i got bored of revising

Miniminter Imagine

I know I said I would wait until after my exams but I got really bored of revising, thank for reading and tell me what you think :)
Simon and you had been friends since you were 4 years old. Ever since that one time in nursery (pre-school) when he stopped that nasty girl from making fun of your superhero costume you had been joint at the hip. It became a thing that up until you were ten years old you would take turns and wear different superhero costumes, eventually you grew out of that but you never grew out of being best friends. You had always lived right beside Simon so when he first started his YouTube career you were always there beside him to support him. That’s wen you realised that maybe YouTube was what you wanted to do also, so fast forward a few years and you are living in the sidemen house with a bunch of your best friends.
You were just finishing up editing when Simon walked in “hey buttercup you wanna go grab some food? None of the boys are in so it’ll just be us two” Simon gave you a new nickname everytime he spoke to you. “Sure thing Spider-Man just let me get my stuff together and I’ll be right down” you always kept the same nickname for him. Spider-Man was always his persona, it was kinda cute. You were sat in the restaurant which was surprisingly not nandos chatting about general life when the waiter came to collect your orders, Simon ordered a burger. “And for the lovely girlfriend, what can I get you?” Being mistaken for Simons girlfriend happened often, can a boy and a girl never be best friends?! “Oh I’m not his girlfriend but I’ll have the pasta dish” the waiter copied down the orders and teared of an extra piece of paper. “Well in that case, here is my number” and he slid a folded bit of paper close to you. He walked away and you read the paper, it had his number followed up with “call me ;)” Simon grabbed the paper out your hands and ripped it up. “Hey why did you rip it, he was kinda cute!!” “There is no way in hell im letting my best friend go out with that guy, you are way to good for him.” “Simon you say that about every guy I date” “well y/n that’s because it’s true, I have yet to meet someone that is good enough for you” you were starting to think he’s going to say that for the rest of his life. “What if I get married, are you still going to think he’s not good enough” you quizzed, taking a sip of your drink. “Well that’s likely, unless you marry me” you both laughed as you remembered that time when you were at prom and you drunkingly promised each other that by the age of thirty and If you were both still single you would marry each other. Even now, twenty two and sober, you do not regret that sporadic sentence. You finished your meal and headed back to the house. Simon was driving so you were officially in charge of the music, you and Simon had the same music taste, because you grew up almost the same person. So picking songs you could both sing to was always very easy. A slower slightly more serious song came on and the dark sky and rainy weather took your mind into a very deep place. “Hey si?” You softly asked. “Yeah sugarplum?” “If you had to tell someone one thing before you died what would you tell them and why haven’t you done it yet?” “The traffic caused Simon to stop and he looked like he was thinking about it really hard. "I would tell you I loved you, obviously” you smiled, “yeah but you say that to me at least 3 times a day. Wouldn’t you want to tell like Mila kunis you loved her or something” Simon laughed a bit before fidgeting with his hands in his jumper. “No y/n I would tell you I was in love with you and have been since I could ever remember but I was always scared to tell you because I loved you too much and I couldn’t risk not having a friendship with you if you didn’t feel the same” you were shocked and taken aback, there was a pause of silence. Enough time to realise that you did in fact love him, since as long as you can ever remember. You turned to face him and leaned in to kiss your best friend and love of your life. It was the best moment of your life, it felt like your heart was going to beat right out of your body, fireworks were going off in your stomach, a kiss had never felt so right in your life, like the last two pieces of a puzzle joining up. You were interrupted by car horns going off before Simon realised he was holding up a long train of cars. You both laughed as he quickly pressed down the accelerator and you drove happily home, hands intertwined with a permanent smile on both of your faces.