i got a thing for guys in headbands

  • before jungkook even thinks of confessing to you first, he’s going to try and figure out some way to guarantee that you like him before he takes any steps forward
  • this will probably include him teasing you about any “crushes” you have, he’ll probably even pull in taehyung and jimin to help him out and be like “hey…do you know who they like??” and taehyung will start laughing and be like JUNGKOOK YOU LIKE THEM DONT YOU and jimin will be like ???? wait you like them???? i thought you were just curious about who they like??? and basically jungkook learns: never ask for secretive help from the 95 line
  • but at some point jungkook decides that you know what hes just has to tell you because although he’ll never say it outloud, the softness of your smile and the happiness that you bring up in his heart is something he can’t just play off anymore
  • so he does tell you,,,, after like three failed attempts to get you alone and when he does you can see it’s hard for him because he acts like this over confident kid but in real life he’s just as insecure and nervous as anyone else and you know when the three words come out ‘i like you’ they’re the most genuine thing jungkook has ever said to you
  • your first dates are all more like friends hanging out,,, you go to the arcade and battle each other in all the games trying to win more tickets but when you’re like one hundred short of the big teddy bear jungkook gives you the remaining amount and then turns away so u dont see him get red in the face 
  • you go to like the movies, usually comedies or action films and you two laugh and have a good time but it’s not exactly romantic 
  • like your fingers brush in the popcorn and jungkook has like an electric shock run up through him because god he wants to hold your hand but ….. ???/? would you want that???? he needs to know
  • finally after like four or five dates of you just chilling with each other, usually going to crowded places like amusement parks, arcades, or the zoo jungkook is finally like ‘we text all the time, they keep going on dates with me, i can do this. i can kiss them.’
  • and so for the first time ever he invites you to a late dinner and it’s at a small little place tucked away near bighit but the food is really good and jungkook’s like ‘it’s a gem for me and the hyungs……im glad you like it’
  • and you guys like talk….much deeper than before and you learn some things about jungkook that shock you, you know that he’s always putting on the most positive front to keep others happy and sometimes he teases to show he has confidence, but somehow you see that that isn’t always just the reason and you know you spill some personal stuff to and you leave the place (jungkook does not let you pay he was like we could split halves but if jin hyung finds out he’ll call me cheap forever) 
  • and as he’s walking you home he’s looking at you from the side of his eye and he’s like …. their lips….look…..soft……jungkook get urself together
  • and he totally gives himself this inner peptalk and he like leans in a couple times to put his hand on your waist but keeps hesitating and pulling back
  • and u notice ofc but u kinda wanna see him pull the first move but by his third attempt you just stop walking and you’re like ‘come here’ u pull him down by the collar and just kiss him gently and u pull back and jungkook is just……..there are just stars in his eyes but he’s also smirking and ur like???/ and he’s like
  • “you like me a lot don’t you?”
  • and you’re like SRSLy jungKOOK rigHT NOW with tHE TEasing 
  • you wanna hit him but he runs ahead chuckling and you like chase him through the streets its cute heh
  • so jungkook slowly and steadily gets more stable in his confidence to like initiate romantic things with you he starts holding your hand and giving you small kisses, but mostly in private because he has this protective feeling over you like you learn this later but he’s like ‘i want to be the only one to see your face after we kiss….i really like it’ (cheese lord right here)
  • but anyway one day you come over to watch him play basketball with the hyungs and like when his team wins he runs over to like high five you but u lean up to kiss him and congratulate his victory and like literally 
  • jungkook almost falls over on the spot
  • like the boy almost goes down like the london bridge 
  • the rest of bts burts out into laughter like taehyung does NOT Let the maknae live after that
  • jungkook gets a lil pouty at u for it but ur poking his cheek like ‘hey hey,,,, it’s not my fault u got so shocked’ and hes like ‘kissing me in front of the hyungs??? that’s like signing my death wish ……’ 
  • did i mention that dating jungkook also means youre now jin’s child in law basically like he treats you like it
  • makes you and jungkook call him both to make sure you are ok when you’re out on late dates
  • if you don’t jin gives you an ear full on safety precautions and how “you kids” worried him to death 
  • taehyung and jimin become like your best friends
  • taehyung helps you play pranks on jungkook like all the time but like he also plays pranks on you and jungkook like once he ‘accidentally’ leaned his head on your shoulder while you were over for a movie marathon just to see it piss jungkook off and when jungkook put ice cubes down his shirt as revenge taehyung whined to u like ‘ur boyfriend is so extra’ but u were like ‘that’s what u get for fake flirting with me nerd’ 
  • jimin is so soft he’s always like ‘tell me if jungkook is treating you right! ill get on that lil demons butt if he’s not ^^’ and you’re like omg thank u and tbh ur always like scolding jungkook if he says anything about jimin being small or w/e and jungkook is like “ur dating me not jimin stop worrying about him” and ur like “wow taehyung was right u get so extra when your jealous” 
  • jungkook like 24/7: im not the jealous type
  • bts: UHUH Ok .mmmmHMMMM
  • as you get comfortable with skinship you learn jungkook absolutely adores giving you back hugs,,, like if you go in for a hug, he somehow turns it into a big hug
