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If I could create some sort of magic thing, what would it be?


Instead of moving to defend herself, Rey closed her eyes. Ren hesitated, confused by her actions. A long moment passed in which Ren sensed a change in the air, a change in her. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Alan Dean Foster 

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 



Guys, im gonna rant and be salty about the Girl’s Generation album/comeback.

SM is doing those girls dirty. And that’s a fucking fact.

This is their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR FUCKS SAKE. There should be more hype than this. YES the teaser videos are beautiful. But they aren’t promoting them enough. And it makes me angry because they just promoted the ever living fuck out of EXO (don’t be a pissy hater. This is a fact. I love EXO, but SM is clearly playing favorites with them right now when they should be doing more for this anniversary cause its a HUGE FREAKING DEAL.)

Now let’s talk about the actual album.

And ya’ll can be haters if you want but im using EXO as an example again.
When you buy “the war” album (from kpoptown) it comes with

- The CD
- A photo card
- Booklet/photo book
- 1 Poster.

Pretty standard right? And it even has several versions so there are different options you can choose from depending on which album you want.(in total there are like 8 different versions) WHICH IS GREAT.

Now, for the Holiday Night album it comes with:

- The CD
-1 poster.

That’s it. No photo book. No photo card. No extra little things and there is only 1 version. Which is bull shit.

Im gonna be 100% honest. SM sucks, and does shit like this all the time (i won’t even bring up f(x) how much SM has fucked them over) and i really shouldn’t be surprised. But the fact that EXO got so much promotion for a regular album, and has so many options for A REGULAR ALBUM, and Girls Generation is getting so little for their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, pisses me off.

And i don’t wanna hear “oh they aren’t popular anymore, they haven’t been relevant for 2 years” cause that’s fucking bullshit. They haven’t had a group comeback because all of the members have been working on solo projects WHICH IS AMAZING. Taeyeon has been slaying her solo career, even after being told she wouldn’t be succesfull (suck it haters) and the other girls have been doing amazing things. So as a long time fan (they were the first ever KPOP group i got into when the music video for GEE came out) it makes me sad that they aren’t getting the love and attention they deserve to celebrate 10 years as a group.

Hands down, they have been one of the most successful kpop groups, regardless of being a boy group or a girl group, EVER. And im disappointed in SM, and other fans, for not being as upset over this as we should be.

After all the money they’ve made for SM, they did those girls dirty.

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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A Rec List Out of Spite

Spite is a really motivating emotion. Sometime last summer I was telling my friend Laura about how I wanted to start a story-rec blog based on things other than genre or pairing. That was probably a year after I started thinking about doing so. But it took a full year after for me to do anything about it. And the key catalyst was how wrong another rec list on tumblr was.

See, in this post an asker was asking for recommendations similar to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. And the answerer had nothing similar to recommend. There were no other m/m, YA, Georgian historical books. That might technically be true. I don’t remember what they rec’d instead.

But I read The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue back-to-back. The reading order was a total coincidence. They are incredibly similar books. And so, YA readers, let me introduce you to romance novels.

Let’s start with the initial book, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. The tags I gave it were: YA Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Bi Character, Character of Color, Asshole gets Redeemed, Terrible Father, Awesome Sister, Adventure, Best Friends to Lovers, The Question of Inheritance, and an Epileptic Character.

My first similar recommendation is The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian. It’s got: Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Bi Character, Asshole gets Redeemed, Terrible Father, Awesome Sister. On top of that, things that are close but note quite are that one of the main characters has an illness he collapses from, and the awesome sister has a non-white husband. There is no traveling in this book, but both characters have traveled and lived outside of England in their past. It goes without saying that I liked this book.

Also, check out Brothers Sinister Series by Courtney Milan. These books are primarily M/F, Olde Time Historical England romance novels. The Countess Conspiracy has Best Friends to Lovers and Asshole gets Redeemed. And The Suffragette Scandal has an F/F B-plot. But the one I think will tick the most similar boxes TGGTVAV is The Heiress Effect. It’s got Kidnapping & Rescue, an Awesome Sister, an Epileptic Character, and a Character of Color love-interest. It’s my favorite of the series, because while the main couple are off dealing with marriage-plot and kidnapping shenanigans, the awesome little sister saves herself.

The hardest tag to match from TGGTVAV is “Adventure.” Most of the similar romance novels take place in London with some jaunts to country estates. They don’t tend span cities. But while I wouldn’t necessarily tag these books “Adventure,” there are plenty of romance novels with high-stakes, tension filled plots. And there’s one undisputed queen of historical M/M romance: K.J. Charles.

