i got a jungkook photo card

a few things i noticed from the vlive

  • all of the low murmered talking to each other picked up on the mic
  • the members looking at themselves in the mirror behind the camera
  • jungkook and tae laughing about writing spanking punishments
  • jin and jungkook arguing and jin yelling that he told his team they should’ve put begin on their board when the other team called it
  • when maknae line won and got the acrylic suga stands jimin deciding he was getting one, making jk and tae rock paper scissors for the other 
  • junkook spinning the board after winning
  • the constant beautiful sope
  • everyone but jimin got up to take the pictures and he sat there until someone called him over to the side
  • jimin saying he’s surprised how many pictures of namjoon there are on the phone they used to take the pictures
  • jm just giggling the whole time in general
  • hobi cleaning namjoon’s ear w the qtip
  • hobi saying he really wanted the acrylic suga stand prize
  • yoongi making up twister rules and jungkook continuously calling him out
  • namjoon: “jimin i wonder how bad you would be at this game [twister]”
  • Winner™ jk happy he collected all the photo cards first
  • yoongi flawlessly bullshitting that the rock paper scissors game was to decide who picks the punishment and not who gets the punishment after losing it
  • yoongi marking the punishment paper from his team so he could tell it and avoid it but accidentally drew it anyway
  • jin writing the kiss namjoon punishment, saying he didn’t think of having to get it himself, suggesting that only one person should take the punishment, asking namjoon if he wanted all of them to kiss him or just one, and doing The Most™ as with getting the punishment on the vlive before the wings album
  • exasperated namjoon asking if they could do the kiss later off screen then changing it to him getting a kiss instead of giving it
  • yoongi clapping off beat at the end bless

totalkpoptrash  asked:

I don't need to be anon for this but it's been a while since I poked around at you. so, you know how we both totally (don't) low key (HIGH KEY) side eye Jungkook (EVIL MAKNAE)??? Well I ordered a random version of LY and it came today and I had a feeling all weekend that I was gonna end up with RM or Hobi's photo card. I felt it in my bones. But then my best friend who is in on this Maknae conspiracy says 'I bet you get JK' AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED I SCREAMED SO MUCH WHY IS HE DOING THIS HELP ME.

LMAOOO I got a jungkook photocard too. That stupid bun won’t leave me alone

It is late and I was watching the run mv again, and suddenly it hit me. This entire series, I need u, the prologue, and Run, is about growing up. They’re leaving their most beautiful moment in life behind. Everyone except Jin is growing up. Aka the Peter Pan syndrome.

BTS has been talking a lot about how they’re getting older, and growing up. Jungkook is legally becoming an adult in a few weeks. He even joked that they should change their name to Bulletproof Adult Scouts. For them it’s time to leave their boyhood behind, it’s time for them to grow up and face the reality of the world.

All except Jin. He’s the oldest of the group, thus the centre of the story. He doesn’t want to grow up. He is Peter Pan, and the other members are his Lost Boys. He’s being left behind as the members leave their Neverland, the place they have constructed in their minds just for them. It was just them together, having fun, hanging out, just generally doing stuff you do when you’re a teenager.

A big part that gave it away for me was how much a lot of the scenes centred around Jungkook in Run. In one scene you see him sitting on the ground, after having been beaten by Yoongi, surrounded by his friends partying. The moment he looked in the mirror, however, they were gone. He was faced with the reality that he’s growing up; that he’s leaving his partying days behind. Essentially he’s also the last one growing up, thus why he’s so important to the story (besides Jin). There are a lot of shots of him alone, before he gets surrounded by his friends.

So now it comes to the overall story of the series. To me it seems that I need U and Run portray 2 scenarios of what could have happened at the end of their teenage years. Either they except it and move on, or they don’t. In I need u they’re faced with the fact that they’re growing up, but they don’t want to accept it. They’re trying to find a way out (and succeeding). All the members essentially died, except for Jin. He’s mourning that they left him behind, in such a brutal way.

Run is thus more about accepting that they’re getting older. Although this realising and accepting happens in different ways. Tae and Rapmon realised it when they got arrested, which could end with them ending up in jail, because they are legal. Jhope accepted it by getting help for his problems, as he was in a hospital. Jimin accepted it by burning the photo, thus burning his past (aka leaving it behind him). Suga was more violent, he had more trouble with it, but I think that the mirror shattering was his stubbornness shattering. Jungkook I already talked about.

But we also get a moment of Jin realising that the other members are growing up. It was the moment his house of cards got blown over. He realised that everything is falling apart. That his lost boys were leaving him, that his carefully build home was falling apart, and that be would be the only card left (que Namjoon finding the one single card in the feathers after their pillow party).

To me it seems it really seems like they’re trying to portray two sides of the story. Neither is perfect or completely bad though. They’re more a yingyang kind of thing.

They’re leaving their most beautiful moment in life behind them, and no one will be able the tell what the outcome will eventually be.