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Summary: Y/N and Peter have been best friends since childhood, but when they enter middle school, Y/N joins the popular crowd and leaves Peter behind.

AN: this may become a series lol

Peter Parker x Reader

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I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a tree. I peeked from the side to see if he was following me and saw no one. He was right behind me. I thought. I faced back and waited for Peter to call out for me. I went to peek behind me again. Nothing. I turned back and -


“Ah!” I let out a high pitched scream. Peter Parker was hanging upside down from a low branch and laughing his brains out. “Peter! That wasn’t funny!” I crossed my arms.

Peter swung down from the tree. “Oh, come on Y/N. You have to admit that was pretty funny.” He gave me a grin, showing off the loss of his two front teeth.

“For you.” I said, still pouting. I turned around and walked away from Peter. 

“Hey! Y/N! Wait!” Peter yelled out. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He stood in front of me. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He looked down at his shoes.

“Okay!” He looked up and I gave him an equally toothless grin. “Let’s go play another game! I’m thinking…tag! TAG YOU’RE IT!” I tapped his shoulder and ran off, laughing. 

“I’m gonna get ya Y/N!” 

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I'm sorry but all I need is for the whole pjo crew to meet the mcaga crew and piper is the one that looks at them and the first thing she thinks of is who likes eachother. Like I'm sorry but I need them (them being feirrochase and blitzstone) to awkwardly talk it out with the pjo crew

don’t worry bro i got you

  • ok so magnus is visiting camp half blood with sam, alex, hearthstone and blitz
  • b/c i mean like who wouldn’t want to see the magical camp 
  • (I’m wearing my chb shirt while writing this omg)
  • and percy and magnus have already met from when they needed his help 
  • so they get there, after a long car ride of arguing over whose baseball team is better between magnus and annabeth and percy agreeing with annabeth 
  • but magnums dads back him up
  • and alex totally does too b/c i mean she’s a magnus baseball fan ok and she threatens to kill percy and everybody goes silent b/c these demigods can’t die over and over and be back for supper? 
  • so its really awkward for a second 
  • and i mean alex did just offer to kill percy in honor of magnus and his baseball team
  • annabeth grins breaking the tension with ‘you can try but its gonna be hard’

  • when they get to the camp nico stares for so long and will and jason are hanging out with him 
  • and piper is talking to kayla and austin how nice 
  • annabeth and magnus are still talking about baseball 
  • and alex walks behind magnus and just plops his head on top of magnum’s because he’s tall enough to and he can 
  • so he’s awkwardly walking behind magnus just leaning on him so weird but very domestic 

  • blitz is great friends with lacy automaticaly and hearth just stands by until a kid runs up to him and starts signing 
  • and this fucking little kid is so happy because nobody here knows sign language but chiron and he’s not always here 
  • now hearthstone, blitz, magnus and sam are all signing to him and he’s so in love with them 
  • and magnus translates for alex duh 

  • nico is still fucknig staring so creepily but i mean 
  • ‘they’re fucking dead Will what the fuck jason go fly up to a tree with them and drop them i want to see what happens will they still be dead?? will they die and not be here??? are they ghosts??’
  • and will is like ‘or you could go speak to them’
  • Jasons just like i got this and picks nico up b/c no way is he walking over there alone, 
  • “my uh, friend, here wants to know wether you guys are dead or not’ 
  • will is trailing behind laughing his ass off 
  • and alex is straight up salty to them like ‘are you dead? thats not a nice thing to ask excuse you’ 
  • jasons just baffled b/c I’m mean that was rude it was a valid question 
  • and piper is here now like ‘my bf meant to ask are you dead?’
  • ‘oh yeah we are’ 
  • than piper goes ‘and your bf?’ referring to magnus
  • and alex just says yeah b/c he docent notice  
  • (the whole car ride back magnus is grinning like so I’m your boyfriend huh
  • ‘fucking shut up maggie you’re so dead later’)
  • and nico is just wow ok this is the first other lgbtq+ people he has actually met and they’re a couple so he jumps out of Jason’s arms and stands next to Will holding his hand so much more confident in himself
  • (jasons jealous so he also holds nicos hand ok) 
  • and wills grinning proud af b/c this is so rare and nico’s confident right now ok its amazing 
  • and ‘what about you guys are you dead?’
  • ‘no but were together as well’ blitz says looking magnus dead in the eye to be all fatherly like you aint fucking getting away with this without talking to us about it ok 
  • and hearthstone is too busy to read lips just still grinning at magnus and alex  

Cartoonz: “So how many cats do you own?”
Bryce: “C-cat..? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m.. I’m allergic to cats man.”
Cartoonz: *points*
Cartoonz: “Your shirt is literally covered with cat hairs.”
Bryce: … !
Bryce: *turns around and tries to discreetly brush the hairs off*
Cartoonz: “Hey its okay, I’ve got a cat too. A lil pest but I love'em.”
Bryce: … ///
Bryce: *cries*
Bryce: “I have seven! I can’t stop myself!”
Cartoonz: “Holy shit, are you starting a collection?”
Bryce: *quietly*
Bryce: “.. yes.”

Going to the eyedoctor

My eye sight always sucked. Like I was wearing glasses since I was in kindergarden. Until I went and saw my new eyedoctor - that dude hooked me up.

When ur a kid and you wear glasses it’s totally obvious that your gonna be a nerd. They’re like this magnet that brings bullies to you, along with a fondness for comic books and bein good at math. No matter what I did, it seemed like I couldn’t NOT be a nerd so eventually I grew into it. Right down to the sweatervest and khakis I was wearing when I went in today

I used to be that guy…you know the one. That dude with the gleam in his eye cause he knows everything

The doctor saw that right away too.

“Hi,” he said. “Do you want to get red of those glasses?”

Yeah, duh doc. But contacts make my eyes itchy.

He had me take off the glasses and read a chart. It was so blurry I couldnt see any of the letters.

“lets make an adjustment” he said and clicked a piece of his equipment

It’s weird how you always get cold sitting in a doctors office. I shifted in the chair. His agro air conditioning was pushing through my basketball shorts and tshirt easily.

“How’s that?” he said

“I can see M U…then it gets blurry”

Click. Another adjustment…

I was shifting again in my chair. My muscles were totally sore from today. First I’d tossed around a football with the guys, then I’d gone and lifted. It was a good sore….

“I see like a M U…then it’s blurry… then there’s an S and some more blurry letters.

"How about now?” he clicked in another adjustment.

The chairs in these offices are always too damn small for a guy like me. It’s my own fault…but if u could put on muscle like I can, you’d pack it on too

“It looks like M U S C L E S…and then it gets blurry again…”

“Hm,” said the doc. “I think we’re getting close.”. He snapped on another adjustment.

This air con really was super bad. I don’t know why I wore a stringer top here…I mean I wear one like everywhere I guess. These guns just don’t fit into most shirts, and u gotta show off what u got anyhow.

Click. How about now he asked?

“Super close doc…” I said. “M U S C L E S somethin U somethin”. Lol, what did that spell? My brains so foggy that I can like barely read bro…whatever, reading was for nerds.

“Okay,” he said. “One more.”. And the world clicked jnto focus.

Shit…I had a total hard on tenting out my tight little gym shorts. If I moved wrong the doc would probably see my dickhead pop out.

“What do you see?” he said

“M. U. S. C. L. E. S. L. U. T….” I said.

We both sat there for a sec. I shifted in my chair and the head of my cock escape its shorts. The doc was looking at it. He wanted this.

“So…doc… do I need glasses?” I asked.

That broke him out of it. “No,” he said. “Glasses are for nerds”

I gave a deep laugh. No way was I a nerd. I looked in the mirror above his desk…my thick jaw and muscled body made me unquestionably a jock. And my dull eyes didn’t have a trace of smarts to em.

“So doc…” I said, peeling off my tank. “Just how do u like to get paid?”


G: What do you think? Now I’m jungle ready AND looking good!
H: *scoffs* Ya, if sweating buckets and looking like a dork is the new En Vogue.
G: No one asked you, Pataki.
H: No one had to ask, I’m performing a public service here. That things an atrocity to mankind and a health hazard.
G: *rolls eyes* Arnold, what do you think? Cool right?
A: Um, Gerald… Helga has a point.
G: Man, you’re supposed to support me as my best friend!
A: No, I’m supposed to keep you from doing something crazy. You could get heat stroke like that in this weather!
G: Tch. Phoebe! What do you think?
P: I think you look quite nice actua-
H: Her opinion doesn’t count.
G: What? And WHY not?
H: She’s biased. Completely blinded.
G: Blinded by WHAT?
H: That’s classified information. Now can you just wear your freaking t-shirt and get rid of that thing already, ya chucklehead!
G: What, no! Do you know how long I’ve been wanting this limited edition sweatshirt for? This is the best compromise I could think of after one of the sleeves ripped off and a huge tear was made in the side of it!
A: *sighs* … Gerald.
H: Look Geraldo, I’m not gonna get slowed down on this little mission of ours just because YOU decided to be an idiot and collapsed from the heat. Either you change into your t-shirt and get rid of that thing, or I pound you until you do. Your. Choice!!!
G: Alright, alright!

