i got a little lost on my wander

❅Froslass Eve Ball Starter sentences❅

For use with the Froslass eve ball event for Holiday 2016

❅ “Have you been to the conservatory yet? They have so many fascinating pokemon!”

❅  “The music is lovely, isn’t it?”

❅  “You look a little lonely, care to dance?”

❅  “All these stuffy rich big wigs are freaking me out, lets go outside”

❅  “Your Pokemon got all dressed up too? How adorable!”

❅  “Look at all this food!!”

❅  “Hey! You, Me, on the terrace, right now, Battle me!”

❅  “Everyones outfits are so artfully crafted, mine looks like garbage in comparison”

❅  “They must have spent a fortune on that tree”

❅  “Who’s the DJ right now? This musics kind of weird”

❅  "Maybe you should stop drinking so much punch…”

❅  “I lost my date in the crowd, could you help me find them?”

❅  “They let Ultra beasts just wander around freely in here?!”

❅  “Alola certainly knows how to party… or maybe that’s just Team Skull…”

❅  “Isn’t the moon beautiful? it’s so peaceful out here.”

❅  “I’m looking for the president, have you seen him?”

❅  “I heard they have wild experiments going on in the basement in secret labs, this place was pretty shady a couple years ago”

❅  “Your Dress/Suit is amazing!!”

❅  “You certainly clean up nice”

❅  “Don’t your feet hurt?”

❅  “The former president is here? I heard she’s completely unhinged.”

absolutely-flabbergasted  asked:

we haven't seen anyone from Thunderclan yet so, Tallcloud or Burningwing?

To start off i gotta say Burningwing is my very first wc oc i made over 10 years ago. My girl. My essential Thunderclan prophecy cat.

Burningwing’s parents are Darkrain and Foxfeather. Born in Thunderclan, she had a brother, but PLOT TWIST as kits they WANDERED OUT OF CAMP like bad little kits and got lost. They ended up getting found by a rogue gang and her brother was killed. Burningwing escaped and was found by a patrol and since that incident she became set on exacting justice/revenge on the rogues that killed her brother. She’s working on it. There’s just a lot going on in her life right now but she’s gonna get to it soon ok. Like right now something fishy is going on in her clan, cats have disappeared and she’s going to get to the bottom of it, but right after that some justice is gonna be served to those rogues.

Burningwing has a lot to say about anything you’re doing and a lot of questions to ask before she’ll agree to follow along with anything. And about that decision that you thought was a good decision? It was a terrible decision and you should have consulted Burningwing first because she would have set you right before you made that decision she didn’t approve of. Despite being very assertive and argumentative, at her roots Burningwing cares a lot about others and just wants the best for them. She is very spunky and pugnacious. Very set on JUSTICE and following her own moral code at all costs, and is perpetually ready to fight anybody and everybody for it. Prone to giving inspirational speeches. Cannot stay in her lane. She is a Protagonist ™ 

Tallcloud is an elder in Thunderclan. She was born as a kittypet, but joined Thunderclan as a young cat. She had a mate, who is long past, and has one surviving daughter, Ashnose. She is very prim and proper, a refined old lady type. She can be a bit cold, but she helps the queens with their kits and babysits them often.

I've Got a Problem

I’ve got a problem
It’s you.
You’re on my mind
So often now,
I thought that you should know.
So many questions
All the little answers
I want the bigger picture.
Yeah, I’ve got a problem
Baby I know you know
Some of these things
I can easily hide
Others I can’t let go.
I know there’s music
In your voice,
There’s heaven
In those deep eyes.
That beautiful mind
Is a whole new world
That I find calling me
To wander lost
Take my hand let me

cheren trusts a bunch of little kids to wander around a giant city by themselves and not get lost and/or abducted

coming from someone who once got lost in times square on a high school  drama club field trip and cried when the yellow m&m at the m&m store pushed her aside while she was trying to get back to her group… im gonna go ahead and say cheren’s a terrible chaperone

