i got angry today

Being a Tarot Reader is such a thankless job sometimes I s2g. People don’t want to tip, people don’t want to leave reviews, I actually got a “Fuck you, wench” today because someone got angry about what the cards had to say like ?????? I can’t control that? I’m so tired.

the injustice of remus lupin’s life is stark and reverberates through my whole soul whenever i think of him. he suffered so fucking much. he didn’t deserve any of it. he deserves to turn 57 years old today, to keep working as a professor at hogwarts teaching defense against the dark arts, to be a father to his son, to be a husband, to enjoy every second of the life he could have lived. and i think somewhere out there, that’s exactly what he’s doing. it’s just so tragic that he never gets that in the universe that joanne rowling created. 

I’m in a salty mood today, so here we go again: Friendly reminder that each and every one of Daenerys’ titles reflects a part of her journey and her struggle, and people being like “Ugh no one gives a shit about her titles hahahaha” is exactly what I was talking about when I said that people are uninterested in your story if you are a woman. So yeah, I’m sorry if it sounds ridiculous to you, but Dany is indeed all that: She is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, she is the Khaleesi of the great grass sea who united all the Khalasars, she is the breaker of chains who used her power to help slaves end slavery, she is the mother of dragons who lost her husband and her son in order to hatch them. She earned every. Single. One. Of. Those. Titles. 

Late night doodle of Saïx and Axel (Isa and Lea?) soon after they became Nobodies that got finished today because I got angry at my homework and because those two are just so adorable ;__;

Edge Of Seventeen

Part 3

OC X Sweet Pea

Warnings: Violence, Alcohol mention, Swearing. 

*Credit to gif owner

It was my first night home since getting caught up in the fight between the Serpents and the Bulldogs. I didn’t mean to be there. I was out walking, clearing my head. Before I knew it I was face to face with an all in brawl. It was Sweet Pea who caught my attention, he was kicking and stomping on a Bulldog with such force that I wasn’t sure who he was anymore. Even in the dark and the rain I could pick him out of a crowd. It was then I felt the searing pain down my left side; I remember yelping out in pain and falling, then pushing away Sweet Pea when he rolled me over.

I still can’t wrap my head around anything. Which is why I was walking again. Walking around the South Side in the dark isn’t always the best thing to do, but at this point I’d already been stabbed and my brother was in prison for murder, so I figured it couldn’t get any worse. I suspected that Kai wasn’t at college, I suspected he had taken off and my parents just didn’t have the heart to tell me. It was kind of true I guess, only we all know exactly where he is. My big brother who taught me to ride a bike and roller blade, was a murderer. I am tired.

“Are you an idiot?” A voice came from behind me. 

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Yikes. I work as a weekend shift manager at a coffee/donut/ice cream place (I think I’ve submitted before?). Anyway.

I got a call today from a very angry lady. She wanted to know if my store and another store in the area were owned by the same person. I said that they are, as well as managed by the same person. She asked to speak with that person but I let her know that she had the day of. So she asks for the next person up in the management chain by name. She got upset when I told her that she doesn’t work weekends and I cannot in fact give out her cell phone number.

She she settled for me. She proceeded to complain to me for 10 minutes (not even exaggerating a little). About someone who was mean to her at the OTHER STORE. Way out of my power lady. I don’t even know what she expected. She just complained a lot, told me she was never going to a *franchise name* again. Like okay, that sucks I guess, but??? Then she ends the phone call by telling me that I need to fire who was mean to her. Like. Yeah. I’ll get right on that /heavysarcasm/

dear allistics

when you’re talking shit about “low functioning” autistics, you are still directly insulting and dehumanizing me, even if you don’t actively place me in that category. I am not a “different kind of autistic.” I am not “mildly autistic.” I am not “higher functioning” than other autistics.

autism isn’t called a spectrum because some autistics are better and some are worse, it’s because we display a wide spectrum of traits. some of the traits I have are going to be different from some of the ones other autistic people have. some of the traits I have/don’t have can sometimes make it more possible for me to pass as neurotypical. but I pass as a weird, insufficient, undesirable neurotypical. I am not more “functional” than an autistic person who has different autistic traits than I do. I am not more worthy or important just because you are able to ignore the fact that I’m autistic for your own comfort. 

besides that, you have no idea how I “function” aside from what I show to you. I burn myself out trying to behave like a neurotypical person. I can fall apart and lose my verbal abilities for hours at a time. unpleasant sensory input is overwhelming and painful for me, and the fact that I continue to interact with neurotypical society through that (at great cost to my own wellbeing) does not make me more functional than another autistic person.

stop talking shit about autistics, no matter what you perceive our “functioning level” to be. stop assuming that you understand what an autistic person’s experience is, how well that person “functions,” stop assuming that doing things in a way you understand means progress/functioning and doing things you don’t understand means the opposite. stop condescendingly talking about autistic kids to me. stop talking about how inspirational they are for doing things that may or may not be good or natural for them, or about how much they’ve “improved” since starting therapies that may well be sanctioned abuse. stop talking about other autistic people’s meltdowns to me. are you fucking kidding me? why on earth would you share information that personal and vulnerable with someone who’s never met the person in question? why would you decide that that’s a story you’re allowed to tell? you don’t get to gawk at that “low-functioning” person with “severe autism” like they’re some kind of public fucking entertainment. stop dehumanizing and belittling and spectacularizing autistic people, especially in front of another goddamn autistic person who is probably trusting you less and less as you continue speaking.

and if you’re going to do those things, at least admit that you are shitting on me when you’re doing it. at least admit that you’re dehumanizing me and taking away my agency at the same time as you take away theirs. at least admit that you don’t give a shit about me or my autonomy or value as a person. I’m not in some kind of other category. I’m just another autistic who could be having a meltdown in the grocery store next to you someday.