  • buries his head in the crook of your neck, nuzzles your hair, tells you the most cutely embarrassing things only because you cant see his face so he is safe 
  • but also whispers like “i drank all the juice even though you told me not to, sorry babe’ and u turn around to scold him but he’s running away laughing…..this is also a habit of his hehe
  • but no seriously he loves holding you in his arms like that and he is always the big spoon if you nap together
  • he does this thing where he pulls you just closer and closer as he gets sleepier and it’s so cute hehe u can feel his lips on the side of your neck sometimes and youre like “jungkook-’ but he’s already knocked out
  • deep into the relationships like half of your dates are either at the dorm/practice room with you and jungkook like watching anime on some laptop or the tv, usually like you two are laying upside down off the couch or are sprawled out on the floor and jin is always like ‘u two are such children!!!!!! jungkook take them out somewhere fancy!!!!’ but ur like no worries mama jin watching anime and feeding each other like nachos is my ideal type of date rofl
  • jungkook always lets you borrow clothes when u come over to the dorm
  • like he has this endless supply of big flannels and white t-shirts so ur always like laying around wrapped in the sleeves of his big flannel and namjoon is like smh is that your couple item? a damn flannel? and u and jungkook are like we are a simple couple
  • if u wear something cute jungkook doesn’t really comment but if you ask like ‘do i look nice?’ he gives you this smile slash smirk and you’re like what does that mean but he just shrugs
  • he can be so aggravating
  • once tried to used your head as an elbow rest and you almost tackled him for it
  • yoongi in the back like:SMAck dOWn 
  • jungkook also carries you to annoy you
  • like you can get up perfectly fine by yourself but jungkook scoops you up in his hands and is like ‘let’s go to the kitchen and get some snacks’ ur like i can walk i have feet but he’s just laughing like ‘i know, but im so strong right???? im such a good boyfriend’ ur like omf no ur being unnecessary 
  • but he is strong,,,,,it’s nice what no you didn’t say that
  • once you and jungkook bought a goldfish on impulse and named it ‘iron man’ and jin was like oh my god can you two even keep that thing alive for more than a week???
  • (probably not sorry iron man)
  • so like when jungkook kisses you remember how he’s like ‘i want to keep it private, this is just for us’ well he’s like that because its kind of his nature to keep things he loves all to himself and also like he’s such a slow kisser sometimes it drives you insane 
  • his kisses are like always soft never applying to much pressure and his lips move only when yours do…..he’s probably a fan of running his tongue over the roof of your mouth slowly, keep you two pressed tightly together for as long as possible with his hand no the back of your neck or on your lower back
  • you’re kinda like expecting him to snap or something, but he likes having you wait and you know want him to do more but knowing that he won’t 
  • jungkook won’t admit it but he loves it when you initiate kisses first, especially if he’s just droning on about something and you’re like ‘come here, instead of talking let’s make out’
  • in his head he’s like hell yes sign me up but on the outside hes like ‘aw you can’t wait a little lon-’ thankfully you shut him up pretty fast 
  • once taehyung got a photo of you kissing and threatened to show it to jin so jungkook did aegyo and let him record it as a payment for him to delete the picture you were like omg and jungkook was like “i sacrifice so much for us” rofl
  • jungkook and you want to go to disneyland and one day you plan to and tbh you two got to the amusement park in seoul and get matching cute headbands but thats like the only couple item u guys really have
  • minus like the flannel he bought you for a holiday once
  • and also probably like adidas slippers hoseok gave u two as a gift on ur 100th day or smthing
  • jungkook does this annoying thing where he lays his head on your stomach while you’re laying down on your phone and ur like ur heavy get off but he does not. he is like “ill get off when u put down ur phone and pay attention to me” hes like 5 
  • you guys eat street food when you don’t get to have dinner and jin nags no matter what but nothings better then walking by the han river in the night breeze holding hands and eating snacks ,,,,, its simple but to you and jungkook its relaxing 
  • once he changed your ringtone to a linkin park song and it was so loud when he called u u almost screamed 
  • in revenge you deleted gdragons albums off his phone 
  • a beautiful relationship really amazing
  • but in all seriousness when you’re down, jungkook can be awkward or clumsy, but he is caring. he really hates seeing you upset but he knows when he needs to give you space because he believes in you and knows you can fix your own problems but if you need him there, he will be there.
  • he’s not good with words but he’s good at knowing what you need like if you really need to call another friend or if you just really need a cup of your favorite tea like he’s got you. no problem. it’s like some sort of telepathy between you two
  • and you have it for jungkook too like he will never out right say he’s sad or needs to lean on your for support but you know when he’s going through something dark like you can read him and it’s comforting for him because he isn’t the type to say it specifically so thankfully you love him enough to know yourself
  • but for the most part you and jungkook are a giggling couple of fun, excitement. like people see the two of you and are reminded of their young first loves it’s so cute
  • jungkook made a photo of you sleeping-in a face mask his phone background so you made a bad fantaken of him yours and you two instead of getting mad just high fived each other for being so witty
  • jungkook shyly kissing your forehead for the first time and you being like “let me kiss yours” and him holding his bangs down like ‘nooooo way’ 

