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4.2k of smut, I’m not even sorry

‘OUCH! Stop, st- STOP IT PANSY! Argh, fuck, I think I broke a rib.’ Draco sat down on his bed, a painful expression on his face which was paler than usual.

‘You’re an ungrateful bastard’ Pansy flopped beside him, pouting ‘the whole Slytherin house knows I’m the best on giving massage’

‘Well, I better look for someone from other houses then’ Draco made another pained expression as he got up. ‘I can’t, I can’t walk. Argh, fuck!’ He laid down slowly. Pansy only stared at him from the door, the look on her a face a mixture of pity and remorse.

‘I’ll get someone. Even though you were a little bitch just now.’ She glared at him before leaving.

It’d started three days before then. He was getting ready on Wednesday morning to practice quidditch. Everything was fine when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, but the second he straightened his back an acute pain hit him on his hips. It’d gotten worse the past two days to the point now he couldn’t even sit properly without feeling it.

He laid there, thinking maybe he would have to look for Madam Pomfrey after all. But fuck, those potions always messed up with his stomach, he’d do anything to avoid taking them even if it meant asking for someone he didn’t know to give him a massage. Pansy had told him she knew what she was doing but at the end it’d only worsened it.


‘It’s for a friend, you see. He’s in a lot of pain at the moment and I was hoping you knew someone good on giving massages’ Pansy flopped down on a chair at the eighth year common room.

‘Well,’ Hermione started, closing her arithmancy book. 'I do, but… who exactly is this friend of yours?’ She gave Pansy a look that could be translated as 'Are-we-talking-about-who-i-think-we-are-talking-about?’

'Draco’ Pansy sighed, predicting the other’s answer. 'But… I swear he’ll behave. And you owe me this one, right? After I brought you those French hair products’ Pansy smirked.

'You really are a Slytherin’ Hermione sighed 'but they were actually amazing. I’ll help you with this one but I can’t guarantee it’ll go well.’

Pansy gave her a quick hug, grinning. 'Who is it then?’

'Harry’ Hermione murmured to herself.

Pansy gasped and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

'Holy. Shit. Are you sure he’ll want to do it?’

Hermione gave her a little smile.

'He owes he a favor’

Pansy’s giggling was catching the attention of everyone around them.

'Who’s the Slytherin one now?’


'Tell me how amazing I am’

The girl bursted inside his dorm an hour after she’d left to find Draco in the same position.

'You found someone?’ He got up, regretting the decision immediately. 'Ah, shit! Are they outside? Please tell me they’re outside’

'They’ll be here in ten’ Pany sat by his side and poked his cheek 'go on, tell me how amazing I am’

'You’re amazing’ he grunted. When he looked at his friend, though, she wasn’t paying attention, busy with a little pink bag Draco hadn’t noticed she’d brought before. 'What-’

'Oils. For the massage’ she smirked and Draco felt blood going to his cheeks.

'There’s no need for that’

'They have properties. They could help’ she started to take the little flasks with different colors out of the bag and pile them on Draco’s bed.

A light knock on the door told them Pansy’s friends had arrived.

'C'mon in!’

'I just don’t understand why… No. No fucking way.’

'Harry, please, Pansy said-’

'What the actual fuck, Pansy!’ Draco started talking at the same time Hermione tried to stop Harry from leaving the room. 'This is… ah, shit shit- ARGH!’ Draco’s attempt to get up brought back the striking pain on his lower back and he felt his knees failing. The next second he was tumbling to the ground with a loud thud. Tears came uninvited to his eyes and he bit his lips as hard as he could to stop from screaming.

Draco didn’t look up to see who it was that was trying to help him get up. A firm hand went on the underside of his thigh as the other grabbed his shoulder firmly, pushing him to his feet just long enough for him to get to his bed. When he collapsed on his bed, flushed cheeks and tears still streaming down his face, everything he could think about was that maybe his time had come. Die would be better than suffer so much humiliation in front of Saint Potter, who was panting by his side.

Harry stared down at the boy in front of him, Malfoy’s face twisted in an ugly expression. It was like he was trying to sneer at Harry but the pain was too much even for that. Harry sighed and turned to see he was left alone in the room with an incapacitated Malfoy. Well, shit, that was just great. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone? Peace, it was all he was asking for after everything. But, oh no, he had to have asked Hermione for help with his potions homework the week before, and now he owed her this. Harry wouldn’t have denied giving a massage to any of his friends if they’d asked him. He’d helped Hermione, Ginny and even Luna in the past. But Malfoy? Give Malfoy a massage, after everything, almost sounded funny.

Except it wasn’t because Harry had a hero complex and he knew Malfoy wouldn’t ask for such a thing if he wasn’t desperate. It wasn’t even Malfoy who came looking for Hermione, it was Pansy, which meant he probably was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t walk, from what Harry could see.

Small flasks caught his attention, all of them pilled up beside Malfoy.

'What’s this?’ He grabbed one and put it against the light. The liquid inside was thicker than water.

'Oils. Pansy brought them. She said they could help. Not like you need to know this anyway since you won’t use them.’ Malfoy spoke through gritted teeth, facing the wall opposite to where Harry stood. So he was expecting him to leave, that cocky bastard.

'Take off your shirt then’ Harry levitated all the tiny flasks to the ground and picked up one randomly. When he opened it the smell of cinnamon filled the room. Malfoy stared at him like he’d gone insane.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked slowly.

'Well, maybe a massage since that’s what Hermione asked me to do and I can’t have a fucking moment of peace in this castle. And since you seem to be unable to even walk I advise you shut the fuck up and take off your shirt so I can see what’s wrong and finish in time for dinner’ Harry looked up to find Malfoy gaping at him.

'Do you even-’

'Yes, I do know how to do it, you prick. And I’m using this one, so take off your shirt’ Harry signaled to the open flask in his hands as he sat down on the far end of the bed.

He didn’t quite know how the oil would help since he’d never used them when he gave massages before. He liked the smell of it, that was all.

Malfoy struggled to sit down. He undid his tie, opened every button and started to take it off, really slowly trying not to move too much, wincing everytime he did. He folded his shirt and put it on the chair beside the bed. Harry couldn’t help staring at the huge scars on his chest he knew he was responsible for. Guilt settled on his stomach as he tore his gaze away.

'Lay down on your stomach’ Harry got up and sat beside Malfoy’s body as close as he could without brushing their thighs. It was ridiculous, he knew, since he would be touching him quite soon. Malfoy did as he was told and stilled, realising what that meant.

And what it meant was that, like that, he was completely vulnerable. He turned his face to Potter’s side and searched the other boy’s face for any sign of danger but all he could see was a frown as Harry dripped the oil in his fingers. Draco felt his cheeks heat up for some reason he didn’t understand.

'I’m going to start’ Potter’s voice was low when he spoke. Before Draco could say anything Potter’s hands were on his shoulders, placed at the same distance from the centre of his back. They were warmer than Draco’s skin, soft and sticky with oil. His breath got stuck on his throat  when Potter squeezed and, even though his lower back still hurt, Draco felt some of the tension leave his shoulders. He exaled, relaxing into the matress.

Harry maintained the rhythm for a while, squeazing and releasing Malfoy’s shoulders, his thumbs pressing small circles on the other’s neck as he did. Harry, then, started to let his hands go lower, maintaining the pressing of his thumbs as he did until he reached the high of Malfoy’s kidneys. He stopped there to smear his hands with more oil.

'Where did the pain start?’ Harry found his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

'Hm… my hips’ Malfoy sounded sleepy when he spoke. He was so relaxed Harry had to hold back a giggle. He must really be great at giving massage if it meant even Malfoy was enjoying it.

He stopped shortly.

'Your hips?’ Shit, he wasn’t expecting that. 'Er… okay. I’ll- I’ll need you to lower you trousers a bit.  

'What?’ Draco opened his eyes, snapping out of his daze. What did Potter just say?

'So I can reach your hips. I can’t do much with them in the way’ he said slowly, almost like he expected Draco to start yelling at him.

'So you want me to take off my pants?’ Draco couldn’s believe what the fuck was going on.

'No! Just- Just open it, okay? I can do the rest…’ Draco stopped for a second. He reached for his buttons, opened them and laid down again. He turned his face the other way since he was pretty sure he was blushing. Shit, Potter better know what he was doing.

Harry exhaled gradually. He most definitely didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he did, but he shouldn         ’t be doing this. He should’ve stopped, told Malfoy to go look for Pomfrey and got out of there.

Instead he placed his hands on Malfoy’s lower back again. He rubbed his thumbs in circles there, with less pressure this time, and started to press lower as he did. He reached his trousers but since the buttons were open it hang loose on Malfoy’s hips. Harry let his thumbs go under the waist and Malfoy froze.

Harry exhaled again. 'This will probably hurt but if it doesn’t work I’ll know what I have to do, okay?’ He pulled his trousers lower until he could see the other’s boxers. They were black, just like his trousers. Harry could see the fine blond hair that covered his lower back was up.

'Just don’t break my bones’ His tone was sarcastic.

Harry had his weigh on one knee which was pressed against the matress, both hands on Malfoy’s hips.

'Inhale’ Harry instructed. 'Hold’ Malfoy did as he was told.

'Exhale’ he pushed all his weight on his hands as quickly as he could. Malfoy screamed and Harry cursed. They were panting, Malfoy still too shocked to say anything.

'It won’t work, not like this’ Harry got off the bed to take off his shoes. When he looked back Malfoy was staring at him with a strange expression on his face, fear mixed with something else. Was it anticipation?

'This will work’ Harry got on the bed again and before malfoy could say anything he passed one of his legs over the blond’s body, straddling him. Harry sat on Malfoys thighs, trapping him so he couldn’t turn around.

'WHAT THE FUCK, POTTER?’ Malfoy tried to free himself but Harry pinned both Draco’s hands above his head in a strong grip.

'I’m telling you this will work! Stop fidgeting and shut up!’

But focusing on Potter’s words was hard since all he could sense was the warmth and pressure on his thighs, so close to his ass. He’d never felt anything like that before, something disturbingly intimate and his whole body was reacting as if it was. He closed his eyes, cursing inside his head as blood rushed into his cock. Fuck fuck fuck, this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be…

'Inhale’ Potter’s words resonated closer to his ear than before. He shivered, inhaling as deep as he could. 'You need to relax’ Potter’s voice came out hoarse, his thumbs still tracing circles on his hips. Draco shuddered but felt his shoulders lose tension again.

'Inhale’, Harry repetead. 'Hold’ And Draco did.

Potter shifted on his thighs and Draco almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

'Exhale’ he did it again, placing all his weight in his hands, his thighs pressing hard against Malfoy’s as he did. A loud crack made Harry smile and Draco scream.

And then Malfoy let out a loud moan and Harry lost his train of thought.

Suddenly all the blood in his brain was going down, making his pants too tight. His ears felt like they were full of water when he heard Malfoy hum against the pillow.

'It worked’ Draco breathed, lifting his hips a bit to check if the pain was still there. The motion caused his ass to rub against something hard.

Draco gasped.

Harry moaned low.

Draco’s hips rose up again, higher, rubbing harder against what he knew was Potter and fuck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And then Potter pressed down, literally pressed against Draco’s ass so he could feel it, the whole length even through the fabric. Potter was hard, really hard and Draco felt his own cock twitching at that.

