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Hora Somni

The door to Aurora’s room quietly clicked shut as Raine tiptoed her way down the hall. Lucas never had any issues falling asleep at night, but Aurora was always a little more fussy, especially now that she was teething, and needed a little more maternal attention before finally entering the realm of dreams.

Raine was exhausted, as new mothers tended to be. Her joints ached, her hair tied back in a small braid that barely hit the space between her shoulder blades, pieces falling into her face. She blew the strays out of her eyes and made her way towards where the light was on in Ignis’ office.

She peeked inside. To the untrained eye, it would have appeared as if her husband was sitting contemplatively with his arms folded across his chest, deep in thought. But Raine knew better. She noticed his steady breathing, the way his chest rose and fell rhythmically, the slight part of his lips that gave him away.

Raine smiled with a slight shake of her head and quietly made her way inside, so as not to startle him. She knelt by his side and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. When he didn’t stir, she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

“Ignis, love, come to bed.”

Ignis stirred, seemingly regaining consciousness again. Raine knew that he was awake when he turned his face towards hers and stole a kiss before touching his forehead to hers.

“Are the children asleep?”

“Yes,” Raine answered, amused. “And you should be, too. Come on, smart guy. Whatever you’re working on can wait until the morning.”

Ignis let out an undignified yawn that he was too tired to cover up with his hand, and reluctantly got to his feet. Raine took hold of his hand, fingers intertwined, and they padded down the hall together. Ignis took off his protective lenses and rubbed at his better eye with the back of his hand, his bangs falling into his eyes.

Raine looked up at him and giggled. “Now I know where Lucas gets that disheveled look from.”

Ignis smiled, too tired for a clever comeback, and all but collapsed onto the bed. Raine took his glasses from his hand and placed them on his bedside table. She was shifting to move when Ignis’ long arms encircled her waist and dragged her back down, hugging her close to his chest.

Raine ran her fingers through his hair and got comfortable in his arms. “The hunters really have you busy, huh?”

“Mm,” Ignis nodded in agreement. “My apologies for my absence, my love.”

Raine pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips. “Don’t be sorry. You’re here now.”

“Maybe once this is all over, we can bring the children to Galdin Quay,” Ignis offered after a pause. “I’d love for them to see the ocean.”

Raine closed her eyes, sleep sinking into her bones and making her feel blissfully heavy. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Ignis kissed the crown of Raine’s head before they both slipped off into a peaceful slumber. In their dreams, the sun rose high in the sky, the warmth of its rays like heaven against their skin. The day was the clearest blue, only rivalled by the beauty of the ocean itself. Lucas and Aurora were splashing in the shallow waves, and everything was perfect.

It was that dream that propelled them forward. To fight for the future they’d always wished for, to push through the hardships to find that light in the darkness. They could almost smell the salt from the ocean’s waves if they dreamed hard enough.

And though this place of peace only existed when they closed their eyes, it was a comfort that it existed at all.

And so they waited for the promise of the future. It was just within their grasp.

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Prompt: I've read a lot about Garak proposing (and I do love the idea) but what if Julian proposed?

Happy Valentine’s Day guys!

I know it’s been a while since I filled prompts, and I’m sorry about that. I thought today would be a good day to fill the gap. Thanks for being so patient with me and I hope you have a wonderful day. <333

The Question

Garak returned to Deep Space Nine.

At the time, Julian couldn’t believe he was seeing the Cardassian again. He thought they’d send message back and forth, as they had over the previous three months, but their eyes would never meet again, as Garak would spend the rest of his life on Cardassia Prime, attempting to rebuild much of what his people had lost. Garak looked disheveled and a little worse for wear, but his stay on Cardassia Prime hardly seemed to damper on any delight he had during their years together, both as friends and partners. It was almost like having their old companionship back. Almost.

Garak had played off his return to the station as a tactical move. “It came to our understanding that we would need Federation assistance in order to rebuild,” Garak stated, “I offered to return to the station in order to handle the more diplomatic matters.”

At the time, Julian chose not to question him on the matter. He was happy for the company and happier to have someone to intimate with him back in his life, even if it didn’t last.

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holy moly your hcs are cute can I request how the rfa (+v and saeran if you don't mind!) react to catching mc singing in the shower? hope you have a good day! or night!❤️

Awwww thank you! You were the only request of the day, nonnie!! Thank you for sending it in!

*Apologies for any typos!!!!* I really hope these are good enough! It’s half past midnight right now, so my mind is a little all over the place! I’m sorry if some lines don’t make much sense!
To add to that, you’ll notice V’s and Saeran’s may seem a bit shorter! I can write them just fine! It’s just that I can only have so many variations of the situation, despite them all being very different characters, so towards the end, I got a little rusty. (Not because of your request, though, so don’t worry!! It can happen with any situation! Who knows, there could be another person who could BEAUTIFULLY write these out a lot better than I can, but I really really hope you like these!) I would rather have the headcanons be a little shorter if they have to be instead of bullshitting my way through and repeating myself for the sake of making them lengthy..? I didn’t want to half-ass them, so, I hope that’s okay?!!!


