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When BTS asks you to RUN (Part 2) Scenarios

PART 1 - Suga, V, Jungkook

PS: hehe got a little overboard with Namjoon’s XD


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Shh!” Namjoon looked over his shoulder, a teasing grin shadowing his lips that you weren’t sure whether to punch him in the face for it or kiss that grin away.

Wait, what?

“Then why’d you come?” He whispered back before making a right turn at the end of the hall.

Why did I come?, you asked yourself, feeling frustrated by the second. Namjoon always had a way with you. And when he asked you the other day about helping him out in one of his little games, you agreed almost instantly.

Well it took a pout and a whole lot of pleading–not to mention a deal to take you out on your favorite pizza place to agree.

But still, Namjoon could easily make you agree to almost anything and you almost always wondered why.

“In here!”

You sighed and followed him into the auditorium, taking your post by the door while he removed his back pack and started unpacking whatever trouble he’s got planned.

You looked out the hall, seeing that it was dark and empty.

Good, you thought, wishing Namjoon would make it quick. Just then, the smell of paint filled your nostrils and as you turned, you saw Namjoon facing the white wall of the auditorium’s stage, a can of spray paint in hand.

“Seriously?!” You hissed at him, thinking how juvenile the act was. Namjoon may be a troublemaker, but he was smart–way damn smarter than this.

Namjoon turned to you slightly as he shook the can, shrugging nonchalantly. “Keep watch!” He pointed at the door and you rolled your eyes before looking back out and doing your job as tonight’s look out.

A few minutes later, the smell of paint was palpable and you wondered what on earth Namjoon was doing this for. Before you could turn to ask him, your ears perked at the sound of an echo from the empty hallway.

“Namjoon!” You hissed. “I think someone’s coming!”

“I’m almost done!”

You felt dread filling your chest when a flashlight lit the end of the hall, followed by a set of footsteps.

“Namjoon!” You hissed a little louder. “Code red!”

“Just taking a picture!”

“Put away the damn phone and–”


You gasped as you turned to your left, completely missing the security guard coming from the other end of the hall.

You cursed but before you could panic, a warm hand captured yours, sending an electric shot through your arm. You looked up and felt the breath knocked out of your chest at how close Namjoon was peering over you.

“Run!” He grinned and before you knew it, he was pulling you into a sprint through the hall and out of the school grounds.

Your chest was on fire but the warm hand enclosed around yours was keeping you both secure and insane. You ran and ran, the adrenaline sparking electricity through your veins. You could hardly breathe, but you were unsure whether it was from the running or from Namjoon holding your hand. Funny how a single touch can affect you.

The two of you finally stopped when you got to the bridge near the park; panting and sweating. Your heads turned towards each other at the same time, and laughter bubbled out of your chests.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You said in between fits.

“That’s cause you love me, kid.” He said as he ruffled your hair, unknown to him how his statement made your heart skip a beat…

Unknown to him that even though he meant it jokingly, it was true.

You’d do anything for him. Because you loved him… you were in love with your best friend.

“Shut up.” You spat as you moved away from him, acting annoyed to hide the blush that rushed to your cheeks. You thanked the heavens it was dark enough for him to notice. “And stop calling me kid.”

The two of you leant against the bridge’s parapet, catching your breath’s. A second later, you glanced at him, seeing him fiddling with his jacket’s zipper nervously.

“What did you do anyway?” You nudged him.


“Let me see,” you said as you grabbed his phone from his hoodie’s pockets.

“No, wait–!”

You looked at him funny, pulling your arm out of his reach. You grinned at how slow he was.


Before he could protest more, you unlocked his phone and the photo of his latest graffiti came into view; the one he just spray painted across the expanse of the auditorium’s walls.

You felt yourself stop at the sight, unbelieving what was written.


You kept your face straight even though you were smiling widely on the inside as you read what was written on the wall:


I may not be as good as Jin in cooking,

As good as Yoongi in basketball,

As good as Taehyung in making you laugh

or as good as Jungkook in singing….