Draco moaned, the sound ringing in Harry’s ears. He should go, he knew he should, but Malfoy was panting, and lifting that roundy ass for him, to rub against him, and Harry saw his face when he turned his head to the side. His cheeks were flushed and lips parted.

Harry pressed again, leaning forward until his mouth was just above Malfoy’s left ear.

'Do you want me to go?’ He needed to be sure, to be certain he wasn’t imagining all that.

Malfoy gasped, his eyes tightly shut. 'No’ He lifted his arm, grabbing Harry’s thigh and craving his nails on it. Harry bit his earlobe, went for his jaw and started sucking there.

Draco’s cock was throbbing beneath him, so hard he was sure he might faint any second.

The next minute the pressure against his ass was gone making a small cry escape his lips. Fuck fuck, Potter must have come to his senses before he did…

His pants were suddenly yanked down to his knees, his boxers with them. The sudden movement ccreating friction against his cock, now leaking on the matress. Draco was sure he couldn’t blush any harder but it didn’t stop him from moaning when hands grabbed his arse cheeks. How come he didn’t know he could get pleasure from there? Potter’s hands were everywhere, squeezing, pinching, scratching the soft skin.

Harry opened his cheeks, exposing his hole and run his thumb there tentatively.

'Ah- ha fuck…’ Draco buried his face in the pillow again. This wasn’t right, this was so fucking wrong, what was he doing moaning for…

'I wanna eat you up’ Harry didn’t mean to let the words escape his lips. His gaze was fixed on Malfoy’s pink hole and when it contracted under his thumb the thought of licking there, fucking him with his tongue, assaulted his mind immediately. Malfoy shivered under him.

'Wh-What are you saying?’ the tips of his ears were even redder from where Harry could see them.

Harry got off of Malfoy’s thighs and pushed them apart. He grabbed Malfoy’s hips again, pulling his ass up a bit. He could see the blond’s cock was hard and swollen, rubbing against the matress. Harry got on his elbows, squeezed Draco’s arse again and bit the already marked skin.

Draco gasped, his head jerking to the side so he could get a glimpse of Potter between his legs. Potter was sucking him at the spot he’d bitten before, his hands massaging the place where his thighs met his ass. He run his fingers there, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. Draco drew a sharp breath.

He could hear Harry fidgeting with his own pants followed by the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Draco waved his hand towards the door, a click signalling it was now locked. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen if anyone decided to come in.

Draco felt something wet, warm and firm press against his hole.

'Fuck fuck, you can’t- ah… ahhhh P-Potter this is…’ he gave a choking moan when Harry began to lick him relentlessly, his own moans reverberating in Draco’s skin.

Harry licked, savoured until his tongue got past the tight ring, and then he was fucking Draco, fucking him with wet and hot thrusts of his tongue. Draco kept pushing  back, gasping as he did, completely out of control.

Harry had never done that before but the second he had laid eyes on Draco’s ass, naked before him all he could thing about was opening him, filing him up to get all those delicious sounds out of him.

Draco moaned, and moaned, louder each time. The words that came out of his mouth were incoherent, interrupted by sharp intakes of air.

'Yes… This- fuck Potter… I-deep-deeper’

Deeper, he wanted it deeper. Harry grasped the tiny flask he’d left on the ground and smeared his fingers with the oil again. He retreated his tongue earning a whimper from Malfoy that turned into a sob the second Harry’s middle finger replaced his tongue, getting in smoothly. Draco gasped, shivering uncontrollably and Harry just stayed there, mouth hanging open at the view. His finger disappeared and reappeared, Malfoy sucking him in while rutting against the matress. Harry curled his finger experimentally getting Malfoy to jolt and scream, throwing his head back. Harry caressed his thigh marked with purple bruises, another finger going inside his hole. The blond hissed but didn’t tell Harry to stop so he thrusted them to the base.

Draco’s brain was shutting down. The lewd sounds filling the room paired with the smell of cinnamon overstimulating his whole body. He wanted more heat, more pressure, more skin against his but the words kept getting lost in his throat everytime he tried to voice his needs. And Potter, fuck, he knew what to do with his hands, with his mouth. That fucking tongue worked like magic inside him. Potter was moving his fingers inside him in a way Draco didn’t even know was possible, scissoring them, thrusting them to the base.

The fingers were suddenly gone. Draco inhalled sharply but before he could complain Potter grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He laid there on his back, legs spread open, cock dripping with pre come. And Harry stared him down, took in every inch of his light skin shamelessly. Draco felt exposed even though they were both naked. His hole twitched, stretched and leaking all the oil Potter had rubbed inside him and Potter stared. He fucking stared, jerking himself as he did.

Draco grabbed his own cock and began to do the same. It was unfair, having to do it all by himself after all Potter did, that bastard. The gesture caught the Golden Boys’s attention, though, and Draco smirked.

'i want,’ Harry bent down, their chests flushed against each other, his mouth whispering in Draco’s lips. 'I want to put it in you’ he sucked Draco’s lower lip. Holy fuck, he was on the edge already. Potter moved his lips to Draco’s ear and shifted, the head of his cock now poking Draco’s entrance. Draco felt it tingle as Potter cast a protective spell. 'I want to fill you up’ he whispered against his ear.

'Fuck, fuck…’

'Has anyone ever done that?’ he nuzzled Draco’s temple, his glans rubbing against his hole. 'I’m going to take you’ Harry hold his cock steadily as he pushed an inch, stretching Malfoy for him. The blond was panting on his cheek, small sobs inbetween gasps for air.

Harry’s ability to dirty talk, even as his own mind wasn’t working properly was something he didn’t know he could do. He was blushing, panting, but the possessivness he felt made him talk. Malfoy was his, all his, he just never thought that that anger, the rush of adrenaline he felt every time they were close could be hiding something else. He always thought Malfoy was his to take down, to fight against. But he also was his to consume, to bury himself into.

Harry thrust slowly, taking in the tightness, the heat engulfing him. Malfoy was fisting his cock under him, eyes tightly shut and mouth hanging open. Harry stopped Malfoy’s hand with his own and, with a tight grip, trapped them both above his head. Malfoy opened his eyes, his grey irisis thin rings around blown pupils.

'Touch my cock’ he whispered against Harry’s lips, more a command than a pleading. Harry smashed their mouths together instead, refusing to let go of his grip. Draco shivered under him, opened his mouth, let Potter invade his mouth with that tongue. Fuck, that tongue that’d fucked him just minutes ago. And Harry kissed him, his cock deep buried to the hilt inside him. He was full, so fucking full he felt his whole body collapse when Potter started to pull back.

He thrust again, the friction, the pressure, sending shocks of pleasure to Draco’s cock, up his spine, everywhere. Through half opened eyes Draco saw Harry gazing at him, his glasses gone, his lips red, parted as puffs of air escaped them. Harry thrust hard when he realized Draco was staring back. His complex changed immediately.

'I-yes fuck ahh-ah…’ Draco’s whole body was trembling, his ass thrusting back against Harry’s cock, trying to get him to go deeper.

Harry released Draco’s hands, grabbed his thighs instead and lifted them, shoving in until his fingers were numb from the tight grip. He’d leave marks there, crimson lines, and the thought made him moan. Harry bent down again, his mouth reaching Draco’s neck. He sucked him there while he fucked hard and fast. Draco fisted his cock with one hand while the other scratched Harry’s back repeatedly.

His moans were louder now, loud enough Harry was sure people could hear them from outside the dorm. Draco didn’t seem to care, or even realize he was making those sounds.

The next moment Draco was contracting around him, trembling violently and coming on their stomachs. The pressure was enough to send Harry over the edge, his thrusts erratic as he came deep inside Draco.

Draco moaned again when he felt something hot filling him up, Harry’s last thrusts too much to handle.

Harry flopped beside him, his limbs drained of strengh.

'Merlin’ he whispered to himself.


'That was…’


They didn’t speak for the next couple of minutes. When Harry got up to leave, though, Draco reached for his arm.

'You could… we- uh… we could…’

Harry kissed him softly, almost clumsily before speaking 'Yeah, I- I’d like that’


Draco sat down that evening with Pansy and Blaise at their common room to warm themselves in front of the fire. He couldn’t help wincing a bit when he did.

'What’s wrong? I thought Potter had fixed you back’

Draco felt his face flushing immediately.

'He did! I just…’

'I’m sure he did. Just remember to go somewhere else with thicker walls next time you call him to fix your back’ Blaise didn’t even care to lift his eyes from the book he had in hands.

His cheeks were in flames and the expression on Pansy’s face wasn’t helping.

‘You owe me two favours now!’ She smirked, leaning against the couch like she’d won a bet.

‘What- Why two?’ Draco shifted and winced again at the new burning ache.

‘Because,’ She stuck up a finger like she needed to count all the favours Draco owned her. ‘I found someone to fix your back’ She lifted another finger. ‘And,’

Right that second Potter walked through the portrait followed by Granger and Weasley. He spotted Draco immediately and, well wasn’t that great, strode towards him, leaving Weasley with a confused look and Granger with a knowing one. He glanced at Pancy and saw her waving at the Gryffindor girl. Fucking amazing.

‘Hey,’ Potter stood awkwardly there before sitting on the arm of Draco’s chair. Draco knew his cheeks were already flushed but when Potter bent down and whispered in his ear he was sure he probably looked like a tomatoe. ‘Fancy a game of Wizard’s chess later?’

Pansy was shaking trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing.

‘Your dorm?’ Draco found himself playing with the hem of Potter’s hoodie. The bastard blushed at Draco’s words, but nodded with a smile on his face.

He’d barely turned his back when Draco heard Pansy’s voice loud and clear.

‘And, I got you a cute boyfriend. Two favours!’



Chasing the shadow || Part I

Summary: You’re Ezio’s friend. You meet him for the first time since many years.
Words: 1407
Warnings: none 
Author: Cass

[Y/F/C] - You favourite color 
[Y/H/L] - Your hair length
[Y/H/C] - Your hair color
[Y/N] - Your name
[Y/L/N] - Your last name 

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It’ll Always Be Me and You

Request: “Credence Fluff!!!! Haven’t seen Credence fics in so long, can you do it based off of “You and I” by Avant please?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Warnings: SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Originally posted by couplenotes

Oh baby
Funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far I wanna be where you are

Credence held you in his arms as you both lay in your new garden. The lease had been signed and it was final. This old beautiful home surrounded by lush landscape was yours to share. You hummed contently, Credence’s long fingers dragging through your hair. The air was rich with an array of sweet scents, and your knees were still dirty from planting the new Sweet Peas in the garden.

“The Sweet Peas look perfect in that spot!” You had said, huffing with your hands on your hips.

“And you look perfect too, my Sweet Pea.” Credence smiled, giving you a tender kiss.

You smiled to yourself, closing your eyes as you relished the feeling of being so close to him. The giddiness you felt had never died down, even after being with him for nearly two years now. You knew this memory would be one that would stick out in your mind whenever you reminisced about your life.

“Can you believe how far we’ve come?” You asked, looking up at a now slightly tanned Credence. He looked so different to when you’d first met. He was alone and afraid, and it showed. And now, he was loved and cared for, and it showed.

“I can.” He responded, combing a hand through his lengthy locks. They cascaded around his face, and you made a mental note that it would soon be time to trim his hair again. “I can believe it because anything’s possible when I’m with you.”

