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you think we’ll still be friends when we’re dead?
i will if you will. 
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Olórin in the Gardens of Lórien. 

I kind of HC the Gardens of Lórien to be like the movie “What Dreams May Come,” they’re kind of surreal. I used my “Springtime in Arda” fluid painting as the background. 

“… though he loved the Elves, he walked among them unseen, or in form as one of them, and they did not know whence came the fair visions or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts. In later days he was the friend of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and took pity on their sorrows; and those who listened to him awoke from despair and put away the imaginations of darkness.” Unfinished Tales, “The Istari.”

  • Mulder: So, Scully, how are you adjusting? You like the FBI so far?
  • Scully: You know, aside from all these people trying to kill me, it’s... nice?

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Who's your favorite Hedwig?

To be completely transparent, I must admit that I have not watched all versions of hatai (I have only watched Andrew, NPH, and Daren Criss; I haven’t seen Michael C. Hall or Taye Diggs - I am planning on watching the movie version this Saturday, so as of right now, I have not seen John Cameron Mitchell but I will very soon).

But um - my favorite? It’s this boy:

For one, Andrew is just the best singer, in my opinion - like, his origin of love and midnight radio is like - !!! THE BEST. Like, NPH does very good with ramping up and maintaining the energy and entertainment of the show, but vocally, I just think Andrew is superior. 

I also love Andrew’s voice-work the best?? Like, the ones I’ve seen, they always over do the accents and voices, but Andrew’s is always very much controlled and noticeable without being overly cringey or weird or played for laughs. The others just kinda sound like caricatures, you know?

Also, I mean - he’s my first Hedwig. I’ve watched his HATAI four times while I’ve only watched the other two once.

Addtional point: look at my blog, ofc I’m picking Andrew Rannells any time that man is an option.

But yeah, NPH was really, really good, and I love the cast album (his Sugar Daddy is phenomenal). He is the best at the comic relief - like, his delivery of lines was always suuupppperrr on point. NPH is an amazing actor with an affinity for comedy, so he was really genius in those areas. However, I just preferred Andrew’s emotional scenes over NPH’s. Andrew’s vulnerability scenes really resonated with me more than the others.

I just genuinely love Andrew Rannells’ Hedwig the most because 1) I just think that - voice-wise - he’s the best singer, 2) his accents and dialect was always very on point and natural and surreal rather than entertaining or funny, and 3) I really love how Andrew played Hedwig’s vulnerability.

This is just my opinion anyways! 

