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“There’s a somebody I’m longing to see…”


This is my doggo, Walter! We put our pets’ bdays on Valentine’s Day so Walt turned 8 this week! I bought him some cute dog cookies with yogurt frosting! He loves them- I got them for his xmas gift too!!💌🎉🐶 (he took his party hat off about 30 seconds after finishing the cookie)

okay like i’m sure we all kind of assumed robert had messed with jaspenor and this episode confirmed that, but the official confirmation of the letter stealing- that means that jasper, who has the self confidence of a toadstool, came to len and poured his heart out and said the ‘i love you’ with initially no hope at hearing it back. so just thinking about that when watching the scene and she’s like, ‘you never replied when i said i love you’ THAT’S THE FIRST TIME HE’S HEARING THAT AND THAT CHANGES THE ENTIRE DYNAMIC OF THE CONVERSATION BC NOW JASPER CAN’T STOP GRINNING EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY CONTINUING TO BREAK ONE ANOTHERS HEARTS. 

Hope I’m not too late to put in my work for the Zephyr Appreciation Week. Might be a bit sketchy, I was in a rush to complete this since I was away for most of this week.

Zephyr was my third Warframe since joining 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time on Mag, then Frost, however I was really excited when I got my hands on Zephyr.

One of the few Warframes back then who had a passive, and who could maneuver to difficult places with ease (before the Pakour 2.0 update). Farming her was difficult back when I didn’t have many weapons to chose from; the Oxium Ospreys that blew up in my face didn’t have a dent in their armour most of the time.

With the release of the Hagoromo TennoGen skin, I immediately went straight back to playing her for a while, it was a great addition that brought her to fame for a short time. It’s sad to see that she isn’t as popular, but she’ll always be one of my favourites.


Inktober?? What’s that, did you mean excuse to draw my OTP 31 days in a row after not posting art for like a year?? That sounds about right. Get ready for my trash heap of blackice doodles on this spoopy month 🎃
Anyways here are the first three days! More to come so stay tuned
(p.s. I might need ideas for drawings so feel free to send some my way??)

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Prompt : "Please.. I love you" -jaspenor

Alright, Anny thank you for sending this in! I hope you like it. This is my first time writing for Jaspenor, so please be gentle. Also, I kind of took this after the last Sunday ep. So it’s canon but kind of au. Bc I just don’t like that ending at all and I need my babies to be okay! I also wrote this before last nights ep, oops. Also, I APOLOGIZE FOR TAKING SO LONG. Please, forgive me.

Prompt : “Please.. I love you” -jaspenor


word count; 3,719

The words echoed around inside of Jasper’s head like a haunting chant. He hadn’t moved from the spot he stood in when she said the words, he couldn’t find the energy. Jasper knew he needed to move, needed to go after her to fix this, but he couldn’t move. Hell he felt like he couldn’t breath. He knew he had fucked things up not asking for help, thinking he could fix it on his own. However, he never thought it would be this bad, none of it; with Eleanor, with James. It was all just one giant cluster fuck. All because he didn’t stop and think to just ask for help. He thought he could handle it on his own and look where that got him? Shit creek with no paddle to help him out.

Except, this wasn’t like with James or the others. This he could fix or at least he needed to try. Len deserved that much. For him to at least try and fix this, to mend what he broke. If anything, she deserved to know the truth. All of it. Even if she walked away at the end. He couldn’t even blame this one on his father. This was all him and unlike his father he was going to fix this. He was going to do everything in his power to make things right, or at least try. He at least owed that much to Eleanor.

“Len, wait.” Jasper finally mumbled out the words, but they just echoed into the empty room. Jasper shook himself from the state he was in and making his feet move. He needed to go after her, so he did just that. Kicking his feet into motion, he twisted around quickly making his way out of the Princess’ bedroom and down the hall. He wasn’t sure where she was or how far she had made it, but she was leaving. So he quickly made his way through rooms towards the doors of the palace, praying she hadn’t made it out of them. Taking a short stop to catch his breath, Jasper took a moment to think. She was so determined to leave, ready to walk away, he was sure she’d already said goodbye to everyone. She wouldn’t be making any stops. All but one, her father’s picture, which meant the living room like area.

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Isn’t it funny when Loki says “Because i am the monster parents tell their children about at night” he actually means it.
Because probably when he was a child Odin told them stories about the Frost Giants and reffered to them as monsters.He knew one of his sons was a Frost Giant and one day would probably learn the truth but he chose to teach him that the only thing Frost Giants can be are monsters.
That’s not bad parenting that’s i don’t give a single fuck how this information can destroy the whole word for my son cause he was never really my son

remember that fan theory about

Hit bein a war criminal and being defeated and ARRESTED BY FROST back from when we still thought Frost was nice because

“THE UNIVERSE IS SAFE NOW now quick get pictures of us”

“But Emperor Frost, couldn’t he easily break out of those handcuffs?”