The Charm of Magpie Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Surprise, Magic Exists!, Terrible Father, The Question of Inheritance

TGGTVAV doesn’t really have magic, per se, but the cure-all that everyone’s on the hunt for veers towards it. And in the Magpie books adventure takes the form of Stephen, a sort of magic police, saving the world, or at least Lord Crane, from evil warlocks. It should go without saying that they fall in love, and it is delightful.

Society of Gentlemen Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Politics
Specific books in the series also contain: BDSM, Awesome Sister (in Law)

Society of Gentleman goes the opposite direction of Charm of Magpies. The high-stakes here are shockingly real. These characters are falling in love and making lives for themselves in a world where they are all expected to get married and produce heirs, and being caught with each other could be a hanging offense. That is to say nothing of publishing seditious pamphlets and plotting murder. The stakes in two of the three books here are life-or-death and the machinations required to give everyone their happy ending are amazing.

Think of England by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England

A spy and injured war hero solve a mystery while guests at a country estate.

Sins of the Cities Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Character of Color, Terrible Father

These books are ‘The Question of Inheritance’ brought to a several attempted murders extreme. There’s still one more book coming out in October before this trilogy is complete, so I don’t want to or know enough to say too much. But I loved the second on in the series.

And lastly for something slightly different:

The Whyborne and Griffin Series by Jordan L. Hawke
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time America, Surprise! Magic Exists, Terrible Father, Low Fantasy, Detective, The Question of Inheritance, Kidnapping & Rescue
Specific books in the series also contain Awesome Sister, F/F B-Plot, M/F B-plot, Character of Color, Monsters

These books take place in America, rather than England, in a later time (the very first electric lights come to town!). But they have the travel missing in all my other recs. Home for Whyborne and Griffin is a creepy Massachusetts town, but when they get wind of suspicious magical disasters around the world, they travel to them. These books are delightfully formulaic: Let’s split up to cover more ground! Oh no, my partner has been kidnapped! Time to mount a rescue mission! And my favorite is when they live this out around the world in Kansas and Alaska and Egypt.

Is there anything you’d add to the list?

I’ve been crazy stuck in the subreddit for hfy and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone address how our bodies make up for what we lack

Like I’ve heard of people who suck at hearing but have great vision (and in this case I am adamantly in the vice versa)

And like shit like that..???

Raving Lunatics & Idiots.

Originally posted by 19-4k

Request: hello hi can you please write a Jerome imagine where you disguise yourself as one of jerome’s cult members with the heavy makeup and costume and you blend in at jerome’s circus but he (or a cult member) eventually catches you by trying to save your friend from the torture?

Fandom: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Note: this one shot contains violence, torture instruments, blood, swearing, spoilers i guess & weapons. gif isn’t mine. y/n is a bit younger than jerome and dresses like harley quinn (jester costume) as a disguise. the names i made up are mentioned in this story: cindy, erin, katherine and y/n’s friend (y/f/n)

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Wedding Date (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by damnedbuckybarnes

Author’s Note: It’s wedding season and all of my friends are getting married (one of my best friends got married last week and I cried. A LOT) and since I’m still kinda recently single my mom has been my wedding date and I’ve been trying to find someone else to be my date and so anyway, this idea came to me, so here you go! Also, I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to do this with Steve or Sam so I might do a little something special for Sam soon.

Summary: You friend has a wedding, you have no date, and Tony has a big mouth.

Warning(s): Wedding, drinking, family, and some fluff

Words: 2,302

Y/F/N - (Your Friend’s Name)

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Avengers Chatroom: Wingardium Leviosa

Requested by @magicalmagedeon

Pairing: Steve x F!Reader

Scenario: Anyone have the Winchester’s number?

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Natasha, Bucky, Wanda.

Steve: Does Y/N hate me?

Wanda: Of course not, why would you ask that?

Steve: Every time I ask her to train with me she declines.

Nat: Maybe it’s because she trains with me.

Steve: Would it hurt to just train with me for once?

Bucky: Ah this reminds me of when Steve got his first crush.

Wanda: Tell me everything.

Steve: Not another word!

Tony has joined.


Steve: Finally feeling guilty about all the terrible decisions you made?

Tony: I don’t have time for you, Steve. I have a poltergeist. Unless it’s Wanda pulling a prank.

Wanda: I’m in Sokovia. What’s happening?


Nat: Are you drunk?

