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superman, ginger, blueberry lemon -- I hope you get through your paper eventually!

superman: do you like sweaters?

man, my dude, my sugary creampuff, i L O V E sweaters i just?????? love them s o m u c h?????!!! Specially oversized and confy old ones omg…. My current favourite is one i got last week - it’s made of this fuzzy black knit and has a cat face in sparkling silver knit on the front + it’s oversized. It’s absolutely horrible and cute and confy and it’s the best thing i own i wore it for like 4 days straight after getting istg isdhsoidufhsdfh

ginger: a new feature you wish tumblr could have?

dude at this point i’m legit afraid to ask for anything new lmao I just wish they would make a u know functioning app that didn’t consume like half of my storage and fix the goddamned video player it’s time tumblr come on

blueberry lemon: favourite blogs?

omg this is such a difficult question because i positivelly adore everybody i follow for different reasons and i’m currently following 548 blogs so…. that’s a lot of people lmao but here are some people that i love:

these are people that i know irl or am friends with online or have been mutuals with for so long that i already consider them friends and i love them all to bits, including their magnificent blogs:

@not-aph-england, @thelastlesbiander, @knowledgequeenabc, @of-pasta-and-potatoes, @beneath-the-corsican-stars@aph-belarusia, @viktorsboobies, @assbuttytea, @crystalgem-wannabe, @viktorsboobies, @vixenofthemist, @aph-poland, @aph-lithuania, @missbelgium, @fox-headguy, @frukinghell, @tvshowaddict, @theravingcelt, @staches-and-sabres, @chengmogu, @kimirashiispeedde@yuriheichou

I’ve been quite into Yuri on Ice as of late, so here are some YoI or mostly YoI blogs that I love:

@dadvans, @cafecliche, @fireblazie, @lavenderprose, @kixboxer, @sarah-yyy (whon i’ve been following since her les mis days ausgdyewdg), @forovnix@cuttlemefishwrites, @runesque, @tosquinha, @rcmclachlan, @kevystel

+ some others that i l i can’t really fit in a category except that i love them a lot, be it because we’ve been mutuals for a long time despite never talking, or because i’m a fan of their art/writing, or because i admire them as people or simply because i really just fucking enjoy their blog a lot

@romanope, @thoodleoo, @beau–brummell, @angeoltaire, @glumshoe, @habemus-sea, @janiedean, @brazilianism, @momo-de-avis, @la-vie-en-lys, @jrantaire, @stirringwind, @frederick-the-great, @queen-nat-xvi, @zu-art, @beekeepermarycatherine, @claquesous, @naliya, @blue-lothus, @francymemad, @serduszko, @lithuanias, @thequeensclock, @that-whole-shebang, @bidonica, @tombliboos, @clueless-walrus, @yiangillium, @candy-alpacas, @heyhellohowdy, @fruking-losers, @nordic55555, @astonishingpeppermint, @tiiaallen, @enjoloras, @peregrintoook, @learnhowtoart, @charanteleclerc, @keloly, @cabesmeadow, @gotohellstephano, @endlesscolddreams, @kirklandick, @aph–lietuva, @ma-chi1993, @alonelyscribe, @ships-from-me-to-you, @pockettaire

and okay i’m gonna stop here because if i were to list every single blog i love i’d stay here all day lmao but yeah, i love all these people/blogs a lot and 100% rec every single one of them

thank you for asking and yes!!!! thank u omg i’ll be going back to my paper now but this was such a welcome distraction i really needed a break so thank u ilysm

ice cream asks

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I'd love to see baby Sans and Papyrus in your style, if you're interested in this request. I imagine they'd be very cute! :) Thanks for your consideration!

*tosses a heap of baby bones art in the general direction of tumblr and runs away*

@ladykazoo, you have allowed me to fulfill one of my dreams. I love art of baby bones Sans and Papyrus and when I saw your ask I got VERY excited. …aaaand proceeded to go a little bit overboard, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to stop.

Special mention to @stuffedart, because their baby bones art is my very favorite of all baby bones art, and I took some inspiration from their work when I did this.

@ladykazoo, thank you VERY much for this request!✨

“If I could, I would kiss all of your scars away.”