  • You’re staying at Yoosung’s place for the night, as you usually do, and you’ve gone to take a shower while Yoosung plays LOLOL. *s h o c k e r amiright*
  • You giggle to yourself as you hear his occasional shouts of anguish when a player cheats, when he dies, when his team loses, etc.
  • After a few minutes, though, you start to sing. It’s just something you like to do and you figured that, since Yoosung’s playing his game, he won’t mind. 
  • He doesn’t hear you for a little bit, either. It isn’t until he’s waiting for a new match to load that he actually hears your voice through his headphones. 
  • He takes the headphones off, sitting there for a second as he realizes that you really are sitting.
  • He loves your voice as it is, but to hear you using it to sing makes it even more beautiful in it’s own special way.
  • Yoosung’s already tired, as it’s very late, and your voice is now causing him to drift off. 
  • So when you step out of the bathroom, you look to your side to see him with his head down on his desk, a smile on his sleeping face.

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I was hoping you could spread this around bc I don’t have a lot of followers and honestly have never done this before but I’m really in a hole when it comes to money and I don’t have work authorization so getting “real” work is 8/10 times not a viable option (helloooo everify). I’m not at all comfortable with taking donations so I’m trying to get commissions. I went to a very prestigious math science and engineering liberal arts school (we have a rivalry with both caltech and mit) but I basically majored in history. I can offer tutoring in algebra, trig, statistics, calculus (I got 5s on both ap Calc tests and ap stats and minored in math in college), physics (both Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism, got a 4 on the ap physics c exam but then was a physics major for 3 yrs so I got better), my geometry is a little rusty but I’m willing to try. I can also tutor intro computer science!! I was a cs tutor at my school for 3 years and have studied in python, Java, c++, racket, prolog, and scratch.

But I’m also a history major so I can revise your papers (1-2$/page), write your cover letters (10$ each), format your citations (5-10$ depending on length, I know MLA, APA and Chicago style). I know really awesome formatting and can make your resume and cover letter look amazing (5$). I’m really good at study guides, too.

I’m not above plagiarism!! I am more than glad to negotiate the price of a homework assignment (say for that intro physics course you’re being forced to take, or that pointless writing assignment).

If you’re interested please message me, even if it’s just to ask for a sample. I’m really desperate lol.


URL Aesthetic for lyrasoxford

If a coin comes down heads, that means that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal.
But on another world, it does come down tails. And when that happens, the two worlds split apart.

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Friendly reminder that you're awesome and such an adorable cutie! ;;u;; Also, Baekyeol/Kaisoo are my OTPs to the max. I'd love to be your friend /shies away/ unless you don't want to be friends with me, haha. It's all cool! Also, just wondering if you have AFF?? Or do you post fics?? Any hella good recommendations? (I'm sorry pls ignore me you must have a billion asks already oopS) ;;; (p.s. I love your blog and the level-headedness of your replies!)

BaekYeol/KaiSoo fic Recommendations

(Read my reply to your message below the fanfic recs! :D) Before I start recommending stuff I’m going to answer you first with a no. No, I do not post fanfics lol. I want to, but after I write a chapter or two I lose all motivation to write any more. So basically, writing fanfics isn’t my forte lol.

Okay, so since you’re a BaekYeol/KaiSoo shipper, I’m guessing you already know the classics. In case you missed some, I’m just going to list them down again (since all the classics are breathtaking) ^^

[Legend: +Chaptered; -One-shot; ^Two/Three-Shot]

BaekYeol/KaiSoo classics:

The links I provided for “Anterograde Tomorrow” and “Absolute Chanyeol” is not where it’s originally posted. The original links of those stories are not accessible as of now, so the links I provided are where you can read them ^^ (i hope I won’t get sued for this or sumthing lol) and to read fics by: “jumpthisship”, you need to create a livejournal acc and join her community (she accepts anyone so don’t be lazy!) :D

Oh and, if I forgot any other classics, don’t hesitate to tell me. My mind got a little rusty since I accidentally deleted everything I wrote to answer this ask T__T

Since the fics I listed above are classics, I’m not going to give my opinions abt them. Instead, I’m just going to go on and list my personal favorites. So I’m sorry if some of these might not be of your liking, since they are my faves after all lol. But imo, the fics I’m going to be listing down are all worth the read, so here I go~

Personal Favorites <3 (From lowest to highest. Meaning, the last fic in this list is the best for me)

-CEO SOO IS DA BOMB. Lel, I mean…the Kyungsoo who fans cal “Satansoo” is def CEO DO in this fic xD I love how he’s all strict and all here even though he’s squishy af xD And I also love the slightly stupid Jongin here lel, but I just love tsundere Kyungsoo here xD Oh but beware, there’s also melodrama in here so it’s not just all giggles and that.

