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((Disclaimer: I don’t claim my analysis as facts. It’s an analysis based on one pov. If you have something to say, please be constructive. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thank you.))

Firstly, I’m still learning and forever will be. If you’re an expert in this area, do inform me if I mentioned a wrong fact. It helps me a lot honestly.

So, my prof told me that she believes in three things under the romantic gestures - eye contact, personal space, and grooming/preening. Skinship becomes common now that it hard to differentiate between romantic or just platonic unless there are different body languages apply. Especially in a country like SK, which skinship among men is pretty common. Even Hen ry once mentioned in Happy Together, the one thing that surprised him the most about SK is the frequent physical contact between men.

One thing I noticed about KD is how their bodies have this certain pulls between them which lead to today’s topic - gravitation (under personal space and eye contact). Some called it magnetic pull. Keep in mind that human behavioral is a big field of scope.

Anyway, according to google dictionary, gravitation means

  1. Movement, or a tendency to move, toward a center of attractive force, as in the falling of bodies to the earth
  2. Movement toward or attraction to something.

The part that bolded apply to body language.

Two person who is attracted to each other has the tendency to attract or gravitate towards each other, including the eyes, not just the body. It’s not a part of the conscious mind. It’s a part of the subconscious mind. The majority of the body languages are a part of the subconscious mind. That’s why they said our body is more honest than our mouth - actions speak louder than words indeed. There’s no lie in that. Because those actions are not filtered. It’s directly transmitted from your brain to your body then movements. It’s like responding to stimuli when the signal is not transmitted to the brain but instead to the motor neuron for fast response. It’s mostly involuntarily.

When a person got used to their partner’s presence, they tend to gravitate towards each other. Their body are familiar with him/her and it becomes a part of their implicit memory - something you do spontaneously and automatically.

If you pay attention to your parents or your friends who are in a relationship, you can see they unconsciously move closer in a room filled with people like a party or gathering or how their eyes just unconsciously find each other. It’s a normal thing you do to your crush as well. You just want to be closer or look at them. Your mind found the idea that looking or stay close to your source of interest/comfort very pleasing and joyful.

You also tend to gravitate in a sense that you want to share everything with your partner. Like when you found something interesting, the first thing you do probably let him/her know about it or just simply look at them. And you have that mutual agreement between the two of you. ’Do you get it?’ ‘I got it.’ You want to include them in your life and include yourself in their life. To have something in common. And these small things are very meaningful.

Now, time for some example~ Let’s the deluluness begin!

1. These two gifs actually didn’t happen right after another (x). KS moved closer to JI in the beginning of the video while JI moved closer at 1.00.

It’s like close is just not close enough. There was no concrete or rational reason to explain this behavior.

This one too.

When you take a picture in a group of people, your body moves inwards especially if you’re at the corner. But one thing I notice about KD, they don’t just move inwards, they stick to each other. 

Another clear example is this one. My fav pic of KD. You can see how the others were just bros taking picture tghtr.

Then we have KD glued face to face.

This is really endearing to watch. Laughing tghtr! I love watching KS laughing! See how his body just gravitates towards JI.

This is definitely not something KS planned to do.

You can see how awkward JI’s body posture. He didn’t know how to react when KS suddenly hugged his sides. And how fast KS just pulled away like oh shit what I did I do. (just my delulu side)

Look at how long JI just kneeled on the ground while staring at KS.

Still staring.

Next, JI sure like to travel~ His power is teleportation anyway hehehe (nice joke there Am lol)

Skipping everyone just to stand next to KS.

Oh, KS too?

Just KD sitting next/close to each other behind the scene.

Let’s move on to one of the honest body parts which are our eyes. If you notice the gif below, PCY also moves his eyes towards OSH.

But only JI’s eyes remained. A simple reminder here, KS wasn’t even talking. Lay was talking.