“Don’t say things you don’t mean, Tucker.” Kenny says quietly, his voice flat. He keeps his gaze trained on the wall, too exhausted to even turn around to face the raven behind him. Why the hell is he here tonight? It’s been a pretty shitty night. When he got home from school, he found out his brother got arrested and they’re holding him up in Barrie; they won’t even be able to make bail for him in a month, which is after the trial and sentencing anyway. Then his mom had a breakdown, and he spent the whole afternoon trying to calm her down and keep her out of sight from Karen, who decided to go to a friends house anyway. Then his dad came home drunk and flipped out over the littlest thing- Kenny forgot to do the dishes after dinner or something stupid. Not only did he break all the good plates left in the house, but he decided to beat the shit out of Kenny, too. Then he threw him into the front yard by his hair, tossed his shoes out behind him before slamming and locking the door.

Not that Craig knows any of this. Kenny’s never been very good at talking about his life at home, which is exactly how he fucking likes it. No one needs to know his personal life; if they did, they’d go running for the hills. Kenny just showed up at Craig’s door, bloody and shivering and asking to stay the night, and Craig let him in. He’s been going to Craig more and more lately. Kenny thinks he puts up with him because he gets it. He never questions anything, and he lets Kenny fool around with him, so that’s a plus. The raven has never said anything like this to him before. Not unless they were drunk or high, at least. And the worst part is, Kenny wants to hear things like that from him. He wants something with Craig, but he’s too scared to speak up. Kenny is known for fucking things up- just look at his past meaningful relationships; Bebe can’t even be in the same room as him, and Kyle can barely stand to look at him. He doesn’t want Craig to be some old story.

“I’ve got a lot of scars. You’d be doing a lot of kissing.”



#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

Same Birthday

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sonikvzoumm

“Happy birthday baby!” You jumped into his arms in a fit of laughter as you chirped out of happiness.

He chuckled lowly, somewhat tired from his schedule today but coming home to you was his favourite part of the day. Vernon hugged you gently while you held onto him tightly even though he was bit a sweaty from dancing most of the day.

“Happy birthday to you too babe.” Vernon gave you a kiss, smile in the middle of it.

The two of you shared the same birthday which was one of the first things that you both talked about and kind of bonded over when the two of you first met.

It’s been two years since and you both have had a great relationship together. Whenever it came to occasions, you totally freaked out over what to get Vernon, how to celebrate the occasion with him and make the day feel special and so on. Vernon could always tell how much you over thank everything. He found it adorable how much effort and though you put into making him feel special. Vernon would always tell you that you would need to calm down and he’d comfort you.

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Iruka with a pregnant S/O? Like finding out, during and having the baby and how he is?

Woooo, maybe I went a little overboard with these. I just got really excited writing them because I am a labor and delivery nurse and this is my area of expertise. ~Admin Axel

Iruka Umino With a Pregnant S/O Headcanons

Originally posted by lawlu

• When Iruka’s s/o first tells him that they are expecting, Iruka shifts rapidly between being ecstatic and being jittery with nerves. One minute he’s swinging her around and kissing her fiercely, and the next his hands are fisted in his own hair and he looks terrified. It’s almost comical to watch him go through every emotion in the book in the space of a few minutes. If he and his s/o weren’t married, he would resolutely insist that they be married as soon as possible.

• Poor Iruka had no idea about the sometimes violent mood swings that come with pregnancy. The first time he forgot to vacuum the floor like she asked him to do a hundred times, he saw her lift the vacuum cleaner with one hand and hurl it across the living room at him, then promptly burst into tears when the tank came loose and spilled its contents on the floor. Since that day, he always does what she asks him the first time and he tries to avoid her ire by being as helpful as possible.

• He’s way too excited to wait to find out the gender of his baby. As soon as his s/o is far enough along to correctly tell the gender, he’d be pleading with his s/o to make an appointment and tell him that date so he can find a substitute for his class at the academy for that day. He then pestered Genma into taking over so he knew for sure he wouldn’t miss the appointment.

• As soon as he found out the gender, he’d start buying things the baby needs. Every day, he comes home with clothes, blankets, toys, bottles, or diapers because he stops by the store on the way home and can’t seem to resist buying things for his baby. The parents of Iruka’s students also heard about his impending fatherhood, and they send baby gifts to school with their children to give to Iruka. Within a month, he and his s/o had run out of room in the baby’s room to store all of the baby stuff.

• As the due date approaches, he gets more and more excited while his s/o starts getting nervous. It can be a little irritating when he won’t stop talking about the Big Day and all his s/o wants to do is not think about it for an hour to calm her frazzled nerves. On the other hand his excitement can be contagious, and it really is fun to guess whose features baby will inherit.

• In the last leg of his s/o’s pregnancy, he meticulously packs a hospital bag for his s/o, himself and their baby with everything they could possibly need for their brief hospital stay after the birth. Not that it matters, because when his s/o goes into labor he flies into a panic and forgets every single one of them in his rush to get her to the hospital so she can safely deliver their child.

