i got an extra day off this week and spent it at the beach


Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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The thing about necromancers is, they never know when to give up and they never quite understand that not being a reaper yet does not actually put Taako at a disadvantage against them.

And of course, every last on of them is extra as fuck.

Angus decides to opt out of the Extreme Teen Adventures one summer because the group got hopelessly lost last time and he thinks summer camp will be a more relaxing alternative. After weeks of wheedling, bargaining, and annoying persistence, Taako comes with him as a camp counselor (with the understanding that Taako will spend the entire two weeks counseling no one and enjoying the lake). They’re there for two days before a man with a weird mask and a large knife shows up, part of a cult located conveniently close by, and they both decide that a nice beach vacation is a better option; if it hadn’t been the murderous cultists, the horrendous food would have been the deciding factor.


It’s date night and Kravitz is adorably excited about taking Taako to the opera. Taako can’t say he’s a huge fan, but there are a lot of things he would do to see that smile on Kravitz’ face - and besides, it’s a double date so Lup is stuck going too. Taako and Lup keep themselves admirably entertained through the first half by reaching over two seats to bother each other. Kravitz and Barry admirably pretend not to notice.

It’s almost intermission when someone on the stage screams while the chandelier above them creaks ominously. Someone in the rafters starts laughing manically, Kravitz is sighing because he knows that laughter and this was supposed to be his night off, and a moment later the chandelier is falling directly on the audience.

It’s very fortunate that Taako and Lup, out of pure boredom, got into the extreme sport of hurtling boulders at each other on one of the worlds (which Davenport eventually put an end to, commenting that just because they could could give him repeated heart attacks it didn’t mean they should). Taako catches the chandelier with magic and tosses it back up to where a shadowy figure is still laughing. There’s a grunt, and, one excellently-timed portal later, Lup has caught both the fixture and the figure before they can hit the ground.


Taako is conned into bringing Angus to a new play-and-eat place in Neverwinter for kids; it’s not Angus’s thing at all, or Taako’s, but it’s Mookie’s birthday and Mookie (perhaps only Mookie) is delighted by the people wandering around in huge animal suits. Taako is not a fan, especially when he thinks he catches them following him from room to room. When everyone is distracted by Mookie blowing out the candles, one of them jumps right in Taako’s face and tries to grab him.

It gets blasted for its trouble and okay, cool, there’s no person in there and that’s a lot of metal and it’s some kind of robot, awesome. Taako is on the phone with Lucas moments later while Merle and Magnus usher the kids into the security booth.

“Animatronics, Lucas? You really fucking went for the giant bear? What, do you not have to pay ghosts as much to entertain the children?”

Lucas insists it wasn’t him, Taako hangs up on him, and he, Magnus, and Merle spend a lively afternoon guarding the security booth from the rest of those possessed caricatures of fuzzy animals.

There’s another cult, because of-fucking-course there is.


Taako admits the invitation was a little shady, but Kravitz, Barry, and Lup are off on some mission and he and Ren could use a week-long getaway to a wealthy benefactor’s mansion. The man spent half the letter gushing about Taako’s brand, and Taako is always happy to meet a fan.

They and some other guests are having dinner on the first night when the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, Taako is grappling with the owner of the house, who has a knife. It’s not much of a struggle; the man is pretty old, has lost the element of surprise, and is two seconds away from getting a face full of gale-force winds as Ren has already risen to her feet and drawn her wand.

There’s a cult under the house. It’s the easiest job his family has ever had, since the house is isolated and there’s nowhere for any of them to run.


Taako is strolling through Neverwinter with Angus, getting some shopping done and thinking seriously about the possibility of stopping at the new dessert place, when he thinks he hears whispering. And it’s coming from… below them?

Taako’s ears twitch as he turns, and it seems that Angus has caught on too, because he’s staring at the side of the street, where there’s a sewer drain.

Where there’s a clown in the sewer drain.

“For fuck’s sake –”

It seems like the clown in the sewer has lost its patience, because suddenly it’s reaching for Angus’s ankle with the clear intent of dragging him in. Taako catches it with magic missile and fires a few more for good measure, and then directs a fireball through the small opening. He can hear pained groaning echoing up as he grabs Angus and drags him across the street. Taako pulls out his stone.

“Hey babe, I found your lich. No I’m not sure it’s the one you’re looking for, we didn’t stop for introductions and shit, all I know is that there’s a crispy motherfucker in the sewer waiting for you to collect. Yes, the sewer. I didn’t put him down there, Krav, the creep has this whole sneaky clown routine. Yes, a clown. I know. Make Lup get him if you don’t want to. Love you too, but I swear I will lock you in the bathroom if you haven’t showered at least twice by the time I get home.”

With garbage-lich collection on the way, Taako grabs Angus around the shoulders and directs them both down another street, because they absolutely deserved something ridiculously unhealthy and sweet after that nonsense.

Yoongi Scenario: In Heaven.

Request: Can you do me a Yoongi angst/fluf/sad where he kind of neglects you when he’s busy and you two started to drift apart and when you finally had enough, you get into an accident (where you die) and he regrets it (neglecting you) and a few weeks later, he wakes up and he time travelled to the past to change the future? It’s kind of based off of JYJ-In Heaven. xD

Genre: Angst / Romance.

You hadn’t seen the car coming, but then that day you weren’t really there, exhausted and drained you had gone out to see if by walking you could make your brain react. Yoongi had stood you up last night and he hadn’t called, your relationship was coming to a dead point that you didn’t know if you would be able to overcome, no matter how much you loved him. Because you did, you loved that man with such force and you suffered for him in equal measure. The impact was fatal even if it didn’t kill you on spot, everything stopped moving and then your eyes closed shut.

Every time Yoongi went to sleep he remembered that day, you had been surrounded by flowers with a pretty dress on, you had your eyes closed like you were sleeping, Yoongi had kept looking at you, begging you to wake up, but you wouldn’t. The day of your funeral had been a nightmare coming to life, and as Yoongi saw the casket being closed after the final goodbyes he thought he couldn’t even see you one last time, see you, awake, alive, with eyes that stared back at him, he thought that he had pushed you to that direction, and alone you had gone far away from him to a place he couldn’t reach you.

