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Worlds Collide (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 1.4K

Warnings: brief canon-style violence, mention of blood, swearing.

A/N: My awesome title naming skills strike again! This is another Anon request (possibly 2 in 1?). It will be a Castiel x Reader fic, with a twist? (no spoilers!) It’s a different feel for me, but very fun to write. This will be a mini series at the very least, depending on how carried away I get. Oh, and I made a silly little aesthetic/collage (whatever they’re called) thing. So, yay me.

Anon request: “heyyy i’ve got a prompt for you for whenever you have time… J2M gets transported (by my bby Gabriel) to the SPN world and meets TFW + the reader??? maybe throw in some lovin’ for my boy cas? or misha? take it wherever you want :) thanks!”

Worlds Collide Master List

Gabriel had been horrifically bored for weeks, unable to find a single soul worth pestering. Sam and Dean weren’t amusing anymore, and Castiel never got his jokes. The clueless look on his brother’s face didn’t even make the amber-eyed archangel smile anymore.

So, the angel scanned through every dimension he knew of, in search of his next victim. But, with every new land he trekked, he grew more and more discouraged. Maybe he was doomed to infinite boredom? He sure as hell hoped not. Gabriel rolled his eyes as he snapped his fingers for the n’teenth time.

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The Immortals- Part 22- The Lie

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 4245

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Summary: Elijah finds out his mother is trying to kill him and his siblings.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I am so sorry this took so long. I didn’t even get to the end of the episode. I wrote all night and it’s over 6AM now and I’m so sorry for the many mistakes I’m sure I made.

I really hope you like it. I’m going to bed now XD

Please, tell me what you think, feedback is always appreciated!

Enjoy ;)


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Amaimon, Mephisto and Lucifer had done through history?

I might go little under or overboard with this just saying XD


Originally posted by angrycucco

  • definitely has been to every type of fun event possible
  • coliseum battles, medieval festivals, royal parties
  • has tried so many different foods its not even funny
  • caused a lot of trouble for Mephisto I’m sure
  • has asked Mephisto to go to different time periods
  • watched the first amusement park be built
  • it was one of the funnest things ever
  • until he got bored of course
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point he was part of a famous traveling circus
  • made the most of it really
  • didn’t care what people said he did whatever
  • honestly there’s a lot of myths and legends about him floating around today form his past
  • not all of them are to necessarily positive
  • like that one time he knocked over a building playing with Behemoth
  • I think it would be logical that he’s the reason the tower of Pisa leans


Originally posted by okami-fr

  • he has had a huge impact on present day
  • like if he saw the world ending he jumped in to edge in the right direction
  • but only slightly
  • enjoyed to watch the wars take place
  • they amused him as he saw it rather pointless
  • he has not exactly been a star citizen
  • loves ancient Egypt
  • has even at one point snuck his way into near royalty there
  •  has made many wagers with famous historians
  • such as Aristotle, Einstein, Thomas Edison, ect….
  • likes to watch humans advance and fail horribly
  • had a large part in humans getting an idea of time
  • he has been more of an observer than a partaker you could say


  • has been sick for the most part
  • picked the worst places to be ever
  • has witnessed the black plague first hand
  • been pushing the illuminati through all the years
  • at one point had a very large organization
  • got the pyramid to be on American dollars as a way to spite Mephisto
  • has become the source of many conspiracy theories
  • sending messages has even got him a few ufo accounts
  • has stayed away from public eye for the most part
  • prefers secrecy
  • has others to do what he needs and has been very persuading to get them done

 Okay I gotta say I absolutely loved this idea and I’m probably gonna do something more with it in the future like perhaps a short story about it

really bad doodle of my jedi knight Qensha and consular, Chaant.

I think the reason I always got bored of playing the two jedi classes is because I always made a stereotypical anakin-esque “stuggle between the light and the dark uwu” knight and a mystical, stoic, boring consular. so i flopped it and made my knight the hardcore traditionalist and my consular the chaotic good boy that hates sand. and so far they’re a lot more fun to play??

Since I like the way the Coldflash symbol looks (and also got bored enough to spend a lot of time figuring out Photoshop) I made an Atomwave thing! (Or…tried? I dunno, cause I’m not usually the visual arts-y end of creative.) It was fun anyway and I hope someone likes my thing!

Oh can I have an imagine where you’re touring with ATL and you always argue with Alex. Then one night you all plan to go out partying and you and Alex are fighting over the bathroom. So the rest of the band decides to look you in the bus will they come back. Then after fighting for a while Alex slams himself against you and you have a make out session and later sex with him dirty talking to you I’d love you even more if you want to do that also maybe with different POVs

AN I’m not the best at dirty talk, but I hope this is as good as you wanted it. This is a lot more graphic than my other smut because well, you requested it. I hope you like it, it was actually a lot of fun to write. Summer starts next week, and I’m getting ready to be able to post an imagine a day. Get ready friends. There’s no conversation for this one. The gif is Alex explaining his lust for you ;D

Warning: Hardcore Smut (as hardcore as I can get tbh)

Your POV

It was my passion to work the lights in concerts. I was fascinated by the way everything moved and the colors that could come out of there. I was living the dream, working on the lights with Jeff Maker. He never really let anyone help him, but I guess I was his exception. He liked to consider me his prodigy and took me under his wing.

Usually I just hang around the backstage people, but we’d always have parties on other buses. When we did mingle with the actual band of All Time Low, we got along pretty well, with the exception of Alex Gaskarth.

Alex Gaskarth was a whiny little snot. I mean, yeah, he’s hot as fuck, but he’s annoying. I would like to talk to him if he didn’t constantly argue with everything I said. Lately I was spending a lot of time on their bus because Jack wanted me to hang out with them, but it wasn’t working out all too well.

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I had this hopeless crush on a guy when I was 17. I wanted to be with him so badly and he never liked me back. That hurt me so much back then. Years passed and I saw him again when we were both 40. His beauty had gone away and all that was left was his empty personnality. He was unhappy, married to some boring women who never smiled. He looked at me and said “Oh, how I wish I had chosen you. My life would be so different. You loved me and you would’ve made me happy. ” And in that moment, I realized that rejection is god’s protection. Because 20 years later, I wasn’t the one he had married, but I was the one on his mind when he had boring sex with his boring wife. So don’t worry if this guy doesn’t realize what he’s got, sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is getting what you want.
—  My mother
It’s Who You Are

A/N: This was an anon request. They mentioned that anytime the team ignores Spencer/acts like he’s annoying when he rambles, they get mad. ME TOO. Like, let my baby fanboy. He can’t help himself.