-This is just me, and my love for well-written smut. I hate reading smuts that seem…forced or unreal, or just anything cringe worthy actually (how the hell am I one to talk I’m young af). But anyways! Haha, policeman Yeol is hot af so…hehe if you’re searching for smut then read this xD

-THIS IS SO FLUFFY!!!! GAHH BAEK IS SO FCKING CUTE. KYUNGSOO, JONGIN AND CHANYEOL IS SO FCKING FUNNY AND EVERYTHING’S JUST FCKIN’. Loljk no. But really, this fic is extremely fluffy and heart fluttering <3 hihi it’s just squeal and giggle worthy bc Baek is so demn cute. Ugh, there’s no reason to not read this! >u<

-This fic has one of the simplest plots ever. But what can I say, simplicity is beauty. Such a simple story being told in expressive words and sentences, and the way Jongin and Kyungsoo’s relationship progress is just…wow. A very good read :)

-Again this is just me, and my love for well-written smuts hahaha. This fic has made me go whoo~ in more times than I could remember. But maybe it’s just bc I have a thing for dominance and submissiveness in smuts? Idk shame me now hahaha. Again, if you’re in search of good smut fics, read this XD

-I just read this actually hahaha. And I found it funny bc I can seriously imagine Baekhyun and Chanyeol acting like this. And then Jongin, Kyungsoo and the rest are just there getting completely annoyed bc of them. Just…very funny hahaha, read it for laughs, come on. Lift up your mood! ^o^

-This is long, so after reading it…It’s a damn rollercoaster of emotions. You’d feel all giggly, then you’d feel sad, then you’d feel giggly, then you’d feel all hot, then you’d feel all frustrated af. For a ride of different feels, read this fic! 

-Well, it’s….love. wtf? No, I mean…you’ll feel what the characters are going through. Like, you’ll get immersed into their world. Another ride of feels with a dramatic start and a splendid finish. A very good read :)

-This gives an outlook on life. Well maybe it’s bc it’s based on a vid, but still. This fic was as great as the vid it was based on. This fic is going to teach you to not judge anything by basing solely on it’s outer appearance and what other people claim to “know” about it. This is a great read not just for it’s feels, but for it’s moral lesson :)

-Lol, this is me and my love for well-written smut. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see tsundere Baek getting pwned and…well, you know what I mean haha. This is cute in it’s own way too!! (for me at least) And it has a sequel *Q* But I’m not going to post the link bc there’s only like…only 2 chapters and it’s still ongoing. And I wouldn’t wanna leave you guys hanging (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to be reading the sequel anyways).

-This is awesome and awesome and awesome!!! GAHH, it’s literally a “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (this is an anime series which can kill you with laughter btw) minus the crack and with the characters falling in love with each other <3 This is super cute and adorbs! And it can also happen in the daily lives of some people so it’s very fun to read ^^

-mpreg! Okay, I’m still young and I know I shouldn’t be having good thoughts abt teen pregnancy, but I can’t help but find Kyungsoo’s pregnancy here as a cute thing. I’ve no plans for being a party goer (my parents would kill me first anyways lol) and I don’t want to be pregnant at such a young age…but I think. That teen moms are people who should be given an award. Not because they got knocked up at such a young age, but bc they chose to give life to somebody. They’re waay better than those teens who you think are good girls, but then you’re gonna find out sooner or later that they had an abortion, just bc they can’t face the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. This is another fic woth a good moral lesson. From the same author too, jjokkomi seems to be awesome at this genre xD

-THIS IS SO CUTE AND CUTE AND ADORABLE. To the highest level!!! Crazy Kyungsoo is the cutest evurr!! OMG!! KYAAAAHHHH!!! I’m sorry, it’s just that I squealed too much for my own good while reading this fic. Hahaha, kei-senpai (I’m feeling giggly by addressing her that >u<) is amazeballs in fluff! <3

-This is a little heartbreaking honestly. But overall it was beautiful <3 You’re going to fall in love with Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship here, it’s just sooo…/sighs dreamily/. I swear kei-senpai takes my breath away with almost every fic she wrote.

-$w4g93r Baek in the house yo! HAHAHA! Baek was so epic in this fic! This fcker is so funny and cute and just…hahaha fic. I swear, kei-senpai is too good at writing fanfics that it’s becoming scary. Lol whoo this is the 3rd of my favorites!! SO THIS IS A MUST READ ALREADY. Now on to the 2nd~

-Bc as you can see, I’m not that fond of angst. I have a weak heart I guess. I don’t cry that easily but once a fic has struck my heart, I get emotionally unstable for some days lol. SO HENCE, I LOVE THIS HILARIOUS AF FIC. This has got me rolling on my bed and holding my stomach bc of too much laughter xD Otaku KrisHo, awkward KaiSoo and just..HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CRACK FICS EVER, SO JUST GO AND READ IT. IDC IF YOU’RE IN A BAD MOOD OR NOT, THIS WILL DEF MAKE YOUR MOOD A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER XD. Oh and, kaspian writes sooo many amazing KaiSoo fics. If you’re KaiSoo deprived then just go “here” then indulge yoursleves ^^ (almost everything’s rated so…read at your own risk? lol)

Aaaand the top 1 is….

