i got a good quality video this time


If it turns out Acxa isn’t Keith’s sister in season 4, then this will be very dated in a month or so…

Which is why I did it now while I still have time to ride the theory train! xD

I had a lot of fun making this video, it was just the trial and error of trying to get the video quality as good as I wanted that was the hard part. No matter how much I fiddled in Premiere with settings, it still looks pretty blurred sadly. But overall I’m still happy I got it done and can share it!

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PSA For New/Beginner Musicians

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a bit folks, been rather busy trying to get that EP out, but now that I have, I’m back and I’m all yours.

Anyways, I have some important advice for… well any musician, really, but it’s something I know I struggled with a lot when I was first starting out and I wish someone had told me.

Now this may not be so prevalent in certain circles, but in the circles I started out in (and some I’m still in), gear seems like it’s everything. And honestly? “Good” gear, the gear people dream of, and the gear people really want, is expensive.

But more importantly, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that whatever you’re playing, whatever your setup is, sounds good to you. Even if it doesn’t sound good to anyone else, the question is, do you like it? As long as the answer is yes, you don’t need to change a thing.

Some of, what to me, is the best sounding gear I own, is also some of the cheapest.

What got me thinking on this is I just watched a video of a guy playing a $100 guitar and a $10,000 guitar. 90% of the time, if I closed my eyes, I honestly couldn’t tell which was which. When I could, I actually personally preferred the $100 one’s sound.

I’ll probably follow this up with a quick little advice post on finding good gear for cheap as well, because I’ve discovered that quite often what you end up paying the big bucks for isn’t quality, it’s the brand name.

- Mod Cody

YURIO in Yuri on Ice Ep. 12 - Interpretation/Analysis

In my personal opinion, I believe Yuri on Ice made suggestions towards my Yurio crush theory (1, 2), but if you prefer to think of it as just admiration, that’s fine. Either way, it’s a beautiful turn of events. I’m going to take apart the scenes from Episode 12 and explain how I interpret them.

This episode really hit me in the feels and I loved it. So far I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to it, but I have also seen people who are unhappy with Yurio’s part in it. If you are one of those people, I’d suggest reading this post or my post about Yurio’s past, as I think they help people get a new perspective on him.


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Keith crying about not being able to communicate and missing his mom is canon thers a video please watch it i will never stop talking about this omg

we DID, IM STILL NOT OVER IT. I MISSED THIS KEITH SO MUCH. like??  it was such quality content and it was so good to bond with him again?? after s2 and s3 i was really salty and frustrated by the amount of wasted character arc time but this video made me so happy? like, we’ve got so much info about him? he’s actually quite insecure and well aware of his short temper and honestly??? he was so fucking relatable it  s  t  u  n  g at times. like, fuck, where are adoption papers, this boy deserves all the moms. 


I did get to work with Don Was, who is responsible for later Bob Dylan albums and worked with the Stones way back, and he did a lot of John Mayer’s last couple of records. So I did get to work with him, but the songs he got to work on were bad songs, and that’s my fault. So the songs we worked on probably won’t make [the album], but I really enjoyed it and hopefully next time we can do something. He was pretty cool.
—  Niall Horan, on producers he would love to work with: Singapore showcase 7.7.17 (via 1directSG’s Instagram live story)

I re-uploaded this because the first time I did it, tumblr inexplicably made it a sketchy quality. (edit: the video is still in fact a sketchy quality at the beginning. it’s tumblr’s fault, not mine. the rest of the video is good quality though)

Making this vid was seriously cathartic, and really that’s all I have to say about it? It’s emotional, but it’s got a hopeful vibe to it, and I like that. Plus, does this song not just feel like it was written for this show?

Song: Glass by Thompson Square

Show: Steven Universe but does anyone really need to ask at this point


“I do things because they feel good. I killed your High Sparrow, and all his little sparrows. All his Septons, and all his Septas. All his filthy soldiers. Because it felt good to watch them burn.