So this is about the reader chewing out the team for being mean to him. 

P.S. The chess facts are actually true from what I could find. :)



“Chess really is a fascinating game,” Spencer said, much more awake than the rest of his colleagues that morning. “The longest game possible is 5,949 moves.” He finished prepping his sugar coffee (instead of coffee with sugar, because honestly Spencer could just pour coffee into a bowl of sugar and have it be the same thing), and sipped it with one hand, wildly gesturing with the other. 

“There are nearly 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 (or one hundred sixty-nine octillion, five hundred eighteen septillion, eight hundred twenty-nine sextillion, one hundred quintillion, five hundred forty-four quadrillion) possible combinations for the first 10 opening moves in a game and it’s even been banned throughout the course of history.” Y/N walked in right during the middle of his ramblings on chess and stopped in her tracks before prepping her coffee. “Did you know that the first folding chess board was developed by a priest because he had to find a way to sneak it around?”

As he was talking, Y/N looked around at her colleagues. Rossi was checking his watch. Hotch was smiling, but shaking his head and Emily and Morgan had nearly checked out. “I’m sorry I asked,” JJ said, patting Spencer on the shoulder and turning away. Pretty much everyone else turned away, leaving Spencer to his cup of coffee.

“What did she ask you about?” Y/N queried, genuinely curious as to how he got to fanboying about chess. She started to fix up her coffee as Spencer sighed.

“She just asked what I did this weekend,” he said, stopping himself. Like he didn’t want to bore her like he’d bored everyone else. She motioned for him to continue. “I was just playing through a bunch of different permutations.”

Y/N hated when the team made fun of him for the things he loved. So he was different. Who cared? He enjoyed talking about things. He liked facts, so was it that much for them to let him talk without rolling their eyes, or ignoring him, or making fun of him? She knew the team loved him and he loved them too, but he did get self-conscious about it; she could tell when they turned around to leave and his face fell. She always tried to be the one to listen. To let him be excited. “That sounds awesome,” she said, mixing the sweetener into her coffee. “One day you and I need to play a couple of games. I need to see if I can beat the genius Dr. Reid. It’s definitely on my bucket list.”

The smile returned to his face as he poured himself another cup of coffee. The good doctor could down coffee like no one else you knew. Even her - and that was saying something. “That sounds awesome, Y/N. I’d love that.”


Thinking back on that morning when the team had been so dismissive of Spencer, Y/N couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, and it definitely wasn’t going to be the last - unless one of their friends and teammates lovingly chewed them out a bit. So when Spencer had gone to pick up the team’s lunch, she gathered them in the conference room.

“Guys,” she started, checking behind her again to make sure Spencer wasn’t back yet, “you guys really need to lay off Spencer.”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked, confused. Everyone looked at her like they didn’t understand what the issue was.

“Really?” For some of the smartest people in the world, they could be pretty dense. “This morning when JJ asked him about his weekend and he started rambling about chess…no one was paying attention.” She splayed her hands on her hips, getting more frustrated by the second. It irked her more than she realized. “You and Morgan checked out,” she said, cocking her head at Emily, “Hotch was shaking his head. Rossi was checking his watch and JJ you made him feel like no one cared with your ‘sorry I asked’ comment.”

They all looked at the floor. They knew it. And she knew they didn’t mean it deep down. But words could hurt. “Look, I know you guys don’t mean it - and sure he can get overly excited, but it’s who he is and as his friends, he shouldn’t feel as though he’s a burden when he talks about himself. That’s how he looked this morning when you all walked away.”

JJ looked like she’d been punched in the throat. “I didn’t mean it how it sounded,” she said quietly.

“I know JJ, but it still hurts him. You all know the type of stuff he went through as a kid. So how do you think it makes him feel when his best friends act the same way?”

Hotch looked up guiltily. “You’re right, Y/N. We’ll watch ourselves more carefully.”

“Thank you,” she said, putting her hands in her pockets, “Believe me, I know you don’t mean it, but he takes words harder than most people.” Everyone shook their heads in agreement, vowing to try harder in the future, when Spencer walked back into the BAU - lunch in his hands and a smile on his face.


Spencer had asked Y/N that Friday if she wanted to get together at the park to play chess. He’d been thinking about playing her all week long. Saturday came and Y/N walked up to the bench where Spencer was waiting with his chessboard. 

“Hey, Spence,” she greeted, passing him the cup of coffee she’d purchased on the way over.

“Thanks,” he replied, taking a sip and smiling. On this cool November day, a nice cup of coffee had the ability to warm you up from the inside out. They both wanted to take in the nice weather before it got too cold.

Over the next hour or so, Spencer and Y/N played move after move. She was pretty sure she was going to beat him - internally doing a little happy dance. “Thanks for playing with me, by the way,” he said, moving one of his pawns.

“Of course, Spence. This is fun. We should play more often. I want to make a habit out of kicking your ass,” she winked.

He huffed. “You don’t have me yet, Y/N. It feels nice to know that someone else is interested in what I’m interested in - or will at least fake it.”

So he had noticed. “You know they don’t mean it,” she assured him.

“I know,” he said, watching as she moved her last remaining queen, “It still hurts occasionally. I dealt with that kind of stuff, but x1000, when I was a kid.”

“Yea, that’s what I told them,” Y/N said, stretching her arms behind her back and smiling. She totally had him beat. He looked down at the board and she knew he saw it too.

“You told them that?” he asked.

“Yea…I…I told them they shouldn’t make fun of you when you’re just talking about something you love. It’s who you are.”

He moved his last possible piece, realizing he was beaten. “You didn’t have to do that, Y/N, but thanks. It means a lot.”

“Your ramblings are one of the things I love about you. You shouldn’t have to feel bad because you get a little overly excited,” she said.

“Do you…do you like me?” he asked, seeing the look on her face.

“I can’t believe it took you that long to notice, Spence. Yea, I do. So I don’t like it when people make fun of you.” She reached her hand across the table and placed it on top of his. “You have any other chess facts? I’m actually interested. I thought the thing about the priest was really fascinating.”

