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Working through med school: Part 1 Summer Jobs

If you’re on this blog I probably don’t have to tell you that medschool alone is hard work. I also probably don’t have to tell you that student loans and grants aren’t always enough to keep you in mildliners and vodka. This series is about my experience of earning 💰 in medschool: where I worked, how I balanced the hours, etc. This will also apply to other degree courses! My experience is of the UK, but I imagine it’s not too different to the US.


During my preclinical years (1&2 in the UK) I had massive 4 month long summer holidays. So whilst my colleagues were finding themselves in India or Vietnam, I was finding work. There are lots of seasonal jobs that are happy to have you for 3-4 months, especially in capital cities and tourist hotspots (all of my summer jobs were in London).

My first summer job was actually the summer before I started my course. I was lucky enough to get a paid position at the 2012 Olympics in security. Obviously the Olympics don’t come around every year, but security work for summer events, festivals and sports is definitely worth looking into. I worked as many hours as I could, up to 100p/w as the pay was good and the rota was mostly a turn up and hope they can use you system. This was by far my most lucrative job, but also involved long shifts, nights and lots of abusive drunks.

My second summer job, bizzarely was at Buckingham Palace, which I stumbled on after googling summer jobs. Sadly, I wasn’t personal assistant to the queen. I worked 37 hours a week in their gift shops, which expand in the summer months. I got free tickets and a free hot meal everyday, which almost made up for the minimum wage pay and ridiculous uniform. This job was a bit boring, and the pay wasn’t as good as others. I also interviewed to work at an airport, using my training from the Olympics, but Buckingham Palace was a shorter commute for the same pay.

My final summer job was at Imperial College London (this is not my actual university, I studied outside of London). They open their student halls as a hotel for tourists during summer. I was able to earn £10p/h as a receptionist for this makeshift hotel. Again this was a bit of a boring job, but often the check in lines kept us busy. Lots of hotels take on extra staff in summer, and I’m sure Imperial isn’t alone in opening their student halls. This year I also interviewed for a steward job at the London Eye (but Imperial paid better).


All in all, I was able to earn £5-8k in a summer, depending on the pay and hours of the place I worked. Ofc this was working 37-100hrs a week, doing my fair share of night shifts and long day. Definitely enough to supplement your student finance, but it also meant no cool holidays with my friends.

I was lucky enough to have family in London, but if you don’t, lots of seasonal places can set up accommodation for you (that you’ll have to pay a fair amount for). Another unexpected cost was the travel in London ~£70 p/w.

**Emergency tax: I was put on the emergency 20% tax code for each of these 3 summer jobs, temporary employers don’t seem to care much about filling in the right tax forms for you. I waited for my tax refund the following may/June, but lots of my friends spoke to HMRC so they could get their taxed money back straight away.**

As a last resort, I know that lots of minimum wage jobs don’t expect you to hang around for too long. I’ll speak about my term-time jobs in part 2, but at at least one of them students would often turn up to work just for summer. Some lied about how long their break was, or taking a gap year, others were just honest about wanting to work 3 months and got lucky.

I hope this was of interest to some of you, my ask is open if you have any questions. Part 2 will be up soon, about the part-time jobs I had during term time and clinical placements…

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High School AUs

•Class ended early and we’re next to each other and bored so I help you play Trivia Crack AU

•You got first pick on topics for a History project and took the one I wanted, trade with me AU

•I go hang out with our History teacher during study hall everyday because s/he’s cool, study hall is awful, and you’re always there and adorable

•Don’t you dare take the last chocolate milk in the lunch line, I’ll hurt you AU

•Someone starts a club at school about something really nerdy and you’re the only other person who came to the first meeting AU

•Hey nerd, how the fudge do these school computers work? AU

•You’re a grade below me, but you’re in my math class do you have any idea how this formula works? AU

•You’re the shy set designer for the school musical and I’m the stage manager and I think you’re hot AU

•I’m in your art class because I need it to graduate and I sit next to you and feel very inadequate because you can actually draw AU

•You’re the new kid who’s lost, I’ll show you how to get to the computer lab AU


Prompt: can I please get a Brett Imagine based off on the song amnesia by 5 seconds of summer including the pack and Brett and the reader both have different Flashbacks for eg of when they first met and other cute memories and lastly their sad breakup and both are just sad and miserable so the pack makes a plan and tries to confront them with each other but it doesnt work out (lyrics of song helps as well) thank you xx – anon

Author’s note: Okay, so I changed it a little bit. Since this song is from the guy’s POV, it makes it difficult to do the other things you asked for. BUT don’t worry. I’m not leaving it out. I’m just going to make it a two-parter. This part will still include flashbacks, from Brett’s POV, and the breakup. Part two will focus on the reader’s POV and the pack getting involved, at least, that’s what I’m aiming for.

I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t think of a way to incorporate it all in one with the way the lyrics are. Think of it this way, you get more to read. (:

Hope you like it!

Also, I incorporated some other 5sos lyrics.

-          All lyrics are 5 Seconds of Summer’s. No copyright infringement intended.  –

Master List.


Brett’s POV

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
I thought about our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted
And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine

I slowed my run through the reservation down to a complete stop as I got to the spot that overlooked the city. My breathing evened out and my teeth clenched as my eyes landed on the large rock that held a lot of special moments. The longer I stared, the more memories flashed in my mind.

First Encounter

I strolled up to the spot that was lit with strands of Christmas lights. Music echoed through the trees as teenagers danced around with cups in their hands, no doubt more than a little tipsy. I scanned the crowd as I got my own red cup and noticed people I knew and some I didn’t. Then my eyes landed on her. She was standing alone, seemingly ditched by whatever friends she came with, and her wavy, chestnut hair blew in the wind a little. I had to stop for a minute and stare because she was literally breathtaking.

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