In which I once again got carried away with something silly. The crop top idea is all @farkledagain ‘s fault btw. And it started b/c I was a little surprised by Gerald still wearing his sweatshirt in the jungle in that one screenshot we got from Craig. It looks like it’s pretty thick too. I suppose, now that I think about it, it could just be night time lol. Either way I like poking fun at my children so no regrets. 

Also I imagine Arnold would ask his parents if they could help him get Gerald a new sweatshirt after they’re back home as a thank you for helping out and b/c he’d feel guilty about it having been ruined.

And sorry for the lack of stuff lately, been working mainly on shortakiweek stuff and i can’t share that until it’s time to.

Whenever you want | Jordan Parrish Imagine

request:  I really need some Parrish smut 😥

word count: 1076

warnings: smut, swearing, hot deputy Parrish, office sex (?)

A/N: i immediately had this idea when i read the request, so i hope you like it! :)

It was already getting dark when you decided to walk over to the police station. You knew you had to talk to Sheriff Stilinski about what you just found out. You knocked on the front door of the station hoping that Stilinski was still there. „Y/N?“, a familiar voice asked. Of all people who could’ve opened the door, it was Jordan Parrish. „Hi Jordan, um, is Sheriff Stilinski here?“, you asked while you still couldn’t look at him. The memories of last night were burned into your brain. Yesterday you had walked through the woods as you suddenly saw a naked man carrying a body. You went closer hoping you could recognize the man, but now you wished you had turned around and had gone home. When you were very close to him, you saw that it was Parrish, showing you everything. „No, he’s searching for a body, but he should be here in a few hours. Do you want to wait?“, he asked and you nodded. You had to wait because if there was another body Stilinksi should know who is taking the bodies. „Umm, Jordan? Can we talk?“, you wanted to know. „Of course, Y/N. What is it?“ You pointed at his office and he understood. You sat down and he smiled. „Is it about last night?“, he asked. You nodded in response. „What do you actually remember about last night?“, you asked him. „Um, I went for a walk and I saw you and… I was naked?“, he uttered. „Yeah, well, Jordan, you are the one taking the bodies“, you explained shyly. „Are you kidding me? I’m taking the bodies? B-But why should I do that?“, he stuttered. You made a clueless face. „That’s what we should talk about to Lydia“, you said and smiled. He stood up and so did you. Heading in the direction of the door, Parrish suddenly grabbed your wrist. „Are you afraid of me?“, he whispered only leaving a small space between you two and you could feel his body heating up. You shook you head still staring into his brown eyes. His lips crushed against yours, sending a shiver down your body. First you were shocked but then you replied to his kiss by opening your mouth and letting his tongue slide into your mouth. His hands wandered down you body while your kiss got intense and lustful. Jordan’s right hand found its way to your butt and squeezed it, before picking you up and placing you on his desk. Your right hand was on his neck while the left hand explored Jordan’s toned chest. You started to slowly unbutton his uniform, presenting his muscular body to you. Jordan pulled away leaving an unknown emptiness in your mouth and he stripped of your shirt and your bra while lustful inspecting you body. „You’re so beautiful, Y/N“, he whispered against the sensitive skin of your neck. Your hands found his belt and simply unlocked it before moving down his pants together with his underwear. Suddenly you noticed that Jordan was already at your breats, slowly drawing circles around your nipple with his tongue. „Jordan“, you moaned when he softly bit into your nipple. You made your way down to his already hard member and started to pump it with your hands. Parrish was now working on your other nipple and let out a loud groan and he noticed your hands at his cock. He let go of you just to make you kneel down in front of him. You didn’t wait for him to say something before you started licking along his big member. You teased him by slowly circling around his tip before putting it into your mouth. Jordan pulled a fist of your hair to get into your mouth deeper. You started to pull his member in and out causing the deputy to moan and you used your tongue to play with his dick. After a while of moaning, Jordan mumbled: „Y-Y/N, I’m gonna-a… cu-um“ You nodded and started to get even faster while his cum filled you mouth. You swallowed it and smiled as he pulled you up and gave you a passionate kiss tasting his own cum. He placed you on his desk again but this time onto your stomach. When he spreaded your legs you could already feel his cock between your legs but he pulled it away just to replace it with his tongue. He started licking your inner thighs while harshly rubbing your clit. „God, you’re already so wet, Y/N“, he whispered, his hot breath meeting your warmth causing you to shiver. He directed his tongue up your labium until he reached your clit drawing circles around it. You moaned having a hand in his soft dark blonde hair. His lips moved up reaching your neck again. His hands moved to your breasts softly caressing them while nibbling on your sensitive skin, leaving marks. „You ready?“, he asked while moving, so that his member was placed at your entrance. You nodded waiting for him to fill you up. He circled around your entrance before finally entering you. You moaned while getting used to his length. „Holy shit, you’re so big, Jordan“, you murmured against his lips causing him to press them against yours again. Your lips moving in sync he slowly started thrusting into you. Jordan was still massaging your breasts and he could feel how hard your nipples had gotten. You wanted Jordan to go faster but you weren’t able to speak because of all these moans. „Jordan, faster“, you managed to say between two groans. His pace got faster and you heard his hips slamming against your ass. He felt your walls tighten up against his member just as you said: „I-I can’t… I’m c-cumming“ He kept thrusting into you giving you the best and longest orgasm ever. After a while he came too and mixing with your cum. He pulled out and smiled. You laid on his desk, his things thrown all around the office, trying to find your breath again. Jordan was already taking back on his pants when you got up. „You were great“, he complimented you. While putting your shirt back on, you said: „We can do this again whenever you want, deputy“ „Sounds nice“, he mumbled and kissed your swollen lips before you left the room smiling. You didn’t do what you wanted to do but you did something a lot better than this.

Night Swimming // Teen Wolf Theo Raeken x Reader

Sorry if it becomes bunched up and not have spaces (For some reason it didn’t work with my last few images)

As always requests are open don’t be afraid to ask!!

Requested by: @ryleeroseb4


(Y/n) rubbed her eyes,  just waking up from the tapping noise coming from her window. “Theo what the hell are you doing here at,” she paused and looked at her clock,“ At one in the morning .”

“Open the window,” he whispered. “Fine only this one time,” the (h/c) haired girl rolled her eyes, opening the window to let her best friend in,“ Now what do you want? And why are you in your swimsuit?”

“Let’s go night swimming,” Theo smiled,“ I found this really cool lake in the woods that we should check out.”

“It sounds dangerous,” (Y/n) frowned,“ You sure it’s safe?”

“I’m not sure but it will be fun,” he rubbed his neck sheepishly. “If I get hurt or if I die I blame you,” she shooed him out,“ I’ll get ready just wait for me.”

The (h/c) haired girl sighed, getting changed into a (f/c) bathing suit, throwing on a big tee shirt over it. She silently opened the window.

“Theo?” She hissed, looking the the boy who had dirt on his face,“ I leave you for a minute and you already made a mess.”

“Hey,” he put his hands up in defense,“ I just got bored and started playing around and I fell into the bush.”

“Then explain why your hands are full of dirt,” (Y/n) pursed her lips,“ Lets get going you’re wasting my time.”

“Okay okay,” he starting walking into the woods behind her house,“ Love you too.”

(Y/n) blushed,“ What are you talking about?” “Well you are my best friend aren’t you?” He asked, looking at her. “I kinda wanna be more,” she muttered, pushing a branch out of her way.

“What was that?” He asked, already knowing what she said due to his supernatural hearing. “Oh it was nothing,” (Y/n) shook her head.

“We’re almost there,” Theo pushed a branch away, revealing a beautiful lake that the moonlight lit up perfectly. “It’s beautiful,” (Y/n) whispered, stripping off the big tee-shirt.

“Well?” Theo raised his eyebrows. “Well what?” The girl asked. “Aren’t you going to jump in?”

She thought to herself for a second before pushing her best friend in the lake. “Is it cold in there?” (Y/n) snickered once the teen’s head popped out of the water. “Nope now come in!” He shouted.

(Y/n) smiled before running and jumping in. Once she popped up she was freezing. “What the hell Theo you said it wasn’t cold,” she complained.

“Um it isn’t?” He lied horribly,“ I’ll help you warm up.” Theo swam closer to the girl, pulling her close to his chest.

“Theo what are you doing?” She looked up at him, a blush clear on her face. “Something I probably won’t regret,” he whispered, slowly kissing her.

(Y/n)’s eyes widened before closing and sinking into the kiss. “You’re such a sneaky dog,” she whispered, pulling back from the kiss. “Hey all I said was that we were going night swimming.”

Draw your fave character in your fave/outfit youre wearing right now.

I love that shirt sm I wish it fit me better.

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History class is so wild man!!

There was this time we where near to an exam and, as I said, my History teacher is incredibly goofy and he loves joking, it actually keeps the students awake, so its good!!