The biggest smile lit up his face. “As a matter of fact, I do, Y/N. Did you know that the second book ever printed in the English language was about chess?!”

The Bidders Care For A Sick MC

@actingqueengirl I do apologize for this taking me a little while to write, but I hope it’s to your approval!

It had started off as nothing more than a tickle in the back of your throat that morning, but by the late afternoon, the cough was so dry and rough that it hurt your chest with every inhale you took.
It didn’t take long for Kenzaki to confront you and refuse to allow you to work any longer.
Your initial plan had been to hide away in the staff dormitories until the sickness had passed, and hopefully keep Eisuke from finding out. But apparently Kenzaki was a big blabber mouth and had contacted Eisuke immediately after dismissing you, as Eisuke paged you to the penthouse within seconds of your discussion. Dragging your aching body up to the room, upon entering you were met with his serious glare before he directed you to the bedroom, his expression silently forbidding any argument on the matter.
“If you weren’t feeling well, you should have said something sooner,” he spoke harshly, his tone scolding, “You’re doing no one any good if you aren’t in top condition at your job.”
You sunk deeper into the blankets as shame flooded your hazy mind and you sniffled.
“I’m sorry Eisuke. I just didn’t want to be a bother-”
You had intended to say more, but another fit of coughing had you feebly sitting upright to hopefully lessen the burning of your throat and chest, when you felt two hands grip your shoulders to keep you steady.
As the hacking subsided, you turned to look at Eisuke as he had seated himself behind you.
“You shouldn’t be so close Eisuke, you could get sick too.”
“As if something like a cold could affect me. I’m in perfect physical condition. You of all people should know this,” he finished off with a smug grin.
He pulled out his phone and sent off a message, only to have room service enter moments later with food, medication, towels and facecloths, heating and cooling pads, and a number of other items that you weren’t entirely sure were necessary.
“I’ll ensure your return to proper health, and after that, I’ll expect a token of appreciation that requires a prolonged stay within this room.”

The walk back to the Dragon’s house seemed to be taking longer than usual as your feet stumbled across the walkways. And it was strangely hotter than normal as well.
With a deep inhale, you blinked your heavy eyes slowly as you took in your surroundings. The buildings seemed familiar, so you were certain that this was indeed the correct way to get home, but you were lacking the energy you normally had. It wasn’t much farther at least, and you wiped your brow as you trudged onwards.
But as you neared the entrance to the house, the overwhelming increase in your temperature got to you and you soon found yourself falling upon the steps.
Your head lolled slightly as your sight waved and your hearing was muted, but through all this, the sound of Soryu’s voice reached you as he raced to you, immediately lifting your slack form into his arms. He barked out orders as he strode through the halls and into your shared bedroom, lying you down gently.
“You’ve got a very high fever,” he noted, placing his hand on your forehead, “Aside from that, how are you feeling?”
“…tired…and sore,” you sighed, letting your eyes close as the cool air of the house treated your too warm flesh.
“I’ve got the boys fetching some food and other things for you. I’ll go get a cloth for your head.”
You made a soft noise of acknowledgement as your consciousness sank away.
A couple of hours must have passed before you finally reopened your eyes as the window revealed the growing darkness outside.
With a yawn, you turned slightly to find Soryu resting on the bed beside you, a book in his hand, his regular suit exchanged for his lounging clothes instead.
As he noticed you shifting, his eyes met with yours and he gazed at you with concern.
“How are you feeling now?” he questioned, setting his book aside and repositioning so he could give you his full attention.
“A bit better,” you replied, showing him a small smile, “I’m very sorry to have worried everybody.”
“The next time you aren’t feeling well, call me instead of being stubborn and walking home in that state. I would have come to get you.”
“I’m sorry Soryu. I didn’t think it was that bad.”
He smiled gently as he placed a hand on your forehead.
“I know. I’m just thankful you made it home. I’ve already informed Eisuke about your condition and that you’ll be staying home until I’m satisfied that you are well again.”

Ota had just opened the front door as the sight of you dashing past greeted him. He blinked in confusion as the bathroom door slammed behind you followed by the obviously sounds of you throwing up.
He cringed at the noise, but headed to the door, where he found the lock engaged and he wasn’t able to enter.
“Hey Koro, I need you to open the door!” he called to you.
“Don’t come in here Ota,” you moaned, your voice muffled by the wooden separation, “I’m not feeling well, and I don’t want you to get sick too.”
“Come on, I can’t just let my little doggy stay locked in the bathroom by herself.”
He listened as you made more pitiful groans, which sounded little sad whimpers to his ears, before he tried the knob again.
“Unlock the door Koro. It’s a masters’ job to take care of his sick pet, and I can’t very well do it from out here.”
There was no answer so he leaned in closer to the door to call out cheerfully, “If you don’t open the door, I’ll just have to break it down.”
There was shuffling and sniffling as the click of the lock sounded and Ota was finally able to push the door open. The sight of you was enough to actually have Ota concerned. Your hair was a mess, your face incredibly pale, and your entire frame was trembling as you stood shakily before him.
“You look terrible Koro. Come, let’s go get you tucked into bed.”
“No, I’m alright Ota, real-”
Ota stepped into your body space, the disapproving look on his face halting your argument.
“Do you really think you’re in any shape to disagree with me at this point? You can barely stand, and you look like you’re about to pass out at any second.”
“….sorry,” you apologize meekly, causing his face to softly revert back to his artists persona.
“Good girl Koro.”
He easily scooped you up into his arms and headed for the bedroom.
“Now, let’s get you into bed and resting. I’ll make you something yummy and get you some medicine. Oh, but maybe I should check with a vet to see what the best type of medicine would be?”
He only laughed when you growled at him and buried your face into his chest.

