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I have chronic fatigue as well. Do you have any tips on trying to manage it? I've done all the bs lifestyle changes, blah blah blah. But I would love to hear from someone who ACTUALLY has chronic fatigue. Any advice?

Advice for CFS sufferers from a CFS sufferer.

First things first I want to make it perfectly clear that everyone with CFS/ME is different and because of this things that work for me might not work for you or others. However, I’m going to give some advice based on things I do or things I wish I did.

Food and Drink

It is important to make sure you continue to eat and drink even when you are on your worst days. You may not feel a lot better when you’ve eaten but believe me you will feel worse if you do not eat. Food is important and so is hydration.

Microwave meals are a lifesaver. They may not be the most nutritious thing and they may not always be the nicest but it is always better to eat something than nothing. Microwave meals take next to no effort. Pull it out the freezer, pierce some plastic and away you go. And you can get such a variety of things. Please do not neglect your body.

If you do want to cook, be productive on your better days. Cook up things that you can freeze and come to easily. Things like tortilla based foods, pasta based meals, even rice can be cooked and frozen and recooked. This was pretty much what I lived on when I was at uni the first time because it saved so much energy which I rarely had at dinner time.

If you are in bed and struggling to get out keep a large drink by your bed. I have a cinema special edition cup that I got at a midnight screening once. It holds a litre and has a really long straw so I don’t have to worry about holding the heavy cup or even sitting up properly if you don’t want to or can’t. If you’re out and about carry a drink with you.

Coffee is useful but don’t rely on it too much. Coffee may give you an energy boost but most people even without a chronic illness feel a come down from coffee, imagine that come down with the addition of always being fatigued. I am guilty so much of over using coffee and it’s not good when the come down happens.


It can be hard if you’re used to wearing clothes with a lot of buttons and zips and heals or what have you because dressing can be difficult and can take a lot of energy that you might not be able to spare. For me, hoodies, t-shirts and jogging bottoms are a must. They are easy to get in and out of and comfortable whether you are out and about or lounging inside.

The other thing is pyjamas. With CFS you’ll probably spend more time in your pyjamas that you did before you had CFS. Invest in cute pyjamas. Ones with your fandoms on or cute animals or whatever it is you’re into. If you’re in Britain Primark is great for cute pjs, I love them because they’re so cheap. Continuing the pj theme, you need to have pjs for warm and cold weather or warm and cold you. Sometimes it’s like 25oc outside and you will be freezing, sometimes it’s -5 and you’ll be boiling, so bear in mind that the temperature outside doesn’t necessarily correlate to the temperature of you. Fluffy socks are great too.

Personal Care.

If you have a bath and a shower at home, find out which you find easiest and do that. I personally find showering easier because while standing for long periods is difficult, I find that baths cause me to go lightheaded and feel really off. It is okay to go a few extra days without bathing/showering than you normally would. You may feel kinda off because of it but it’s not the end of the world and resting up is definitely more important than washing your hair.

On the subject of washing your hair, invest in dry shampoo. I’ve not used it but I’ve heard a lot of other spoonies talking about it and how useful it can be. If you’re struggling to bathe or shower but you want to do something, things like strip washing while sat on the toilet seat can be really helpful as well.

Mobility and Life Aids.

This is a really big one: Do not be afraid to use aids. Do not be afraid or ashamed to use anything that might help you. Whether this is a walking stick, a wheelchair or anything else, you are allowed to use it. You are disabled enough, you are ill enough. I’ve known people with chronic illnesses who have been afraid to get mobility aids because they are young, because people are more ill than you or whatever reason. It’s bullshit, okay. I don’t care if people think you don’t need it. If you feel like you need it and it will help you then you have every right to get it.

I don’t use a great amount of mobility aids but I have recently brought a walking stick and it has honestly made the world of difference for me. It’s lengthened how long I can walk for, how long I can be upright, how I can be out. I put off getting it for a long time for the reason above and it’s stupid because it helps. If you can be helped by getting one, do so.