Wanna One as romcom cliches

Minhyun: fake dating

  • agrees to date you so that you don’t look like a total loser when you accidentally run into your ex and his new s/o in that really popular cafe that literally everyone frequents
  • for some reason your ex ends up popping up everywhere after that and as much as Minhyun would love to help you, he realizes that he may or may not be falling in love with you and can’t take just being your fake boyfriend anymore
  • distances himself from you because he doesn’t know how to just come out and say he can’t “date” you without exposing his feelings
  • does nothing but nod when you get mad and yell at him for making you look like a fool in front of your ex smh nice guy minhyun sighs
  • accepts you back after you cool off like it was nothing
  • protests you meeting your ex to talk right after he breaks up with his s/o
  • cant explain why so he lets you go in the end
  • you get back with your ex and minhyun just keeps his distance and watches passively from the sideline
  • until your ex decided to throw you away again
  • so when you show up at minhyun’s place all misty eyed and crestfallen he can’t just sit idly
  • so he sits you down on his sofa, turns on your favourite movie, gives you a pint of ice cream and leaves
  • yes leaves
  • and you’re like “!!! um hello sir where are you going”
  • and he just tells you to eat your ice cream and cry if you need to
  • and he comes back later with a bruise on his cheek the size of, well, a fist
  • and you’re like “did you just go fight him oh my god”
  • and he was like “i wasnt going to, i was just gonna go tell him off, but when he opened the door there was someone with him and i just–”
  • your face kinda drops when you hear that there was someone else w your ex already “oh…”
  • minhyun keeps going despite your expression, “i couldn’t let him do that to you, you’re sugar and spice and paprika and vinegar and–”
  • you can’t help but laugh at the idiot
  • “vinegar? really?”
  • “it’s a good cleaning agent!”
  • “anyways, what im trying to say is that you’re so amazing and you deserve nothing less than perfection”
  • you scoff at him at this point
  • “im serious, you deserve to be with a guy who knows your favourite movie, who has ice cream on hand for whenever you’re down, who listens to all of your problems; even if they’re about other guys, and still loves you anyways”
  • at this point you kind of put 2 and 2 together, “minhyun, are you–”
  • “dont say it! because if you say it then i wont be able to pretend like it never happened. i’m not the type of guy to swoop in and try and pick up someone who just had their heart broken yenno” nice guy minhyun im sobbing
  • your heart is racing because why didn’t i ever notice he liked me??
  • minhyun notices your internal struggle, “okay, no more of this, let’s just watch the movie”
  • he grabs a blanket and tucks you all in nice and cozy
  • and you’re like !!! bc he’s so attentive
  • you didn’t even notice you were cold bc of the ice cream
  • but he did
  • bc he’s always noticed everything that had to do with you
  • he casually slings his arm around you and pulls you in so you’re resting on his shoulder
  • you’re blushing like crazy
  • minhyun just chuckles and shakes his head at you “you can calm down, im not some wild animal that’s gonna pounce on you at any second, just relax”
  • you’re lowkey disapponted oops
  • it isn’t long before you drift off to sleep and when you do minhyun releases the breath he’s been holding
  • he takes the forgotten ice cream container away and stops the movie
  • he picks you up and carries you to his room to let you sleep on his bed instead of the lumpy couch
  • he smiles at how cute you are all wrapped up in his blanket
  • “you’re going to be the death of me”

1/11 (the rest will be up soon!) Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Woojin | Jinyoung | Daewhi | Guanlin


wonder woman: warbringer by leigh bardugo


[[ This blog is one year old today actually it was a few days ago but I forgot and I wanted to do something special but I didn’t know what but then it hit me. A thing that has been bothering me for a long time;

[[ There is a list at the end so if you’re tagged in this, it’s a bias list! Sorry this got long! ]]

Let people enjoy things.

When I started this blog we knew next to nothing of Faba so people were giving me a ‘free pass’ on how to write him because well, there was no canon yet. When the games realised I was so overjoyed that people still enjoyed it and the comments that it was pretty close to canon was epic and I still cherish those moments!

I am not speaking for everyone of course.. but I feel restricted as a mun who writes a canon character at times. What is OOC? What isn’t? Is this AU to farfetched?  Isn’t this idea cliche? All things I worried about but still sometimes allowed myself to get excited over. 

I don’t get excited a lot. The reason doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter. Thing is, I enjoyed these silly AU’s and ideas. I liked developing Faba’s family and giving him a happy ending but others didn’t.

And they were quite vocal about it. 

That still hurts.

It reminded me of a time when I was in elementary school. I was crazy about the Dutch version of American Idol and my cousin somehow got me an autograph of my favorite candidate. I was over the moon. The next day I brought it show and tell. I will never forget how someone next to me put her hand up after my showing and told me that it was a fake. That it was made online (bear in mind that the internet was rather new and you had to pay per MB to use it so I never got to use it. Ever.) Suddenly that autograph was just a piece of paper. I didn’t care about it anymore. I felt ashamed to ever be excited about it.

When Pokemon was popular as a TV show I wanted to draw in that style. I was 6 maybe 7. I tried to copy that anime style. I was going good up until the legs. I was proud of my drawing and showed my friend who then piped up and told the teacher I was drawing lady parts (the sort of Y shape between the legs the first season anime had.) The teacher made me throw it out. I stopped drawing for a long time after that.

