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What is it about RebelCaptain that appeals to you?

You might have wanted a simple answer to this question but I can’t come up with one.

- The raw chemistry between Diego Luna and Felicity Jones is reason enough. They are drawn together in every scene and they draw me in just through facial expressions and body language. They worked together seamlessly.

- The parallels. My God the parallels. Both with horrible childhoods. Both child soldiers. Both lost everything and had to keep on living. Both would do anything to survive. Both did things that they wish that they could forget. Both wanted to find a way to redeem themselves but didn’t know how until they came together with their team and quite literally saved the entire galaxy.

- They see so much of themselves in the other. I think that’s why they clash at the beginning and come together at the end. They understand one another even if they don’t always agree with one another.

- That scene after Eadu. I live for angst. I can’t really ship a couple until they’ve had an argument because then I get to see how they react, who stays calmer and who is more passionate and angry. Most importantly how they react afterwards. And the fact that they’re both wet and arguing makes it even better.

- Speaking of what happens after fights, Not only did Cassian probably believe Jyn from the second she told him about her father’s message, he knew right away that no one on the council would believe her. That’s why he was worried. He knew that her word alone wouldn’t be enough. So even after they clashed, he went out and found people who would believe her. He put together a team for her who could get shit done.

- THE “WELCOME HOME” SCENE. Jyn’s words mean so much. “I’m not used to people sticking around when things get bad.” So many people have left her. She is so used to being abandoned. So the fact that Cassian didn’t give up on her clearly means so much to her. And when he says, “welcome home” it means everything because it doesn’t mean the base or the rebellion. It means that he’s not going anywhere, no matter how bad it gets, so she might as well get used to it. I haven’t even mentioned how close they get in this scene I mean fuck.

- They trust each other so much by the time that they get to Scarif. They know that they’re going into the belly of the beast and know that they have to have each other’s backs. They trust each other (and K2) to do that. For two people who have a lot of trust issues, that means so much.

- Jyn can’t stop thinking about Cassian after he falls. She thinks that he’s dead and has to keep telling herself that.

- Cassian climbs up a tower to get to her even after he’s been shot and falls. What. The. Actual. Fuck.




I’m sorry I yelled. I got excited. So much draws me to rebelcaptain. There was so much potential with them. They are truly two sides of the same coin. I love them.


The anon asked me how I draw/differ Kagehina’s, Tsukishima’s and Daisuga’s eyes and I got a little overexcited about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this post got me thinking about foreign fratboy swoops okay and like

  • his name is Ilias Soulier, and he was born in Chamonix, France
    • just bear with me okay
  • he grew up playing hockey and was being courted by a few teams
    • when he saw ‘las vegas’ next to one of the names he went ‘this one’ and his manager was like ???? why???
    • he never did explain to her but honestly he just wanted to see vegas
  • he moved before he actually learned much english at all so the first year was a lot of guessing and a lot of learning
  • he gets his nickname because he introduced himself to the captain by name and the alternate thought he said his last name was “swoolier” so his first words in that meeting were “no, you’re swoops”
    • he was so excited to be accepted that he immediately started introducing himself as swoops
    • there were copies of the rulebook in french though so he could keep up with that
  • he makes it through his rookie year, scores some points, solid d-man, he’s making himself valuable to the team
  • then the new rookies come in
    • among them, kent
  • training camp was a lot of hard work but also he keeps saying ‘you cutie’ instead of ‘you beauty’ and no one is correcting him
    • because they’re all cute and they know it lbr
  • his first words to kent were ‘i’m swoops’ and then immediately, ‘that goal was a cutie’
    • kent’s just staring at this tall brunet with a french accent and internally he’s like ‘oh no i have a type’
    • externally he’s like ‘nah, but the d-man standing in front of me is’ because kent is nothing if not smooth when startled
    • swoops doesn’t get it at first but just laughs and goes with it and kent’s internally like ‘damn it’
    • someone explains to swoops later that the rookie was actually flirting and he’s like ‘oh’
  • it becomes sort of a game? but one that has really weird rules
    • kent introduces swoops to the wonders of snapbacks
    • swoops is the one to get kent hooked on scarves
      • kent is now almost never seen without one
    • kent isn’t allowed to flirt when swoops is wearing a snapback turned to the left
    • swoops can’t say anything in french of kent is wearing a scarf with yellow in it
      • “that’s not flirting”
      • “it is when you’re talking to me”
      • “oh”
    • swoops, however, is to only speak french when kent is wearing a scarf and a snapback and sunglasses
      • “you look pretentious”
      • “big word for the guy who laughs every time he calls coffee a ‘cup of joe’ “
      • *giggling*
      • “oh come on”
  • swoops meets jack, they get along at first and then comes the chocolatine/pain au chocolate debate and mentioning one to the other results in anger for like a month
  • their first kiss attempt is literally just them leaning in and whacking their hats together then laughing uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes
  • swoops calls kent “sunflower” and kent thinks it’s cute until he realises swoops is chirping his haircut
  • swoops gets the a to kent’s c and is officially the only one allowed to smack kent’s ass once they come out, by kangaroo court decree
    • also by KC decree ‘sunflower’ isn’t penalised as a pet name bc it’s actually a chirp
    • literally every time kenny calls swoop ilias is fined though
  • lbr they get married in snapbacks and tank tops this is them we’re talking about
"Did I ever tell you about Noore?"
"Did I ever tell you about Noore?"