Tony: NO!

Bucky: I don’t believe you.

Tony: Are you in the base? Where are you? Come to the kitchen.

Bucky: K


Nat: Bullshit. Wait I’m coming over.

Nat: So … Do we have any salt?

Tony has added Bruce.


Bruce: No, it broke remember?

Steve: I am not falling for this.

Tony: I have never been this scared before.

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Hey Tony, I hope you learned your lesson! Don’t touch my phone ever again.

Bucky: You’re doing this?!

Wanda: Ah, this explains everything. You have telekinesis? I knew you had powers, just not what.




Nat: Why did you keep this a secret?

Y/N: I am still trying to control it and Fury said I should keep it a secret; something to do with how I got it in the first place being very dangerous if anyone found out.

Bruce: Fascinating, would you mind if I did some small tests?

Steve: She is not a lab rat.

Y/N: I don’t mind.

Tony: I am still recovering from this. Excuse me.

Tony has left the chat,

Bruce: I should probably help him clean up.

Y/N: Sorry, Bruce!

Bruce: It’s okay. I had a good laugh. Tony looked like he was going to wet himself.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: I can show you how to control your powers when I get back.

Y/N: Will it involve pranking Tony some more?

Wanda: Of course! I have to go, mission calls.

Wanda has left the chat.

Nat: Steve wants to ask you something, Y/N.

Steve: What? No I don’t.

Bucky: Yeah he does.

Y/N: What is it?

Nat: Do you hate him?

Bucky: He thinks you do because you never want to train with him.

Steve: Ignore them!

Y/N: Steve do you really think that? I’m sorry I made you think that. The reason I didn’t want to train with you was because… I get nervous when I’m around you. And then it’s harder for me to control my powers. I could hurt you.

Bucky: We should give them some privacy.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Steve: Do I scare you that much?

Y/N: No! I don’t get nervous because I’m scared of you. It’s because I like you.

Steve: Really?

Y/N: Yes!

Steve: Oh wow.

Y/N: Yeah..

Steve: Are you sure?

Y/N: Positive.

Steve: Like 100%?

Y/N: 100%. Look Steve, it’s okay if you don’t like me back. This won’t affect our friendship :)

Steve: Wait Y/N

Steve: I like you too

Steve: I have for a very long time and I really wanted to tell you but I didn’t get the chance to.

Steve: Hello, Y/N, it’s Bucky. I think you broke Steve. He can’t stop smiling like an idiot. I’m going to send you a video.


Steve: Look at this punk. He’s speechless. Would you do him the honor of going on a date with him?

Y/N: Yes!

Steve: He will pick you up at 5!

Y/N: Tell the Captain I look forward to it.

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Yugyeom finds some sentimental...

lil Yugyeom fluff…..

Yugyeom was lying down on his stomach on your bed watching TV when you kreturned from your shower. You noticed his hands playing with something small and shiny. When the object moved in the light you recognised the way it glistened and shimmered.

‘What have you got there?’ You questioned tilting your head to the side. He looked up, not even realising you were back in the room.

'Oh, it’s the little bird from your dressing table,’ He replied holding it out in his palm, the white glitter on the outside twinkling under the light. He had always been a bit intrigued by the small bird ornament that sat alone on your bedside table.

'It’s a dove.’ You smiled taking it out of his hand and sitting down beside him. You held it in your hand thinking back to when you first got it, this little dove didn’t look as old as it was.

'I thought doves came in pairs? And don’t they represent love?’ Yugyeom asked sitting upright.

You smiled thinking about what your dove symbolised to you. 'Yeah they do, someone else has the other one.’

Yugyeom scrunched up his face, 'don’t tell me some dumbass ex of yours has the other half?!’ He scoffed raising his eyebrows at you.

You couldn’t help but let out a little giggle at his little outburst. 'No you idiot, y/f/n, my best friend has it! She bought them when she left for University, she took one with her when she moved and she gave the other to me. I’ve had it ever since.’

Yugyeom’s face softened again realising the significance of the little glittering dove. He leaned over and pinched your cheeks. 'Aww, that’s so cute! We should get our own little doves!’ And with that he on his phone searching for another small set of doves for you to share as a couple.

just some thoughts my wife and i had during WKM

The Colonel

-Damien says Colonel hated Mark

-Had loaded gun out during montage

-guns are things of danger


-“Experience on the matter” talking about killing Zombie Mark

-Same age as Mark, as said by Tyler

-Keeps saying “Bully”

-iS SuPeR SuSpIcIoUs

-Friends with the Mayor as long as he can remember

-Also the same about Mark

-But “Best not to speak ill of the dead”

-Some bad shit go down?

