i got a lot of feels about this movie

  • Taurus: They didn't pay attention to the movie because POPCORN!
  • Gemini: "The thoughts I have at night were sadder than that movie and yes, I do cry every night before I go to sleep."
  • Cancer: They go to their room and cry a lot. They also probably look at the ratings and cry some more if the ratings were low.
  • Leo: The movie was okay. It reminded me of a time when... *goes on to tell a story about themselves*
  • Virgo: They just stare at the screen in emptiness and despair. They also used up all their tears during the movie.
  • Libra: "Am I feeling something?? What is this feeling?? Is it... SADNESS?? Oh no... Don't cry. You got thi-" *starts to cry*
  • Scorpio: "What was that? You said this movie was supposed to be sad. I didn't even shed a single tear. If this qualifies as a sad movie I don't even want to know what my life qualifies as."
  • Sagittarius: They keep ranting about the movie, and they constantly point out what was wrong with it.
  • Capricorn: "I need to go to my room..." *Screams into their pillow and cries for a good 10 minutes. Eventually walks out of their room like nothing happened*
  • Aquarius: "What? We were watching a movie???"

wordmage-girl  asked:

Why do you want to fight Nicholas Sparks? And how would you challenge him (thrown glove, e-vite, etc)?

Thrown glove, definitely. This has to be PERSONAL, even though my problem with him is really everything he represents.

I have talked before about how his brand of dreck has basically killed the romcom, but I don’t think I’ve talked about why I hate his brand of dreck, so gather around, chickadees, for “How do I hate thee, Nicholas Sparks? Let me count the ways.”

1. Tragedy porn. Look, honestly, I liked “A Walk to Remember.” Mostly because of “Only Hope” and Shane West’s face, but I liked it (if I watched it today, even divorced from the whole of Sparks’s canon, I would hate it, but that’s a separate issue). But as time went on and I watched a couple more of his movies and then heard about the others, it’s just … look. I know that we make stories to make people feel a certain way. We want to elicit an emotional response. And that’s a good thing, you know? And I know I rail about darkness and sadness a lot, but I’m not even saying that stories should only try to elicit good emotions. That feels shallow.

But with Nicholas Sparks and other tear-jerker-type stories (see: reasons I never got into Grey’s Anatomy, reasons I’m more likely to read straight-up darkfic than what people call “sads”), the emotional manipulation is incredibly blatant and formulaic and … I don’t know, is “cheap” the word I want? I don’t see the point in a story that says “Here’s a thing you love. Fate is going to take that thing you love from you. The main character is going to lift their chin like Scarlett O’Hara and say ‘tomorrow is another day!’“ I don’t feel like it’s something the creator is sharing with me, I feel like it’s something they’re trying to do to me, and I don’t take kindly to that.

2. White Cis Hets Touching Foreheads.

3. His whole brand is marketed to women, books and movies both, they’re chick flicks, date movies, stuff For the Women, but he sure is a dude. Not that men aren’t allowed to write romances, but it’s just that slimy feeling of “a wise man making money off all those silly weepy romantic women” rather than “a wise man showing that it’s okay for both women and men to cry over a love story where tragic things happen.” Like. Nora Roberts sure doesn’t have this kind of franchise. And I can’t say I enjoy reading Nora Roberts, but one could excise the sex from her books and make movies and market them to women, but somehow nobody got to be a romantic-book-adaptation juggernaut until Sparks. Partly because he’s a man and partly because

4. Happiness Isn’t Art. There seems to be this implication that because things end badly, because they’re sad, because they make you cry, it’s okay that they’re romantic. The sadness makes sure that they’re art. And fuck that, honestly? Tearjerkers are fine, whatever, they can (and should, I don’t want to stop people writing for the genres that appeal to them) exist in the world even if I don’t want to consume them, but nobody in this world gets to tell me that the unhappiness elevates them higher than the romcom. That it’s better than Nora Roberts not because he’s a man but because the sadness makes it somehow more worthy.

5. Look at that face. Tell me you don’t want to punch that smug face.

6. Sometimes you just read a book or watch a movie and know that the person behind the story is ideologically opposed to you in pretty much every possible way.

Just to sum up, I guess … I’m a person who loves reading and writing love stories. I always have been, since I was a little kid. If there’s tragedy and difficulty along the way, sure, I’m willing to go along with that, but when there’s someone who consistently says “no, this is only worthy if I take happiness away from you, because happiness isn’t art, because romance is only worth of attention if tragedy interrupts it,” then I get ready for a fight. And since he’s very much the trend leader there, I am pretty much ready to meet him in the pit at all times.

so I’m going through the atomic blonde tag and I literally just saw a post saying that the movie is sexist because charlize theron looks “too thin” in the trailer, and because it’s “unrealistic” for a woman to be able to beat up men who are significantly larger than her, especially in heels??? 

like??? buddy. pal. my guy.  

this is a female-lead film in an almost entirely male-dominated genre (seriously, when was the last time you saw an action movie where the main character was a.) female, and b.) not someone’s wife/girlfriend?), directed by an established filmmaker (david leitch, best known for his work on john wick), starring an oscar-winning actress who is also producing it herself, featuring a romantic subplot between two women, with feminist themes in the trailers and promotional material, and you’re going to boycott it… because the main character (a secret agent who is required to keep high standards of physical fitness for her job) is too fit??? or because she’s too feminine??? (I mean, I can run and jump and climb in heels, and I’m definitely not a highly-trained spy.) if you genuinely believe that conventionally attractive/traditionally feminine women being portrayed as tough and badass is “unrealistic,” then it sounds like the only one being sexist here is you. 

I want to talk about Dennis from Split.

So, I’m about to throw all this information at you but I need to get this out somehow!