This is one of my favourites. She used to be a doctor- quite the benevolent soul- she came to Kyrat on some aid mission in the early days of my reign. She had the audacity to write a report on the human rights abuses perpetrated by my regime!

Hey what’s up Kyrat, this is Rabi Ray Rana! And man, have I got some exciting new for you! I’ve found the main game dialogue. So keep your eyes and ears posted for some cool shit, because I’m going to be digging through those files for unused audio!

Anyway, here’s Pagan Min.

This is my gift for it-just-slipped-out as a part of the 2015 WinterIron Holiday Exchange! I based it on two of the prompts I was given and had so much fun! Comic book style colouring is tricky but also gorgeous, so it was well worth it.

THEN — because I got a little overexcited — I also started writing a GIGANTIC fic that I figured could function as a bonus. Really though, it’s a monster. This particular scene is from chapter six and the fic is called Autonomy.

You can find it HERE

yesterday spaghettiluek and I had a.. chat and this happened. I realised 1000 words in that I hate this but anyway here you go :)

“Uh, babe?” Luke’s voice sounded from in front of the mirror, his fingers working to do up the buttons of the black shirt he’d slipped over his broad shoulders. “Little bit of a problem in here…”

You poked your head through the bathroom door, fresh red lips pursed in curiosity, “Hmm? What’s up?” He spun around from the mirror, fingers paused two buttons down from finishing, eyes wide, flicking rapidly between you and his exposed chest.

“Oh,” You bit the inside of your cheek to suppress a smirk, noting the panic flashing across his face. “Right… those…” Stepping forward, you brushed your fingertips softly across the cluster of marks you’d left across his collarbones the night before, the scratches inching over his shoulders and across his chest, physical evidence of how much you’d missed him while he was gone.

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April 22, 2017, R

Woke up early this morning so I could make breakfast before getting some actual work done. I think I got a little overexcited with the milk foamer because all of a sudden, my cappuccino turned into a soufflé! Talked to my favorite boy on the phone while eating breakfast and then got some work done on the lab. When my dad came home from work, we had a daddy daughter steak date! Which we then followed up by a viewing of Logan

I love Saturdays off.

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can you suggest ur fave tablet guardian fanfics please? :)


First,  Excellent As The Cedars by lazaefair. (Very NSFW. Blow jobs are involved. Yay.) It’s one of my all time favorites. The characterization is on point. And so is the porn, if I may add. It’s actually part of a series called Coffee for Fresh Eyes. 

Some Things Just Take Time Getting Used To by myinfinitethoughts. Also slightly NSFW, but very, very slight. Basically the many times Nick has walked in on his dad with Ahk. Hilarious. 

The Brooklyn Cocktail by theivoryshadow. Everyone is drunk and happy and it’s really amazing please give it a read. Also fucking hilarious, if memory serves true. 

Cat Design by theivoryshadow. Larry pulls a few strings and gets Ahk’s pet cat transferred to the museum. Adorable and definitely worth a read. 

CUDDLES by Catherineosaur is so, so cute.

All of those are fully completed, but a lot of works in this fandom are still being updated, so those are worth looking at as well :)

Loves Labors Lost; Loves Labors Won by Crazythatcounts is looking promising. 

An Aberration of Starlight by ahkmenrahtrash is wonderful as well. I mean, space. SPACE. (They’re not in space, though. Just space obsessed :P)

Lotus by Curiousdinosaur is really freaking adorable. 