My friend was like “we need to get the voltron cup” and so one of my other friends drove a bunch of us to Denny’s at like midnight for this cup. And my one friend looked the waiter dead in the eye and said “We’re here for the voltron cup” and he looked at my other friend’s bag with a voltron pin on it and he was like “ya im sure you are.” One of my friends who didn’t even watch voltron also got the cup because “I drove a half hour for this of course I’m getting the cup”

Someone set down their green lion by their drink and this guy at the table across from us was like “that’s voltron” and I heard his friend go “are you sure??” and he was like “ya no im sure.” one of them was wearing a transformers shirt.

All of us, clinking cups together: “foRM VOLTRON!!!” my friend: “Leo you’re not wearing the headband what the fuck”

also my friend, messing with the tiny green lion: “ya it has the little projectile thing, but it doesn’t fire like the big one–” (clicks something that makes the green lion fire) “Ohhhh wait”

It was an Experience

Aaand in a new running first, I got hit by a car half a block from my house. The guy rolled through a stop sign and right into me (I’m 100% ok physically, mentally shaken). Then to make things worse, when I told my boyfriend about it he told me I need to be more careful. Gee, thanks 😒

Maybe drivers should just actually stop at stop signs. Or at least stop if there is someone in the damn crosswalk. But no, definitely it’s my fault here and I should have been more careful. Crossing at the crosswalk. At a stop sign. In broad daylight. Wearing my bright ass shorts and a reflective headband.

“A’right, lemme jus’..” Harry stuck his tongue out in concentration, nimble fingers working through Y/D/N’s hair and mumbling an apology when he accidentally tugged a couple strands much harsher than intended. 

“Ow, daddy!” Y/D/N whined, reaching over and rubbing at the back of her head when Harry managed to pull out a couple hairs while attempting a French braid. 

“Sorry, sorry!” Harry winced, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the back of her head before letting out a small sigh. You were usually the one who dealt with fixing Y/D/N’s hair in the morning - But you were seven months pregnant with your guys’ second child and so.. You slept most of the day! What? It was exhausting doing things with the big round belly. “Did yeh want the.. the, ehm, the fluffy kitty cat headband thingy we got for yeh?” Harry trailed off, one hand holding onto the end of her braid while he looked for the headband, groaning inwardly when he saw it at the end of the table. 