 There is this part in the movie where Dennis is acting as Barry (the second time I believe) he confirms that Dennis and Patricia are not allowed to have the light because they “are unstable”. This makes me SO sad for many reasons. First of all, I fell like all the alters want to protect Kevin- especially Dennis. He says he was there from the beginning and his main purpose was to keep Kevin’s mom from getting upset BUT he is also the strongest and the “biggest” (he says himself and we see multiple times how strong he is) I didn’t understand why he needed to have OCD and be strong at the same time but it all made sense when he said he was there from the beginning. 

I’m pretty positive that Dennis is the one who had to take on the physical punishments instead of Kevin. He mentions that Kevin is weak and I feel like he says this coming from someone who has had to step in for Kevin a lot. How would he know that unless he’s had to take over and deal with the pain for him? It’s just a hunch but I feel like it makes sense. Dr. Fletcher knows that Dennis was there to keep their mother from getting upset only because Barry (and the other alters too probably) have told her that. He had a purpose at one point, but now because the mother is completely out of the picture and they are grown THEY DON’T NEED HIM ANYMORE SO HE WAS JUST CAST ASIDE AND THIS JUST MAKES ME SO SAD. So, he is considered unstable because of his irrational behavior but, it wasn’t always so irrational. 

Also, in Barry’s video diary he says that Dennis and Patricia are obsessed with “the ones who haven’t suffered” and at first we assume it’s everyone else (like the girls Dennis kidnaps) BUT what is they were talking about the rest of the alters?? Patricia and Dennis are the only ones who talk about the beast and I this connects to the idea that Dennis and Patrica have suffered somehow in the ways the other alters have not. The other alters are fairly happy and capable people (from what we have seen so far). This might prove that Dennis did deal with a lot of the abuse that Kevin did. He suffered in ways the other alters did not. They see more connected to the loss of Kevin’s father too. Dennis goes to get flowers, Patrica thanks him for it, they leave flowers at the train station. 

I’m not entirely sure how Patrica might have suffered but I do feel like she is the mother figure Kevin never had. You know, with the hair brushing and lunch making etc (LOL Hedwig.) Mother figures probably have a deep hold of Dennis because of the abuse, Patrica even says “he listens to me”. Hedwig is a kid who isn’t accepted, they probably treat him like the runt of litter, but I haven’t really considered his place amongst the other alters yet (probably and outcast because of his age) but I feel like he is representative of the childhood Kevin never got to have. 

Even though it’s kind of a lot to assume off of nothing, I THINK DENNIS WAS THE ORIGNAL ALTER. It is really interesting to consider him from this perspective. Which is sad that the other alters kind of cast him aside. 

SORRY I totally didn’t mean to write a whole essay but I just got to thinking about Dennis and movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head. 

Tell me what you guys think!

Hi guys I just wanted to gush about how much I love namjoon :(

He works so so so hard to make a difference and he always tries to better himself everyday the best he can. I love that he actually consults and talks to experts about social justices. I love that he and wale included so many social issues in the Wale collab. I love that he bought a book/dvd and read about the toxicities of masculinity and consulted feminists after bts got under fire for their misogynistic lyrics. I love that he watches gay movies. I love that he’s vocal about supporting LGBT people in a super conservative country. I love that when he gets called out he thinks about it accepts it with grace and learns from it.


Sh*t I’m still working on

- I came out 6 months ago and it’s still hard for me to say the word “lesbian” out loud. When I do come out to someone I use the word “gay” but like I know my aversion to the word is just internalized lesbophobia and misogyny and I don’t want that to affect my word choice? I’m a lesbian and i want to feel 150% comfortable saying the word “lesbian”.

- When I see a sexual lesbian scene (OITNB or The L Word) I instantly feel a cold fist in my stomach and a compulsion to avert my eyes. I still feel guilty about finding any of that stuff attractive.

- A couple of months ago I saw a Tumblr post talking about a new movie about a 9 year old lesbian who has a crush on her friend and my first thought was “Ew, why would they make a movie that sexualizes kids like that?” and then I realized that my knee-jerk reaction was way off. Like there’s nothing wrong or hypersexual about a 9 year old girl holding another 9 year old girl’s hand. But I had spent so many years hiding that part of myself, and buying into the idea that lesbianism is innately bad and dirty and shameful that to see it be the center of a movie freaked me out. But then I thought about it and felt bad for 9 year old lesbian me who had to deal with those feelings of repulsion about herself and couldn’t even admit she was having them… And it made me realize how important movies like that really are…

Representation is so important. The first time I saw a woman show a physical desire to be with another woman was when I was 13 and watching tv with my family and an advertisement for a well-known pervy (geared towards male audiences) DVD franchise came on and of course it featured female college students making out. My dad got so upset he called the tv station to complain. Meanwhile I had a lot of feelings but couldn’t acknowledge any of them… And it made me wish that with all the TV and movies I saw I could have seen just a few gay couples… 9 year old girls holding hands, a 15 year old getting kissed by her girlfriend for the first time, college girlfriends coming up with cute ways to help each other study… just some positive characters I could have looked at and realized “Oh. They’re cute and sweet together. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s normal. I’m normal.”


Ah, the flute scene! I watched the movie in German so because of translations the scene was a lot more “innocent” I guess since there was no talk of “fingering”. You can imagine my shock when I got on tumblr and found out about the original English script! I feel so robbed T^T

(at least the translation didn’t manage to destroy the tension between Fassbender and Fassbender ^^)

We’ve been paying attention to the wrong thing in The Last Battle by CS Lewis. 

“She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations.”

And that seems to be the only spot where we just… stop. We’re all rightfully pissed, but we should’ve paid more attention to what was said afterwards. 

“Oh Susan!” said Jill. “She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations. She always was a jolly sight too keen on being grown-up.”
“Grown-up, indeed,” said the Lady Polly. “I wish she
would grow up. She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she’ll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age. Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one’s life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can.

As readers we have every reason to be pissed and feel for her. Why didn’t he elaborate? If I lost my whole family in a train accident I’d be devastated, why didn’t he talk about that? But Lewis was concentrating on Narnia, on the characters who went back and chose to continue remembering. 