[7/7/7] Allen’s House Showroom 2nd livestream - transcript summary
  • Unexpectedly he had a second livestream today and I just caught it in the nick of time right out of my shower
  • I’m bolding all his English phrases
  • It’s Tanabata today (7th July) and it’s a day where you write out a wish on a piece of paper and tie it onto a bamboo tree 
  • Oh my god!” <– when the video jammed and the quality turned bad
  • love and peace” <– is something that he wants
  • He opened up the conversation about Brave 10′s stage and said that Nezu Jinpachi is his favourite character
  • And he said he had quite a good time because he already knew a good number of the actors there, like Kousuke, Ryoutarou and Shou”
  • I got a question in! I asked who he was closest with among the Brave10 stage cast and he answered the haisute guys 
  • Then I tried to ask who he thought was sexier between Rokuro and Ana but the “sex” part of the word got automatically censored out by a star lol
  • Someone asked if he got to see “Rokuro’s Rokuro” which is a euphemism for I’m not exactly sure what but… lol. He said yes he did, he got to see a lot it
  • So I asked again afterwards in full Jap this time and he responded by reading the question out loud. And then with a laugh he said “Well both of them are sexy. Really sexy. Ana’s of course really sexy and Rokuro also has a really charismatic appeal about him.” 
  • High schoolな時… NativeAmerican…”: In response to an often asked question of him - why he can speak English - he started talking about his high school days. The main language English so everything - math, languages, science - was taught in English; as well as daily conversations between the students. They also had proper American teachers. It was like a specialised school for people who specifically wanted to get into American universities and get “high score” and go on to become “lawyer, pilot - high career”
  • He said he liked Mathematics a lot, and then told us to guess his score for his first ever Math test in high school. Full marks was 200
  • Fans were guessing like 150, and I was generous and said 178
  • Then he revealed… he scored 2
  • As in, 2 points out of 200
  • THAT WAS unexpectedly HILARIOUS 
  • He liked Mathematics but he was bad at it, he said
  • He liked English too, it was his favourite subject “English一番好き
  • He took an English language qualification exam in the past but says he’s forgotten most of his English now, so… 
  • He also said it’s important to study hard and that all the other subjects were important too. I think this was just a chance for him to say many English words like “Mathematics… Science, Ecology, Economics”
  • He enjoyed his Chemistry classes especially practical and especially when the experiments were like “explosionみたいな”
  • He also went to overseas for university and that was where he matured and really got into contact with English and also picked up dancing
  • He also gets asked many times if he’s a “half” because of his name and because he can speak English and he says “Nope. I’m from Okinawa. My name is Allen, but Kohatsu Allen.” 
  • I’m sure another reason is because of your facial structure Allen
  • Then he started to show off his imitation skills because he loves imitating others
  • I forgot to say that he IMITATED DONALD DUCK YESTERDAY and it was really good! That’s my personal favourite
  • Today he imitated a good deal of characters, like some Japanese comedians, Mario from Super Mario, the Twitter notification sound (this one was also really good), Goofy and Mickey (the Japanese ones) as well as a sick-sounding Gudetama. This part was super funny too. When he imitated Mario he also imitated his classic pose
  • Some clever fans started asking for him to imitate Iwaizumi, which started a chain of many of us asking for “Iwaijime” and “Iwa-chan”
  • He said there’s no way he could imitate Iwaizumi as he was referring to the voice actor, Yoshino Hiroyuki XD 
  • I tried to be smart and suggested he imitate Oikawa. Some other fans too. Someone even asked him to imitate Asuma Kousuke
  • I would like to hear him scream “Iwa-channnnn!”
  • Apart from imitation, singing is also one of his favorite things. He picked up the mic and asked us whether he should sing
  • Everyone said yes! And then he hemmed and hawed… and put the mic down and I thought we were getting trolled
  • But actually he was seriously considering it and thought about doing acapella, or rock. He sang a bit of RADWIMPS’ Zenzensense
  • Then he decided on singing a song from a movie that recently played… Beauty and the Beast! “A tale as old as time…” 
  • It sometimes sounded like half mumbles but he had a very good voice and he sang us the first verse
  • Lastly to wrap up (sorta) he gave a self-introduction again. His name is Kohatsu Allen, his hobby is researching curry and appreciating music and movies. He likes dancing too but he’s not that good at it yet. He’s 23 this year-
  • Which I bought (because I didn’t remember…), but some people started to say that wasn’t true
  • And then he fessed up… “Hold on I’m actually… 25. Who said ‘23′? Who was the one who said that I was 23?! It wasn’t me!!” 
  • He had a final message but none of us could hear it because the video jammed… 
  • So the final final message was - till next time! Not sure when, but soon, and he’ll announce it on twitter only on the day itself like he usually does

