i got bored so i made gifs

Imagine dropping by to see Tom at work… & before he saw you he had the saddest look on his face…

You- Hey, Tom!
Tom- Hi hon.
You- Are you alright?
Tom- I am now!

He pulls you lovingly into his arms & whispers into you’re ear

Tom *whispers*- I’m so bored please take me home with you…
You *whisper back*- Right you’ve only got an hour left, I’ll sit in your view and make you laugh. I bet you £40, I will be able to make you laugh.
Tom- It’s a bet!
Director- Right back to work everyone!

You sat just so Tom could see you.

Director- From the 4th page Tom, got it?
Tom- Got it.

You bobbed your head into his plain sight and made the goofiest face. You’d already won the bet. Tom burst into laughter and could not get the smile off of his face

Ethan & Hila - Earthbound Battle

I got bored so I made this. Might make more Earthbound battle things but don’t hold me to that.

Also, sorry for the lack of activity lately. I’m still trying to work some things out in terms of art. Commissions were a fantastic fail, so I’m seeing how else I could be a self-employed artist/animator.

i got bored so i made an animated gif based off of the last few seconds or so of the opening to Kaiba (you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmXqQNKByVg). i love Kaiba and i love Undertale and i had an itch to “animate” of sorts so this happened
i’ll admit, i kind of cheated, as in i abused medibang paint’s symmetry tool fml
it would be neat to animate a whole Undertale video, but i havent 2D animated in forever and all i have is windows movie maker. well thats not true, i have AviUtl but idk how to use it. i guess its time to learn

            ❝ L ι t t l ε shαdoωs m o v ι η g

                                                                    oη thε b ε d r o o m w α l l

              S t α r ι η g αt mε ωhιlε you s l ε ε p

                                                                   Cαη’t you s ε ε thεm αt α l l ?

                         || ₭ A ₭ A S H I | INDIE | ₳ N B U ||

                                       gen. | verses. | art cred. 

I got bored and made a gif :3 hehe, I so cute <3 Happy Trans Day of Visibility! I hope everybody can indulge in a little self love today, and even if it’s difficult, know that there’s 1000s of trans cuties on here that are sending their love your way regardless ^_^