What we didn’t notice was that second part. The bolded part. Reading a number of Lewis’s other work, he’s brought up how toxic that mindset is for a child and an adult. That he became an adult when he stopped trying to rush at it and stop looking at children’s work like fairytales as “too childish”. It’s kinda blowing my mind that he blatantly put it for Susan since the beginning of the series, blatantly had a character mention it, and all we noticed was the “nylons and lipsticks” part. 

I guess I can understand why people see it as misogynistic because Lucy and Jill are always seen as more tomboyish than Susan, but that’s still up for interpretation. Lucy may have done more fighting than Susan, but she cared about her looks at times too. Peter’s “no friend of Narnia” line is very Peter and and Jill’s “nylons and lipstick” one is very Jill. They’ve always been very hot-headed characters, at least Jill has. The downside is Edmund and Lucy should’ve said something, but that doesn’t mean she’s NEVER gonna see her family again. 

Also if we ever got a movie, I feel like a lot of our sadness and misgivings towards leaving Susan behind will actually be addressed. In the LWW and Voyage movies Edmund and Eustace are a lot more likeable than their book counterparts. Edmund tries to use humour to mask his sadness and Peter takes it as rudeness. Eustace is a bit of a brat, but he’s not nearly as snide as he is in the book. Even when he grabs Reepicheep’s tail it’s completely accidental, as opposed to in the book when he sneaks up on the mouse and grabs him out of malice. 

Sometimes Lewis can be pretty tone-deaf with the way he writes every character, not just Susan. I think that has a lot to do with how children and fantasy were perceived in the 1950s when he wrote these books. 

But my main point stands. Susan didn’t forget Narnia because she got into makeup and parties. She forgot about Narnia because she tried too hard to grow up. 

Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie on Broadway, British Accents and Wearing Those 'Kinky Boots'

To some theatergoers, Brendon Urie might appear to be just another actor starring in Kinky Boots, the Tony-winning Broadway musical by Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein that centers on a reluctant shoemaker and his unlikely inspiration.

But at Sunday’s performance, the audience’s Panic! at the Disco fans let out a collective gasp at the frontman’s surprise entrance, and loudly screamed as if at a rock concert when he showcased his bright, four-octave vocal range on solo numbers.

“Oh, my god, it feels phenomenal - I’m just kind of getting sandbagged with love,” Urie tells The Hollywood Reporter of making his Broadway debut in the musical through Aug. 6. “I don’t know what first attracted me to this world, but the whole universe that is musical theater just blows me away. I love it.”

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Urie, 30, goes Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter to talk dancing in heels, wandering around the West Village and writing music for a Broadway project in the future.

When did you first consider joining this show?

The first time I saw it, two years ago. I went with a friend, and, I mean, immediately just upon seeing the first couple of scenes, I had this immense appreciation for the show’s message and I just wanted to be a part of it in any capacity. By the end, I was cheering and crying and laughing and having the best time.

It took me a couple of tours, but I’m glad it worked out. We were trying to book other [tours] and I said, “No, I want to take a break. I want to see what Broadway’s like.” [Cyndi Lauper and I] have hung out a handful of times and already she’s one of my favorite people in the world.

What’s your theater background? Did you do a bunch of acting in high school?

Not at all. I was a part of the theater craft class, so I used to build the sets and be behind-the-scenes, working tech. And my siblings and I would dress up and make little home movies with lots of singing.

I grew up loving musicals: West Side Story, Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls. The Sound of Music is my favorite musical of all time. I’ve got such a crush on Julie Andrews.

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What has surprised you most about starring in a musical?

It’s so wildly different, but so much fun. I guess I expected, to a certain degree, the nakedness you feel up onstage, but it’s honestly unlike any other feeling. When I’m playing with my band in a concert, the fans are all singing the lyrics together and screaming back at you like a giant campfire. But Broadway, you’re there to perform - it’s just you and the spotlight, and you have to just run into it at 100 percent. I’ve been trying to live in the moment, forget who I am and be that character, and just feel that emotion. Luckily, the music is so powerful that when you’re singing the lyrics, you already feel the emotion. I hope people get hit with the same fire and message of love that I got when I first saw this.

Getty Images

What has been the toughest part about playing Charlie Price?

Dancing in heels is actually pretty comfortable for me, and it’s harder to act like I’m not comfortable in the heels! (Laughs.) But the most challenging was the British accent. My dialect coach Amy Jo [Jackson] ran through the script with me over Skype. The hardest part was getting criticism like, “You sound Australian right now - let’s fix that.”

What new habit have you taken on?

I’m drinking more Throat Coat tea. On tour, we’ll do four shows and then a day off. Doing eight shows a week is crazy, in the best way possible. 

What have you given up?

Doing shows with my band, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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What do you do when you first wake up on a show day?

I make coffee and breakfast for my wife and I, and I walk around for at least 45 minutes. This is the most extended stay I’ve had [in New York] and the West Village is very neighborhood-y with a bunch of dogs, so it’s a nice walk.

It’s a totally different vibe from L.A., where if you walk into a restaurant, everybody turns. In New York, I don’t think anybody cares, and that’s a good thing. You can have Tom Hanks walk into a restaurant and they’d be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s Tom Hanks,” and continue to have their conversation.

What’s your preshow ritual?

I do the warm-up thing. And I actually spoiled myself and put an Xbox in my dressing room, so I could play a little.

Getty Images

Most memorable moment at the stage door?

The first night was unreal - hundreds of kids, people climbing on trees and standing on cars. I thought they were going to get arrested, honestly! And fans bring gifts -  they’ve drawn stuff for me, given me flowers and written amazing letters. That kind of love just does not cease, and each night I feel it.

Are you interested in originating a part on Broadway?

Oh, my goodness, yes, I would love that. I’ve been thinking about that more and more. I’d love to do something that I’ve written music for, stuff I haven’t written yet. That would be so fun. I’d love to get an idea down and work with some amazing creative minds on that.