The hotel had been hit by a flu over the last couple of weeks, the staff and guests all coming down with the symptoms. While it had been looked into and decided it was nothing more than a simple cold, you had been one of the very few who hadn’t gotten it, which resulted in you and the others taking up a large portion of the extra shifts that the rest couldn’t cover. As it was, you were now running on 48 hours of very little sleep, and you weren’t sure if you were overtired or finally becoming another victim of the illness. But as the day progressed, you developed a headache and began to sniffle and sneeze, and you became fairly certain it was not due to sleep deprivation.
With a sigh, you went to Kenzaki, who insisted you take the next few days off to recover.
As you grabbed your things, you sent a quick text off to Baba telling him what had happened.
With your fever slowly increasing, you made your way towards the convenience store to pick up some medicine only to find Baba exiting at the same time, carrying a bag and smiling as he stepped towards you.
“Hello princess!”
“Baba? What are you doing?”
“Well, I was bored, so I decided it would be fun to work in the store again, but when I got your message, I told the other person who works here I needed to take care of my beautiful girlfriend. So I picked up some medicine and ingredients for you so I can be your personal health care professional!”
Despite how you were feeling, his silly grin was infectious and you found yourself smiling back.
“Now come on my lovely lady. Let me escort you upstairs and get you comfortable. I grabbed some movies for you, and I’ll prepare you the best meal in the whole. It’s actually a secret recipe I found on one of my jobs, and I had to seduce this young lady-”
You stopped and sent him the most scathing glare you could muster as he waved his hands rapidly as he backtracked.
“Wait, wait! I promise this was long before we met, and nothing happened with her, I swear!”
You wanted to pretend to be mad just a little longer, but a fit of sneezes had you hiding in your elbow.
“I’m sorry princess. Please let me make it up to you. I’m your personal doctor Baba, and I am on call only for you!”

Mamoru let out a long yawn as he stirred from the penthouse couch, the chatter of the other guys rousing him from his nap.
“Hey Mamo!” Baba greeted with a smile, “you’re finally up!”
“He can’t help it Baba,” Ota jabbed, “once you reach middle age, sleep becomes a big necessity.”
Mamoru glared at the artist before lighting a cigarette.
“Perhaps we should look into a retirement home since you obviously aren’t useful for anything else,” Soryu commented darkly, his scowl the same essence as his tone.
“Shaddup,” Mamoru spat, returning the dirty look with his own.
Pulling out his phone, Mamoru noted that oddly you hadn’t sent him a single text that day to nag him about work.
“Hey, has the kid been in a bad mood or somethin’ today?” Mamoru questioned offhandedly as he scrolled through some older messages.
When he was met with silence, he looked up to see them all staring at him.
“What did I say?”
“…..ah, Mamo,” Baba started slowly, “she’s not at work today.”
“Huh!? Whaddya mean she ain’t at work?”
“She was sent home sick his morning,” Eisuke informed him, not looking up from his papers.
Leaving the penthouse, their snide comments that followed him only fuelled his pace all the more.
The pounding on your front door woke you from your fever induced sleep and you stumbled to answer it. You were surprised to find Mamoru standing in the doorway, a large plastic bag in his hands. He was panting and it looked as if he’d been running.
Just as you opened your mouth to speak, he interrupted.
“Why the hell didn’t ya tell me you were sick? Damnit kid, I was worried when them idiots told me.”
Coming inside, Mamoru pushed the bag into your hands. As you pulled out the the items, freezing when you found feminine supplies, you looked back to him in surprise.
“Mamo, did you…?”
His face was a deep burnt shade as he scratched his head and averted his gaze.
“Well….I didn’t know what kind of sick you were….so I just bought whatever kinda crap I thought you might need. Ah hell, you’re such a pain in the ass!”
He turned away in is embarrassed sulking as you slid up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.
“You’re the best boyfriend in the world Mamo, thank you so much!”

Ok so I’m loving the font choices they made for everybody in the Hit the Diamond episode.

We got Steven’s big fun kiddie letters cus hes a kid who has big fun

Pearl’s fancy twirly and neat calligraphy because of course it is

Amethysts big and brash just like her

Sapphires fuckin swooshy ass fancy loops and frills like calm down there


FUCKING BORING ASS TIMES NEW ROMAN, LIKE WHEN THEY WERE PICKING FONTS SHE JUST WENT LIKE “I don’t give a fuck just give me the first thing that comes up on the list.” SHE JUST DID NOT CARE AND I LOVE IT.

I’m still here! I’m still reading! But I’ve fallen into the trap of rereading some older favorites because I’m just so in love with certain authors’ work in this fandom. So! Here is my attempt to pull myself out of that and focus on a wider variety of fics, though, still with the same centering on the Greenwood Elves because I need all the father and son fic and all the Elves Being Elves fic. Giiiiiiiive. *__*

A Walk in the Rain by Ithilien, aragorn & arwen & legolas, 4.6k
   A quiet stroll through the garden proves that little is within our control, even when it is.
Bows and Arrows by jenolas, thranduil & legolas, 1k
   A very young Legolas competes in his first archery tournament
Unsettling Leaves + The Prince’s Ride by James8, thranduil & legolas & glorfindel & ocs, 11.2k
   Legolas meets Glorfindel + A Young Legolas has a harrowing ride on his Father’s stallion.
A Taste of Disaster by Nili, aragorn & legolas & elrond & glorfindel & elladan & elrohir & ocs, humor, 37.5k
   Elrond is fed up with all the catastrophes and has come up with a solution. It does not really work, and so the next kidnapping is inevitable. Now Elrond is annoyed, Aragorn and Legolas are bored – and the kidnappers quickly see that they made a mistake.
Midsummer Melancholy by jenolas, thranduil & legolas, ~1k
   Thranduil and Legolas have a heart to heart conversation
Questioning Death by Anorien, thranduil & namo, 1.9k
   Thranduil meets Namo in a dream, and speaks his piece.
To Find a King by stellarose, legolas & elrond & elladan & elrohir & arwen & aragorn & gandalf, movie-based, 4.4k (at the time of this rec)
   After the Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas sets off on his own to find the Ranger known as ‘Strider’. But darkness and danger are growing in Middle Earth, and hope hard to come by.
Engaging Plans by jenolas, legolas & eldarion & aragorn & arwen & ocs, 10.3k
   Arwen is preparing for Eldarion’s betrothal banquet and finds that she is not the only one with plans for the evening.
Of Balrogs And Battles by Jay of Lasgalen, glorfindel & elladan & elrohir & elrond, 4.9k
   Elladan and Elrohir discover a fascinating book about Gondolin in their father’s library, and learn Glorfindel’s story.
Adoration by Karri, thranduil & oc, ~1k
   It’s spring…and love is in the air.

full details + recs under the cut! 

