i got bored and im sick

i used to be so into all these romance novels but now that i am more aware and i know more…… i fucking hate them like i really dont want to read about a white boy and a white girl falling in love in different circumstances again. unfortunately thats basically the entirety of the YA genre. i guess my point is that im so sick of heterosexuality being in every goddamn book i read. 


youtube killed him but he’ll live on in our hearts…..  press f to pay respec

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Woah, what a beautiful soul you have. It's so hard to find people who takes requests for writings these days. So first of all thank you so much and here's my request. Jimin, Jungkook and Seokjin doing a Iseul live on Vapp, drinking soju and beer. But Jimin getting drunk so easily, being clingy to Jungkook and talking like a baby. Later members watching the vlive replay and teasing Jimin about it. Thank youuuu, have a good day 🌺🌺🌺

A beautiful soul?!!?? Bless you. Ily~

I hope you like this, it didnt turn out as I would’ve liked it to but I tried my best anyway! (I literally couldn’t come up with and ending omfg) But anyway I hope you like it honey! Read it on AO3

When Seokjin suggested the three of them do a vlive together, Jungkook and Jimin did not expect it to turn out the way it did. At first it was a regular Eatjin, the three of them tasting different dishes their hotel had to offer. But when Seokjin brought out the beer and soju, things took a turn.

“Hyung, you know Jimin can’t handle alcohol that well.” Jungkook whispered to Seokjin off camera, eyeing up the cans of beer and bottles of soju on the small table.

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Vader finds Obi-Wan’s diary and threatens to release it to the Universe if Obi-Wan doesn’t come out of hiding. Apparently he doesn’t realize that would be more humiliating for him.... I mean Obi had to write about the spider incident right?

This is exactly the sort of short-sighted thing Anakin WOULD threaten, only to discover that Obi-Wan’s diary is just full of embarrassing shit ANAKIN did, and also lots and lots of cold hard proof that Obi-Wan loved him and was constantly taking care of him. 

Vader: i found ur old diary
Vader: omgggggg talk about hilarious u r such a loser i bet theres all sorts of dumb shit in here about bein the perrrrfffect jedi lol 
Obi-Wan: Glad my personal feelings are so entertaining for you, Anakin. 
Vader: u know….if u come back to coruscant…maybe i wont tell everyone whats in here 
Vader: otherwise im totally reading it aloud to everyone at my next mtg
Vader: everyone will know about the time u threw up on that ambassador bc u drank too much punch 
Obi-Wan: Anakin, that was you. 
Vader: oh right. ok fine im sure there’s something in here i can use 
[20 minutes later] 
Obi-Wan: So how’s your quest to find humiliating material about me going?
Obi-Wan: Did you get to the part where we went to that diplomats’ dinner in the Hapes system when you were 18 and you tried speaking a language you didn’t know and ended up insulting one of our hosts’ grandmothers and almost got yourself executed?
Obi-Wan: Or the time you ate what turned out to be a powerful hallucinogen on our way back from a mission and I spent the entire trip home trying to convince you that the “purple monster” you kept trying to attack was just the ship’s vacuum cleaner? 
Obi-Wan: Or that time you got Corellian flu and I stayed up with you for 3 solid days because your fever was so high?
Vader: u never did that! u were always too busy with the ~council~ to help me 
Obi-Wan: Look for the entry you idiot! It was 11 years ago last month. I was worried sick for you. 
[25 minutes later] 
Obi-Wan: …well?
Vader: well what 
Obi-Wan: Did you find the entry from when you had the flu?
Vader: whatever its not important im bored w ur diary anyways
Vader: ive got sith stuff to do rn gtg