  1. +“Not Intended” -EXObubz [BaekYeol; romance, comedy]

-BECAUSE FARA (EXObubz) IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY. NI Baek is my favorite Baek amongst all the fanfics I have ever read. Baekhyun’s personality in this fic is just so…LOL. Literally, LOL. He’s funny af, but there are also lots of other qualities abt him that you’re bound to love <3  And his relationship with Chanyeol in this book? OH GAWD WOW, it’s so cute and funny but just…READ IT NOW OMG. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS THEN YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. LOL. READ IT. OKAY? OKAY. And also the other characters in this fic is funny. Just everyone in this fic is hahaha. But what’s amazing is that you can still distinguish one character from the other based on their personalities, despite all of them being funny. So I guess the characters are different kinds of funny? Haha, maybe Kyungsoo is occasionally funny, Sehun is unintentionally funny, Kris is annoyingly funny, just read this and fall in love. Not just with the story, but also with it’s characters :”)

So that was my fanfic recs! Now on to my reply to your tearjerking wonderful message <3


I actually didn’t know how to respond to your message because…wow. I’m staring at my screen while thinking…whut? someone thinks I’m an adorable cutie? wtf? U for real?

Okay I’m sorry it’s just because…I’ve never read such flattering words in my life so I didn’t know how to properly react so hahaha sorry for my crappy reply. Just…THANK YOU SO MUCH OKAY? KNOW THAT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU BC OF YOUR KIND WORDS TT___TT

You’re ultimate OTP is BaekYeol/KaiSoo too? YESSSS!! OMG c’mere and let me hug you! (/TwT)/ /sends virtual hug/

Dafuq do you mean I might not want to be your friend? I’d be damned if I ever though of not befriending such a sweetheart like you ; A ; So yes, we’re friends now darling, go ahead and ask me all you want, I will never mind. I love answering questions <3 You actually read my answers? AND YOU EVEN THINK I’M LEVEL HEADED. well I’m not okay, I’m literally flailing around rn GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME TTwTT

PS. Sorry if this was a little delayed, like I mentioned, I accidentally deleted everything I wrote so…just imagine the pain of having to rewrite everything above. Gahh, and there’s school too. So sorry darling, my answer also became a full-blown fanfic rec post.. I hope you’re fine with that XD


- y’all were friends at first & initially he was rlly annoyed by you bc of how lively and cheerful you were ???
- he was like ….this is tiring
- but eventually he began to really enjoy and appreciate your company
- your personalities differed a little but it was a good balance between ur cheerfulness + his apathy :^)
- tried to indirectly ask u on a date by inviting you to go see the newest marvel movie
- and you were like !!! fRICK YES, i love marvel !!!
- and he was like …. (whispers) i know
- it becomes a mini tradition for you two to go see movies together, whether it was like (?) frozen or paranormal activity
- if you wanted to see it, he was down
- all of seventeen kept bugging him to straight out ask you to date him but he refused to
- and well… let’s just say they took matters into their own hands
- seungkwan: yo y/n, be honest who’s ur favourite in svt
- you: hm er i think i’ll say w—
- seungkwan: wONWOO?? om g did everyone hear that? /nudges woozi/ y/n’s fav is wonwoo.
- seungkwan: jeon
- seungkwan: won
- seungkwan: woo
- seungkwan: the sixth oldest member
- seungkwan: the member with the deepest voice
- seungkwan: the—
- needless to say, he eventually had no choice but to directly ask u to be his s/o in order to prevent further embarrassing interferences by the rest of svt
- to which you shyly but willingly accepted
- ANYWAY, now that ur like,,, dAtiNg or wHateVEr, he’s super shy around you but kind of plays it off as not really caring?
- he just doesn’t exactly know how to show it yet o k
- since he’s still pretty new to dating and has just about as much experience as a third grader,,,, pretty much treats u as if yall are still in elementary school lmfao
- in other words, shows his love for u through insults (-:
- “ur annoying”
- “i hate you”
- “shut up”
- “hey what where are you going”
- “nooo come back here … cuddle with me”
- as you can tell, he isn’t the best at expressing his love in words
- but to make up for it….. is very touchy-feely
- so much affection, loves affection, ALL tHE AFFECTION
- always wants to cuddle and hold u close to his chest and run his hands through ur hair
- back hugs + him resting his head in the crook of ur neck and kissing ur temples
- holds ur hand or puts his arm around ur waist when ur in public
- plays with ur fingers or pokes ur sides when he gets bored
- just prepare urself for a whole lot of physical contact when ur with him, no matter how subtle
- however despite his intense addiction to skinship, iS A REALLY SHY KISSER
- really paranoid that ur gonna suddenly pull away bc u think he’s a bad kisser or something, so his kisses are always soft and slow and gentle bc he doesn’t want to scare u away with his lack of experience
- when he tilts his head slightly to the side and starts to lick his lips frequently and keeps staring down at yours,,,, that’s when u know he’s about to kiss u
- holds ur face with two hands as if ur the most precious thing in the world (which to him, you probably are though he’d never admit it)
- always makes sure ur ok with what he’s doing
- like he’d keep breaking the kiss to ask, “are u ok? is this ok?” and ur like omf G shush keep going
- but its super cute to see this side of him hehe bc usually he’s just a ball of negative emotions
- good looking boy holds door open for you?? /death glares/ waiter smiles at you?? /throws shade/
- aka passive aggressive woozi comes out
- gets hella jealous when you spend lots of time with the other members, even tho he knows ur all just friends
- when joshua tries to teach you how to play adore u acoustic ver. on guitar, when quiet lil minghao opens up to you bc you ask him to teach u short chinese phrases, when you cant stop dying of laughter bc of some joke hoshi and dk told u ….
- all of it makes him fume inside but he gotta conceal, dont feel, dont let them know
- he wont exactly say anything to u about it, he’ll just be like
- him: oh, would you look at the time!! we should probably get you home, y/n
- you: it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, woozi.
- him: yep ok bye everyone!!
- hes oddly and unexpectedly passive aggressive tbh
- woozi isn’t really like anyone you’ve ever met before but day by day, you learn more about him and learn to love those things about him. you learn that he’s actually a big softie and is selfless by nature and deep down just wants the best for you and his friends and that most of all, he loves you with all his heart.