He’s so funny at so many things oh my god. I think these streams will help to make me less nervous for meeting him in person at that birthday event… I think. I hope? 

On the Miracle Whip spokeswoman's new video

First of all Taylor, I CERTAINLY did not make you do that.

It’s a good video if it can make me tolerate the song. It’s quality production and she put time into it. The only thing is that it’s all centered on getting back at people and proving people wrong. It’s all about making a point. She’s not even attempting art anymore, it’s just referencing times she got caught being shitty and shoving them in people’s faces because she’s proud of that now. Idk just imagine what she’d be capable of if she didn’t have the mindset of a vindictive child.

I hope the rest of the album isn’t just kitschy references to things that happened in the media, but seeing as it’s called Reputation, that’s what I’m expecting. The skit at the end made me vomit a little because it’s just cringey and painful to sit through and she’s just joking about things that are literally true about herself. Like this solidifies everything people say about her. She doesn’t care and she’s not going to work on herself as a person.

Again, good production and I liked the scene where she was conducting a robbery. The look on the throne was cool. But please for the love of god, the hip swivel…..yowza.

i think its funny for any kind of elder scrolls playthrough or mod playthrough where people are like, obviously trying to show off how good they are at the combat rather than actually playing through the content, like they got everything on max difficulty, they’re playing in third person and everything, and they’re just really showing off in the video how good they are at hitting a health sponge for 5 minutes without dying, and it really sacrifices the quality of the videos, i don’t wanna watch someone click their mouse over and over for 5 minutes every time they encounter an enemy, and you can barely see the stuff in game in detail when they’re in third person, and thats especially annoying in a mod playthrough because i want to see the custom content


When i have spare times, i try to make music videos for my OTPs. Most of them featured Reimi Urara X various Sora’s otokoyaku. This Manato and Urara video is the newest of the bunch. I made this video after Urara’s retirement was announced. I ship Manato and Urara on stage since People Who Have Wings. Manato was still the ‘second lead man’ in the troupe and Urara was the quickly rising musumeyaku star. They’ve been paired up a lot since then. I personally think that they have very good chemistry on stage and in interviews. While i’m sad that they will never become an official top combi, at least, they will retire together and Urara got to be one of the musumeyaku leads in Manato last play as a top. Btw, I’m sorry for the poor quality of the video. My internet connection is super slow and it takes a really long time to upload a better quality video, so i have to settle with this XD

What happened in Brasilia

I’m gonna tell what really happened in Brasilia, what I’ve been noticing for a while and what I think about all this. To start, the day they were going to Brasilia they were at caldeirao do hulk and we all knew it was gonna take a while for them to arrive. 

At the tv show it was clear that they were happy and excited to be here, they seemed to need all this love brasil has to offer. When they arrived it was too late but since it’s brasil we knew it would have a lot of harmonizers there. The girls were tired and needed some sleep as we all knew, so everyone agreed to not make so much noise. 

