i got a new tablet i;m so happy!


It’s that time again!

I’ve got one bust left in my queue so I’m opening up again. I got a new tablet pen and I’m ready to go. 

Will draw FR and am open to doing OCs provided I am confident about the design. I am happy to draw furs/creatures, I am trying to gain more confidence in humanoid characters as well.

Bust; $30/3kg
Couple Bust; $55/5.5kg
Fullbody; $75/7.5kg

Fullbody colored sketch (last 3 samples); $30/3kg. 
Instead of adding on for complicated genes/apparel, now these prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.

OC prices will be very similar, will only increase price for very difficult designs/lots of armor, etc. 

I am also open to trading one colored bust for a bogsneak scroll atm.

If you can’t commission at this time I’d appreciate a reblog so someone who might want to can see the post. 

Thank you! Feel free to drop me an ask/message. 
Lix #3488 onsite.