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Fun AU: Gabe as co-captain of his college’s cheerleading squad (the squad has won two consecutive nationals titles and dammit, Gabe fully intends to help lead them there again!), and he’s crushing on Jack, quarterback (and in Gabe’s not at ALL unbiased opinion, only good player on the team) of a football team that just can’t seem to win.

This is so cute omg!!

Consider: Gabriel’s canonically into sports and probably watches/has played them a good deal. Give me Gabriel offering to try and help Jack practice because his teammates suck and Jack just cannot cope because he’s crushing right on back.

Gabriel: Okay, Jack, show me what you’ve got. I’m a little rusty but I’m pretty sure I can keep up!
Jack, sweating: He’s so fucking cute help…………..
Gabriel: What was that?

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cs + 40 or 29 (whichever is more inspiring)

40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Killian may or may not have taken to doing his laundry at three in the morning on weekdays now, which may or may not have something to do with the gorgeous blonde he’s come across twice now. It’s a gamble, and he will admit that sometimes he peeks into the laundry room in the basement of their apartment building, doesn’t see her, and blatantly turns on his heel because fuck, but if she’s not going to be there he may as well get some sleep.

The first time he ran into her was entirely an accident. He’d had an unexpectedly late night out with friends and decided it would be an excellent idea to walk home in the rain. Needless to say, by the time he’d reached the apartment building he’d been soaked to the bone and decidedly unhappy with his decision making process. Drunk, wet, and in a really sour mood, he’d stormed upstairs to grab the rest of his laundry and trudged into the laundry room, leaving a trail of dirty water behind him.

He’d been so cold and irritated that he hadn’t noticed the only other person in the room until there was a soft “ahem” behind him. Killian spun so fast on his heel that he nearly toppled over because he was intoxicated and stripped down to only boxer briefs, and of course that would be when a beautiful blonde he’d never met before was sitting on top of a washing machine reading a book.

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Clowns and Bilgesnipes

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A/N: I was gonna post this yesterday, but I had to study for my midterm and I guess technically I’m posting this on Friday, but pretend I posted it Thursday AH I’m a mess but it feels good to be writing again.  I definitely felt a little rusty with this one.  Got to write some Tony in here, which is always fun, and I tried my hand at Thor, so hopefully that went ok.  This one’s a little out there and the endings a little rough, but I hope y’all like it and I’m glad to be back.

Tagging @pleasecallmecaptain @mattymattymerduck @writingbarnes @kissofvenom922 @shamvictoria11 @b-orderline @callingmrsbarnes and @peggdaniels.


You sit at the breakfast table, calmly reading the morning newspaper.  You see Tony tiptoe in and you roll your eyes, knowing exactly what he’s going to say.


“(Y/N), please.”

“Tony, this is a terrible idea.”

“No it isn’t.  You love haunted houses.”

“No I don’t!”

“Ok, well you love being scared.”


“Ok, well you love having a reason to hold Steve’s hand.”

“Shut up.”

You glare at Tony, which does nothing to stop his trademark smirk from sliding onto his face.

“We both know I’m right,” Tony says.  “So how about you agree to come with the team on our haunted house excursion or the star-spangled man with a plan and I have a talk about you and your feelings?”

“You wouldn’t,” you say.

“Oh, but I would,” Tony smiles.

“I hate you,” you say, gritting your teeth.

“No you don’t,” Tony says, that obnoxious smile still on his face.  “This is gonna be fun.  Broadening your horizon.  Trying new things.”

“I try plenty of new things,” you grumble.


“Tony, I swear to Thor, I will throw you out the window right now.”

“We’re on the second floor.”

“I will drag you into the elevator, take you to the top floor, and throw you out the window.”