If you could be in any other Broadway show, what would it be?

To be Jean Valjean in a revival of Les Miserables would be amazing. And, having grown up Mormon, I think The Book of Mormon would be a good fit. (Laughs.) That’d be pretty fun.


I watched all of the shrek movies recently. Memes are fucking immature so this is going to be kind of an uninfluenced review. I dont feel like the tim and eric or what have you style comedy where you pretend to like shrek a whole lot got into me when we were doing this as its a little dated. I decided to take the films at face value. What are they worth?

Shrek 1 - Shrek was written and created by some people who work on movies over at Dream works. Its still pretty good. The graphical quality holds up. Shrek doesnt appear in the movie but eddie murphy does make up well for the eerie silence brought about by the vanishment of each other cast member. Its so good that Will smith remembered every line of it in that other movie.

(Five tiny scream guys out of five) 

Shrek 2 - This one is still good but the DVD went to autoplay when I was microwaving popcorn and my gf made me make it go back to the root menu and the popcorn caught fire and we nearly died. The premise shows wear but the wit is still alive. The last great shrek story as simon cowell viciously tore Shrek to pieces with his fangs at the end. PS: The dvd (issued 2005) of this i have said on the back it was the “highest rated animation of all time”. Which isnt true because it gets one less tiny scream guy than the first one.

Shrek 3 - They made a whole movie but forgot to put any jokes in it. Eric idle is in it becuase john cleeses character died. Do u think they passed in the dreamworks corridor and looked awkwardly at one another? If the best your movie has to offer is referencing monty python and the holy grail then you have to do better because in the first place that movie isnt actually that funny. I loved it when i was 10 but the only jokes i can remember now are the knights of the round table song and the killer rabbit. Its better than this though.

Shrek 4 - what the hell. ok id seen the first three before in the past but this one was totally new. Reality gets erased and Shrek is unborn. A world of warcraft race struggle plays out on the screen. For some reason the graphics are worse. The acting is also worse. Everything is worse and yet i also kind of loved the mayhem of the writers deciding to create an alternate timeline where shreks insidious legacy is erased and where a cool battle happens instead. I dont know who in the office they got to voice the little man but it was scary.

Puss in boots - No this isnt a joke. This is a real movie that was in theaters. No one watched it until I did so this is actually the first review! A bunch of good animators were forced to waste their time making a movie based off a script generated by a neural network. This whole thing is a mess. In the first thirty minutes the only joke is puss in boots says “leche” instead of milk. The next hour will reveal that in every moment of puss in boots’ life he is being watched in the corner by an egg person, like a bad slenderman arg. The dartboard they use to pick fairy tale characters to be the villain must have broke halfway thru because who the hell is “kitty soft paws”? This movie genuinely may be an industry test to see if the audience will be satisfied with anything they put on the screen and I kind of love how callous it is. Its about a cat fighting an egg.

 So I’m a big movie nut normally and I feel like an idiot, because I always knew that Merchant & Ivory were these two directors famous for doing very classy British period pieces (i.e. A Room with a View, Howard’s End), but

1) I had NO FUCKING CLUE that they were an interracial gay couple, not just co-directors

2) apparently, right after they finished A Room with a View (their most successful movie at that point), they had the absolute balls to say “Let us, a gay-but-kinda-secretive-about-it couple, capitalize on our success by making a really explicitly gay movie about a gay protagonist in a love triangle with two other gay men, adapted from a book by a gay author who based it off of a real-life gay couple he knew.  Also, it’s gonna have lots of kissing and nudity and shit, and also, nobody dies.  ALSO also also: we’re gonna fucking do this in the middle of the AIDS crisis.  Because we can.”

The movie was called Maurice and it came out in 1987 and it actually was really critically well-loved at the time and got Ivory a Best Director award at the Venice Film Festival

And I’m feeling like a very Dumb American or just a dumb person in general because I’ve known about these guys for ages and I had NO FUCKING IDEA

The twins realizing it’s “that time of the month” would include


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•Him, being really confused at why you’re so “Cranky”

•Soon realizing you’re literally dying on the inside and apologizing for calling you Cranky

•Ethan, getting stressed because you’re in pain.

•Not knowing what to do, so he just attempts to cuddle you while you’re in pain

•”Um, oh shit babe, um what do you need, oh wait you’re crying fuck. Hold up let me call my mom she’ll know what to do!”

•”Ethan, i’m cramping not having a child, just cuddle me ass hat!”

•Him, using your cravings as an excuse to binge eat a bunch of chocolate with you.

•Him, getting super horny

•”Ethan no! Maybe later when my uterus isn’t trying to escape my body!”

•Taking naps together

•“Oh, uh do you need a heating pad?”

•Him, drawing you a bath so you would feel better.

•Being super clueless, and sweet about the whole thing.


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Him, instantly knowing “what time it is”

• Bringing you anything you wanted/needed

•Cuddles, a lot of them

• Feeling, bad that you’re in pain

• “Oh man! I’m sorry babygirl, come here, i got you”

•Bringing you a heating pad

•Laying in his lap as he played with your hair

•Watching old movies with you

•Taking the entire day off to take care of you

•Holding you during bad cramps

•Bring you any medicine you needed.