JI just can’t get enough. Another reminder, KS wasn’t even talking. JM was talking. PCY, OSH and BH were also looking at JM’s direction.

JI, BH was talking. He just unconsciously mirrored KS’s action.

This is my fav staring gif of JI’s. His gazes were so soft (just delulu me).

Flustered KS is the best. (probably be my next analysis. still in progress of collecting evidence)

Loot at these cuties. What were u guys doing smiling like that?

Ji the lost puppy.

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This is from my own experience. I’ve only gone to their concert twice and I got tix at the front for both concerts (e x oluxion2). As expected my eyes are glued to both of them. Haha. I don’t have any proof for this bcoz I don’t like to hold my phone/camera during concerts. I want to see everything that I can with my own eyes.

But I notice one thing tho. It just funny how my eyes were looking/following them while their eyes were finding each other. There was one time JI was at the other side of the stage and KS was at the other end. And I saw JI looked at the other side. I was sure he was looking at KS bcoz there was no one else at the other end. Then when they were leaving the stage for each interval, both of them always looked for each other behind their backs. Like checking if ji/ks is there. Maybe I’m just delulu. They were looking for each other bcoz when they found them, they exited the stage. Similar to when you check that your friend/anyone behind you, you can walk ahead. You know they’re with you.

I also did talk to other fans. B4 1st April, I never ever mention about KD to anyone. Even on my sns. But I talk to other e x o l that likes JI and KS. A friend of mine went to their concert (diff place as mine). She’s a JI stan. She told me when JI was injured and he sat on the chair at the back while the members move to the front, JI always looked at KS’s direction. I heard similar stories from other JI’s stan who went to the same concert. Then a KS’s stan told me she’s jealous of the way KS look at JI. asdfghjkl I’m like how?? She said when no one else was looking like when there was a member who was talking or doing a funny thing (audience attention on that member), KS will just quietly looked at JI. I’m …. omg. hehee.

Both of them don’t even have a reason to look at each other. They just do bcoz they just want to. But I don’t have any proof for this since it’s just convos I have w other fans and things we saw. Take it as it is and leave it as it is. But I totally recommend you guys go to the concert and just look at KD. They just have this certain aura/vibe around the two of them. Idk how to put this into words. It’s like watching my friend and her crush stealing glances at each other. The feelings are mutual but they don’t know about it. Then, act very shyly and I just want them to say hi. Haha.

I just noticed that this post is so long and I’ve provided ample of example/evidence. Well that’s it from me~ For now. Keep calm and support KD! Take care ;)