“But I’m Iron Man.”

“This is gonna be the longest night of my life.”


That night, against your will, you follow the rest of the team to the haunted house of Tony’s choice.  He gleefully hands everyone matching novelty Halloween t-shirts and black sweatpants, proclaiming that ‘there’ll be audience participation’ and ‘it’s gonna be so gory.’

You end up standing next to Steve (although you’re not sure how much of it is really by chance, because Tony gives you a giant grin and a thumbs up) as you wait for your turn to enter the house.

“I didn’t think you were one for haunted houses, (Y/N),” he says.  “You always skip Horror Movie Night.”

“Tony blackmailed me into going,” you reply.  “If it were up to me, I would never set foot in a haunted house ever again.”

“Are they really that bad?” Steve asks.

“I keep forgetting you’ve never been to one,” you smile.  “But, I mean, you’re Captain America.  I don’t think this is going to phase you.”

“I don’t know,” Steve replies.  “Are there clowns?  Because there was this one time at Coney Island-”

He’s cut off as the door in front of you slowly creaks open.  You crane your neck to look, but the inside is pitch black.  You shake your head and pull your oversized t-shirt tighter around you.

“Well this looks like fun!” Tony says, happily.  “Are we ready for this, Avengers?”

“No,” you say and Tony rolls his eyes at you.  

“Are we ready for this, Avengers that are not (Y/N)?”

“What is this place that we are entering?” Thor asks, peering suspiciously into the darkness.  “I fear this may be a trap.”  Nat snorts in response to this.

“You guys are the worst,” Tony says.  “No holiday spirit.  Come on, team.  Let’s go.”

Everyone steps forward, and you can’t help but smile at the sight of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, scanning the inside of a haunted house like it might be a Hydra stronghold.  But then you remember that you have to follow them and the smile drops from your lips.

“This is a bad idea,” you murmur under your breath.  

“You sure you’re up to this?” Steve says, shooting a concerned look your way.  “If you don’t want to go in, I don’t mind waiting outside with you.”  

You can’t help but smile at this, but you shake your head.  “Tony’ll never let me hear the end of it.”

With that, you step into the dark room, waiting for your eyes to adjust.  You can hear Tony cackling happily as he navigates his way through.  It’s set up like a maze and you do your best to follow the faint silhouettes of the rest of the team.  

You turn a corner and jump back with a shriek.  There’s a small clown in the corner, holding something but you don’t quite see it because your eyes clamp shut.

“Steve, there’s a clown!” you warn and you hear him yelp out next to you.  You manage a peek at him and see that he’s got his eyes closed too.  

“(Y/N), are you all right?”  You recognize Thor’s voice, but keep your eyes closed.

“Just fine,” you reply.  “There’s a clown.”

“A jester,” Thor says, and he sounds amused.  “Although he seems to be holding-” 

“I don’t even want to know,” you reply.  “Can you just guide me away?  Please?”

“I have a better idea,” Thor says.  “I will let you ride me.”

“Um…what?” you say, trying not to laugh.

“You may pretend that I am a pig,” Thor says and you cover your mouth with your hand, hoping he can’t see your growing smile.

“A piggy back ride,” you say.

“Yes,” he confirms.  You open your eyes and angle yourself away from the clown, climbing up onto Thor’s back and wrapping your arms around his neck.  He settles his arms under your legs, holding you comfortably.

You look over at Steve, who still has his eyes closed.  

“Come, Captain,” Thor says, grabbing Steve’s hand.  “I will lead you.”

“It’s fine,” Steve says, finally willing himself to open his eyes and dropping his hand back to his side.  “Well, um…Thor, let me know if you get…tired.”  The three of you look down at Thor’s muscles, awkward silence hanging in the dark room.  

“I will…let you know,” Thor says, nodding.  “Shall we continue?”  You look around and realize the rest of the team has already gone ahead.

“Yes,” you say quietly.  “Quick as we can.”  Thor starts forward, Steve matching his brisk pace.  You make it down to the end of the hallway and round the corner.  Immediately, your ears are deafened by a loud growl.

“BILGESNIPE!” Thor shouts and jumps back.  The jump is just enough to surprise you and you let go, falling backward.  Luckily, just as you’re about to hit the ground, you feel a strong pair of arms wrap under back and knees.  

You turn forward and are confronted with the sight of a massive animatronics creature, with giant horns and scales.  A dark liquid oozes from its mouth and you realize it’s fake blood.  

Thor barrels past you and it’s only then that you realize that Steve’s the one holding you.  


Just then, a spray of wet slime hits you.  You squeak and instinctively curl forward into Steve’s chest, trying to shield your face from the onslaught.  You stay that way for almost a minute, until you feel it stop.  You pull back and your eyes widen.

Steve is covered in fake blood.  Literally, drenched.

“Guess Tony wasn’t kidding about the gore,” you quip.  “You look like you just murdered someone.”

“So do you,” Steve replies and you look down, realizing your generic pumpkin shirt is now ruined.

