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Not Again...

Title: Not Again…

Paring: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,254 (it was supposed to be a drabble but things happened)

Warnings: awkward boner and a lot of fluff

Prompt: Anon- Can you write one where Dean somehow turns back into a teenager (maybe a witch did it or something). And he has always had a crush on the reader but now that he’s a teenager he can’t control his hormones very well, and he gets like boners at awkward times? Or something along those lines?

A/N: Enjoy!! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx 

Dean awkwardly ran down the hall of the bunker towards the kitchen as he tried to hold his pants up. Something was wrong, something was really really wrong. His clothes were too big, his voice was weird, and he was definitely shorter.

Dean was a teenager again.

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When he hasn't seen you in a long time due to his busy schedule so he's being all clingy (Fluff)

Sooo, I was bored the other night and decided to write something fluffy because I really loved that request an anon gave me :) I hope you guys like it! Please give me feedback being it positive or negative!

  The doorbell rang and you stormed out of the room, impatient to open the front door. It’s been so long since you last spent quality time with your boyfriend, Jay Park. The last few weeks were very tiring for him so he only got time for sleeping and work. That didn’t bother you, though. You understood how important his job was to him so you knew better than to accuse him of neglecting you. He’s showed you so many times how important you were to him and how much he loved you but despite that you couldn’t help but feel lonely sometimes.

 “Heyyy” you said but Jay didn’t let you continue, as he pulled you in for a tight hug. You sighed and wrapped your arms around his neck as he slid his to your waist.

 You two stayed like that for awhile, just embracing each other and smiling at the comfortable feeling of closeness. Jay slowly brought his hands back to your face and cupped it, staring lovingly in your eyes.

 “I missed you. I missed you a lot.” He whispered as he kissed your forehead, your left then right chick and finally his lips met yours. It wasn’t exactly a gentle kiss, it was more rough and needy – his tongue aggressively fighting for dominance with yours, while his hands were still palming your cheeks. You playfully bit on his lower lip as he slid his arm and squeezed your butt. Letting out a small laugh, you pulled away breathless, such as your foreheads were touching.

 You lead him to the couch and he sat there, stretching out his hand to you but you didn’t take it.

 “I was preparing a dinner but didn’t manage to finish it. Please wait for a while until it’s ready so we can have dinner together.” You told him and leaned in to peck him on the lips.

 “You were really excited about this day, weren’t you? You missed me a lot, just admit it, “ Jay teased you and turned on the TV to busy himself with something while you were cooking.

 He was right though. You were never the kind of girl who would display or talk about her feelings often and Jay knew that. It was a bit confusing at first because you never said you loved him or missed him, but he knew that with you, actions spoke louder than words, so he was okay with that. And considering the fact that he was always so busy with his works, saying “I miss you” was completely forbidden in your vocabulary.

 “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, who knows?” you teased him back, earning a chuckle from him. Jay turned off the TV and stood up from the couch. He walked over to you and wrapped arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder.

 “You do know that men find woman who cook incredibly hot, right?” he spoke in a low and husky voice while nibbling on your ear.

 “You know what else is hot? Men who don’t distract their women while they’re cooking.” You said in a serious tone and turned your head to look at him from the side of your eye, letting out a giggle.

 He laughed along while tickling your sides, causing you to squirm in his arms as you were very sensitive to those kind of things.

 “I swear………to god…….let me go” you said breathlessly between the hysterical laughing sounds coming out of your mouth, “you should be thankful I wasn’t holding anything sharp”

  “Won’t you give up cooking for a little and pay attention to me?” Jay rested his head on your shoulder with his cheek touching yours after you calmed down and your breathing returned back to normal. “We have the whole evening ahead of us, I just really miss you.“

 “Actually, everything’s ready” you picked up the two plates of fried eggs you have prepared for both of you and turned around to kiss him. After having him shower your face with butterfly kisses, Jay took one of the plates in order to help you and placed it on the table.

 “With lots of cheese, just as you like it.” You smiled and feed him a sliced piece of the eggs.

 He chewed and after swallowing, he smiled. “It’s perfect. Just like you.”

 Guess you had the most adorable boyfriend after all.

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Hey guys, I am really happy with this fic and I hope you are too :3 This toom me a while to write and it’s the longest one I have done so far.

Prompt: soulmate AU where you see in Black and while untill you touch ur sm, and Dan starts seeing in colour the morning after a huge concert and’s freaking out because he touched his fave band member.