This goes for everything. This does for anything that can help you. Things that are generally advertised towards older people are not solely for them. You are never too young for an illness, you are never too young to need something.


This is a bit of a lighter note but when you’re in a place where you can’t go out or you can’t go out for very long, life can get really really boring. If you don’t have the energy to do a lot you need to find things that you can do will you are stuck at home. I have a few things to recommend but there really whatever you can manage is great

1.       Netflix. TV and DVDs are great but Netflix is a life saver for me. There is a lot more on there, it’s very easy to find something new to watch whatever mood you are in.

2.       Audiobooks. Getting a subscription to Audible was a wonderful decision for me. I love reading so much but I don’t always have the energy to follow the words or even hold a book, so having an audiobook means I can still get the entertainment of books without having to put so much of the effort into it.

3.       Crafts. If you’re able to do things with your arms without getting achy, I definitely recommend some sort of craft. I make things out of felt, but drawing, sewing, decoupage, writing, colouring books, anything really to keep your brain stimulated.

4.       Phone Games. You have next to no energy but you’re too awake to actually sleep, phone games are wonderful. They take little energy and little concentration.

5.       The Internet. I wish I had known how great the internet is for spoonies when I was first diagnosed. God, it is wonderful.

Like I said, there are more, there are so many more. These are just a few I use.

Medication and the Medical Profession

Every spoonie to ever spoon knows that the medical profession is an endless cause of frustration. You’ll regularly go to your doctors and be told that you just need to pace yourself or that it’s mental health related or this or that and what they are really saying underneath all of this is ‘we know jack shit about this illness’. It is important to find a doctor who believes you, unfortunately there are still a large number of medical professionals who don’t believe in CFS and it fucking sucks. Find a doctor who believes you, who listens to you and who at least tries to help even when there isn’t anything they can do. You have every right to change doctors if the one you had is more harming than helping. Remember that.

Get doctors to check for other things. Don’t allow them to put everything down to the CFS. A lot of the time it will be. A lot of the time you will find that there is not logical explanation and you’re going to have to get used to that. But sometimes there will be other things as well. I was anaemic while also having CFS and iron tablets made the world of difference to me. I was on iron tablets for two years and my iron has finally normalised.

If you suffer from brain fog, before going to the doctors make a note of what you wanted to talk about. It can be in depth or it can literally just be bullet points to trigger your memory when you get there. If you are worried you’re going to forget what the doctor has said to you, ask them to write some things down for you. They should be willing to do so.

If you have medication, do whatever it takes to remember to actually take it when you’re supposed to. I use a pill organiser so I know whether or not I have taken them each night. I find I have to check twice that I have filled it properly, brain fog can honestly be a problem with this. But pill organisers are definitely useful. Alarms are another thing that is useful. If you have to take something the same time each day set an alarm that says ‘tablets’ or something like that so you remember it.

Painkillers are your friend. See if you can get them on a prescription because you will probably end up taking them regularly. You will often find that they don’t help or only scratch the survive of the pain, but believe me it is better than nothing at all.

I hugely recommend keeping certain things in your house. I have a drawer of my bedside cabinet that has my prescriptions and other related things in it. Keep in painkillers, heat pads, cool pads, a first aid kit, lip balm, and probably some other things that I can’t think of right now.


Having an illness like CFS messes with your mentally as well as physically. This is partly because of the effects of the actual symptoms and partly because of other people’s reaction to you. People suck when it comes to illnesses and disabilities. Being diagnosed with CFS is a life sentence that often comes along with losing friends and family members, it often means having to stop studying or stop working. It is a complete shape up of your life. It’s the knowledge that this may or may not get better and if it gets better again it may just as tell get worse again.

Whatever you are feeling is okay. You are allowed to be angry, you are allowed to sad, you’re allowed to be frustrated. There is no correct way to feel about your illness or the way you are being treated because of it. You are not doing anything wrong if you’re so angry you just want to scream at everyone. You are not doing anything wrong if you just want to cry and cry. People will spout a load of shit about positive thinking but it is unhealthy to be positive all the time and if you are upset or angry or whatever you are allowed to be. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be feeling that way.