I got these scented markers for my birthday and I wanted to draw something for my favorite student-teacher who was going away that day. The kid next to me told me that my drawing smelt and I had to throw it away. I didn’t had a gift for my favorite teacher when she went away because someone else was bothered by something minor. It broke my 8 year old heart. 

I picked it up again when I was 11. I made a DeviantART account and I liked two things; a certain magical girl anime and Sonic. Since the color palette of the characters were the same I decided to mix them. Someone told me it was stupid. I never got beyond one drawing. 

A talented artist friend gave me their line art (now i know it was traced but when this happened I was 12 I didn’t know better). I was so excited they allowed me to color it in my paint tool. It was horribly shaded, I know this now, but at the time I was so proud of it. I showed them and they said ‘This is so ugly.. what did you do to my art?’ This is the point I stopped drawing until a month ago.. that’s 13 years later. 

A few months ago I got people telling me they hated some verses. It hurt me greatly. Especially since it came from a friend at the time. I didn’t want to write that verse anymore even though it brought me so much joy.

And I see it all the time. Not just here on this RP account but on my other accounts too. People enjoying things and harming no-one and getting shit for it. 

So what if it’s childish or cliche or OOC? Who cares?! Just blacklist that tag and if you really don’t enjoy it… just… unfollow? Don’t send hate, don’t tell people you don’t like it. Unless of course they ask for your opinion but then still give them something to work with.. ‘I don’t like it’ is bland and quite frankly stupid. 

Content creators of any kind, be it writing, cosplay, drawing, videos what have you, create content for free for you to enjoy. Sometimes they create something you don’t personally like. Get over it. 

Of course when something is immoral, wrong, or illegal; call it out, talk to this person maybe they are doing it unintentionally. Maybe they got so caught up in their own excitement that they forgot their boundaries for a bit. It happens. It doesn’t make it right but it happens. 

So please, just let people enjoy their silly AUS. Help starting artists rather than kicking them down. No one is going to be better if they only get bullied. We claim to be a community.. and I want to believe that but a community helps each other. 

They don’t send death threats over a headcanon.

I should note that what I spoke about in this post reflects on me only. This isn’t in reference to a thing I specifically saw (other than the posts that take art from 12 year olds and laugh at that, c’mon that’s just bullying). All the things that I described here, happened to me in the span of a year; This is not meant as a reaction to anything that happened to other RP users. More a kind of; PSA, hoping we can just let people enjoy their cliches, aus and happy endings.

Bias list (in no order!)

@pokemohn, I hope this account is okay to tag c:  You’re a good and creative bean. Thank you so much for letting me talk to you about anything.

@plasmachaos Eat pant. [Just kidding you know I find you awesome but I can’t praise you anymore than i already did ]

@team-skull-trio REEEEEE! Thank you so much for everything you have done the past year. You got me through some tough times and I can t thank you enough for that. Thank you for making Faba happy and thank you for creating like an infinite versions of Mav and Faba and even more OCS! 

@ask-cara-hart You are super cool and I adore writing with you. Sorry so many threads ended up dead ; n ; i’m but a fool.

@missmalkavya You are so kind and strong and I still look up to you. Lizard Man.

@skullgruntdana Cool as heck. I love how you write your character and it’s so fun to interact! 

@attitxde We don’t speak a lot but you are amazing and I admire you.

@writtenbykaichu Thank you for dealing with my extreme late-ness with basically anything and your kind words! 

@whxt-trial I adore writing with you and seeing you in my inbox makes me so happy! I get excited when you’re active c: 

@darknicjen One cool bean. Thank you for checking up on me from time to time. It means so much.

Thank everyone too for being with me this year of part of the year. 

Thanks to those who now are doing something else, those who might come back one day and those who won’t.

Thank you to the people who send in asks, indulge me in RP’s and idiotic ideas. 

Thanks for all the likes, reblogs and good care in the past year and I hope to see you all around the same time next year because I’m not planning to leave~ 

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Dozes off against her shoulder.

