, hot breath causing shivers to run down your spine.

“What do you want, Yoongi?” You’re not coming off annoyed like you want, instead sounding weak and breathless.

“I want you to suck my dick.” He presses himself flat against your body, and you gasp at the feeling of his erection against your backside.

Turning around to face him slowly, you notice his eyes are black, pupils fully blown out. The lighting is dim in the hallway, and you look around first to see if anyone is outside. No one is around, and you’re far enough down the hallway that perhaps no one would notice even if they were to come outside of the main room.

Hands fumbling, you struggle to unbutton Yoongi’s dress pants. He nudges your hands aside to unzip himself for you, shoving his pants down to the middle of his thighs. His cock practically jumps out at you and you swallow, hard, looking up at him expectantly.

“Hurry.” He whispers as he leans against the wall, forehead against his arm with you trapped between his body and the wall. “I’ve been hard for so long I think I might explode if you make me wait any longer.”

Eyes still locked with him, you take him in your mouth slowly, giving small kitten licks to the head. He gazes down at you lazily, eyes half-lidded. Sliding his length further in your mouth, you press your tongue flat against his shaft, sucking as hard as you can. Gripping him at the base, you find a consistent pace, dragging him in and out while ensuring that you swirl your tongue around his tip each time.

After you speed up, Yoongi finally lets out a grunt and your heart sputters at the familiar sound you’ve missed more than you knew.

“Right there, baby.” His voice is husky as you gag on his dick uncontrollably, the tip hitting the back of your throat. Doing your best to bite back the tears, you try and deep throat him as far as you can go.

Swallowing down, you glance up at him again. His eyes are shut, and you can feel his balls tighten, signaling he’s close to the end. Bobbing your head faster, you return to your fast pace in order to send him over the edge. His legs tense up and you feel his cum hit the back of your throat, hot and erratic. His eyes open again to admire you swallowing his release, and you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand before standing up. Yoongi shoves you against the wall again, tongue flickering into your mouth immediately as he engages you in a passionate kiss that makes your knees weaken. His hands are pressed around your face and you moan into his mouth languidly.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” Yoongi whispers in your ear.

“You’re just saying that because I sucked you off in public.” You groan, looking away from him as your words hit you. You just did that.

“No, not only that, but just in general.” Yoongi’s hand strokes your shoulder.

Pursing your lips, you look down at your feet. “Pull your pants up, Yoongi. I’m going back in before someone notices how long I’ve been in ‘the bathroom’.”

Silently, you trudge back into the main room, pulling your phone out to check your lipstick. Yup. It’s all gone, and you can only see traces of the dark berry lipstick around the edges of your lips. You rub furiously at it and reapply, guaranteeing it’s perfect again before taking a seat at the table.

Thankfully, Baekhyun is going on about yet another thing that happened while he was on tour, and no one pays any attention to your return. Well, except Kyungsoo.

“Y/N. What took so long?” Kyungsoo’s eyes narrow in suspicion.

“Uh, there was a line for the bathroom.” You lie pathetically.

“Okay, whatever you say, Y/N. You’re so weird sometimes, you know that?” Kyungsoo sighs, letting it slide, but his eyes tell you he knows you’re lying.

Smiling nervously back at him, you shrug, pretending to be interested in your drink from earlier. Turning to your right, you notice Suran has disappeared somewhere, probably off to the dance floor. At least she wouldn’t be saying anything about both you and Yoongi disappearing. You could very possibly die of embarrassment. Clearing his throat, Yoongi comes back to the table, garnering your attention. You cringe when you notice that he has smears of your dark lipstick around his lips.

Trying desperately to get his attention, you motion for him to wipe it away with his napkin, attempting to look casual despite the panic rising in you.

“Yoongi, you have a little something here.” Kyungsoo quips. “I think your lipstick smeared.”

Well, fuck. Grimacing, you see Kyungsoo giving you an amused look as his eyes are trained on your lips, looking over at Yoongi’s when you make eye contact.

“Please don’t say anything.” You plead quietly. Yoongi seems to be unfazed by Kyungsoo’s discovery, instead giving him an intense stare that seems to be triumphant in nature, as if he’s claiming you as strictly his.

“It’s none of my business what you do. I really could care less, Y/N.” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and returns Yoongi’s stare with a falsely sweet smile. With that, he stands up and ushers the rest of the people at the table to the dance floor.

“What, Kyungsoo wants to dance? Is the world ending?” Baekhyun echoes surprisedly, but agrees, happily skipping off to dance and leaving you and Yoongi alone at the table. You bless the heavens for Kyungsoo, knowing he has willingly risked embarrassing himself on the dance floor in order to leave Yoongi and you alone. Regret is overpowering your senses as you come to terms with what you just did with Yoongi, and so soon after vowing to avoid him at all costs.

“Listen, Yoongi.” You bite your lip. Yoongi’s eyes are lit up, and he gives you a gummy grin. “That was a mistake.”

His smile falters, and you see him switch into ‘cold Yoongi’ mode again, as he always does in the face of emotional encounters.

“Okay.” Yoongi seems uncertain of what to say, before shaking his head bitterly. “Yeah, a mistake.”

“You know things like that can’t happen between us given the case we’re both involved in. That was the last time.” You muse. Yoongi sits there silently, his eyes piercing.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends! We should get coffee together some day. I like doing my work at coffee shops.” You blurt out. Suddenly, you’re reluctant to completely burn your bridges.

“I thought I was a mistake.” Yoongi spits out venomously.

“Okay, fine. I’ll just go with Kyungsoo…as always.” You shrug, muttering the last bit to yourself.

Yoongi springs forward in his seat abruptly. “No, wait! I can find some room in my schedule. I have work to do, too.”

Pleased, you smile timidly at him, and although he still seems a bit hurt, he returns the smile halfheartedly. Your tense conversation with Yoongi is interrupted by Kyungsoo, who has returned to the table.

“Okay, lovebirds. I’m sorry to steal Y/N from you, but we’re leaving now.” Kyungsoo steps in.

“Why?” You subconsciously whine out.

“Mark just called me from a bar. He’s super drunk and disoriented, so we have to go pick him up before he gets killed.” Kyungsoo gives you an authoritative look. Sighing, you grab your clutch and offer Yoongi an apologetic smile.

“I’ll text you?” You’re supposed to say it firmly, but it comes out sounding like a question.

“Sure.” Yoongi’s hair falls over his eyes and he brushes it to the side, his eyes anxious.

“Bye. Tell Suran it was nice meeting her for me.” With that, you leave the venue and a very confused Yoongi behind.


It’s only a few days later when you and Yoongi agree to have your coffee date. Date meaning a platonic friend meet-up. Right? You’re not so certain about this point, but you know it should be.

Your heart sinks strangely when you see a text from Yoongi telling you he can’t leave the studio, but your hopes are resurrected when he suggests you come over and do work there. He says that his work be nice background music, as long as you don’t mind. Which you don’t. Knowing yourself, you were so ecstatic to be around Yoongi again that you wouldn’t even mind if he was in a heavy metal band and you had to work on your paperwork with screaming noises in the background. You would do anything to spend time with him again, to make up for the years lost. But in a platonic way, right?

You decide to pick up some coffee on your way to his studio, and you show up holding them in your hands.

“Oh, you didn’t have to do that.” Yoongi seems rather tense, eyes flickering around the room nervously when he opens the door.

“Think of this as me repaying you for last time.”

Dark circles lay underneath his eyes, and he looks pale and drained. Did he pull an all-nighter? Has he eaten food? Worries swamp through your mind as you take in his appearance. His hair is in a beanie, and he’s dressed casually in sweats and a hoodie.

It’s cute. He looks rather disheveled, but in a way you used to always admire.

Wait, what were you thinking? Yoongi is your friend. Friends don’t think other friends are cute. When did you ever think Kyungsoo or Mark were cute? Never. Mentally slapping yourself, you take a seat next to Yoongi, at a desk that’s rather empty beside his music equipment he’s toiling away on.

Curiously, you peer over at the various switches and buttons, furrowing your brow in confusion.

“How do you know what does what?” You pose a question.

Yoongi shrugs, eyes finally meeting yours. “I don’t know. I just do.”

You feel your face growing hot as you remember what you had done with Yoongi just a mere couple of days ago. Flustered, you turn to pull your paperwork out.

Yoongi looks strained at the sight of your casework.

“Are you supposed to do that around me? I mean, I’m involved in that case.”

“Are you going to spy on my work? I trust you.” You give him a curious look.

“No, it’s just…do you have to do that here?” Yoongi pulls his beanie off, tossing it onto the table and pushing his hands through his hair.

“The case isn’t just going to go away, Yoongi.” You’re mildly annoyed now, and it seems like Yoongi is just as frustrated.

“But it can.” He mumbles under his breath, but you catch it, the thought lingering in the back of your mind as you both resume your work.

About an hour in, you pause to look at Yoongi. He’s scrunching his face into a look of pure concentration as he nods his head slightly to the sounds coming out of his headphones. Clicking the mouse furiously and hitting random buttons, he’s completely invested in his music at the minute. You’re not sure he would notice if you left the room.

It’s…sexy? He’s fully immersed in his work, and you can tell he’s dissatisfied that it isn’t perfect. You bet he’s been working on this one song for forever, tweaking it until it’s flawless. Your eyes trickle down to admire his hands. His veins are visible through his skin, faintly blue and protruding slightly. His fingers are incredibly long, and you bite your lip when you recall the feeling of them inside of you.

“Can you stop that?”

Snapping out of your trance, you look up to see Yoongi giving you an exasperated stare.

“Stop what?” You inquire.

“Looking at me like that.” He smooths his hair down nervously again. It’s a complete mess on his head, and his actions are not helping in the least, but it’s a good look on him nonetheless. “Biting your lip like that.” His eyes darken at the last part, glancing at your lip embedded between your teeth.

“Sorry.” You whisper, holding his gaze. He leans in ever so slightly, a hand reaching out to grasp your face gently. His thumb rolls over your lip, pulling it out from between your teeth. It’s swollen and red, and the feeling of the rough pad of his finger causes shivers to run down your body.

Your eyelashes flutter against your skin as you lean in closer, closing your eyes as you savor the feeling of his touch. His breath is on your lips as his chair creaks, signaling he’s closing the distance. Your breath hitches in anticipation of his kiss, but the sound of the doorknob fumbling breaks the two of you apart. You jolt apart, trying to maintain a casual appearance of working on your respective work.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you had a guest here.”

Namjoon is standing in the doorway tentatively and you hear Yoongi let out a huge sigh before turning to face him.

“No, it’s fine. You can come in and do whatever you need to do.”

Namjoon grins at Yoongi’s invitation in, and you turn around to greet him.

“Hi, Y/N! Uhh…” He trails off, rubbing the back of his head. “What are you doing here?”

You still, searching frantically for something to say.

“She’s just here to ask me some questions.” Yoongi cuts in, saving the day. You nod furiously.

Namjoon accept your excuse, shrugging before plopping himself down on the couch on the opposite side of the room. Turning back around, you do your best to focus on your work, but you can’t help but steal glances at Yoongi besides you, biting your lip again.

However, you catch him looking at you, too, and you quickly avert your eyes, blushing. The next time you glance at him, he’s smirking his cocky smirk again. You can’t help it. Dirty thoughts are sweeping through your brain and tingles overtake you as fantasies play out in your head. It’s as if Yoongi can read your mind, and his hand lingers over yours on the table, fingers tickling your skin ever so slightly as he grabs your hand.

The sound of Namjoon coughing in the back causes Yoongi to swiftly retract his hand in fear of him seeing his affectionate action.

“Hyung, are you going to that corporate party this weekend?” Namjoon speaks up from his spot on the couch.

Yoongi licks his lips, providing a distraction for your thoughts. He seems to say something in response, but you don’t know what it is as you’re too busy thinking about his tongue.

“Y/N?” He waves his hand in front of your face. “Did you hear what I said?”

“N-No, sorry. What was it?” You blush.

Yoongi smirks, knowing what you’re distracted by, but speaks as if nothing is wrong. “I asked if you wanted to go to the corporate party with me.”

As if he just remembered Namjoon is there, he adds in. “You know, in case you ever get into patents or something. Just for the experience. It’s for a music device company.”

You turn around to look at Namjoon, who doesn’t look like he has an issue with Yoongi’s invitation.

“Sure. I’d love to go.”


Yoongi arrives to pick you up from your apartment about half an hour early, and you’re still in the middle of doing your makeup when he rings the doorbell. Cursing under your breath, you finish what you’re in the middle of doing before opening up for him.

“You’re early, Yoongi.” You whine, covering your face as you know you’re only halfway made-up and surely looking like a clown at the moment.