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anonymous asked:

Roadrat with Roadhog hugging a sad Junkrat. After some time passes, Hog begins to pull away, but then Rat says, “Wait, don’t pull away… Not yet.”

“I dun need ya”, Junkrat screamed, balling his fists–no his fist up tight. He was shaking from head to toe, his citrine eyes burning and glowing from unshed tears, fear palatable under layers of feigned bravado. “I dun need anyone, y’hear?! I ain’t no fuckin’ charity case! I-I-I still got me left arm an-and I-I’ll show them! I’ll show y-you! I-I’ll kill all of em! I’ll kill anyone…I ain’t…I ain’t no..”

Roadhog yanked the smaller Junker brusquely into his arms, careful to avoid the wrapped stump of his right arm. Junkrat went stock still for several moments before the dam finally broke, his tiny form shuddering hard as tears rolled down his gaunt cheeks. His arm had been taken from him, shredded by gunfire and seized by infection before being lopped off below the elbow. He was vulnerable and vulnerability meant death. He couldn’t hold his launchers like this, he couldn’t mix powders like this or build mines. He was dead. His mind screamed this at him. That he was as good as dead and it was due to his own overconfidence and fuck ups. Just when things were getting good. Just when he had found someone who actually fucking cared about him. And now…he was rightly fucked. 

He barely flinched as Mako sat down with him, Junkrat curling up in his arms and clinging to the bigger man to the best of his ability with one hand, sooty black nails scratching lightly at Roadhog’s chest.Sobs turned to hiccups, Mako’s hand rubbing up and down, his gravely breathing helping to calm sobs into hiccups. Neither one spoke as Junkrat’s slowly began to calm down, Mako beginning to pull away to give the Rat some space only to feel the frantic clambering of the smaller Junker. 

“Wait mate…not yet….n-not yet.”

Never there (Justin Bieber imagine )

Please pick up the phone. Please pick up the phone.
*hey it’s Justin. Sorry I didn’t answer but I’ll call you back later* *beep*
“Hey J its Y/N im going into labor. Your mom is taking me to the hospital right now. I know you’re half way across the world but I just wanted to let you know that I love you. You’re probably on stage right now and won’t get this until after your show but please just call me as soon as you can. I will send you pictures of our baby girl when she is born. Well we just got to the hospital so I have to go. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you to come home and see her. Alright, bye.”
You said and then hung up the phone and hopped out of the car, grabbing your hospital bag, and headed for the entrance.
“Oh my goodness I can’t believe this is finally happening! I’m so excited. Im going to go check you in then get you a wheel chair. Just sit down for a minute.” Pattie said then left to the check in counter.
You thought you would text Scooter and let him know what’s happening since he was always on his phone and he was practically like a father to you since your real one was a dead beat.
*text convo*
Y/N: hey Scooter. Just thought I’d let you know that the baby is coming soon. We just got the hospital and we are checking in now. I tried calling Justin but he didn’t answer so I left him a message. I’ll keep you updated as things move along.
Scooter: oh my goodness! I will be on a plane as soon as I can! Im so sorry we aren’t there for you at this moment Y/N. Justin is actually out at his after party right now but I know he will be back soon and when he gets back we will be on the first flight home. Stay strong. Love you kid.
Y/N: who’s he out with tonight? And I know how important Justins career and fans are to him so I get it that you guys have to go away. And I can’t wait to see you guys. The doctor is bringing the wheel chair to take me to my room so ill text you in a little bit.
*end of text convo*
The doctor had you grab all of your things and then he rolled you back into a hallway labeled labor and delivery and gave you a room. He asked you the normal question and took your heart rate and blood pressure and all that stuff then he had you put on a hospital gown. After you were done he came back and had to check how dilated you were and he said you were only at 2. Your contractions were really starting to hurt after the first hour and the doctor came and checked on you every so often.
“Honey I know it is hurting know but just think in a few hours you are going to be holding your beautiful baby girl in your arms.” Pattie said with a smile. You know she was trying to make you feel better but nothing was helping you at this point. You just wanted Justin to be here. Speaking of Justin, you never did see if Scooter texted you back about him.
*text convo*
Scooter: … he’s out with Hailey. But don’t work yourself up about it Y/N. They’re just friends.
Scooter: how are things going?
Scooter: Y/N?
Scooter: Justin just got here
Scooter: we are heading to the airport now.
He was out with Hailey… he was out partying with some girl while you’re here in labor with his child.
The doctor had just came in and said you were dilated to a 9 so it would only be about 15 minutes until you had to push. Patties face lit up when the doctor said that. You told the doctors you wanted to have her in the room with you and so they gave her one of those outfit things and she went and got suited up. You decided to let all of the fans know what was happening since they’ve been so supportive throughout this whole pregnancy.
(Twitter) @Y/T/N: its time guys! Im going to deliver in a few minutes just thought I’d let you know <3
After twitter you decided to check instagram and you honestly went into shock when you saw Justins most recent picture. It was him and Hailey… kissing. You honestly wanted to break down in tears. Pattie walked in with a huge smile on her face but it instantly dropped when she the tears in your eyes.
“What’s wrong” she asked, giving you a hug. You handed her the phone, not being able to comprehend any words, and she looked speechless as she saw the picture.
“I am so sorry honey. You don’t deserve this. I promise he will be in big trouble when I see him. But right now you can’t worry about it. We have to go and deliver your baby” she said trying to make the situation better. It did put a little smile on your face. You’re really about to have a baby. The doctor wheeled you out on your gurney and took you to a delivery room. Even though Justin basically cheated on you, you wanted nothing more than for him to be by your side right now.
“Alright on 3 im going to need a big push okay? 1, 2, 3” the doctor said over and over as you pushed and pushed for what felt like hours. You had never felt so much pain in your entire life and you were just ready to get her out. Then all of the sudden you felt all of the pressure release out of your body and you knew she was here.
You heard the little cries and happy tears came to your eyes. The doctor handed her to you and she was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen in your entire life. You decided to name her Skylar Avalanna Bieber. After you had her for a minute the doctors had to take her away to wash her off and stuff. Pattie was standing there with a huge smile on her face and you gave her a huge smile back.
*1 hour later*
They still hadn’t brought your baby back and you were honestly starting to get worried. You and Pattie were just sitting there holding each other’s hands praying to god that your baby would be okay. Finally the doctor walked in with a sad face and your stomach dropped as he spoke.
“ I’m sorry miss but your baby didn’t make it. Her lungs filled with fluid and she couldn’t get any oxygen. We tried are best to drain the fluid but her heart gave out to quickly. This isn’t your fault it just happens sometimes. Im so sorry again miss. I leave you alone for a while. If you need me just push the button” he said and then left the room.
Pattie had tears streaming down her face but never the less sat up on the bed and just held you as you screamed and wailed and cried violently.
After about 2 hours of constant crying, your tears dried up and you just lay on the bed with the most broken heart you’d ever had. Eventually Pattie left the room to go and collect herself.  A few minutes later you heard the door bust open and happy voices leak through.
Once they saw you they all got silent. You heard the doctor’s voice enter the room and tell them all to go out into the hallway.
“I’m really sorry to inform you guys of this but the baby didn’t make it.” He said then a huge wail came from you were assuming Justin’s mouth.
After a few minutes everyone slowly came in the room. No one spoke a word. I don’t think there is really anything you can say when this happens.
Justin walked over to you and tried to hug you but you pushed him away. Then something in you just became angry. Angry that he wasn’t here. He wasn’t here for you when you were giving birth to your daughter. He was out with some girl. Kissing some girl.
“So did you have fun with Hailey” you said as tears started flowing out of your eyes again. You looked over at all of them to see worried faces and Justin’s face just dropped.
“Did you have fun kissing that bitch while I was giving birth to our fucking daughter.” you said sitting up. Justin just stood there speechless and so did everyone else.
“Why weren’t you here Justin? Why for one god damn day couldn’t you just be there for me? I needed you and you weren’t here. You’re never here. I fucking hate you I hate you I hate you” you said hitting his chest over and over before finally collapsing into his arms and screaming.
“Why did this happen to us?” you asked Justin but he stayed silent just rubbing your back. Eventually everyone drifted over and hugged you while crying.
After a while everyone left the room except Justin. He just sat there holding your hand. You knew you shouldn’t forgive him but you needed him right now.
“I got to hold her you know. She was so beautiful. She looked just like you.” You said as a single stray tear left your eye. You looked at Justin to see tears falling out of his eyes.
“Im so sorry I wasn’t here for you. I would give up anything to have been able to see her just one time. Just to be able to hold her.” He said as tears were flowing from his eyes. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. This was his daughter too.
“Justin can you just hold me please” you said wanting nothing more than to be comforted by him at the moment. He nodded and laid down with you in the bed and wrapped him arms around you.
“I love you so much baby girl. Im so sorry this happened.” He said. You didn’t even have the energy to respond. You just felt dead inside knowing you would never be able to see or hold your daughter again.
You and Justin laid there all night in silence, letting out a tear every now and then. Neither of you could sleep. Even though you guys were both in so much pain you knew that you guys had to tell the fans who had probably been expecting baby pictures.
Twitter- @JustinBieber: Skylar Avalanna Bieber. 6 pounds. 3 ounces. 18 inches. R.I.P my baby girl. Daddy will miss you and love you forever.
Twitter- @Y/T/N- im sorry to inform you all but our baby girl skylar has passed away. Mommy will miss you forever and im sorry.
You both posted and got responses immediately with im sorry messages.
“What are we supposed to do now Justin” you said knowing that you were going to get discharged today. How were you going to just go on with life knowing the baby girl you carried inside you for nine months isn’t coming home with you?
“We just have to take it day by day. Be there for each other. Know that everything is going to be okay eventually” he says kissing your forehead.
“Nothing will ever be okay again” you said. You gave him a kiss hoping that it would somehow fill the void in your heart.

In that very moment you felt a little hand touch your cheek and you knew it was her. You knew that even though she wasn’t physically here, she was here. You knew she was safe with god and that you would see your again.

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I hope you're still taking prompts because here's one! Carl questioning Mickey about him and Ian and Ian overhearing :)

// I just loved this prompt so much and had to write it! More ROTC fic tomorrow if you guys still want. But this one is totally standalone, oneshot. Enjoy! //

Ian had just left for work, and Mickey was finishing his coffee in the kitchen, reading a book. There wasn’t much decent reading material in the Gallagher household, so he’d settled for Lip’s Postmodern Poetry book that he’d left lying around last time he’d been home from college. Mickey was quite enjoying the Ginsberg section over his pancakes, when Carl sat next to him. Mickey hadn’t talked with him much, so he nodded, a little awkwardly.

‘Hey kid.’

'Sup,’ Carl replied, snatching up Mickey’s last bacon strip. Mickey rolled his eyes, knowing it would be pointless to say anything. They were silent for a few more minutes, when Mickey became aware of Carl’s eyes on him. He glanced up from the book and saw that the younger boy was just sat, staring at him.


'Why are you with Ian?’ Clearly, Carl wasted no time.

Mickey frowned. ‘The fuck do you mean?’

'Why are you with him? It can’t just be about sex because you keep coming back. Again and again. So why are you with him?’

'I - I like him. Thought that was obvious,’ Mickey said uncomfortably.