I really, really love Blue Lillies by Madamereveuse. Tattoo/flower shop au, anyone? 

Also, I haven’t read Over Time by TheSadisticMunchkin (yet) but it looks very, very good. Ancient Egypt au!

(And I’m going to be that person and put my own fics on here. A little self-promotion never hurt anyone, right? :P I have Everybody Talks (famous singer au) and Being Human (porn!). )

I kinda got a little overexcited, but here you go! There are tons more of good fics, not to mention the NatM Big Bang is coming up, so more content is on it’s way.

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Amami supporting his bf in the scrum debates <3

Guys I have shipping feels help me >.>;; This is totally a stupid and pointless and fluffy fic and I have so many f e e l i n g s >.>;; Have a short sweet fun fic of my trashy otp trash >.>;

Shut Up Amami!

Ouma loved Amami, that was an indisputable fact. He may be a stupid, breezy, perceptive bastard, but he was Ouma’s stupid, breezy, perceptive bastard. For better or for worse, Ouma couldn’t deny the way his heart burst every time Amami walked into the room, or how it stopped every time Amami brought his lips close to Ouma’s. Ouma wasn’t afraid to say that he loved that bastard.

But as Amami started cutting Ouma off during the debate more and more, Ouma’s tolerance for his interruptions could only go so far.

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The anon asked me how I draw/differ Kagehina’s, Tsukishima’s and Daisuga’s eyes and I got a little overexcited about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey, Can I ask where your life was when you started & what ways it has transformed? (Like literally, Im nosey and I want all the little details). What made you start the "30 day trial", and what was involved in it? What books do you recommend? Sorry, it's quite a loaded ask, your blog inspired me and I got a little overexcited x

I was living in a run down apartment, (not an exaggeration), no job, no money, not much of anything. I only had internet because my next door neighbor was kind enough to give us her password.

My husband had a job he hated and his paycheck didn’t cover the bills AND groceries. We were forever borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and always behind.

I don’t know how but in early December of 2012 I ran across an article that referenced someone named “Abraham Hicks” and something called “The Secret” so I searched YouTube for :Abraham Hicks, The Secret” to see if I could figure out what they were talking about and the original version of The Secret appeared. I watched it 3 times and then I found a YouTube converter and converted it into an MP3 file and listened to it a jllion more times as I did housework or walked the dogs. Then I watched the “The Secret Behind The Secret” and anything else Abraham Hicks related.

In mid-December, we had no money for Christmas. No tree, no presents, no Christmas Dinner, nothing. I asked my husband if he would watch something with me and keep an open mind.

When it was over I looked at him and said “Well?”, and he said “That makes a lot of sense.” We agreed we would try it for a month citing “What the hell, we have absolutely NOTHING to lose and potentially a whole new way of living to gain.”

In the beginning we learned how to manifest great parking spots…every time. Prior to this we always ended up parking in the ‘back 40’ as parking places up front were few and far between.

Parking places led to bills getting paid and finding/winning things. Those initial manifestations led to us continuing the first 30 day trial indefinitely.

We started the challenge on December 12th, 2012. Four months later we came across the job ad for what would be my husband’s dream job and June 13, 2013 we started this dream job. (See job here)

His dream job comes with a 2 bedroom house overlooking the lake where all the utilities, (heat, water, gas, cable, internet, electricity, insurance) are part of the package and are provided free.

Next week will be 2 years since I started the initial 30 day challenge and in that time I’ve manifest more things than I can recall, (although I’ve blogged about it if you read through my personal tab).

As we go into the Christmas season 2014, my presents for everyone have already been purchased, the tree we hand picked yesterday will be decorated today and family will be here with us to celebrate on Christmas Eve. My life is completely different - for the better.

The ‘30 day trial’ involved learning how to deliberately think, learn how happiness and joy is the key to everything wanted, learning just how much control we have over our thoughts and understanding the correlation between what we think » how we feel » what we have.

I suggest you start by watching The Secret and read / watch YouTube’s from Abraham Hicks & Wayne Dyer. I recommend you use a YouTube converter and convert your favorite YouTube clips, movies, audio-books into MP3 files and then listen to them every chance you get. Inundate your brain with a new way of thinking so that it becomes second hand nature to you. Here’s my favorite YouTube converter as it can convert movies and books easily.