tallster n townhull headcannons bc i just got back from a fair n im bored

-caleb really loves fair. like REALLY loves fairs he gets like a litle kid n goes on all the rides its sweet.
-ben probably likes it just as much as caleb bc they probably went to traveling fairs together when they were kids so it reminds of them The Good Times yanno
-caleb likes rides the faster the better n probably goes on them enough times to make a lesser man sick but ben probably prefers the chiller rides bc honestly ben does enough ridiculous stuff everyday lets make the fair the one place hes not constantly on the verge of death at
-abe probably goes on all the rides w caleb but likes the petting zoo the best because he is a Cabbage Nerd™
-rob likes the petting zoo also (mostly bc its abes favorite but shhhh dont tell anyone)
-rob is probably the person that brings water bottles n food n stuff bc fair food is ridiculously expensive and “its just water! why is it three dollars!!!!”
-everyone always ends up eating fair food bc a) it smells so good okay and b) they probably convince rob to be okay with it bc theyre “supporting small businesses okay!!!!”
-ben and caleb 100% share food because theyre That Couple™
-caleb gets ice cream on his nose n ben kisses it off and abe pretends to vomit behind them while rob giggles
-abe later steals a fry out of robs hand tho so????? hes no better n caleb forever makes fun of him for it
-ben and caleb probably get really mushy @ the fair bc theyre reminded of being kids n tbh theyre mushy all the time
-abe and rob wander off then bc u can only spend so long w people as ridiculously happy as ben n caleb without wanting to punch them both for being so in love
-ben and caleb eventually find abe giving rob a piggy back ride tho so honestly they cant talk
-they stay all day and definitely watch the pig races (look them up theyre real theyre great)
-(caleb may or may not win upwards of two hundred dollars from betting on pigs)
-(ben pretends not to notice)
-they go to that place with all the weird mirrors just to make fun of caleb being short
-it cost like twenty dollars but it was totally worth it
-okay so if u didnt know a lot of companies n organizations have booths at county fairs
-so they wander thru the stalls for a while (ben and caleb probably make out in front of the trump booth) (yes there are trump booths at fairs i saw one trust me)
-abe probably catcalls them n rob totally has to kiss him to shut him up theres no other way.
-calebs the kind of person wholl ask for a bite of ur cotton candy and crumple up a ton of it but when he sees a little kid crying bc they dropped their ice cream he gives them his bc caleb is sweet and like???? who wouldnt
-you know those carnival games? caleb and ben are probably great at them as expected bc theyre badass spies n all but rob is probably secretly amazing at them
-but like. lowkey. he doesnt do them bc like??? what would i do with a giant plush wolf im not a furry
-abe blows like $20 on them tho n them rob does it one shot
-“how did u do that?????????????
what like its hard?”
-(cue caleb collapsing into giggles and needing to lean on ben to keep from falling over)
-(caleb probably starts singing legally blonde to ben but then he needs to shut up bc he doesnt wanna offend abe “farmers-against-thespians” woodhull’s delicate sensibilities)
-they totally stay until dark and go on the ferris wheel once it lights up
-caleb sorta falls asleep on bens shoulder
-its sweet
-they still stay for the fireworks tho, bc caleb insists that hes not tired
-they sit on blankets rob brought to watch them
-abe puts his arms around rob n kisses him a lot (which is the most pda-y they get most times but rob doesnt really care bc like??? its the fair and its dark who cares)
-(plus abe looks really cute with the fireworks lighting up his eyes)
-meanwhile caleb and ben are either taking a nap on each other or theyve gone behind a tree to make out
-they make it back before the fireworks end so nobody notices but it totally happens
-ben probably carries caleb back to the car, not bc hes actually that tired but like??? would you pass up a chance to have Benjamin Tallmadge, The Official Cutest Person Alive™ carry you??????????
-i think not
-its only ten when they get back but everyones so tired that they just pass out
-they probably go to the fair the same time every year, For Old Times Sake™ and its always good bc like????? its the fair
-everything is good at the fair its like a bubble of happiness
-at least thats what caleb tells ben to try and convince him that yes, having a fair every day would be a great idea
-ben hits him with a pillow and they go to sleep
-abe probably wakes up the next morning with cotton candy in his hair and rob refused to kiss him until hes washed it out


strep throat is a ridiculously fucking boring thing to have and i meant to do this once all the kids got posters anyway, so have some matching tumblr icons for u and the emotionally traumatized squad. please like/reblog if you use!

