i got bored of the usual red eyes

Just to give y’all a taste, here’s the first 300ish words of Discards that I wrote tonight.

“How was work?”

Sirius Black folded his lanky body into the passenger seat of the red BMW and pulled the door shut behind him. “It was fine. Quiet for most of the day. Pretty boring.”

“Quiet at the library? Imagine that!” James Potter laughed, pulling away from the curb and into the flow of Seattle traffic.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “I meant quieter than usual. It’s September now. Everyone’s back at school. Speaking of which, how was your day? Did you get all the classes you wanted?”

“Almost,” said James. “I got the last of my core requirements taken care of last semester, but I still have a pretty heavy load. Probably not much time for fun this year.” He sighed regretfully.

“Then it’s probably a good thing you don’t have a girlfriend right now,” Sirius smirked. “You can barely hang onto one when you’re not spouting engineering jargon 24/7. But then again, if you’re not dating anyone, who’s going to remind you when it’s time to change your socks?”

“Hey!” cried James. “How about a little sympathy and support from my only brother? Anyway, I don’t see you dating anyone.”

Sirius shrugged. “I just haven’t met anyone interesting lately.”

James cast him a brief incredulous look as he turned the car onto Yesler Way. “You’re telling me that out of the hundreds of people who pass through the Seattle Central Library every week – smart people, who like to read for fun – there’s not a single one who seems interesting?”

“Even if there was someone, it’s not like I could hit on him while I’m at work. There’s probably a rule about that.”

“‘Him’?” James grinned. “Is this a theoretical 'him’, or an actual flesh-and-blood 'him’ that we’re talking about?”

Sirius scowled. “It’s no one. Just a guy I’ve seen a couple of times.”

anonymous asked:

Hi can I ask for a ship? So I'm 18. I'm 5'2" and skinny. I'm biracial but really pale. I've got dark hair and eyes. I usually wear dark eyeliner and red lipstick. As for personality, I'm very smart and resourceful but somewhat lacking in common sense. I tend to get lost in my head and forget about reality; because of this it takes a lot to keep me interested in other people. I don't pay much attention to rules and will often mess with people or start fights just because I'm bored.

Of course <3

Jason Todd

-You love to fight, and that’s how you met Jason freaking Todd. You had picked a fight with him at a bar that you had no business being in. You got a few punches in before he grabbed you by the hands and pushed you away like a feather. He was impressed by you though, you had promise as a fighter…maybe. For now you both were thrown out for the night which lead to him getting your number. Perhaps for another beat down.

-Jason always laughs at how short you are. He always enjoys seeing you get red with anger when he makes fun of you. Whenever you ask for help on reaching for something, Jason would pretend to be unable to reach it himself, or even put the item higher up.  But he equally enjoyed picking you up bridal style and twirling you around. 

-He knows you’re pretty damn smart, that’s why he allowed you to become his partner in crime while he’s doing Red Hood business. With extra training, your fighting got better and they never expected a small girl to be so deadly. You always corrected Jason’s mistakes and made business better for him. It even earned you both extra money! 

-Jason is afraid you’d lose interest in him. He always tries his best to keep up and keep himself relevant for you. He’s also afraid of being honest about this. You loved Jason, but life was life. However, you’ll make the best of what you two have for as long as you can.