I started this blog to document this journey. I wanted something I could refer back to if it worked so I could help others, or if it didn’t so I could try to understand what I did wrong or could improve. If you go to my ‘personal’ tab and scroll back to the beginning you can read it as it unfolds.

I remember when I got my first follower - I didn’t know people could follow blogs. I didn’t think I had written anything that was worth reading. Then I had 10 followers and before long 100 followers. Now I’m at 5157 and average 325 new followers a month.

I’ve learned that my story is not all that unique. The feelings of desperation that caused me to look outside the familiar box is VERY common with all of us.

I’ve learned that by helping others, I help myself. I’ve learned that it’s not just MY journey - it’s a collective journey.


Ok but imagine a sex pollen variety fic for Wolfstar??!??

Padfoot goes on a stroll in the Forbidden Forest (or maybe this is later who the fuck even knows) and he eats some awesome looking shiny glowy gold/red berries because they smell/taste awesome right?

Then he comes back to the castle and goes back to Sirius and he’s like “Wowow, I feel mighty weird lads.”

“Bad weird?” James would ask. He remembers that time Sirius felt weird because he had pursued the love of another (maybe) dog in the Forest.

“Um I guess? Maybe?” because Sirius would probably be really bad at knowing when weird is legit bad because he felt so bad during most of his childhood thanks to his mum and oKAY I AM STOPPING THAT RIGHT HERE.

But of course they all go into a panic because do they need to tell Pomfrey? Is it worth the risk? WHAT WERE THE BERRIES.

And then someone says, “Sirius you’re starting to look a little feverish.” His cheeks are flushed and he’s pulling at the collar of his shirt and oh shit Remus knows this look from their little drunk fumbles in the dark.

So that’s how they figure out that they’re Viagra berries. Not that Remus outright tells the rest how he knows what Sirius looks like when he’s turned on, but once he mentions it James knows of it, has seen them sold at the pharmacy and then they’ve got Peter on an errand to the library to get the book.

And Sirius just defends himself, saying, “But they smelled alright! And they tasted so, so sosoooo good!”

Then they have to draw the curtains on Sirius’ bed because he’s started to undress because he’s too fucking hot and James isn’t into seeing it and Sirius is embarrassed about how wanton he’s getting and Remus is more than a little turned on by the little moans and grunts escaping from the curtains.

Peter returns soon after and goes, “Well, the good news is that they can’t kill you but the bad news is that you’re going to suffer especially if you don’t have a, er, partner.“

Turns out that he’s going to have to ride it out and they’re not that dangerous at all really but it’s a bloody inconvenience anyway and they don’t know how much he’s had because he’s refusing to tell (which is a bad sign honestly).

So they all ponder about what to do for a while until Sirius finally goes, “Can you help me, Remus?”

And boom Remus is bright red, because their thingy was a secret and now it’s not so much and help how is he going to save himself from this.

James of course takes it upon himself to feel offended. “What the fuck, Padfoot?”

Sirius sounds a little hysterical when he replies and Remus is fairly sure he’s trying to wank off, even if the book says he can’t get off without a partner. “No offence mate, James, but you’re like my brother which definitely makes it incestuous and too weird! And Peter’s just—eh, sorry, Petey, you’re not my type.”

But all Peter picks up from that of course is, “So Remus is your type?”

And Remus looks at no one while Sirius just stays quiet for a really long time and then finally says "Well i don’t want any of the girls at Hogwarts to see me like this do I, and I definitely don’t want Pomfrey to see my like this oh my god, so Remus is going to have to do it.”

Remus just stays silent a little longer, thinking that Sirius’ curtains are really quite a lovely shade of red.

James of course must ask, “Remus, are you fine with this? Because I don’t hear you say no which sounds a bit like you’re saying yes.”

So Remus takes a very deep breath and carefully says, “Well, see, he’s my friend and I don’t want him to suffer, so—“

But Sirius has to interrupt him, shouting, “For fuck’s sake, Moony! Lads, we’ve been fooling around drunk for ages, so get your arse in here and please kick James and Peter out of the room because I can’t stand this anymore.”

Remus has never seen James and Peter leave a room this fast.

When Remus finally enters through the curtains, he finds Sirius naked and flustered and very desperately hard. Sweat’s dripping down his forehead and it’s making his hair stick to his skin and he can’t even keep himself from shifting his hips on the bed constantly.