I’m leaving, I’ll come back soon so… No, I, you don’t know how much I love you, don’t you?… I love you.

You had left a message for him that day, Yoongi remembered it well, how would he ever forget? He had listened to the message the night of the accident after the doctors had declared you death, it had been ironic, if he had just picked up his phone, if he just had seen you. But he had had eyes only for his work and that important project of which he was taking part of. The project would impulse him to bigger success, that was his logic for always making you wait, for always putting you second, he thought after the project was done then he would take you out and sort things, he loved you and he wanted to be with you, but his career was going so fast, he thought everything else could wait, that you could wait.

But there was no one waiting for him anymore, there was no one sleeping by his side, waking up next to him, you weren’t there anymore and Yoongi couldn’t accept it. No matter how much time had passed already he couldn’t bring himself to put you behind, even if he had managed to go on with his life, without you everything seemed so empty. It drove him insane.

Yoongi tried to keep going, he thought about quitting his job since he couldn’t stop thinking that if it wasn’t for him being so engrossed on it then everything would have been different. But then it was the routine of work and how mechanical life was turning out to be that he had been able to at least get out of the house. People would stare at him, his neighbors, his friends, everyone knew what had happened, everyone pitied him, everyone murmured about how sad it had been. But Yoongi couldn’t care less about people, the only thing that really mattered was that day, and how he couldn’t do anything.

He lived his life in automatic, the routine guiding him through work and back home where he would crash exhausted thinking of you, of that day and listening to that voice mail over and over again. And then, the next day he’d repeat everything. He still had pictures of your scattered around, most of them you had arranged yourself in his place, you hadn’t moved together formally but you had spent more time in his house than in yours. 

Yoongi had put down the frame of the two of you that before was on his desk at plain sight, he felt like he couldn’t work if he had it there, the comforting feeling that brought him the one he had near his bed was totally different from the guilt he felt with this one. Sometimes it made him think that this had really been his fault, that he could have done much more and that in a way you had died because of him, sometimes it made him think that he should just put an end to his misery.

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Prompto x Fem!Reader: Sun Kissed

This was an accident I swear

*throws self into the Final Fantasy XV fandom*

The sun beats down on you with strokes of heat, a gentle breeze brushing your cheeks and wrapping around the strands of your hair tucked beneath a sun hat. Grinning, you glance around and take in the stunning beach, waves calm enough that guests and visitors alike have headed into the water to cool off while others are playing games and enjoying the festival in it’s full swing.

Oh gosh you can see Chocobos. A line of them waiting by the pier in makeshift stalls for whoever wants to hire them out for the day.

You wriggle your toes inside your sandals, bouncing a little as you try to hold back the excitement swirling inside your stomach. You’ve been on the road with the guys for what feels like forever now, and you can’t even remember the last time you haven’t been reduced to sleeping in a tent or a caravan. Coming to Galdin Quay of all places now feels like going straight from zero to one hundred, but it’s not like you’re going to complain.

“Okay, those extra hunts were definitely worth it.” You turn to see Prompto jogging up to your side, eyes reflecting the same awe you can feel simmering inside yourself. “I think I might just be able to forgive you guys for the impromptu camping trip you forced on us.”

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White Wine Nights

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom 

(I really couldn’t think of a better description, I apologize)

Author’s Note: yay, my collab with @hamilbye!!! yes, it did take us that long to decide to write together and yes, it only took us like three days to finish this. We put our amazing brains together and wrote this pretty quickly. 

I love love love working with you, Nat. It was the most fun. I also love love love you. You’re the best. AND you’re very talented. 

Words: 2,138 

Warnings: alcohol/drinking mentions, a curse word or two (I forget), fluff 

An audible sigh escaped you when you stepped off the elevator in your apartment building, taking a right turn to head down the long hallway. Your feet carried you, but protested heavily after the shift you had pulled at your dead-end waitressing job. You were sure you smelled of stale cigarettes and dirty dishes, but at least you had some cash in your pocket. As if that hadn’t been stressful enough, you hadn’t even seen your apartment in about 20 hours due to college classes and familial commitments. It was the week before Spring Break and hectic was the synonym for your life.

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Okay, so this is my very last-minute gift for @nakasomethingkun through @aftgexchange. So, I meant there to be stuff related to the 4th of July and to Andreil reuniting during their long-distance relationship, and this… sort of has that stuff. Anyways, it might not be exactly what I meant it to be, but I kind of like it, so hopefully you will, too?

[Now on AO3 with some minor edits]

Neil Josten didn’t pay much attention to birthdays. He willfully ignored his own, did little more than slide a phone to Andrew on his, and in that tradition, America’s birthday was hardly a blip on Neil’s radar.

Other people turned the Fourth of July into an entire spectacle party. Other people woke up early, spent hours in the car, and made their way to a beach or a backyard. They made small talk with people they would have avoided otherwise; they drank more than they would have otherwise; they ate food they wouldn’t have otherwise. Other people turned a regular day into something else, like it was so unique that this country had come to be.

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It’s Not Easy...

Request: Hey! Can I request for soldier 76 x reader where the entire overwatch team goes to Italy for a holiday and Ana suggests that Jack confesses his love for her but always embarrasses himself through romantic gestures. Then one of the guys gives him a bouquet of flowers to give her but it ends up squirting water on his face and he’s like…. Sigh I just love you okay

It’d been a unanimous decision that it was time for a vacation. Tensions had been running high and exhaustion was not in short supply. Among the places that everyone had thrown out, Italy seemed to stick.

That’d been a week ago.

Now, the recalled agents of Overwatch were all unpacking and exploring the villa that would be home for the next week. It was secluded and had a beautiful view of the ocean. Jack had been among the first to finish unpacking, though he didn’t bother bringing all that many belongings to begin with. Not like D.Va, who’d brought her entire gaming setup, despite being explicitly told the ship had limited room.

“It’s nice here,” Ana commented, walking into Jack’s room announced.

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Good Enough (22)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteenpart sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“And she’s definitely secure in the car seat?” you asked Sehun, making sure everything was packed up into the bags ready to go home. You were finally allowed to take Nari home from the hospital – exciting but also completely nerve-wrecking. Ever since the doctor had given you the ok, you had been a panicking mess, trying to get everything ready at the hospital and at the palace.