             He had already carried so much. His shoulders were heavy & tense as a rock; as if he carried with him all the pain and guilt he believed he possessed. The last shock had almost broken him into pieces. Yet, these same pieces were still trapped together by a thin strip of determination. Formerly pale as snow features were now stained once more by the blood that has recently sprouted from the injury that afflicted the thin flesh, now covered by bandages in the region of their stomachs. An injury that recently could have tiered apart all the future she aimed for.

          —— yet she would do it all again.
              she would sacrifice everything.
                           Just like he did.

            Memories shuffled while everyone else celebrated. There was no separation that time. There were no guilds, or groups. Everyone had fought on the same side, and now they were all victorious. Joy and relief penetrated her skull, echoing like a bell inside her mind while everyone still showed the energy to move and talk. For a moment, Juvia wished she could do the same, but what she had achieved had been good enough. She was alive —— Gray was alive.

           The conversation between the two Fairy Tail mages had been short; as if reflecting the energy left in their beings. There was no guilt, no pain. They had not lost. They were there, BOTH OF THEM. They had already gone through similar situations. They had to protect their family, their guild, and in the end, each other’s life. The conversation was not over, but it was for now. Everything would be fine. 

         A smile hung fragilely on the rosy lips as the water mage watched the scene in front of her. Her vision becoming more and more difficult to maintain as the numbness spread through the muscles of her own being; the injuries and bruises spread over her body accelerated the process. That was the way she wanted to celebrate. Beside who she would give her life to protect, and who would do the same for her.

         ❝ Juvia is really happy everything turned out well. ❞ She commented in a relieved tone as the water mage watched the movement near the infirmary where she and the ice-maker mage were sitting on one of the beds. ❝ It seems like everything will be back to normal — ❞ Her stream of words was abruptly cut short as something leaned against her shoulder. 

             ❝ Gray-sama …… ❞ Shaggy strands of black hair fell over his countenance, covering his features as he fainted from exhaustion & causing slight tickles against the exposed skin of her shoulder. Juvia’s gaze ran to the side where she could have a brief view of his countenance, which for a moment, caused her heart to skip a beat & a red pigment to pop up on her cheeks followed by a chain of happiness as a remind her of what they had accomplished.


        Leaning her head against his. His breath was so warm.
                   …… she fainted soon after.

hey guys i haven’t been online for a while but i hope u all are doing ur absolute best n that nice things come ur way, i hope u have a beautiful day or night wherever u are n that u enjoy the rest of ur week! 💓


i’ve discussed this dynamic more than any others,     so a lot of this isn’t new,     but the dynamic between mason and theo was definitely developed heavily in episode 6.18.      these are two people who are quite literally as opposite as you can be,      right down to their genetics as the dread doctors have labeled theo   ‘  the perfect evil  ‘   and mason   ‘  the truly good.   ‘      remember,    theo gave up his entire life to be what mason  got handed to him.      mason wouldn’t wish that role on anyone,     even theo,     which leads to much resentment between them,      especially from theo.     of course,    everything i say about theo’s perspective stems from the countless discussions i’ve had with @nctafailure​,     but i really want to touch on the way these two interact.      first of all,    i want to draw attention to the symbolism that was in this episode.     these details were done on purpose,    and i really couldn’t be more excited by the way teen wolf has done this.      none of it was accidental.      


mason’s clothing  ——    white shoes,     white pants,     white hoodie,    light jacket.      white is a positive color,     associated with purity,     innocence,    light,     goodness,    brilliance,     etc.       white also represents a success    (   in which mason was the success for the dread doctors,       while theo was the failure.    )      the truly good is represented in this positive color.

theo’s clothing  ——   black pants,     black shirt,    black jacket.     the color black has a negative connotation and is associated with power,    death,    evil,    and mystery.    it’s also associated with the fear of the unknown.     the perfect evil is represented in this negative color.  