“Yeah, I want the kitty cat headband, please.” Y/D/N hummed, munching on her waffles and wincing once again when Harry gave her a little tug while trying to reach for the end of the table. “Where’s mummy?” 

“Mummy’s sleeping. Mini bug’s got her sleepin’ all day long.”

“Don’t worry, I’m up, I’m up.” Harry and Y/D/N turned towards the staircase to see you padding down the stairs, a hand on your belly and the other clutching onto the railing. 

“Oh, thank goodness.” Y/D/N and Harry said simultaneously, the both of them turning and giving each other identical sheepish smile. 

“I tried t’ follow one o’ those Pinterest double-braid hairstyles, and I ended up with.. Well, this.” Harry let go of the braid, huffing when it untangled itself almost immediately. “For your sake, I really hope this next one is a boy..” 


these imagines are getting more and more random

gif isn’t mine!

KNB/Naruto Headcanons

(I’ve only got a few headcanons for now, it’s bound to change/have things added as I come up with ideas though! Also sorry if I got anything wrong, I’ve just started to watch Naruto again so I also must refresh my knowledge ((though I read through a few of the wikia articles)) but otherwise, I hope you guys enjoy this!

New information bolded!)

Akashi Seijurou
-Lives in the Hidden Sand Village.
-Keeps his headband on his left arm most of the time.
-Was treated specially from the beginning and was not put into a normal Genin group.
-Privately tutored Kuroko on his visit to the Leaf Village with his father as he saw untapped potential in his Genjutsu skills, still occasionally sends a letter to check-up on him every now and again.
-Aims to be the Kazekage, is currently serving under his father (the current Kazekage) as his assistant while also being the Captain of the Anbu.
-His Anbu mask is colored a fine Red, unlike the normal earth-colored cloth that is normally used to cover Anbu members faces.
-His Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu  skills are off the charts but most of his strength comes from his strategic ability.
-He has gained the approval of most of the citizens as he often helps those who can’t afford food by setting them up with a special payment plan, going out of his way to see that repairs are made to the poorer districts, and generally keeping as many people happy as he possibly can; has been told he holds too much compassion.

Aomine Daiki
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband on his forehead, forgets to wear it a lot and gets scolded for it.
-For the Chuunin exams, he began to be tutored under Anbu Captain Imayoshi Shoichi, who had been tutored by the great Harasawa Katsunori in the past (Imayoshi took interest in Aomine simply because he wanted him to join the Anbu as his speed was a much needed asset).
-His speed was always off the charts, combined with his strong Taijutsu he skills, he managed to be promoted to at least Chuunin despite his Ninjutsu and Genjutsu being relatively poor.
-He was in a Genin team with Momoi and Kuroko; he was the only one who successfully passed the Chuunin exams the first time they entered, and agreed to train the two to pass if they agreed to call him sensei.
-He has no aspirations on what he wants to be, jokingly saying he wants to be the Hokage but Momoi states that he’s lying; Kuroko figures that, with the type of person Aomine is, he may being to train Ninja dogs for a living.  
-He fondly remembers the time when he was younger and used to nap atop the Ninja Academy, annoying Kuroko as Aomine had potential and theorizes the only reason he’s no good at Genjutsu or Ninjutsu is because he never bothered showing up to class.

Kise Ryouta
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Wears his headband around his neck, along with a necklace that has the Kise Clan symbol on it.
-Was placed in a team with Moriyama and an unnamed female (whose crush on Kise frustrated Moriyama to the point he declared the blonde as his greatest rival).
-Their sensei was the strict Kasamatsu, who kicked their asses into gear when they were flirting instead of working.
-The Kise Clan is known well for their beautiful looks but not so much their talent, something Ryouta wishes desperately to change.
-Despite his lack of interest in the Ninja Academy he learns well by spying on other students practicing, copying the hand seals and then creating an even more powerful version of the Jutsu. He gains the nickname the ‘Copycat’ Ninja and also gains the scorn of many.
-When they were younger, he and Aomine used to race across the village to see who could reach the other end first; he has yet to match Aomine’s speed, though as they grow older he’s planning on challenging Aomine to a rematch.
-He enjoys visiting the Academy to see Kuroko but that irritates the latter due to half of the students no longer giving him their attention, thus nothing gets learned that day.
-Kise wishes to becoming a Jounin (stuck doing mindless missions as a Chuunin and not finding the time to take the Jounin exam)