  • <p> <b></b> Okay but you imagine soul survivor, lone wanderer and the courier meeting,<p/><b>SoSu:</b> okay so explain it again<p/><b>LW:</b> okay so there's this old German man named Betty who's also a little girl,<p/><b>Courier:</b> that sounds fake but okay<p/><b></b> Or<p/><b>SoSu:</b> oh wanna meet my friend?<p/><b>LW:</b> sure<p/><b>McCready:</b> hi<p/><b>LW:</b> hey there you lil shit how's life<p/><b></b> Or<p/><b>SoSu:</b> my life wasn't easy I lost my son<p/><b>LW:</b> I lost my dad twice,<p/><b>Courier:</b> I GOT SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD<p/><b></b> Or<p/><b>Courier:</b> okay so you have fancy robots<p/><b>SoSu:</b> Synths<p/><b>LW:</b> so fancy robots?<p/><b>SoSu:</b> fuck you guys<p/><b></b> Or<p/><b>McCready:</b> tunnel snakes rule<p/><b>LW:</b> tunnel snakes suck ass<p/><b></b> Or<p/><b>SoSu:</b> this is Dr Li and dr-<p/><b>LW:</b> yeah yeah now back to this bitch what's good.<p/></p>

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 31 : Scarah Screams (Part 3 : Middle picture + quick translation of the diary entry)

The secret room

Being a mind reader in a school like Monster High can be enough to distract any spirit. It’s a bit like listening to a radio with uncontrollable volume and no off switch: fragments of meaningless sounds that you can sometimes turn down but never completely off. It’s one of the reasons the school library is my favourite place on campus. It’s so calm. And filled with books! The Monster High library is huge, it streches all the way to the catacombs with areas  monsters haven’t visited in ages. That’s how I actually got completely lost one afternoon. I had read everything you could find on the usual shelves, so I was wandering among the book shelves looking for something new to read. But I must have taken a wrong turn in the die-ographies section because, after having walked down a few hallways, I finally reached a cosy little room with comfortable armchairs, filled with too many dusty old books to count them. I opened one and realized it was about the history of Banshees, my own people! Without even thinking about it, I sat down to read it. That’s where my dear friends Ghoulia and Hoodude found me, several hours later, when they realized I had missed most of that day’s classes. Ghoulia, as the true genius she is, had used the signal on my iCoffin to locate me. They were both amazed at the secret room I had randomly discovered. Ghoulia thinks it used to be a study room, but I think this secret little place is ideal to meet with your ghoulfriends. 


This is my cat Ally
Last year we found her wandering around my dads old store so we took her in. She was really pretty thin from living as a stray but we fed her and she got to be a plump little kitty. Suddenly she stopped eating and she’s become really emaciated and the vet couldn’t tell us why. She’s lost three pounds from when we got her, when she was a stray. I’m really worried about her and we don’t know what to do. We’ve tried switching cat foods and heating it up and feeding her when our other cat isn’t around and nothing really works. She only eats a mouthful and then walks away. If anyone knows any way to get her to eat or has any idea why a cat would act like this please let me know.


Brad’s usually depicted as this happy, silly, but oblivious cute little Nature dragon lost in Plague.

However what I don’t think anyone knows is that he used to be named “Pale” and was dressed and incorporated as an actual Plague dragon into my lore. I got bored of him but since I won him from a raffle and felt bad exalting him, I left him in the back of my lair and forgot about him. I was chatting with Pained a long while back and we were joking around about disgusting Plague lairs and imagine having a Nature dragon wandering about lost.

And then I remembered I had Pale who at the time (and still is) the only Nature dragon in my lair.

I read @viafr’s post about “dragons getting reset” and what if Brad really was a Nature dragon who once assimilated perfectly fine into Plague, but caught a disease and lost his memory, therefore making him unaware of his surroundings and giving him hallucinations of his old Nature home?