i got bored in photoshop


here at the end of all things by coffeeinallcaps

Derek takes care of the kid himself. He tells himself it’s because he’s got no other pressing matters to attend to. Chris is keeping an eye on the compound, and Cora is in charge of patrol nowadays. Sometimes Derek thinks they’re fooling themselves by patrolling in the first place; no one out there cares that they’re in here. But it makes the people feel safer and it keeps the more restless ones among them busy, and maybe those are good enough reasons in themselves.

The first time the kid opens his eyes they look wild, more animal than human. Derek’s throat seizes up. (x)

I got bored and played with Photoshop. A Romance Card in the style of the Dragon Age Keep, but for Iorveth/Iorweth from The Witcher 2

I might have a serious problem with the absence of this elf … just a tiny bit

That picture is actually for a fandom wall in my new room … you know something to be embarrassed of when people come over