Kuroko Tetsuya
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband wrapped around his right arm.
-Formed a Genin team with Aomine and Momoi.
-His sensei was Aida Riko, a young sensei who knew perfectly how to train the three individuals (though her and Momoi seemed to have some rivalry going on, Riko still cared deeply for all three of them).
-Ascends to Jounin level relatively easily, he felt nervous about having to have his own Genin team but finds he’s a relatively good teacher as all three of his students flourish under his methods.
-He’s particularly talented at Genjutsu, and with his lack of presence, missions requiring stealth tend to be his favorite assignments to take.
-He will occasionally teach a class at the Ninja Academy where both of his parents also teach, teaching them specifically on Genjutsu’s; he tends to favor the underdogs who also struggle in one of the three ninja arts, knowing what it was like to be bullied for having a special interest in only one field and poorly performing in the others.
-Spends most of his free time with either Kise or Aomine, as they are always the one to drag him out of his house before he can settle down with a freshly bought book to relax.

Midorima Shintarou
-Lives in the Hidden Leaf Village.
-Has his headband properly on his forehead.
-His team consisted of Takao and unnamed female.
-His sensei was the recently promoted Miyaji Kiyoshi (he and Midorima did not originally get along, but Takao teased it was because they were the opposite types of Ninja, Miyaji always appearing on the front line while Midorima had to stay back).
-He was the top student at the Ninja Academy, and encourages his younger sister to also blow her classmates out of the water, agreeing to help her practice chakra control (which she has the most issues with) and agrees to teach her at least one difficult Ninjutsu when she finally graduates.
-His family owns a clinic which heavily inspired him to become a Medical-nin, spending a few years of his life travelling abroad to learn different techniques that could save lives (his family wrote him every day).
-Has the highest mission count of all the GoM ninja’s as he believed nothing could replace experience on the battlefield, and despite him hardly participating in the action, he became talented with long-range weapons to keep himself away from the carnage while also seeing a large variety of wounds and learning the best way to treat them.
-While studying under the head medical-nin in the Sand Village, Midorima had met Akashi and befriended him, having never met someone who was ambitious as he was; he was offered a position as head medical-nin in the Sand from Akashi when he becomes Kazekage, which he refused to accept until Akashi actually ascended to said position.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-Lives in the Hidden Sand Village.
-Wears his headband loosely around his neck, it often falls off.
-Was in a team with Himuro and an unnamed female that he never bothered to learn the name of.
-Was taught by the Legendary Araki Masako, well-known for being strict and an expert strategist (Murasakibara didn’t see the big deal about her, as he just thought she was extra bossy and a little scary).

-He had once lived in the Hidden Leaf Village but due to family issues, he was sent off to the Sand Village to train instead. He’s not used to the brutal terrain and complains nearly every day about the heat.
-He’s talented at making food pills and other food related recovery items.
-Despite his rather large size he’s particularly agile and Akashi, who had discovered his talents and decided to help them flourish, will often call on him to help with an Anbu mission if he sees that it requires Murasakibara’s skill set.
-He likes to build “sandmen” during the winter months which in turn entertains the children; he had said that he didn’t do it for them and that he was bored, but it has since become a daily class, with him teaching them how to control the sand with their chakra and create a variety of different forms with it.
-He has a very low mission count as he prefers to sleep in all day, the missions he does take only because his teammates worry about how he will buy his snacks to survive thus they push him into at least tagging along on their own. 