So in the middle of that he said something like “Pretty girls makes you weak, huh?” and someone whispered “Catalina” and he said “Yeah, Ms C***** /he always calls me by my last name/ knows that personally” and like I honestly got so flushed that time but I started laughing too! 

The One in Which You’re Sugar and He Is Buddy // l.h.

(mobile) masterlist

word count: 3.8k

summary: drunken, you’re left sitting propped against a fence on the sidewalk, until a stranger stumbles over your legs. 

It’s been hours since the party started, and all the drinks and games have left you a curled up mess against a fence. Your eyes are drooping and you’re so damn tired, but in the back of your mind you can hear a voice telling you to get the fuck up and find a way home. But your body doesn’t want to listen apparently, because it does not move one inch.

You sigh, then giggle.

Then you hear, above all the pumping music, footsteps approaching. Someone has left the party and is walking home. You can see their tall figure marching your way. The sidewalk is narrow as it is, but with you sprawled across it, it is no surprise the stranger stumbles over your stretched out bare legs. A few curses leave his mouth as he regains his balance and stands above you.

You look up.

The stranger looks down on you, a look of confusion etched on his face, which then turns into worrisome. Your view is beautiful, you think. The way the boy has his eyebrows scrunched up, his eyes, his lip ring, the sky above him, the stars scattered across it. You may be drunk, but your heart still knows what beauty means, and this—this is definitely a masterpiece—carefully and messily crafted.

The stranger crouches down in front of your body as you struggle to sit up, shifting yourself so you’re leaning against the fence. He smiles at you, and his smile—it is not one of any negative or judgemental undertone; it is careful, genuine. It is beautiful, just like himself. His hair is a blond mess, strands flying across his forehead, a beard adorning his jaw. His eyes hold the sky of happy days, you can see them, even in the dark.

“Are you alright?” he asks, weaving a hand through his hair. There is no laughter in his voice as he is not making fun of you. It is rather soft and laced with a smile. “Where are your friends?”

You choose to ignore the first question. “They left.” Your voice is barely above a whisper, but he somehow manages to hear you, despite the loud music and all.

His brows raise. “Well, do you have anyone to take you home?” His eyes roam over your body, taking the goosebumps on your arms in. Surprisingly, he doesn’t linger on your naked legs from the daring outfit your friends forced you into, which earns him even more points.

No, you think as a response but don’t voice it out loud. This is not you. You have never been drunk before, but tonight your friends made you drink with them, claiming it was finally time for you to loose your “al-ginity”. You are a good girl, one that chooses not to drink for specific reasons, a girl who doesn’t dance out of the line.

Tonight you feel betrayed, stamped on, dirty. It is one thing for your friends get you drunk, another for them to leave you all by yourself.

“Here,” he says and shrugs out of his flannel, before draping it over your shoulders. His hands run over your arms gently. “I can call you a cab, get you home safely.”

It may be the alcohol, but for whatever reason your eyes begin to water as he offers you this. You’re a total stranger to him and somehow he’s still got enough kindness in his heart, to help you out. “Hey hey hey,” he shushes you, “It’s gonna be all right. Don’t worry.”

You nod, because what else are you supposed to say? That he’s much nicer than your very own friends? Or that your emotions are over the top right now and he’s not helping at all? “I don’t have any money for a cab,” you slur.

His lips broaden into a smile again. “That’s all right,” he assures, sticking his hands into his bum pocket and fishing a worn out wallet out. “I’ve got…a total of five dollars. Damn it.”

His words make you cry harder because you think you will never get home. “I—I don’t want to d-die!” The stranger begins to chuckle then, teeth buried in his lower lip as he tries to hold it in. “Is not funny!” you snap at him, but it comes out in a slur. The hand you raise to slap at his chest wobbles in the air before he gently clasps it in his.

“I’m not laughing,” he says, laughing, “I swear.” He’s so laughing, though. “Okay. All right. I’ll just—uh, let me think for a second.” His chuckles die down, but he keeps holding onto your hand as he seats himself on the concrete before you. His teeth are still biting down on his lips, so you raise your free hand and slowly bring it to his mouth, poking at his chin and prying his lip out. His eyes flicker to yours, then to your fingers that are hovering before his mouth. “I think,” he says, “we need to sober you up first.” He grins at the finger you’re wriggling in front of his face. Grunting, he raises to this feet again. This time it is him who holds his hand out and wriggles his fingers. “Come on,” he says. “I’m sure there’s some coffee somewhere inside.”

You shake your head profoundly. “No.” You sound like a whining child, but you keep murmuring this small word. “I don’t wanna!”

“Babe, you gotta help me out here,” the boy says slowly. “I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have a nasty hangover tomorrow, so please just come back inside so we can detox your system. And I can’t really properly talk to you like this.”

Leaning back against the fence, you pout and sigh. “Is loud inside,” you tell him, staring at the floor and raising your brows in a duh manner.

The stranger stares at you for a second too long, before he puffs and crouches back down in front of you. “All right, all right. Let me think for a moment.”

When he doesn’t say anything in, what feels to you, a really long time, you say, “Buddy,” poking him in the chest. He only glares at you in a confused way, his eyebrows crunched up. “Buddy?” you say again.

He laughs, and to your drunken ass it sounds like the most holy sound you’ve ever heard. “What’s up with you?” Gently, he pushes your hand away, but you keep reaching for him. “Stop calling me that,” he says, grinning, “It sounds like I’m your kid or something.”

“You’re my kid.”

“Oh, I hope not.” His big warm hands wrap around yours as you still haven’t stopped bugging him.


“How about you call me Luke? ‘Cause that’s my name.”

“Luke.” You try his name—how it rolls off your tongue, how it tastes in your mouth. “Lukey—me likey.”

Luke laughs at your choice of words. “I’m glad,” he says. “Now how about your name?”

You snatch your hand back, resting your palm against your chest and leaning forward, before telling him your name like you’ve just done a great job.

Pretending to play along, Luke looks impressed and his eyes grow wide. “Wow! That’s amazing!”

You manage a nod in response that leaves you dizzy all over again. “But I like you calling me babe better,” you tell him, grinning.

The corners of his lips raise, though it is not a smirk he’s giving you but a sweet smile. “I can do that,” he says, softly. “Hey, you still got your address in your head? We can walk—it doesn’t matter.”

This time, you shake your head, causing you to almost topple over, if he hadn’t caught you by your waist and shoulder. “Slow down, babe,” Luke murmurs, gently moving your body so you’re leaning against the fence again.

You continue shaking your head as little sobs escape your throat. “I can’t go home,” you manage to spit out. Luke’s nodding his head like he understands, so you decide to enlighten him. “My si-sister’s home. She’s as stuck up as me—you know, in c-case you haven’t noticed how stuck u-up I am. She c-can’t know I got drunk.” Grabbing onto his shirt, you pull him closer until his nose is almost touching yours. There’s this fierce look etched on your face and just as you are about to open your mouth to make him promise he won’t let your sister find out, a short laugh bursts out of him. His eyes find yours as he continues to laugh at you. “Buddy—”

“Hey, if you keep calling me Buddy I think I’ll have to come up with a stupid nickname too,” he interrupts you. “Hmm,” he hums, his hands clasping around yours in order to release your grip on him. But he doesn’t let go. The warmth of his hold is so comforting, you think, as you sink back towards the fence and close your eyes.

“Sugar,” he calls, shaking your shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep on me now, Sugar.”

Immediately, your eyes snap right back open. “Oh, don’t you dare call me that.”

“Hey, if you can call me Buddy, then I think I can call you Sugar.” He throws you a quick smirk, before he raises to his feet, holding a hand out to you. “Now come on, Sugar. Get up. I’m taking you to my place.”

“Mama said never to follow a stranger,” you slur, shaking your head.

Luke rolls his eyes, laughing quietly at your pout. “Mama also said to never drink until you can’t even walk, eh?”

You nod in defiant.


Following a stranger into his car may easily be the dumbest thing you’ve done in your life, but you think falling asleep in said stranger’s car may top that. Yeah, it kind of does.

You wake up to a voice humming and a car door being slammed shut. “Buddy?” you ask with a dry throat.

“Right here,” a voice answers. You can feel the vibrations against your arm and shoulders and as you think about it, you also feel smooth skin against your cheek and forehead. In conclusion, Luke is carrying you out of the car into his apartment.

Forcing yourself to fight against the cloud of tiredness, you weakly try to push your hand against his chest. “What are you doing?” You look around, seeing nothing but darkness and an apartment building. “Where are you taking me?”

His hand squeezes your thigh. As if that were reassuring? “Hey, I’m just taking you to my apartment so you can sleep off the alcohol,” he tells you softly. “Look, if you can walk, I can put you down. I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, I’m just trying to help.” His cheek grazes the top of your head.

You press a tiny kiss to his neck.

Oh, there is still so much alcohol controlling your actions.