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Dex the Cryptid
  • Will’s family didn’t seem off to him until he began going to grade school
  • That’s when he realized most people don’t eat by catching fish with their bare hands, and can only hold their breath for a few minutes tops, not hours like him
  • Normal humans also don’t eat the entire fish? Including the bones? He always thought that was the best part though. Likes the crunch.
  • When he turned 6 his parents finally clued him in on what was up, at a very basic level though. They were what the government and conspiracist theorists named “North Eastern Beach Biters.” (NEBBs for short)
    • Humanoid Cryptids
    • Usually inhabit ocean towns or forests in North Eastern America
    • Have been known to leave large sea animals half shredded and eaten on beaches (sharks, large fish, whales)
    • Short tempered, very dangerous
    • “Biters” comes from their teeth; very sharp, and a lot of them. Use them to shred their prey, or a human that got too close or pissed them off
    • Long tongues that loll out of their mouths when they’re getting ready to attack
    • Eyes that either glow or reflect light
      • This is debated mostly because some pictures only show their eyes “glowling” from the front, while other show them glowing from the side
    • Pale skin
    • Loners
    • Enhanced Sight, night vision
    • Incredibly fast and agile, especially in the water
    • Taller than your average human, usually ranges from 6-8 feet
    • Reports of gills on their neck exist as well
    • Some say they have webbed feet and hands and fingers that extend into claws (theorized that is what they use to shred their bigger prey)
      • (spoiler it’s still their teeth)
    • First encounter surviving incidents often come away with severe bite wounds that will become infected quickly, but survivors usually only have one bite. 
      • Sometimes this happens in the water, and it’s a conspiracy whether it’s a shark bite or a Beach Biter bite. Happens enough where they were named after it.
    • There haven’t been many fatalities attributed to them, but ones that have been often have teeth marks on their bones that forensics aren’t able to identify
  • Will’s parents explain that while some of it is true (the teeth, the eyes, the skin to an extent, that they and their kind reside in the north east, that they sometimes eat large sea animals) and some of it is false (their eyes both glow and reflect light, it depends on how much time they’ve spent int he ocean recently, their kin actually reach 9 feet but they tend to live solely in the ocean once they’re that tall (only the larger have gills), they are pack/group beings)
  • But the important lesson from it, other than knowing his own anatomy, is that they aren’t human, they never will be, but they are trying their best to live among/aside them
  • They don’t explain that all when he’s 6, not all of it. He learns more and more about it over the next few years, how to hide his abnormalities and blend in well enough with the other kids. 
  • They give him the option to either reject human civilization and live as a cryptid his entire life OR continue to live with his family, who are attempting to blend into society

Read more because this is gonna be LONG (which option will Dex choose ooooooo?????) ((Edit: so this is….. like…. over 4k just warning but theres angst and comfort so like, def worth it ;)))

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Part 4

Part 3 https://metalmusingmoments.tumblr.com/post/161498870037/part-3

Last part of the story! Not sure who Im gonna do next but be on the look out :)

Throwing your phone back onto the towel you got up. It started to buzz again, but you ignored it in the favor of alcohol and burgers. You had three more weeks till your flight back home and until you reached Jasper, Nevada, Optimus Prime would not plague your thoughts.


Three weeks later you found yourself hopping into your car at the airport. After the beach trip you were able to catch up with some friends from high school in your home town and spend the rest of your time relaxing. The phone calls had stopped after whoever was calling realized you weren’t going to answer. Miko had only texted you once since then. Inquiring when exactly you would be home. Flight number and all. Of course your flight had been delayed, and rather than arriving in the morning it was now close to sunset. Driving home on the straight desert roads could be unnerving in the dark so you were moving with haste through the airport and towards home.

You had gotten stuck in traffic back in the city and were now the only car on the road in the desert. Exactly what you wanted to avoid. The only source of light was your headlights and the stars.  You weren’t actually scared, it was just an errie feeling to be the only car on the road.  As you drove, your mind began to wander. You hadn’t exactly told the kids you had no plans of coming back to base to tutor them yet. With school starting in about two weeks, you figured it would be best to tell them before the year started. You weren’t sure if they would be upset or not. Not having to do extra work wasn’t exactly that bad. That also meant having to deal with Fowler and whatever security violations you were committing. Which probably led to him telling Optimus of your plans. You had secretly hoped you could just slink away and go back to being your average high school teacher and forget all of this. But you already knew it was pointless. All of them had wormed their way into your heart. Especially Optimus, you admitted grudgingly to yourself. You had told yourself you wouldn’t let him plague your thoughts while away from Jasper, but that had lasted for all of 3 minutes after the phone call had ended.

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My dearest wife (@the-calvaree in case anyone still doesn’t know this yet) has asked for more of anything with the Selkie Stiles and Werewolf Jackson that I wrote…. and who am I to tell her no?


The summer went fast - before Jackson knew it, it was two weeks until the start of the school year and his parents were acting weird. Jackson didn’t know if it was a “we’re not going back” or a “we are going back” weird, though, and it made him edgy and anxious.

He and Stiles had only started their dating thing a few weeks ago. Jackson did not think it’d last if he moved, and that… it didn’t make him happy.

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grootiez  asked:

Can u do 80, 28, and 1 with Starlord, Gamora and Baby Groot going on a road trip?

1. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” // 28. “Drive safely.” // 80. “Is your seatbelt on?”

omg this one turned out super long, hope you enjoy it!!!

send me a ship + a number for a way to say “I love you”!!!

“Ha! Did’ya see that guy’s face when I hit him over th’head?” Rocket barks out a laugh, looking up at Drax. “He looked so stupid!

“He was not expecting your attack,” Drax replies, just as joyous.

“Oh, oh, or how about when…”

Peter tunes out Rocket and Drax’s conversation as they return to the Milano. Though Rocket’s boasting tends to include exaggerated summaries of the events of their missions, this assignment had proven to be a big win for the team. They’d successfully apprehended some of Thanos’ goons for a bounty placed on them by the planet’s government without any major problems or explosions (Peter is especially grateful for that one) in half the time they’d expected the operation to take.

“An’ now we got all this extra downtime and extra money!” Rocket yells, bringing Peter’s attention back to him and the others.