'You guys are in a relationship?’

'Yes,’ Mickey said, not even thinking about it. Carl raised his eyebrows.

'So…you’re his boyfriend? He’s your boyfriend?’

Mickey shifted uncomfortably in his seat. ‘I guess. We’ve not really talked about it like that.’

Carl shook his head. ‘You guys are in a relationship, you guys are together - you guys are boyfriends.’ Mickey didn’t say anything. Carl continued. ‘You’ve hurt him, haven’t you? Not recently. But in the past. I’ve shared a room with him. I’ve heard him crying at night when he thinks no-one can hear. He was always careful not to cry loudly, but I could hear his choked up breathing, and the outline of his shadow on the wall would shake and shake. Sometimes I’d hear a pack of frozen peas crunching as he pressed it to his face. I’m not stupid. I know it was because of you.’

They were silent for a moment. Mickey felt like telling Carl he didn’t know what he was talking about, felt like running out, felt like doing anything but face it. So he spoke quietly. ‘Every day. I regret the things I did to him. When he left, I - I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I know I deserved that. There were so many times, before, when he did stuff for me, or tried hard because of me, or put up with my shit. All for me. I knew he was doing it but I had no clue how to tell him how grateful I was. I was scared of doing something serious or permanent with him because I was scared of what it would mean. I was scared of who I was. I was scared of the things I was feeling for him. And I couldn’t handle it, and I destroyed both of us. I regret that every day. When I came back, it was like I’d been given a second chance. I didn’t want to mess it up. I couldn’t. I don’t ever want to lose him again. I can’t.’

'You love him,’ Carl said. It wasn’t a question. Mickey just looked at him nervously. 'I know you can’t say it, won’t say it. But if you do, just stay quiet.’ And Mickey bit his lip and considered telling him to fuck off. But he couldn’t do that, because it would be a lie. So Mickey stayed quiet. Carl smiled. 'How did you know?’

'We were just drinking beers on my couch. Watching a movie. That’s when I started to think. Maybe. But I knew - whenever walked into a room. Or said something. Just fucking smiled. His fucking smile…and laughing, god. I’d say stuff just to make him laugh. But I think he’s - he’s something special. Cause he wanted me in spite of everything. There’s stuff you don’t know. But he kept trying. He kept making me better. He’s - Ian is my good.’

The two boys didn’t say anything, but Carl stood up and came to hug Mickey, who was tearing up a little. ‘It’s ok,’ Carl said quietly. A noise in the doorway made them both jump. It was Ian. He was staring at Mickey with his mouth slightly open.

And Mickey almost said, what the fuck you looking at. Almost got up, shoved past Ian and out the door. Almost ran off again. But he didn’t. ‘You heard?’

Ian nodded. ‘I came back to get my phone. Right after I’d left.’

'Right.’ He almost said it wasn’t true. Carl had set him up. It was a joke. But he didn’t say those things. 'I meant it.’

Ian wordlessly crossed to get his phone from the table. He picked up the book that lay in front of Mickey. ‘Ginsberg?’ he said softly.

Mickey nodded. ‘Under the burden of solitude. Under the burden of dissatisfaction. The weight,’ he paused, and looked at Ian, ‘the weight we carry. Is love,’ he said quietly.

Ian smiled. ‘Yeah?’ he whispered. Mickey nodded, stood up and pointed to the page.

'I like this part.’

Ian scanned the words, then turned to Mickey and took his hand, holding the book in his other. And he murmured gently, ‘the warm bodies shine together in the darkness, the hand moves to the center of the flesh, the skin trembles in happiness and the soul comes,’ he read.

'Joyful, to the eye,’ Mickey interjected, drawing closer to Ian. 'Yes. Yes. That’s what I wanted. I always wanted,’ he said. Ian dropped the book and cradled Mickey’s face, both stumbling, both laughing through their kisses. Then Ian stopped the kiss, just to look at Mickey for a moment. Their foreheads pressed together, both breathing into each other.

'Mick, I - I love you,’ Ian told him.

Mickey kissed him hard and then broke away to hold Ian. He nearly dropped him like he’d been burned, nearly told him to fuck off, nearly stormed out and slammed the door. But he didn’t. Because he didn’t want to. He wanted to pull back and look into his eyes as he said it. ‘I love you, Ian. I love you too,’ he said firmly, finally.

Carl grinned and slipped away quietly. His work here was done.

// hope y’all liked!? let me know and keep prompting me!! //

// note: the poem referred to is Song by Allen Ginsberg. I beg you, take two minutes to read it, it’s beautiful. //
#42 (John Laurens x Reader)

From this prompt list: “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

For @sugarplumannie :)

The door clicked shut. John’s footsteps were unusually light, and you put down the laundry you had been folding to find him in the kitchen. He was holding a beer which looked to be almost empty.  

“Are you okay?” you asked tentatively.  When he didn’t answer right away, your mind flew to the worst possible options.

You moved to hug him. “Someone got hurt, didn’t they? Is your mom okay?”

You stopped. “Is it Liam?” John worked with your brother, and you were intensely protective of the both of them.  You took his face in your hands. “John. I need to know.”

He shook his head, setting down the now empty bottle. “Don’t be mad, okay?”

“Well that’s never a good way to start a sentence.”

Breathing deeply, he blurted out, “I got fired again.” He looked at you, afraid of what you might say. You sighed. John had had trouble holding a job for the past year, for one reason or another. It wasn’t too much of a problem- your rent was cheap and he had some money saved up- but it wasn’t looking great for his resume.  

“What happened?” You leaned on the table, running your hands through your hair.  

“I punched someone.”


“It was justified!”

“John! At work? What the fuck?” Your face pinched in disapproval. This was so unlike him.

He reached for your hands, covering them with his own. “Liam doesn’t really want me to tell you. He knows you’ll worry.” He saw you were about to speak, and held up his hand. “Just let me finish, okay? I was making some copies, and Liam walked by. One of my coworkers said something really terrible about him, and I couldn’t let it stand.”

“What did they say?” Your voice was so quiet that you were surprised John had heard.

“I don’t want to repeat it. Suffice to say it was pretty transphobic.”

You felt tears spring to your eyes, and you squeezed John’s hands tightly. You knew Liam could handle himself, but you wanted to protect him as much as possible. He was your little brother after all, and you had been by his side through his transition- if you had had the chance you would’ve decked quite a few people.  Liam had always held you back, telling you that violence was never worth it.

You hugged John, wanting to hide your tears.

“I had a meeting with my boss before I left. I explained the circumstances, and actually got my coworker fired as well.” John shrugged. “I’m gone, but so is he. Hopefully they will finally institute the zero-tolerance policy I had been pushing for.”

Looking up at him, you said, “You’re unemployed. Again. I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.

“I know which I would prefer.” He grinned, handing you your phone. “Go on, call him. I’ll make dinner.”

Temporary Tattoo

Bechloe One Shot:

Chloe had always gawked at Beca’s many tattoos. The bug on her forearm, the headphones on her wrist, the writing on her left upper forearm, and the flower that’s on the back of her right shoulder which Chloe remembers very fondly from the day she heard her singing in the shower. Chloe of course has her own bug tattoo. A ladybug. Simple, delicate, and easy to miss unless you’re really inspecting her. Beca’s tattoos however, are very evident. They were the second thing Chloe noticed about her that day at the fair, right behind her strikingly beautiful face.

Her eyes found the headphones on Beca’s wrist, as she stood before all the Bella’s telling some tale about the guy she saw crash his bike into the campus fountain. She was articulating with her left hand and her tattoo was a small blur. Chloe had never actually asked Beca about her tattoos. She felt that they were probably personal, and Beca didn’t do well with personal. Chloe knew a lot about Beca despite the walls she had tried so hard to keep up. Getting to know her had taken a lot of work though. Chloe never pried her for information. She always waited until Beca was vulnerable. Sometimes that was after a few shots of tequila at a party. Sometimes it was when she had stretched herself so thin and she was so tired that words like “pudding” and “illuminate” were amusing and fun to repeat out loud over and over again. And sometimes, on the rarest of occasions, it was when she had finally reached a breaking point, and she would come into Chloe’s room and curl up onto her bed into a tiny little ball, snuggle under the covers, and watch Chloe do homework on her laptop while silent tears flowed down her cheeks.

That’s how Chloe had heard about how Beca took her parent’s divorce. Chloe was working hard on an essay for Russian Literature late one night when her bedroom door opened. She looked up from her laptop, and standing before her was red-faced, exhausted looking Beca. She always was small, but in that moment, the brunette seemed even tinier than usual, and she looked so hurt. Chloe didn’t ask her what was up, she just scooted to one side of the bed and pulled back the covers. Beca climbed beneath them, and there was silence between them for almost forty minutes as Chloe worked, and then Beca spoke.

“My mom is engaged.”

Chloe didn’t look up from her typing, but replied with a simple, “Oh?”

“Yeah… She is moving to Florida in the spring. I didn’t even know she was dating anyone. She’s always keeping secrets from me. Like when she and Dad were getting divorced… I didn’t even know until I came home from school one day, and I noticed Dad’s car wasn’t in the driveway. I knew he should’ve been home from work, so I went in the house and found mom sitting on her bed. She wasn’t crying or anything. She was just looking at the ground. When I asked her where he was, she didn’t even look up, she just said ‘He left.’ That was it. No explanation. No I’m sorry. No hugs. Just two words…” When she didn’t continue, Chloe looked over at her and noticed her eyes were closed like she was willing away bad memories, but tears continued to escape her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Becs…”

Beca kind of scoffed, “Well, don’t be. It is what it is… I got over it. I just became used to her always making things as simple as possible. I cared for a little bit after he left. I would cry, you know, and ask her when Daddy was coming back and I’d cry about how much I missed him, like any little eleven year old would, and all she would say was “He’s not.” Then she would go off and do something like laundry, or maybe some work she had brought home with her. Eventually, I stopped asking. I just got used to him not being around, and just being a birthday card in the mail and a phone call on Christmas… But I guess I didn’t really get over it. I stayed bitter… But I always thought the bitterness was just at Dad. But today, when Mom called and all she had to say was “I’m engaged,” that stupid two-word response thing that she does, I realized just how angry I am for her just kind of emotionally shutting down… At least I know where I learned to build walls from…“ At that point, Chloe’s heart was breaking and she slid her laptop off to the side, and had scooped her small, and what seemed at that moment, very fragile friend into her arms and just held her for awhile as Beca composed herself.

It was those moments when Beca’s walls would fall and Chloe could catch short glimpses of the complex person beneath them. Chloe loved those moments. She loved learning more about the one person she could never fully figure out.

"Chlo, did you hear any of what I just said?” Beca was looking at her, as were all the Bellas

“No. Sorry. I kinda spaced. What?…”

Beca rolled her eyes and came over to her, “We were all talking about the guy I saw fall into the fountain, we all want to take a swim, and since tomorrow starts our spring break, we are going to go to the beach!”

Flo stood up, “Vamos a la playa, chica!”

Jessica and Ashley simultaneously started singing, “Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get away!”

All the other girls chimed in and started a giant singing fest in the living room of the Bella house. Beca smiled at Chloe, and stretched out her hand, “Let’s get to packing!”