Dan opened his eyes to see a ray of yellow light streaming in from the windows, he knew he should have closed the blinds after the concert last night- wait, Dan was seeing yellow!

Dan sat up within seconds and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked around the room to see various colours illuminating it.

Dan couldn’t believe he was seeing in colour, after 21 years of seeing in black and white. He blinked a couple times to fully take in what was happening. How?Who? As the tiredness slowly drifted from Dan, memories of the night before came flooding back to him.

Dan was standing at the front of the crowd at a concert. Not just any concert though, a Screams in the streets concert, his favourite band of all time. He was ecstatic to be finally seeing them live. Screams in the streets had been his favourite band since his best friend PJ introduced them to him, two years ago.

The melodic tunes coming from the instruments accompanied by the angelic voice filled his ears. Dan had to admit that he formed some-what of a crush on the lead singer, Phil Lester. Phil’s beautiful voice was always there with reassuring lyrics. During the concert, Dan and PJ managed to shove their way to the front. Dan looked up at Phil and was memorized by his beauty. He looked even better in real life.

Phil looked down and locked eyes with Dan. He smirked and winked and Dan swore his heart skipped a beat.

Through out the concert, Dan and Phil kept meeting eyes and every time Dan looked down to hide his blush. Dan swore he almost passed out when Phil touched his hand. A tingling sensation went through Dan’s hand and all the way to his body. 

Dan was leaning against the stage and had his hand held in front of him when Phil bent down and grabbed it.

Dan put his hands to his chest to help slow down his breathing. This couldn’t be possible, could it?

“PJ?” Dan shouted across the flat, waiting from a reply. He picked up his phone to see it was only 9:36 am. He knew PJ wouldn’t be up but this couldn’t wait. Dan pulled his bed covers off and slipped a pair of trackies on before making his way to PJ’s room.

Dan knocked on the door before opening it. He walked over to the bed and sat next to a growing PJ.

“Go away” PJ mumbled, pulling his sheets over his head.

“PJ this is important” Dan said pulling his covers from his head.

“Well it can wait till breakfast-” PJ was cut off by Dan shouting “ I can see in colour!” PJ sat up straight and looked Dan in the eyes.

“What? How? Wait, who?” PJ stuttered.

“Well the thing is we were at a concert. It could have been anyone. But my mum said that when you meet your soulmate you go all tingly. Well that happened last night… when i touched when I touched Phil…” Dan said blushing.

“Wait, you’re telling me that your soulmate is the guy you have drooled over for the past two years? Phil- fucking- Lester! Dude, this is amazing!” PJ exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Yes but Phil Lester is a famous singer. I am just boring Dan Howell. Even though we are soulmates, he doesn’t know me” Dan said sadly.

“Dan, yes Phil is famous but he is your soulmate. He is ment to be your lover for the rest of your life! If you got that tingly feeling, then he would have as well. He doesn’t know who you are but you know who he is. There are ways to contact him” PJ shouted.

“Yeah but how?” Dan asked. He knew he had to contact Phil.

“We will tweet him. I mean, he just started seeing in colour. He is gonna be on the look out for his souldmate, right?” He reached for his laptop. Dan nodded and watched as PJ brought twitter up. He typed something out and turned it around to show him the screen.

@AmazingPhil This is my friend. look familiar? ;)

Dan scrolled down to see the attached image. It was a picture of him from a couple of weeks ago.

“Thanks dude” He said, pulling PJ into a hug. They pulled away when PJ’s laptop made a noise,

@KickthePJ very! seems I can see in colour now!

@AmazingPhil @Danisnotonfire is the one this belongs to.

PJ pressed tweet and smirked at Dan. “You’re welcome” He said before closing his laptop and throwing it to the end of his bed. He lay back down and pulled his covers back over his head. “Now get out” He mumbled. Dan got up and walked back to his room. He picked his phone up as he sat on his bed. Dan turned his phone on the see his notifications that read;

@AmazingPhil followed you.

Message from @AmazingPhil 

Dan smiled to himself as he unlocked his phone. He went strait to his messages.

Hi your friend PJ, is it? tweeted me saying this was where I could contact you :3- P

Dan clicked the reply button and typed.