“I am Groot!” Groot cheers from his place on Rocket’s shoulder.

“We should take advantage of this,” Drax suggests. “It is not often we finish a mission this prosperously.”

“I think we can afford to take a short break,” Gamora agrees, looking to Peter for approval. She’s become something like a second-in-command (or, really, honestly, his co-leader of the team) lately.

Anyway, they’ve been working a little harder than usual lately, trying to get back into the groove of things since everything with Ego and Yondu happened a couple months prior. The idea of some vacation time honestly sounds like a godsend to Peter.

“Alright, let’s take a few days, maybe three or four, tops,” Peter decides, looking at each of his friends. “I think if we stayed on the Milano or the Quadrant any longer, we’d go stir-crazy.”

“I vote we put the extra money to good use at the nearest bar,” Rocket says, lifting his paw.

“You’re going to spend your entire break at a bar?” Gamora raises an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Not the entire break, maybe just a li’l part of every day,” Rocket insists.

“I am Groot!” Groot looks up at everyone hopefully.

“What the hell? No, you cannot come with us to a bar!” Rocket declares, looking at Groot in disbelief. “You’re too young!”

“A bar is not a suitable place for a child,” Drax says solemnly.

“I am Groot…”

“One of us will stay with you while the others go out, stop mopin’, Groot,” Rocket says.

Groot frowns.

“I’ll stay with you, Groot,” Gamora says, crouching down to Rocket’s height. Groot jumps from Rocket’s shoulder to Gamora’s outreached hand, looking up at her. “I, personally, don’t want to spend three days in a row at a bar.”

“Everyone can do whatever they want, so long as it’s legal,” Peter announces, trying to placate everyone. “The bar isn’t mandatory.”

“Suit yourself.” Rocket shrugs. “Drax?”

“I’ll accompany you, creature.”

And that settles things. Within ten minutes, Rocket and Drax exit the Milano in search of the nearest bar. Peter watches them as they leave. Gamora, with Groot sitting on her shoulder, comes to stand beside him.

“You’re not going with them?” she inquires.

“Nah,” he says. “I’m not really in a bar mood. More in a relaxing mood, y’know?”

“This planet is far too beautiful to spend all our time on it inside of a bar,” she says. Though they’ve never traveled here before, Peter’s often heard of its amazing sights, which reminded him of the National Parks like Yosemite back on Earth.

“Yeah.” Peter sighs. “I heard there’s a nice beach only a couple hours away from here, too. If only we had…”

Gamora looks up at him in an are-you-serious way.

“Wait. We do have time!”

“You did declare time for a vacation for the team,” she reminds him.

“Right, right…Okay, it’s settled.” Peter nods. “Road trip, first thing tomorrow!”

As he celebrates the idea with a loud, “Wooohooo!”, Gamora looks to Groot and asks, “What’s a road trip?”

“Please don’t kill Groot with your driving,” is Rocket’s way of seeing them off the next morning.

“Gee, how about a ‘drive safely,’ or, ‘I’ll miss you guys,’ or, ‘can’t wait until you come back,’?” Peter retorts, rolling his eyes as he finishes packing. He slings his backpack over his shoulders.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, that was impolite of me,” Rocket says, though Peter knows not to expect much from his tone. “What I meant was please feel free not to come back for a week so we can have a longer break.”

“I am Groot,” Groot insists from where he’s sitting on Gamora’s bag, off to the side.

“I would not get lonely!” Rocket insists.

“I am Groot.”

“Y’know what? I take it back. Quill, please kill Groot with your driving.”

“No one’s killing anyone with their driving,” Gamora says as she enters the room, holding up her communication device. “I’ll have this with me so you and Drax can contact us in case anything happens.”

“Nothing’s gonna happen,” Rocket insists.

“The last time you said that, something blew up,” Peter says.

“That was one time!” Rocket protests.

“You nearly got into a fight at the bar last night,” Drax recalls. “You told a man his head was shaped like a fruit, and then he—“

“Ugh, fine, we’ll be good!” Rocket cuts him off. “Now just leave already, ya two love birds.”

“Gladly,” Peter says, picking up Groot, who climbs up onto his shoulder. Gamora picks up her bag and comes to stand beside him.

Please stay out of trouble, seriously,” she practically begs Drax and Rocket. “And call us if anything—“

“—happens, yes, I know, I’ll let ya know if Ronan comes back from the flarkin’ dead to get revenge,” Rocket says, rolling his eyes. “Drive safe, or whatever.”

“Drive safely,” Drax echoes more earnestly, placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“Yeah, uh, thanks,” Peter says, nodding. “We should be back in two days.”

The cars on this planet remind Peter of the ones back on Earth, but more hi-tech. Though he never learned how to drive there (his sixteenth birthday was spent very far away from Earth, after all), he’s learned enough from his time on different planets over the years.

So after about five minutes of bickering over who has more driving experience, which led to asking Groot to choose who should drive for them, they’re on the road, Peter behind the wheel and Gamora in the passenger seat with Groot perched on her shoulder, mesmerized while watching the quickly passing scenery out the window.

A new song comes on the car’s stereo from his Zune, which Peter had managed to hook up via a cord he found lying around the Milano (this must be what everyone on Earth uses to play music now in the car, he thinks).

Gamora looks over at him. “What’s this song?”

“’Tiny Dancer,’ Elton John, 1971,” Peter recites. “My mom and I didn’t listen to it much, but it’s a pretty cool song.”

It fits their current setting, in a way. Something about the song just fits with driving on what’s basically a freeway.

“Back on Terra, we’d drive to get everywhere,” he suddenly says, thinking of the days spent just driving down the rural roads of Missouri with his mom, singing along to every song on the radio. Though she’d be driving, she often danced, too, which isn’t the safest thing to do when driving (well, technically, you shouldn’t be doing anything else besides driving while driving, Peter figures), but the roads never had too much traffic for it to be a problem. “Everyone would learn to drive when they’re a teenager. Or, well, that part of life when you aren’t quite an adult, but you’re not a kid anymore, either.”

“Which is why you never properly learned.”

“Learn by doing, as they say.”

