i got better at gifs

“I suppose some day you will become my enemy as well
But I don’t care because even then,
I will continue to wish for a world in which you’ll be happy” 

✨ ✨ ✨

this looks really bad but i trIED WH O OPS

 i wanted to animate thomas  really badly because like,, aghhghg 


hes a great person and all the times he’s said nice things about my art, its made me continue to draw, and since i started watching him everything in my life got so much better?? like wow aaagh ,,, recently he’s been saying suCH NICE THINGS about my art and it makes me so happy and makes me cry tbh because like,, he’s always there for everyone its so sWEET I CANT

so like,, thanks for lighting up my life, thomas 

everything you’ve done has helped me through so many dark times 

Because of you I joined a groupchat about you and it inspired me to make an actual Twitter account instead of a side one, and ever since all the people in the community have made me feel so welcome aaaaa

i’m gonna end this here because im ranting whoops,,, anyways i hope u like it ,, aa aa a @thatsthat24


After 2 years and 6 months you guys achieved your 1st music show win! Since falling super hard for you guys near the end of 2014 during your predebut, I always knew you could do it. You have continued to work super hard, give us the best, and fight for us. Congratulations on your first win and many more to come! All of your hard work has paid off and you guys deserve everything. We are so happy and beyond proud of you guys. I love you guys so much!!  #MonstaX1stWin