Out and About

You are likely to miscalculate the number of spoons you have. This can go either way but you are very much more likely to overestimate. Don’t let your illness stop you from doing things if you feel like you can do them. But on the flip side don’t do things when you are too ill because you feel like you should be. Sometimes you will go out thinking you can deal with a day of action and you after a couple of hours you will find that you actually you really don’t. It is hard, almost impossible to properly calculate spoons.

1.     Take your Mobility Aids. There is a change you won’t need it but it is 100% better to carry it with you and not need it than to need it and not have it with you.

2.       Rest along the way if you need to. Whether this is leaning against a shop window because holy hell suddenly the world is spinning to fast, whether it’s stopping by a café because getting a drink and/or a snack will give you an excuse to sit down for, well, as long as you need really, or whatever it is but listen to your body and give it the rests it needs.

3.     If you need to leave something early do so. Is it frustrating? Does it make you feel anti-social and boring? Yes and yes. But if you cannot manage what you have organised even if you are part way through it and you need to leave do so.

4.     Have a back-up plan for getting home. Now this is something I don’t do and really wish I did. Say one of your friends is the designated driver and you are on a day out and suddenly you don’t have the energy to go on but you also don’t want to ruin the rest of your friends’ day. Have another way to get home: someone who can pick you up, public transport, whatever but have a way.

Other People

People can suck. We all know this anyone but having an illness like CFS you learn a whole new way in which people suck. And you learn, sometimes, that it’s not stranger that suck all the time, sometimes it’s your closest friends. I’m very lucky now because I have friends who do their utmost to understand and help in any way that they can but I haven’t always been so lucky. I was thirteen when I was diagnosed and I was off school was seven weeks before any of my friends got in contact with me. People don’t always bother with people who aren’t around anymore and it’s really sucky but it happens. It hurts, it hurts a lot, but I promise you there are better people out there. You will find people who care about you whether you are healthy or ill or whatever else.

Family and friends won’t always believe you. People will make comments about how you are exaggerating, how you are lazy, how you need to just push through. They will tell you’re making their life difficult because of your illness, etc, etc. There is no end to abled-peoples insensitive comments. I’m sorry but the only thing you can really do here is learn to let it go over your head. It will take time but eventually you’ll learn that you are the one in your body, you are the one who know what its really like and that you are not a burden, you are not a problem, you’re just a person who is ill.

Everyone and their aunt has a ‘cure’ for you. Everyone knows someone who suffered from it and if you just ‘try yoga’, ‘cut out gluten’, ‘change your diet’ you will be better again. It’s bullshit. It is a chronic illness and chronic illnesses mean there is not a cure. People are insensitive as I have said. Ignore them the best you can and focus on the things that you know to help or hinder. Once again, you are the one in your body after all.


This is probably the most important part of all of this and it encompasses pretty much all of the headings. Looking after yourself is the most important thing. You need to put yourself first, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can for your health, for your well-being. If this means sometimes you just put on clean pjs and go back to bed, then you do that. If this means laying in a bath until the water is almost cold, do it. If it means lying on the sofa with a blanket and a teddy and a cup of tea do it. If it means pushing yourself a bit too much one day and dealing with the consequences for a week then do it. You deserve to put yourself first!

There is probably a lot more I could say but I think this is long enough already. I really hope this helps lovely and that it wasn’t too intense to read. If you want me to talk about any specific subject either in more detail or something that I haven’t touched on at all please feel free to message me again. Hope you’re having a less than terrible day. Love and spoons. xxx

Magic Carpet Ride (Richonne Date Night)-Carolina-Bleus

Michonne entered her home and was immediately greeted by a familiar tune. She followed the sound down to the den and was met with an even familiar sight. Rick and six-year-old Judith were cuddled together under Judith’s princess blanket, eyes glued to the television as a couple and a magic carpet glided across the screen.