She smiles at that, looking out at the road in front of them. “I didn’t travel much as a child,” she says. “On my home planet, everything we needed was in walking distance.”

“I’m jealous,” he admits. “I’d much rather have walked to school than take the bus every day. It was basically this really big car that could fit a bunch of kids, so it would pick up all the kids at different places to take us all to school. Kids on there could really be assholes.”

“I struck fear into bullies’ hearts,” she says proudly.

He rolls his eyes. “Of course you did.”

Their conversation mainly consists of childhood memories and discourse on whatever song came on via his Zune’s shuffle. Some they’d recognize instantly, and brought to mind specific memories of time spent with the Guardians, while others are judged for whether or not they’d dance to it.

(More often than not, the answer is yes.)

“I like this U2,” Gamora says after another U2 song finishes.

“Yeah, they were just getting big around the time Yondu picked me up,” Peter says, checking over his shoulder before changing lanes. “I wonder whatever happened to them.”

She studies him for a moment. “Have you ever thought about returning to Terra?”

He’s caught off guard by her question. Of course, it’d crossed his mind more often than not over the years, especially in the time just after Yondu first grabbed him. But, as time faded, and the grief over his mother’s death set in more permanently within him, he found himself preferring outer space.

“I used to a lot when I was a kid,” he finally answers. “Not so much anymore. It just kinda pales in comparison to other planets, y’know?”

“Even though it’s your heritage?”

Months ago, he would’ve gotten defensive over questioning like this coming from anyone, even Gamora. But now?

He glances over at her, meeting her eyes for a moment. There’s no judgment there—after all, he actually has a home planet to go back to, while he’s well aware of the state of Gamora’s former home and lack of life left on it, so it’d make sense for Gamora to envy him or just feel hostile toward him, in a way. But there’s none of that; she’s simply curious, in a way that he knows is out of her own concern for him.

He turns his eyes back to the road ahead of them with a shrug. “It’s still my heritage, but shit happened there that just kinda spoiled it forever. I mean, maybe I’ll change my mind and return someday, but for now…”

She nods, accepting his answer. “I’ll support you either way.”

Of course she will, because she’s Gamora. Peter smiles at her. “Thanks.”

She points to a place where they can exit the road ahead. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while. We should be halfway there by now.”

Following her gaze, he spots what appears to be the equivalent of a freeway exit, with a rest stop and a place to eat. “You sure? I can keep driving, I don’t mind.”

“I am Groot,” Groot says before Gamora can reply. His eyes are on the front windshield now, rather than the passenger side window, and he points a finger toward the exit.

“You’re hungry?” Peter asks for confirmation. “Still don’t understand how trees get hungry…or can digest food.”

Groot nods.

“Well, guess we’re stopping either way.”

Stomachs filled, they pile back into the car, this time with Gamora behind the wheel and Peter in the passenger seat. Groot settles into his usual spot on Peter’s shoulder.

“If you get tired you can sit on my leg,” Peter reminds Groot, making eye contact with him in the side mirror. “Or the cup holder, I guess.”

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, no cup holder then, that’s fine.”

“Is your seatbelt on?” Gamora asks absentmindedly while buckling in herself.

“Was that directed at me or Groot?” Peter jokes.


“Yes, ma’am.” He buckles in.

“Good.” She starts driving then, pulling out of the parking lot.

“T-minus two hours until we get to our destination,” Peter announces, plugging his Zune back in and scrolling through the songs. “Any music requests?”

“You pick,” she says, picking up speed as they’re back on the freeway-road-thing.

He smirks, halting his scrolling as he comes across just the right song. He clicks on it, and as the familiar chords fill the car, Gamora actually laughs and Peter’s convinced it’s the most precious thing he’s ever heard.

“Are you trying to tell me something with this song, Star-Lord?” she teases.

“What can I say?” he says, all too casually. “I fooled around and fell in love, after all.”

I wanted to add in some team fam love by having rocket and drax say “drive safely” and gamora partially directing “is your seatbelt on?” to groot ;))) also, snuck in a reference to my fav band in there, heh

send me a ship + a number for a way to say “I love you”!!!!

Shance Fluff Week: Seas/Stars

*Shrugs* IDK either i missed yesterday and threw this one together?

It’s cute though! A little off point but still good! 

Lance and Shiro had been dancing around each other for years, and Lance has one more chance before summer ends and Shiro slips away from him.

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Between the Moon & NYC, ch 13

Fandom: Glee/Klaine

Summary: Kurt arrives in a small coastal town in North Carolina to join his dad and Carole for a few days of their vacation, but under duress. He can’t imagine that this sleepy southern town has anything to offer him…till a very attractive local goes jogging by on the beach.

Rating: Teen.

Word Count: ~6,200 for this chapter, ~84K total for fic.

A/N: Thanks to @notthatbea for helping me talk through a troublesome scene in this chapter – you’re the best!

Read from the beginning on Tumblr here. Chapter 12 is here.  AO3.

The level of light in the room told Blaine that it was time to get up…past time, really. But he stayed where he was, curled around the pillow that Kurt had used the night before, loathe to leave the bed where he was surrounded by Kurt’s scent and the memories of everything they’d shared.

There had barely been any light in the room when Kurt woke him, saying that it was time for him to leave so he could say goodbye to his Dad and Carole and be in New Bern in time for his flight.

“I hate to say it, but…. I need a ride. I wish you could stay, and I could just say goodbye to you here,” Kurt whispered to him. “I want to remember you just like this. And a long goodbye won’t make this any easier.”

Blaine had only nodded, and gotten up to drive Kurt back to the now-familiar beach house that the Hummels had rented. They said little on the drive, but they held hands in the center of the seat the whole way.

When Blaine pulled up in the yard, lights already on in the house despite the early hour, he parked and turned to Kurt.

“This doesn’t have to be goodbye for good, you know.”

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Long Distance

Request: For an imagine I was thinking maybe Kian has a really good friend named Loren and he and her talk about everything together and they can only FaceTime and text because they live so far apart and Jc and the guys make fun of Kian and tease him whenever he’s on the FaceTime with her and one day Kian had a plan to ask her out and Jc helped him out with planning it and Kian asks her out when she was in the middle of class

A/N: I changed it a little so that it made more sense but I hope it’s what you wanted! Sorry for any mistakes, I wrote it when I was in the car on my phone so there may be typos .