But I can be good for you ;)

You looked up at him, and saw a look you’ve never seen on his face before. Namjoon looked scared, nervous, embarrassed, and hopeful all at the same time that it was almost comical.

“Uh…say something.” Namjoon muttered, waiting for your reaction to his unexpected confession.

You bit your lip to keep from smiling before handing the phone back to him. “Next time…”

Namjoon looked at you expectantly and you had to hold your breath to keep from laughing.

“Ask Jungkook to do it for you. Your writing sucks.”

Namjoon’s face looked like it was about to contort into a relieved smile but at the last second he glared. The transition was so comical that you couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore.

“Rude.” He scoffed and he looked so cute you found yourself reaching out for his hand.

“Come on. How about that pizza you promised me.”

“It’s like 1 AM, Y/N.”

“It’s an all-night pizza place!”

“You’re weird.” He said but you can’t help but notice how his hand tightened its hold on yours, letting you pull him along.

“But you love me.” You said boldly, and you held your breath for his reply.

Soon you felt his arm on your shoulders, pulling you close to his side till you two were practically one walking entity.

“Yeah. I do.”

Bonus part

The next morning, Namjoon woke up to the sound of his phone beeping nonstop and when he opened his inbox to take a look, a flood of messages from his friends bombarded him… along with a few expletives that would have made his mother faint.

“Get your ass to school Namjoon!! I know you did this.” Yoongi texted and Namjoon sighed before tuning his phone off, punch drunk at the though of you’ thinking about the way you smiled at him and held his hand all night last night.

Thinking how getting detention, suspended maybe, or anything really… 

Even Yoongi’s wrath, was worth it.


hahaha that was so much fun to write! 3 more members to go~ <3

- Kaye Allen

Request: Look Inside

Request: Request : castiel imagine when you had been betrayed by TFW and your only best friend&crush, castiel so you came back to be a very strong angel that want a revenge but failed because you love castiel too much, and they beg for forgiveness. Thanks!

Word Count: 2,028 (sorrynotsorry)

This went a little overboard ‘cause I got super excited. For reference, Radueriel is an angel who has the power to turn others into angels, and Sandalphon is responsible for the power given to all seraphim. I hope you like it, thank you!<33

Your eyes widen as the blade protrudes from your chest, right before your eyes. You don’t see your assailant, but you feel everything. The blood-slicked blade clatters to the floor and whoever the owner was is gone.

The cry of panic is lost in the sea of voices that suddenly surrounds you.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to go easily – sure, you were meant to be bait but being stabbed was not part of the plan.

“Y/N!” Cas’ voice stands out above the others as he rushes to you, catching you in his arms before you hit the ground. You can feel warm blood, slipping down your back, making your shirt stick to you. You can see it on the front, too, where your heart has been pierced and the crimson spurts from the wound. There’s no chance you can patch this up, and you know it.

You’re struggling for breath; something’s lodged in your throat. When you try to speak, it dislodges and the spurt of crimson that spills down your chin and over your chest sends a shockwave through you. The three guys are yelling but you don’t understand why or what they’re saying. Black dots filter themselves into your vision and everything fades away.


“Y/N Y/L/N?”

You turn slowly, feeling as the water comes in and filters over your toes once more.


A man stands behind you, wearing a full on, formal suit. You can’t help but smile slightly at his stoic appearance, but you know what he is. You know he’s an angel – all that you don’t know is why he’s come into your heaven, this eternal summer by the beach with the people you love most in thw world.

Well, most of them.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” He asks awkwardly, and you roll your eyes. You step out of the water and onto the warm sand, letting your hair blow back in the breeze.

“Why are you here?” You counter, and the angel laughs.

“Never one to miss a trick.” He comments, “Y/N, I’m hoping you are aware of the serious betrayal that lead to your death.”