After the song ended, Judith turned to Rick. “Daddy, wouldn’t you love to have a magic carpet? That way we could fly anywhere we wanted.”

“That would be very nice. Where would you want to fly?”

“To the toy store!”

Rick laughed, “Judy, the carpet may fly you anywhere you want but it won’t pay for toys.”

Judith’s eyes widened as she hadn’t taken that detail into account. “I can’t just take them, Daddy. That would be stealing. And then you’d have to take me to jail.”

“We could get Mama to defend you in court,” Rick joked.

“No, Daddy.” Judith shook her head. “Bad people steal and Mama doesn’t work with bad guys. She works with businessmen.”

Same difference to hear your mother tell it, Rick thought with a chuckle.

“I know! You and Mama can fly with me, Daddy. You’ll have fun aaaannnd you can pay for my toys.”

Rick raised a brow at his daughter’s solution. “How thoughtful of you, sweetie.”

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Spirit Keeping: Part 2 [Warning: Long]

Preface: I wrote this on mobile, so please forgive format errors. If it’s just terrible, please let me know! I will hop on my computer later and fix it, if need be! ~

Yesterday I posted about being connected with a new spiritual companion, courtesy of @magickalmenagerie. I’ve had class and 2 shifts at work since then, but I managed to squeeze in an hour for a mini-interview, to break the ice a little!

Here’s what I used to speak with him:

-Black Tourmaline Pendulum (protection from negativity; not from my new friend, just anything else that might be listening!)

- Spirit Board (Standard Yes/No/Maybe board. Also because it’s just. so. pretty.)

- Frankincense and Mhyrr Incense (Frankincense for purification and a boost to spirituality; Mhyrr because it has similar properties, and it also used for attraction.)

- White Tea Lights (signifies purity, peace, spiritual strength. White is also often used for meditation and divination)

-Amethyst (stability, boosts psychic ability) +

-Quartz (protection, energy booster) +

-Selenite (enhances energy, mental clarity, helps with spirit work) +

-Citrine (mental clarity, combats negative energy) +


So, after my altar was prepped, our pendulum was programmed, and we were all settled in, we got down to business.

First, I properly introduced myself. We had sat with each other, feeling out our respective energies and how they meshed. It was a lot like an awkward first date, but in a good way. We were nervous, but excited. This time, however, we were going to communicate formally.

Once introductions were our of the way, I started with the easy stuff. Verifying the information that was on the slip I received, and the proper pronunciation of his name. When I asked if he liked it here so far, I received a slightly dramatic swing, an enthusiastic “Yes!”

I moved on, to some ground rules and courtesy questions. He asked that I don’t share his true name, so I countered with the idea of a nickname, and he was immediately receptive. I listed a few ideas, but none elicited any excitement.

After a bit, I felt something that I can only describe as a sort of ‘nudge’. Not quite physical, but not completely ethereal. Kind of a, “Hey, what’s the deal? I can tell you’re holding back.”

I sheepishly admitted that, after contacting Magical Menagerie, I had wondered if this might happen. But of all the names I had thought to ask, there was one I really liked. The pendulum began to swing again, he urged me on. I could almost hear him, “Say it! I already know!”, in a playful tone.


And holy shit guys. The pedulum gained momentum, and I swear I could feel him at that moment. He was right there, amused as hell that I was embarassed about it. So I went out on a limb ~ I asked him, once he was connected with me, if he had sensed it, or if he had reached out to me and I missed it. In return, the pendulum swung the classic “No answer/I’m not telling”. Typical sly fox, no?

The conversation continued naturally after that. We were comfortable, and I was enjoying myself so much! We even discussed how he might help me in my craft, and the possibility of making a protection jar for our home, since he’s very much a home and hearth spirit. But my hour of free time was nearing an end, so one of the last things I asked was if Carbuncle wanted to accompany me to work, since I had a spare necklace or two with no adornments lying around, but that was a “No.”

