i got a five guys a five holy shit

Y'all so fucking fake I swear

Why is it when there are girl gamers in commercials y'all think it’s cool and sexy but the minute you actually encounter me in game you act like a fucking asshole like I have no place playing this game

Fuck off

This guy was talking to me like I was fucking alien then straight out fucking said some dumb shit that felt like a slap in the face.

Some random asshole: holy shit you re a fucking chick

Me:yea what about it?

Some random asshole: but you placed top five on our team and got best medic…like you are good at battlefield


Some random asshole: no way you must be ugly pretty girls are never good at console games I can’t believe this game is going to shit already chicks are fucking placing top five


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Fourth of July

Pairing: Bill Weasley x Pansy Parkinson

AU: Modern, non-magical, laundromat AU

Word Count: 1,161

Written For: acrimsonleather 

When Bill Weasley saunters lazily into his usual neighborhood laundromat—heavy wicker hipster basket tucked loosely under his arm and drawstring navy gym shorts sticking uncomfortably to the backs of his legs—he almost walks right into a fucking dryer.



It’s half past two in the morning.

It’s the first Thursday of June.

There’s a late-90’s Britney Spears song blaring spottily through a pair of metallic pink iPod speakers and a vaguely concerning, semi-rhythmic buzz emanating from the overhead fluorescent lights and, oh, yes, a half-naked girl sitting cross-legged on an industrial-strength folding table with a road map and a bottle of ludicrously expensive champagne in her lap.

“Hi, sweetie, if you’re going to, like, leer at me, could you be a gentleman and do it where you’re within firing range?”

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