“Sorry, there was less traffic than I thought.” He gives a half-assed excuse, shrugging his shoulders and inviting himself into your apartment. He looks around your room, picking up things on your shelf and admiring photographs you have laying around while you sit at your vanity finishing your makeup.

One particular photo is of you with Mark, laughing while on the grass at a park. Yoongi takes great interest in this one frame, picking it up and glaring rather ferociously at it. Coldly, he shows it to you and asks, “Is this your ex?”

Sparing a glance at the image, you shake your head best you can while curling your eyelashes. “Just my friend Mark.”

“How many goddamn guy friends do you have?” He groans, putting the photo down and throwing himself on your bed. He props his elbows up, resting his chin in his hands as he watches you doing your mascara intently.

You ignore his small outburst, concentrating on brushing through your lashes.

“Do you have to do that? You look beautiful without it.” Yoongi wonders out loud. You give him a pointed look in the reflection of the mirror, again ignoring him.

Applying lipstick meticulously, you stand up and grab your dress before heading into your bathroom to change.

“You don’t have to go in there to change, you know. I’ve seen it all.” Yoongi is smirking. Scoffing, you close the door behind you, slipping into your dress quickly before stepping back into your room to spritz on perfume.

Yoongi’s jaw drops as he takes in the image of you in your slinky dress. “Y/N, I don’t think you should wear that out.”

Looking down, terrified, you respond, “Why, does it look ugly?”

Yoongi stands up from his place on the bed to tug the bottom of your dress down. He gasps as the top reveals more of your cleavage, and tugs the top up. This causes your legs to be further exposed, and he groans, putting his head on your shoulder.

“I can never win.” He grumbles.

“Yoongi, what’s wrong with my dress?” You huff, shoving him off of you.

“It’s just, your legs look too good. And your…” His words trail off as he glances quickly at your chest, causing you to cross your arms in front of it to shield yourself.

“Perv.” You slap at his arm.

“I think you should change.” He gives you a demanding look, pointing at your closet.

“No. I’m going out in this.” You roll your eyes and move away to put your shoes on, bending down to adjust the straps.

“Please don’t bend over like that.” You hear Yoongi groan from behind you, and you turn to see his face in his hands. Rolling your eyes again, you grab your clutch and his arm, dragging him out of the apartment.

He drives stiffly to the party, eyes nervously glancing over at you the whole time. You’re mildly flattered by his anxious state, pleased that you could still have this strong of an effect on him. The two of you walk into the party, taking your seat at a table. Chanyeol is seated there, chattering wildly to his date about God knows what, and after you greet him, Yoongi pulls your chair out for you before sitting next to you. He adjusts his chair so it’s super close, and puts his hand casually on your thigh. The heat of his hand on your bare skin is hard to ignore, and you try to keep your breathing equal in fear of him noticing how affected you were.

Thankfully, a distraction arrives in the form of Jinyoung arriving. He smiles sweetly at all of you, his body shielding his guest. When he sits down, you freeze. Yoongi notices this, squeezing your thigh tightly as he gives you a reassuring glance. He seems to think that you’re nervous in the presence of Jinyoung, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s as if you’ve been struck by lightning and your whole body was frying. Goosebumps rise on your arms as the room literally feels like it’s chilled a couple of degrees. Seated right across the table from you is him.

“Guys, this is my friend from law school.” Jinyoung pipes cheerfully. “Im Jaebum.”

Jaebum’s gaze finally lands on you, and his eyes flicker at your attire before traveling back up to your face, a shit-eating grin plastered on his features.

“Jaebum, this is Yoongi and Y/N. Y/N is working on the opposite side in the case I’m on at the moment, so she’s the competition.” Jinyoung jokes.

Jaebum smirks, and you squirm in your seat out of discomfort.

“There’s no need for introductions, I know who Y/N is.”

You swear you stop breathing. What kind of bad luck did you have? What was the probability of running into both Min Yoongi and Im Jaebum in chance situations all in a couple of weeks?

If he hadn’t cheated on you, you’d probably think he was looking fine tonight. His hair is slicked back smoothly, a stark black tone, and his trusty old silver hoops are on his ears. He’s dressed in a sleek motorcycle jacket, over his dress clothes. But to you, the familiar sight of his attire and demeanor is unbelievably sleazy.

“How do you know each other?” Jinyoung cuts in, and Yoongi quirks an eyebrow at you curiously.

“Oh, we barely know each other.” You lie blatantly. But of course, Jaebum won’t let it slide.

“I wouldn’t say barely. In fact, we know each other, quite well. Wouldn’t you agree, babe?” Jaebum throws a not-so-lowkey wink at you. As if his words are physical blows, you flinch at his use of ‘babe’.

Yoongi’s grip on your thigh is like steel now, and his teeth are gritted as he smiles rather forcefully at you.

“Quite, well, huh? Babe?” Yoongi repeats mockingly, eyes burning into yours.

Jinyoung chimes in again. “Wow, you guys dated or something, Y/N?” His question is directed solely at you.

“Um, yeah. You could say that.” You deadpan, and the conversation dies at that. The silence that swallows the table is unbearably uncomfortable, and your eyes remain glued to the white tablecloth. Yoongi’s hand is still on your thigh, and you can tell he’s irked by Jaebum’s words, too.

Chanyeol clears his throat, and engages in a conversation with Yoongi. Jinyoung and Jaebum resume conversation with each other, and you’re left sitting quietly in your seat, eyes looking anywhere but at Jaebum. You’re quite certain if you did look at him that you would find his eyes trained on you like a hawk.

So, you decide to escape to the bar to get a drink, your go-to move at awkward events such as this. Excusing yourself, you give Yoongi a timid smile as you remove his hand from your thigh and smooth your dress down. You’ve just taken a seat at the bar with your drink when you sense someone behind you.

Shrugging it off as Yoongi, you ignore it. However, when the figure leans up against the bar, too close for comfort, you realize it’s not Yoongi, but instead Jaebum.

His lips are curled into a smirk and he’s leaned in so close that you can smell his cologne. He still wears the one he used to wear, one that you gifted him for his birthday when you were together. You recall thinking it was great back then, but now it seems like the most overwhelming scent in the world, and you want nothing more than to distance yourself from the fumes radiating from Jaebum’s body.

Ordering a beer, Jaebum looks down at you, sneering in what you assume he attempt to be in a seductive manner.

“How have you been, Y/N? Long time no see.”

You glance at your cocktail nervously, twirling the straw around as you sip quietly on it.

“I’ve been good.” You state simply.

“You look good.” Jaebum doesn’t try to conceal how obviously he’s raking his eyes up and down your body. The hairs on your arm raise as your body tenses up. You fight off the desire to cover yourself with something, anything, as you suddenly feel weak and exposed.

“Thanks.” You mumble emotionlessly, avoiding eye contact by all means.

He steps in even closer. You’re practically pressed against his chest and he sneers again. “You know, I never should’ve cheated on you.” He breathes in your ear. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

Jaebum is leaning in to kiss you, and you thankfully turn you head away as soon as you notice his advances. Your breath is caught in your throat and your heart is racing, but not in the same way as when Yoongi is close by. Instead, it’s out of fear when you’re around Jaebum.

Out of nowhere, hands reach out to push Jaebum away from you. Yoongi is gripping him by the collar instantaneously, arm cocked back perilously, his hand clenched in a tight fist. Flames are spitting out of his eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jaebum demands, eyes widening in disbelief.

“She obviously doesn’t want you. Back the fuck off.” Yoongi hisses aggressively.

“That’s for her to decide, not you.” Jaebum smirks despite the fact that Yoongi could knock the shit out of him at any moment. Yoongi practically growls, his arm pulling back further threateningly.

“Stop it, Yoongi! Stop!” You break up his hold on the other man, pushing him back by his chest.

“What is this, Y/N? Is something going on between the two of you?” Jaebum cocks an eyebrow as he looks at your hands still laying flat on Yoongi’s chest.

Retracting your hands quickly, you panic. “No! Nothing.”

Hurt sweeps over Yoongi’s features as he gives you a pained expression, and he opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out.

“So what happens between Y/N and me shouldn’t be any of your business, Min Suga.” Jaebum spits out his stage name venomously.

Animosity surges through Yoongi’s veins. “It becomes my business when sleaze bags like you prey on women right in front of me.” Yoongi’s shooting daggers at Jaebum, and it’s perhaps the scariest thing in the world. If you were Jaebum, you’d be quaking in your boots right now.

“Whatever. This isn’t over.” Jaebum winks at you over his shoulder as he turns around to go back to the table. “I’ll see you around.”

A shudder rolls over your body, and Yoongi brings you tightly into an embrace.

“Are you okay?” He asks you, hands running up and down your body soothingly.

Nodding tearfully, you pull apart from him.

“Can we go?”

Yoongi nods, and he takes you home immediately, not saying another word to the people at the table and pulling you out of the party swiftly. In the car ride home, you can sense that something is bothering him, but you are too shaken up by seeing Jaebum again that you don’t ask why. Instead, the two of you sit in silence, the only sound the buzzing of the radio.

When you arrive home, he follows you in and tucks you into bed. Moments later, he returns to your room with a mug of tea. Setting it down on the table, he turns wordlessly to leave. Reaching out to grab his hand, you tug him backwards towards your bed.

“Stay.” Your voice is quiet, muffled by the sheets covering your mouth partially.

“I thought we were nothing.” Yoongi spits bitterly, head lowered.

“Yoongi, you know I had to say that. Jaebum knows about the case, and he would totally rat us out.” You sigh, not wanting to argue tonight.

“Always so fuckin’ professional.” The bitterness in his voice fades away slowly, and a new venom seeps in in its place. “Who is that asshole, anyways?”

“I dated him in college for awhile.”

“That was him?” Yoongi pieces things together. “Did you love him?” His eyes are dark, unreadable.

“Y-Yes.” You admit painstakingly. “But I think it was only because he reminded me so much of you. I was vulnerable, and he helped alleviate my pain. Only temporarily, though, because he ripped me a new one.”

You wince at the memories before continuing. “He cheated on me.”

Your voice comes out a whisper, almost silent, but Yoongi hears it loud and clear. The strong loo on his face falters, and his eyes soften drastically as he clutches at your hand.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. He obviously doesn’t deserve you.” Yoongi shoves the covers aside and slips into bed with you, turning you to the side as he faces you, his strong arms holding you tightly against him.

“And you do?” You whisper again. Your noses are brushing against each other lightly.

“I don’t either.”

Wordlessly, he closes the gap in between you.


a/n: goddammit that took so long for me to write!! y/n is so on and off,, i hate her. how can i hate someone i made up?? hmmm…i just do. HAHA but aren’t we all really indecisive sometimes? this is definitely much longer than previous chapters, which i am thoroughly satisfied with. :-)

Snapchat (S Bros)

(I’ll be answering most asks by tomorrow because I’m settling in from getting back home from holidays. I was going to answer them now but this came to mind. Please be patient haha, but feel free to send them in!)

You held your phone close to you boyfriend’s face, who was sleeping soundly. You focused on his face with the camera and chose the filter that scrunches his face up in a funny way. You took the picture just before he sat up and pulled you onto his lap. You squealed and giggled and tried to get away but he held you down, curious. “What are you doing?” he asked, staring down at the picture of him on your phone. You saved it and looked up at him sideways. “It’s an app called Snapchat. It has filters, see?” You scrolled through the filters. “Wanna try?” He carefully took your phone and looked at different filters. He chose the one with the hot pink flowers on both sides of the head, the screen slightly pink. “It says to try with a friend. Wanna do it with me?” You nodded and giggled slightly as he held out the phone so it could focus on your faces. You kissed Shu’s cheek as he took the picture. You pressed save and chose the filter again. “Now a funny one.” You stuck your tongue out and raised one eyebrow and he rolled his eyes back into his head and stuck his tongue out slightly. He looked at the picture. “We look like idiots,” he said while saving the picture and going to your camera roll and finding the first one you took together. He set it as your lock screen. “There. Wanna lay with me?” You nodded and laid down next to him, looking up at your lock screen, smiling brightly.

Reiji was working in his lab while you sat bored, playing on your phone. You kept choosing funny filters and taking pictures of yourself. Reiji noticed this and raised his brow in question. “What on earth are you doing on that device?” he asked, walking up behind you. You craned your neck to look up at him as he squinted at your phone. “Show me how it works.” You demonstrated and explained and gave him your phone. He held it carefully, looking for a filter. “This is a nice one,” he said, holding out the phone in front of yours and his face. It was the flower crown filter. You giggled and made a funny face just as he took it. He looked at the picture then back at you, then back at the picture and laughed, a rare sound coming from the vampire. You blinked in surprise and laughed with him. “Oh my, that is funny. Sometimes these things are just tolerable. If I get a phone, will you forward this to me?” You nodded and got up from your seat, wrapping your arms around him and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Let’s do more weird things together.”