“How many berries did you eat, exactly?” Remus has to ask. Because he’s pretty sure that this is quite unusual—the fruit’s not this potent.

And Sirius just quietly whimpers, “The whole fucking bush, I think? Padfoot got a little overexcited, and I wasn’t shitting you about how good they taste!”

Remus doesn’t even have it in him to scold Sirius though because he’s gettin’ a lil hot himself because Sirius looks really good like this. Really, really good. “What do you want me to do?” he finally asks and the look on Sirius’ face is pure relief.

And LBR it probably starts out as a handjob and ends with Remus making sweet sweet love to Sirius, slowly and with their fingers entwined while they look at each other longingly. Yeah.

Anyway afterwards Sirius is resting on Remus’ arm and it’s all a bit awkward and very sticky but that’s fine with both of them, and Sirius just says, “We should definitely do this again.”

Remus is still a little worried though so he asks, “I hope you don’t mean eating the berries.”

So Sirius says, “How dare you! No, of course not!” and after he’s quiet for a bit, “Although, I’ll eat your berries any day, Remus.”

And Remus has to rub his eyes and say, “I don’t know what you mean with that, and before you explain, I don’t want  to know either.”

And that is how James and Peter ended up scarred for life because Sirius is shameless and he and Remus spend far too much time cooped up in Sirius’ bed probably buck naked and doing whatnot to each other. (But they’re also very happy, of course).


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What is a dogo? Sorry I've never heard of that breed. Thanks (:

Don’t be sorry!  I’m always happy to answer Dogo questions.  

Dogo is short for Dogo Argentino, a breed of mastiff from Argentina.  They’re a relatively new breed, as the program was only started about 1920.  The intention was to create a capable large game hunter that was also a faithful house pet. The foundation for the breed was the Cordoba Fighting Dog, a now extinct big game dog that was famous for being so incredibly dog aggressive that pairs would occasionally kill each other instead of breeding.  Among many other breeds, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, Great Dane, and Great Pyrenees were added to the mix.

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Rude Awakening (Part Three - Kylo Ren)

Here’s a part three. I do hope you enjoy. 

Start from the beginning here.

Masterlist here.

“I didn’t know we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board.”

The slightly mechanical voice drew Poe’s gaze to the man in the mask, shrouded in his dark cloak.


Poe’s usually quick tongue was at a loss. He could feel the fear creeping up inside of him, threatening to boil over and show it, but he forced it down. The First Order loved to make people feel afraid. They thrived on it. He couldn’t give them that satisfaction.

“I’m impressed. No one has managed to get from you what you did with the map.” Kylo Ren seemed perfectly passive for someone harboring so much evil. Then again, that was probably why he wore the mask.

Some of his vibrato fought through his emotions, and Poe spat back with what little fire he had left. “You might want to rethink your technique.”

Kylo reached out with a gloved hand and forced his way into the pilot’s mind, pulling him up in the chair with the power of it. Poe wasn’t strong with the force, but he wasn’t weak-minded either. His thoughts on the surface betrayed little that would help.

Kylo threw Poe back into the chair as he tried to press further in. “Where is it?”

Poe gritted through his teeth. “The Resistance will not be intimidated by you.” The force pressing and pulling at Poe’s brain was so much so that it was pulling him, slowly, towards Kylo’s outstretched hand. Poe knew he couldn’t take it much more and let out a yell.

The searing pain of this moment was nearly unbearable. In all of your late night conversations about the Jedi- and there had been many- you had not once told him what it was like to be on the receiving end of mind tricks like this. You’d never mentioned the pain, the force pressing in on your brain, squeezing it inside his skull. Was it always like this, or was that just Kylo’s doing?

“You have her.”

Poe looked up through bleary eyes just in time to see Kylo taking a step back, shock. “Who?”

Kylo’s palm flattened out, and Poe was slammed back into the chair. The pain in his head was a dull throb. Clearly, Kylo had given up this attack; he’d resorted to something a little more head on. Poe felt like he was being crushed into the chair, like Kylo was physically trying to force him through it. “You have her.” It was a growl, the first genuine emotion Kylo had displayed.

“(Y/n)…” Poe realized what he’d done. Kylo had seen you in his thoughts. Kylo had seen you in his thoughts, knew who you were with. Poe failed you. “No.”

Kylo raised his hand back to Poe’s mind. He had to know more. He had to know everything. He assaulted Poe’s thoughts with a vengeance, tearing at his mind and unraveling him with a fury he hadn’t possessed in years, as if Poe was the weakest mind in the galaxy.