Then they got here and people did make some noise but not too much, we called them to see if they could come talk to us but when we noticed they were already on their rooms, we just stayed downstairs waiting for some news. But than, while we were all waiting outside, some fans that were staying at the hotel managed to go upstairs to their floor. 

Two of those girls were my friends, and I tell u for sure they didn’t want all this mess nor think about doing any harm to the girls, they just wanted to go there like everyone and give them some letters and gifts that we all bought, but as u guys know all the security was outside and aggressive as fuck..when my friend got there she saw that Laurens bag was outside and her door open, so she tried going in there and give it to her personally, but before she did it, the security guy grabbed her from behind and her bra moved up, and she was wearing a transparent shirt. That’s when all this mess happened, she asked for him to let go, Lauren heard the screams and went outside to see what was happening, then my friend threw the letter to her and said: “this is for you Lauren I love you.” and Lauren didn’t get so well what was going on. She understood and got the letter “here, I got it love, it’s with me.” and then she started screaming (here’s the first audio I’ve heard) to let go of her because he was hurting and desperate.I can’t really hear everything on the first audio it was too low and it included a lot of screams but I could listen to Lauren screaming too. 

And now comes the second audio, that’s when the security had already taken my friend out of the girls floor, he comes back to Lauren and she started screaming “YOURE STUPID, YOURE SO STUPID YOU KNOW THAT?” and she goes back to her room, hit her foot on the floor closes the door (that part one of my friends saw, her room was like above hers and the hotel was “open” so the moment she heard the screams she saw all the drama and could watch it at the “VIP area”. They were saying that my friend was breaking into Laurens room because of that audio of her saying “you’re stupid.” but in reality she was saying that to security and it was a long time after they took her away from there. 

Now comes the third audio, the one that got leaked, that’s when Lauren was venting to ally about what happened, because in the middle of everything ally,mike, papa h came to see what’s going on (the other girls continued on their rooms) and when mike saw that Lauren was nervous and a little bit sad with the situation he went to her room and tried calming her down. Papa h told Lauren to calm down too and to make sure ally was okay. Ally asked Lauren about what happened and bla bla bla and there’s the audio that got leaked.

You know how much the girls love us and how much pressure they receive from the media, team and label. My opinion is that Lauren was already exhausted of everything and having to shut up about the shit they go through and submitting the wills of their team. Seeing everything, the way fans were treated (then she tells what happened in the audio that everything can listen to). 

Ally and Lauren stayed there for a while with mike. Time passed and people published videos of the security threatening fans, most of them my friends. I was at the same hotel as them but at a different tower. I woke up and had breakfast with my friends at the other tower, after this I met with other girls, became friends with them and that’s when I got to know everything, heard all the audios and conversations, saw some videos but the quality wasn’t good. We decided not to post. After breakfast we went to the girls floor through the stairs and stopped two floors above the girls to see if we could look at the girls but none of them got out of their rooms. I saw camilas father and he waved but seemed that the girls didn’t want to get out because of the security, there was a looooot there and they didn’t say a word, it was all silent. 

When it was time to get dressed and go to the concert I saw Dinah and she was going to another room to get dressed as well so I started screaming “HEY DINAH, HERE.” but she didn’t hear me because of her headphones and one of the security guys was beside her, she looked sad and upset at the same time and she never talked with the security. At the beginning the concert the girls seemed unhappy but thy realized what Brazil really is and our love and some of my friends got to talk to mike and jerry after the concert and mike said Lauren was feeling better and she wasn’t upset with us.

Thats it…after this she said stuff that I don’t think I need to translate and sorry if I made any mistakes I hate when I do but today has been a really stressful day, my family is bugging me because I’m on my phone all day and they know
nothing about what happened with the girls hahaha


thank you for submitting this 

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captain americ, iron man, and daredevil!