Unfortunately, he can’t manage to open the door with you in his arms, so you have to stand on your own feet—more like lean against the wall (a thing you’ve done a lot these past hours)—and wait for him to unlock and let you in. You stumble your way inside the building, spotting the elevator and making a beeline for it only to be disappointed as you spot the piece of paper. OUT OF ORDER, it says in giant red letters. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” you groan, stomping your foot like a five-year-old. But honestly, at this point, you are so tired and drunk and you only want to lay down and take a nap. Or maybe two.

Luke laughs as he sees you, ready to throw a tantrum. “Come here,” he says, grinning and squatting down in front of you.

His gesture brings a smile to your own lips, before you hop onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. You lean your head against his, tucking your chin into the dip where his neck meets his shoulders. “Thank you, Buddy,” you whisper and press yet another kiss to his soft skin, causing Luke’s heart to almost jump out of his rip cage.

Adjusting your body, he smiles and tips his head to the side so it touches yours.

Luke’s always wished to live high up in the sky, but this time he’s kind of glad he only has to trek two levels. And thanks to working out regularly, he isn’t out of breath and doesn’t embarrass himself. At his door, he has to let you down again, in order to unlock it.

Stepping inside, you’re overwhelmed with a smell which just screams LUKE and the messiest mess one can imagine. His shoes are scattered not in the rack but around it, jackets lying around—not hanging, and the actual living room is even worse. Tiptoeing around his trash (mostly take-away boxes), you let yourself fall onto the couch, a loud sigh escaping your lips. As you close your eyes for a well-deserved nap, Luke shuffles in front of you, a glass of water in his one hand and two pills in his other. “Come on,” he says, shaking the hand with the pills slightly. “You gotta take some or you’re going to die tomorrow.”

Your eyes widen instantly. “I don’t want to die!” you squeal in horror, quickly snatching the pills and swallowing them with a few gulps of water. Luke looks at you in a funny way, his head cocked to the side and one corner of his mouth slightly raised.

“Alright, Sugar,” he begins, clapping his hands once. “You can have my bed. I’ll take the couch.”

“Uh-uh.” You shake your head and refuse as Luke tries to pull you from your well beloved couch. “I wanna stay here.” Your voice literally comes out like the whine of a five-year-old. “Me and couchey are great friends and we don’t wanna be separated.”

The look Luke throws you this time is confusion and disbelief. He cannot believe he’s picked this stupidly-kind-of-cute drunken girl off the street. “Okay,” he replies slowly. “First of all, it’s couchy and me and secondly, it’s up to you. I’m not gonna deny myself a perfectly comfortable bed. So, if you want to stay here, fine by me.” He stands up, grabs your empty glass and wanders off towards the hallway.

“Wait!” you shout after him. “Where are you going, Buddy?”

Luke turns back around, thinking you’ve changed your mind and do actually want the bed, but what he finds instead is your drunken ass raised onto your knees, leaning against the back of the couch, only your eyes peeking at him. He laughs. You raise your eyebrows. He laughs even harder. “Is not funny,” you pout.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He raises his hands in surrender, one still clutching the empty glass. “I was just going to get you a blanket.”

“Okay,” you reply slowly. Is that suspicion Luke is hearing in your voice?

He comes back two minutes later with blankets, pillows and clothes. “I figured sleeping in those isn’t gonna cut it so I brought you some sweatpants and a shirt.”

“Thanks,” you say and begin to pull down your skirt.

“Okay, slow down a second, babe!” Luke shouts in horror and swiftly turns around so his back is facing you. “You could’ve warned me…”

“Uh, sorry.” You blush. Forcing your body into a much more comfortable outfit, you can feel yourself relax again. “I’m done,” you tell Luke quietly.

“Okay,” he says, facing you again. “Lay down.” He nods towards the couch, throwing the pillow on one foot of it as he comes at you with the blanket.

You obey like the good little drunken girl you are and jump on the couch, bouncing a couple of times.

“I said lay down, Sugar,” Luke says, laughing and pushing his hands at you in order to keep your body still so he can drape the blanket over you. Tucking it in, he looks down at you. There’s warmth spreading in his chest. You look so innocent, lying beneath him on his couch, your cheeks still reddened from the alcohol. He can’t bear the thought of what would’ve happened to you, if he hadn’t stumbled over you tonight. You were in no state to find your way home, if you had somehow managed to convince yourself to even go there. Shaking his head, he pats your arm in an awkward Luke-way and retreats towards his own room, but is stopped by your hand on his wrist.

“Where you going?” you mumble sleepily at him.

“Well, you’re not the only one that’s tired.”

Half sitting up—and ruining the way he’s so perfectly tucked the blankets around your body—you pull at his wrist slightly. “Don’t leave me,” you whisper, tears in your eyes. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Luke sighs, rubbing his forehead with his free hand. “It’s alright, Sugar,” he says. “I’m just in my room. It’s not like my apartment is ginormous and you won’t find your way, if you need anything.”

“Please stay with me.”

He looks at you—really looks at you this time. Your hair is dishevelled, eyes and cheeks reddened, teary-eyed, a frown adorning your face. You look like you’re scared. And it’s kind of breaking his heart to see you this way.

When people are intoxicated, they kind of transform to their true selves. You may not be a five-year-old, but your drunken self shows the innocence that surrounds you. And Luke feels like he needs to protect you. That’s the way he’s always been like. Being the last-born he’s never really had anyone to protect, so his protector instincts have always just been there, and now that you’re here in his apartment, the urge is even stronger than before. It’s a pull towards your half-sleeping body, this pull to wrap you up and never let anything bad touch you again.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he says quietly, pulling your hand from around his wrist and wrapping his own around it. He gives it a good squeeze. “I’m just gonna go and get my blanket and pillow, alright?”

You nod, wiping at the tears.

He’s back a second later, laying one blanket on the floor beside you and a pillow on top of that so you’re head to head.

Face to face you two lay in the dark, waiting for sleep to come and whisk you away. And just as you’re on the edge to dreamland a soft voice whispers, “Sleep tight, babe.”


The thing that wakes you in the morning is not the obnoxiously loud snoring beside your head. It’s the slight headache and the blinding light your eyelids can’t seem to tune out. Oh, and the fact that there’s bile coming up your throat. Slapping a hand on your mouth, you scramble to get up, though you step on the sleeping figure by your feet in the process. Cursing, you step around him and frantically take a few turns until you spot the kitchen and—thank God—a sink. Never having thrown up due to alcohol, you’re surprised by how different it is to normal puking. It’s astonishingly not that gross tasting as you’d have thought.

“Babe? Sugar?” a tired—raspy—voice calls out. He steps into the kitchen just as you rinse out your mouth. It’s the snoring dude.

Redirecting your stare from his sleepy half-naked figure down at yourself, you notice you’re wearing different clothes than the ones you left with yesterday. The dude seems to sense what you’re thinking, because a blush creeps up his neck and he raises his hand to scratch at his head. “You, uh—You changed yourself. I didn’t touch you, I promise!” His hands come up in a defensive gesture.

You laugh. “Hey, it’s alright. Even if you had, I’d’ve been glad.” You cock your head. “At least I think so.”

He smiles at that. “Well, I didn’t, so there’s that.” He moves around you, opens the cupboard above your head and grabs two glasses. Filling them up, he hands you one, tipping the other one slightly in a cheers kind of way. “Do you even remember what happened last night?”

You gulp the water down like you haven’t had a single sip for weeks, before answering him. “Not really. Not a lot. I know you’re the dude that helped me out, though. I think. Because my instinct isn’t telling me to kick you in the groin. And because you’re good-looking as hell, I’m deciding to trust my instinct and pray you won’t go all psycho on me.”

His eyes widen a tad bit. “Oh-kay.” Clearing his throat, he places his glass in the sink. “Anyways, I’m Luke, in case you’ve forgotten.”

You smile sheepishly at him and tell him your name as well.

“I remember your name,” Luke says, grinning. “I wasn’t as drunk as you last night. Nowhere near as drunk.”

A blush creeps up your neck. “That was my first time being drunk. Actually, that was my first time even tasting alcohol.”

His eyes widen. “Really? What first timer drinks himself into oblivion?” He shakes his head, taking the glass out of your hands and places it in the sink as well.  “You hungry?” he asks.

“Very so,” you answer, taking a seat at the tiny table that’s shoved in one corner. “What’cha got, Buddy?”

Luke turns around, grinning. “So you remember that?”

You look at him, confused. “I have no idea where that came from.”

He laughs, facing his fridge again as he takes out a couple eggs. “Yeah, we kind of gave each other stupid nicknames. You started it, by the way, Sugar.” Turning to you, he holds up the eggs. “Omelette okay?”

“Sure,” you reply, saliva already filling your mouth. “Eh, as far as I can judge so far, we’ve built a very nice friendship. But I think I need a refresher.”

His shoulders shake with laughter. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Would you say yes?” you ask, chest pounding, bottom lip tucked between your teeth. You’ve actually never asked someone on a date before, as you have, in fact, only been to one date in your entire life of 19 years. Alcohol somehow does change people, you find, taking notice of your changed confidence, though it only knocked up one notch.

