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Shipping Headcanons:

·If they spoon, Zane is the big spoon simply because he likes to hold Jay.

( Jay secretly likes it though, but he won’t admit that to anyone.)

· Lloyd likes seeing Kai in his teacher’s clothes. (For reasons~) · Cole and his cake are in on and off again relationships because Cole eats the cake….. and other cakes too.

My favorite fictional ENFP characters.

Judai Yuki, or Jaden Yuki. Described as often as an ENFP which I would back 100%. He is my favorite male ENFP protagonist, being fun loving, loyal and extremely laid back with a casual attitude. Passionate about what he loves I admire him for his optimistic nature and how loyal he is, heading straight into trouble if its to save his friends.

Of course my favorite female ENFP character would be Anna from Frozen. I relate a lot to this character, being a clutz myself and even having the same catch phrase! [wait, what?] She has such a trusting nature and good heart, while being what I think is too humble. Taking blame on herself she does whatever she can to make it right. 


Doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial + specialities

AU Promps

✿ I accidentally took a sip of your coffe when I came out of the bathroom and sat at the wrong table AU

✿ For a photography project  I have to I have to take pictures of something ‘beautiful’ *wink wink* AU

✿ Sorry about stealing you wallet last year, no, I wasn’t drunk AU

✿ Everytime I borrow a book from the library I see you with exact same book the next day AU

✿ My favourite food is always sold out in the cafeteria and you’ve got the last one… can we share AU

✿ I’m stuck in your computer. How? *whispers* Magic~ AU

✿ I was gonna write a fanfiction about my otp but I didn’t have any ideas so I was dating you for ideas AU