-Jumps into the pool (pinstripe outfit) to avoid the Dar- i mean DAmien, what

-changes quickly, wish i could do that

-Said Mark had enemies as of late

-Said Mark was a “tough SOB” to work for

-Goes down to golf course to avoid Damien

-Said he would “fetch his clubs” - alluding to beating?


-When he was Private, the chef was his chef, probably did chef things

-We’re in the Colonel’s house whaT A FUCKING PLOT TWIST

-Was sucked in the board game, Jumanji, can’t wait to see it in theaters

-Knows Seline

-Both Colonel and Seline reference “Homonecrosis”

-In reference to zambo mark

-Trusts Seline “will all [his] heart” awwwww

-Was watching you and the Detective from the balcony when the Detective says that the body is gone

-Appeared tired, went back to his room during seance (uh huh sure right) - according to Tyler

-Is there when you go back in the house w/George, the smollest of all time (SOAT for short)

The Butler - Tyler

-“Water and cocaine” - alluding to poison? DRUGS? dEaTh?

-Wasn’t drinking and was wearing gloves during montage

-Was also playing poker - why tf not tyler do you suck?

-Butler vets guests?

-Broken EMPTY wine bottle, and not a place on the rack that was missing a wine bottle - came from somewhere else?

-Has weird reaction to wine bottle. hE CrIeS.

-Says “Marco” and the lightning crashes (polo)

The Mayor - Damien

-We went to university together

-Probably fucked in college?

-“Pass that shit” -spoken, probably, by either mark or damien at a party

-WaS GoNnA bE aN EnGinEeR

-“Good to have the gang back together” - thanks scoob

-Seems to be very passionate/emotional

-IS ANOTHER SOAT (smollet of all time for those of you who forgot)

-Has known Mark since they were kids

-Has known the Colonel for a long time


-Also potentially all the same person but ya know

-Is trying to speak with The Colonel, but the Colonel is goddamn slippery

-Would stake his life on the innocence of us or the Colonel

-Aww bb

-Doesn’t say the same of Detective tho



-Seems to care about Seline

-But don’t even fucking think about seline, we know mark and damien were fucking

-Mentions “occult”

-Might know what Seline is about to do?

-Stays inside w/Seline during the talk with George

-Seline says she doesn’t need help, especially from Damien

-First of all, ROOD

-Said he doesn’t want to lose another friend

-Does he know what Seline is about to do?

-Fight the batman?

The Chef

-Same chef from ADWM (listen, times are tough)

-“evidence…of food. fingerprints…off dishes. sopped up all that blood…NO EXPLANATION”

-Went to room at 1:00am (PaRtY PoOpEr)

-Said he has experience with murder?


-Used to work for the Colonel

-Know that the Groundskeeper lived on the grounds but hid this fact

-Spent three weeks at culinary school

-We’ve all been there, man

The Detective

-All previous partners died (LiStEn TiMeS ArE ToUgH.)

-Does butt stuff?



-Friends with Mark for years

-Doesn’t actually trust us

-But you know it’s cool

-Assaulted the Colonel? - according to Colonel

-So like #fakenews maybe?

-Detective leaves when he sees the Jim News crew

-OnLy NaMe In NeWs We CaN tRuSt

-Has been referred to as “intrepid” by both Tyler and Damien


-Fell asleep at 1:30am - time of murder

-h o w c o n v e n i e n t f o r u s

-You’re the District Attorney

-H o w c o n v e n i e n t f o r u s

-You went to University with the Mayor, y’all are BFFLS

-You’re settling into a new office - said by Damien

-Sitting down with Seline

-“You’ve been awfully quiet” - Seline (i’ve been talking this whole time)

-“Beady little eyes” - Chef (thanks they’re designer)

-“Wearing those rags” - Tyler (r o o d d u d e)

-“So god damn gorgeous” - Detective (wink wonk)

-“Oh, I’ll pass.” - Colonel (thanks bb ily2)

-Why doesn’t he say anything about you?

-nOtIcE mE sEnPaI




-He sees you when you’re sleeping,

-he knows when you’re awake

-He kNoWs If YoU’vE BeEn BaD oR gOoD

-Y o U s E e T h E f U t U r E - why isn’t this being talked about more like holy fuck

-See groundskeeper talking to Chef and Detective

Little Buddy Cam

-1:17am Mark and Detective talk about Chef, Butler

-Camera mode set to KILL

-Chef is clean probs. Maybe. slightly.