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r4gn0r0k  asked:


(Thank you kindly, I’m glad that you enjoy reading the things I make for this insane cat. Truth be told I’m known as being a lil shit and adding the most crazy character in any franchise for the sake of having fun with it. I made this Genki blog after I got bored playing around with my Postal Dude account)

[151128 Kiss The Radio Surveys] B.A.P’s Rolling Paper

B.A.P’s rolling paper was supposed to be all anonymous, but the members have such sharp eyes!! The fans also know B.A.P very well!! Which has created this situation for us to reveal the facts… Sukira isn’t taking responsibility for this. But please be honest! And fill in the blanks earnestly. B.A.P yessir!!

[T/N: I’ll make another post if Jongup and Zelo’s ones come up]


1. Why are you like this to me?
Occasionally my room has an ajusshi smell. Till now I thought it was because of me who’s grown older, but I know that’s not it now. Himchan-ah, don’t hang out with me.

2. I was really thankful then…
For the members who make things fun when I’m boring and serious during shows (you’ve worked hard) I’m always thankful

3. I’m sorry about that time!
Zelo-ah! When I made a mistake during dance practise, the other hyungs thought you made it, and even got in trouble for it, did you really think you made a mistake? Sorry for not saying anything then.

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The series is as follows :

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“There’s someone here to see you.”

Scully looked up from her notes, not really sure of the time, day, date or who was actually speaking to her, “for me?”

“Yes. He asked for Agent Scully.”

Capping her pen, she stood wearily, “up in the lobby?”

“Yes.” Holding out a bag, “and he also asked me to give you this.”

She took the bag in confusion, then, first feeling, then peering at what was inside, she smiled wider than she had since she boarded the plane to come out to Iowa, “thank you.”

The tech nodded, then headed the opposite direction down the hall, leaving Scully to climb the one flight of stairs, grinning as she walked over to Mulder, “trying to buy my affection with candy now?”

Mulder returned the smile, rocking back and forth, heel to toe, with his hands in his pockets, “thought you might need something sweet.”

Not fighting the urge, she hugged him tightly, arms around waist and head on his chest. When she’d breathed deep enough to satisfy some nameless need, she pulled back, holding out a red M&M, “I think I owe you this.”

Resisting the need to pull her back to him, he took the candy instead, popping it into his mouth, “these ones really are the best.”

The staring happening between them would have made a stranger blush and Maggie cheer but since it was them, they just did it without notice until Scully finally ducked her head, remembered how to talk, “so, um, what are you doing here?”

“You needed some red M&Ms. I provided them.”

“You didn’t fly all the way out here to bring me candy, Mulder.”

By now, his shoulders were relaxing and he seemed less nervous, “drove actually and the candy was part of it.”

“You drove here? That’s gotta be a,” looking off in the distance and attempting to do geographic calculations in her fried brain and totally not succeeding, “a really long drive. Why would you do that?”

Stepping closer, “well, I was sitting and thinking, like I sometimes do and I realized that Iowa is a really good starting point for seeing America and since we had decided we wanted to see the stuff in America, I thought maybe we should get started.”

“Stuff in America?”

“Sure. The stuff on the list. The monumental stuff and the odd stuff and the architecture stuff and the billboard-y stuff and the roadside food stuff.”

“That’s a lot of stuff.”

Carrying on like she hadn’t interrupted but now wearing a Cheshire smile, “I was talking to your mom last night after cards and she thought it would be a very good idea to go see stuff so I got in my car and went to your place and packed you some … stuff.”

“Oh, God.”

“Naw, it’s all good, Scully. I got jeans and those short pants capri things and just, pants stuff. Then I got short sleeve shirt stuff and long sleeve shirt stuff and gym shoe stuff and pajamas stuff, the comfortable, flannel ones and those slippery ones that I can’t fathom how you stay in the bed when you wear them.”

Interjecting while sucking the candy shell off yet another M&M, “I have never once slid out of bed.”

“and sock stuff and underwear stuff and bra stuff,” he had the sense to blush some at this one but then he went Mulder again, “that’s a fun drawer, Scully, let me tell you.”

“Mulder …”

“and then I got you bathroom stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving stuff and hair stuff and face stuff …”

“The green bottle?”

“Yeah, like I said, face stuff and … and girl stuff. Your mom made me remember that because she said girl stuff is important.”

“Yeah, it is.”

Still barreling forward, her twinkling-eyes smile telling him he wasn’t going to be smacked for rifling through her things, “and then I grabbed some reading stuff, not the boring stuff you read at work but the fun stuff that is always on your coffee table and those ones on your nightstand with the trashy covers.”

“Did you pack the kitchen sink, too?”

“No, surprisingly, but I did pack some food stuff and your pillow because three weeks on hotel pillows will kill your neck but I did bring pill stuff if you get a headache or something.”

He seemed to have run the gambit of his stuff packing and finally went silent, flashing her his best shit-eating grin with white teeth showing and the unspoken begging in his eyes that she say yes and say yes immediately.

Completely floored by the gesture and the subsequent action, all she could do was hand him another candy, “I have two more bodies to do tomorrow and then I’m all yours … and stuff.” The happiness radiating off him made her warm from head to toe, “has anyone told Skinner yet?”

“Yup. I packed all your stuff, then went home and packed my stuff and then got in the car and started driving. I called him from somewhere in Pennsylvania and honest-to-God, I think he laughed at the idea and then he told us to keep out of as much trouble as we could. Also, to make sure to have plenty of bail money handy.”

Feeling no desire to finish up the last of her notes, “did you get a room already or did you drive straight here?”

“Straight here.”

Scully moved past him, taking his sleeve as she went, “come on. You can stay with me. There’s plenty of room.”

He’d noted her shadowed eyes and pale face but had been too busy with stuff to ask until now, as they headed to the break room to collect her coat and bag, “rough week?”

“Kind of.” Allowing Mulder to help pull her coat up her shoulders, “I’ve been averaging four bodies a day, plus all the paperwork but then I go home and churn the information in my brain and end up coming back here at 3 am and figuring something out, then since I’m already here I do another body and I’ve been eating one meal a day, which always seem to be breakfast and sleep in three hour clips and,” sighing as she stepped into the cool night air, “it’s been a rough week, yes.”