Gifs/vids/etc credit to rightful owners

  • tbh bad boi? nah more like just a little trouble maker who loves to dance and be a little shit bc he thinks he’s cool.he gets into battles.. dance battles and u’re not gonna lie he’s really good. and u’ve seen him dance and he gets so happy whenever anyone compliments him but half the time he’s asleep or practicing dance in the courtyard where u’ve sneakily seen him dance 
  •  one time he caught you sneaking in and you tripped so badly ur hurt your knee and he ran up to you and picked u up and helped u get to the buses and asked if he should come along but u declined bc it’d be more awkward and u were embarrassed enough and next day he asked if u were alright and u were blown away that he cared so much even though u hardly knew him.
  • he sat next to u and he was never still always shaking his leg or mumbling something and shaking his head.. he was known as the “Second Michael Jackson” of the school bc of his smooth moves and u agreed bc he was really good.
  • is always knocked out on the back of the class with a little bit of drool on the side of his mouth but he looks so adorable that you once took a pic but he woke up as he heard the sound of it and the asked. “did u just take a picture of me sleeping”? and u ran out of the class at the speed of light and never came back.. well actually u did bc u had class but u avoided him and he didn’t push u asking about it either. 
  • so one day you see that ur school is keeping a competition on dance and u already knew dino would be joining it as his name was first one written and a few others as well, and there were choices wht kind of dance it was duet or solo and other genera’s etc. so u knew if dino was there nobody else could win and u were glad bc he deserved it as he practiced all the time after school and even in lunch.
  • one day he sat next to u and asked “hey! Y/N u coming to the dance competition next month”? and u were like “nahh, i don’t think i’m interested to watch it”. and he smiled and said so nicely that u couldn’t refuse “come watch me.. and you could cheer me on since nobody else will”. and u went red on face bc he laughed and said “i asked u to come cheer me not marry me Y/N.. although i wouldn’t mind if u want to”. so u quickly say.. “um i’ll see if i can”. and he gets up and says “i’ll take that as a yes then! see u there.. u better be there or u’ll break my heart” and holds his chest and closes his eyes as if he’s in pain
  • and then gives u a quick wink and leaves the class and u wonder if u should go and cheer him on… it couldn’t be that bad.. so at lunch u go to find him where u knew he would be and there u saw from the entrance he looked so determined and serious.. something u hardly saw as he was always smiling or laughing like a dork but u just stood there watching him until he caught your eye and stopped and turned around smiling all big and walked over to u.
  • “what’s up? wht are u doing here”? and u answer “i will come to cheer u in the competition” and he even smiles more still breathing hard “well of course u would. i mean i am ur crush right?” and u freeze bc wht did this little shit say?” and u start to stutter bc ur too shocked “wht.. wht do.. you meAN?” and he comes forward trapping you between him and the wall behind u putting his hands on either side of you and whispers “u took a pic of me sleeping.. why else would u do that?” chuckling as he couldn’t hold back his laugh.
  • and u push him back and run once gain bc.. god he makes u so embarrassed! and u hear him laughing him more behind u as u’re running away and then when u’re going back to class u get a text from a unknown number saying “bring me food i haven’t eaten since morning… pls” signed dino and u sigh bc this kid will srsly hurt himself he keeps this up.. so u go to the school’s small shop which had a few snacks for him and walk back to where he was.
  • when u enter he’s laying down and then looks up when u enter and sits up clapping his hands and you hand him the bag of snacks but he pulls u down along and u have to sit with him as he starts to much on the food u brought him and offers u and when try to take a bite he quickly puts it back in his mouth and laughs through a mouthful of food… and u feel so betrayed but he offers again and this time actually gives u a bite and soon u have to leave for class so y’all go back to class
  • and everyday u have to bring food bc he doesn’t bring his own and u wouldn’t want him to faint or anything so until the day before the competition u to see him after school so u can wish him luck for tomorrow but u see he’s isn’t there?? u look around but u don’t see anybody.. so u look around and try to find him but only see empty hallways and ground so u think he might have left and decide to go home.