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Why didn't you like Robinson Crusoe? Was it the preachy religious themes?

no it was the lack of plot and his insufferable arrogance. he spends most of the book complaining about how ~hard~ it is for him to survive and swinging between hating God and going devout.

> mom dad ur jerks for not letting me go to sea at 15, goodbye
> mom dad were right!! im shipwrecked. o hey, rescued by the Portuguese, here’s this boy that helped me survive. he’s ur slave now. bye.
> what fortune!! a whole brazillian plantation to myself!! but being wealthy and secure is boring. time to hit the sails again
> shipwrecked. every1 but me died.
> dear diary: i went out to the shipwreck today. it had every fucking supply i need to survive: food, weapons, gunpowder, shelter materials, even ink and paper to write this!!
> i got sunburned and i can only live off this supply for five years, meaning i eventually have to grow my own food. im so unlucky. please help me @ god
> i have ten million goats and a cornfield at my disposal and a massive fort. @ god i dont need u
> im sick. @ god help me pls
> found an extra barrel of gunpower but im outta ink. @ god i hate u why do u let bad things happen to me.
> FOOTPRINT!!!1! I THINK. i am not alone. there are SAVAGES. wow look at the time it’s been ten years and i havent tried to leave yet but i guess nows a good time haha
> i spent a year making this boat only to realize idk how to get it to the shore. oops. @ god this is ur fault.
> hey an indigenous boy!! call me Master and do all my labor. i cant believe god sent me a slave hoo boi i must be in his good graces
> its been 20 years. time to check the other side of the island. hey lets rebuild a boat here for another 5 years.
> i am now over fifty years old. a strange ship arrived. they tried to mutiny against their captain but i stopped them!! now they help me 2 fight off the savages that i haven’t seen the entire book until now. boom they ded. action scene? what action scene? was half a page not good enuf?
> thanks 4 helpin me. have this slave boy of mine. o what do you mean that brazillian plantation is now worth millions? goody goody!!!! i establish a colony on the island in my name. i am filthy fucking rich.
> @ god. new phone who dis?
> did i grow as a character at all? no

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I've never played animal crossing before so i thought id give it a try, but its really boring but i dont want anything intense when im in this much pain. I call us sick buds, but i just got a whole bunch of teeth removed

I was p useless for the first day or two after I got my wisdom teeth out, so I feel you

and yeah, I like Animal Crossing but I’ll be the first to admit that Pocket Camp isn’t the greatest introduction to the series; AC is always a pretty calm series, but PC manages to be a little bland in my opinion

BUT they just launched, so maybe they’ll make some tweaks

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How do i stop this adicction about daydreaming before gets wrost? I'm getting worried and sick of it! Its fun, yeah, but i think i lost great part of my classes from school because daydream (i live in Brazil. Its not all day. Just from 6am to midday). No idea how long i take and i noticed I needed to stop It when stopped to things i like to daydream. Its not about me, thought. Its about my characters and i do it when im bored. Good side is that i can easy 'come back to life' (1/2)

27julysaved said:Hey I’ve got maladaptive and I’m dreaming all day while I’m at the school , at the outside … And I dont wanna doing anything except dreaming . I know I should'nt do it but I can’t stop myself . I neglect my responsibilities because of this. How can I stop it what should I do. I discovered your account by chance and I’m so glad so I’m not the only one who has maladaptive d Please give me an advice .How can I be relax. If you’ll answer this I’ll be really happy

Answering similar asks together again.