Abandoning the bowl with beaten eggs, Luke turns around again, gazing at you in a funny way. His eyes shimmer in the sunlight. He strides up to where you’re sitting in his kitchen chair, caging your body with his one hand on the back of your chair and the other on the table. Your lungs cannot expand, as you force oxygen into them. His face is so breathtakingly close to yours, his eyes burning into yours with such intensity, you can’t look away. Slowly, he lowers himself, as if giving you time to back away, until his lips meet yours with soft pressure. It’s an incredibly sweet and slow kiss. You’re taking your time to explore his mouth, your tongue finding his in a gentle caress. Your hands reach up—one on his neck, the other on his cheek. And all too soon, it ends.

Luke pulls himself away from you. You’re thankful not to be the only one who’s finding it hard to breathe. His entire face smiles at you. “That answer your question?”

Cuddles With Him (#5)

A/N: could I request an imagine where you guys watch a movie and cuddle and start grinding on eachother and end up making out and your sibling catches you. lol, thanks <333

Of course you could request this. This sounds so sweet, cute and funny. I loved writing it, and I hope that you like reading it. Enjoy! I’m super sorry that this took forever, but I hope all you guys like it. LOVE YOU ALL!!

You walked into your living room and plopped down onto your couch. You got comfortable and pulled out your phone, seeing that you had a missed FaceTime call from (c/n) from about twenty minutes ago.

You fixed your face, hair and shirt and finally called him back. He picked up a little too quickly, but who cares? You weren’t upset.

“What’s up?” he asked shoving a piece of food into his mouth. 

“Nothing much,” you responded with a laugh.

“Why are you laughing me?” he asked with his mouth full.

“Because,” you chuckled. “You have food all over your face.”

“Oh, shit.” He dropped his phone so that all you could see was his kitchen ceiling. You continued laughing until he returned with a new clean face.

“Better?” he asked smirking.

“Yeah,” you smiled a small smile.

You both sat there in silence for a moment before you started to question why he even wanted to talk any way. “Wait,” you started. “Why did you want to FaceTime?”

“Oh, yeah.” He started rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “I just wanted to know if we could hang out.”

“Oh,” you said, intrigued as to why he wanted to spend time with you.

“Oh, sorry. If you’re busy or you just don’t want to hang out with me or just don’t want to hang out in general, it’s-” you cut him off from rambling.

“No, no. It’s fine,” you said. “i can come over right n-”

“NO!” he said loudly. “My older brothers are here and they’re super annoying, it wouldn’t be fun.”

“Oh, okay,” you replied. “You could come over to my house. My brother’s here too, but he’s always in his room playing video games, so it’s fine.” Your mom was at a work party that night with your dad.

“Alright-y then,” he said. “I’ll see you in a few.”

“Kay, byeeee.” You hung up and sat on the couch a little longer, just in awe. (C/f/n) is on his way to your house. Oh wow. You stood up and started running around your house, cleaning everything in sight. You dashed up to your room and started looking through all your clothes.

“AH, SHIT!” you screamed. 

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“I have nothing to wear.” You stared into your closet full of clothes you couldn’t wear. 

“CAN YOU SHUT UP!” your brother yelled out of his room.

“CAN YOU NOT BE A SOCIAL OUTCAST?!” you yelled in rage. You heard the angry and heavy footsteps of your brother coming down the hallway towards your room.

He slammed the door open and stuck his head in. “Stop being a dick,” he said.

“Sorry,” you replied meekly. You weren’t normally like that. You were just stressed about (c/n) coming over.

“Boy problems?” he asked.

You nodded.

“Haha, use condoms when (c/n) comes over!” he yelled and sprinted down the hallway.

You picked up a shirt and ran after him. You chucked it at him before he could get into his room. He picked it up and threw it back before going into his room again.

You shook your head while walking back to your room.

You finally settled on a loose baggy grey sweater that showed your collar bone and the sports bra you were wearing along with black leggings with some grey socks to go along with your sweater. You didn’t want to look like you were trying too hard.

You went down stairs and straightened up even more before you finally heard the doorbell ring.

You fixed your hair into a messy bun before answering the door.

“Hey,” you breathed out.

“Hey,” (c/n) said.

You gestured for him to come in, and he did.

“What do you wanna do?” you asked him while walking into your kitchen.

“We could watch a movie or something,” he suggested.

“Yeah, sure,” you said agreeing. “I’ll make some popcorn.”

“Kay, I’ll get us some water.”

He walked into the kitchen and went into the fridge looking for water.

The popcorn packets were of course on top of the highest shelf of the cabinets, so you had to climb up onto the counter in order to reach it. You could feel (c/n)’s eyes boring into your backside as you climbed down the counter with the popcorn in hand.

You popped it into the microwave and went back to the living room with (c/n) following you.

You both plopped down onto the couch and you grabbed the remote and started scrolling through movies.

(C/n) scooched closer to you before placing his arm around your shoulders.

You found a movie that wasn’t too romantic, action-y or scary; although, it was a little dull if you were being honest. Before you knew it, your eyes began feeling droopy and your head couldn’t keep itself upright. You were soon laying on (c/n)’s shoulder. You could hear his steady beating of his heart; lulling you into a gentle slumber.  You were in a battle with your own eyelids; but you were prevailing luckily.

“Hey,” (c/n)’s voice echoed through his chest and awoke you. He started rubbing your hair with his surprisingly nimble fingers. “You up?”

You sat up and nodded.

You heard a light chuckle from him and glanced at his smile from the corner of your eye.

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“What’s so funny?” you smiled.

“Nothing.” He was hiding a smile. “You just look cute when you’re sleepy.”

You felt your face heat up, and you didn’t need a mirror to tell that it was a deep crimson. You put your hand to your face to hide the redness.

“Stop that,” (c/n) said gently. He removed your hands from your face with his.

His face was now inches from yours, and the tension in the air was so thick, it could be cut with a knife.

(C/n) put his hand up to your left cheek and leaned in to the right before your lips crashed together. 

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You moved closer to him, and he put his other hand on your waist. You adjusted again, so that you were straddling him. Your tongues began a heated quarrel for dominance. (C/n) won of course and smiled into the kiss.

You tugged on his shirt, signaling for him to take it off.

He broke away from the kiss.

“What?” you asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no.” He caressed your neck. “I just think you’re such a great person.”

You smiled.

“I think you’re so incredibly beautiful, and so smart. You’re always right about everything.” He laughed. “And you’re amazing. I’ve liked you for the longest time since forever, and I would never want to take advantage of you. Ever.”

“No, it’s fine.” You laughed a little. You put your arm around his neck and played with the whips of hair there. You leaned in to kiss him again. This time it was a slow and lazy kiss. You pushed (c/n) backwards so that he fell onto the couch. You laid on top of him and continued to kiss him.

“EH EM.”

You heard someone clear their throat. You broke away from the kiss and looked up.

SHIT. Your brother stood in the kitchen smirking at you and (c/n) on the couch.

“Um, we were just-” (c/n) started.

“Just use condoms, I don’t care.” your brother responded with a laugh. And with that, he walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs with a smirk on his face.

You laid down onto (c/n)’s chest and laughed. He wrapped his arms around you and you felt as though you could stay there forever.

Ashton Irwin- Daddy's Home

Request: Ashton smut based of the song ‘Hey Daddy’ by Usher.


Hearing the vibrations against the table, I grabbed my phone off the table and quickly answered it.

“Y/N, can you go check on my mom for me?” Ashton’s voice asked through the phone. “She’s acting strange and I can’t really come home.”

“Yes, Ash. Of course.” I answered, grabbing my keys and beginning to leave the apartment.

“Thank you, call me after you talk to her. Okay?” Ashton said sweetly.


Ashton and I weren’t technically official, but I knew that he was the only person I wanted to be with. It’s hard to maintain a relationship when you aren’t in the same country as the other person, so I was fine with whatever we were. So of course when Ashton asked me to check on his mom I immediately jump to it.

When I pulled up to the house her car wasn’t in the driveway. I parked my car and walked up to the door, I used to get yelled at for knocking or ringing the doorbell so I walked in.

“Anne.” I called out, but I didn’t get a reply.

A shadow moved against the wall of the hallway, then a tall figure came around the corner. “Oh my god.” I said, covering my mouth and tears forming in eyes.

“Come here, babe.” Ashton giggled and I ran into his arms. He squeezed me tight, his arms around my waist as I cried happily in his arms. We stayed like that for about five minutes, then Ashton told me about the party he planned on having and he wanted my help to put it together.


After talking to everyone, I decided to get away for I moment. I made my way to Ashton’s room and closed the door behind me as I made my way to his desk. Instead of sitting on the chair, I sat on the desk and rolled a blunt like Ashton and I used to.

Once I sparked the blunt and took a couple of hits the door opened. Ashton walked in with a smile on his face as he walked over to me. I hit the blunt again, but this time Ashton ghosted his lips over mine and sucked the smoke from my lungs. I was in complete awe from then on. Ashton grabbed me from my hips and pulled me close to him.