Kylo flew through thoughts of cockpits, Jakku, command centers. He practically disregarded the image of a small BB unit carrying the map he had come for. No, he kept plowing through till he saw what he was now looking for. An image of you.  

Kylo ripped himself from Poe’s mind and fled the room, shouting orders about finding the droid as he marched for Leader Snoke, ready to beg if he must. He was going to… needed to kill that resistance scum. How dare he even think of you!

An image of you. Sitting on a grassy hill, lying back to look at the stars. Poe, running over to join you. The smile on your face when he laid down with you. He hadn’t seen that smile in years… He used to be the only one who could make you smile like that…

Two hands grabbed at your waist from behind and jerked you back through a door.

You reached instinctively for the lightsaber on your hip, but when you looked down to grab at it the hands that grabbed you encompassed it already, holding it in place at your hip.

“Not so fast there, my young apprentice.”

Tension flooded from your body. “Ben!” You laughed wheeling on him and throwing your arms around his neck. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry,” He chuckled, “I just couldn’t resist.” His arms draped over your hips as he bent his head to rest against yours. “It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve seen you. I just got a little overexcited.”

“A little?” You glanced back instinctively to the open door behind you. “Someone could’ve seen us! Someone could still see…”

Ben raised his hand and flicked his wrist. The door swung shut and locked itself before you could even finish a sentence. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

You didn’t need to turn back. You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Ha. Ha. Very funny,” You said sarcastically. “Really Ben,” You rounded on him. Hands falling to his chest, you tried to express the urgency of what you were saying to him, “We need to be more careful. People are starting to get suspicious. Luke is getting suspicious.”

Ben rolled his eyes, “So what? Who cares if they know?”

“Who cares? Ben, Luke would throw us out, and you know it! It’s against the Jedi…”

“Yeah,” Ben waved you off with a heavy sigh, “against the rules I know. But…” He hesitated half a second, “What if I said I don’t care?”

Then, it was your turn to roll your eyes. “I’d call you a liar…” You glanced around the room, force of habit checking for eavesdroppers. You bit your lip and turned back to him with a teasing tone. “Come to my room tonight. We’ll talk about this more, hopefully somewhere we won’t get caught.” Traipsing back, you kept your eyes locked on his as you moved to the door. “Let’s not risk it okay? For your sake… You want to be a Jedi more than anything, Ben.”

As the door shut behind you Ben slumped back against the wall. “Not more than I want you.”

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but why are there pierogis

Pierogies simply ARE, Glint.  Like air, or sunlight.  Why ask why?

Ahem. Sorry.  As you may or may not have intuited on your recent trip to my city, we are a city that leans heavily on its Eastern European roots, and I have lived here for a very long time now, and in that time I have come to have Strong Pierogi Feelings.

So I got a little overexcited when I settled in to watch and discovered that the first episode title mentioned pierogies (“Easy as Pirozhki!! The Grand Prix Final of Tears”). And promptly selected that as my show tag because I am a nerd.

In actuality pierogies have only been mentioned a few times.  But one was a Very Symbolically Important Pierogi With Fillings Symbolizing Detente Between Rival Figure Skaters.  So I have hope that perhaps the pierogies will continue to play an important symbolic role in diplomatic relations between countries.

Probably not. But a girl can dream.

Frohana Week: Introductions

A fic! A fic for Frohana week! This is for the prompt ‘Getting to know you.’

Love and adoration and gratitude to counterpunches for not just helping plug the weak spots in this fic, but for listening to me blather on endlessly about a few other fic ideas that I’m working on <3 Thank you, Rachel! 


Pairing: Frohana! 

Rating: G

Words: 2455

“What do we do now?” Olaf asked, sounding for all the world like a child at a fair and looking around with his big grin, ready for some new adventure.

“I…I don’t know,” Elsa said. She looked at her hands, at the sunlight glinting off the water of the fjord (water, not ice), then at the shore, where townspeople were gathering on the docks, staring up into the sky where the snow had vanished. On the wall of the castle she could even see the resident diplomats, ranged in a row like a Greek chorus. They were…cheering? Or shouting. She clasped her fingers together nervously. She didn’t even know how to get from this ship to dry land.

“We’ll figure it out,” Anna said confidently. She grinned, taking Elsa’s hands. “We’ll figure it out together.”

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