“My death was an accident.” You say, but all he does is laugh.

“You think that?”

“They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. They’re my friends. My family.”

“Right up until the moment that they decided your death was for the greater good.” He seems so calm about this, and he doesn’t seem to be taking pleasure in feeding you these lies at all. In fact, he seems to be being quite honest.

“Don’t bullshit me.” You snap, turning away from him, “Get out of here.”

“Y/N, whether you want to believe it or not, I can show you the conversation that went down. The stated that your death would make the demons believe that they had won, thereby making them vulnerable, so the heroes of the day could swoop in.” He says, shrugging, “I’m truly sorry for your… betrayal.”

“They wouldn’t do that.” You insist, but your resolve is quickly wavering and you know it. You love the brothers more than anything, and you were sure they’d been the same. Nonetheless, you know better than anyone – you never really know a person. Not truly. Castiel on the other hand… Castiel was different. You’d loved him in an entirely different way and even though you knew he’d never felt the same, you couldn’t help it. “They just wouldn’t.”

“Let me show you.”


A whole year – that’s how long it’s been since your first encounter with that angel. You’ve come to know him as Radueriel – and that’s how this whole thing came about.

You left your heaven with Radueriel to gain answers about your death – never one to be passive about problems, you went with him only intending to find out what happened. This whole activity was not on the menu.

Somehow, Radueriel was able to implement grace into your soul, thereby giving you wings – both literal and metaphorical – and making you an angel. He wasn’t done there, however – he followed up by requesting the assistance of his brother Sandalphon. Radueriel requested that the older angel bequeath superior powers to you, which, after some convincing and bargaining, he had accepted.

And so your training had begun – sure, you’d learned combat and how to use your newfound powers in battle, but also how to do good. How to heal and construct and learn.

Yet, no matter how much grace they fed into you, no matter how much extra power you were given, they couldn’t change one thing.

Your soul is one of a human. Your conscience remained, and that was going to be an issue. So they had your humanity locked away where you couldn’t even find it – keeping it deep inside was the only way to keep you intact.

“Y/N,” The words come to you one morning, and you just know, “You’re ready. You may go.”


Your humanity may be locked away, but your memories are not. To navigate the earth as a celestial being is entirely different than is it to as a human. You perceive everything with such clarity, it can be painful at times. Though you’re still in your own body, the addition of the spectacular wings make moving around feel strange. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want to. You could, that is. If you weren’t on a mission.

Castiel and the Winchesters. That is your mission. Your justice, your vengeance. Your sole purpose. There is nothing else. You hunt them down and you return the favour they did to you all that time ago. It takes only days for you to track them down, despite the security they’d gotten carved into their ribs.

“Castiel.” You breathe as you see the angel. He’s over the other side of the road, but he stops dead in his tracks – which, in turn, causes the brothers to stop, too, and follow his gaze. All three sets of eyes land on you – but you don’t approach them. Oh, no. Not in the middle of the street.

Instead, you turn on your heel and begin walking. They give chase and you smile to yourself.


You arrive at the motel you know they’re staying at and teleport yourself inside. They open the door a few moments later, their eyes wide with wonder. Well, the Winchesters. Castiel… his expression is more one of terror – for good reason.

Sam is the first to break, running at you with the intention of hugging you. You only laugh humourlessly, however, and with a flick of your wrist, he hits the wall with a sickening crack.

“Sammy!” Dean runs at his brother, but you shrug.

“He’s fine.”

“What the hell are you?” Dean hisses, stuck between sticking a knife in you and running to his brother.

“She’s an angel.” Castiel whispers, “She’s… powerful. More powerful than she should be.”

“You can thank your big brothers for that.” You grin, looking at your nails, “They send their regards.”

“Holy…” Dean breathes, “Y/N, what the hell?”

“I believe that is a question reserved for me.” You say softly; dangerously. Sam, apparently now only waking up, shakes his head quickly. The three men stare at you, and you take a long, deep breath.