Amy drove them all the next morning to the beach. They left really early in the morning, so the bus ride was pretty quiet. Chloe, being the early bird, was up two whole hours before any of the other girls, had loaded her stuff onto the bus, and was working on her second cup of coffee when Cynthia Rose, the first of the girls to be awake besides Chloe, came into the kitchen for breakfast. Now sitting on the bus, everyone but Amy and Chloe were asleep. Beca was on the inside seat with her head against the window. Chloe watched as her head would knock against the window every time Amy would hit a slight bump in the road. She reached over and pulled Beca’s head toward her until it rested on her right shoulder. Beca shifted, snuggling her face closer to Chloe’s neck, and looping her arm through Chloe’s. Chloe stretched out her hand and Beca wriggled her fingers between hers. They sat that way until they reached the beach.

Everyone was pretty much doing their own thing. Stacey had found some young guys more than willing to rub tanning oil on her back, Jessica, Ashley, and Cynthia Rose were all splashing around in the water. Amy was sitting underneath the umbrella in a beach chair chilling next to the cooler with all the alcohol, and Chloe wasn’t sure where the rest of the girls had disappeared to. Chloe grabbed her towel, spread it out, and pulled her book out from her bag. She had read a few pages when a voice sounded from behind her, “We came to the beach to have fun, nerd.” Beca was standing with her arms folded, squinting at her with a smile stretched across her face. Chloe could see the pink lotus tattoo peeking over her shoulder.

“You left me, dork. Where have you been?” She stood and walked over to her.

Beca motioned toward the buildings between the hotels that lined the beach up and down, “Just looking for a place to get a temporary tattoo.”

Chloe cocked her head to the side, “Why temporary? You have enough permanent ones. Temporary doesn’t make since.”

Beca grabbed her hand and pulled her along, “You always get temporary first to see if it is a good fit, come on Beale, don’t you know anything?” Chloe followed behind Beca to a little beach-wear shop. Along the far right wall, there were hundreds of tattoo designs. “Choose for me and I’ll choose for you.”

Chloe grinned, “Really?”

Beca shrugged, “Sure, why not?”

Chloe smiled and looked at the choices before her. Dolphins are too typical for a beach trip, and not Beca at all… Suns are no, butterflies are a no, birds no… “That one.”

“That one? Are you sure?”


Beca smiled, “Okay, where at?”

Chloe turned to her confused, “Huh?”

“Come on, Beale, keep up… Where at? Where am I putting this tattoo?” She stretched her arms out and spun in a circle.

Chloe raised up the bottom of Beca’s tank-top, “Right there.” She pointed to Beca’s hip bone.

“Okay. Now, my turn to choose for you.”

Two hours later, they both headed back to the other girls admiring there newly decorated bodies. “I like mine,” Chloe said as she looked over her left shoulder to see the beautifully adorned elephant that Beca had chosen for her.

“I like mine too, actually.” Beca raised up her shirt to reveal the small howling wolf that now covered her hipbone, and a little bit below her bikini bottoms.

“That’s good. I figured you would hate it.” Chloe nudged her playfully as they walked.

Beca continued to look at it, “Nah, you did alright, Chlo.”

It was 10:30 that night, and Chloe was stretched out on her bed in her and Beca’s hotel room mindlessly flipping through the channels on the television. “Ouch,” Chloe said as Beca flopped down on top of her.

“Dude, I’m bored. Let’s hit the hot tub!”

Chloe shoved her off, “I just took a shower…”

Beca grabbed her shoulders and shook her, “This is spring break. Where is my ginger with all the jiggle?”

Chloe sighed, “Fine…”

They were the only people at the hotel hot tub. “Where’s everybody at?” Chloe asked as she slipped into the warm water and placed her back against a massaging jet.

Beca slipped in across from her, “Oh, it closed at 10. We are kind of breaking hotel rules right now.”

“Oh, well, figures,” Chloe laughed. She pulled her hair up into a messy bun making her new temporary tattoo visible to Beca.

“I like your elephant. It suits you. I did good.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Hey, why did you choose the elephant anyway?”

Beca shrugged, “I don’t know. You’re smart, so are elephants. You like peanuts, so do elephants. Elephants are cute…”

“Aww, are you saying I’m cute, Becs?” Chloe smiled widely at her.

Beca’s face reddened, “Don’t put words in my mouth. I said elephants are cute.”

Chloe swam over beside her, “You aren’t denying it. Just admit it. You think I’m cute, don’t you, Mitchell?”

Beca played it off, “Okay, Ms. Thing… Why did you pick a wolf for me?”

Chloe looked at her sincerely, “Well, wolves are strong animals. On their own, they are majestic, powerful, and beautiful. They are fierce. Much like you. But, they are also very pack orientated. They are loyal and protectors of those that they care about and if anybody tries to cross their pack, it’s hell to pay. Just like with you when people try to mess with the Bellas. You may think you are a lone wolf, but really you are our pack leader.”

Beca stared at her for a few seconds, “Whoa… You really thought about that tattoo, huh?” Chloe smiled, shrugged, and started moving her hand swiftly back and forth under the water. “So you think I’m beautiful. That’s what I got out of that.”

Chloe smirked, “Oh, shut up, Beca.” She splashed water towards her dampening the right side of her head.

“Oh no… You did not just start a splash war with me. This is serious business. I don’t think you understand how hardcore I am when it comes to-” Beca’s speech was interrupted by a big wave of water smacking her in the face.

“No, I think I do want to start this war. I’m winning,” Chloe laughed.

“It’s on.” Beca pulled her arm back behind her and then thrust it forward causing a huge wave to flow right into Chloe’s face, drenching her whole head. Beca swiftly floated in behind her before Chloe had time to recover, and pinned Chloe’s arms across her own chest. “What now, Chlo? You can’t use your arms. Whatcha gonna do now, huh? Hold your breath!” Beca let her fill her lungs then she dunked her under into the warm water. “Who’s winning this war? Oh, that’s right. That would be me!” She dunked her again.

“Beca…” Chloe moaned in playful frustration.

“Say I’m the best, and I’ll let you go.”


Beca started to lift Chloe up to dunk her again, “Say it. Say it, Chloe, or you’re going under again.”

“Wait! Okay… Okay… You’re the best.”

“Thank you!” Beca dunked Chloe under again, this time letting her go.

“What the hell?” Chloe wiped the water from her eyes.

Beca laughed and then said, “You knew I was going to dunk you again. It had to be done. I am the alpha.”

Chloe turned her back to her, folded her arms, and made a hateful “Hmph” sound. Beca swam up and hugged her from behind, resting her cheek on Chloe’s tattooed shoulder. “Oh, Chloe… Don’t be mad at me… Please?” Chloe’s arms tightened closer to her chest. “Chloe… I’m sorry.” Beca placed a gentle kiss on the elephants head. Chloe felt heat rise to her cheeks, and her body stiffened, but this time for a different reason than just fake irritation. “Please, Chole…” Beca kissed her again.

Chloe turned around to face her. Beca looked into her eyes. A knot formed in the pit of Chloe’s stomach. There was something in Beca’s face. An innocent, playful, look, but at the same time it was mischievous and daring. “Please… Don’t be mad.” Beca kissed her left cheek this time. Chloe still said nothing, too stunned to actually form words, and also afraid that speaking might stop the moment from moving forward. “Please?” This time the kiss was on her right cheek. Chloe’s heart began to beat fast, and she could hear the thumping inside her ears. “Pretty please, Chlo?” Beca leaned forward with her head tilted slightly to the right and kissed Chloe’s lips gently. Chloe counted the seconds in her head. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Beca pulled away, red faced, but smiling. “Still mad, Beale?”

Chloe couldn’t find words, so instead she lurched forward planting her lips firmly against Beca’s. Beca stepped back until she was against the edge of the hot tub. She cupped Chloe’s face in her hands, and Chloe wrapped her legs tightly around Beca’s waste. Chloe, feeling more energized by the second, slipped her tongue into Beca’s mouth, finding that Beca was just as energized. Chloe let her hands wander up and down Beca’s sides as they kissed. She stopped the third time her fingers touched her bikini bottoms. “I think we should go upstairs.” Beca pushed her forehead to Chloe’s and nodded as she tried to catch her breath and compose herself. They got out of the water, wrapped themselves in a towel, and dashed up the three flights of stairs to their hotel room. Before Beca could even get the door fully closed, Chloe had shoved her against it, pressing her warm, soaked body hard against her. Beca kissed her fiercely, shoving her back against the wall. Chloe jumped wrapping her legs around Beca’s tiny, but extremely durable body. Beca carried her over to the bed closest to the window, and threw her onto it. She kissed her neck a few quick times, then pulled the curtains shut before climbing on top of her.

She slipped her fingers beneath Chloe’s bikini top and pulled it over her head and flung it across the room. Chloe felt Beca’s eyes examining her, and she suddenly became very self-conscious, but before she had time to act upon her insecurities,  Beca kissed between her breasts sending shivers all over her body. Chloe gripped at Beca’s back, then ran her hands down to her hips, before resting on her thighs just below her butt. Beca kissed all around Chloe’s stomach. Chloe let out small whimpers every time Beca’s lips got close to her hips or the top of her bikini bottoms. Beca ran her hands up Chloe’s sides, and Chloe lifted her arms above her head, so Beca could trail her hands over her rib cage. Beca hovered her mouth over Chloe’s breast for a few seconds then gently slipped her nipple into her mouth. Chloe arched her back and her chest heaved with excitement. Beca licked and nipped at Chloe’s neck, until Chloe sat up to remove Beca’s bikini top. Beca slid out of her own bottoms then pushed Chloe back to the bed before gripping Chloe’s bottoms between her teeth and slowly pulled them down to Chloe’s feet. She ever so slightly dragged her fingers back up Chloe’s leg, and brushed against her inner thigh. She moved Chloe’s legs further apart and then kissed all around Chloe’s entrance. She squirmed and moaned, and wiggled trying to get Beca to hit the spot that was dying to be touched, and finally she felt the warm push of Beca’s tongue inside her. “Oh, Becs…” Beca’s tongue moved swift and firm, and made Chloe’s head spin with arousing anticipation. Beca worked slowly, careful not to touch Chloe in the one spot she knew would drive her over the edge. Beca kissed and sucked, while running her hands up to Chloe’s breasts, and squeezing. Chloe’s moans were like music to her ears, and her heavy labored breathing meant it was time for Beca’s next move. She pulled away from her and climbed onto her sideways, making her very wet self push against Chloe’s extremely wet self, and she began to rock. She shifted her lower half against Chloe, slowly at first, but then could no longer make herself keep an even pace. Her rocking began to gain momentum, and she pushed herself hard into Chloe, feeling her slick clit rub against hers.

“Oh, fuck Chloe…”

Chloe was gripping her hair, and was biting on a pillow to stifle her moans. “Oh my god,” was all Beca could make out through the muffle of the pillow. Chloe arched up and let out a loud squeal of delight, and Beca felt her twitching beneath her. Beca knew it would be torture for Chloe if she kept going, but she was so close, and she saw no point in stopping. Beca continued to grind into her hard, making Chloe gasp and pull at her and the bed sheets. Chloe let out an exaggerated, “For fucks sake, Becaaa…” and that was all it took. Beca groaned and she slowed her grinding down and then collapsed on the bed beside Chloe. They laid there without speaking for a long time while they both tried catching their breath.