Hey, Yeah that was him. so… we’re soulmates huh? - D

Within seconds Dan got a reply

Yeah I guess were are. so ur a fan of my music then? ;)- P

Nah, i have no idea who you are ;p no srsly i love ur music! :3- D

Hahaa, would have never of guessed :p- P

yep, u guys guys helped me through a lot really…- D

really? like what? if u dont mind me asking?- P

its fine ur my soulmate after all. uni dropout- D

oh wow. well, im glad to have helped :)- P

Yes u did- D

so Dan would u like to meet for coffee? - P

Dan stared at the message for what felt like hours. Phil. Phil- fucking- Lester wanted to meet up with him.

uh sure. where?- D

today? 1 ish? Starbucks?- P

sure. can’t wait! <3- D

Dan replied only to realise what he had send moments after.

see u there <3 xx

He sighed in relief to see Phil wasn’t freaked out.


Around 12, Dan decided to take a quick shower. After he was done he spent way to long according to PJ, choosing his outfit. Deciding on black skinny jeans and a black tee. Dan straightened his hair and was out the door, walking to Starbucks at 12:48.

When he finally arrived he looked in the window to see a nervous yet attractive Phil. Dan walked slowly over to the door and opened it. He made his way over to Phil and stood behind him.

“Is this seat taken?” Dan asked, laughing when a small squeal came from Phil. He turned around and blushed when he saw it was Dan.

“That was mean” Phil fake pouted. Dan sat down in the seat next to him. He turned his head to look at Phil, almost bumping their heads from how close they were.

“Hi” Dan whispered. 

“HI” Phil smiled back.

5 Years later

Phil was never usually this nervous when it came to preforming, but it’s not like he proposes every time he does. Dan noticed how nervous Phil seemed and gave him a hug. “Don’t look so nervous. You have done this many times before. You’ll be great as always” He said giving Phil a kiss before pulling him towards the stage. “Good luck. I love you!” Dan shouted as Phil walked on stage.

The concerts went by as per usual. After singing the last song, Phil was shaking from nerves. “Before we leave tonight their is something I want to do. Dan will you come out here a sec?” Phil extended his hand and waited as Dan walked onto the stage and took his hand. “ As you all know this is my soulmate Dan. Me and Dan have been together for a long time and I want to be with him forever more. Dan, I love you so fucking much and it would make me the happiest person alive if you would do me the honour in becoming my husband. Will you marry me?” Phil got down on one knee and pulled the small black box from his pocket. 

Dan’s hands flew to his mouth as tears fell from his eyes. He quickly nodded and Phil slipped the black ring onto his finger. He stood up to be tackled in a hug by a crying Dan. “ I love you” Dan sniffed.

“I love you too” Phil smiled.

i know i’m gonna sound like a bitter c@ryler but i’m seriously thinking…

aside from a couple of people being extra af and saying stuff that came out of nowhere because they already shipped c@rzekiel since forever i don’t see reviewers highlighting or mentioning them like at all specially not romantically.

but like i read reviews for the last episode and a couple of others and many did not mention carol at all??? like when she was having an arc with morgan which was boring af and sort of offensive she was still getting attention but not now.

also the scene where they allegedly declared their love for each other when he said she could lead his people got ignored by many reviewers and last night’s “you saved me” also got ignored…even c@bin got more attention.

just an observation i made it just seems like people are not interested. 

i still think on an almost unconscious level people still think she should be with daryl and that’s why they rarely go up for her with other guys or highlight it.

i’m not as think as you drunk i am

tw: alcohol

You and Dan have been dating for three months when he asks you to the party.

You’re just ‘seeing each other’, nothing crazy. No commitment, no labels, no exclusivity. Just casual dating.

It’s still early days but it’s going well so far.

Really, really well.

(Truth be told, you’re falling for him fast and hard and you’re not entirely sure how to stop).

“You look really nice tonight,” Dan says as he picks you up that evening.

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yoonmin pretty please where all of bangtan are in a group chat on their phones?

Today 7:35 PM

taehyung: guys I’m bored :—-(

jungkook: me too :—-(

seokjin: go read a book or something

taehyung: LOLOLOL

taehyung: OHHHKAY

jungkook: LMAO who knew hyung’s got jokes

seokjin: wait what

namjoon: they’re calling you an old hag basically

seokjin: wow. w o w.

seokjin: I make you guys delicious food and this is how you treat me in return? damn shady

hoseok: idk about delicious, hyung….

seokjin: let one more comment about my food slip and I will beat your ass with a broomstick

hoseok: the chicken last night was dry

hoseok: fight me

hoseok: :—)

seokjin: I hate you

Today 8:01 PM

yoongi: hey love do you still have my shirt from last night?