“What do you mean?”

“You killed me!” You hiss, your rage bursting at the seams, “You let me die only hours after telling me that I was your family! What kind of family is that?” A mirror smashes, the glittering shards tinkling to the floor. Simultaneously, your wings flare out, hurling themselves at either wall of the room and dominating the space.


“Don’t Y/N me. Don’t even try that. I know you’re sorry, but that changes nothing. My life was worth less to you than some victory. You thought I’d never find out, huh? You thought I’d go and hang out in heaven for the rest of eternity and be content without knowing that the people I loved most in the world betrayed me!?” Your grace lights up the room and all three men cower in fear and rightly so.

“Please, Y/N. Hear me out!” Dean pleads. You shake your head.

“I should smite the three of you right now!” You seethe, your veins glowing with bubbling grace, “I shouldn’t hesitate!”

“They why don’t you?” Castiel speaks quietly, softly. He knows exactly what you’ve been through and you know it. What you don’t know it that he can see – or, rather, sense – your humanity as it rails and struggles against its confinement. That puts you at a loss for a moment, and you shrug.

“Maybe I’m being nice.”

“Don’t bother.” Castiel counters, staring you down, “Y/N, you’re not yourself. You… you are merciful and kind and you love like no-one I’ve ever known. Please, for your own sake, look inside and find yourself.” He pauses, and you stand there, facing off. He seems fearless, but you can see it there, bubbling beneath the stoic wall he’s built up to keep you out.

Look inside and find yourself.

And so you do. And suddenly, you’re filled with a warmth that is nothing like the steel you’ve encased yourself in – that melts away as everything comes flooding back.

“Cas?” You whisper, taking a full, deep breath. The wings on your back feel too heavy and the glow fades from the room as you crumple to the floor. Everything is insanely heightened – emotions and pain. Tears fall down your face and everything seems to glow around the edges.

“Y/N?” The angel whispers, kneeling down beside you and placing a hand on your shoulder, “Y/N?”

“It’s me. Cas, I’m so sorry.” You breathe, wiping away the torrent of tears, “Please… don’t kill me.”

“We’re not going to kill you.” Cas chuckles, wrapping an arm around your waist – you’d forgotten he could see your wings, which are now tucked closely to your back. He pulls you up to sit on the bed, “Y/N, what happened?”

“They told me that you got me killed. I- I believed them. And… and they turned me into this. To get revenge.” You hiccup, “Cas, I hate it.”

The brothers stare at the two of you, sat so close together. Cas rubs gently over your back, pulling you into him safely.

“I know. I know, it’s okay. You’ll get used to it, I’ll help you,” He soothes, “You’ll be okay.”

“I don’t want to be this.”

“I know you don’t. But you are. And that’s okay. Being an angel is fun, trust me,” He smiles, pressing a light kiss to your forehead.


“Of course. It’s not all doom, gloom, and smiting.” He grins, and you laugh.

“Hey, you guys?” Dean grabs his brother’s arm, “We’re gonna… go hang out at the diner for an hour. Have fun.”

“See you,” You smile, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sam grins, “We’ll catch up later, yeah?”


They leave quickly, to which Cas rolls his eyes.


“No, Cas, wait,” You shake your head, before lying it on his shoulder. He’s comfortable and familiar, and he hugs you close to him, “Thank you,” You whisper, “I owe you one.”

“I owe you nothing. It’s what you do when you love someone, correct?”

“Well, yeah, but-”

Suddenly, he grabs your face and presses his lips to yours, taking you by surprise. Nonetheless, you kiss him back, all of those feelings from what seems like a lifetime ago flooding back to you.

“You also do this when you love someone?” He pulls away only just enough to mumble those words, and you smile.

“Absolutely.” You whisper, looking into those perfect blue eyes. Angel or not, you’re home; just where you’re meant to be.