“All right, shall we get out of here?” you ask.

“Yes,” Steve says.  “I don’t think I fan of these haunted houses.”

“Yeah, join the club,” you reply.  Steve nods and starts off down the hallway.  You realize he still hasn’t put you down, but you decide against reminding him.  You certainly don’t mind.  

Somehow, you manage to navigate through the rest of the maze with minimal scary run-ins.  You finally stumble upon the rest of the team, drenched just a thoroughly in the fake blood.

“There you are!” Tony says, raising an eyebrow.  “How’d it go?  Did you have fun?  What took you so long?”

“We were right behind you, and then you disappeared,” you say.  “And then Thor…where’s Thor?”  You crane your neck around and realize that the Asgardian is missing.  “Guys, we lost Thor.”

“I’ll go get him,” Steve volunteers, setting you down lightly on your feet.  He turns around and heads back into the maze, and you reluctantly turn to face Tony.

“See?” he says smugly.  “Wasn’t this fun?”

“You are the only person I know that thinks that taking a bath in blood is ‘fun,’” you retort.

“That’s not what I meant,” Tony teases and you shake your head.

“Go away,” you grunt, peeling at the drying fake blood.  “If I wasn’t-”


You turn around to see Steve and Thor dash through the doors.  You catch a glimpse of a crowd of figures chasing after them: zombies, clowns, and other monsters.  Before you even have a chance to process, Steve grabs your hand and pulls you along after him.  The rest of the Avengers follow suit and take off running.

You don’t stop until you’re safely outside of the haunted house, gasping for breath.  

“Well,” Steve says.  “That was-”




“Never again,” you say, glaring at Tony.  “Next year, we get to do something nice.  Like, going to the pumpkin patch, or the Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square.”

“What is this parade you speak of?” Thor asks, wringing the blood out of his hair.  

“People dress up their dogs in costumes,” you say.  “It’s really cute.”

“This was an option?” Thor booms, turning to Tony.  “Stark, you created Ultron and you denied us the opportunity to see puppies?  You are truly a terrible decision maker.”

“Ok,” Steve interjects.  “Let’s just call it a night and go back to the Tower, okay?”  Everyone nods and files out of the haunted house, Tony mumbling about he’s “never appreciated” and “only made Ultron one time.” 

Although you’re too stubborn to admit it, you realize one good thing does come out of the night.  Steve doesn’t let go of your hand, not during the card ride, not during the elevator ride up, not until the two of you head your separate ways to go to your rooms.

Maybe Tony’s ideas aren’t so terrible after all.

Fic Fishing

When I started reading fanfiction I was a deep sea fisherman. I sailed to far off journals, blogs and archives trawling through all the fic I could find. Schools of drabbles, delightful pods of oneshots, whales of epics that I followed for days just to hear them sing. True, there were some downsides, storms of limited downloads that kept me from the fic, jellyfish and seaweed disguised as fic to swamp me, unexpected kinks like sharks that tried to maul me and not a coast guard to post warnings in site.

Gradually I lost my taste for the expedition, staying closer to home, sticking to the rec sites in the shallows. When the supermarket of AO3 opened its doors to me it was great! All the fic I could want with neat ingredient, nutrition and allergy labels! A store directory to search for exactly what I need! But my trawling skills got a little rusty and I had no patience to search through the seaweed any more which did seem to get washed down the aisles occasionally.

These days I hang around the Tumblr fishmarket, buying bits and pieces from those who still fish, nipping over to the supermarket when I have a craving for something specific, listening to tales from fishermen even older than me (Back in their day you needed to fight off pirates, subscribe to zines and walk over frozen seas to find the fic) and generally have a much more fun time than when I was only going to the supermarket by myself.


No Limit….Pt. 5

Now that I’m feeling like myself again, I am excited as hell to be going out tonight. Struggling with my image these past few weeks was draining, but in a sense, worth it. I realized that it’s okay to, “look the part”, as long as I’m enjoying it and not trying to please someone else. While it was refreshing to be able to let my hair breathe and be comfortable without any negativity or judgement from Moses, I honestly missed dressing up. I mean, who wouldn’t love a good pair of expensive ass heels, designer clothes, and flaunting bags worth more than the average car? Some aspects of this cushy ass lifestyle are awesome and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. As long as I stay true to myself,  I’m okay with it. Shit, Moses got him a woman that can “do both” in more ways than one, ha. Since we’re going out with Dana, Sean and Moses’ new assistant, I took forever to find an outfit. I really didn’t want to do too much, so I chose a cute romper I bought on one of our shopping trips. I paired it with some beautiful new Louboutin heels, which always make an outfit pop. I looked good as hell and felt like was going to top any bitch…Humph, especially that Asia. 