yoongi: oh shit fuck wrong thread

taehyung: HEY LOVE OMG


jungkook: this is BEAUTIFUL

yoongi: I will personally murder you two in your sleep tonight

yoongi: anticipate it

hoseok: r.i.p jungkook and taehyung

hoseok: so glad to not be them lmaooo



seokjin: god why do you even want to know

seokjin: and hoseok PLEASE jungkook is too young to hear about that

jungkook: I’m 17 seokjin stop treating me like a baby G O S H

seokjin: excuse me did you just not use an honorific

jungkook: omg I’m so sorry


yoongi: no we didn’t jfc

namjoon: I don’t believe it

yoongi: my shirt was wet from the rain so I changed into one of his shirts and forgot about getting my shirt when I left his place damn

yoongi: why am I even trying to defend myself around you dumbasses

jungkook: bc we’re your only friends :—-)

yoongi: I hate u all

Today 10:19 PM

jimin: sorry for the late reply hyung but yeah I still have it and am still laughing at how you accidentally picked up my shirt

jimin: thanks for last night… it was amazing ;)

jimin: oh shit oh shit oh SH I T wrong thread

hoseok: jfjadgjkjfhaf YOONGI YOU LIAR

yoongi: dammit jimin!

a/n: Thank you for sending in this prompt! ♡

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choose one circle of hell; you got mundane clairvoyance and be driven bored-insane out of your mind because nothing exciting happens ever because you know nothing will happen because it will now happen again and again OR perpetualized state of death visions while you sleep and all you do is dying ultra-violently & gruesome deaths (e.g 'last night I was a guy who got his legs and arms chopped off and bled out' ) as other people???? Totally not speaking out of experience, that would be crazy :^))

UH;;; for some reason I got real scared like this is predicting my fate pffffff (it’s hecka late) the “circles of saru’s hell”;;;;;
I think I’d choose mundane clairvoyance. death visions sounds like its similar to sleep paralysis and I’ve had horrible experiences with that;; 

Okie so I watched all of the current episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice last night with my mum and oh my god. Anyway I got bored in class today and decided to message my mum and this happened. Actual quote from my mum during episode 5 “Are you sure the fact that they say it’s an ice skating anime isn’t just a cover up so they can make a gay anime, because I’m pretty sure Viktor is just in it for the attention from hot guys like Yuri, cause why else would he move to Japan to coach a man that copied his routine and then take baths with him, suggest that they sleep together and also ask if he wants him to be his boyfriend? I mean doesn’t that just scream I’m a gay Russian man who craves Japanese Yuri?”

Imagine Dean letting you sleep with him when you can’t fall asleep...

It’s almost midnight and I’m really bored so I decided to make a quick cute Dean imagine. Hope you guys like it!!

It was 2am on a Wednesday night in the Men Of Letters bunker, and for some strange reason you could not fall asleep for your life. Maybe you were still a bit antsy from the hunt you just got back from four hours ago, or maybe it was all that chocolate you ate right before you got into bed. But whatever the case it was bugging the crap out of you. You were tossing and turning for the last three and a half hours trying to come up with different ways to fall asleep. You knew counting sheep didn’t work for anything, and you tried to think of your happy place. But you’re a hunter, so you don’t really have a happy place. Maybe all you needed was the presence of someone next to you.

You rolled out of bed grabbing your favorite fluffy white pillow, then ever so quietly made your way towards the door. You gently pulled the door open and began your walk down the hall to Dean’s room. You were a little hesitant at first because you really didn’t want to bother him, and you’re small crush on him didn’t really help either, but then again, it was just Dean, he’s your best friend, he’d understand. And besides, this was a drastic situation.

You carefully opened Dean’s bedroom door and he immediately jumped up making you squeal a bit. You probably should’ve known that being a hunter meant being a light sleeper since he had to be on high alert all the time.

When he realized it was only you he slouched back down and tiredly rubbed his eyes.

“(y/n/n), what are you doing? It’s 2am,” he said checking the clock next to him.

“Sorry, I just can’t fall asleep.”

“Come here,” Dean slid over to the right side of his bed and patted it to let you know to come in, “I think I can fix that.”

You chuckled as you made your way over to his bed and placed your pillow down next to his head. Then you lifted up the covers and climbed in next to him. He wrapped his muscular arm around you, and you positioned yourself so that you were as close to him as possible.

Once you were settled you took a deep breath, “Thanks Dean.”

“Anything for my favorite girl,” he looked at you and smiled.