“Damn Irwin.” I smirked.

Ashton leaned close to whisper in my ear, “Daddy’s home, so it’s time to play.”

He pressed his lips to my neck, leaving a trail of kisses to my lips. Ashton kissed me hard, grinding his hips again my core. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled on his shaggy blonde curls. We were both so ready for what was about to happen.

Ashton messed with the button to my shorts, when he got it undone I lifted my hips off the desk and he pulled them down my legs. I took off my shirt as Ashton pushed my legs apart and slowly dragged his fingers up my slit.

“You obviously missed me.” Ashton chuckled, pushing two fingers in me. I gasped and tried to close my legs, but Ashton wouldn’t let me. He shoved his fingers in and out of me at a rapid pace, curling his fingers every couple of time. I felt Ashton press his thumb to my clit and I moaned out. Right before I could cum, Ashton pulled his fingers away and sucked them clean.

He took my hand, helping me off the desk. “Bend over and grab the edge of the bed.” Ashton ordered, so I did as I was told and heard his zipper go down. Ashton kicked his pants aside, he took a hold of himself and pumped himself a couple of times. I felt his tip press against my clit and gasped, waiting for him.

One of his hand grasped my ass, squeezing as he pushed in slowly. I threw my head back, and Ashton took a hold of my hair. He pounded into me, pulling on my hair and digging his nails into my hips as he did.

“Daddy! Fuck!” I cried out, feeling Ashton let go of my hair and cover my mouth.

He bent over and whispered in my ear, “We still have quests, you have to keep quiet.”

I bit on my lip and nodded, letting him know that I understood. My legs began to feel weak, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle. Ashton brought his hand back, soon connecting it with the cheek of my ass. That smack pushed me over the edge and I came around him. “Ash, Daddy.” I moaned out as I saw stars.

“I love hearing you say my name like that.” Ashton groaned as he pulled out of me.

Ashton moved to the chair, once he sat down he pulled me to him. I crawled on top of him, with my back against his sweat stained chest and placed my feet on his knees. Ashton sucked on my neck as I rested my head on his shoulder and sank down on him.

“Y/N, roll your hips.” Ashton breathed into my ear.

Once I was completely down on him I rolled my hips like he asked. Ashton moaned loudly as he played with my boobs. I began bouncing up and down, hearing every noise that Ashton made.

Ashton brought a hand down and began rubbing my clit. The familiar knot of pleasure started to grow in a my stomach once again. Every time I went down I rolled my hips, this time it was about him.

“Baby, I, I, fuck.” He swore as he released himself inside me. Ashton slowed down his rubbing, which caused my to come undone.

When I got off of Ashton I moved over to his bed. Ashton put his pants back on and walked over to his suitcase, he pulled out a shirt and gave it to me.

“You should get some rest, I’ll tell everyone it’s time to leave.” Ashton smiled, kissing my forehead and pulling the cover over me. “Tomorrow we’ll stay in bed and watch your favorite movies all day.”

“I love you.” I mumbled, then stopped breathing because I never told him that before.

Ashton was quiet for awhile, I almost wanted to disappear but then I heard, “I love you too, Y/N.”

~ Brittney c:

Damian's best friend: a Damian X reader story

Titus was a good boy.

So, why had he run off?

It had been a nice day out in Gotham. The sun was shining, the warm air meant that it was the perfect weather to go for a walk. Damian and Titus were walking down the street when suddenly, Titus sniffed the air and growled.

‘What’s gotten into you?’

He yanked his leash from Damian’s hand and took off. The big dog was fast and even though Damian was used to running after criminals at night, he still lost sight of his dog. He was running after Titus shouting his beloved dog’s name, when a scream pierced the air followed by a man yelling.

Titus was a very large dog. It was only natural that when a big dog got loose without its owner, people would panic. And these people were definitely panicking.

Damian started running faster until he heard something that made his heart drop. 'Gunshots… They wouldn’t. Titus wouldn’t attack anyone…“

"TITUS!!!” He cried. He ran into the alley where the noise had come from. The first thing he noticed was the blood. 'There’s not enough to die from.’ The second thing was his growling dog on top of a man about to rip the man’s throat out.

“Titus, No! Get off of him!” Damian shouted. He grabbed Titus’s collar and yanked him of harshly. Titus lunged forward at the man, trying to attack him but Damian held him tightly.

'His fur has blood all over it. He must’ve been shot.’ Damian thought as he kneeled down. He ran his hands all over the dog trying to find the wound.

'The blood isn’t his… Which means…’ He didn’t have time to complete that thought. The man who Titus had attacked was yelling at the boy going on and on about how Titus should be put down. That’s when Damian heard the sobbing.

He looked around until he saw a figure slumped next to the dumpster. Damian walked over to them but stopped in shock.

The girl in front of him had h/l h/c hair and was bleeding heavily from her arm. Damian kneeled down in front of her to get a better look at the wound.

'Titus bit her. He’s never bitten anyone unless I told him to. So why has he all of a sudden changed.’

“Hey it’s alright, I’m going to help you.” Damian said as he rolled her T-shirt sleeve up. The girl whimpered as he touched her injury.

'Titus must’ve gotten her pretty god if she’s crying like this.’

“The m-man…” The girl stammered. Damian looked at her. 'They must be related or close.’

“It’s okay, he’s fine. I got Titus off of him.” He said. This for some odd reason made the girl cry harder.

'Must be because hearing that someone she’s close to was attacked by a dog. That’s strange. This doesn’t really look like a dog bite, there’s too much blood. I wonder…’

The girl gasped. Damian looked at her face. Her e/c eyes were wide in terror. She was looking at him. 'No, she’s looking behind me.’

Damian started to turn around when he heard the gun go off. Before he could do anything, the girl had twisted her body to shield his. She screamed as the bullet hit her shoulder.

“TITUS, GET HIM!!!” Damian shouted. The man tried to shoot at the dog but he was out of ammo. Titus growled and tackled the man.
Damian went over to where his dog sat on the man’s chest.

“You disgusting coward. Not only did you attack a helpless girl, you shot at me when my back was turned after I made sure Titus didn’t kill you.” Damian spat. He punched the man until he was unconscious. Then he remembered the girl.

“Don’t worry I’m going to get you some help, okay?” He asked. The girl nodded, clutching her shoulder in pain. Titus came over and put his head in her lap, whining gently. She started to pet him, even though it caused more pain to shoot up her arm.

Damian called his father and asked for an ambulance and a police to come to his location. He started to treat the girl’s wounds shortly after.

“Is this your dog?” She asked. Damian nodded.

“Yes, although he normally doesn’t act like this. I knew something was wrong when he ran off earlier.”

“Thank god he did though, or I wouldn’t be alive. I’m y/n by the way.”

“I’m Damian. Can you tell me what all happened here?”

“Sure. I had been walking when this creep pulled me into an alley. I was so scared because he had a gun. He was angry with me because I didn’t give him any money, even though I don’t have any on me. He was going to shoot me when this dog showed up at the entrance of the alley. He got worried that someone was following it, so he took a shot at my heart. Before I even knew what was happening, Titus had knocked me over so that it only hit my arm.
He attacked that guy while crawled over here. That’s when you showed up.”

“Wow. So, Titus is a hero.”

“Uh-huh, He’s a very good dog. Thanks Damian.”

“Y/n, why’re you thanking me? I’m only making sure you don’t bleed out, when my dog is the one who did all the work.”

“You’re still helping.”

From that day on, y/n and Damian became close friends. Titus was always happy to see her and y/n always joked that it was because he loved her more.

kessaichi  asked:

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Send one for me to draw my muse wearing:

ಈ_ಈ : Mun’s lazy day outfit

Reference pose here!!


Request:Can you write a long one shot where y/n has been best friends with Gerard Way since they were little, and now they’re like 16 and y/n wants Gerard to take her virginity. And while they’re doing it make Gerard really concerned and caring for her and making sure she feels good. And at the end make it really cute and cuddly

A/N: Hey sorry this took so long, I had a bit of writers block but I got it done! Im sorry if there are any errors, I tried my best to go back and find all of them but I might have missed some. I hope I did ok with this. But anyway, enjoy! ~E

WARNING: Smut ahead

“So do you wanna watch a movie?” Gerard asked look over his shoulder at you. You put your phone down and leaned back on his bed. You just shrugged and snuggled up under the blanket. Gerard took that as a yes and put the movie in. He jumped next to you on the bed and got comfortable.

You were staying the weekend at your best friend Gerard’s house since his parents were away and you were having some problems at home. This wasn’t anything new for you two, you had sleepovers all the time, even though you two were already in high school. You were completely in love with Gerard though, so staying the night was hard for you. You tried to move on though, you even had a boyfriend. Unlike everyone else you had dated you actually like this one.

About 20 minutes into the movie your phone buzzed, you had gotten a text from your boyfriend. You opened the message quickly, with a smile on your face. Your smile slowly began to fall. He had broken up with you, he was leaving you for his slutty ex-girlfriend. You had never been good at hiding your emotions around Gerard so the next thing you knew you were crying your eyes out. Gerard immediately took you into his arms and brought you into his lap so that he could calm you down.