part of the reason mason and theo have found themselves at very opposite ends of GOOD and BAD are because they have such different outlooks on life.     who became the success between them comes down to their actions and their choices.      obviously,     when we found out they were going to have to work together,     we knew they would often find themselves battling whose idea was the better one.     mason wants to do what’s right for everyone,     theo wants to do what’s right for him,     and so on.

they’re faced with a decision to make when presented two different hallways.      one dark path,     one light path.      notice,    theo is standing in front of the dark path,    and mason is standing in front of the light path.       it’s mason’s words that are even more symbolic   ——     “  nice and bright,    or dark and spooky?  “      as we know,     nice and bright can easily describe mason,      while dark and spooky can easily describe theo.    

theo insists they follow their fear down the dark path,     and mason’s immediately hesitant.     he’s the positive one,     he always leans towards the light,     but he knows theo is right this time.     it’s why he reluctantly clutches his bath and follows theo anyway   ——   but he doesn’t insist that he’s right,    much like in the clinic,    when mason admitted to agreeing with theo but tried to say it in a way that it didn’t sound like he was agreeing with him.


mason never turns to violence unless it’s absolutely necessary.      in season four,    he attacked a berzerker with a baseball bat,    because lydia told him liam’s life depended on them getting through it.      in 6B,    he uses a baseball bat again against a hellhound who was attacking liam.      this is another situation he was focused on logistics of their actions.     he knew fighting the anuk-ite would make it stronger,     and that was exactly what he wanted.     in the shot down the tunnel,     it’s very symbolic to who they are as people.     theo is yelling with his claws out ready to fight,     and mason is holding his hand out telling him not to fight.

with theo,     mason acts slightly differently than he would with anyone else.    he’s colder,     has a tougher shell than normal,     and he’s got more sass than he would with anyone else.      this is mason’s way of trying to protect himself.     his kindness is his beat quality,     yet it often gets him in trouble.     people find it easy to walk all over him or find ways to find his weaknesses easier than not.     he knows that,     and he knows how important it is to stand his ground against people like theo.      being weak against theo isn’t an option.    

“  yeah right.      you expect me to believe that?    a pack is about trust.     the first thing you do is figure out a way to kill all of us.     and it doesn’t matter who forgets.    i won’t.     i saw scott’s mom.    i saw what you did.     and as much as i’m terrified of what’s down here,      i am way more terrified of turning my back on you.    “

mason was there when he watched theo kill a true alpha,     and he was still there as he watched his mother in despair over what happened to him.     he knew that it got to that point because theo had manipulated his very best friend into killing his alpha,     just so that theo could ultimately turn around and kill liam to steal those alpha powers.     mason waited with scott’s dead body for fifteen minutes,     and this was all he could think about   ——   that this was an extravagant plan made by theo to ruin their entire pack.      that’s something that sticks with him.     it’s not something he wants to bring up,    because he wants to help scott move past it,     but when necessary,     he blurts it out   ——   like he did the minute theo began questioning why he was so hesitant to trust him.

he knows what kind of guy theo is.    he’s selfish,    he’s power hungry,    and he’ll do what it takes to survive.    he cares about him,    no one else.     and while he’s here helping the pack,    mason’s not naive enough to believe that he’s doing it because he wants to be part of what they have.      he knows that theo is looking at this in a way that it keeps him alive and would sacrifice the rest of them as soon as he knew he was safe.      he’s not afraid to admit that.  

