i got a free sandwich

Me in Starbucks today
  • Decently Attractive Guy: I like your shoelaces.
  • Me: Ummm.... thank you?...
  • Decently Attractive Guy: You're welcome.
  • Me: *orders my tea*
  • Me: *waits for my order*
  • Me: *looks at my shoes and see that my laces are boring, brown laces that match the leather*
  • Me: WHA!?
  • Decently Attractive Guy: Marry me?
  • Me: Buy me a sandwich?
  • Decently Attractive Guy: Nice legs, Daisy Duke's makes a man go...?
  • Me: *Nigel Thornberry snarl*
  • Decently Attractive Guy: Ah, I'm more of a 'SOILED IT!' kinda guy.
  • Me: Is this real life?
  • Decently Attractive Guy: Turkey Chipotle ok?

So this is from a while ago but I used to work DcMonalds overnight shift. Managers and coworkers were great we were all dealing with the same nonsense so we had each other’s backs. I have a couple of stories but this one still astounds me every time I think of it.

So I don’t know how many people know about these cards but they’re reusable deal cards you can use for a whole year at various businesses printed on them which is cool, I used to use one a few years ago. One of the deals is being able to get a free artisan sandwich. This lady pulls up and says she wants to use it and I’m like yeah cool, but then she says she wants to use a BOGO coupon with it to get a second free sandwich from the app. But like you didn’t BUY one, you got one for free. I tried to explain this to her that you have to make a purchase to use the coupon. “But I DID, I got a sandwich.” Yeah, for free. You didn’t BUY a sandwich. Eventually I got my manager to deal with her because her circular bullshit was giving me a headache and he just pretended to put both in and said the system didn’t let them work together.

Buying one is in the damn title, don’t try to scam me into giving you 2 of our more expensive sandwiches for free.

just because something was done for free doesn’t mean that what you got was a good product or that it accurately represented the material it claimed to translate. it blows my mind that so much of the patch was well done (image editing etc) and they screwed the pooch on the translations of a route they didn’t like on PURPOSE

saying “it was free so be grateful even if it’s awful” is like saying “I don’t care if the sandwich I got for free had mold on it I’m going to eat it anyway” and when someone suggests that it was kinda shitty for someone to give you a moldy sandwich you think that’s going too far because IT WAS FREE