You sobbed into his shoulder, gripping onto his shirt for support. As you cried Gerard rubbed your back soothingly and told you everything was going to be okay. This broke you, this was the first guy you had actually liked in a long time. You thought you would actually be able to forget about your crush on your best friend. Soon, you cries quieted and all that was left was a small sniffle and tears running down your face. Gerard frowned and wiped the tears from your eyes. He never liked it when you cried.

“Hey don’t cry, you’re too beautiful for that, do you want to tell me what happened?” You took a deep breath and just came right out with it. “He broke up with me…for his ex” you bowed your head in embarrassment for how you acted just because a boy broke up with you. Gerard frowned and made you raise your chin. “He was an asshole anyway” he said angrily, you nodded sadly and looked down.

You were taken aback when you felt Gerard’s lips on yours. You were so shocked that you could barely move. Gerard pulled away quickly “I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Fuck. I’m an idiot I’m so-” you cut him off with a kiss. He immediately kissed you back. The kiss was full of love and passion. His lips were so soft and he tasted like coffee with a hint of vanilla. You were disappointed when he pulled away but you both needed air. “Y/N…I love you, I have for years” you giggled “Well that would’ve been nice to know a few years ago, I love you too”

You twiddled with your fingers for a moment before asking him what you had wanted to ask him for a while now. “Hey Gee can I ask you something?” you asked averting you eyes to your fingers. Gerard smiled, “Sure, you can ask me anything.”. You hesitated for a second, “Gerard would you please take my virginity?” you asked, gazing up to see his reaction. He was taken aback by your question but managed to stutter out an answer. “I-I would love to but a-are you sure you want m-me to?”. “Gerard, there is no one I’d rather give it to.”

The minute you said that his eyes brightened and he smiled. He went in for another kiss. It was innocent at first but it began to get heated. Gerard was still super shy about it though. He pulled away from you hesitantly and asked “Are you sure about this?” He looked worried as he searched your eyes for hesitation. You cupped his cheek and smiled. “Gerard I already told you I’m in love with you” you giggled. A light blush formed on his cheeks and he smiled. “Ok, as long as you’re okay”

Gerard kissed you again sweetly. Gerard grew a bit more confident and moved to down to kiss your neck. You whimpered softly when he found your sweet spot. You heard him take in a sharp breath when he heard you and you could feel his cheeks get hot. Gerard tugged lightly on the bottom of your shirt and pulled away from your neck. “Can I take this off?” He asked blushing and looking away. You nodded and smiled at him. He slowly raised the shirt over your head and bit his lip at the sight of your lace bra. He reached behind your back and ran his fingers over the clasp of your bra.

“Can I take this off too?” he asked shakily. You bit your lip and nodded, this was the first time you ever got this far with a boy. You were also pretty sure this was the first time Gerard has ever been with a girl. Gerard unclasped your bra with shaky fingers and pulled it off slowly. “C-Can I touch you?” he asked, looking at you as if you were a work of art. “Please” you begged, arching your back to him.

He slowly trailed his hands from your back to your sides then up to your breasts. He cupped you gently, scared he might hurt you. He soon began to softly massage your breasts, loving the feeling of your soft skin. You crashed your lips to his in an effort to hide the moans beginning to spill from your mouth. You bit his lip, demanded for entrance into is mouth, in which he gladly surrendered to you. As your tongues swirled together and his hands fondled your breasts, you began to get hot and bothered. You grinded down on Gerard, needing the friction between you. He moaned into your mouth and lightly bucked his hips up to meet yours.

You then realized he was starting to get excited, feeling the bulge that had formed in his sweatpants. You tugged at the hem of his shirt, wanting it off. He detached his lips from yours and a worried look formed on his face. You looked up at him and moved your hands under his shirt to ghost your fingers over his stomach. “Gee it’s ok you don’t have to be self conscious…I bet your body is beautiful.” You started to slightly move his shirt up. “Plus it doesn’t matter to me what your body looks like you’ll still be incredibly sexy in my eyes.” Gerard took a deep breath then moved his hands on top of yours, guiding them to take off his shirt. You grinned, happy he was comfortable with you. You threw his shirt across the room and trailed your hands over her pale, smooth skin.

He shuddered under your touch as you ghosted your fingers over his torso. He grabbed your hands and moved to kiss you again. He pushed you back onto the bed and crawled on top of you, never breaking the kiss. He slowly ran his hands along your body, exploring every inch of your skin he could get to. He detached his lips from yours and left a trail of kisses from your jawline to your neck, stopping there to suck and nibble on your sweet spot. You whimpered at the sensation, you knew it was going to leave a mark but you didn’t care, you wanted the world to know you were his.

After he was satisfied with the purple bruise he had left on your neck his lips began to venture down again, stopping to suck on your breasts and leave more love bites. He continued to kiss down your body until he got to the top of your jeans. He hooked his fingers around the waistband of your jeans, looking up at you for permission, which you eagerly granted him.

He tugged down your jeans quickly and blushed at the sight of you. There was the cute and cuddly Gee again. You squeezed your thighs together, feeling self-conscience about your body. Gerard frowned at you, “Y/N you’re beautiful, don’t hide yourself from me.” you blushed and eased your legs open a bit, causing Gerard to greedily run his hands all over your thighs. You could feel his hands shaking a bit, he was nervous. He pushed your legs further apart and slowly removed your panties. You blushed and looked away as he stared at you in awe.

“Um, I-I’m sorry if I’m not any g-good at this, I’ve never done anything like this before, I only know from what I’ve heard and uh seen.” His voice was shaky as he said it. “Gerard it’s ok, as long as it’s with you it’ll feel amazing.”. He nodded and took a deep breath. You were about to say something else, but you were cut off by Gerard kissing your core, testing the waters.

You moaned at the sensation, you had never gone this far with anyone before so this was a whole new experience for both of you. Gerard licked up your slit, making you arch your back and whimper. He took this as a good sign and did it again, this time stopping at your clit and sucking on it. You moaned loudly making Gerard stop. “Are you okay? Did I fuck up? Did I hurt you?” he looked panicky and you giggled at how cute he was.

“You didn’t hurt me Gerard, it felt good”. A look of accomplishment spread across his face and he went back to working on you. He made figure 8’s on your clit with his tongue. “Fuck Gee, more” you gasped. He moaned against your core, sending vibrations of pleasure up your body, making your toes curl and making you let out a loud moan. He trailed a hand up your thigh and inserted a finger into your wet core, pumping it slowly.

Your hand immediately flies to his hair, lacing your fingers in his locks as you moan out his name “Fuck Gee you’re so good at this” he adds a second finger and starts pumping. You raise you hips up and moan his name even louder. “Fuck Gerard, I’m going to cum” he starts pumping his fingers faster and moans against you. This sent you over the edge and you came all over his fingers and tongue. Waves of pleasure racked through your body, making you jolt. Gerard pulled out his fingers and licked them clean. “Wow, you taste really good” he commented. His eyes were glued to your trembling figure and he nearly came at the sight of you in so much pleasure, because of him.

Once you were able to catch your breath you motioned for Gerard to come over to you. Gerard timidly crawled on top of you moving down to kiss your lips. You could taste yourself on his lips and it was oddly arousing. You moved you hands to the hem on his jeans and started to them. He stopped kissing you to help you take them off. Once they were successfully removed you hooked your fingers on the band of his boxers tugging them down. He kicked them off his feet and moved back on top of you.

You couldn’t help but stare at his length. He was definitely above average and it was slightly intimidating. You knew it would hurt like hell, especially with a size like that. You were snapped out of your trance when you heard Gerard cough awkwardly. You blushed “Was I staring?” you asked embarrassed. He giggled “A lil bit” his face changed quickly and a serious expression spread across his face. “Y/N are you sure you want this?” he asked, searching your eyes for even a hint of hesitation. You nodded “I want this Gerard, I promise”. A soft smile formed on his lips and he kissed you softly. “This is going to hurt Y/N just tell me when I can move or if you want me to stop ok?” you nodded and braced yourself.

He pushed into you slowly, stretching your walls. By the time he was all the way in tears were streaming down your face. Gerard resisted from moving inside you, not wanting to hurt you. He wiped away your tears and kissed your cheeks. “Do you want me to pull out?” he asked, his voiced strained. You shook your head “Just give me a minute .” Eventually the pain subsided and you sighed, “You can move now” you told Gerard. He immediately started to move his hips at a slow rhythm, not wanting to hurt you. “Are you okay Y/N, I’m not hurting you am I?” he asked breathily. You shook your head and moaned from the pleasure you were experiencing.