• Iruka is a champ when it comes to helping his s/o through labor. He sits behind her in the hospital bed when her contractions get painful and firmly presses into the small of her back to alleviate some of the pressure building there. He also brings her water to sip on when her mouth starts getting dry, and never utters a single complaint when she grips his hand too tightly. Instead, he focuses on encouraging her and helping her focus on breathing through the worst of her contractions.

• When it’s showtime and baby is ready to come out, Iruka takes an active role in helping his s/o. He holds her leg and pushes it to her chest so she can bear down and in spite of all the blood and fluids, he doesn’t look away from the second the baby starts crowning. He told himself that he wouldn’t, but he couldn’t stop himself from tearing up right alongside his s/o when he hears their baby cry for the first time. When the nurses hand the baby over to his s/o, he kisses both mom and baby and tells them how much he loves them and how proud he is of his new little family.


11.14.16 | 8:38 PM

I got my test on trig identities back today and I am satisfied with the 93! I was actually in mourning on the day of the test, and my teacher suggested maybe taking the math test would get my mind off of it. I guess it did. my boyfriend got me these mildliners and I might have went a little overboard but it’s fine, I’m happy

happy studies ♡ have a cookie

Today was my eating doctor’s appointment and she gave me a really reasonable like. Menu schedule thing. With six very reasonable meals!!! There’s even chocolate there (she said it was great that I love 70%+ chocolate cause that’s the one I can eat lmao)

Honestly its more food than I’m used to eating (in volume) because…. I have terrible eating habits. But I’m going to GET MY LIFE TOGETHER and WAKE UP AT REGULAR TIMES and stuff like that so I can BEHAVE LIKE A GROWN UP ADULT and will not ever again anymore have a microwave cheeseburguer for lunch at the school cafeteria

I will eat SALADS

I will snack on FRUIT

I have spent approx 100 on VARIOUS NUT MIXES



But honestly I went a little overboard on the leaves I got like. Six entire baby lettuce. A bag of collard greens. Probably half of my state’s entire output of arugula and watercress

When BTS asks you to RUN (Part 2) Scenarios

PART 1 - Suga, V, Jungkook

PS: hehe got a little overboard with Namjoon’s XD


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Shh!” Namjoon looked over his shoulder, a teasing grin shadowing his lips that you weren’t sure whether to punch him in the face for it or kiss that grin away.

Wait, what?

“Then why’d you come?” He whispered back before making a right turn at the end of the hall.

Why did I come?, you asked yourself, feeling frustrated by the second. Namjoon always had a way with you. And when he asked you the other day about helping him out in one of his little games, you agreed almost instantly.

Well it took a pout and a whole lot of pleading–not to mention a deal to take you out on your favorite pizza place to agree.

But still, Namjoon could easily make you agree to almost anything and you almost always wondered why.

“In here!”

You sighed and followed him into the auditorium, taking your post by the door while he removed his back pack and started unpacking whatever trouble he’s got planned.

You looked out the hall, seeing that it was dark and empty.

Good, you thought, wishing Namjoon would make it quick. Just then, the smell of paint filled your nostrils and as you turned, you saw Namjoon facing the white wall of the auditorium’s stage, a can of spray paint in hand.

“Seriously?!” You hissed at him, thinking how juvenile the act was. Namjoon may be a troublemaker, but he was smart–way damn smarter than this.

Namjoon turned to you slightly as he shook the can, shrugging nonchalantly. “Keep watch!” He pointed at the door and you rolled your eyes before looking back out and doing your job as tonight’s look out.

A few minutes later, the smell of paint was palpable and you wondered what on earth Namjoon was doing this for. Before you could turn to ask him, your ears perked at the sound of an echo from the empty hallway.

“Namjoon!” You hissed. “I think someone’s coming!”

“I’m almost done!”

You felt dread filling your chest when a flashlight lit the end of the hall, followed by a set of footsteps.

“Namjoon!” You hissed a little louder. “Code red!”

“Just taking a picture!”

“Put away the damn phone and–”


You gasped as you turned to your left, completely missing the security guard coming from the other end of the hall.

You cursed but before you could panic, a warm hand captured yours, sending an electric shot through your arm. You looked up and felt the breath knocked out of your chest at how close Namjoon was peering over you.

“Run!” He grinned and before you knew it, he was pulling you into a sprint through the hall and out of the school grounds.