but that doesn’t mean he’s always looking at theo as the bad guy.    mason still likes to see the best in people,    and he can see good in theo too.     he’s not ignorant,    he won’t treat theo as a punching bag and constantly hold him accountable for what he’s done in the past.    he’s smarter than that,     because he knows that there are much worse things happening to this town than what theo has done in the past,    and if theo is working towards their goal too,    treating him poorly isn’t going to do them any good.    in 6A,   he defended him on multiple occasions.     he didn’t want to keep him locked in the jail cell;     he knew it dehumanized him and made him feel trapped,   much like he would have felt in hell.       when scott,   hayden,   and the rest of the pack were quick to blame him for something that went wrong,     mason used his logic and quickly chimed in,     knowing that if he didn’t,     scott would put him back in hell.     theo was telling the truth,    and mason was the only one willing to see that,    so he spoke up about it.      allowing the pack to beat on him    (   especially unconsciously   )    or constantly threaten him wasn’t what their pack stood for,     and mason didn’t want to lose who they were because theo was here.      he knew it was their responsibility to treat him like a human being since they were the ones who asked him to help,     so that’s what he did.      mason was the only one who truly treated theo with respect in 6A,     and that’s still present now    ———     but that doesn’t mean he’s always going to let his guard down like that.      he knows he can’t rely on him to be good all the time.  

in a way to mask his own fear and try to build himself up to insist he isn’t as weak as he feels,     he hides behind snarky comments in this episode.      he calls theo egotistical,    selfish,    not smart enough,    and he calls him out on the bad things he has done.     a lot of this is driven by the fear they’re experiencing because of the anuk-ite being there with them.      mason knows that theo is not dumb,     so his comment about how he’s   ‘  not smart enough  ‘    is not because he genuinely thinks that,     but because he’s tired of theo constantly questioning him.     he expects that,    given their constant conflicting actions and ideas,     but he needs theo to trust him and know that he’s not LESSER just because he’s human    ——    as he’s sure theo thinks,    given who he is as a person.     so he’s quick to knock him down when he needs to build himself up in order to protect himself against theo.      he knows theo is a genius much like him,     but it’s important to show him that mason’s knowledge is just as relevant as theo’s is,     and that he shouldn’t knock down his ideas.

 you can’t take pain if you don’t care.   “

there has been a lot of talk surrounding this quote and i want to start off by saying that this isn’t the show  ‘  changing the rules  ‘  of how to take pain,     and it isn’t mason giving some kind of instruction.     it’s deeper than that.      when theo insists they go,    he tells mason that he can’t leave him there,      but mason knows it’s not because he’s worried about mason specifically.     given what he does know about theo,     he assumes it means because if he leaves mason behind,     the pack will retaliate against him.      ‘   just anything to save your own ass,     just nobody else’s,   ‘     mason told him earlier.        he knows that he needs mason by his side for his own benefit,     that he’s not doing it because he genuinely cares whether or not mason is in pain.      mason is probably well aware that theo has never taken anyone’s pain before   —–   theo is a selfish man,     so why would he inflict pain on himself just to help someone else feel better?     that’s where mason’s mind is   —–     theo was so desperate to save himself that he was willing to try anything,     and mason didn’t want him to take his pain just for selfish reasons.     he didn’t think he would ever be doing it for mason’s safety,    only theo’s.

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Hey Dark got any advice for making friends?




These are vital to any new group you find yourself in. Observe them, watch how they behave, how they act, and pick up their traits. Certain phrases they use, certain ways they behave. 
Then copy it, use it yourself, mirror them, be one of them, for that is your goal. To be in their circle. To be one of their flock. 
Finally, memorize things. You will find people spew their closest kept memories, fears and more. One may be spamming the chat because theyre afraid of a storm. Remember it. One will say its their birthday, remember the date. Remember what people wish for, remember if they talk about school, projects, hobbies. Remember which characters they like, what drives them, what scares them. You will know them inside and out very quickly. 
This will make them feel as if they’ve known you a long time when really it’s only been a few minutes? days? Mark it down if you must, but remember everything. 
This method will help you get your ‘friends’ it will even get you close to your enemies. It can even be applicable in work place and is the most common form of human interaction. Done both consciously and sub-consciously. 

Naturally once you’re in with this new group of ‘friends’ you can learn their secrets, memorize those too. Most importantly be a shoulder for them to lean on, calm them down, give them distractions, make them feel …. dare I say it.. ‘loved’ …. They will grow fond of you quickly Once you have them, you can get anything you want out of them and they will fork it over like loyal little sheep… 

-Cerevire Darkiplier