Since you were on vacation, you decided to send him a picture of yourself and what you were doing everyday on Snapchat. He loved that. You could even call on it! That was really cool and fascinating to him. You chose the dog filter and stuck your tongue out, taking a picture. You captioned the picture “miss you” with love hearts. A few seconds later, he sent you a picture of your hotel, saying “finally get to kiss you in person”. You covered your mouth and ran to the window where you could see a medium red dot. You waited for him patiently until he knocked on the door. You ran to the door and unlocked it, practically jumping on top of him. “Snapchat for this special moment?” you asked. He nodded and took your phone, going onto face swap. You both looked really odd. You laughed and put up two peace signs as he snapped the picture. You put it on your story, captioned “he’s my Chichinashi” and turned your phone off to finally kiss the redhead.


Kanato walked into your room without you noticing. You were taking pictures on your phone with these weird things on your face. He walked up behind you. “What are you doing?” he asked in a bored tone. You looked back at him. “Oh, it’s this app and you can take pictures with these things called filters,” you explained, showing him. “I would like to try,” he said, snatching your phone and choosing the flower crown picture. “Try with a friend. Hmm. Do this with me,” he said, pulling you close to him. You smiled and put up two fingers. He took it and stared down at your phone. “Not good enough.” He made you both take it about fifty times, you always reminding him that he looked great. He also did face swaps with Teddy, completely forgetting about you or why he had even come into your room. Afterwards he came back with your phone and asked for you to take another picture with each other. Another thirty pictures later, he had the perfect picture of you and him smiling, heads close together. You saved it then had a nice tea party with Kanato.


Laito walked down the hall to your room, standing at the door, his ear pressed to the door. He heard faint giggling. What is Bitch-chan doing? He opened the door to see you on your bed, taking pictures on Snapchat. He used it to talk to you often but mainly just for talking to other girls. You two weren’t officially a thing yet but you both had a positive feeling about one another. “Bitch-chan, I wanna take pictures with you too,” he whined, plopping down next to you. You sighed and gave him the phone, letting him choose a filter. He smirked and held the phone up to choose one without you seeing. You rolled your eyes and waited until he was done. He chose the most popular of them all, the dog filter. You laughed as he held the phone out and you cuddled up next to him, poking your tongue out. He did the same. You took a couple more photos but in all of them he was staring at you. In the middle of a picture, you looked up at him and stared into his eyes for a second. You both did this for a moment until he leaned in and slowly but passionately kissed your lips. He kept taking pictures until you blocked the camera with your hand. You pulled away and laughed. “Wow,” you said. “Wow,” he replied. 


 You were bombing your white haired boyfriend with pics and posting them on Snapchat. He covered his face with his hands and angrily told you to stop, his big black sweater sleeves covering half his hands. You giggled and pulled one of his hands away. “Come on, Ru, for me?” you said, batting your eyelashes. He sighed and took his other hand away from his face. “Fine, but I want it with you. Make it quick,” he said, crossing his arms. You put an arm around his shoulders and chose the cat filter. He was still facing the other way. He looked at the camera quickly and blushed when he saw what filter you were using. “No, no. N-not that one- aw, (Y/n),” he stuttered, making a strange face. You snapped the picture, the blushing vampire making a strange but cute face as you did so. “(Y/n), d-delete it,” he whined, holding your arm. You giggled, saved it and quickly put it on your story. “Oops, my finger slipped,” you said in a teasing tone. “You look cute though.” You got close to his face and tapped his nose with your finger gently once. He blushed a little more and laughed slightly. “Can-can we take another proper one?” he asked, taking your phone in his hands. You nodded and he held up the phone snapping a few more photos. He started liking it and surprisingly wasn’t mad. “When and if I get a phone, can you send me these?” You smiled sweetly at him and nodded slightly. “Of course.”

Carousel: Final Chapter (COLE X READER)

SUMMARY: The aftermath after Cole kisses you infront of hundreds.


A/N: GUYS, I know I keep saying it but I really can’t put into words how grateful I am for all the love you’ve given to Carousel. I love reading your comments and all your feedbacks J I’ve decided to do one last instalment of Carousel. Hopefully, you’ll love this one as well. I’ve not even been on tumblr for a week but the love and support has been incredible. I love you guys so much <3


 After what was, undoubtedly, the most controversial kiss in TV history, one would think that Cole and you must be worried sick about the aftermath. Uhm, not really. Well, not Cole at least. 

The kiss ended with him simply dragging you into the back seat of his limo. He did not seem bothered about the situation at all.

You sat there in shock, still trying to make sense of what had just happened. Cole simply leaned back and put his arm around you.

“Why do you look like you just witnessed a murder,” he chuckles.

You gawk at him in disbelief whilst pushing his arm away, “YES, I DID. OUR MURDER. What have you done, Cole?” You face-palm out of frustration.

“Whoa, (y/n). Chill,” He places his hand over yours, “I just declared my love in the most romantic way and you’re mad about it?” He dramatically sighs, “And here I thought this oompa was a sucker for me as well”

You snicker, “Whatever, Cole. Whatever.”

The truth? You weren’t mad at him. You weren’t mad at him at all! You completely understood where he was coming from. You understood him. The only thing you were worried about was what the people would say. What would the media make of him, since he already admitted that he was dating Lili. The wrath of his agents and your producers sickened you.

“It’s you and me against the world,” he places his head on your lap, “I’m tired. Wake me up when we reach.”

You look down at the adorable boy asleep on your lap. You run your fingers through his, although perfect, really greasy hair. You can’t help but smile at the sight of it. Cole just kissed you infront of hundreds of people and he didn’t care. He didn’t care because he loved you. For all you know, whatever the outcome may be, you and Cole will be alright- because one thing, amidst all this craze, was certain. You and Cole were in love.

Cole and (y/n) against the world.


There are like only a little over 5 people in the room, but the tension in the atmosphere was colossal.

Seated at the round table in Mark’s office were you, Cole, Lili, Cole’s agent, Mark and other producers.

No one said a thing for a long time. The anticipation was killing you. Betty seemed Calm and unbothered. Cole just looked bored. The rest looked aggravated.

“Okay,” Mark breaks the ice,” What was that, Cole?”

“What was what?” Cole retorted.

“The kiss, the whatever, what was that all about?”

“I just felt like it,” he calmly replied.

“Aren’t you dating Lili?” Mark further questioned.

“No.” Lili and Cole both reply in unison.

“Personally,” Lili said,” I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I always knew Cole had a thing for (y/n) and he made that very clear to me ever since our whole ‘dating’ façade first came out so I’m really unbothered by it. The kiss, however, the controversy, the damage has been done and there’s nothing we can do about it. What we need to worry about, isn’t Cole and (y/n), but about Cole’s image. Since they all think he’s dating me, the media will definitely call him out for ‘supposedly’ cheating on me.”

Everyone took time to slowly understand where Lili was coming from. She was right. You just needed to strategise something to clear the atmosphere for Cole.

“I just got an update,” one of the producers said, “ from one of my PS. Apparently, people found the kiss incredibly romantic. Fans have also said to have noticed how different Cole seemed with Lili…”


“Well,” began Mark,” in that case, since the fans seem to have no problem, I suggest you, Cole, post a declaration in any one of your social media accounts. Basically, you can just explain the situation yourself. I don’t know, work it out yourself.”

“Also,” said Cole’s agent,” some bughead shippers are also calling out on (y/n) for interfering in your relationship so if you guys could do something about that too.”


You had no idea the meeting would last thing long. By the time it ended, it was already dark outside.

“(Y/n)!,” Lili made her way towards you.


“I just wanted to say how sorry I am.  You should know, it was all just an act. Cole and I don’t feel anything for each other. Sorry what you had to go through. I had no idea-“

“What’s going on?” Cole intervenes

“I was just telling (y/n) about that time you stalked her on social media because she was-“

Cole cut her off, “Arghhhh! Lili!”, he smacks her head.

You and Lili laugh at him as he turns red. Aww.

“Excuse me, Lili” Cole puts his arm around you,” But I have to drop my precious off. Ciao”

“See you, Lil. Goodnight”


“We’re here,” you direct Cole outside your parent’s house.

You were just unlocking your door when Cole went,”Whoa, woman, why the rush!”

You give him a confused look.

He comes closer to you, “Kiss me.”

You decide to tease him,” What if I said no?”

“Then I would have you pull you out of the car and kiss you in front of your parent’s porch.”

You chuckle at his cheeky reply and kiss him softly.

Damn. Kisses with Cole. You could get used to that,

Cole helps you get out of the car. “Thanks, C. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” he pulls you in for one last kiss.

Cole fold his hands and leans against his car and watch as you make your way to your front door. He has the biggest smile on his face.

“(Y/n)!” he calls you.

You turn to him.

“You’re mine, you know that right?” he chuckles.

And you swear you could feel an entire zoo in your tummy.

“Haha, you’re blushing again,” he exclaims and makes his way into his car,”Call me. I still haven’t got your new number.”

You snicker, “Drive safe, c.”


You woke up the next morning with the sound of your twitter notifications.

Earlier this morning Cole had posted a note on twitter explaining the entire situation the fans. He wrote about his friendship with Lili and how he doesn’t intend to be in a relationship. “Don’t worry,” he wrote,” Jughead and Betty are still together.” Much to the delight of the Bughead shippers. “Just not Cole and Lili.

Lili had also posted an old photo of you and Cole to support your relationship. In the photo, you were asleep on the couch and Cole was brushing your hair when Lili took the photo. You had no idea!

Your eyes then went to the photo of you which Cole had posted right after his explanatory note.

My oompa” he captioned it.

You gush. You were just about to comment on it when you were interupted by a call. Cole.

“Hey,” you smile as you answer.

“Look outside your window.”

Confused, you rush and open the window. You look down to find a handsome Cole leaning against his car. He looks divine in his summer hat and white cargos.

“What the hell, Cole!” you rub your sleepy eyes.

“You look beautiful,”

You scoff.

“Get ready quick. I’m taking you out.”


“10 minutes or I’m leaving..”

“Erggghh,” you shut your window down. He knows how to get oon my nerves!

Although you’re frustrated by this handsome lad with really greasy hair, you gush as you think about how happy you feel right now. And how perfect everything in the world is. The guy you’ve had the biggest crush on is waiting downstairs, possibly having a cuppa with your parents. You’ve also made it to Hollywood. You’re happy. You’re finally genuinely really happy. God is great!

Sure, things weren’t always great. You and Cole have both had your days but you know what they say,

Love is a carousel. You go round and around until you finally come to a stop. It’s the endless push and pull of emotions. You think you know what’s right. Heck, you even think you know what’s best.

But do we ever really know?

Maybe, just maybe, you do now.


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A/N : So yeah, that’s the end of Carousel. Thank you once again for all the love. 

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The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/25/2017

Hey hey hey, mah dudes. It’s Sam here! We are gonna get this show on the road real quick ‘cause there has been so much content today.

Like so much content. A beautiful wave of content. A Jesus blessed storm of content. It’s all thanks to RAS, some dedicated fans, and the cast members. Let’s give them a round of applause. Without y’all, we’d be fucking miserable.

Alright, let’s go bitches!

Hey, Bughead fans, guess what! WE GOT SOME MOTHERFUCKIN’ CONTENT UP IN THIS BIATCH! I ain’t just talking about lil’ photoshopped cartoon characters or shit! I am talking about legit content. I am talking about pictures from filming. I am talking about RAS being a frickin’ doll face. It’s great. It’s amazing! It’s just ugh. Let’s just talk about it!

RAS was an absolute babe, today. Not only did he bless us with an amazing photo of mechanic!Betty and mechanic!Jughead, he also blessed us with a beautiful caption that pretty much confirms endgame for bughead. (x) @sprouseharts

This photo. This caption. This tweet. Ugh. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I am more excited about this tweet than my own birthday. (it’s cool I hate my birthday) I’m more excited about this tweet than the Second Coming. I’m more excited about this tweet than I am about that left over piece of meat lovers pizza in the fridge.

It’s just fucking exciting (or I live a really boring, shitty life one of the two).

Here’s another post that compares the two mechanic!Bughead images we’ve gotten so far. It will murder you. My ghost lawyer is currently backed up filing my own lawsuits, so I’ll have to refer you to his colleague if you need one too. (x) @bugheadjones-the-third

@brittalundin​ also joined in on the fun! She tweeted out her support for mechanic!Betty as well! I’m glad to see that the crew is on the same page as the fandom! Or maybe the fandom is on the same page as the crew…? Idk. I’m just glad we aren’t trying to murder each other anymore! (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Remember that time when I was glad that we weren’t murdering each other anymore? Yeah. About that. That’s a fucking lie. We’re murdering each other better than ever folks.