Chloe rolled over on top of Beca smiling, and kissed her gently. Then she curled up against her and ran her hand up and down Beca’s arm. “Hey, Becs, what’s with the stick bug tattoo?” she asked as she trailed over it with her fingers.

Beca laughed loudly for a few moments, “It isn’t supposed to be a stick bug… It’s a praying mantis. It was actually the first tattoo I got. When I was younger, my dad and I used to go camping every summer, especially since he wasn’t really around all that much… One morning, there was this weird shadow on the outside of the tent. I crawled out to see what it was, and I freaked out because it was this ugly bug that was huge and had crazy looking arms. My dad came out of the tent, told me what it was, and scooped it up in a jar so I could examine it closely without having to touch it. He told me that whenever a praying mantis showed up, it was because he was taking my dad’s prayers about me back to God. It’s stupid I know, but I was like twelve and it seemed really nice. But that was the last time we ever went camping… When I turned sixteen, my mom signed for me to get a tattoo, and I was going through some shit, and I felt like I could use a prayer or a miracle or something, and I thought about what he said, and I just got the mantis…”

Chloe smiled, “Hmm… I think that’s really sweet. What about the headphones? Why’d you get them?”

Beca looked at her blankly, “I love music. I thought that one was obvious?”

Chloe sat up and stuck her tongue out, “I didn’t know if it had a deep meaning or not…”

Beca said, “Nah, neither does the flower. I just thought it was pretty.”

“Oh… Well what about the writing in…”

“German. Nur menschlich. It means ‘only human.’ It is just a reminder that we are all only human. Everybody fucks up, so I can’t be super hard on myself when I fail, and it’s also a reminder to forgive and let go when people screw me over because, hey, we are all only human… So yeah, some of my tattoos are important to me.”

Chloe laid her head on Beca’s chest. This woman is so amazing, and full of surprises…

Beca grabbed Chloe’s hand and turned it to where her wrist was showing, “What’s up with your lady bug?”

“My mom and dad call me their Little Lady Bug. When I left for college, I wanted to take that with me. We were all very close…” Beca said nothing, but a smile stretched across her face. Chloe shivered as the air from the air conditioner in their room finally felt cold. She slipped off of Beca to climb under the covers.

Beca was inspecting her hip, and  then she slipped under the covers and put her face close to Chloe’s, “You know… I just may have to make this temporary tattoo permanent.”

If I Could Fly


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can you write an Isaac imagine based off the song If I Could Fly by 1d?? tysm!

For your eyes only, I show you my heart. For when you’re lonely and forget who you are, I’m missing half of me when we’re apart. Now you know me, for your eyes only.

Long distance, that’s what it had come down too. Isaac left Beacon Hills after the tragic death of Allison, and headed with Chris Argent to France. He told you right before he left that this town pushed him to the limit, and he needed to get away and take a major step back. And of course you couldn’t fault him for that, everyone was dealing with Allison’s death in their own way. It’s just Isaac’s way was to leave it all behind, including you and fly away. As much as you couldn’t be mad at him, there was a part of you that was.

Tonight was no different than the last ones, it consisted of you staring at your phone hoping that it would ring, hoping that his name would light up the screen. It consisted of stack of assignments being left on the desk, because the constant worry of if he was okay took top priority over stupid school work. It consisted of your mother yelling at you for neglecting your chores, as well as not eating or coming out of your room as much. It consisted of several calls from the pack just to see if you were okay.

Everything was a constant repeat, but you didn’t care. Because the only person you cared about was on the other side of the world. And that, right there felt like half of you had gone missing because of it. The ringer went off and you scrambled across your bed and picked up your phone, seeing his name pop up was a sign of relief.

“Hello” you answered.

“Hi love, how you been?” he asked.

Melting back onto the bed you closed your eyes to savor his voice, “Okay what about you? How’s France?”.

“It would be a lot better if you were here, that’s for sure” he replied, playing with the blanket it was hard to not feel upset.

“How’s Chris doing?”. You heard him sigh deeply on the other line, and you couldn’t imagine how he must be feeling. Everyone in his life was either dead, on the run or evil and losing his daughter you wouldn’t blame him if he went over the edge.

“Doing much better, his been through this before so I guess his just trying to stay tough”.

“Must be hard” you stated.

It was the greatest hour of your life, Isaac and you talked about school, the pack, the new threat in Beacon Hills. While he informed you on France, the new things he has done, and how much better he felt since he left.

“Are you at home?” he randomly asked out of the blue.

“Yes…where do you think I would be at 9:00pm?”.

“Oh I don’t know out kicking ass” he responded.

You laughed and missed his witty humor, “God it’s so good to hear you laugh” he said. “Hey if I timed it right there should be a package arriving at your door, right about now”.

Getting up from you bed confused, you kept the phone to the ear while making your way down stairs. “Don’t tell me you sent the Eiffel tower over?” you joked, while Isaac chuckled.

“I’m a werewolf, not a genius mastermind. But I think what I got you is better than the Eiffel tower”.

Landing at the end of the stairs you used your free hand to open the door. Movement of any kind froze, and in front of you was Isaac looking the same as he left. “I do hope I get a hug, and maybe if I’m lucky a hello kiss?”.

Hearing his voice in person after months of not being able too, being able to physically reach out and touch him was an overload of emotions. You ran up and hugged him so tight, not wanting to let go just in case he would disappear. Tears streamed down your face, and no-one would ever know the joy you felt in able to have in him your arms.

“I know you don’t want to let go love, but your going to have to so I can come in” he stated.

“Promise me you won’t disappear if I do?” you whispered in his ear.

“I promise” he replied instantly.

Slowly unfolding your arms from around his neck, the two of you stepped back into the house. Wasting not even a second, you brought him to your room so you could talk and just be with him.

“When did you get into town? Why did you decide to come back? Did something happen in France? Is Chris with you? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” You fired questions upon questions at him, and all he did was look at you with admiration and love.

Pulling you down on the bed, you cuddled in his side. “First off I came back to town today. I came back because I missed you more than anything. No nothing happened in France. Chris is still there. And I didn’t tell you because the look on your face when you opened the door, was something that I’m never going to forget”.

“I can’t believe you flew all this way”.

He brought your chin up so you could look at him, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Because you mean the absolute world to me. I love you and sometimes I don’t think that’s even enough to describe just how much”.

Finally after waiting all these months, you were able to place your lips on his, you were able to feel the emotion and passion behind every movement. “Maybe we don’t need words, maybe all we need is our actions to show each other how much we love one another?” you suggested.

Isaac didn’t protest, he pulled you up and you straddled him. It was slow, but that didn’t make it any less passionate, romantic or intense. It felt like the two of you were re-connecting, this felt like the first time. Where each of you were re-learning the other one’s triggers, where their weak spot was, what made them want more and the things that didn’t provide the kind of effect the other was looking and hoping for.

As Isaac made his way down and worked on the sensitive spot down there, you gripped the sheets hard and were glad that your parents were currently out of town. Having them hear their daughter yell out profanities wasn’t something they needed to actually hear.

“Isaac” you panted as he switched between his fingers and mouth.

“Yes, my love?” he smirked.

“I-I need you…please”.

He didn’t need to be told twice, as soon as you felt him where you needed him the most , you pleasure senses went into overdrive. He moved in and out, skin slapping against skin, groans and moans echoed the bedroom walls. All while the two of you were awaiting the final, ultimate climax.

“Open your eyes” he told you.

Finding that strength was harder that you thought, but you did it anyway and saw Isaac above you, sweat pouring down his forehead. The pleasure reaching it’s peak for the both of you. “I can’t hold on anymore” you informed him.

“I know, I can feel it. Me either, ready to let go?” he asked.

You nodded and one finale thrust Isaac moaned your name, while you placed your hand on his chest and came down from the high. He pulled himself out and curled up next to you, covering both of your naked bodies with the blanket.

“I miss that, feeling so connected to you”

He stroked your hair and gently kissed your forehead, “Me too…me too love”.

Feeling blissfully content you couldn’t be anymore happy that you were right now. “Isaac you do know that me like this, is only for you. No-one is ever going to touch or see me the way you do now”.

It was important for you to let him know that moments like this weren’t going to be shared with anyone else. No other man would see you the way Isaac does, and you couldn’t imagine anyone doing so. You were all his, and hopefully he was all yours.

“Good, because I’m never letting you go” he told you, and every part of you believed he was being completely honest. He ran his fingers down your side, and you felt yourself shiver at the unexpected touch.

You didn’t know how long he was here for, but if tonight was all you guys had then it was more than last time. “How about we make the most of right now, care to go another round Lahey?”. Getting up you let the sheet fall to the ground, “But let’s be a little more bold this time, shall we? The couch looks pretty inviting, or perhaps the kitchen table, maybe even up against the hallway wall?”.

Racing up so fast he was like a blur, grabbing you by the waist, your bodies become close. “And what if your parents decide to come home early? I’m not particularly fond of them finding out I’m screwing their daughter, in their home nonetheless”.

Running your finger down his chest, you seductively whispered. “But isn’t the part of the fun? Plus I’m pretty sure your werewolf senses will come in handy if, oh I don’t know, you heard a car door slam or keys in the lock? I’m all yours Isaac, so take me anywhere in this god damn house because I’m not done showing you just how much”.

He picked you up and carried you out the room, walking right into the bathroom.

“Can’t say no to my girl, now can I? I went gentle in the bedroom, don’t expect me to go gentle in the shower.”

You closed the door with your foot and the cold tile wall in the shower hit your back, while Isaac adjusted the water temperature. “Show me what you’ve got, don’t hold back now”.

“This is going to be one long night” he stated, unexpectedly attacking you with kisses while your hands combed through his hair.

“I’m counting on it” you added, before once again the both of you repeated what happened in the bedroom here in the shower, the couch, kitchen and finally back to the bedroom.

Panting heavy trying to do whatever to slow your heart rate down, Isaac pulled you closer. “I have no energy left, I’m officially worn out. More so then the plane ride over here”.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to feel my legs in the morning” you spoke.

“That’s what happens when we have sex multiple times around the house” he added.

Closing your eyes, rest was too hard to ignore now. “Goodnight Isaac”

“Sleep well, I love you” he covered you with the blanket more, making sure that you were warm.

“Please be here when I wake up” was the final words that came out of your mouth, before sleep engulfed you.

He looked over at your sleeping figure in his arms, a hint of sadness flickered in his eyes. The truth was Isaac didn’t know how long he was going to stay, his visit back to Beacon Hills was never going to be a permanent, welcome back home one. Because as much as he wanted to stay, this town was still toxic. And maybe it was selfish of him to come see you, but he would of gone crazy if he hadn’t.

And it was killing him that he was going to have to leave again, but for right now he only wanted to be here with you….you were his priority tonight. Closing his eyes, he felt you move that little bit closer and he held on that extra bit tighter. Not wanting morning to arrive, not wanting to have to leave all this behind again…not wanting to have to leave you behind again.

Ever Since - Jensen AU Imagine

Prompt: Reader and Jensen reminisce over how they met and got together.

Warnings: soooo cute I’m dying i wish this was true



“Honey hurry up we’re going to be late…again might I add” I shouted as I finished the final touches of my outfit which were the earrings. “Alright alright I’m ready” Jensen stepped out in a sharp classic tuxedo man he took my breath away he was so irresistible. “Babe close your mouth you’ll catch flies” he chuckled “oh hush it’s your fault for being so damn hot” I blushed heading out with my purse and coat in hand,Jensen following behind.