Captain America: In your opinion, what’s you best quality?
i got a good fashion sense

Iron Man: If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
gettin the FUCK outta here to kiss my boyfriend
and also get nepi
and like buy a bunch of other stuff like video games and…other stuff……

Daredevil: Would you rather be a superhero or a super villain?
whichever option would give me time powers dude

So, there have been a lot of new superhero related annoncments recently. I know it’s Comic Con, but I don’t remember there ever being this much stuff in such a short time span. And rather than make several posts, I figure I may as well go through all of them roughly in the order they happened.

Batman The Killing Joke: So, Batman apparently has sex with Barbra Gordon in the new animated film. Even if you don’t think that the age difference & father-daughter undertones are incredibly off putting and disturbing, it’s still kind of dodgy that the filmmakers behind this thought a sex scene between a man in his late 30′s to early 40′s and a teenage girl was a good way to extend a story that’s already going to some dark places. We’ve already got the Joker shooting a teenager and forcing Gordon to turn insane. It’s adult enough already.

Luke Cage trailer: Netflix seem to be more consistent with their shows than Marvel Studios. As in, everything they have done is damn near flawless. And it looks like they’re going to continue that track record. It looks really damn good. That’s honestly all I can say about it at the moment. Same goes for the Iron Fist teaser.

The Defenders teaser: God damn. That is how you do a teaser. Perfect choice of music, Stick’s narration was spot on. And whosoever idea it was to take the letters from four logos and make them spell ‘Defend’ deserves a cookie. And the hand shape probably means the Hand from Daredevil will the main bad guys. Honestly, seeing Jessica and Luke react to ninjas is more than enough for me.

Wonder Woman trailer: Holy shit. This one trailer beats BvS and Suicide Squad’s entire marketing combined. Where the hell do I start? It just looks awesome. And it shows that DC seem to be learning from their mistakes. We get more good jokes in this one trailer than MoS and BvS put together, and it feels natural, not like they’re just doing it to copy Marvel. Wonder Woman herself seems to have a character beyond being ‘cool‘. The action looks good. And, best of all for me, they got the colour balance down perfectly. It looks gritty enough to sell the World War One setting, but not so much that it makes what colour there is look muddy and dull. WW’s costume and her lasso in particular look perfect. It just looks like a very good, self contained movie. And that music over the logo was a religious experience.

Doctor Strange trailer 2: I know people are determined to drag this movie through the dirt because of the white washing, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited. The magic and reality warping effects look absolutely insane, so if nothing else, it will be mind blowing just to watch. And I know it’s also become a new fad to hate Benedict for everything he does, but he’s a great actor and he looks great here. Benedict is well known for playing people who are smarter than everyone else and are well aware of that fact. So seeing him play someone who gets his entire world view thrown for a loop will be interesting to watch.

Justice League footage: *sigh* And DC were doing so well with Wonder Woman. I’m not going to pretend this was ‘Ghostbusters‘ levels of bad marketing, but it did remind me that this cinematic universe is kind of rushed. Considering we’ve got, what, 4-5 movies until Justice League comes out, why release a trailer now? I mean, a teaser, I would get. But actual footage from the movie? And quite a bit of it? It feels like they’ve tipped their hand to early. But honestly, I can’t complain that much. This footage is really good overall. Though the scene with Barry is the stand out by miles. I read an article someone made describing this scene, so I saw all the jokes coming. And they still made me laugh. That’s quality comedic timing. Cyborg looks like a video game character, but the design is good overall, and they’ve got more than enough time to make it look better. Though I must admit, Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa did not do anything for me. They only had one expression: cold and stoic. I’m still nervous since Zach Snyder is still directing, because I’m convinced that he is the number one problem with the DC Cinematic Universe. But considering the fallout from BvS, maybe Warner Bros will be keeping a close eye on him so he doesn’t muck it up this time.

The magic of the VCR truly came from having tapes that you’d recorded from TV with several–usually disconnected–movies or shows on them. 