Kagami Taiga
-Used to live in the Hidden Waterfall Village, but moved to the Hidden Leaf Village after passing the Chuunin exams.
-Former sensei was Alex Garcia, one of the most legendary figures in Ninja history; she took both Himuro and Kagami under her wing as she saw they both had something special, though to be seen as an official team another member was added.
-Kuroko is the first new person he meets in the Leaf Village as he’s the one assigned to show him around; he thinks he’s wimpy at first but is instantly amazed at Kuroko’s Genjutsu skills when he demonstrates them.
-Learned to infuse chakra in his fists and legs to make him more powerful, but often has trouble controlling said power, and causes too much damage when fighting in enclosed areas.
-Used to look down on D-missions and was given an A rank mission by the irritated Waterfall Village leader; after watching the death of his third teammate he knew that he had to stop being so hot-headed, and left the Village to get a fresh start elsewhere.
-Specializes in Fire-Style Jutsu’s.

Himuro Tatsuya
-Used to live in the Hidden Waterfall Village, but moved to the Hidden Sand Village after failing the Chuunin exams.
-Former sensei was Alex Garcia, one of the most legendary figures in Ninja history; she took both Himuro and Kagami under her wing as she saw they both had something special.
-First met Murasakibara when he was wallowing in self-pity; said ninja told him to get over it and move on,  causing Himuro to dislike him at first. He later finds out that he’s going to be training under the same Sensei as Murasakibara and gives a sweet snack as a peace offering (he had won Murasakibara’s loyalty from that point on, even if they did disagree most of the time).

-Specializes in Ice-Style Jutsu’s.

The crazy weaboo ex

Me - Sam
Weaboo ex - Sebastian (Seb)
Best friend - Jay
Boyfriend - Jerry

Now, this happened around three years ago.

I was dating this weaboo guy who we’re just going to call Seb, we clicked right away because we both watched anime, just that I wasn’t as obsessed as he was. 

During freshman year I had this phase where I desperately wanted to learn how to draw so I could draw my OC’s, so I used anime characters as a drawing practise. When he noticed that I was drawing Soul from Soul Eater, he started asking me which anime I’ve seen so far, which is my favourite and so on.

I was more than happy to talk to him because not a lot of people in this school watch anime, we pretty much clicked right away.

Then some time around February he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him, and I said yes. Little did I know back then that he is the clingiest person ever.

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Hey EVERYONE! Sorry for the grossly late update. I’m also sorry that I didn’t get the time yesterday to gift you all with a chibi yesterday, but I got caught up with family and school. You know how it is, life an’ all that. Hope you enjoy Until Dawn Sam being all brave. HERO on a mission! 

I’l catch you guys tomorrow with the next chibi update. Hopefully I’ll have some proper art to share with you by Thrusday (if not, then by the weekend). I’ve got ideas and sketches, just need the time to round them out. 


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 16

- Sixteenth Period: Absolute Strength -

Sideline: “Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou” starts now!!

- A secret plan…?!

- No way…But the Second Years themselves have a 200-point lead………
- You’re saying there’s a way to turn this around at this point……?
Armin: Allow me to explain.

Armin: In this Calvary Battle event, each regular headband is worth 10 points…but the general’s headband is worth 300 points!

Armin: In short, if we can grab most of the Second and Third Years’ headbands, including their generals’, without losing most of ours, then it’ll be enough to pull off a come-from-behind win!

- Sure, theoretically speaking, it would work…
- But that’s better said than done…
Eren: Indeed…

Eren: All the more reason it’s our secret plan. If we use “this”, we should be able to steal the upperclassmen’s headbands all for ourselves!

- Hey…isn’t that…!!

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Strange Magic FanFic – “Witness”

A drabble borne of the reveal that Griselda was originally going crash Marianne’s wedding in the movie whilst disguised as a Fairy. Unsurprisingly, this information made me fall for her even more. 

Set outside of the Strange Hearts & Wild Things timeline/continuity!

“I just love weddings, don’t you?”

Griselda smiled wide and toothy at the Elf in front of her, which he returned, though his big brown eyes hadn’t left her back. A small crease crept onto his brow as he replied. “Yeah, they’re the best. I know everyone’s been really looking forward to this one… “ 

His voice faltered, and then his curiosity broke through. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but…are your wings okay? I mean, I don’t really know much about these things since I’m an Elf, but I’m friends with some fairies and I thought your wings were usually a bit more, uh, alive –“

Griselda tutted. “Not polite to be eyein’ me like that, honey.”

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