You couldn’t help but blush when he said that, and being snuggled up next to him while in his embrace was the best feeling in the world.

“Night,” you grinned.

“Night, (y/n/n).” 

Dean placed a soft kiss on the top of your head, and in that moment you immediately fell into a deep sleep.

This was definitely your happy place.
It's a new dawn (part 1)

Hi Guys! I’ve got a new multi-chapter. Before you start to wonder, the title is from the ‘feeling good’ song. I’ve got Michael Bublé’s version in my head but the song is from 1965 so maybe I’ll write it somewhere in one of next chapters. In my head the story is going to be funny but knowing me it’ll end up weird. We’ll see. I just hope I won’t bore you. Let me know what you think :)


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okay so sometime last night i finally hit 300 followers! :D

thank you guys! <3

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anyways, i follow a lot people and it was really hard to narrow down the list to a reasonable number but almost all are exclusively pokemon blogs.

my favorite people:

rarichris and motatopotato for being two of my first tumblr friends. <3

pokemon-global-academy is probably the only reason i ever got any notice at all. thank you for liking all of my work. <3

fancychansey everyone already knows that he’s the arguably the most beautiful heart in the whole fandom, but i think it can never be said enough.~

the-mega-milotic for making my icon and also being generally super awesome and talented~

fujinbotan is one of my few rl friends and her blog is still very new. she just started drawing again and i’m very proud of her for that~

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The Morning After.
  • got bored at work so I started writing this. it turned out reeeeaaaalllyyyy long but I hope you guys like it anyways! ^^

The Morning After.

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t have taken that last shot. Or the last four or five for that matter. You were beyond past your limit at this point. You started to walk, well more like stumble, around to look for Jongin. You could barely hold your head up and you accidentally bumped into someone while you were walking.

Oh. Mm ssssorry”, you slurred as you looked up through squinted eyes.

I don’t think you should drink anymore”, the person said.

They held onto both of your arms tightly, steadying your constant swaying. You could barely make out his face but you recognized his voice immediately. Luckily it was Jongin.

Ah, I wassss jusssst looking for you”, you said as you rested your forehead on his chest.

You hit his arm and laughed. Suddenly being so close to him felt comforting. You shrugged off his grip and hugged him tightly around his waist while nuzzling your cheek against his chest.

Nyoouu feel waaarrrmmm”, you said happily.

Okay, I think it’s time you go home…”, he replied, voice filled with concern as he untangled himself from your grasp.


Jongin gently pulled her off. He looked around and saw Sehun and called out for him.

Sehun!”, he shouted.

Yeah?”, the younger answered as he squeezed his way through the crowd.

What’d you want?

Can you do me a favor and drop her off at home?”, he asked.

Mm, sure but why can’t you do it?

I would but I don’t want to leave my sister here by herself with all these guys”, he said as he looked around.


Jongin gently gave her to Sehun but once she was in Sehun’s arms, she instantly started to shove him away.

No! Don’t touch me!”, she spat, raising her voice.

He watched as Sehun struggled to get her under control. After a few seconds, it didn’t look like that was gonna happen anytime soon.

Just let him take you home okay? Sehun will make sure you get home safely”, Jongin said calmly as he held her hands.

She had her eyes closed but still had a full on pout on her face. Suddenly she jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He stumbled back from the impact.

I’ll only go home if you take me. I don’t wanna go home with him!

This was a total shock to Jongin. He’d never seen her this way before. Matter of fact, this was the first time he’d seen her so drunk. She was so forward, flirty and touchy…

Okay, okay. I’ll take you home, just calm down”, he cooed in her ear softly.

He heard a faint giggle from her as she loosened her grip. He looked around for his sister but couldn’t see her so he made Sehun go look for her. Soon, Sehun was back with his sister in tote.

Hey, I’m sorry but as you can see…”, Jongin started, looking down at his friend.

She’s clearly drunk and needs to go home. Will you be okay here by yourself for a little while?”, he finished.

Yeah, sure. Just make sure you safely get her home and no funny business!”, she warned.

Alright thanks. Matter of fact, stick close to Sehun”, he said.

Sehun, watch her okay? Make sure no guys try to hit on her or anything”.

What? No! I don’t need anyone to look after me! And especially not Sehun!”, she whined, giving Sehun a disgusted look.

Well, I’m sooooorrrrryyyyy”, Sehun said sarcastically.

Please, just do it. For my peace of mind”, Jongin pleaded.