-Butler is clean probs. Maybe. slightly.

Jim News/WKM Tumblr page

-Is the bottle on the poker table the wine bottle that Tyler takes you to later?


-Ammo is next to gun

-Shoulda probably hid that

-Implies that the Butler is neglecting duties

-Tyler is trying his goDDAMN BEST OKAY

-Says that Detective lost his former lover, Sasha, 23 years ago “to this day”


-Found stray hairs “that may be animal related”

-ChIcA!?!?!?!?! DaRk ChICa?!?!? Is ThIs ThE UlTiMaTe BeTrAyAl?!?!


-Detective sees them, leaves.

-Weird, creepy audio file

-Writing/scratching sounds

-He’s updating his fanfiction


-Jim says he’s going to the “dark place”, close to where the man was killed

-The spot he’s in is the same spot that the Colonel was in when Damien was yelling at him in Chapter 1

-Ouija board says “Subscribe to Markiplier”

-Oh i haven’t even considered doing that w o w


-dead af

-Said we were celebrating something


-Stabbed 37 times











-Room is ransacked

-Or mark got turnt and got busssaaaaaay

-Four photos on table

-First one - Damien, Mark, Colonel (BFFLS)

-Second one - Damien, Colonel, Mark, Seline (?) (#lovesquare)

-Third one - Damien, Mark (together…forever)

-(upside down) fourth one - Broken photo of Colonel

The Seer - Seline

-Knows Colonel

-Both Colonel and Seline reference “Homonecrosis”

-Gotta go fund that pilot episode yo #spon #promo

-Says “pls don’t say murder”


-“Well-versed in arcane arts”

-Yeah and i went to pigfarts

-100% picked up a book at like target and went “i’m an expert now”

-Proposes a seance

-W h a t a g r e a t i d e a

-W h a t c o u l d g o w r o n g

-W H E R E ‘ S T H E B L A C K S M I T H

-Says that “you” have a much greater part to play

-God i hope so

-Says “my work CANNOT be interrupted”

-Has tarrot cards out on seance table

-Says that Mark’s murder is a footnote in a much larger scheme

-Sounds murder-y

-Dark forces surrounding this manor”

-Gets mad when you stop the seance

-Tells you to draw it

-Gets angry when everyone comes in

-Comes out of the room w/ evil light behind her

-*3D effects similar to Darkiplier*

-FUCKING SMILES EVILLY but is also kinda hot and it’s confusing

-I T ‘ S D E M O N S J I M. D E M O N S.

-Has black lipstick on that she wasn’t wearing before

-When did you have time to do your makeup AND can ya hook a girl up with that lipstick thanks bb

-Music during this scene has clock ticking

-Snape snape severus snape

The Groundskeeper - George

-S M O L A S F U C K

-Trying his goddamn best

-Looks kinda like walder frey

-Filch for those of y’all who dont watch GOT

-Missing out

-Only works on weekdays - according to Tyler

-Has been living on the grounds for years

-Is a hermit - according to Chef


-Fuck your father

-Is digging a hole (arent we all)

-Says burst water pipe is the reason why


-Been 15 years since he’s been in the house

-Been 15 years since i’ve been out of my house

-“One reason, one incident, one manifestation” to get him to go back in the house

-Seems bad

-Goes in house, after light flashes from inside house

-Says that’s the reason

-Is this the movie Monster House?

-Remember that shit? fucked me up.

-George knows to close the door?

-You help

DID WE GET IT ALL? @freakykrazykenzie

I wonder if there are any new people seeing the light ‘cause this shit is so obvious.

Literally any appearance of E and F was during a time when either H or L has something to promote. H has an announcement? Let’s pap E and L. H at SNL and Louis’ mia? No no no let’s have them papped at Coachella. Harry has his album out? Let’s pap L and E with a delivery man.

Not to mention the silent video for the kid’s bday. All the questions L got when it should’ve been about JHO. Every single day and important holidays when no one gave a shit about this kid. For months!!!

It’s so blatantly obvious after the months-long breath of fresh air when everyfuckingone forgot about the existence of F that I wonder: is there no sane person seeing the obvious here?

Is there anyone new admitting that yes this is really happening? That yes both are used as props?
If yes, are you asking yourself why? Have you reached that point yet? Not yet?

Genuinely asking because my brain cells are really protesting when it comes to digesting this much bs since early 2015 - when all this started.