>>time skip>>

We arrived at the restaurant Gen and Jared were already chatting it up with Misha and Vicki. Jensen put his hand on the small of my back and walked beside me. “There they are” Misha interrupted all eyes on us as we took our seats. “Yeah sorry Y/N took soo long” giving me a just go with it look “Yeah I’m the one who took 2 hours doing their hair” Everyone laughed “hey I thought you wouldn’t tell” Jensen pouted “sorry babe” I shrugged.

The night carried out on back to Our place with random topics,conversations & laughter. We reached the point in the evening where we talk about each other & asked each other questions ,Jared piped up “so Jensen what made you fall for Y/n?” his smile quirked upward “Well it kinda of a long story I don’t think you guys wanna hear it” Jensen tried avoiding the confrontation “oh come on Jay tell us” I pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh alright” he gave in as I smiled in victory “It was the first day back from break,Season 9 was up and in gear I walked out to the lot and saw Misha speaking to a beautiful woman so of course I was intrigued. I headed over to introduce myself and to get a closer look at her as I approached she turned and looked at me with big gorgeous y/e/c eyes and smiled ever so kindly it blew the air out my lungs. Misha being Misha was like this is the guy I told you about,Jensen who plays Dean. I smiled awkwardly as she held out her hand to me and said ‘Y/n,Y/n Y/L/n I’ll be playing Roxane Stern aka your fake brother’s love interest’ as soon as those words left her mouth I froze like an idiot I don’t exactly know why but I did.”

“Yeah that’s how you met her but the question was what made you fall for her?” Jared clarified growing impatient “Sweetheart he was getting to it. Right Jensen?” Gen asked softly “oh yeah of course” I reached for his hand and held it as he spoke “Well It had been about 5 months since Y/n started Supernatural and she had a great bond with everyone but she wasn’t really paying attention to the hints I was giving that I was interested so I decided like any normal person would to come clean and ask her out that day she was reading The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud and like the idiot I was I said Oh Charlie Brown I love that cartoon total face palm moment. But instead of getting upset or saying that I’m an idiot even though I totally was Y/n smiled and said me too. In that moment I felt a feeling I had never felt while with another other person like a tingling in the pit of my stomach.”

“God Jensen TMI” Jared interrupts “not like that Jared just let me finish” Jensen stated “I took it upon myself to ask her out since we had this common interest she accepted which was a total surprise to me. I took Y/n out two nights later at the Shan Gri La Restaurant it was a lovely evening and I went to pick her up she came out wearing this stunning aqua low high cut flowy dress that made my jaw drop I rushed to open the door and take her hand getting in.

At the restaurant we started up convo with the common questions like favourite hobbies,shows,movies etc and found we had more things in common which was great the night carried on just as planned so after our dinner we took a trip to the fair just outside of town. Y/n decided it would be great fun to take the ferris wheel and the dumbass I am accepted. Big mistake we ended up getting stuck at the top and I freaked out again I don’t know why but now that I think of it the reason was being nervous anyways I was breathing heavily and trembling so Y/n being the sweet person she is put her arms around me and began singing The Beatles’ songs it eventually calmed me down and I ended up kissing Y/n as the ferris wheel began running again we were stuck for about 3 hours at least but I was content with Y/n.

Ever since that moment where I felt so lost and panicked and Y/n sang to help me through it I knew she was the one it sounds cliche and it was only the first date but she made my heart patter in such a way it never has before” Jensen turned to me and smiled wiping a silent tear for my cheek that I didn’t know fell he got up and pulled something out of his pocket once I realized it was a ring box I gasped he got down on one knee “Y/n you are my sun,your the stars that shine at night,your heart is so pure and made from gold that I believe you truly were created by heaven. You’re the one I wanna see when I wake up and the one I want to see when I go to bed, you’re my best friend,my other half and the only person I’d want to have as the mother of my children. So would you please do me the grand honour of marrying me?” I had my hands to my face as I bawled unable to put words together I just nodded my head crazily “yes?” Jensen question “yes a thousand times yes” I grabbed him and kissed him he picked me up and spun me around Misha,Vicki,Gen and Jared all cheered.

Jensen placed another kiss on my lips before putting me back down and placing the ring on my finger then taking a seat “ok that isn’t all the news we have for tonight I was going to do this two weeks from now but this feels better than anything. I went to the doctor 5 months ago to get some routine blood work done when I was told something I was unaware of” I turned back and grabbed my book where I knew it would be safe since Jensen never opens them and opened the page where I had left it “I’m pregnant” I smiled Jensen’s mouth dropped “you’re you’re i’m i’m” he got up and grabbed me kissing me passionately as we broke apart he smiled “I’m going to be a dad” a tear fell and I wiped it hugging him tight.

The eventful evening had come to a close after all the congratulations and celebrating we did it was way past 12 I was in the bathroom changing out of my black dress and into Jensen’s acdc tshirt and pj pants when I heard scribbling I opened the door and saw Jensen at the desk writing away I came up to him asking what he was writing he smiled and said “I dunno Darling I just wanted to write the baby a little welcome and a few need to know things” I quirked an eyebrow “what things?” “Well for starters how we met,our first date,the first time I said I love you and vice versa,our first parental meeting,first vacation etc you get the point” he smiled turning back to his note book “alrighty then Imma head to bed okay honey” I kissed his forehead and crawled in. Man was I lucky my eyes became droopy and before I knew it I was asleep dreaming of Jensen and the life our future awaits.

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fallen leaves part 2 | jimin

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a/n: yeah idk about this lol but I could continue it and make it into a series if ppl like it? (wow lauren how do u do this all the time I’m shitting bricks posting this lol.)

genre: angst

word count: 1.5k

Daisy and Lila froze. Had you really just said that?

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Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing

Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

Jai looked at his cell phone and looked at your number for about five minutes contemplating whether to call you again. Jai should be happy as his career was taking off, he had his family and friends but something was missing and he was not happy. He did not have you. He made the worse mistake of his life letting you go a couple of years back when he was filming Insurgent and Terminator. His career was just starting to take off and he did not want to be tied down with anyone. He was a fool because there was not one day you did not cross his mind. He missed you…he really missed you. You completed him, you brought out the best in him and he just did not see it at the time.  Jai looked at your number again. He had to hear your voice again…he had to see you. He pressed the call button and held his breath as the line rung.

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The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Okay, so I’ve had this fanfic idea ticking around in my head ever since I saw Casanova with David Tennant and I just couldn’t resist. You, you don’t need to have seen Casanova for you to be able to read the fanfic - but if you have, I recommend a game of spot-the-reference. There are a few in this chapter alone. XD

A small warning, though, Uni is currently keeping me insanely occupied, so I can’t promise regular updates. However, I have given my lovely beta @hermitinthetardis the right to kick my sorry behind whenever she thinks I’ve gone far too long without sending her something. So there’s that. :P

This fanfic is dedicated to @the-untempered-prism for giving me the nudge I needed to actually start this fanfic…and for actually replying to my messages. XD

Hope you all enjoy!

The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Summary: After Versailles, Rose knew the Doctor was an incorrigible heartbreaker. Having to babysit Giacomo Casanova for three months while the Family of Blood searched for them did nothing to improve that image. (Ten/Rose; Casanova/Rose)

Rating: Teen

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Don't mess with me

Pairing: Sam Wilson x reader

Anon request: where they got into a fight because Sam flirts a lot with the other female agents, in a playful manner but the reader kinda take it seriously and left him to cool down. So to teach Sam a lesson as to whom he belongs, the reader sent Sam a customized sexy/porn magazine- with the reader’s sexy pictures, nudes, fantasies, etc. Fluff and smutty smut please *wink*

A/n well this one just came out natural for me 😂😂😂😂. second part?.

“Have you guys seen Sam ?” I asked the team as I walked into the kitchen. We were supposed to go out for lunch but he was nowhere in sight.

“I believe he was training some agents in the gym” Steve replied as he was fixing himself some lunch.

“Alright thanks Steve” I left the room and started walking towards the gym. Once I was about to open the gym I heard feminine laughter, opening the door I was met with my boyfriend surround by female agents. They were all laughing as one of them touched Sam’s biceps while Sam was playfully flirting with them.

“Hey sweetie did you forget about something” I asked venomously. All of the agents surrounding him quickly backed off.

“Hey babe yeah I was just heading your way” Sam replied.

“Really? Because to me it looked like you were flirting with lowlife agents who can’t grasp the fact that you’re taken” I glared at the agent the touched his bicep and I noticed fear in her eyes. “Why don’t you tramps run along before someone gets hurt” with in a matter of seconds they all disappear leaving a very terrified Sam alone.

“Listen babe-” Sam started to talk as he was cautiously walking towards me.

“DON’T ! ! !” I used my stern voice. “You always do this Sam and I’m fucking sick of it ! ! !” I yelled out.

“It was just harmless, you know I love you and only you”. Sam tried to come towards me again.

“It’s not harmless when they touch you Sam” I felt like ripping his head off. “How would you feel if I acted the way you’ve been acting. How about I go flirt with Bucky right now and see how you like it” I knew he didn’t like Bucky that’s why I brought him up.

“I would rip his-”

“Exactly ! ! !” I felt tears streaming down my face. “That’s exactly how I feel every time I see you flirting with the female agents. You know what I can’t look at you right now” I started to walk away.

“Y/n” I could hear Sam’s voice crack when he said my name but I just walked out of the gym.

*Sam’s pov*

Dammit I fucked up big time, I didn’t know she would be this upset. My heart broke when I saw her crying. I was walking into the living room when I noticed Tony, Steve, Bucky and Clint all sitting around.

“I need your guys help with-”

“Y/n? Yeah I know we just saw her crying to her room. You really need to cut your crap Wilson, why are you flirting with those agents when you got a hot ass girlfriend.” Tony interrupted me as the rest of the guys looked at me.

“You’re flirting with other woman?” Steve asked disappointed.

“Yeah I’ve seen him do it, I’m surprised y/n hasn’t dumped you yet.” I glared at Tony.

“I was playful flirting-”

“Flirting is flirting Sam, my wife would kill me if I did that to her” Clint looked serious. “My advice is to apologize and NEVER and I mean NEVER flirt with other woman ever again”

“I was trying to but she just said she couldn’t look at me”

“Ooooh” all of the guys said at the same time. “You my friend are screwed” Clint patted my shoulder as he left, the rest of the guys followed except for Steve.

“Buy her some flowers” Steve tried to give me advice before leaving alone with the guilt that was washing over me.

*y/n pov*

It’s been two weeks since I’ve talked to Sam or left my room. The only times I would leave was when I was getting something to eat or going to the bathroom. I couldn’t look at Sam, even though he’s been leaving me flowers everyday since our fight. I would just throw them in the trash where I knew he’d see them.

“Y/n can I come in?” I heard Natasha’s voice from the other side. She was my best friend and unfortunately she hasn’t been here for the fight.

“Yeah come in” I wiped my tears away.

“Guess what happen- what’s wrong sweetie” Natasha rushed over to me and gave me a hug.

“I got into a fight with Sam” I sobbed as I held onto her as I told her about the fight.