Alright, alright”, she replied eventually giving in, looking at Sehun up and down with discontent.

First she yells at me telling me not to touch her and now your sister. What is it? Let’s all hate and yell at Sehun night?”, the younger boy complained.

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Summary: Calum and [y/n] have been best friends since childhood. When the two come up with the plan for [y/n] and her friends to take a road trip and follow the boys around on their tour things get a bit crazy With Jealousy, Heartbreak, Confusion and Confessions. And it all started because of one drunken night. Some friends are can pick you up some can put you down and some just like to do both…. But hey… Thats What Friends Are For.


Chapter 1.

“That’s what friends are for.”

You lay in bed as those words play in your head over and over.

“That’s what friends are for.”

You cocked your head to the side as you looked at him. He was beautiful. You loved him. 

You slipped out of the bed the two of you were sharing and headed into the bathroom, you turned on the shower and stared at yourself in the mirror as you waited for the water to heat up. The steam was filling the room and your mind was still playing the sad words “That’s what friends are for.” You felt angry, Disappointment in yourself, You felt like an idiot. He was your best friend. And you loved him. More than a  best friend. But he didn’t see you in that way. Calum Hood the big time bass player in one of the biggest bands. The girls loved him and the guys wanted to be him. Calum Hood The heart throb the pantie dropper the lady killer. My bestfriend. My bestfirend that i drunkenly screwed lastnight. You left your thoughts as you jumped at the sudden slam of your hotel room door, A signal telling you that he was gone, Probably confused as to why he was in your room and not his. Maybe he doesn’t remeber anything.. Maybe he does. Maybe just like you he feels disappointed in himself for taking advantage of one of his bestfriends. Maybe it made him feel sick. I mean it’s not like he has feeling for you they way you have feelings for him. You slipped into the shower and sighed at the sudden relief of the wrm water on your sore body, Your mind flashed back to last night and all the crazy shit that happened.

[8 hours earlier]

      “See like i said you can’t take more than 3 of those” You say as take the shot glass from Calums hand.

“Sure i can! Just give me an hour or so and i’ll have all three down.” He slurrs as he grabs his beer from the table.

You sat across from your drunken friend as you scanned the club to find the other guys and your friends from back home.

“Your friend are fine [y/n], The guys will keep an eye on them trust me!” Calum says trying to calm your nerves.

It was summer break and you and your friends decided it would be fun to take a road trip by following Calum and the other guys around on their tour. You had known Calum for as long as you could remember. His family and yours have been friends since both your moms had been in college.

You and your family moved to the states when you were ten but Calums family and yours stayed in touch. You would visit Calum and his family every so often and you guys talked on the phone all the time. You and calum were always so close. The best of friends! 

And this summer You and him came up with the great idea of inviting a few of your friends from school to spend the summer roadtripping and following the guys around part of their tour.

You guys weren’t sure exactly were you were tonight but the boys had the night off and why not have some fun? So you did.

The other boys and your girlfriends hit it off pretty nicely each boy seemed to pick which girl they had dibs on.

Ashton hit it off with your best friend Claudia pretty fast. They were the same age and had a lot of similar interests. And it was pretty clear Claudia had a thing for him too.

Your friend Kylie had a thing for guys who could sing. So it was no suprise when she fell for Luke right away.

Anna, Who you met through Claudia hit it off with Mikey pretty fast. Which was no suprise since they are pretty much the same.

You turned your attention back to the crowd There was no sign of the boys or the girls.

“They’re fine!” Calum yells to you over the music.

“If you haven’t noticed Cal Claudia is my ride.” You say.

“[y/n] They are going to be fine! If worst comes to worst they can get a ride from one of the guys and you can ride back to the hotel with me!” He says trying to reassure you.

You couldn’t help but worry. Thats what you do best, you were always the one to make a big deal out of little things and you always thought up the worst senerios that could happen.

“They could get kidnapped..” You try to say with a serious face. But you end up failing due to Calum rolling his eyes at you. He takes a sip of his beer.

“I highly doubt anyone would try to kidnap teenage girls who are with 6 foot tall guys.” He says.

The night was still young and you were relieved when your friends had come back to the table. The club was becoming a bit boring and after a couple of hours of club hopping you guys became a bit tipsy and things were beginning to go foggy. The last thing you remember was being in bed with Calum doing things you had never thought would happen between the two of you “Thanks for that.” You say in your drunken state not sure of why you said it in the first place and thats when the words came out “That’s what friends are for.” Those words that made you feel sort of sick in a way.