“Buck up, partner, vacation by this time tomorrow night.”

“I will enjoy that statement a lot more after I get a shower and take a nap.”

Mulder had parked a few spots down from her rental, “I’ll follow you. You stopping for food?”

“Yeah. There’s a diner around the corner from the hotel that knows me extremely well at this point.”

Soon, they had their food and were at the hotel, Mulder bringing in his small bag, “two queens. You went all out.” Noticing both looked slept in, “you entertaining on company time, Agent Scully?”

“Entertaining the idea that sometimes, I just want cold sheets on my feet and a new view of the room. I’ve been hopping beds a couple times a night.”

This was a new one for her, at least that he knew of and he slowly put his bag down, turning towards her, concern overtaking his playful mood for the moment, “what’s wrong? Usually you sleep like a log. Did something happen with Colton? If it did, I’m gonna go kick his ass while you shower.”

Her face relaxed, “let me shower first, all right but there is no reason for ass-kicking, I promise.”


Pointing over her shoulder towards the bathroom, “do you need a shower?”

“Um …”

Scully’s face immediately matched her red candy, “I mean after. This place runs out of hot water fast so if you need one, I’ll go quick so you can take one after.”

Desperately wondering what she’d do if he offered to just take one with her to conserve water and yes, he’d use that clichéd adage if he must, but he just smiled, shaking his head, “I’ll take it tomorrow morning. I had one before I left and you don’t get real dirty sitting in a car.”

Waving her hand lightly in his direction, she ducked her head, “I’ll be out in a few minutes. Eat before it gets cold.”

“I’ll wait.”

Wait he did, straightening sheets and checking out the channels on the crappy TV before simply kicking off his shoes and laying down on the bed closer to the door. He was dozing when she re-appeared in the room, hair damp, skin scrubbed pink and pajamas in place, “awake enough for dinner?”

“Enough.” He sat back up, rubbing his eyes, “although if I fall asleep while eating, you can’t steal my food.”

“Can’t promise that.”

Taking the container she handed him, “then I better shovel fast.”


Soon, they’d finished and Scully re-emerged from the bathroom after brushing her teeth to find Mulder on his side in the far bed, facing away from the light he’d left on for her. Turning those lights off and enveloping them in darkness, she stopped between the two beds then, her heart deciding things for her that her brain couldn’t come to grips with, she crawled under Mulder’s covers, scooting up behind him, close but not touching him, the heat rolling off him making her instantly sleepy. On the other side of her closed eyes, she first felt Mulder turn over, then his fingers brush her hair back from her forehead, “are you going to bed hop tonight?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Because I wanted to let you know that if you do, I’m going to follow.”


“Double promise.”

As she slipped into dreamland, she searched for and found his fingers, “thanks for packing my stuff so we can go see stuff ‘cause, you know, I missed you and stuff.”

Even through the blackness of the room, she could feel his smile, “I missed you and stuff, too.”


For the anon that requested this! I’m so glad you like my writing! I love taking requests so please keep requesting things! I hope you like this!


Calum had invited you over for a dinner at his house. Even though you’ve been dating for a while, you still get butterflies before a date or even just hanging out with him. 

You hadn’t really spent long getting ready because Calum loved it when you were natural and honestly so did you. You knew you were at a point in your relationship where you could trust him. 

Once you’d finished your light make up, fixed your hair up a little bit and put on the tight black dress you’d bought just for this nigh you began the 5 minute drive to Calum’s apartment. 

You arrived at Calum’s apartment 5 minutes late, which you were sure he’d tease you for because there’s probably never been a time where you were on time to anything. You head up the stairs to the fourth floor, which is very difficult to do in heels. 

You arrive in front of Calum’s door after your trek up the stairs, which was more difficult than it may seem. You tap three firm knocks on the solid wood and within seconds the door swings open and there stands Calum, looking handsome as ever. “Wow, y/n how did I ever get so lucky?” Calum asks and you blush. Even after all this time he still manages to make you feel special. You walk in and Calum has set up the most beautiful table setting with candles, a table and two chairs with two plates sat in front of them. 

You two finish your dinner of spaghetti, which his mom helped him cook, and he suggests you two go watch a movie. You walk over to the couch, about to sit next to Calum, when he pulls you down so you’re sitting on his lap. About halfway through the movie you try and change your position so you can get more comfortable when something pokes your bum. “Calum!” You whine, “You promised this wouldn’t happen tonight.” 

“It’s not my fault I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world.” 


Today Ashton was meeting your parents for the first time. To say he was nervous was an understatement. He’d been pacing round your house for about an hour now. Obviously you weren’t nervous because you knew your parents would love him to bits, just like you.

“Y/n, I can’t do this. can you just tell them I’m sick or something? Please I can’t do this.”

“Ashton, there is no need to worry. I know they’ll love you, almost as much as I do.”

Once you two were both ready to go you hopped in the car and drove to your parents house, singing along to whatever was on the radio that cool November night. After a 30 minute drive you finally arrived at your parents’ house. 

“You’re going to do great. They’ll love you.” You told him followed by a kiss on the cheek.

You both get out of the car and make you way to the door. Ashton’s hands were shaking and you could tell his heart was beating a million miles a minute.

“Y/n! Ashton! You know y/ns told us a lot about you!” your mom cries as she answers the door.

“All good things I hope.” Ashton says.

“I don’t think I’ve heard anything but.” Your mother replies. This conversation had Ashton beaming with confidence, which made your parents love him even more than they already did.

You were well into dinner when you decided to have a little fun with Ashton. You started sliding your hand up and down his thigh. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Ashton glaring at you. After a while you got bored of teasing him and stopped. Relief and frustration washed over his face.

Once you were done and back at your car preparing for the drive home you heard Ashton say “This night’s not over yet.”


Friends of yours just got engaged and were having a party to celebrate. The minute you found this out you dragged Michael to the mall with you so you could go dress shopping. After dragging Michael to practically every store in the mall he started to get bored of walking and looking and walking and looking, so you came up with a plan to reward his valiant service.

“Do we have to go into every store?” Michael complains.

“I have a surprise for you and after that we can go get pizza.”

“Fine.” He sighs like a child.