There are no proven effective treatment.  But the MD community have been supporting each other and sorting out what works for a few years now, common advise;  

The obvious, I’m sure people are tired of seeing these, but there’s a reason these are repeated everywhere; they’re important.  Avoid your triggers.  This may mean avoiding or cutting down on certain media until you have a better hold. Triggers might not be something you can point to easily, some can be subtle, like feelings of boredom or loneliness. Find your underlying cause.  It may be another disorder, such as anxiety or depression, or due to past trauma. It could also be characterological, shyness or introversion, or perhaps you just “do it because you can” and now feel addicted. Address these issues along side the MD.

To support you through this there are several helpful resources, here is a list of MD communities and here can be found a write-up which is widely recommended [15] (especially if you are the type of MDer who feels like an addict).  If you have another disorder, or suspect you might, you should speak with your doctor about therapy and medication.  Treating only the comorbid issue does not usually cure the MD, but it will help since they most often go hand in hand. In addition, there are some medications which are reported to lessen the daydreaming in some people.

Researchers are currently working on treatment options for MD. While there is no official treatment protocol yet the MD community has reported several methods that seem to work well; CBT therapy, mindfulness techniques and some medications (prescriptions for comorbid disorders).  Some have also reported success with sheer will-power, 12-step programs and distraction techniques. There are several pathways to MD, this may cause some methods to be more or less effective than others.

In place of the daydreaming I recommend you find something engaging.  Your brain has been wired to daydream and the best thing you can do is teach it new ways of thinking.  Find a hobby, create art, learn a new skill.  Don’t be discouraged if at first you have a pile of half finished projects and find it hard to pay attention, something will stick eventually and even those half-done things were not a waste, every hour spent on them was an hour you taught your brain to be in the moment.  

And, Jadeskylight, (assuming Portuguese is your first language) here are a few links where you may be able to find some resources and community for yourself, including the Maladaptive Daydreaming Brasil facebook group. (also, your ask says 1 of 2, but I have no second part in my inbox, I hope this covers everything)

so um i got bored and made Lizzy from Ask the au sisters on ms paint with a mouse and yes i did use the tool im not supost to use but my hands are super shakey today ( cuz im sick ) so ya

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Age: 23
Birthplace: santos, são saulo
Current Time: 01:30
Drink You Last Had: guava juice yaaaa 
Easiest Person To Talk To: currently @erasergavemehead.
Favorite Song: Jay-Z - Family Feud atm
Grossest Memory: i got rly sick when i was a kid and puked and shat at the same time for like 2 hours straight. it was wild. 
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw 
In love with:
togata mirio. and money 
Jealous Of People: who have money
Killed Anyone: havent tried yet
Love At First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: should i walk by again i guess
Middle Name: mazala
Number Of Siblings: a sister (29) and a brother (26) 
Person You Last Called: pops
Question You Are Always Asked: “how come you speak english so well”
Reasons To Smile: togata mirio, friends, the sun only setting at 7pm, macarons…. money
Song You Last Sung: the cruella de vil theme
Time You Woke: 9am i think 
Underwear Color: navy
Vacation Destination: japan i guess. or australia again
Worst Habit: shredding my lips all the time from chewing on them so hard
X-Rays: ive only seen my ribcage on xray i think
Your Favorite Food: cant pick one, so pad thai/chow mein/macarons/handmade hard candy.
Zodiac Sign: libra

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Update on the “feeling under the weather” situation: Im definitely sick.

Monday I stayed in bed as I said, and yesterday after doing some work in the morning I felt worse and decided to cancel what I had that afternoon and got to the doctor instead and see what was wrong… Just.. blood pressure thing.. and fever..and stuff… I got some meds now and it should be all sorted soon (hopefully). 

Now I know I should be resting and all and that my bloody eye doesn’t look well on camera but man Im bored and lonely home so Ill try to answer some ask and stuff… Yeah..Sorry for the last two days of nothingness..shit happens ya know!

I just hope that the people I had to reschedule their appointments for curse-removal wont be too mad.. I mean I can’t do my job like this, I could get them sick too! Im using my blood after all!