How do I explain this fandom? Easily. We hate each other. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. Pure hatred. So pure it has been formed into a new element. We’ll all be receiving a nobel prize this year for aiding in its discovery. Please wear semi-formal to formal wear. Thank you.

Anyway, why do we hate each other? I don’t know. Probably because humans live off of emotions and hatred/anger is a very strong one that can easily be given into. Also because there are a ton of different ships coming out of this show/comics and nobody seems to respect anyone else’s.

Or maybe because everyone gets worked up a little too much. I mean probably not right? It’s not like this fandom get worked up about a meme.

Except, wait, this fandom does get worked up about memes. (x) @thejugheadjones

Archie Comics’ twitter posted a very funny (and historically accurate meme) depicting the relationship between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. I got a good kick out of it, but it seems like some of the fandom just wanted to actually kick people because of it. By some of the fandom I mean the Barchie side of the fandom.

Look, dudes. I get it. You love your ship. You don’t see a lot of content from you ship in the comics or the show lately, but are you really gonna get pissed over a meme?

Yeah. Probably, huh?

To make matters worse the Bughead and the Varchie side of the fandom went off on the Barchie side of the fandom and shit just got hectic.

Gotta go change the sign from “1 day(s) without fandom fighting” to “0 day(s) without fandom fighting”. We were so close to beating our record of two days, guys. C’mon!

Dogs. Dogs are cute. Dogs are adorable. Dogs deserve love.

Cole. Cole is a person. Cole is probably adorable but like idk I don’t know him. Cole most likely deserves love.

These two creatures put together creates an infinite aura of happiness. Which is why we are so blessed (praise be to Jesus) to have these adorable photos and videos of both Cole and Dog together. (x) @rarecolesprouse​ (x) @gershwinn


Film her? I don’t even know her! *ba dum tss*

Nah, but the cast did some filming today, and it looks pretty rad. Like mega rad. Like the most rad thing that could possibly ever rad.

We’ve got some great pictures of a fishy looking scene going down in a shady side of town between Ronnie and a rival gang member? What is this? This is not okay. I am not prepared for this, right now. (x) @bronwynn

Deep breaths be damned! I am freaking out right now and living for it!

Here is some more in depth explanation of what happened during today’s filming from a fan who was present. It may be kind of a spoiler, but it’s definitely interesting! (x) @forsythe-p-jones

Cole was seen leaving a building, presumably to film. As he was leaving someone yelled that they liked his shoes and he did a little jig. This jig will forever go down in history as the best impromptu jig of mankind. Cole Sprouse will be receiving a golden globe and an emmy for his jig work. Tune in next friday to get the full, hour-long scoop on what truly went through his mind as he did his jig and the full story behind it. (x) @hobooutsider (x) @sprouseharts

Archie Andrews is a motherfuckin’ gansta. When he goes, he goes hard. We he fights, he punches first. When he does graffiti, he makes weird ass smiley faces. (x) @juggiesbetts @zumpie

Oh, Archie, dear. Congratulations on making Weenie Hut Jr. customer of the month. The fandom and I are so proud.

But not really. Boy, look. I know you’re going through some internal trauma and shit, but please explain to me why you are graffiting a happy face? Is it some deeper meaning shit? Are you putting on an act? Are you showing the world what it wants to see from you? Or do you just really like smiley faces, buddy?

#nojudgement #lies #lotsofjudgement #pleaserespondinMLAformattedessay

Wow. Here are some great pictures from today! A lot of fans managed to meet the cast and get pictures up close as well as far away! They are literally so beautiful they will make your eyes burn more than staring at the eclipse for 7 hours.

(x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts 

Also here are some gorgeous pictures of Madelaine Petsch! (x) @riverdales-daily

People are freaking out because Lili posted that picture of Cole with a dog on her instagram. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Here is some Varchie content that @veronicadvalle provided us with once again! (x) the parallel between these scenes hits me in the feels, man!

#deadagain #callmylawyer


Now here’s just some content ‘cause I’m sick and I’m tired and I’m ready for sleep.

Gifs! (x) @tommensbaratheons (x) @anti-aureate

Funny Memes! (x) @zumpie (x) @bugheader 

Agreeable Textposts! (x) @musingmola

Fanart! (x) @gogenevieveart (x) @sprouseharts

Alright, folks! That’s all I got! I just want to give a huge thank you to @juggydunes for making my little gif header! I didn’t even have to ask, they just did it on their own accord! I love you so much! This means the world!

Sorry for the shitty (and late) rundown again! Sick Sam is a dead Sam! Haha! Hopefully I’ll be better soon! Lots of love!

Peace out, witches!

On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 4)

A/N: Happy Thursday aka Happy Almost the Weekend! To celebrate here’s part 4! 

Thanks so much for all of the love, it always makes me smile. Also FYI if you see a reply from dramadreamer14, that’s me not some random person! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Summary: Reader wakes up to some very interesting Facebook notifications… I’m not going to say much more. A little bit of feels/insecurity in the first half. Ends with fluff. 

Rating: T for language 

Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Word count: 1855

You woke up to a dozen Facebook notifications. Curious, you opened the app on your phone and giggled in surprise. They were tag requests from Bucky. After automatically approving whatever he tagged you in, you grabbed your laptop so you could actually look through the pictures.

The album was the first thing in your newsfeed and you eagerly clicked on it, smiling at the name -Best Sights in D.C.

Bucky had turned to photography as a coping mechanism after T’Challa’s team finally succeeded. After years of having memories wiped from him, taking pictures comforted him. You were impressed by how good he had gotten with just his phone camera. Even his selfies looked good.

Your smile grew as you clicked through the photos. Mixed in with breathtaking images of the monuments, you were front and center in stereotypically touristy snapshots; you “pushing over” the Washington Monument and stuff like that.

You were just about halfway through when your phone buzzed violently. Glancing at the caller ID, you quickly answered it.

“Hey, Nat, how’s the weather in LA?” You asked brightly the second the call connected.

“Sunny. N…”

“Oh that’s nice,” you cut her off, “It’s kind of overcast here.”

“I didn’t call to talk about the weather. Nice try.”

“So what did you call to talk about? The baseball game last night.”

“Cut the crap,” she laughed. “Not a date, my ass, Y/N.”

She sounded like she was about to cheer.

“It wasn’t. We just did touristy stuff around D.C. The same thing we did when the team stayed over in Boston.”

“Uh huh,” she dragged out the second syllable. “I see. Except that was mandatory team bonding and this looks a lot like a date.”

“Nothing about these pictures says date. Number one, I’m by myself in all of them. And number two, I’m pretty sure you could put these on a website and people would think they’re stock photos.”

Nat’s laugh made you nervous.

“You haven’t made it through the whole album have you?”  

“No. Why?”

“Call me back when you’ve finished, and make sure you read the captions.”

She hung up before you could ask why. You continued clicking through the photos, more slowly this time. You got to the second to last picture and still couldn’t understand what the big deal was, and then you hit next and your jaw dropped.

Outside the bakery, Bucky stood behind you with his arms wrapped around your waist, clearly drawing you into him. Both of you were laughing as you laid your head back on his shoulder and he was looking down at you fondly.

“Saved my favorite picture for last. The sweetest dish in town… oh and the desserts were pretty good too,” the caption read.

You bit your lip, trying to hold in a smile as you thought back to the moment that picture must have been taken.  Bucky had asked you to wait by the outdoor tables so he could get someone to take your picture to make Sam jealous of your little excursion.  You had been distracted by a little girl who was giggling in delight with a mouth covered in chocolate, so you jumped and started laughing when he wrapped his arms around you to turn you around. Clearly the kind man who agreed to take your photo also snapped the candid before you posed for a normal picture, side by side with his hand on your shoulder and yours on his hip.

Using the voice command on your phone you called Nat.

“Did you look at the whole album now?”

“Uh huh.”


“And it still wasn’t a date. It was very specifically a non-date.”

“How do you know that? What exactly did he say when he asked you to sightsee with him?”

“He didn’t. I was wandering around the Smithsonian and he found me and then we started walking around. I asked him why he was all dressed up and he told me that he had a  date planned but the girl never showed so he came looking for someone to hang out with. He was bored, Nat. And I was there. Second place, like always,” you finished sadly.  

“You’re nobody’s second place, Y/N,” Natasha said fiercely, willing you to believe her. “And trust me, the way he’s looking at you in that last picture is not the way you look at somebody who’s second place in your life. I’d be willing to bet there’s even moments where you outshine Steve and get that number one spot all to yourself.”

You sighed, knowing she was right. Thankfully, she wasn’t a gloater by nature.

“I know Bucky cares about me a lot. I would never question that, I just don’t think it’s the same way I care about him.”


“But that’s okay. I am perfectly happy being best friends with him.”

“Liar,” she stated calmly.

“Maybe, but let’s keep that our little secret.”

“I’m just going to say this, if he calls you the sweetest dish when you aren’t actually dating, I shudder to think of the pet names and cuteness there will be when you get married.”

“He’s a romantic. I like that about him.”

“You like everything about him,” Nat reminded you.

“This is true.”

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Wilson would like me to inform you that if you’re not downstairs in ten minutes all of your baked goods will be eaten.”

“Gotta go, Nat,” you exclaimed hurriedly, yanking your laptop shut.

“Go save your pastries,” she laughed. “We’ll have a girl’s night in a few days when we all get back to the facility and discuss all of this at length?”

She framed it as a question, but you knew an order when you heard one, so you went along with it.  

“Sounds good. Good luck with the mission.”

“Good luck with… not dating Bucky Barnes.”

After changing into jean shorts and a t-shirt so you wouldn’t be tempted to sleep the rest of the day away, you hurried downstairs to the kitchen.

“If you ate all my dessert I’m going to stab you,” you threatened as you rounded the corner.  

“Hello to you too, doll.”

“Oh, Bucky, hi. Sorry. I thought you were Sam.”

“I think that’s worse than you wanting to stab me,” he quipped with a smirk.

“FRIDAY said Sam was going to eat all of my goodies if I wasn’t down here in ten minutes,” you explained looking around for the signature boxes.

“He did just scurry away in the direction of his room with one of the boxes.”

“You let him escape with my pastries?” You asked in mock outrage.

Rolling his eyes, Bucky pulled an identical box out from beside him. Opening it carefully, you realized that it held the last black and white cookie.

“My hero.”

“I aim to please.”

“You succeed.”

“Sorry I didn’t get more. Sam was already trying to sneak out when I wrestled that one away from him.”

Chuckling, you started to make tea. “This is all I really wanted. The rest were for sharing.”

“So is this one not for sharing?” he asked, eyeing the large cookie.

“Definitely not,” you informed him with a smile.

You were just about to sit down across from Bucky at the breakfast nook when Steve slid past you, beating you to the spot and swiping a line through the frosting of your cookie in the process.

“Hiya, sweetheart. Good frosting,” he greeted you with a bright grin after licking his finger.

If it had been anyone else you probably would have at least punched them in the arm if not the face.  

“Paws off my sweets, Rogers,” you huffed.

Bucky smirked proudly.

“My my, aren’t we sassy this afternoon,” Steve shot back, smile undimmed.

He had always been sarcastic, but since Bucky came back he had really cranked it up a notch. You enjoyed your verbal sparring matches as much as the heart to hearts you often had with the Captain.

“You know I don’t mess around when it comes to my dessert, Steve.”

Since he was taking up one whole side you squished in next to Bucky who moved over enough that you could sit comfortably, but not enough that you weren’t touching. You placed a mug of tea in front of each of you with the black and white between you.

“I thought this one wasn’t for sharing,” he prompted at the same time as Steve asked, “How come he gets some?” with a fake pout.

“Because Bucky is a gentleman.”

“Aww thanks, doll.”

“He may be a gentleman, but I thought I was an angel,” Steve deadpanned.

Your brow furrowed in confusion for a moment before the early morning events came back to you and you groaned and dropped your head onto your arms.

“You can’t hold half asleep rambling against me.”

“I’m not holding anything against you. I’m just saying, I believe I was all golden.”

“Oh my god,” you wailed. “Nobody else can ever know about that.”

“Don’t worry. It’s our little secret.”

“Thank you. You’re still not getting a bite of this cookie, Steve.”

He shrugged, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Bucky chuckled beside you and broke off a piece in the middle so he had both types of frosting.

“You were right, this is better than the chocolate chip,” Bucky admitted.

