i got bored in photoshop

So I got really bored during photoshop-lesson, so I decided turn the masters of eyeliner from the emo trinity into gods.


here at the end of all things by coffeeinallcaps

Derek takes care of the kid himself. He tells himself it’s because he’s got no other pressing matters to attend to. Chris is keeping an eye on the compound, and Cora is in charge of patrol nowadays. Sometimes Derek thinks they’re fooling themselves by patrolling in the first place; no one out there cares that they’re in here. But it makes the people feel safer and it keeps the more restless ones among them busy, and maybe those are good enough reasons in themselves.

The first time the kid opens his eyes they look wild, more animal than human. Derek’s throat seizes up. (x)

Looking for a    BAD ASS IN A NICE SUIT?     Got a problem with rotten souls screwing up the symmetry and balance of    GOOD AND EVIL?       Look no further because   DEATH THE KID     is here for you! He does cool skateboard tricks and wields twin demon pistols. What more could you want? How about lectures on symmetry and organization?

Sound good to you? Perfect! Sign right up for some good shinigami fun!

Death the Kid from Soul Eater!