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I really didn’t like BTS Spring Day and Not Today, i think it’s their weakest songs and comback, Spring day was really boring and unmemorable, the MV was pretty but i feel like it had so many artsy stuff in their that the story got tangle up. Not Today is just a complete mess, it feels like a Rejected version of Fire mashed up with 21st Centuary Girls, The MV was just a dance MV so i can’t say that much except it’s editing is really messy. Im really not blaming the boys for that but the company who just triest to milk them as much as possible, i just hope that their next comeback will be a lot better.


and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones

“I think men have got to change an awful lot. I think somehow they still prefer the little woman. They’re just staying way, way behind and so as a rule I think millions of women are very happy to be by themselves, they’re so bored with the whole business of trying to be the little woman, when no such thing really exists anymore. It just simply doesn’t. This world’s gone way beyond it.” - Bette Davis



Double Update!! I guess a (3 hour early) bday present for me for you guys lol. I’ve decided that once summer comes along I will edit this list of parts and make things a lot neater. I hope to also make a cover page of sorts. Probably a full cover page then if I’m really bored a little header for each part hehe. Anyway, omg I was so surprised I got sooo many asks everyone’s comments were so nice //w// I had to make another update

Also for a thanks for 2,400+ followers here’s a little bonus. Just basically how I do all these comic parts (like lil folders) anyway, thanks for always supporting me and reblogging my works ^_^

Actual chaos

Part 32

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What got you into doing edits? You're amazing and such a fabulous being

You sweet Anon, ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ are amazing and fabulous being too. Thanks a lot!! (∗∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕)

Oh my! Ok, I’m going to tell you one of my biggest secrets that I have… 

I was in love with  Legion of Super-Heroes and I was waiting for the 3rd season, but the 3rd season… never came OTZ. Time passed, and Young Justice came out. So yeah, I fell in love again 😂.

One day I was bored and I started to play a little bit in photoshop with some YJ’s screenshots so… Ladies and gentlemen, my first edition: Human Brainiac 5 and Superman X (” °◇° )ー

Yes, I used Dick Grayson to made Brainy design lol and obviously I used Superman to make his clone, Sups X 😂. It was so fun and I was too happy that I started doing more edits

P.S: Who likes Star vs. the Forces of Evil?


got bored at work so i tried my hand at trad art again after i saw a meme… and MAN WOW OH WOW, am i rusty af! :D thankfully, after a lot of unspeakable “maneuvers”, I managed. i think. haha

ps angelface au Smith is my favorite Smith to draw :)  ::  ||twitter||


1989 Polaroids // Commoners to Modern Royals

it was recommended to me in school 2 do a web comic but i don’t think that’s rly feasible for me rn cuz my comics don’t do very well OTL so im hesitant to go that direction where id be spending a lot of time on it

but….humour me as i tell u what i would make it about: it would be 28 moving to candys and her managing all her jobs back and forth from the island while also trying to find her True Calling Job with the most cutest uniform somewhere on the island. candy tags along occasionally as part of a column she now writes 4 the island newspaper highlighting the local businesses (she got bored with the odd editing job and this allows an excuse for them to spend time together) meanwhile……aba falls in love and decides she would like to become a saint (instead of her guardian title now) to protect the one she loves, and decides to shadow bonnie in her dealings w/ the other hog gals, to see if she could make a good fit

“so you basically are just describing the show the simple life, it’s on an island and kinda supernatural. a pig is there” ahhhhh basically……..just a happy calming weekly check in slice of life deal. i know i could use more media like that so i like to think others might as well maybe, if that doesn’t sound too boring haha. itd be fun 4 me at least cuz they just lit live in the island i grew up on so i get to showcase that (i think it’s fun when fict stuff is set in irl existing places sometimes), finally properly introduce my charas/concepts lmao, and of course…….make up tons of cute uniforms :~)


Team Arrow 2046 AU

Green Arrow II aka Connor Hawke (John Diggle, Jr.). Adopted son of John Diggle and Lyla Michaels and biological son of Sandra Hawke.

Black Canary II aka Olivia Dinah Queen. Daughter of Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance.

White Canary II aka Cynthia “Sin” Lance. Adopted daughter of Dinah Laurel Lance.

Harbinger aka Agent Sara Diggle. Daughter of John Diggle and Lyla Michaels and the head of ARGUS.

Speedy III aka Lian Harper. Daughter of Roy Harper and the assassin Cheshire, also adopted daughter of Thea Queen.

Artemis/Tigress II aka Artemis Crock. Daughter of the mercenary Taskmaster and ex-assassin Tigress.

         hey pals ! below the cut are a bunch of gif icons of the beautiful angel nicola peltz that i made for an rp but i personally never got around to using because i lost a lot of muse for her face ! i’ll probably add to the gif hunt to accommodate a wider range of emotions later on if i get bored, but this is what i have now and use as you please. there may be some duplicates, but bear with me. none of these gifs are mine; i just edited them, so credits are due to all the talented gif makers. reblog/like if you found this helpful at all !

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I'm Glad You Did

Request: May I please request a angsty/fluffy/rough-smutty Draco Malfoy x female reader please? I was thinking that the reader was trying to study for a test but Draco kept teasing/bothering her and then she was kinda angry but not really and then when she went to take the test she failed and got really angry/sad because/towards Draco and they end up in a fight and Draco has to make it up to her with ends up in her giving Draco really rough sex with nice fluffy aftercare plz? Thank you!

Pairing: Draco x Ravenclaw!reader

Warnings: smut

A/N: This is literally so fluffy, I don’t think I could make it any fluffier. Also, I solo loci every for the delay, I had a ton of homework, and extra activities as well. A Dan x reader should be coming out soon, but I am so sorry if it takes me longer, I’ve just got a lot going on right now. And don’t worry, I totally edited this! *cough coughnoididntcough cough

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I got bored so I made the HighRollerDnD characters as dragons with the Flight Rising Predict Morphology!

Edit: I added Mark!

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Pride and Prejudice (2005)

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great (????) | favorite | masterpiece

ghllkajkze heres my time to come out and say that… ive never watched the movie entirely.. idk why i stopped watching it halfway though? i think i got bored lol oops x/ but it is soo pretty ?? the cinnamon tography has me Shook! and the soundtrack omg i love it!! and im in love with keira knightley so 

edit: oh yes no i remember why, cause i watched it without subs when i wanted to learn english but wasnt rlly fluent yet so… i didnt get most of the dialogues and stopped so i def need to watch it again!!

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