[8 Hours later]

You jumped at the sudden banging on your hotel room door.

You quickly jumped out of the shower and wrapped yourself up in a towel trying your best to not slip on the wood floor with your wet feet. You opened the door to a very tired and hungover looking Claudia and Kylie. 

“Were’s Anna?” You ask as the two of them fall on to the bed with a graon.

“She’s in Mikeys room.” Kylie managed to say through the pillow her face was smashed into.

Another knock came from your door and Kylie and Claudia groaned at the ssudden loud noise.

“Is that really necessary?” Claudia says.

I opened the door as a man dressed nicely walked in to the room with a food cart filled with breakfast foods.

“Goodmornign ladies!” The man says with a smile.

“Some guys down the hall called and told me to bring food to this room.” He adds.

“Food? Yes!” Kylie yells into the pillow before jumping up and rumaging through the food cart.

You laughed and thanked the man as you shut the door behind him as he left.

You quickly got dressed and then joined Kylie and Claud on the balcony for breakfast, Anna had arrived while you got dressed and you sat there eating your fruit bowl as the girls talked about what they did last night.

Anna went on about how her and mikey stayed up and drunkenly played a video game until they both got sidetracked and ended up in a heated kiss but soon after fell asleep on his bed.

kylie said that Luke and her hungout in his room and talked about things, and life and what they planned to do in the future and ended the night by falling asleep on the lounge chairs on lukes hotel balcony as they watched the stars and told eachother lame jokes.

Claudia Smiled the whole way through her story about how her and Ashton got hungry when they got to his room so ashton called up room service and ordered two sundeas for them and Ashton accidentally spilled a littl on Claudia which in turn made Claudia “Accidently”  spill some on Ashton and their night ended with them ruunning around the room throwing icecream at eachother Claudia cooed about how Ashton kissed her and they ended the night falling asleep on Ashtons bed while his phone played his favorite playlist.

“What about you [y/n] Did you and Cal do anything fun?” Cladia asks

“Yeah what did you and your bestie do last night?” Kylie asks as she pops a grape in her mouth.

“We came to my room, talked a little bit and then we got tired and he went to his room and i fell asleep after he left.” You simply say.

That was a good lie. Nice and simple.

“Boring.” Anna said as she kicked her feet up on the table.

You guys laughed at Anna’s remark and continued with your breakfast.

After everyone bathed and got dressed we decided while the boys had to set up for the show tonight we would go site seeing before meeting up at the venue were the boys were.

It was the first show the girls got to see the boys play and they were really excited. Unlike you who have seen countless gigs the boys have done since they started in little bars in sydney.

As the day dragged on and you and the girls hit almost every store you could find you decide to get a bite to eat. As young man walked you guys to your table as you sat down you gave him you drink orders and he left.

“Wow….. Did you not just see that [y/n]?” Kylie says with shock in her voice.

“What?” You ask.

“That waiter was just checking you out…. You really didn’t notice that?” She asks

You look at the young waiter as he walks over with your drinks. He sets them down giving you guys a friendly smile, he takes your food order and heads off again.

“He’s not my type.” You say.

“Oh right! I forgot because your type is an aussie with the name Calum.” Kylie jokingly says.

You shoot her a playful glare making her laugh because she knows how much you hate when people tease you and calum about your friendship.

Ever since you and Calum were little, friends and family would always tell you that one day you and Calum would end up together and you and Calum, Being best friends since childhood thought it was weird to think of each other in that sort of way.

Hints the drama that accord last night.

“Did something happen between you and Calum last night?” Claudia asks.

“What? no!”  You quickly say.

The girls give you concerned looks at your sudden defense over the question.

“I mean… Like what?” I ask.

“I don’t know… Like a fight? An argument? You’ve just been acting strange today and when we brought up Calum this morning you barely said anything. And when Kylie told you that guy was checking you out you didn’t flirt back like you usually do….” Caludia says.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired from last night. I didn’t sleep well.” You say plainly.

After lunch You and the girls decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for the concert tonight.

“Oh my gosh not only do we get to see the boys play live but we also get to see One Direction! I cannot wait to see My man Niall up on that stage!” Claudia says with excitement.

You and the other girls can’t help but laugh as she plays Best Song Ever on her phone and starts dancing on the bed while lip syncing the words to the song.

“You are so crazy! I love it!” Anna yells over the music 

Anna and Claudia dance on the bed while you help Kylie with her hair.