•Cooking for you until you felt better

•Him, being extremely cuddly and emotional with you

•Being “nurse Gray” until you felt better

Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to send more in💙
Werewolf!Jungkook (Boyfriend)

Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan princes, the second half of Jinkook, the golden maknae who is so cute and funny and I’m so happy he’s come out of his shell so much bc he seems so happy and that makes me really happy bc happy!BTS is my favorite BTS, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!kook so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!kook as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Such a sweet boyfriend oh my lord
  • Always wants to make you happy 25/8, when you’re sad, he’s sad
  • S o many inside jokes the two of you can’t even keep up sometimes like why is that one even funny??? idk but it’s funny
  • Forever doing something funny tbh, making faces, doing that signature dance of his, talking in weird voices
  • You walk in one day to hear him using that weird deep voice he does sometimes while cooing at his dog and it’s a bit ?? to hear that voice saying shit like “who’s a good boy?? You’re a good boy!!” 
  • It doesn’t take too long for you to see him in his wolf form but it’s also not as quick as some of the other members
  • Kook doesn’t wanna scare you at all and he knows that just the fact that he’s a werewolf can be something you need time to adjust to so the last thing he wants to do is rush things and start chilling out as a wolf in your apartment
  • But he also really loves being in his wolfy state so he’s conflicted bc he can either go for it and just hope you react well or he could keep waiting
  • You know about the whole wolf thing, he told you about it when he was explaining that he wasn’t exactly human but it hasn’t really been brought up since so he’s not sure if he should bring it up again or if he should just do it or if he should ask if it’s okay
  • There’s one day where you’re meant to be gone all day long, you’re visiting some friends who live in a different city and you’re considering spending the night with them and everything so Jungkook figures it’s safe to chill out in his wolf form bc he has the apartment to himself
  • He’s not expecting you to come back that night at all so when you walk into the apartment and see a wolf in your bed, both of you are pretty shocked
  • He’s staring at you, you’re staring at him and the pup is just rolling around
  • In the back of your mind, you know it’s Jungkook bc it’s only been a couple months of knowing he’s a werewolf so you still remember the lil bit he threw in about being able to turn into a wolf but you’d thought he was joking to lighten the mood
  • You didn’t think he could actually turn into a wolf yet there’s a wolf laying on your bed, playing with your dog
  • He’s the biggest wolf in the pack so he’s not a teeny tiny pup, he’s got super long legs and he’s just overall a pretty big wolf, he’s got this really dark dark brown pretty much black fur
  • Although his eyes are more of a wolf’s size and shape, they still have the same color and the same familiarity to them
  • After that initial fear of seeing an actual wolf in your room, you put two and two together and decide to see if your memory is correct so you reach out to the wolf and hope that you’re right bc if not you may have just lost your hand
  • But thankfully you’re right and it’s just kookie and he gets so happy seeing that you accepted that part of him, his lil tail is wagging and he’s rolling around with the pup and you’re just :D bc your boys are happy
  • Seeing him on the full moon is really cool tbh bc he’s a really beautiful wolf as is but seeing him in his element is just w h o a
  • The pack is huge and the majority of them are werewolves (there are a few humans though) so it’s just countless wolves running around and chasing each other and tackling each other and play fighting and rolling around in the dirt
  • Kook has a l o t of energy, he’s a v v playful pup so he spends most of the night playing with Vmin and hobi or bugging Jin as much as he can before Jin starts chasing him around
  • The first full moon you spend with him, he’s really protective and doesn’t leave your side, even though his paw is literally twitching from how much energy he’s got built up from the full moon and his head is on your lap so none of the other wolves try to play with you bc that could end with you getting hurt
  • Once you spend more and more time with the pack, he eases up with his protectiveness
  • He helps teach you all the ways to make sure you’re safe when you’re playing with the wolves, he shows you how to warn them they’re biting too hard or getting too rough before they actually cause any damage (accidentally of course, sometimes they don’t realize how rough they’re being, especially with humans)
  • If it’s a serious threat, he won’t ease up until the threat is l on g gone and has absolutely zero chance of coming back
  • He’s one of the fighters in the pack so he’s got zero issues with defending himself or you or anyone
  • He’s not afraid to use his size to his advantage bc sometimes, just seeing a wolf of that size with that much power is enough to subdue any thoughts of attacking him
  • But also there’s always that one person who has to test the limits and it’s that person that gets the wrath of an extremely pissed off Jungkook and it’s that person that is very lucky Namjoon is there to intervene
  • Kook is protective over all of his pack but at the same time, you’re his person, you’re his mate and there’s a boost in protectiveness that comes with that
  • As I’ve mentioned in the other posts, werewolves don’t have the same type of jealousy that humans do
  • Their jealousy isn’t all that concerned with losing their partner bc they mate for life, they typically fall in love once and then that’s it, they’re together for the rest of their lives so they never have to worry about losing their partner or cheating or anything like that
  • Their jealousy is more attention based, more playful and puppy like
  • He does get jealous when you give too much attention to someone else and he does the tongue thing and just stares at you for a while before he starts doing something to get your attention
  • Depending on who it is and why they have your attention, he’ll either start doing something to impress you, like push ups, or he’ll do something dumb to make you laugh, like stand behind the other person and make faces or try to mouth whatever they’re saying
  • You’re human so you do experience the typical jealousy but kook finds it kinda cute and endearing but also confusing bc “I’m yours ?? why worry about them so much when you’ve got me for life”
  • He’s a good looking man with an amazing personality so he’s gonna get some people who are gonna be flirty or try to ask him out or anything along those lines but he’s super super loyal and doesn’t really give them the time to get that part out
  • Once he starts hearing that first hint of them getting flirty, he gets a bit flustered bc !!!! o h no that’s not supposed to happen but then he snaps out of it and makes it clear that he’s okay with being platonic completely and totally platonic just friends but nothing more than that
  • “What are you doing on Friday??”
  • “Ask my love, we probably have a date planned bc we’re dating”
  • When it comes to you being insecure about being a human in a pack full of werewolves, he’s always really supportive and sweet
  • Kook is actually really empathetic, judging from the lyrics of Begin, and there was one time a fan was crying in front of him and he kinda just held her hand and helped her calm back down as much as he could
  • He’s gonna sit with you and let you talk it out if you need to and he’ll keep your hands held tight in his and give them lil kisses and he may get a bit teary eyed too bc he never ever wants you to think like that
  • He doesn’t care whether you’re a human, witch, werewolf, whatever, he’s still gonna be a lil lovesick puppy for you and he wants you to know that
  • The next day, he plans the entire day out to make you feel special and extra loved, he’s got reservations for your favorite restaurant, you two are going to your favorite stores and spending the afternoon cuddled on the couch playing video games or watching a movie/show together
  • “You know I really don’t care about that right?? I actually love that you’re human, it’s easy for a werewolf to accept a werewolf but a human accepting us is rare so it makes me feel even more loved that you accept me anyways” 
  • Werewolf!Jungkook as a boyfriend is a playful pup with a whole lot of love for you who’s always down for cuddling in the rain and being your personal heater in winter

maggie-1277  asked:

I feel sad for la la land, they had the biggest award of the night, they were saying there speeches and then it was taken away. Moonlight is a great movie, but it will be overshadowed by this royal fuck up. I'm sorry for both films

me too!!! It was so incredibly sad to see the lalaland crew being rushed off stage - poor guy was interrupted in the middle of his speech :(
I mean it was probably such an amazing moment for the moonlight crew but I can’t imagine what it must feel like to hold your first Oscar in your hands and then it gets taken away 2 minutes afterwards I would literally feel so embarrassed and humiliated
Lalaland did win a lot of oscars but that was just the movie as a whole - people don’t think enough about those who worked hard on the movie and didn’t get an oscar
I mean emma already had her oscar she was fine and ryan got his 5 seconds of fame since he was nominated and millions of people watched him play the role of sebastian
but what about the people who worked hard behind the scenes and were so happy to hold the Oscar in their hands since that is the only way they could ever be publicly appreciated?
And then having it taken away from you?
As someone who is very invested in movies and would love to be part of the movie industry one day I really felt for those people

I really wanted moonlight to win and it was amazing that they did I was happy but I can’t help feeling sad for the people who got their oscars taken away what a tragedy

Also kudos to jimmy kimmel who tried to save the whole thing and was like ‘let’s just give everyone an oscar’ I wish that had happened

  • so I watched Annabelle for the first time yesterday and I went in all excited cause it was hyped up to be great and I love the Conjuring movies but holy shit:
    • Okay so right off the bat, they open and close the movie with scenes about the Actual Annabelle Case, but then create a fictional plot around the doll??? What??? Why???
    • “Their daughter ran away two years ago so we aren’t allowed to talk about my pregnancy”
    • As someone who used to have an impressive collection of porcelain dolls…the are usually not that creepy holy shit. I’ve only seen one creepy porcelain doll in my life, and it’s in my kitchen as we speak. Still not as overly-dramatic as they made the Annabelle doll. In the actual, real life case, the doll was a Raggedy Anne, and frankly? That would have been creepier to use? Something so iconically innocent? This was just trying too hard.
    • Satanists breaking into the house, that’s a very common and relatable problem
    • The dramatic drop of blood from the girl’s neck onto the doll’s face, the Satanic symbol smeared in blood… 5 Edgy 9 Me
    • Okay you wanna know what the God damn scariest part of this movie was???? When the doctor firmly puts her on bed rest, and then she just continues to walk around and work and do her job normally???? Are you lost on the concept of bed rest???? She’s out here hearing noises and shit and I’m just screaming at my tv “WHY WONT YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY???” bitch literally got stabbed in the stomach and thinks she can walk around like nothing’s wrong BYE
    • I was ranting about that literally all night
    • She tells her husband she wants to get rid of the doll, which is understandable, but then he just??? Throws it in the garbage???? Like 1) We know they’re having money troubles and 2) We know the doll was really expensive. Pawn it, you dumbass. You don’t have to tell the buyers a cult member held it in their arms after she slit her throat! That’s not information that needs to come up! This couple is just flat out exasperating.
    • All the zoom-in shots of her fingers at the sewing machine were 100% more nerve racking than anything else that happened in this damn film
    How the fuck did she not smell that fire
    • h o w

    • So this chick gets stabbed in her uterus and then falls on her stomach while inhaling smoke and you want me to believe this baby came out 100% fine?? K.
    • Why was their apartment literally bigger than their house had been
    • You know when I met John Zaffis and he was complaining that when every true ghost case his name is remotely attached to gets turned into a movie they never make a fictionalized version of him in the film but instead add in a priest that just looks like him, I thought it had to be an exaggeration…but they…they really did just create a priest and cast a guy that looks like him…why is this a curse he must bear…I don’t understand…Just put the man in your movies…
    • Literally what the hell was up with the kids on the steps did we ever get a full explanation for that????
    • Bookshop lady sees random woman outside, decides to run out and give her a free book for literally no God damn reason. more at six.
    • Okay so the doll somehow followed them to the apartment and that wasn’t a paranormal giveaway??? John, Mia, come on.
    • And okay I can respect her wanting to keep it and all but why would she put it in her fucking baby’s room are you kidding me. What sense does that make.
    • John was a Good Husband and I respect him but that boy was an idiot; Mia was a complete dumbass most of the film. So it was very hard for me to feel sympathetic towards them for most of the events??? idk
    • The ghost apparently couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to be seen as 7-year old Annabelle, Adult Annabelle, or an Actual Demon…calm down? I get spirits like being dramatic but we need some consistency I’m sorry
    • Literally what the fuck was going on in that basement scene. Like…what
    • “You won’t mind if I just keep this one for myself then…” Um no Mia he should mind??? That’s a Literal Crime Scene Photo??? It’s evidence for the case??? You can’t just take it jfc
    • And the thing is??? She took that picture because she wanted to research the Satanic Symbol, but like??? We never actually did find out what that symbol stood for????
    • Local Woman Is Shown To Be Suicidal In The Past So We Won’t Feel As Bad When She Sacrifices Herself Later. More at six.
    • This doll just kept…deteriorating throughout the entire movie??? Like she collects porcelain dolls you’d think she be able to do something about that
    • Local Woman Figures Out Doll Is Possessed, Still Keeps It Right Over Her Baby’s Crib For A Bit. more at six.
    • When the John Zaffis Priest™ offered to take the doll I was just like…My dude. My dude. No.
    • Like FIRST OFF if anything fucking bless the doll and the apartment before you leave??? Come on??? You know this is a serious enough situation that you wanna call the Warren’s in but you’re not gonna actively do anything about it until morning? Bye.
    • “MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL” calm down, Satan.
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *literally sees the ghost/demon of a girl who used to belong to his church standing a few feet behind him*
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *decides that’s not his damn business and tries to enter the church and ignore it*
    • I was so pleasantly surprised he survived that honestly
    • Remember kids: If demons need your consent to steal your souls, than you need consent to have sex. Don’t be worse than demons.
    • That whole scene where the baby was screaming but you can’t find her??? We get it, you’ve seen Poltergeist.
    • Ooooh girl when she was bashing Annabelle’s head into the crib and then threw her on the ground- I was waiting for a shot where we find out that had actually been her baby. They fucking let me down there. That would off been a great scene (fucked up, but it is a horror movie after all)
    • Dramatic Scenes Of The Husband Running Home. Will He Get There In Time? More at six.
    • Why do they have to hold the doll as they kill themselves
    • I like how both women were immediately ready to die for the baby but the man was just like “why don’t we all take a breather and discuss this further over coffee” while a demon is wrecking havoc in the room around him
    • Local Woman Believes Her Greater Purpose In Life Is To Kill Herself So A Baby Will Live, more at RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM PISSED ABOUT THAT FUCKING SCENE
    • Like if you wanna ignore everything but the base of it- Evelyn was only suicidal in the first place because she wanted to see her daughter again. Something tells me if your soul is sacrificed to Satan you WONT BE SEEING YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER AGAIN
    • W H Y
    • U G H
    • And then the doll just ~mysteriously moves away from the crime scene alone~ and ends up in a fucking antique shop okay
    • Why did it take like a full year for John Zaffis Priest™ to get that picture of Mia and the baby developed for them
    • About 20 minutes after suffering through this film I found myself in a parking lot of a TGI Friday’s and got jump-scared by an old man in a car staring at me and I experienced more true terror in that one moment than I did during the entirety of this shit film
    • Overall: Waste of time and I feel lied to 3/10 do not recommend unless you’re really easy to scare