  • while going out you notice dino but he isn’t alone.. but he’s been surrounded by a bunch of older kids that aren’t from ur school as they have diff. uniforms.. u see from the back watching carefully making sure they don’t do anything do bad or u’ll kick their ass! well.. try to.. and u watch until one of them grabs his collar and he looks scared so u walk up to them and push them apart and say “we got a problem here?” trying to sound tough but it came out a little weak.
  • they all look at u up and down and the one who had been rude comes forward and says “someone so small like u should stay away or u’ll get hurt” chuckling and u say “i might be smol but i can fight” and u try to stall them as u keep hearing dino whispering “Y/N.. go away or we’ll both die”. but u ignore him and keep pretending to be strong until the other boys says “let’s  see how strong you are” and u agree and pull dino behind u and say “run when i tell u to” and he nods agreeing.
  • and u get ready to fight one of them and u’re about to charge when u look up and scream “OMG!! principal ma’am!! …we’re just playing!!” and when the other boys get surprised looking up u turn back and grab dino by his collar and pull him along with u running as fast as possible and he runs after u following where ever u were going and soon u guys reach a small shop and hide in there.
  • while u were hiding behind the shelf’s u hear one of them come in and u push dino even further in the small sapce and hold ur breath scared to death and he too holds u tightly close and when u think it’s safe to come out u slowly come out of the small space and sigh in relieve and look at dino who looks lost and u ask “wht? why are u looking at me like that?” and he simply answers “that was the most brave thing i’ve seen anyone do.. u could have gotten hurt”. and u just laugh saying
  • “well somebody had to save ur ass and i guess it’s safe for u to go home.. so are u still coming tomorrow?” and he smiles brightly and says “ofc! and u better be there too!” and gives u a tight hug before leaving and u too leave after him waiting for the next day and when the day of competition comes the school is hyped af. the entire day is spent watching others  practice and preparing for it.
  • so at 7:00 when it starts u enjoy it to the fullest and wait for the last performance since it was dino who would go last so u waited until the host announced it was time for the last performance u watch as he walks in and starts to dance and u’re amazed once again as to how smooth he is and the crowd keeps cheering him on and on and at times he’d catch ur eye and send a wink and when u winked back he couldn’t help but laugh while doing a stunt.
  • and after it’s done the crowd goes crazy with cheers and shouts and you cheer as well and then the time for announcing the winner comes and u’re hoping he’ll win with all ur heart and he does!! the judges announce his name and ur literally heart jumps out of ur chest and u watch him get his trophy and he looks so happy. and when he comes down the stage u come through the crowd and run up to him and tackle him in a hug, and he hugs u back and u stay like that for while until u pull back.
  • and he smiles saying “i won!!” and u say “ofc, u won! u had to.. i mean u were best” and he nods and garbs ur hand and pulls u along with him to meet someone?? and u see a old couple talking and when they see u guys they pull dino in a hug and congratulate him and u’re wondering who they are?? and then dino turns to u and says “Y/N these are my parents and mom and dad this is my GF??” excuse me? punk wht da fuk u say? and they both smile sweetly at u and say “oh my she is PRETTY.. no wonder dino talked about you all the time”
  • and u just blush and are frozen but u manage a “thank you”. and then y’all go to dinner with his parents and when he later comes to drop u off at your house he says “i.. i hope u’re not mad that i called you my gf.. “ and u just laugh bc he looks so scared so u just ruffle his hair and say “it’s alright and maybe i agree with u”. and get out and wave him bye and he still looks shocked.
  • and then y’all become the dancing couple bc he’s always dancing and making do the same at first u were shy af but soon u got used to it and whenever u were going to class together half the time u’d be dancing but then realize that u’re getting late and then run to class and come crashing in at the last moment right when the bell rang and sit in ur seats trying not to laugh bc it was both dangerous as u always almost got detention for being late all the time but it was super fun at the same time so whatever!.
tfc band au