“You sure you’re okay [y/n]?” Kylie asks.

“Fine.” You say with a half hearted smile.

Even though you weren’t in the best mood today and you were a bit worried to see Calum after what had happened you didn’t want to be little miss Debby Downer and ruin the girls night.

After everyone was dressed and ready Claudia recieved a text from Ashton.

“Ash says that they should be on in an hour and we should head over there now.” Claudia says.

You guys grabbed you things and headed down to Claudia’s car. You sat in the front and watched the sunset, as you guys drove to the venue Claudia put on This Is Gospal.

“Listen Bae it’s our song!” She yells over the loud music as she nudges you.

You smile at each other and you couldn’t help but feel a little better even though you were scared to come face to face with Calum you were happy to be with your friends. You just hope they don’t hate you after they find out that you lied about what had happend with you and Calum.

You guys sat at the very top balcony of the venue, there were screaming girls everywhere and you were NOT one of them. Kylie, Claudia and Anna Were unbelievably  excited to see the guys and you just kind of sat there scrolling through your phone when a text from Calum appeared.

“Meet me near the Bathrooms ASAP! xx Calum”

You tucked your phone in your back pocket and told the girls you were going to use the restroom really fast before the boys came on. They nodded and returned back to their conversation.

You headed down the steps and when you made it to the bathrooms There were girls sat around Calum like lost Puppies. Calum noticed And mouthed the word “later” Meaning that he was to busy with fans and the whole travel down the stairs to meet him was a waste of time.

As you made your way back to your seats it was beginning to get dark and a bit chilly, The boys were into 3 songs already and the girls were having a blast.

“Oh my gosh look how amazing Luke looks up there!” Kylie screams to you over the loud music.

“I know look at Michael!” Anna yells as she grasps on to Kylie’s shoulder, You loved seeing how happy and excited they were You just wish you were the same way right now.

As the show ended the girls decided they wanted to see 1D perform but you weren’t in the mood, You told Claudia you were going to get a cab back to the hotel because you weren’t feeling well, She was a bit upset but understood.

The cab ride Back felt long and you were actually getting a bit tired and you couldn’t wait to take a nice shower and head to bed.

When you arrived to the hotel you texted the girls to let them know you made it back safe and that you would see them when they got back.

Moments passed and after your long hot shower you slipped out into the room to get dressed you slipped on a pair of comfortable gym shorts and tank top, You were about to climb into bed when You were startled at the sudden knock on your door. You were a bit confused, you didn’t order room service and everyone else was at the venue…. 

You tiptoed to the door and looked through the peephole to see Calum standing there. You just looked at him through the hole, Why was he here? Isn’t he supposed to be at the venue? Why is he here?

You were tired and honestly didn’t feel like talking to anyone. You sat there at the door trying to be quite. Were you really going to ignore him.

“[y/n] i know you’re in there.. The other girls said you came back here because you weren’t feeling well…. please open the door… We need to talk.” He says.

You were deciding whether to open and come face to face with him or do what you do best and push him away like you do with everyone else…..


This is my first fanfic i’ve ever written and i’m sorry if it sucks let me know if you guys are interested in reading the next part :)

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So your Luke’s best friend, you went over to his place last night just I hang out. it started raining and it was storming out. so you decided to stay over. You guys watched a movie and soon enough he was asleep. You remembered you had no clothes and sleeping in jeans isn’t always the comfiest thing. So you got up and went to Luke’s closet. You saw a whole bunch of tshirts but only one thing caught your eye. A red flannel. you took it and got undressed and put your clothes on his bed. You put the flannel on and it came mid thigh. you went in the living room back to him saw he was still sleeping. you decided to sleep on the couch so he wouldn’t be lonley. Soon enough you fell asleep. When you woke up you were under the same blanket and Luke was gone. but you could smell food so you assumed he was in the kitchen. you got up and walked into the kitchen. “hey lukey” you told. “hey Y/N” he said turning around. he froze once he say you in his shirt. his gaze lingering on your legs. When you turned around it was on your arse. You turned back to him and saw him staring. You smirked and got an idea. You walks right up to him an grabed him belt loops bringing him right against you. “what’s wrong lukey?” you asked him cutely. “uhm I uh nothing” he said fumbling with his words. You smirked and slowly grinded down on him. “oh okay” you said that and let him go then started to walk back to go upstairs. while he just stood there with his mouth open. God it was fun to mess with your best friend.