“You doubted me?”

“Never, doll.”

“I love this bakery. We definitely need go again before we head home.”

“We will,” Bucky promised.

All three of your phones chimed at the same time. Expecting it to be a mission update you all immediately checked.

“Y/n, you need to remind me how to turn off notifications on Facebook. I posted one comment on that picture of you two and now I’m going to get a million notifications,” Steve groaned.

“I’ll show you in a minute,” you chuckled, opening the notification. “Oh god, let’s see what Tony had to say.”

“I need a dentist,” Bucky read aloud. “Jerk.”

You laughed as you read through the comments. You had been too distracted earlier to enjoy them. All of them were talking about how cute the two of you were.

“Aww. Thanks, Steve. We are adorable. How come you didn’t show me that picture before you posted it?” you asked, turning your attention to Bucky, missing Steve’s amused expression.  

After you had chewed him out for tagging you in a particularly awful snapchat he had screenshotted, Bucky always checked before posting pictures of you.

“I didn’t realize I had it until I was going through them this morning. I can take it down if you want,” he offered sincerely but unenthusiastically.

It made you happy that he wasn’t keen on removing such a couple-y photo of you.

“No, no, leave it up,” you answered quickly. “I love it.”

“Me too,” he beamed at you. “It was a lot better than the pictures we posed for. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s us so we look great but they were a little bland.”

“I wish we knew the name of the man who took the picture.”

“I think he said it was Stanley.”

Tag list: @bexboo616, @shitty-imagines-95, @spookyscaryscully, @chamongangae

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this! I really liked the idea of Bucky and Steve doing social media and this happened. Tags are open and feedback is lovely. 

Part 5 

Beyond a reasonable doubt

My response to recent fandom meltdowns. What would Mulder and Scully do? Slightly not safe for work. 

Mulder was propped up on his left arm, his mobile in his right hand, the bed sheets tangled around his legs. Scully took a moment to admire the ripple of muscles in his arms and chest as he scrolled.

           “What are you looking at Mulder?”

           “There’s been a drama unfolding on Tumblr.”

           “About Trump?” She untied the belt on her robe and hung it over the chair next to her side.

           “No, about that actress Gillian Anderson.”

           She sat on the bed. “Who?”

           He looked at her with a lazy grin. “The one who played Stella Gibson in The Fall.”

           Recognition flickered across her eyes and she hummed a little. “Ah, yes. Those silk blouses and pencil skirts. Those legs. That impeccable British accent.” She licked her lips and closed her eyes for a moment.

           Mulder chuckled. “You know there’s no such thing as a British accent, don’t you Scully?”


           “There are around 60 accents in the British Isles. Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson speaks with a southern English accent. Plummy.”

           Scully let herself slide further down the bed and turned to face him. “Like Phoebe Green, you mean?” She did her best ‘home counties’ accent and waited for him to bite. He rewarded her with an eye roll and a quiet ‘hmph’. “Can I see?” She took the phone. “So what’s the issue? Why is this picture a big deal? She looks happy.”

           “Yep. She does. But it’s who she looks happy next to that’s creating the blow-up.” He tapped the screen. The image enlarged.

           “Who is it?”

           “His name is Peter Morgan and he’s a screenwriter. We watched his most recent show, The Crown.”

           Scully peered at the phone. “Is that the one with Queen Victoria?”

           “No, that was Victoria. The Crown is the one about the early days of Queen Elizabeth II. Remember?”

           “Oh yes, that was great. A young woman thrust into the patriarchy, daring to have her own opinions and having to put up with a partner whose attention span was akin to a five-year-old and whose loyalty was sometimes dubious. Tough woman.” She gave him back the phone. “So what’s the fuss? And why are you on Tumblr, Mulder?”

           He put the mobile on his bedside drawer. “The fuss is that she has been linked to David Duchovny, the actor from Californication, for quite some time. And the fandom is in meltdown that she is now apparently seeing this Peter Morgan. It’s goodbye Gillovny and hello Gilligan.”

           Scully shook her head. “So the poor woman is reduced to a celebrity match name instead of being recognised for the talented actor that she is. It’s disgraceful. Imagine if we were given a couple name? How demeaning would that be?”

           “Would we be Sculder or Mully?” he asked, watching the strap of her nightgown slip down her shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss there. She turned and stroked his head, chuffing out a soft laugh.

           “And was she ever confirmed to be dating that Duchovny guy? I mean, he’s pretty hot, but do we really know anything about him? He might be conceited or arrogant or unfaithful or boring. Although, I did read his books and they were funny and sweet,” she let Mulder continue his ministrations. “And this Peter guy might be plain in comparison but he might be super intelligent, witty, charming. Women are turned on by all sorts of different things – emotional, intellectual and physical traits. It’s sometimes a slow and subtle burn that worms its way through your entire system until one day you look up and realist that this ordinary person you’ve known for a while is actually the love of your life.”

Mulder stopped kissing her arm and looked up at her. “Ordinary?”

“I’m not necessarily talking about you, Mulder. Carry on.” He did. “And how do any of these people on Tumblr know anything about these celebrities? They must spend half their day consumed with what famous people are doing instead of living their own lives, or loving their partners or children, or creating things, or helping others.”

           Mulder kissed down her arm to her elbow and licked the soft skin at the inside. She let out a slight moan. That sound did things to him.

“I know, right?” His teen girl impersonation made her giggle and he listened to that wonderful sound before licking again.

“Mulder, that’s really good, but I still want to know why you’re on Tumblr?”

“I’ve got an account.” He moved down her arm to her wrist and pressed his full lips to her papery skin there. That always got a reaction. She squirmed and he put his other hand over her abdomen, lightly stroking the silky material of her gown.

“What?” she pushed his hand away.

He pulled back and frowned. “Yeah, and this shit goes down and it’s terrible. People have actually sent death threats to the children of some of the bloggers. Anonymously, of course. But that’s scary.”

Scully looked at him, quirking an eyebrow. “It is. But since when did you get a Tumblr account, Mulder?”

“And who’s the real victim here, Scully? The celebrities, the bloggers who are being harassed, their children who don’t even know about the shitstorm, the rest of us watching it going down consumed by second-hand anxiety about people we don’t even really know?”

“You’re always on the side of the victim, Mulder, but this isn’t real life.”

“It’s somebody’s real life. It’s the real life of the mother whose child’s life was threatened.”

She sighed. “I know. It’s terrible. But when did you get a Tumblr account?”

“I set it up a while ago. I don’t have many followers but I like to see what’s going on so I look at my feed and go onto some of my favorite sites.”

She looked at him, tucking her chin to her chest. “What’s your blog called?”

“But Aliens.”

“Butt Aliens?”

He looked hurt. “You’re saying it wrong, Scully. But Aliens. It’s a blog about other the possibilities of life forms, space travel, conspiracies, UFO sightings. I just need more followers, you know?”

“I can imagine.”

“You sound a bit judgy, Scully.”

“No, I just don’t see what you’re trying to prove by being on a social media site like that.”

He climbed on top of her, pulled off her gown and grinned. “Right now, I’m trying to prove to you that people on the internet are crazy, and I think I’ve just about covered off on that. And next up I am about to prove that I’m also crazy in love with you. So, if you’ll just stop that brain of yours from disapproving of my downtime habits and let me proceed, I think you’ll find that my case is sound beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“There are some downtime habits of yours that I do approve of, Mulder.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, then pushed it down to her chest. He obliged and took a nipple between his teeth, enjoying her sharp hiss. He took his time, working her up to a crescendo of moans before trailing his tongue down her belly and finding the right spot with the sort of precision borne out of years of practice.

The morning sun cast a silvery shadow across their room. He breathed in the musky smell of their night’s pleasure and he picked up his phone.

           “Whoa, Scully! I’ve picked up lots more followers overnight.”

           She turned over and grumbled. “Don’t tell me you posted a photo of us together with the caption ‘Sculder confirmed.’?”

           He grinned into the side of her neck. “No, weird porn wins the internet again. I changed the name of my blog to Butt Aliens.”

The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

Read it on Ao3

Or Here:

It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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Monotony - Prologue (Jungkook ver.)

Originally posted by ofzico

Prologue - Hyungwon ver. | Prologue - Jungkook ver. | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Alternate Ending I | Alternate Ending II

Genre: angst, smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Hyungwon x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: You’re bored, so you decide to break up with your boyfriend so that you can live the single life once again. But you quickly realize that it’s not worth it.

Two years ago…

Hyungwon was gone. It wasn’t that bad at first. He still called you and texted you when he could. But after about two months, the calls and texts stopped coming. And you didn’t want to come across as desperate. So you didn’t reach out to him even though you could’ve. He wouldn’t have rejected you.

He called you on FaceTime when he got to Chicago. He said, “Don’t be too upset. We can always get back together when I come back, you know. We can pick up where we left off…”

And you said, “I’ll wait for you.”

“Will you?”

You nodded confidently. “I definitely will.”

“You don’t have to do that, you know.”

“I know.”

“We’ll see, right?”


You met Jungkook through your roommate. He was someone she had a group project with. They became friends, kind of like how you and Hyungwon did.

You met him the next fall semester, in the cafeteria. You were having lunch with your roommate when she called an unfamiliar boy over. He looked young, a doe-like gaze in his eyes.

“Are you meeting your friends?” your roommate, Lina, asked.

He shook his head. “Nah. They’re all in class now.”

She tapped the table. “Why don’t you sit with us so you don’t have to eat by yourself?” He nodded and sat next to Lina, on the other side of the table. “Y/N, this is Jungkook. He’s in my communications class. We have this group project coming up.”

“Nice to meet you, Jungkook.”

And that’s when things changed. Jungkook started hanging out with you more. He slowly made his way into your group of friends, coming out with you on weekends, hanging out around campus and such.

One day when you were out for drinks and dinner with some friends, Jungkook showed up unexpectedly. Turns out Lina had invited him earlier in the week but he declined, saying that he had other plans. But apparently they got cancelled and, well, here he was. The group ordered a few dishes to share and a couple bottles of soju to start the night off right.

You excused yourself to the bathroom, Lina tagging along to go to the bathroom as well. She started touching up her makeup while you were in the stall.

She said, “So Jungkook told me something the other day.”

“What?” you asked, flushing the toilet and heading over to the sink next to her.

She smirked. “He likes you.”

You raised your eyebrows, running the water. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yeah. You never notice him staring at you?”

You shook your head. “Uh, I guess not.”

“So what do you think of him?”

“He’s okay. He’s cute, I guess.”

Lina rolled her eyes and turned to you. “That’s it? I’m trying to get something going here.”

“I don’t want to date right now.”

“Is it because of Hyungwon? Come on, Y/N. He’s a million miles away in Chicago. And he’s single, tall, and good-looking. He can’t just be there doing nothing. It’s been two months already. He’s probably already moved on.”

You thought about it. Hyungwon wouldn’t lie to you. You spoke to him every now and then. He didn’t call you as often as he used to, but you were grateful for any form of communication you had with him. You didn’t complain about it. He was studying abroad, having a good time. You didn’t want to become the clingy girl who asked a million questions.

“That doesn’t mean that I have to move on right this second.”

Lina shrugged. “You’re right. I just thought I should let you know that he likes you.”

You nodded. “Let’s just get back.”

That night at dinner, you started to notice how often Jungkook would look over at you. And when your eyes met, he’d play it off and smile at you. He was one of those guys that was typically outgoing but shy around people he didn’t know or, in your case, around people he liked.

A couple weeks later, your heart broke. You were scrolling on Instagram one day and saw your ex-boyfriend in a picture with another girl. The caption read, “It’s always a good time with you.” And he even put a heart next to it. Your heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces. Everything changed. First, you felt heartbroken. But then your sadness shifted into anger. Why did he say all of those things to you if he didn’t mean it? Why did he even suggest getting back together later on if he was only going to start seeing some other girls?

It would be different if he didn’t post it on social media. He put it there, for you and for everyone else to see. Did he forget that you followed each other? Did he want you to see? Was he trying to prove something? No, you thought. He wasn’t that kind of person.

Who was this girl? Was he dating her? Was she just some girl? Was she from his school or did he meet her somewhere else? You had no answers to these questions. You wanted to pick up your phone and text him right now. But you hadn’t even spoken to him in over a week, maybe two. He’d been slowly drifting away from you and, clearly, this girl was the reason why.

You examined the picture. They were sitting side by side in a restaurant booth. They must’ve been on a breakfast date or something since it was morning there. Or was it a photo that was already saved in his camera roll? His arm was around her and she was smiling widely, lips painted a dark red. She seemed to wear a good amount of makeup and from what you could see, she was probably curvier than you were. Was this the kind of girl he was into now? It made you feel insecure.