Feeling like the shit, I started to walk over to my vanity to finish my make up. Well unfortunately that feeling was short lived, as I barely made it a few steps before I damn near broke my ankle trying to walk in those high heels. Humph, I guess my ass got a little rusty, trying too hard to be comfortable. I tried to walk a few more times but couldn’t get it down, so I pulled out some Versace slingbacks with a low heel. They were cute but didn’t do the outfit justice. I put them on anyway and headed downstairs. Much to my surprise his assistant, Asia, had already arrived. Once again this chick was overdressed and way too comfortable chatting it up with my man. I was starting to regret inviting her but let it go, since I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. As I walked up to Moses, I noticed she looked me up and down and smirked while she stared at my shoes. I ignored her though and focused on him with his arms already wrapped around my waist, pulling me in for a kiss. We met Dana and Sean at yet another exclusive restaurant frequented by the paparazzi. I didn’t look exactly how I wanted, nor did I look as good as Asia, but I was satisfied. After dinner Sean and Dana, clearly craving media attention, rushed out front after they overheard TMZ reporters were here. I tried to stall as long as I could, but we eventually had to go join them.      

Outside, Dana and Sean were right where they wanted to be. They instantly got the attention of TMZ cameras and were busy having a great time carrying on. Realizing that I had no choice but to join them, I started to panic. I surely wasn’t prepared to be filmed, even though pop ups like this are expected with Moses’ celebrity. As I nervously walked towards the stairs, I noticed Asia with her catwalk, clearly excited for media attention. Shit, it was bad enough that she was overdressed, now she thinks she’s in a damn fashion show and all eyes are on her. Once we reached them, the TMZ guy immediately shifted his attention to Moses. In true Teeleah fashion, I let my anxiety get the best of me and pulled out my phone to distract, hoping he wouldn’t say a word to me.

TMZ guy: “So what brings you guys out here tonight, Mogul?…Is this a special occasion or something?” 

Moses: “Nah Nah…Ain’t nothin special…Just treatin our ladies to dinner…You feel me?”

TMZ guy: “Yeah…Must be nice at $400 a plate..Right?” He said, laughing.

Moses: “Ha, Exactly…But I mean honestly this all comes with the territory…Living that Mogul life..”

TMZ guy: “Ha, I wish… By the way, your girlfriend looks incredible.” 

Once he said that, I knew he would ask me a question or two. So I put my phone away, pushed any fly-aways behind my ear and waited for him to speak.

Moses: “I definitely agree with you on that one.” He responded, making me blush.

Tmz guy: “So Teeleah, what’s it like being the queen in Mogul’s life?” 

Just as I fixed my face to answer him, I realized that he wasn’t talking to me. He made a gesture to the cameraman saying “Lets’s get a close up on her” as he turned toward Asia waiting for a response. I was mortified to say the least, and that bitch’s response made it worse. 

Asia: “Oh wow…I know I look like I could be but…” She said, struggling to contain her laughter. “I’m not…”    

Moses: “Seriously???” * cutting her off* “Nah man…That’s my assistant. This, is my lady.” He said, putting his arm around my shoulder. “Come on now…You gotta do betta research. She’s the top stylist in tha game, workin with everybody. I know she ain’t in the media heavy but damn my dude.”

TMZ guy: “I really do apologize to you guys. I knew of all of that…I got mixed up and just assumed…”

Moses: “Well you know what that makes you then…” He snidely responded, as he headed toward our chauffeured car.

Teeleah: “Look, it’s cool you made a mistake…But don’t let that happen again the next time you run into me.” I said jokingly, tying to diffuse the situation before I followed Moses.  

The ride home was awkward as hell. Moses was pissed and buried his head in his phone. Even though I was still embarrassed, I was more angry than anything, that this situation even occurred. I knew she looked better than me tonight but damn, to get us mixed up?? I was practically arm in arm with Moses and that guy still didn’t notice I was with him. Asia, of course, seemed happier than ever to be considered my man’s girl…Smiling at her phone as she scrolled…Humph. I’m starting to feel like there’s some ulterior motive this chick has but since I trust Moses, I have to take solace in that. Once we got home and Asia left, I figured we would talk. Instead, he hauled ass inside and disappeared. I’ve honestly never seen him this upset about anything and it worried me. I’m used to embarrassment but it’s obvious he’s not. I wanted to see if I could help, but decided against it and gave him his space.            

About twenty minutes later, Moses emerged from wherever he was hiding. I was the bedroom, headed for the stairs to our closet area, and didn’t notice he was here until I felt his arms around me. As soon as I turned around his lips ended up on mine. 

“Sorry for dippin off, beautiful.” 

“It’s okay…You needed your space for a sec.”

“So, how are you feeling?” He said, with concern in his eyes.

“Eh…I’m alright…It’s over with now.”

“Good…Sooo…Since we’re both over it, how about we relieve some stress before we go to bed. I been wanting to take this thing off of you since before we left.” He said, trying to unfasten the front. 

Even though the night was ruined by that dumb ass TMZ reporter, this situation proves just how strong our relationship is. Shit will always happen but as long as we don’t let it get in our way, then we’re good. As for Asia, I’m keeping my eye on her. At least, like I said before, Moses is trustworthy so I can’t let her nonsense get to me too much. Besides, if she does act up he will be firing her ass with the quickness.