K - ‘But Lorennnn, I’m not tired’ Kian moaned, the screen frozen on his sad puppy dog expression
L - 'Kian it’s 1:30am for me remember, we are in different time zones. I’m going to sleep so unless you just want to watch me snoring I suggest you hang up’
K - 'Ok, I will sing you a lullaby and I promise I will hang up once you are asleep. Or maybe after a bit so I can hear you snore’
L - 'no way, good night Kian’
K - 'fine, goodnight princess’ Kian said sadly, hanging up their FaceTime call.

Loren and Kian had been best friends ever since they were 10 when Loren’s family moved to California and they became neighbours. At first, Kian was the definition of an annoying little brat. He would keep Loren up until the early hours of the morning, throwing things at her bedroom window and over their garden fence. Overtime, Loren became accustomed to Kian’s torment and the things that he did that once annoyed her were now the things that she loved most about him. When Loren was 16 she was head over heels for Kian, but of course, seeing as they were best friends, she kept quiet and as Kian’s youtube career grew, her love for him dwindled out since she knew that he would never feel the same way. Even through Kian’s popularity, girlfriends and moving to LA, Kian and Loren still talked everyday and face-timed most nights. 

Currently, Loren was living in Massachusetts studying at Harvard medical school for a three year course that was finally coming to an end. She was moving back to California in the next week and couldn’t be happier to see all her friends and family again. Although she was most excited to see Kian in person again, she was also the most nervous because talking over a computer or phone screen was definitely not the same as being able to reach out and touch him, smell his cologne and hear his breathing when they hugged. It was always the little things that Loren treasured most. 

Back in LA, Kian was preparing for Loren’s homecoming. He was busy planning a day for him and Loren to catch up and relax in their favourite places. They were going to have breakfast in their favourite bakery, Toast, and then spend most of the day chilling in Santa Monica on the beach and pier, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, Loren’s favourite things to do. 

K - ‘Jc, are you home on Tuesday evening?’ Kian shouted from his bedroom through to Jc in the kitchen.

J - ‘I think so, but I can go to Dom’s if you want me out of the house, why?’

K - ‘Loren is staying round and we will probably end up in the living room watching movies so I don’t want you blasting your shitty music throughout the apartment’

J - ‘My music isn’t shitty but yeah of course, I can get out, I don’t want to hear you two getting at it’

K - ‘Jc, no, we are just friends so there will be no ‘getting at it’ you fucker’

J - ‘‘Just friends’ my ass, you haven’t stopped talking about her all week’ Jc said, walking into Kian’s room where he was laying on the bed.

K - ‘I’m just excited she’s coming home, I haven’t seen her since last christmas’

J - ‘You do love her though, you’re just to scared to say it, I know you kian’

K - ‘we’ve been friends for over 10 years, I don’t want to ruin that’

J - ‘I hear you two every evening on FaceTime, she loves you too you know’

K - ‘Yeah but just as friends’

J - ‘Kian ‘friends’ don’t FaceTime every day for over two hours at a time, offer to fly across the country for each other when they are upset and go quiet very time you talk about another girl. I heard how she changed the conversation every time you talked about Andrea.’

K - ‘shit man, do you really think she feels the same way?’

J  - ‘Kian I know she does, you’ve just gotta have the balls to ask her’

Kian and Jc spent the next few hours talking about how and when Kian should ask Loren. Kian practically had all the ideas but Jc just confirmed that they were good and made sure he didn’t get too cheesy with it. 

Monday, The day of Loren’s return:

2 hours of delay were not good for Loren’s nerves and her impatient nature. Not only did she have to suffer 5 hours on a plane alone, she had to wait an extra 2 hours with nothing to do except think about what she was going to say to everyone that she hadn’t seen in three years. Would they still have stuff to talk about? Will everyone of forgotten her? Sure, she made sure to keep up with everyone on social media and tried to keep in contact with as many people as she could but it was hard considering everyone was so busy all the time. 

Luckily Lorens flight was early in the morning so she was able to sleep for most of the journey, however that meant that when she got off the plane, she was looking as if she had just been dragged through a hedge multiple times before being dumped into a dryer and been put on a fast spin cycle. Getting through security took a lot longer than she anticipated since LAX was packed full of unorganised families going on holiday with screaming children and grumpy teens. 

After exiting the airport, Loren scanned the street looking for a recognisable face. Through the hundreds of taxis and ubers, Loren spotted her ride, a space grey range rover. Sitting in the front seat was a sleeping Kian and next to him was a big bouquet of flowers. Loren crept up to the window, knocking on it loudly to wake him up, causing Kian to shoot up. At first he was confused but he quickly realised where he was and what was happening.


L - ‘yeah you really looked like you missed me, you fell asleep you little bitch’

K - ‘remember its only 6am here, I’ve been up all night waiting for you to get home’

L - ‘aww Kian you didn’t have to do that, I could have gotten an uber!’

K - ‘No I wanted to! I couldn’t wait to see you!’

Kian and Loren spent the drive home catching up on what had happened since they has seen each other last. Loren then spent the rest of the day with her family since she was going to spend Tuesday with Kian, just the two of them.

The next day:

L - ‘Kian let me chose the music! This is rubbish!’

K - ‘Nope, I’m driving so I get to chose what we listen to!’

L - ‘But your music taste is awful, let me listen to Justin Bieber!’

K - ‘I can’t believe you still love him after all these years, I thought I got away from him when you left’

L - ‘Well, now I’m back and so is Justin, just let me have his new song and then we can listen to your shit’

K - ‘Fine but only one song’ Kian said defeatedly, putting on ‘cold water’

Kian and Loren were currently driving to Santa Monica, both happily full after their breakfast at toast. It was 112 degrees so they had the windows down and the music on full blast. As much as Kian made a fuss, he was singing along to Cold water and knew all the words, causing Loren to laugh and film him for snapchat. 

The day was perfect and everything Loren could have asked for. They spent most of the time laying on the beach, sunbathing, eating ice cream and playing in the sea, just like old times. 