To make matters worse, he tagged her in the picture. You clicked on her profile. According to her bio, her name was Jocelyn Lopez. And she did go to the same school as Hyungwon. And she seemed to be a year younger than him. But that was all the information you gathered since her profile was private.

You tossed your phone down, leaving it on the bed. The phone was the least of your problems, you thought, as you headed toward the convenience store. You needed a drink or several. You were so tuned into your thoughts that you didn’t even hear your name being called. It wasn’t until Jungkook was walking at your side that you realized that he’d been calling you. You stopped, turning to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “I was calling you but you didn’t answer.”

“Ah, sorry.” You shook your head. “I’ve been in a whole other world…”

“Where are you going?”

“To get soju.”

“Are you drinking with Lina? I thought she left for the weekend.”

You shook your head. “No I’m not drinking with her. And yeah, she left this weekend. I’m just going to drink by myself.”

Jungkook frowned. “What? Why?”

You pushed your hair back in frustration. “I’m just…Never mind. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll, uh, see you later.”

You started to walk away, until Jungkook grabbed onto your arm to stop you. He said, “You shouldn’t drink by yourself. How about you drink with me instead?”

You shrugged. “Sure. Come on.”

And you headed to the convenience store with him, grabbing four bottles of soju. Two for you and two for him. You declined his offer to pay for the drinks so he bought a bunch of snacks instead because he wasn’t sure if you’d eaten and he didn’t want you to throw up.

It had been a complete coincidence running into you on campus. He’d just come from shopping with his friends and he saw you walking. You looked so lost and sad. He wanted to comfort you and be there for you, whatever it is you were going through.

He liked you. It was hard not to. You were so down to earth and kind and creative. It was fun to be around you and he enjoyed every minute he spent with you. He never really spent time with you alone and he supposed that this was a good opportunity.

As you walked out of the store, bags full of snacks and soju, you said, “Let’s not go back to my dorm. I don’t wanna go back there right now.” You weren’t ready to go back to your phone. You didn’t want to be in your room to think of Hyungwon and the nights spent watching movies and cuddling last year. Instead, you wanted to be somewhere else enjoying the drinks with Jungkook.

“We can go to my place. I live with my brother but he doesn’t care if I have friends over. I’ll walk you back later.”

You nodded. “Lead the way.”

And with that, he shot you a toothy smile. He had a nice smile. His lips were small but they had a beautiful shape. His smile even made you smile. Jungkook really was handsome. You never really looked at anyone younger than you but you found yourself stealing glances at him when he wasn’t looking.

Maybe Lina was right. Maybe you should give Jungkook a chance. You weren’t sure if he knew that you knew how he felt about you. But maybe you should consider him. If Hyungwon wanted to move on, so could you. Right?

You arrived at Jungkook’s building in a few minutes. He didn’t live very far from campus. He led you up the stairs and to the third floor. He opened the door, letting you inside first.

Flipping on the light switch, he said, “I guess he’s not here. He’s probably out with his girlfriend.”

Jungkook put the bottles of soju and the snacks on the table. He grabbed two small shot glasses from the cabinet and set them on the table. You were first to open a bottle, pouring the liquid into the glasses yourself. You took the shot before Jungkook could sit down.

He sat down at the table across from you. “You seem stressed out.”

You started pouring your second shot. The alcohol needed to hit you. And fast. “It’s been a rough day.”

He nodded, taking his shot. He was curious as to what happened but he didn’t want to upset you more than you already were. He wondered what or who could’ve upset you so much that you needed a drink to get you through the night.

You drank. You took one more shot. Then another.

You talked to Jungkook while you drank. He drank with you, asking no questions. The house was silent. His brother seemed to be out and there was no background noise. There was no music playing. No television on in the background. No cellphone notifications from Jungkook’s phone. There was just the pouring of soju and the setting of the glasses on the table.

Jungkook eventually brought the snacks over, a bag of seaweed and a sweet bread snack that you ate fairly often enough for Jungkook to know that you liked it. Eventually he stumbled into the kitchen to make ramen too. You shared it, eating straight out of the pot.

“Can I tell you something?” Jungkook asked.

“Yeah,” you said, stirring the remaining noodles around in the pot with your chopsticks.

“I like you.”

“I know.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “You do?”

You nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

“I was going to ask if you wanted to go see a movie together sometime but now I’m not sure if I should…”

“I just…I’m not over my ex. I don’t think I’m ready to date.”

He nodded. “I understand.”

“But maybe I should move on. He seems to have moved on these days…”

“Did something happen?”

“He posted a picture with this girl. I saw it. That’s why I’m upset.”

You picked up the bottle of soju and raised it to your lips. But Jungkook took it away from your grasp. “I don’t think you should drink more.”

You didn’t argue with him. The alcohol was really starting to get to you. You nodded. “Actually I should go back home.” You stood up from the table and nearly fell over.

Jungkook rushed to you to help you get your balance. He held you by your arm, holding you steady. He was pretty tipsy too but he knew that he wasn’t on your level.

“I’ll take you,” he said.

You shook your head. “Nah. I can go myself.”

Jungkook sighed. “It’s one in the morning. I’m not letting you leave here by yourself.”

“Fine.” You started digging through your bag and realized that there was a problem. Your keys definitely weren’t in the bag. And Lina wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. And you weren’t trying to get charged extra money to have an RA let you into your room. Odds are, the RA was still awake. But the last thing you wanted was to piss her off.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, voice laced with concern.

“I left my key in my room…”

Before you could even ask, he said, “Stay here. I don’t mind…”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded. “You can sleep in my bed. I’ll sleep on the couch. My room is a little messy so don’t laugh.”

“I won’t,” you said, giggling.

Jungkook lead you toward the back of the apartment, to his bedroom. He flipped on the light switch. He was right. There was a mess, mostly the huge pile of shirts on his bed. And the pants all over the floor.

“You couldn’t decide on an outfit?” you asked as he grabbed the clothes and piled them on top of his desk.

Jungkook smiled and said, “I guess you can say that. You can lay down now. Do you want something to sleep in?” You nodded and he rummaged through his drawers for a moment before he pulled out a T-shirt. He handed it to you and left the room while you changed.

His heart raced while he paced back and forth outside of the door. You were here, in his house, and about to spend the night. Sure, you weren’t going to be sleeping in the same bed but you were in his house, in his room, and soon his bed. He could hardly handle it. His thoughts washed around in his mind, back and forth. He was starting to feel the alcohol now, more than before.

You came out of the room, in his old shirt, and flipped your hair. “How do I look?”


Then you did the unthinkable. You walked over and you kissed him. You needed to feel something so you kissed him. You kissed him because you already knew how he felt about you and he wouldn’t reject you. Maybe you were using him to forget about Hyungwon and what you saw earlier. Either way, you kissed him and he kissed back.

As his fingers tangled into your hair and you pulled him closer, he realized that this was wrong. He didn’t want his first kiss with you to be like this. He wanted to take you on a date and kiss you properly. But here he was, kissing you when you were both intoxicated. He pulled away, before things could start getting heated.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, needing his lips on yours.

He shook his head. “It’s nothing. I just–we should do this when we’re sober. Kiss me in the morning when you’re sober. Okay?” You nodded, planting a small peck on his lips. “Get some sleep.”

You said, “Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

“Yeah,” he said.

You took his hand in yours, pulling him into the bedroom. And you got in Jungkook’s bed, leaving room for him to slide in next to you. He held you, wrapping his arms around you. And, soon enough you were asleep, your fingers intertwined with his.

Six Feet - Sidemen & ChrisMD

I was finally going to be meeting the sidemen and I couldn’t be more excited! I was attending their second upload event and this time I had made sure I had enough for VIP. I had been queueing for about 20 minutes until I could hear the guys inside and I was really getting excited to see them.

After we had had our picture taken on the sofa I made sure I gave everyone a hug before I left as I probably wouldn’t get the chance again.

“Hey, someone who is actually my height!” Simon said as he put up his inviting arms. I smiled, knowing how often we both probably got comments about our height.

“Nah you’re sooo tall compared to me, waaay taller in person, I expected you to be shorter,” I said with sarcasm evident in my voice. He giggled as I went on to hug the rest of them. I had a short chat with most of them about how the event was going and upcoming videos, Josh even asked me about my university work:

“I like your bag, the artwork is really nice”

“Thanks! It’s my own actually, uni lectures can get boring sometimes”

“Fair enough, what are you studying?”

“Fashion and textiles”

“I wish I had some artistic skills”

“Trust me you’re not the worst in this room” as far as I could tell from some of their draw with your friends videos

“Well, I’m sure that you’re the best here!”

“Thank you” I nearly walked away but Josh continued the conversation

“What kind of stuff do you have to do for a fashion course?”

“It’s mostly practical, but then there are essays on designers and certain pieces along with presentations every now and then”

“You enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I’m finding it really interesting and fun at times. The course at UEL is really good, quite hard though.”


“Oh, University of East London” As I looked around the room I saw the next few people coming in and decided that I should probably leave. “Hope I get to speak to you again sometime” I leant in for one last hug before leaving.

“Wait!” I turned around to see josh standing right in front of me “I didn’t get your name”

“It’s Y/N”

“Well, I’ll see you round Y/N” I left feeling on top of the world, I knew Josh was probably just being nice but he really felt genuinely interested in me and I felt a little nervous and giddy. I walked around the event a few more times and bought some merch, I didn’t really have any interest in playing games by myself so I spent most of my day at panels, there was one more person I wanted to meet though…

I waited and waited in the queue to meet Chris and it felt like forever but I was finally by the little booth where pictures were being taken. When it got to my turn I walked in and went for a hug. “You are so tall”

“And you are so short!” We took a selfie on my phone and then faced the main camera for our photo. He put his arm around my waist and I leant my arm on his shoulder which I soon regretted once seeing the photo. I looked obscenely tall compared to Chris and I wasn’t happy about it, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I went home soon after my posing with Chris, on the train journey, I looked through the few photos I had taken in the day, deciding whether to post them on twitter. I ended up posting the photos of me and the sidemen, me and Chris and also a couple of arty shots I had taken in the panels. I posted them and thought nothing of it as I turned off 4G on my phone.

Once I got home to my flat I took off my shoes and changed into some comfier clothes before collapsing onto my bed. It. Felt. Like. Heaven. After having spent the day on my feet, feeling nervous and excited I was shattered and my bed was the only place I wanted to be. I picked up my phone for the first time since the train earlier to see a surprising response from my photos. The number or RTs and likes were more than I had ever had before. Confused as to why this was, I opened up twitter and scrolled through my notifications.



Chris had posted the photo on his account. Wait, what?? Let me just repeat that. Christopher Michael Dixon had tweeted me. He had taken a screenshot of my photo and posted it with the caption: Well… This is humiliating @Y/T/N

I giggled at the photo of us and some of the jokes people had sent in, realising that no one thought I was a freak for being over 6ft. The responses were lovely and I was filled with confidence. Being tall wasn’t so bad after all.


half step and a tumble

Title: half step and a tumble
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Dan doesn’t have a date, and Phil won’t answer his phone. [Read on AO3]
Notes: I started writing this last week when it looked like Dan was going to be in Seattle by himself overnight. Naturally, they screwed me by not even staying apart the full twenty four hours so this is reality based tour fic with a slight AU twist.

They don’t kiss goodbye.

They’ll only be apart for the day. Dan has a flight to catch to Seattle and a date with the Guild Wars offices, which he’s been gleeful about for weeks now. Phil’s staying behind and traveling the more scenic route with the bus so he can work on tour details that need to be finalized before the next round of ticket sales, which he feels decidedly less excitement for. He’s been good about it though, letting Dan ramble excitedly all he wanted and not complaining. (Much.)

They’ll only be apart a day. No time at all, really.

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Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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MBTI types as dreams I had

ENFJ: My grade 10 English class was on a boat trip. Once our casual lessons were done, I went onto the deck of the ship and just lay down on my front, completely naked. Some people walked by and I realized I should probably put on some clothes, so I did. There were two memelord girls sitting on the deck, but when I tried to ask them for their Tumblr URLs, all that came out was “Cracking open. With the. A cold one. Boys. I can’t sentence structure.” After the trip, my entire city was taken over by like… Reese’s or Hershey’s or Skittles or something like that. All the store windows were filled with carnival/circus-themed clothing and candy ads. Is taking over every single store in the city even legal? It was really noisy (even in my house you could hear the event) and I was freaking out, so I tried to call my grandparents to take me to their home in the suburbs, but they weren’t home, so I tried to walk. Weird guard people kept stopping me and forcing me to play this “clone game” where you just make weird hand symbols at each other. I didn’t even know how to play, but I knew I lost. 

