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Love without shame. Jared Series. Ch 3.

Authors note:   Sorry it takes a long time. Now I’m back at work it’s hard to find time to write, but I don’t want to stop I just love it too much. (I do not own these pictures all credits go to owners.) 

Warnings: Smut, kink, swears.

Word Count: 1,871

Love without shame. Chapter 3.

If you haven’t read it here’s : CHAPTER 2

Jared woke first “Morning kitten” his hands trailed down my body. Slightly ticking me waking me up. “Good morning Daddy” one of his hands made it’s way in between my legs. I whimpered. “Still wet from last night, dirty girl?” He laid back down and made the sound “Hmm”. He was content. As was I. I rolled over and flung my arms over him. I had a day off today but Jared did not. He had to go soon as he was working on the new album. I needed to get stuff done around my apartment anyway and I was going to his later on and staying overnight. He got dressed and we had breakfast together. We spent a little time on the balcony talking about last nights events. He leaned over the side and I was sat on the little sofa I had. Just looking at his butt. “Enjoying the view? Because I am!” I laughed. He turned around and looked at me then laughed. I stood up to hug him. He pulled me in “I gotta get going” he sighed. “Okay, I’ll be over at yours by 7″ I kissed him and walked him to the door. I started the housework then carried on with my work. I checked my emails and I swear my boss has it out for me, I do everything he asks and it still isn’t enough. He needs me to read and review 4 papers from his clients. They’re all at least 7 pages or more. “ugh I need wine” I sighed loudly to myself. Unfortunately I didn’t have any. Sober reading it was. At two o’clock Jared messaged me saying how boring his meet is. This meeting had nothing or little to nothing to do with the band. He could be using this time wisely. ‘I know what would make it less boring’ I thought to myself. I ran to the bedroom and stripped so I only had panties on. I grabbed my phone and took a picture to send to Jared.

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TFWXReader: With an extra helping of Crowley

Request: AHH ITS MONDAY! Would you mind doing a oneshot where you’re snowed in the bunker and Crowley comes to keep you conpany and y'all end up cuddling and ruffling each others hair and aghhh fluffies please. I love you btw ♡♡♡

Request: Yo, if you feel up to it, could you possibly do a crowley fic where the reader rarely talks, but isn’t shy. She’s really observant because of it, and notices things about people and stuff that others don’t. She notices something about crowley and confronts him about it and he spills the beans about whatever it is. Fluffy please!

Request: Yay! Monday! I love your writing sooo much! Could you do a TFW x reader oneshot where the reader plays the piano, take me to church by hozier and the boys secretly listen then they want to be taught and fluff! Thankies >.<

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If you’ve been bored/tired of all the Ma.K/SF3D stuff I’ve been doing, well you’ll be pleased to know that I got a good quantity of Gunpla on my Japan trip and I’ll be working on Gunpla related projects again (the Origin HG line is amazing!).

Here’s my Zudah Thunderbolt Sector Type, I sculpted the “soft” joints over the kit joints with Epoxy sculpt and I added the requisite fuel tank. The Zudah was already covered in lots of thrusters so it fit the Thunderbolt look quite well. Destroyed colony base made from styrene junk and cork board.

I’ve got a big project in the works that I’m going to be unveiling soon! A little book on combining military modeling techniques with Gunpla/Mecha models! Thanks for your readership of this blog and look forward to it!