(Kian’s POV)

She was even more beautiful than I remember. The way she threw her head back when she laughed and the suns reflection in her eyes were all things that I never noticed on FaceTime. I was so happy she was home and yet so nervous for tonight. Jc kept texting me to reassure me that everything was set up but I knew he would probably mess something up. Loren was currently asleep next to me, her hair covered in sand and her skin glowing from the sun. I wish I could have stayed in that moment forever but the sun was setting and the wind was picking up so we decided to call it a day.

The whole drive home I struggled to cover my nerves. Loren happily chatted away about god knows what but allI could could think about was what if Loren said no? What if Jc was wrong and all she saw me as was a god friend? I didn’t want to lose her but the risk was worth it. To be able to call her my own would be the best thing in the world.

(Loren’s POV)

Kian was tensing and un-tensing his jaw repeatedly for the whole ride home. He also didn’t seem to be talking as much as he normally does. What if he didn’t like me anymore? Maybe we have both changed too much? So many thoughts were running through my mind that I didn’t even realise when we had pulled up to his apartment.

Kian led me to his apartment, pushing me forward gently with his hand on the small of my back. For some reason, he was making me go first and laughed when I tried to get back. For all I knew he could have set up some sort of prank, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I tentatively opened the door, half expecting to be covered in water or slime but what I saw was something so unexpected that I froze in place. Kian’s apartment was covered in black and white balloons, and there was a chair placed right in the centre. I almost didn’t see Wishbone who was running around, camouflaged in the balloons, excited to see me. Kian led me over to the chair, telling me to sit down, and I did. 

K - ‘Loren, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember and ever since the day I met you, I knew that I wanted to make you happy. So, Loren, will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?’

 I tried my hardest to keep myself from exploding with happiness but it was near on impossible

L - ‘Kian!!!! Are you being serious?! Yes of course I will!’

Kian let out a breath that i hadn’t even realised he had been holding in. He picked me off of the seat and gave me the sloppiest kiss I could imagine.

The sound of a ukulele filled the room and Jc came running out of his bedroom, dressed in a poncho and a stick on moustache. 

K - ‘Jc what the fuck?!’ Kian said through heavy laughter. Likewise, I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. for the first time, I was able to look at Kian as my boyfriend, even though I had already loved him for 10 years, I knew that I would be loving him for many more. 


Ok so this took a LOT longer than expected and tbh, I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t know if its because I had a break writing it while I was on holiday or because it was longer but I lost the feel for it I guess. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it none the less and hopefully I will see you soon!



My Always and Forever

This is my entry for @iwantthedean YouAU challenge.

Characters: RPF Jensen Ackles, Me (Joy), Mentions of the Ackles, Padaleckis, and a few others. Can be read as a reader insert as it is 1st POV

Words: 3105

Warnings: Fluff and angst

A/N: Please remember this is fiction.  No harm was meant to anyone.  This is just where my pen lead me.   Feedback always appreciated.

Forever tags: let me know if you want on or off   @whispersandwhiskerburn  @wi-deangirl77  @smoothdogsgirl  @zombi3gyrl07  @laurenw1025  @ashleymalfoy @iamflanneltrash  @kristaparadowski  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @plaidstiel-wormstache @atc74 

Jensen Ackles is my best friend.

When I was born in Dallas, Texas on March 2, 1978, my crib mate had already been chosen for me.  My mother and Donna Ackles were best friends and coincidentally, next door neighbors.

Being one day older, Jensen, “J”, had declared long ago that he was the boss.  Our mothers always said the competition between us started the day I was born.  He walked first.  I spoke first, “J” being my first word.  From there we tried to outdo each other in everything.  Who could climb higher, run faster, be better.  We pushed each other to be our best.

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So yesterday I woke up at 430 and last night I didn’t go to bed until around then. Amazing. I got like a wave of energy around 10 last night and tried to makes a packing list for my California trip. And then I tried to fix a bag but I messed up and made it worse so I had to start over. Which was annoying. I tried to lay down around 11 but then the fire alarm started going off. At first I thought it was my building but it was echoing over from the building next door. And it literally kept going for over 2 hours. Incredible. No one in that building went outside of anything.
So that went on until around 130. I thought I would finish reading the thing I was in the middle of and then go to bed. But I couldn’t get comfortable or I was just awake. Then I was hungry. So I just kept reading.
Eventually I did go to sleep. I woke up around 7 and answered some texts and then slept a little longer. I got up and felt real cute. I love my new house dress and it makes me feel really pretty. I got changed into the dress I picked out for my interview. And my makeup looked great today. I’m switching over to my summer products, which are lighter and more waterproof. I had some breakfast. Watched a little tv. I had loaded my portfolio up on my tablet and got ready to go.
I went over to main campus first to photograph some of my dioramas. But my camera wouldn’t turn on? I couldn’t figure out why. I thought maybe the batteries but I didn’t have any extra and when I went and asked Don he didn’t have any either. So I took pictures with my phone, and honestly they looked almost better then with my camera. Amazing. Ita cause they’re small and I don’t have a lens for that on my real camera. Whatever it worked. After checking in my my camp manager about training next week I headed to my interview. I have myself more then an hour to get there in case I got lost. It was a nice ride over there. But I did get lost. I actually ended up at hidden beach, where me and Ashlyn went swimming a few times last year. I figured out where I was supposed to be though. But I still had a half hour. So I biked back over to the nearby lake and sat. Watched the water.
Then I headed to the book store next door to the art studio. But I was to anxsious so I went back to the lake and sat on the dock. i liked that best because I could watch the fish.
I walked back over to the art studio and went in. The place is super cute. The woman/owner, Amanda, is great. She’s a bright and bubbly person. She was a lot of fun to talk to. There was another lady there who was a visiting artist which was cool. We talked about sewing. Amanda had to go out and move her car at one point because the tow people came in and said they would have to take her car if she didn’t move it right then.
The interview went great though. We talked about my art, their program, the types of jobs and time frames. She was totally cool about working with my wonky schedule. She said she liked my vibe and energy and so I’m staring on friday! And I get to work a booth for them on Saturday at the walker reopening . And!!! There’s a diorama competition and she wanted to hire me to make one for them to enter! We’re going to do that on Friday. I’m really excited.
I was thrilled when I left. I biked and it didn’t take long at all to get back, now that I knew where I was. I got home. And was happy and sort of sweaty. But mostly happy.
I made a really good sandwich for lunch. And did a little cleaning. I spent a lot of time reading and wathing tv this afternoon though. Just resting. Tomorrows my last day off so I’m going to try to get my apartment really clean and get some other work done. Just enjoy myself. I’m really really excited about my new job.
I really hope I can get to bed at a normal time tonight. Its hard for me to sleep when I’m to hot. But fans are helping. I hope you all sleep well tonight.