So, like the cheeky witch I am, I jokingly asked if that was because he would be there anyway… and he responded in kind, with some silly swing that could’ve been a yes, or even a maybe. Sly fox, indeed…

I get the impression that we’re going to be incredibly happy with each other’s company. :)

This is my first go at spirit keeping, so I was initially worried that I might not be able to connect well, or that I might commit some snafu, despite being excited as hell to adopt a new member into my family. Now, I’m confident that this was an amazing idea. I can’t wait to develop this bond even further. Carbuncle and I will be two peas in our snuggly, family pod!

Thanks for reading. Love and light to all of you!


+ [NOTE: I like to give credit where credit is due. I don’t normally involve crystals when I do divination, but I stumbled across @letthebroomfly’s masterpost, titled “A Spirit-Workers Holy Grail, and decided to incorporate a few!]

My first group spell

So after hearing about @cosmic-witch ’s tragedy with Binky and that she was going to do a curse I wanted to help out; a good number of us did end up helping her and adding support and energy while she cast her curse. But as there were more people who wanted to cast than to set up protection wards, I agreed to do the later and man was it an undertaking! I’m still very drained, tired, and having occasional dizzy spells but that happens when you hold wards and energetic shields in place for almost an hr and half for over 12 people.

I wanted to share what I did because 1) I’m pretty darn proud of myself for being able to do this, and 2) I made this up and haven’t seen anything like this process floating around the tumblr witch universe.

I carved the lovely sigil @belladonnaswitchblog made into a candle to aid in the curse element, I lit that and let it do its thing. Then I cast my circles. I set my quartz crystal circle up, that I use for all casting/energy work, then I did a circle of basil for luck in this endeavor, around that was a circle of rosemary for protection, and a final circle made up of a paste that contained black salt, garlic, and very aggressive warding water I made from icicle water, rosemary, and ghost chili pepper flakes (to protect and burn anyone who even thinks of testing my wards let alone tries to do anything). After setting up my circles, I lit a sage bundle that was coated in dragon’s blood resin a friend gave me and cast a circle of smoke around my whole area, letting it burn through out the whole working.

Then I got to work. I sat in my circles feeling the energy rise, my hands starting to heat up and then burn as the energy flowed through and out of me into the energy net I was setting up. I concentrated on the sigil/visual aide I made to connect and encompass all the participants. I closed my eyes and visualized everyone sitting around me then I put myself outside the circle, encompassing everyone in a web, focusing our energies toward Cosmic-witch and the curse. Then I started to set up our protection wards. I focused on everyone sitting inside my circle, and wove an energy net around all of us, back and forth, over and over until everyone was encompassed in a mess of protective energy. Then I focused on growing a crystalline structure that encompassed the whole energy net. I grew it from the bottom up, spiky points facing outward in defense. The end result looked like a crystal dome, points facing out like spears, inside was a glowing net of protection wards encompassing the whole group.

My husband has a spirit that is bound to him and he likes to eat nasty things, he told him to assist me while doing this warding so I used him as an outside line of protection. While I was growing the crystalline defensive structure I had this feeling of something moving along the outskirts of my defenses and I sent the spirit to investigate. He did and as he doesn’t talk to me I’ve no idea what he found  but he came back after a while seeming pretty happy with himself and I didn’t feel anything else testing the boundaries of my wards.

By the time I finished setting up the wards Cosmic-witch was doing her spell. The last 15 to 20mins I really started to feel drained, I started to get cold chills and tired. I took a few moments to allow the wards to take what energy from me they needed to and recharged myself with some reiki. That extra energy boost got me through the last little bit. As Cosmic-witch finished I heard my husband’s key turn in the lock, the second the door opened the spirit bound to him flew up the stairs and started pacing around the edges of my wards, standing sentinel fully now that my husband was home for work. Once everyone was finished I took down the wards and realized I’d been doing it for almost a full hour and half and I was extremely tired. 