You start walking towards the East end of the mall. You look over at Michael’s face and his eyes light up when Victoria’s Secret comes into view. “I knew you’d like it.” You state.

You bring Michael in and let him pick out whatever he wants to see you in. “It’s like Christmas!” Michael exclaims.

Once he picked out what he wanted to see you in, you stood in line for a dressing room. You got Michael to sit on one of the plush couches outside of the dressing rooms. Once you got in the dressing room you immediately started changing into whatever Michael picked out and sent him pictures of each one. Once you were done you went to check out because, surprisingly, you liked a few of his choices. Michael had other ideas. He started dragging you out of the store eager to get home. You dropped the bras and followed him out of the store. “Let’s get home. Now.”

“Someone’s eager. Sure you don’t want pizza?”

“What I’m about to get is way better than pizza.”


You and Luke had just moved to a new house, where you were able to live out your lifelong dream of having a pool. Everyone in the neighbourhood that you grew up in had a pool. It was a dream of yours to get a pool and it was finally coming true.

To celebrate your new house, and pool, you and Luke invited the other boys over. You and Luke had spent all day preparing for this little party. You’d bought pretty much every snack and drink in existence, you had even bought a new bathing suit for the occasion. This bathing suit flattered you in all the right ways and saying you were excited to wear is was an understatement.

Once all the guys had arrived an you’d talked for awhile and ate pretty much all of the snacks, you guys decided that it was time to hop in the pool. Even Michael wanted to which was probably the biggest surprise to all of you.

You’d gotten into your swimsuit and headed downstairs. you ran outside and into the pool. When you came up you noticed Luke had a look of discomfort on his face.

After a while, the boys left and Luke couldn’t have been more relieved. “Do you know what you in that swimsuit has done to me for the past hour and a half?”

Everything Starts at a Club (2)


  After a month and two weeks went by you were on a flight to Sydney, Australia. Since you had last seen Luke nothing interesting had happened in your life except for the rumors of you and Luke dating and that you talked to him and the boys often. More often than often.

 You hadn’t released that you and Luke were officially dating due to your job. You were waiting to get promoted, which happen the day before your left. Now that you were being relocated to a company where it was alright to let people know that you and Luke were a couple.

 After the plane landed you walked into the airport and sighed not knowing what to do or where to go. “(Y/N),” someone said walking up to you.

 “Yes,” You said turning and seeing a man holding a sign that read your name. He smiled and you nodded as you followed him toward the luggage pick up. As you walked into a crowd of people you pulled your ball cap down, pulled your brown leather jacket closer to you, and fixing your shoulder bag. The driver grabbed your suitcase before anyone could recognize you and led you out to a black SUV.

 As the driver went to the back you opened the back door and got in as a group of people with cameras started to run up. You sat down in the seat closer to the window and looked out of the tinted glass as security kept the people away. “Have a nice flight?” Luke asked from the back, making his presence known.

 “Luke,” You laughed turning around and seeing him smiling at you. Luke moved over as you got up and moved to the back, falling next to him, turning your head once you were next to Luke. He pressed his lips to yours and cupped your face as he slipped his tongue into your mouth.

 “I’ve missed you,” Luke said pulling away and smiling.

 “You would not believe how bored I’ve been,” You said leaning back and looking out of the window as the crowd of people started to move. It took you a moment to realize that it was the SUV that was moving, making Luke laugh.

 As the ride went on your and Luke caught up on things that had happened since your last phone call, two days ago. “This is so exciting,” You said as you got out of the SUV and looked up at the hotel.

 “I”m glad you’re having fun,” Luke said smiling as he got out and made his way to the back, grabbing your luggage.

 “Oh I knew I was going to have fun,” You said smiling as Luke wrapped his arm around you, making your way into the hotel. “I cannot believe this is where I’m staying,” You said looking around.

 “We,” Luke corrected.

 “Excuse me?” You asked looking at him.

 “I’m staying with you,” Luke said as you both walked into the elevator.

 “Oh, that’s even better,” You said as the door closed.

 “I just got you back after two and a half months, I”m definitely not letting you leave my side,” Luke said smiling as the door closed.

 “Alright that was sweet, but this is driving me crazy. Where are the boys?” You asked looking at him. Luke smiled and looked at you before looking at the floor numbers. “I hate when you do that,” You said crossing your arms and turning toward the elevator doors.

 The doors opened letting you and Luke walked out and to the room you would be staying in. Luke, having the key, unlocked the door to let you in. “(Y/N)!” Michael yelled as soon as you walked in through the door.

 “Mikey,” You said smiling when you saw him standing there.

 “It’s been so miserable without you,” He said viciously hugging you. “No one makes fun of Luke as much as you do.”

 “I’m glad I guess,” You said hesitantly before starting to laugh.

 “Michael,” Luke said grabbing his shoulder. “You’ve had more action with my girlfriend than I have.”

 “Alright, switching with Ashton,” Michael said letting go of you. When Ashton and Calum hugged you at the same time you let like no time had passed.

 “Congratulations on the promotion,” Ashton said letting go of you and looking at you.

 “Thank you. I worked really hard and now I feel like everything is right with the world,” You chuckled as you ran your fingers through your hair.

 “Alright, we have to go,” Calum said looking at his phone.

 “Alright babe, here is a dress for you in the bedroom. I will be back to pick you up in two hours,” Luke said walking over to you and grabbing your waist.

 “I brought a dress,” You said looking at him.

 “Would you just let me do one nice things for you?” Luke asked smiling. “I asked Ashton’s sister to help pick out a dress. I think you’ll actually like it.”

 “Okay. Second question,” You said looking at the bedroom door and then at Luke. “What happened to you not leaving my side?”

 “I just have to do a couple things to get ready and then I’ll be right back to come pick you up,” Luke said smiling as he leaned in to whisper in your ear. “Trust me, when we get back you’re not leaving my side for the next week.”

 “Luke,” Ashton whined making you laugh.

 “Go. I’m going to have fun messing around in the hotel room,” You said smiling. Luke kissed you goodbye before leaving you to look around your room. It was more like suite than a room. There was a bedroom cut off by Italian glass door that were covered by curtains on the inside at the moment, and then a kitchen and another closed off area.

 Not knowing what to do you took your jacket off, laying it on the couch, and ran your fingers through your hair as you walked past the window showing Sydney and into the door, smiling when you saw the dress laying on the bed.