Your chest was on fire but the warm hand enclosed around yours was keeping you both secure and insane. You ran and ran, the adrenaline sparking electricity through your veins. You could hardly breathe, but you were unsure whether it was from the running or from Namjoon holding your hand. Funny how a single touch can affect you.

The two of you finally stopped when you got to the bridge near the park; panting and sweating. Your heads turned towards each other at the same time, and laughter bubbled out of your chests.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You said in between fits.

“That’s cause you love me, kid.” He said as he ruffled your hair, unknown to him how his statement made your heart skip a beat…

Unknown to him that even though he meant it jokingly, it was true.

You’d do anything for him. Because you loved him… you were in love with your best friend.

“Shut up.” You spat as you moved away from him, acting annoyed to hide the blush that rushed to your cheeks. You thanked the heavens it was dark enough for him to notice. “And stop calling me kid.”

The two of you leant against the bridge’s parapet, catching your breath’s. A second later, you glanced at him, seeing him fiddling with his jacket’s zipper nervously.

“What did you do anyway?” You nudged him.


“Let me see,” you said as you grabbed his phone from his hoodie’s pockets.

“No, wait–!”

You looked at him funny, pulling your arm out of his reach. You grinned at how slow he was.


Before he could protest more, you unlocked his phone and the photo of his latest graffiti came into view; the one he just spray painted across the expanse of the auditorium’s walls.

You felt yourself stop at the sight, unbelieving what was written.


You kept your face straight even though you were smiling widely on the inside as you read what was written on the wall:


I may not be as good as Jin in cooking,

As good as Yoongi in basketball,

As good as Taehyung in making you laugh

or as good as Jungkook in singing….

But I can be good for you ;)

You looked up at him, and saw a look you’ve never seen on his face before. Namjoon looked scared, nervous, embarrassed, and hopeful all at the same time that it was almost comical.

“Uh…say something.” Namjoon muttered, waiting for your reaction to his unexpected confession.

You bit your lip to keep from smiling before handing the phone back to him. “Next time…”

Namjoon looked at you expectantly and you had to hold your breath to keep from laughing.

“Ask Jungkook to do it for you. Your writing sucks.”

Namjoon’s face looked like it was about to contort into a relieved smile but at the last second he glared. The transition was so comical that you couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore.

“Rude.” He scoffed and he looked so cute you found yourself reaching out for his hand.

“Come on. How about that pizza you promised me.”

“It’s like 1 AM, Y/N.”

“It’s an all-night pizza place!”

“You’re weird.” He said but you can’t help but notice how his hand tightened its hold on yours, letting you pull him along.

“But you love me.” You said boldly, and you held your breath for his reply.

Soon you felt his arm on your shoulders, pulling you close to his side till you two were practically one walking entity.

“Yeah. I do.”

Bonus part

The next morning, Namjoon woke up to the sound of his phone beeping nonstop and when he opened his inbox to take a look, a flood of messages from his friends bombarded him… along with a few expletives that would have made his mother faint.

“Get your ass to school Namjoon!! I know you did this.” Yoongi texted and Namjoon sighed before tuning his phone off, punch drunk at the though of you’ thinking about the way you smiled at him and held his hand all night last night.

Thinking how getting detention, suspended maybe, or anything really… 

Even Yoongi’s wrath, was worth it.


hahaha that was so much fun to write! 3 more members to go~ <3

- Kaye Allen

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I really like your Kai Family/Dad stories! Please continue to write more of them (your writing is very good)!

Thank you soo much anon! haha yes, a lot of you guys love those daddy Kai scenarios… <3 (and I’m so glad you think my writing is good too. keke~)

Since we’re on the topic, I actually got messages about doing more of these Family/Dad scenarios…

What do you guys think? Do you want an EXO and BTS Daddy Scenario series?? =))

I mean come on…. just imagine:

Baekhyun playing a game with your kids… <3

Your boys playing in the backyard ;)

Fooling around with the dads in the living room ;)

your pretty daughter with your pretty husband. LOL

Your daughter be like: daddy I’m prettier than you.

Luhan: is that a challenge, sweetie? :P

Kris: Did mommy get this ribbon for you? :>

You behind the camera… and Kyungsoo: smile for mommy! ^_^

your daughter giving appa a kiss :”>

Skyping with Chanyeol and your daughter when you’re away on a business trip <3

And I know they’re still kids too…BUT! they can father my children any day you have to admit that they look pretty damn cute with this baby <3

External image

 I mean.. GAH!! :”>

External image

HAHA!  okay I got a little overboard with the pictures… I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it. XD But I hope this post made you guys smile :”>

*credits to rightful owners