just from the trailer, i got the feeling that this movie is going to be a lot braver than the force awakens was. it doesnt seem like theyre shying away from special effects or the more ‘out there’ concepts that tfa ignored. this movie is going to talk intimately about the nature of the force, but also be a genuinely good time. maybe im just overly optimistic, but i feel like we’re going to get something more than the empire strikes back 2.0 

Home Away From Home

Jaehyun x Reader

Wordcount: 1,128

“Remember how you said I could come over to your apartment if I ever needed to escape for a bit?  Is now okay?” 

 You heard Jaehyun’s voice on the other end of the phone.  His voice was worn out and hoarse, probably from performing all week.

“Yea of course.  I was thinking of going to the library and studying for a bit anyways.  I’ll let you know when I’m out and you can come over then?”

“Actually (y/n), I’d really love it if you’d stay with me. Just watch a movie, relax for a bit… I need to get away but… I don’t want to be alone.”

You and Jaehyun had been friends for about a year now.  Leaving your hometown to study abroad in Seoul for two years was scary, but you were ready for some independence.  Taking only what would fit in a suitcase, you left home ready to explore.   It was one day when you were doing just that, that you met Jaehyun for the first time.  Walking around Hongdae aimlessly, you stopped to ask someone for directions.  The man turned around only to reveal the face of your favourite SM Rookie, Jung Jaehyun. You tried to keep your cool and ask for directions as planned but it was pretty obvious you thought of Jaehyun as more than just a stranger offering you help.  Maybe it was the way you weren’t surprised he spoke English, or the way your cheeks turned slightly redder with every passing second that he looked at you… But Jaehyun knew.  

After helping you, Jaehyun couldn’t resist but to smile and call you out for being a fan. After he finally got you to admit it, the two of you stood there talking for what seemed like hours.  Before you knew it, he was personally showing you around Hongdae.  As the day progressed, the two of you became closer and closer. You laughed at the same jokes, liked the same types of food, listened to the same music… But the romantic feelings you had for him as a celebrity seemed to vanish as your friendship with him grew.  In fact, being your first friend in Seoul, the last thing you wanted was to jeopardize the relationship with any romantic feelings.  So since that day, the two of you remained friends.  

While you occasionally had moments where you couldn’t help but waver at his smile, or feel butterflies when you heard him sing, your friendship was solid.  While you usually hung out in a group with the other members, you were happy that Jaehyun wanted to spend some time alone.  In fact, you probably hadn’t spent time alone with Jaehyun since that first chance meeting.


You were well into the movie at this point.  Jaehyun had arrived with your favourite snacks, and the two of you sat in comfortable silence enjoying the rom-com Jaehyun had let you choose.  As the movie progressed, you couldn’t help but realize Jaehyun didn’t seem to be paying any attention to the movie.  You had seen this look before, only a handful of times, but you knew – Jaehyun was totally zoned out.

“Jae? Jae? Jaehyun?  Are you okay?”  You asked as you paused the movie.

“Oh, yea, I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”

He responded, snapping out of it when he heard the movie stop.

“You just don’t seem to be paying much attention to the movie.  I thought you came over to watch a movie with me.”

“Sorry, I just… I have a lot on my mind lately I guess.  Do you ever feel like… Like it’s all too much? “

You tilted your head to the side looking at Jaehyun questioningly.  You had never seen him like this.  He was always happy.  You were sure he got stressed out at times, but he was never vocal about it. You always just assumed he wanted to be strong for his members.  Getting up and moving to sit right beside him, you put your arm around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder to comfort him and let him know you were there for him.  He took a deep breath and sighed.  You figured you would just sit like that until he was ready for you to move, but before you knew it, he was telling you all of the things he had kept inside for so long.  How he missed his family, how he felt tired and overworked, how he was sad that all the members didn’t debut together…  You listened to him speak without interrupting.  In a way, you could relate.  You also missed your family.  You were also exhausted from the constant university exams and your part-time job. You knew what it felt like to be split up from your friends – while you were studying abroad, your friends were back home finishing their programs and graduating ahead of you.  