Namjoon’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie who is fucking killing this comeback like the whole staring into the camera all seductively during his part and the v-neck shirts i aM SO INCREDIBLY HERE FOR THOSE FUC K ME U P, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Namjoon’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!Namjoon’s proposal which you can find here, joon’s wedding (here) and husband!joon (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay so the original post does feature a bit of father!Namjoon (all of the father related posts are here) I’m not gonna go into too much detail with it since this is about the honeymoon but I am gonna add in a tiny bit of it
  • A honeymoon with Namjoon sounds so fucking cute I’m so ready
  • Saying bye to his lil bby is probably the hardest part bc he is so attached to his bby girl he loves her so incredibly much so having to be away from her is kinda hard but it’s needed
  • You two have been with her every day and it can get stressful sometimes especially when you add a wedding into the mix so both of you are looking forward to that relaxation aspect of a honeymoon
  • She’s staying with his mom during the honeymoon so Namjoon isn’t worried about her but he can’t help but be kinda clingy during the goodbye
  • “Eat lots okay?? Eat your fruit and veggies and take lots of naps and be really really good okay??”
  • “Namjoon she’s spent the night here millions of times I’m your mother, if I can raise you, I can watch her for a few nights”
  • “But my bBY”
  • Once he lectures his mom about all the things bby girl needs (“a bath at seven, a cookie before bed and a huge hug plz don’t forget the last one”) he gives his lil bby the biggest hug ever to exist
  • He squeezes her super tight and tells her he’ll miss her and its really cute to watch tbh bc she’s so lil and he’s so not lil at all and she just rests her head on his shoulder and he’s giving her kisses anywhere he can reach bc he’ll miss her so much
  • The honeymoon would last around 2 weeks bc even though joon would love to spend a solid month relaxing with you, you both admit you’d miss the bby too much
  • I can definitely see Namjoon going for some place with a beautiful beach or at least a nice pool bc he wants to lay out and relax and not have to move all day long and just read his books and talk to you and cuddle on a pool chair
  •  He wouldn’t mind staying in a hotel but if you wanted to rent a lil house for the 2 weeks he’d be A okay with that too bc joon is used to hotels but he understands if you aren’t comfortable with the idea and joon’s goal is to make you happy
  • He would hang around the pool a l o t bc when BTS went to Kota Kinabalu Namjoon looked so fucking happy just lounging around
  • He’d be extra happy if he had you by his side like !!! his bby+a good book+not having to worry about anything=an extremely happy Namjoon
  • And happy!namjoon is the best Namjoon bc he’s such a gem he deserves every ounce of happiness in the world I love happy!joon so much I could easily make an entire post for it bc wo W
  • Like just imagine his lil soft smile when he’s looking at you bc you’re finally reading this one book he’s been bugging you to read for ages and you’ve got the brand new wedding ring on your finger and your legs are all tangled with his and he’s just so s o happy
  • Late night swimming with husband!joon though
  • He’d probably wear these really nice swim trunks that make his thighs do the thing and he’d have his glasses on at first but then he’d randomly suggest swimming
  • He sets all his stuff down and just gets into the pool right after mumbling a “the water looks cool” like he gives you zero time to even respond before he’s in the water
  • He gets you to come swim with him and it’s just you two and he gets all playful and starts a water fight and wants to do handstands in the water
  • But he’s also really calm towards the end and just floats through water and sings the song he’s been writing lately to see what your thoughts are on it
  • Like hi namjoon’s singing is so cute and it’s all soft and lovely and he’d sing to you all the fucking time and it’d be so romantic and cute
  • Namjoon is highkey the type to set up something super fucking romantic like he takes you out all day (shopping or to the beach just something fun) and asks the hotel to set up this cute lil dinner with candles and something yummy
  • And after you two eat he sets up this romantic bath with rose petals and more candles and soft music but then lowkey ends up dropping one of the drinks into the water
  • The both of you just kinda sit there and laugh your asses off bc here’s Namjoon trying to be smooth and he ends up spilling his wine or some shit like of cou rSe
  • But honestly that’s one of the reasons you fell in love with Namjoon so you just kiss his lil cheek and help him drain the water and restart the whole bath idea
  • There would also be some face timing with bby girl and she’d just be chilling eating some grapes and joon is like telling her how much he loves her but she’s used to it so she’s just ‘hey I colored a picture today I think you’d really like it’
  • He would love going shopping in all of the stores bc I feel like he’s the type to collect something from every place he goes to like it can just be a hat or a button but sometimes it’s a painting or some form of furniture (if he re a l ly likes it)
  • He of course brings home a shit ton of shells bc how can he go to a beach and not want to find shells that’s like going to Paris and not trying a croissant
  • But he’d love exploring the lil city and taking late night strolls and he’d adorE calling himself your husband even though he tries to be nonchalant about it
  • Like a cashier sees your rings and asks what your relationship is like are you engaged are they just promise rings is it a wedding ring what’s up
  • So you tell her it’s a wedding ring and that he’s your husband and he literally just starts giggling with a goofy smile on his face and his dimples are popping out like crazy and the woman can easily see how in love he is and she tells you you’ve got a good catch don’t lose him (which you agree to bc Namjoon is a fucking precious human bean who just deserves cuddles and love and happiness)
  • That honestly only makes him giggle even more and we all know how adorable joon’s giggle is like here’s this grown ass man with this deep voice and shoul DERS that just say “I can fuck you up” but then he’s sitting there giggling like a child bc you called him your husband
  • He would just be so :D the entire time and so giggly and happy and he’d keep giving your ring kisses and there’d be cuddles and chilling out it’s a lot of relaxing bc joon is a laidback man and he also just deserves a nice break where he isn’t running after any babies or writing any songs or doing anything but relaxing with his love