 “Babe,” Luke said walking in with a rose.

 “I’m in here!” You yelled from the master bathroom. Luke smiled and walked into the bedroom seeing your suitcase was open, the dress you brought was laying on the bed next to your suitcase, and the dress Luke picked out was gone. You opened up the doors and walked out, smiling when you saw Luke all dress for the Aria Music Awards. “What?” You asked smiling.

 “I’m one lucky guy,” Luke said smiling as he looked you up and down. The dress Luke got you was a silk, floor length magenta dress. The dress had short sleeves but showed your back, the fabric picking back up just under your lower back.

 “I would say so,” You said taking a step, exposing the slit that went down your right side, showing your leg when you walked. Luke smiled and kissed your cheek as he handed you the rose. “Thank you,” You said smiling as you put the rose behind your ear.

 “Beautiful,” He said smiling as the boys walked into the hotel room.

 “Are you two ready?” Calum asked.

 “We’re coming,” Luke said grabbing your hand as you started to walk toward the door.

 “You look good,” Ashton said when he saw you.

 “Thanks. Your sister is good at picking our dresses in my style,” You said smiling.

 “I’ll make sure to tell her that,” Ashton said as the five of you made you way toward the SUV. You sat in the back with Luke and Ashton and listened as the boys talked.

 “Are you alright?” Luke whispered.

 “This is going to be the hardest thing,” You said messing with the fabric by your thigh. Luke sat up straight and grabbed your hand.

 “This is going to be good,” Luke said nodding, making you feel a bit better.

 “As you know this is (Y/N) ash we have been dating for over a month now,” Luke said smiling and then smiling at you.

 “How did the two of you meet?” They asked you.

 “We were at a club and Luke bumped into me, spilling my drink all over me,” You said smiling at him.

 “Luke,” Ashton said walking up. The interviewers started to yell questions at Ashton but he apologized because we had to leave.

 “What do you think about that?” Luke asked squeezing your hand as he whispered to you.

 “That was not that bad and we don’t have to hide anymore,” You whispered making Luke smile. Sitting still the rest of the way you let Luke play with your fingers like he did that time you spent together behind closed doors.

 When the car stopped the boys got out, Luke staying behind, Calum helped you out of the SUV so you wouldn’t fall as you tried to deal with your dress and standing up. Luke got out behind you and laid his hand on the small of your back, looking at the people that started yelling and taking pictures the moment the doors opened, and then back at you. “Are you ready?” Luke asked smiling.

 “Always am,” You said smiling. Michael smiled and nodded before the boys started to walk down the carpet, you following. As the boys walked several people called their names but the interviewer they stopped for was the one that walked up to them and was working for the Aria Music Awards.

 When the interview started Luke grabbed the small of your back and then your hand, lacing your fingers together. “So, Luke, can you tell us anything about the rumors about you and (Y/N)?” the interview asked smiling at Luke and then you, and then glancing down at your hands.

 “Ah yes,” Luke said smiling. “I met (Y/N) at a club in California and then we started hanging out.”

 “Yes, but are the dating rumors true?” She asked.

 “They are,” Luke said nodding. “I’ve been dating (Y/N) for a little over two months now.”

 “She was the girl that Luke spilled beer on,” Michael chuckled making the other boys laugh. You rolled your eyes and looked at the boys before they were called off, telling you to wait there.

 “I love your dress,” the interviewer said smiling as she examined your dress.

 “Thank you. It was actually a gift from Luke,” You said smiling trying not to look at the camera.

 “That’s adorable. You’re really lucky to be dating him,” She said making you free.

 “He’s lucky to be dating me,” You corrected before Luke walked up to you.

 “Of course,” She said smiling as Luke grabbed your hand. You waved goodbye before Luke pulled you further down the carpet, whispering in your ear.

 “Thanks for being here,” He whispered looking in at the paparazzi.

 “I’m happy to be here,” You said smiling. “This is exciting and not how I thought it would be, but I’m glad I finally get to be here.”

 “I’ve missed you,” Luke said smiling before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours, making all of the cameras go off.

finished! hope you liked it!

It’s a date

“Hey I love your posts could you write me one with Draco, just use reader please. Ravenclaw, fourth year, female, pure blood.”

Okay, so, for this one once again I’ll use third person pronouns. Hope that’s okay

Being part of one of the very few pure-blood families still in existence that were not usually sorted into Slytherin could be a bit… what’s the word? Awkward? Weird?

Many people believe pure-bloods that are not sorted into the “good houses” like Gryffindor (as the Weasleys, Longbottoms and formerly, Potters) were evil. Just because everyone in her family were wizards, does not mean she hated half-bloods, muggleborns or muggles, yet they seemed to be unable to understand that.

Anyway, the fourth year Ravenclaw was sitting in the library concentrated in the book she had been reading for the past 30 minutes, when suddenly someone sat in the chair in front of her.

“Is this all you do all day? Read? You take too seriously your little status.” She raised her head, knowing perfectly who it was.

“No, it is not what I do all day. And, what do you mean "my little status”? Is it my house?“ With his sarcastic smirk, she knew it was it.

She and Malfoy had an odd friendship. Her parents worked in the Ministry of Magic, and went to Hogwarts the same years as Lucius and Narcissa. Since they were purebloods, they somehow got along, but like her, her parents were in Ravenclaw, so it wasn’t a friendship as such. But, that was in the parents’ side, and this was about her and Draco.

Unlike others, she actually got along with him, and he didn’t seem to be bothered by her. All their convesations were pretty much sarcasm and making fun of each other, yet they could be considered, if not friends, at least not enemies.

"So, if I have this ‘little status’, why do you even bother talking to me, Draco?”

“Well, since we’re both pure-bloods, I don’t see the problem.” That made her laugh a bit, and she closed the book.

“Is there anything you needed or you just wanted to interrupt me?”

“Both. I already made you close that boring thing, so I’ll just say it. You’re coming to the Yule Ball with me, not a question.” With a sly smile similar as the one he had now, she began speaking.

“Am I? I don’t quite remember agreeing to anything. Besides, I thought you were taking somebody else already.”

“Then you were wrong. So, are you coming or I have to ask a Beauxbatons witch?”

“All right, blondie. It’s a date.”