“That mother- he’s going to pay.” I felt her standing up but I stopped her. “What about those stupid agents, everyone knows you guys are dating”

“Wanda told me they quit the minute they left the gym. Something about them fearing for their lives” I laughed because I’m pretty sure Wanda messed with their minds after they quit.

“They’re lucky I wasn’t there, I would of beat the shit out of them” I could tell Natasha was serious. “What are you going to do about Sam?”

“I don’t know, I still love him with all my heart. But I can’t deal with what he’s been doing” Sam really has been the only man I truly loved and watching him flirt with other woman kills me.

“Then get even, remind him of what he’s got and warn him that if he does it one more time. It’s the end of your relationship”

“How do I do that?” I asked wiping my tears away.

“How comfortable are you with posing nude?” Natasha gave me a mischievous look.

*time skip Sam’s pov*

It’s been another week and y/n still hasn’t talked to me. I never truly realize how badly I was hurting y/n with my flirting, I’ve kept my distance from the rest of the agents. Steve was more than happy to take over the training I normally do so I could focus on getting y/n back. With one finale punch I ended my workout and started to gather my stuff before exiting the gym.

“Sorry man I didn’t see you” I apologized as I bumped into Steve.

“It’s ok Sam, oh and just to let you know I saw y/n going into your room earlier” my heart started to race as I made my way to my room.

“Y/n I’m so sorry for everything baby I-” I started to apologize as I stepped inside my room but noticed she wasn’t inside anymore. Instead there was a magazine on my bed, picking it up I noticed y/n face was on the cover. She was in a skimpy bikini and leaning on a motorcycle. On the cover it says ‘for your eyes only’ I sat down and opened it up. In the very bottom corner it said 'photos taken by Natasha romanoff’, letting out a sigh of relief that it wasn’t another man that took the photos. My eyes widened when I noticed she was wearing my wings and a thong. Going through the magazine the photos of her kept getting racier and racier with little details of our sex life.

'I want to lick your long juicy cock’ was written underneath a photo of her licking a Popsicle with her tits exposed and one of her hands is inside her underwear.

'I bet you wish you were tasting this pussy right now’ was written underneath a photo of her with legs spread and her fingers buried inside her. I slid my hand under my shorts and pulled out my cock as I started jacking off to the photos.

'Do you remember that time when we fucked in your office? We were so loud that people kept banging on the door and telling us to shut up. But we only got louder’. I started to pump my cock faster.

'You have a gorgeous girl Sam, it would be ashamed if you lost her to someone else. All because you couldn’t stop flirting with other woman’ was written underneath a photo of y/n with a vibrator shoved up her pussy.

'If you want to prove to me you’re sorry come to my room, I’ll be wearing this’ was written on the last page underneath a photo of her completely naked and laying on the bed. I shot up immediately and ran to her room, not bothering to knock I just burst through the door.

“Hey Sam, took you long enough … .”

Wonwoo: Vampire Bites and Witchy Concoctions (pt 1)

backstory pt 2 pt 3

Summary: angst angst angst angst :) also fantasy au

“It’s funny that we believe so much of what we’re told without question,” You mutter to yourself as you drag your legs in and wrap your arms around your knees. You’re sitting on a windowsill with a blanket wrapped around your arms.

“I believed that I really had something here.” You whisper. The boy on your bed, Wonwoo, sleeps peacefully. You watch the rise and fall of his chest as he lays on a bed that you can barely call your own anymore.

“You broke me.”

The light pitter-patter of feet down the stairs reminds you that you’re not alone in this house. There are 12 other people, besides you and the boy on the bed. You wipe a stray tear from your cheek as you rise to your feet, dragging your blanket along with you. You place a kiss on Wonwoo’s forehead, watching as his lips part at the feeling of yours on his skin. He sighs in his sleep and your name seeps from his lips.

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Promise me - John Laurens x reader

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You were jolted awake by your husband John, who was laying next to you in bed. Your eyes fluttered open to see him sitting up on the bed, panting hard.

“John, dear? Are you alright?” You said, yawning. You sat up next to him and rubbed your eyes. His breathing slowed as you spoke, then he turned to you.

“Huh? Oh, Y/N. Yes, I’m fine……just a nightmare.” He said, holding you close against his chest. You felt his heart pounding.

“Would you like to talk about it?” You asked, running your fingertips over his scalp in an attempt to soothe him. He nodded, sighing as he kissed you sweetly. You both laid back down and got comfortable.

“It started out simple. We were at home but I had to go off to fight again.” You frowned at the memory of when he first left for the revolution but shook it off.

“Then you got really upset. I mean ‘really’ upset. You couldn’t stop crying and pleading with me. It was heart breaking to see you in such a state. Then suddenly, you just got up and left. You took everything you had and left the house and I never saw you again…” He continued. His voice noticeably choked on the last sentence and you looked up to see him, a tear falling down his beautiful face. 

“Promise me you’ll stay, Y/N. Please don’t ever go.” He spoke softly.

“Ohh John, I could never, ever leave you. Not in a million years, not even after that.” You kissed his cheek and wiped his tear away with your thumb. He smiled down at you, engulfing you in a hug and nuzzling his head into you. You sighed in contempt as he dozed off, a soft snore coming out of him. You kissed his cheek once more, before resting your head on his chest. You were about to fall asleep yourself when you heard,

“I love you more than life itself, Y/N.” He mumbled into your hair. You smiled at him and let out a yawn.

“I love you too John, now let’s get some sleep.”


Personal imagine.

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Blue’s pov

“Wake up!!!!” I whined again and I laid on sleeping Harry’s back. It was 10:00 am already and Harry promised me that he’d go shopping with me. But curly head wasn’t ready to wake up yet.

“Please baby five minutes more.” Harry said as he buried his face further in the pillow. But I snatched the pillow away.

“Stop sinking in it. Don’t try to choke yourself. No matter what you HAVE to go shopping with me” I said stubbornly as I cropped my arms over my chest.

Within a minute Harry rolled over and I was thrown on other side of bed on my tummy.

“Heyyyy that’s rude” I said as I sat up.

“Who said to lay over me?” Harry smirked.

“Yeah yeah ” I rolled my eyes.

“By the way congratulations world Mr. Harry Edward Styles is finally awake.!!” I said as I stood on bed. Harry giggles and pulled me down by my leg so that I landed on his lap.

“You’re sooooooo!” Harry said showing his dimples.

“Sooooooo what?” I asked as I furrowed.

“Nah leave it” Harry said as he got up from bed and started walking downstairs. He knew clearly how much I hate cliffhangers. But yet there he was doing that.

“Tell me!!!!” I whined like a baby. He chuckled and turned toward me and wrapped his arms around my neck.

“You’re sooooo tiny” he said and started laughing. My mouth hung open. I was the tallest among my friends. 5'8 feet isn’t tiny.

“Excuse me mister! You better know some mathematics. 5'8 isn’t tiny!” I said poking his chest. He shook his head and continued laughing. As I turned away and started walking I felt his grip on my arm making me turn to him again.

He pulled me close. So close that I could feel his breath mixing with my own. My kind eyelashes were touching his. Mine blue eyes were staring on his green ones.

“You’re sooooo beautiful BlueElle” he whispered and I pouted.

“Don’t call me BlueElle. Just Blue.” I said in a childish way and he chuckled. Vibrating of his chest send vibrations to mine own.

“Shhhh” he put a finger on my lip and slowly leaned in. It didn’t took much time for him to touch my red lips with his own pink ones. He started moving them. Taking my upper lips between his.

It always felt so magical. When ever we kissed it felt like I was at top of the world. Even after two years of being together Harry had this impact on me.

“Now let’s go shopping shall we?” Harry asked as he rested his forehead on mine. I smile and nodded.

~At the Mall~

“Baby try this one too!” Harry said from other side of the door. I was in changing room. I opened the door and saw him carrying three or maybe four dressed on his shoulder and one in his hand. He looked so cute like a hanger.

“Beautiful !!!” Harry gasped as he saw me in that baby pink dress with laces at bottom. His reaction made me blush with the same tint of baby pink as dress.

“Well baby that blushing suits you well with the dress” he said and sent me a wink. I giggled and took all the dresses from him. Trying each one of them. After I was done trying and showing him I decided to select three from six.

“Wait Hun why only three? You sketched six right ?” Harry said as he saw only three dresses on the counter.

“Uhh the other one wasn’t too good” I said and shrugged casually.

“Oh cmon you looked so cute in those!” Harry said and took other three from the lady who was guiding us. He paid for them and took my hand and pulled us out from the store.

“Thank you boo.” I said staring at him.

“No proven baby” he said and cupped my cheeks. He was about to kiss me when a girl’s squeal interrupted us. He looked up and so I and found Kendall. Yes Kendall Jenner running to Harry with wide open arms.

She came running into his arms. Giggling she hugged him tight. To be honest I was always told that I’m pretty and beautiful and goals and etc. But every girl has her own insecurity and mine was Kendall.

She was so damn goals in everything. And my insecurities hit me more knowing that she had past with Harry too.

They were so lost up in chatting that for a minute I thought Harry forgot about me. He looked so happy and just he looked like she made him happy.

Without making any sound I left them there and went inside of a coffee shop. I knew Harry didn’t noticed me. It was something which hurt me. Not in a bad way. I let my tears on my hands.

After like fifteen minutes I felt someone’s tap on my shoulder. I looked around and saw Harry standing there with a ‘just about to cry’ expression. He quickly pulled me up and hugged me. He hugged me so tight that my broken pieces got fixed together.

“Why’d you leave baby?” He said and he kissed me continuously.

“I-I dunno Harry. I felt awkward standing there. Seeing you with her made me feel like she makes you more happy than I. And it’s just my insecurities just hit me.” I said looking down. With a sigh I felt Theo finger u see my chin lifting my head up to look in the eye of the person standing in front of me.

“You know why I chose you? Because you’re the first person who’ve made me felt like this. Who’ve made me realise what love is. Blue, you’re not just an ordinary girl. You’re an angel. Your lips aren’t pink like other girls, they’re red. Your eyelashes are way longer. Your skin is much glower. Your heart I more purer than anything in this world. You’re not just BlueElle to me. You are my BlueElle, my world, my everything. This may sound cheesy but the truth is I learnt how to live because of you but never learnt how to live without you.” He finished.

I never heard something so beautiful. So pure in my entire life. What he said touched my soul. I didn’t knew how to thank him. So I just put a hand at back of his neck and pushes him towards to me so I was kissing him like my entire life depends on it. He kisses me back like same.

His arms were wrapped around my waist and mine around his neck. We were kissing with pure love, passion, hunger and lust. Soon we felt round of applause which made us pull away. There were claps and whistles everywhere. I guess everyone in the shop heard his words.

I looked at him, smiles and connected our lips again. Everything was perfect like the way God planned it. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.
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Okay so on November 28, 2014 I went to my first concert and saw my favorite band Slaves, also Get Scared and several other local bands in Jacksonville, fl. It was without a doubt the best night of my life. hugs, pictures, autographs, tears of joy. It was all around amazing. Right when Slaves got on to perform, the guitarist Alex Lyman jumped on the amp that I was right behind and fell right on me, left a bump on my head and everything but I didn’t care tbh I loved it. He came up to me after the show and kept apologizing and took out his wallet and gave me 20 bucks and followed me on instagram. I’ll never forget that night.