“Faster Gee, please” you moan lifting your hips up to his. He started to pick up the pace, complying to your beg for more. You wrapped your legs around his waist, giving him a deeper angle. You gasped when he hit that sweet spot deep inside you, and you clawed at his back, leaving red marks. He moaned your name quietly when you scratched down his back, the pain and pleasure mixing together, forming an amazing sensation. “Fuck Gerard right there”, he buried his head into the crook of your neck and panted your name into you ear. “Fuck Y/N your so tight, I don’t know how much longer I can last” he said, moaning particularly loud when you clenched around him.

“I’m so close Gee” you whimpered bucking your hips up to meet his fast thrusts. Gerard reached down in-between you two to rub your clit and that sent you toppling over the edge. You clenched around him and came, causing Gerard to come as well. You were experiencing so much pleasure you couldn’t even scream, wave after wave of pleasure washed over you and it felt like heaven. He continued to thrust into you, riding out both of your highs. Once you were done Gerard pulled out of you and rolled beside you. “You have no idea how long I’ve dreamt of that moment” he panted, still trying to catch his breath.

You rolled over on your side and faced him. He was sweaty, his hair was sticking to his face and in all directions, he smelled like sex, his face was flushed, and he was panting really hard. You had never seen something so beautiful in your life. You pushed his hair out of his face and smiled at him. He gave you a sweet smile then leaned in and gave you a peck on the lips. “Was I okay?” Gerard asked, worried he didn’t please you enough. “You were amazing Gerard, I’ve never felt like that before.” you said, still panting.

He smiled brightly at you, happy he did a good job at pleasing you. “Cuddle with me?” he asked sweetly. You giggled and scooted over to him. He wrapped his arms around you protectively and you snuggled into his chest. He began to run his fingers through your hair, but soon tensed. You looked up at him with your brows furrowed. “Gerard?” you asked confused. He gulped nervously, “We didn’t use a condom…did we?” he asked. Your eyes widened. Shit.


Sidekick!Adrien AU

I’m gonna keep writing. #bestAUever @geek-fashionista for the AU

Warning: Sin(Ish? Not really?)


“Dude, that was you?” 

Adrien grinned meekly. Nino’s apartment was small, dark and generally cramped. Adrien thought it was amazing. He’d kill for his own place that wasn’t surrounded by security cameras. 

Being 21, he didn’t have the same restrictions he used to. There was no need to hack into the security feed during the day, unless there was somewhere he needed to be. And he’d permanently dismantled the cameras surrounding his ‘secret’ exit ages ago, to make his life just that 150% easier. 

He had fought hard and finally won. The weekends were his and now, he could stay over. 

Nino had already planned a movie night next weekend. Adrien was overly excited, like he was 11 years old. 

“Adrien! The 30 second blackout was you? Not just a blackout: The red lights, too?”

Adrien laughed. 

“She better have liked it, dude. You put in way too much effort, man.”

“She liked it.” Adrien said, shy. “I’m sure she liked it.”

“Holy fucking cow, boy!” Nino cackled. “When you pulled that damn motorcycle into my service garage, I did not expect you to be the future cause of random-ass blackouts!”

“I’m not going to do it again. Unless Ladybug needs it.”

“Oh, and Adrien?”


“Don’t breathe a word about being Chat Noir or about Ladybug to Alya.” Nino warned. “She’ll hound you until you tell her everything you know about Ladybug. Which is certainly more than Ladybug wants her to know.”

“You seriously kept your promise?”

Nino sat up. “I don’t like keeping secrets from Alya. I hate it. But this is your and Ladybug’s lives on the line. They’re not my secrets to keep. I’ve kept it for nearly two years, haven’t I?” 

“Thanks, man.” 

“Don’t thank me. Harass your lady. It’s her turn to put in the effort.”

Adrien laughed. 


“When you said ‘fashion show’, I was thinking more along the lines of: I want to see my boyfriend be sexy.” 

“As much as I’d enjoy it, no.” She looked around the wide space of his bedroom. At night, the Agreste Mansion wasn’t busy and the security cameras concentrated more on people breaking in, rather than the 21 year old boy’s bedroom. 

“What’s the fashion show of, m’lady?” 

“You’re impatient.” She said, poking his cheek before walking toward the bathroom. “It’s a surprise!”

“You hate surprises.”

“Bad ones.” She blew him a kiss, sliding the bathroom door shut behind her. “Right. Operation Get-Into-Leather-Suit.”

It wasn’t as difficult as she anticipated it to be. The leather did stretch, considering it was magical. 

She peered out of the bathroom. Adrien was waiting patiently on his bed, waiting. He didn’t have a single piece of technology in his hands, which was quite a feat. 

She didn’t realise she’d be so self conscious, stepping out. It was dark: The only light in the room that was on was his lamp.

“Ladybug.” Adrien’s mouth fell open. “What…”

“I’ve been Paris’ hero six years, Adrien. This…this was what I wore until I was 18.” 

“It’s cute.” He grinned, bouncing off the bed. “I’m digging it. Why did you change it?”

She laughed, scratching the back of her neck. “Well, this is one of three.”

“I can still see 15 year old you, saving the world.” He kissed her cheek and then her jaw. “A little bit awkward. Did you grow at all, m’lady?”

“The suit stretches!” She stomped her foot.

He laughed. “I believe you. On to the next suit, then?” 

She glared at him, shutting herself into the bathroom. The next suit wasn’t exactly a suit…but it was very easy to put on.

The bathroom door slid open and she stepped out again. 

Adrien’s eyes bugged. “You wore that?”

She looked down shyly at the sleeveless red-and-black polka dot shirt, with a pair of baggy pants and boots. “Yeah…”

“Wow. You wore a shirt and sweatpants to save Paris. For how long?” 

“About a year. I started wearing the one I still wear now a little bit before my 19th…when I met you.” She clasped her hands behind her back. “This was super comfortable, but it made things dangerous. Multiple times I got hooked on to things. Once it save my life! Falling off the Eiffel tower, and not for the first time, but I needed to be streamline.”

“Why did you change it?”

“The comments, Adrien.” Ladybug sighed, rubbing her own arms. “Someone found out I was 18 and the press didn’t hold back…”

Adrien was confused. 

Are you serious. “Adrien, don’t you have any idea what I’m talking about? You’re a model. You’re famous.”

“They started judging you, didn’t they?” He turned her around, resting his chin on her head. 

“As soon as a girl turns 18…” She frowned. “I wouldn’t go a day without seeing a magazine article commenting on my body. Saying that I looked flat and not curvy, or I was too lean and muscular, or that the ‘new bump!’ was a baby on the way.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not. So I wore this instead.”

“Did it work?”

“Kinda. It still hasn’t shut up, but I took that year to mentally prepare myself. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t brought up with it, like you were.”

“Well, I like this costume.”

“Really?” She grinned up at him. “It’s because of this, isn’t it?” She guided his hands to her bare stomach. 

“Maybe.” He said into her shoulder. She laughed. “Is there a zipper on your other suits? It is some sort of magical lock with a password?”

“What’s the desperation with getting it off, chaton?” She turned around and pushed him back, so that he was sitting on the edge of his bed. “Someone’s a nasty little kitty.” 

This was not how I expected this to go.

She’d never seen him go so red. Maybe when she’d mentioned lingerie. It was everything she could do not to laugh at his adorableness. She sat in his lap. 

It was like someone flipped a switch. He wasn’t functioning, just staring up at her. 

“Hey, Hacker Boy. I thought you enjoyed this part of patrol?”


She laughed. “Calm down.”

“Okay.” His voice had gone two octaves higher. 

It was slow. She liked that. Despite the intense (And frequent) kisses they shared, he seemed to be paralysed. She uncurled his fists and guided his hands around to her back. 

“This suit’s got a password too.” She whispered. “No need for you to hack it, chaton. It’s a question.”

“C-Can? Me–I mean, I?” 

She giggled. “Password accepted.” His fingers gripped the shirt, pulling it up and over her head. 

His eye twitched.

“I thought to myself: Why not? Yes, it’s a Ladybug sport’s bra, Adrien.” Her fingers roamed under his shirt. It was like he was feverish. “Adrien?”

“You have connected the dots and realised that I’ve never done this before, haven’t you?” His voice was hushed.

Ladybug brushed his hair out of his eyes. “It doesn’t matter to me.”

“I love you.”

She smiled. “Me too. I mean–You. I love you too.” 

He didn’t laugh, letting go of the tight embrace. “I…I can’t.”

“What?” Her eyebrows furrowed. 

“Not until I know your name, buginette.”

So close. 

She sighed, giving him a long kiss. “Alright, kitten. I don’t know if you’re trying to blackmail me or just being virtuous…”

He grinned. “Neither.” She kissed him again. Her lips were sore and her legs ached from kneeling over him. “A–A shirt would be good, m’lady.” 

“Would it?”

“Come on.” 

She grinned. “Fine.”


I realised: If he’s been cooped up his entire life and Ladybug’s his first kiss, then when (or if) it happens, she’ll be the first to do the you-know-what with you know who?!? hmmmm…. CUTE

anyway, more to come. Sleepover! (I saw someone do this, with a movie night. I’ll do my own version of the Adrien-Meeting-Marinette ordeal)


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Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place.