ENFP: I was a grade older than I really was and everyone in my entire school dressed either goth or Hawaiian. Instead of desks, all lessons were held on a gigantic bean bag. A really cool kid I admired sat on a chandelier, though. My friends walked by and asked if I had heard of the “monkey man”, and I had not. Then a teacher (who was dressed neither goth nor Hawaiian) told me to go to Starbucks and buy him a coffee, but I had to pass the gym in order to get to the school doors and I heard weird bongo music coming from the gym. When I looked inside, there was a 7-foot-tall man dancing with a banana cane. He saw me and chased me back into my class, where I climbed onto the chandelier to avoid him, but the cool kid fell off and the monkey man grabbed her. I jumped off the chandelier and charged at the monkey man, causing him to release the girl, fall back and break the window. I think he fell to his death.

ENTJ: There was a school wolf cult with kids who dressed up like emo wolves and ran in the forest arrogantly. This one girl, who was inexplicably as fast as a real wolf, sat on rocks and yelled/argued with everyone, even people who complimented her. When she seemed sad, I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she told me to f*ck off because I was pathetic and stupid.  My teacher said that this girl was actually quite weak, despite her bragging, and had feet like a mouse.

ENTP: My dad was reading a book about a weird tree, and then suddenly my family was standing in front of the tree. It started producing a bunch of green slime and a wind vortex that sucked us into it. Inside, there was a girl around my age and her parents, who told us that we were safe with them. My parents started making small talk, while the girl and my sister went to a back room and started breakdancing to a self-playing mini piano. I decided to go upstairs, but there were only two staircases: One was filled with animatronics, and the other was made out of gigantic kid scissors. I chose the latter, because animatronics freak me out, but apparently the scissor stairs were ill-advisable. I started to climb the stairs so I could find a way out of the tree, but I looked out the window and it was floating upwards into space. Then my family and I suddenly appeared outside a McDonald’s.

ESFJ: I had a third sister who was more spoiled than anyone else in my family. She was having a Monster High-themed birthday party, and I was just sitting on the stairs with my other sister. Suddenly witches started flying past the window, so I hid and said “The evil is coming! THE EVIL I S  C O M I N G !” Then the doorbell rang and some random teenage dude turned up, and was immediately invited in by the third sister. He sat on a chair, and just as I was getting used to him, he turned around and suddenly was a vampire. I got really scared but the sister just said “Nice costume!”. After a while, she got bored of the party and made everyone go to an ice rink. We were all forced to perform a skating routine, except I couldn’t skate and had severe stage fright. Just when my turn was coming up, my classmate broke through the ceiling, sending glass flying everywhere, and started breakdancing on the ice rink. He distracted everyone so I could leave the rink, but then my third sister appeared and told me to go to the spa. I was just waiting in line for a hot tub (yes, there was a line), but then Francis from The Fairly OddParents appeared and held me down, trying to drown me. I got saved by Vicky, though, and the minute I thanked her she said it was just so she could drown me herself. I managed to break free of her grip and run out of the hot tub, but outside the spa a bunch of cops surrounded me, guns pointed at my head. One of the guns shot gum, but the rest shot bullets. The third sister grabbed me and saved me, though.

ESFP: I was in a car and desperately looking for conch shells (?) and then I almost screamed because I couldn’t find any. Then suddenly whoever was driving me (I forget who it was) opened a box filled with like 7 conchs of varying colours and sizes and I just went “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”. Then I got out of the car, which was parked near a crazy greenhouse with gigantic purple plants, and I started blowing on on the conch shells like trumpets for no reason. I started hugging the crazy plants. Later on, there was a terrible street protest full of Trump supporters. They had these weird spray cans of brightly-coloured gas that somehow was slightly bad for the health of black people and females, but not white males. Two black girls were trying to get through the crowd when someone threw a spray can at them. The girls just smiled though, and put on golden masquerade masks that somehow protected them? They then ran into my school’s auditorium and suddenly looked like anime characters. They had a concert and were doing that weird cat girl dance. Some people next to me asked if I was going to play an instrument or do backup dancing on the stage, to which I yelled no because even the idea appalled me. Some people stole the Trump protest signs and changed them to say “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “EQUALITY FOR ALL”. Then biodegradable confetti fell and everyone got free candy.

ESTJ: I was at an indoor amusement park, which was surprisingly well spaced-out and quiet. The lights were kind of dim and there were lots of plants. It was actually a tent, but it was somehow air conditioned. I was just getting used to it when a couple walked over to the roller coaster. The girlfriend (who was dressed from head to toe in cultural appropriation) got on and said something to her boyfriend. Then he got on, too. The roller coaster started, and I was really concerned because they were both lying down and not wearing seatbelts. I tried to say something to them, but they ignored me and started taking off their clothes. I left the tent just as they started to do That Thing. I did not need to see that. I just relaxed outside and ate some ice cream. Then a caption appeared in the sky that said “40 years later…”. The couple left the tent. They’d been mating on a moving roller coaster for FORTY YEARS.

ESTP: I was being bullied by the class I had in grade 9, so I tried to brag to them by saying “You fools! I know at least 7 dance routines!” They responded by laughing because apparently most teenagers knew 15-29 dances, which made me pathetic. Then they chased me in yellow Heelys on the school roof.

INFJ: My mom and I were shopping for clothes at a store, and I took interest in a fluffy mauve sweater and a weird sequined top. Inside the store, a TV was playing a terrible song devoted to Donald Trump, so we left. On the way home, we met Donald Trump and his wife, who was a fat lady named Mary. When I logged into my computer, there was a “Mary app” installed on it. I was scared it might be a virus. I told my dad about it and he opened the app (even though he thought it was a virus, too). It was a pop-up window designed to look like a magazine, with “Mary” written in large, hot pink, slightly cursive letters. There was a picture of Mary on the front, and an index/menu on the bottom right. It looked like something made in 2005. I tried clicking various links from the index. They led to Mary’s biography, a weird image of her dressed up like a sexy cow (if you hovered your mouse over it, suggestive phrases would appear) and photo of Mary and Donald Trump on a pirate ship. My dad said he recognized the pirate ship, because he rode in it as a kid. We drove all the way to the place he grew up, and found a small pirate ship lying in some reeds. We opened the door. It was Bigger On The Inside. There were some weird, glowing, lime-green fish-things that said we were at war with the Trump ship, which then appeared. A bunch of ghost pirates started fighting the Trumps.

INFP: I was going for a walk with a friend-person, talking about various paradoxes. She was going on about how you could be dreaming about a simulation in which you are dreaming about a simulation. I didn’t really care. Then I tripped on grass, and a big patch of grass/dirt fell on me and I nearly got buried alive. I then went to a park, which contained a grassy, chicken wire-surrounded area filled with waterfowl and peacocks. One of the ducks had died, and was emitting smoke for some reason. I shed 3 tears. On the other side of the park, in another chicken-wired area, a bunch of goth-looking kids started pelvic thrusting to loud pop music. It was annoying, so I left. I walked down a street that had a lot of Indian shops, selling things such as naan (I freakin’ love naan) and bright fabrics. Then some random old white man said “those kids at the park were annoying, huh?” I agreed. The only way to leave was through a pawn shop’s hatch/door-thing. At home, I nearly gave birth to a full-sized lizard. At first I was concerned, but I figured that a lizard is better than a child, so whatever. It didn’t even hurt. But the lizard wasn’t ready to be born yet, so it just kinda stayed in my body. Then my dad and I were outside a random house at night. I told my dad that there was a creepy moving lady Halloween decoration in the window, but he said there was something in the way and he could not see it. It was late November. Shouldn’t the decorations be down by now? Two girls ran out of the house, followed by a monster. My dad and I ran, too. For some reason we were having an interactive horror story thing?? Like we were mostly there but also just an audience??? I wondered if my dad or the girls were actually the monster in disguise, which for some reason was a completely original idea no one had ever thought of before. No one believed me, but I was right.

INTJ: There was annoying music playing in my classroom so I left and went into the hallway but there was a Minotaur there. I refused to listen to any more of that obnoxious music though, so I started running away from the Minotaur but I wasn’t fast enough so I started running on my hands with my legs high up in the air like a handstand and somehow that was way faster.

INTP: Everyone was informed about the news: Neptune (or Uranus, or any of the large, blue-coloured planets) was “out of orbit.” I asked why everyone was talking about it, what the big deal was. They said that this is a very rare occurrence, likely to happen every 10 million years or so, and that Neptune was heading closer to the sun. They said that due to its size and the direction of its current path, it was very, very likely to hit Earth and kill pretty much everyone. I panicked a bit, and then asked when it is expected to hit Earth. They said any time after the next 7 years. Could be a decade after, could be a day after. I was able to calm down… a little. Then I suggested that we try to do something about it. They said scientists are working on that. I asked what their plans were. They said they didn’t know, and that the scientists hadn’t really thought of anything. I am no scientist, but I tried to suggest some things anyway, such as using broken satellites and other metals to build a giant cosmic shield, which would then be securely held by jetpacks or something so it could push against Neptune and not hit the Earth on contact. They said that Neptune was moving too fast, and that it would probably just break the shield, and its water could extinguish the jetpacks. So I suggested that we try to divert its orbit somehow.  They said that scientists are trying to do that, but they don’t really have a plan yet, and that I should just stay out of it. That made me kinda angry. Just because I’m not a scientist doesn’t mean I can’t help, and just because Earth will probably get destroyed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. 

ISFJ: My computer got a virus, but the only real change that happened was that there were these little pastel pop-up boxes in the corner that said things like “Hello, little boy. I am your daddy.” or “Little boy, have you watched episode 32 of Naruto yet? It’s really good!” but they’d always call me a little boy, pretend to be my daddy and recommend anime. Also I later went to a small suburban town at night, something very Twilight Zone-y, where Ron Weasley apparently was a murderous and malicious knife-wielding psycho. But then it turned out it was his dad who was the psycho, and for some reason his whole face was covered in stubble. Including his forehead. He kept turning off all the lights and grinning evilly. Then, I learned that in Japan or Korea, I forget which, there were too many marathon runners so they forced some of them to wear ghost costumes and run in those, and it was hard ‘cause they kept tripping on the costume.

ISFP: A friend-person had taught herself a bunch of new languages, and said I could pick 5 to learn, and she would teach me them. After a few hours, I was fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and cat language. She then revealed that she was currently learning a new language… soul language. I asked what the heck that was, and she said it was exactly what it sounded like: speaking with and to the soul. She said it was mostly intuition, which I was quite good at, but if you needed to ask a question to a soul or get it to do something, you were to make a guttural noise in your throat. She demonstrated, and I asked how she even made those inhuman sounds. She just asked me to try it myself. I did, but it was very quiet and often my voice would just silence for a second or two when I couldn’t hit a certain pitch. I asked how I could try this, and she lead me to the bathtub which dad was relaxing in. He didn’t even notice we were there. I made the noises, louder and clearer this time, and waited for a reaction from dad. The sound was not as good as my instructor’s, and it hurt my throat A LOT. To my surprise, my dad sunk deeper into the bath and started moving his limbs weirdly and slowly, as if pulled by invisible strings. I was really shocked and immediately stopped making the sounds, but my dad was still being crazy and his face had sunk into the bath. He was drowning. I asked my friend what to do and she told me to say another sound that she demonstrated, but I pronounced it wrong and just ended up shaking my dad crazily until he was back to normal. He was super confused, and I said I’ll explain later. Then I added “Ew, you’re naked!” and ran out of the washroom to wash my hands in a different washroom. I decided to never do the question-and-control part of soul language again, as it seemed like an evil Satanic ritual to me. I had sinned enough for today.

ISTJ: I read a book called Died by Neil Gaiman, which was about a small alien creature that came to Earth. He saw a poster saying that art isn’t art if there’s more of it than nature (?) and then he killed everyone in sight with nothing but a knife. Everyone except for a dog and his owner that is. He then followed them to their condo, where there were many old people, and decided “They have lived for so long. Long enough.” Then he killed them, too. He taught the dog to do whatever he told it to by giving it treats, but then it lay limp because the alien didn’t know that dogs couldn’t eat chocolate. He then killed the owner, and decided that, in order to repopulate the Earth, he would put the owner lying forward on the sofa and put my cat between his limbs. He cloned this action, and he was happy. There was also a stop-motion movie made of this.