Looking up at Jaehyun, tears began to form in your eyes.  You had never voiced your struggles to anyone since arriving in Korea. In your mind, making the decision to leave home and study in Seoul came with the responsibility of dealing with whatever hardships you faced as a result.  But in this moment, listening to Jaehyun’s own struggle, knowing he trusted you and could be honest, you wanted to do the same.  So you did.  The two of you shared all the worries you were usually too closed off to share with the other people around you.  It was intimate, but not romantic.  You were both content just being friends and sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with each other.


After finally finishing the movie, it was time for Jaehyun to get back to the dorm. The two of you stood up and walked to your front door.  In a way, you wanted Jaehyun to stay with you forever.  With you, he didn’t have to deal with all the aspects of his idol life. He could just be Jae, your best friend. But, of course, he had responsibilities to get back too.

“(Y/n), thank you so much for today.  It means the world to me that I have someone I can talk too.  And I hope you know that whenever you need to talk, I’ll do my best to be there for you too, no matter how hectic my schedule is.”

Jaehyun gave you his award-winning dimpled smile before pulling you into a hug.  You didn’t hesitate to reciprocate, squeezing him even tighter than he was squeezing you.   You had known the day you first met Jaehyun that your friendship was deeper than most, and today proved how special the relationship you had with him was.  He was more than just a friend.  He was your home away from home.  

GAHHH this is the first thing I’ve ever written for Tumblr!!  Thank you for reading~  Please comment or to go my ask box and let me know what you thought.  I’m kind of experimenting and figuring out what I’m doing haha.  But I hoped you all like this nonetheless!  Also, send in requests if you have any!

A God Watching Frozen

IMAGINE: Loki heads to the cinema to watch a Disney movie with his lady. How the hell did he manage to get into this situation? 

[gif is not mine. this is a filler story until I finish my Draco, Steve and Jon story. Let me know which story you’d like!] 

warnings: none

words: 776

“Where are we going again?” He asked her as he followed her, she was pretty fast for quite a short person.

 “To the cinema,” she beamed, “I’ve already explained this to you.” She exhaled as she saw the confusion on his face, “A large dark room, with a big screen and there are moving pictures on the screen? Ring any bells?” He shook his head, “I told you this yesterday Loki!” She pulled on his hand towards the queue.

‘Cinema? Remember, cinema. CI-NE-MA! Crap, I don’t remember.’ He watched her as she almost jumped up and down, and like a light bulb. “OH! I remember!” He exclaimed catching other peoples attention.

She turned to him and smiled. “Can you tell me why we are at the cinema?” He asked.

“We’re going to see a movie.” she spoke like it was the most obvious thing. 

“I figured that,” he rolled his eyes, “what are we going to see?”

 “Frozen!” She laughed, he looked at her with the utmost confusion, “It’s about this girl who has magical ice powers, kind of like you! Anyway, she has a sister named Anna and there’s a talking snowman, but that’s all I’m going to say!” She put her fingers across her mouth in a zipping motion.

 ‘Ice powers? Sisters? Snowman? What did I get myself into.’ “And why couldn’t you see it by yourself?”

“Because, it’s weird seeing it alone…a second or third time,” she blushed crimson red as she took her eyes of him, “plus I know you’d somehow like it.”

 “Next please.” The person called from the counter. He observed her as she ordered for their tickets and food. The line going into the cinema they were about to go into was full of children, he rolled his eyes again, he seemed to be doing that a lot tonight.

 “Are you ready to go? Wait, hold the popcorn and your drink while I give them the tickets.” So Loki held onto his popcorn and drink, ‘What is a god doing in a cinema, about to watch a children’s movie?’ She turned around and gave him a smile.

 They walked together to the available seats and got comfortable, “Thank you for doing this Loki, I know you feel uncomfortable, but thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.” She leaned over his seat and gave him a peck on the lips.

 ‘That’s why I’m doing it.’ He held onto her hand as the lights began to dimmer.

The couple threw their trash in the bin and proceeded to walk, “I can’t believe that Hans guy! What an asshole! You just can’t do that!” Loki exclaimed, arms waving around.

 She giggled to herself, it seemed like the God of Lies found the children’s movie very likeable, he liked it more than her! “And Elsa, poor Elsa! And Anna and Kristoff! Thank god somebody loves him! And Olaf!”

 She couldn’t help but laugh out loud, standing in front of her was a god ranting about a children’s movie who had a twinkle in his eyes. “What are you laughing about?” He inquired as he walked in front of her.

 “Do you really like that movie? That much?” She was in fits of laughter, trying hard to get her sentence out.

 Loki looked aghast, “Never! I was simply stating the facts of the movie!”

 “Sure,” she sing-songed, “that’s why you were almost out of your chair when Hans was about to kill Elsa, and that you yelled out a very ‘manly’ no when Hans became a dick.” She smirked and walked past him. “You know you can just admit that you like it you know, I won’t make fun of you.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard mumbling behind her. “What was that?”

 “Alright, I like it, okay? Now can we go home?” He took her arm and lead them to the car.

 “Wait until the others hear about this!” She chuckled.

 Loki stopped in his tracks and looked at her, “Don’t tell anyone about this! Especially that guy in the suit, Stork or whatever his name is! And definitely not Thor!” He commanded, but she knew that he was joking and that he wouldn’t really much problem if she told them, a lot of embarrassment maybe, but that’s about it.

 “Sure, fine only if you promise to watch ‘The Notebook’ with me tomorrow night!” She bargained as she saw Loki groan she laughed.

 “Fine, as long as you don’t tell anyone about tonight!” She crossed her heart and gave him a kiss and began walking again. ‘What my father would say about this if he saw me right now..’