For example, one of my favorite tapes was our Return of the Jedi tape. This tape also had on it the 1980s Annie (with Aileen Quinn and Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan… best Miss Hannigan in history, imo) and Mary Martin’s Peter Pan. I spent many a Saturday morning glued to the TV and watching them back to back to back, which was a good six hours of programming.

Or our tape with Dumbo on it… Dumbo, which we’d taped from a Wonderful World of Disney that was themed on “it’s what you do with what you’ve got that pays off in the end” (and I only remember that was the theme because there was this ditty between each of the cartoons that had these kewl duudes singing that very thing, all jazzy, over the recap of the cartoon). So we already had Dumbo and Elmer the Elephant and Mickey and the Beanstalk… but then we still had more tape, so that was where my parents recorded a bunch of Christmas specials. I remember I brought the tape into school one holiday season and everyone laughed at me because who in the world brings Dumbo to watch at Christmas?

Of course, the recording multiple things on tape situation could be ugly, too. My favorite movie growing up (and now, tbh) was An American Tail. Our copy had been made for us by my then-uncle Lloyd (a douchebag, as those named Lloyd often are), and one day, when I was watching it, my dad wanted to check the score of the basketball game. He tried to pause the tape and switch to the TV signal, but instead, he managed to record a good 10 seconds of Celtics vs. Bulls, ca. 1989. 

(at least that was during the Larry Bird era?)

Older tapes tended to lose quality. They slowed down or sped up, got all fuzzy and grainy, and were generally a mess. The sound was underwater at times, and the colors would go in and out, but you’d still keep the tape because it was your favorite.

And basically, VCRs and video cassettes were the absolute worst in terms of convenience, but I don’t know anyone my age-ish who doesn’t look on them with some nostalgia.

Kens Video (for those asking me)

I’ve had more than a few ask about if i suffer from any of the things mentioned by Ken in his video. Figured it would be a bit lengthy so i’d make it a separate post.

For those interested in the actual video.

I do actually, from time to time. It’s a weird thing for me though, i don’t know if i’d say i’m fully depressed but i’m sure at times it is there, i’d probably need a professionals input on that some day lol. I get very caught up in this youtube world, the numbers as he said and sometimes it gets to be too much. Its hard to ignore that kind of thing when its literally your life like 24/7. I also get caught up in the “industry” itself and all that comes with it. I get upset when i see some of the things he mentioned on youtube, because back when i started my channel, i didn’t just start making content for the sake of making content, or as a hobby which is how some say they started. I started it as an “escape” for the most part. 

For me Youtube was my way to escape any issues, any unfortunate things that may have been happening in life at the time. Any pressures i felt. I could pop in Halo, film things, just take myself away from the world and just focus on this. I had already stopped giving a shit in other areas of my life so this would be the one escape (granted, my videos were still pretty shit lol but it still worked out).

Much like what Ken said, a lot of those good elements get covered up once you hit a certain point, once this scene got so crowded and once your mind shifts to focus on sooooo many aspects of youtube if you let it. Whether its the numbers, the community, the comments, friends vs thirsty people, journalism making us out to be bad, contract stuff, video quality, time management and the list goes on and on and on. It makes me feel like youtube isn’t a “safe” zone anymore and that part is kind of unsettling for someone whos been doing it for 6 years and would love to keep doing it but has that constantly creep up. Like how does one get their mind to just settle down and get back to that point of “this is my happy place” if all this shit happens around you and that’s where the mind goes?

It’s been quite the roller coaster ride for me doing this (and i hate roller coasters). I’ve felt pressures that have leaked into my personal life. Cost me friendships, cost me relationships, cost me health and well being, all for this because i don’t know how to deal with it. I get to the point where its too hard to juggle, and i cut people out. It’s my own fault. I handle stress by putting myself in a corner alone and throwing everyone else out. Its hard not to do as i try to keep my one escape that’s been my escape for 6 years. But you can see how this has become a revolving door, a routine thing. I try not to dwell on it though but the things mentioned are real and they happen to a lot of youtubers I’m sure.