ISTP: There was some sort of thing going on where we were in the halls of a school, and the Batman characters were banding together in groups of 8 who rode on horses or camels with rainbow hammocks attached to the saddles under the horse/camel’s stomach. I thought I knew how to fly but it turned out I was just really tired and upside down. I was running away from the Joker, who had gotten stabbed and needed to go to the hospital, where they planned to arrest him. Our groups of 8 were enemies, and included camels, cops and actors who kept smirking and trying to be attractive and failing. Eventually, Batman put me in a huge car and said the only way to stop this was if the 16 people all were together and not enemies. I was the first passenger, and I tried to escape when Batman played music but he said “at least you’re getting a ride”. I screamed at him and tried to explain my mental illnesses. Also, there were 2 Jokers but one was not actually the Joker?? Like he had brown hair and only wore burgundy and was not a sociopath and the two of us went into a school gym where I jumped up and used monkeybar-esque things on the ceiling with ease and decided to stay there because “the Joker can’t fly”. Then, through a window I saw the Joker and a kid we was trying to assault, and then police went into the gym room we were using so I told them about the Joker. They went to arrest him but said that I couldn’t talk about this anymore or else I would be tried “for being related to or knowing of such crime”.

[Femslash February]: Valentine’s Day

*posts the valentine’s day prompt two weeks after valentine’s day*

this is the last prompt for alyanette though! tomorrow is a new week of prompts with a new femslash pairing. wonder which one it’ll be….? (i actually do not have the answer to this question pretend i’m being clever and secretive)

Day 14: Valentine’s Day (Alyanette)

Words: 1949

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Somewhere in the back of Marinette’s head, she knew she should’ve heard her phone alarm by now. She was supposed to have set it for half an hour so that she’d have enough time to get ready for school and actually make it on time. It certainly felt like half an hour had already passed. Probably time to start getting dressed. 

Or. She could….not do that.

Yeah. That sounded better. 

Alya laughed. “I think you left your phone on Do Not Disturb again. It’s definitely been over half an hour.”

Marinette quieted her with another kiss, smiling when Alya groaned into her mouth at the feel of Marinette’s nails dragging along Alya’s back, pushing her tank top up inch by inch and revealing more warm skin for her fingers to knead into. “Alarm didn’t go off, doesn’t mean we have to get ready,” she muttered against her lips. 

“That….is a very poor argument,” Alya countered. 

“I can give you a better one.” She leaned up and trapped Alya’s bottom lip in between her own, gently biting down until Alya sighed out, growled a curse that Marinette didn’t quite hear, and kissed her back harder. Marinette smiled as she licked along Alya’s lips and moaned when Alya’s tongue slid gently against hers, making her toes curl into the sheets of her bed and grip the backs of Alya’s thighs. She could feel Alya tangling her fingers in her hair and only briefly bemoaned the hard time she was going to have combing out the tangles later. She was about to tell Alya to calm down with it, but then she started shifting and moving her hips against Marinette’s, and all coherent thought had zipped out of her head. She finished kicking her sheets and comforters to the foot of her bed to give them more room while she marveled out how her body was shivering and burning all at the same time. 

Marinette was barely aware of Alya’s cell phone ringing next to the pillows piled around them. Alya scrambled around for it blindly, answered the call, and put the call on speaker phone. Marinette took advantage of Alya’s distraction and started kissing, licking, and nipping down the side of Alya’s neck. She snickered when Alya accidentally let out a moan and shifted away from the slap Alya left on her shoulder. “This better be good.”

You were the one who told me to call you twenty minutes before school started,” Adrien defended over the phone. “I have done that.”

Ugh, school is starting to sound increasingly more unappealing the more the morning goes on.” Alya bit her lip and sighed out her nose when Marinette started leaving small love bites on her collarbone. “Make sure I can cover those up later,” she whispered. 

“No promises,” Marinette smirked. 

Oh my God, are you guys making out?”

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Being Harry’s girlfriend would include:
  • Braiding his hair whenever you pleased
  • Him insisting to return the favor to you but halfway through it he abandons the idea and just puts it into a slightly crooked ponytail
  • “I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to braid better in case our future daughter want me to do her hair while you’re out.”
  • Harry always talking about the future and how he plans on having about 8 kids with you and getting married in Hawaii 
  • Waking up to find him baking cooking at 2 am because he couldn’t sleep
  • “These are so amazing, oh my god.” “That’s only because I used to work in a bakery, dear. Learned everything I know there.”
  • Adopting a kitten together after trying to convince you for a month now
  • Waking up alone and wandering into the kitchen to find him cuddling the lil kitten
  • Him making you help him strategically place things for the perfect instagram photo
  • “Wait, quick help me come up with a witty caption for my new instagram picture.”
  • Forcing you to take selfies with him so that he has a variety of photos to pick from for his background
  • Him trying out new pick up lines on you all the time
  • “Harry, you already got me. You can stop with these atrocious lines.”
  • You having to endure all his jokes but after awhile you get used to them and some of them actually become funny
  • Or just laughing at the awful jokes just to make his proud that he caused that laugh
  • Him literally wanting to eat you out all the time
  • “C'mon just a little taste, dear. Please?” “No, Harry you’ve gOT TO BE ON STAGE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Him pouting because you denied him but obeying you anyways though you were sure he wouldn’t give up the idea
  • Lot of forehead kisses and hand holding in public
  • Stealing each others clothes and getting annoyed that he can fit in your jeans and they somehow look better on him
  • Sharing hair ties since he always loses his and always want his hair in a bun
  • Cuddles all the time
  • Especially on colder nights when Harry doesn’t turn on the heat so that you’re forced to snuggle with him (not that you’d ever deny cuddling him)
  • Asking him what all his tattoos mean and most of his response are along the lines of “I just like mermaids so I figured why not get a tattoo of one.”
  • “But why doesn’t she have a seashell bra on like Ariel does?”
  • “Why does she need a bra?” *suggestive smirking*
  • Him dragging you along with him when he goes back home to visit his family
  • Spending more time with Gemma than him causing him to whine about how he “always knew you liked her better”
  • Harry saying he’s going to make you a extravagant dinner and tells you to dress up for it but you go downstairs to see he made grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • “What do you mean this isn’t fancy? I’ve seen this on some fancy restaurants’ menus.” “Yeah on the kids menu, Harry.”
  • But you both happily eat it while being dressed so fancy because it is pretty good
  • Marathoning Friends on your days off when you’re bored and wanna laugh
  • Going to LA with him and Harry enthusiastically showing you around helping you arrange your stuff in his LA house
  • “Just leave some stuff here babe that way you won’t have to pack so much stuff next time we come down.” “What makes you think I plan on coming back here with you?” “Be nice, you loser. I know you love it when I take you places you’ve never been to. ”


Tom Wilson Imagine - Chapter Eighteen


Fast forward to December, and I’m staring out my bedroom window in the middle of the night. I’m trying to get my mind lost in the stars as my heart aches for Tom, who is now in Toronto for Christmas.

Thanksgiving was easy. It as four days of us being apart… nothing foreign to us. But now it was Christmas break, and I was home in Texas for a month. I left after my finals week, wanting to join my family for our annual winter vacation. But now, almost three weeks later, I was bored in my Auston home, unable to the fathom the thought of sleeping without my Tom by my side.

I clicked the home button on my phone to check the time. 2:33 AM. December 24th. Who wants to be without their significant other on Christmas Eve? Not me. I hadn’t talked to Tom since earlier in the evening when he said he was going out with his brothers. A few hours felt like an eternity, and the brightness of the Texas stars didn’t help my cause.

In the middle of my twelfth episode of Longmire that night, I could feel my phone vibrating from under my pillow. It was Tom.

“Baby.” He started as he heard me pick up.

“I miss you.” I whined.

“You have no idea. Tonight sucked without you. I don’t like going out without having you to show off to everyone.”

“I just wish you weren’t so far away.” I responded.

“Maybe I’m not so far away.” He shot back… I could hear his smile through the phone.

“What do you mean?”

“Just come outside.” He laughed.

“Tom if you’re messing with me right now I swear…” I began as I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to the front door. His silence convinced me of his seriousness, and sure enough, he was standing on the front steps as I opened the door. The moonlight shined off of his face as the stars illuminated his arms. His dark wash jeans and white tshirt complimented his grey beanie… and his pecks that were defined through the fabric.

“Is this a dream?” I asked as I ran and jumped in his arms.

“It’s real, babygirl.” He whispered into my neck as he spun me around. Our lips met for a long and slow kiss after he set me down.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I got lost in his eyes.

“I saw your Snapchat story. Couldn’t take being away from your anymore. Texted your mom and asked if I could come, then told mine that I wouldn’t be home from Christmas.” He explained as he brushed a few strands of my bedhead out of my eyes.

“Wait, what Snapchat story?” I questioned.

“The one of you wearing my shirt?”

“Wait…” I began.

“Did you not mean to post it? I’ll show you.” He said as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and pulled up the photo. It was a picture of me sitting on my bathroom counter with Tom’s Plymouth Whalers tee draping over my body. “I just miss him so much”, was the caption.

“That was meant for Carly!” I exclaimed, throwing my head back. “We were talking about you earlier. I meant to send that to her, not put it on my story. But I’m glad I did if that’s what got you here.”

“If I didn’t see that picture than I would’ve flown here based off of having to spend another night sleeping alone. I almost physically cannot do it.” He laughed as he kissed the top of my head.

“You have no idea.” I answered as I fell back into him, wrapping my arms tightly around his torso and resting my head on his firm chest.

“Oh honey! I’m so glad you made it here safely! Are you hungry or anything?” My mom said as she appeared in the doorway, wearing her bathrobe and slippers.

“Thanks for arranging this, Mom.” I told her, still hanging onto Tom.

“It was all him sweetheart. He is always welcome.” She said, smiling at him.

“I’m okay for now. Thank you for letting me come.” He smiled as he stepped away from me and pulled her in for a hug.

“Of course.” She answered as she rubbed his back. “You kids should get to bed though. It’s late.”

“Okay…” I dragged out, waiting for her to break the ice about where Tom would be sleeping.

“Oh, dad and I said it’s fine if Tom stays in your room. We’re not under the impression that you guys aren’t sleeping together. It’s fine. Just keep it down if you…”

“Okay mom great thanks!” I interrupted, shoving her back into the house.

“Okay goodnight.” She said as she turned and went back upstairs.

“Hear that, Y/N? No screaming when we do it.” Tom joked as he tickled my sides.

“Shut up!” I argued back. “Let’s go.”

Tom grabbed his bags and followed me up the stairs and to my bedroom.

“So, you think you can keep it down?” Tom asked with a laugh as he kicked my bedroom door shut, scooped me up, and carried me over to the bed.

“I think I can manage.” I whispered with a smile as his large body hovered over me on my bed.

“I missed your body.” He murmured as he slid his shirt off of my body, exposing my bare chest and my lace panties. We shared passionate kisses until my hips bucked into his, and he moved his lips to my neck. Biting and sucking gently, he made his way down to my chest, maneuvering his way around each breast as I pulled his hair in pleasure.

“This needs to go.” I said as I tugged at his shirt. He quickly stood up and removed his shirt and pants. I could feel his erection through his boxers as he climbed back on top of me. He hooked one finger underneath the hem of my panties and pulled them down, ripping the fabric. Skipping his digits inside of me, he slammed his hard length into my center and pulsing back and forth, forcing me to spread my legs farther and farther. He pumped in an out of me until we both released into each other, tangling our bodies together as we caught our breath.

“Someone missed me.” I said as I ran my fingers through his sweaty locks.

“You have no idea.”

leather and lace: three

Harry furrowed his eyebrows at Gia sitting beside me, probably just as confused at her sudden domineering nature as she sat forward on her seat and practically puffed out her chest to show how protective she was of me. But he hadn’t focused on her too long, for he shifted his attention back to me and stared at me straight. “I want to, uh – can we talk?”

“She doesn’t want to talk, mister,” Gia said before I had a chance to say anything at all. “Think you should just leave, yeah? C‘mon, turn those pretty little Saint Laurent boots around and be gone!”

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usuk writing 10/10

this is a fill for @red-admiral-lyon – thanks so much for sending in a prompt, much love, and i hope you enjoy this!!!! said prompt was very specific and i don’t want to give it all away right in the beginning for everyone else, so let’s dive in!! :) 

Arthur sighed, walking into the spacious apartment. The keys just barely fit in his pocket considering all the stupid keychains that his idiot boss had attached, but he pushed them inside his jeans anyway. 

His boss had been traveling for “work” for two weeks now. As the CEO’s son, he could surely be doing actual work, such as greeting their investors and partners and so on. But the CEO apparently thought that simply getting his son out of his hair was a better idea. So Alfred had been doing “business” in places like Maldives, the Bahamas, and Ibiza. 

It was more of a vacation for Arthur than anyone else. He still had to work, yes, but conditions were unarguably better now that his annoying[ly handsome] boss wasn’t bothering him every day.

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