i already screamed abt this w some ppl but i’m excited so pls bear w me

  • there are two bands:
  • the foxes, made up of matt on the drums, allison on bass, renee on keyboard and vocals, and dan as guitarist and vocals
  • and the monsters, w kevin on guitar, andrew on drums, aaron on bass, nicky singing lead and maybe some acoustic guitar, and neil on keys
  • (i firmly believe his mom made him learn piano when he was a kid fight me on this i dare you)
  • and the foxes have this kind of alternative/pop sound and the girls (mostly renee and dan) are the ones who sing, so a lot of people think that it’s a girl group
  • and matt’s so down w that he doesn’t get offended at all he’s loves his girls and thinks it’s so great
  • and it happens so frequently that the girls get matt a shirt that says ‘i’m in a girl band’ and he loves it and wears it everywhere

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i’m doing this post mostly just to let my feelings out but i also want to point out how presh the members are with Luhan when he came back from his break :) and as always,its gon be PHOTOS HEAVY AND FUCKING LONG LIKE LITERALLY so just keep it in mind before u read this ,or just ignore it , i warned u already OTL

as u all know, recently Luhan just took a break and couldn’t attend one of the concerts because of his exhaustion. he was seen going to the hospital for check up and look visibly tired these days. before that he got heat stroke during one of the concert, and had to took a train to shorten his flight time. turn out he’s exhausted,physically and mentally. im not surprised w all the schedules from all over the place, and they barely get to rest or sleep. then luhan is scared of height, he shakes even when he ride the elevator so imagine having to be up high several times a day on top of being tired. then turn out he had to take sleeping pills in order to fly because it got worse,so he had to take a train and got permission to shorten his flight. that’s heartbreaking ;____; i didnt think it was that bad, but sometimes i wonder how he deal w all the flights when he’s scared of height and well i got my not so pleasant answer. he had no choice tho, he got rlly weak and it must be pretty bad that he had to take a break and was rarely seen in public during those days,he could barely even open his eyes or walk at the airport jfc

but u know what,thats just the tip of the iceberg. and im talking bout luhan specifically here, i know bout the other member’s injuries and exhaustion too but mention everything would be rlly long and this post is bout luhan so. he was constantly tired even back then,it just got worse then till he couldnt go on anymore. for the 1st time ever, he admitted that he’s sick,that he cant go on and has to take a break. for a guy that always say he’s fine,that he got better and dont worry and never say he’s tired or sick or complain and still carry out all of his schedules, that rlly says sth. and fans found these pics, he had needle marks,most likely IV drips to keep him going from months ago

not to mention there’s scar,bruises and scratch on his knees and arms and god knows where. even when i saw him 4 months ago, he looked rlly tired that i didnt even want to approach or say anything cuz he just look like he didnt want to be bother and want to be in peace. and he’s known to have weak immune system ever since, always get sick here and there. back in Happy Camp recording in June, he was coughing on the side but he still did everything as normal. on top of that,he’s constanly being bothered by sasaeng who harassed him,stalked him and just added onto the burden he already had. when he had his filming for his movie, they cursed at him to get attention, threw papers w phone numbers at him,knocked on his hotel’s door, digged up his trashcan, and even put a camera in his room. luhan is a selfless guy, he always care bout others before him. he was worried bout his filming cuz its his 1st movie and he works w seniors, he had to think for the filming crew, he was afraid the fans gon bother them and delayed the filming which will result in shorter scenes for him since he has limited time frame to film. he got a lot on his mind already ,and his body is exhausted.

but u know whats amazing bout him,he carried out all the schedules including solo schedules. he participated everything w the members. he performed everything till the end at all the concerts he’s been to. when he didnt have strength to stand, he sat down and kept singing. tho he’s scared of heights, he still fly all over the place and try his best to show his gratitude to the fans. e usually smile, wave, talk a lil or bow at the airport, but when he didnt do it and didnt say a word, fans know that sth must have happened. and what rlly tugs at my heart is that he never once complain or let fans know if he’s feeling unwell or uncomfortable. he always smile, always wave and always say thank you, i love you ,sorry and be happy,be healthy. i want to scold him for saying that cause its like default for him. he doesnt have to apologize for being sick, he doesnt wish for his health but for ours. but that’s just luhan for you :) 

and what makes me sad are the ppl who doubted him,some of his fans are included. i know whatever happened make u paranoid, but its unfair to doubt luhan who did solo schedule for several time already and he always come back. then why do u suspect him and spread rumors and being unnecessarily dramatic when he always come back w the members? why dont u worry bout his health instead. idk him personally and i cant say anything for sure, but if u love him then at least have some faith in him. if u love him then u should know what he has done and who he is. the least u can do is trust him, why do u call urself his fan when u doubt his actions? trust is a 2 bladed knife and u just have to take the risk.but i just want to point out that its not fair for him, and not fair for others when u freak out and start to imagine things then scare them which lead into a mess of crying and complaining and suspicious fans.pls just dont, this fandom has enough of that. if the photos of him coming back dont say anything, then i have nothing left to say.i ll take the risk in trusting him, so its up to you

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