Spent the rest of the night doing nothing but hydrating and trying not to fall asleep talking to my husband. 

I’m happy that everything turned out so well and I was able to hold these wards up for this long. I hope that Cosmic-witch and Binky get justice for the pain that they went through and that this curse hits home for all the animals and animal parents wronged by this vet. I hope that Binky is happy where he is and that his spirit is at peace.

[FANCAFE] 170729 Seunghoon Fancafe Update: Today

For those of you who came all the way to Uljin today, thank you so so much. It must have taken a lot of time and effort. Be sure to check if your bus driver is too tired or not to assure safe way back home and please get home safely. 

I’ve been so tired lately that I got canker sore all over inside of my mouth and don’t get much sleep due to tight schedule, but at the thought of being able to see you guys soon, we are practicing dance everyday and we’re hyping ourselves up and boosting our energy for comeback preparation~~

In just a little bit, we can come meet you with a new song, so waitttt! hehe 

Those of you at home, sleep tight, and those of you outside, don’t stay out too late, and once again thank you to all who came to Uljin today~????

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I'm a new Love Scramble player with very weak Japanese and your tutorial has been a god send. I have all sorts of questions but the one that I'm stuck on is how to get the books to evolve certain cards. Specifically the pink books with the little icons in the bottom left corner. I think they're related to events (2 of the cards are from the Shields as cops gacha and have the same icon) but I have no idea how to get the books to evolve. Can you please help? Thanks!

Hello! I’m happy to know this was well worth the effort (and temporary loss in sanity) in doing. My crapanese is strong so I feel ya *pats shoulder* I’m lucky to remember anything I learned when I took those 2 semesters of Japanese many, many beans. Now, to your question~ (WARNING: Photo heavy!)

These are the books you’re talking about:

>.> Yes, I hoard and so should you! Why? Because you can only get them from the event at certain point levels. Once the event is over, that’s it. This is the sad, but genius financial ploy that the Voltage gods have set before is all to spend gems to get energies and point boosts during that time. For iOS users not in the Japanese market, it is a cursed blessing not to be able to spend for gems (because who has money like that?). But, for those that got the app through the Android third party markets, it is a cursed blessing to be able to actually spend for gems (because who needs food right?).

I recommend you save all the books you earn as you must learn from this terrible moment I gave myself. Remember that you can still possibly draw an event card after the event has passed. After the Alice in Wonderland event, I decided to use my 3-star bunny books to level up some cards. The next day, I drew The Mad Hatter Ishigami in he gacha and discovered I used the 4 crucial books I needed to awaken him. Don’t me like me. Use those gems for space or sell the extra juice bottles and coin cards they keep giving us at event these days. Once you finally use those books, you’ll gain back some space. Space in the card inn is so important! T-T *ahem* Moving on…

Now, you can replay select events of the past! However, there are some things that are different from the initial release. I explain.

First off, you need to find this banner: (sorry, boss! I get you new shirt and jacket! XD)

That banner with Epic Saizo on it will lead you to the list of currently available past event. This is also where you’ll have to go to get to the event you plan to redo: (Please excuse the squished fuzziness of this, but I didn’t want to have a huge list of banner things. Gomen…)

As you can see, there have been a lot of events since the beginning and they include the birthday ones and some even I missed because taking breaks is important. Now, each one can be replayed for 25 gems and you get 10 days to get through it as best you can. And you can replay more than one event at a time! For those of us that aren’t made of gold, playing a current event and a replayed event would be well beyond our means as it is. Thankfully, there is no event at the time of this post, but more power to those that will attempt more than one replay event AND current event. *dies just thinking about that* 

Here’s how the list will look like with the current past event you’re replaying with the day you it ends. 

Each event has the info page for that one with the cards related to the event listed. There’s also a points list to show what you get at which point level before you spend the preciously hoarded gems. 

Here is how the event screen looks like when you redo one. Yes, I spent the gems to do this since it was asked. I need the books for these cards so it’s ok :)

As you can see, there’s no rank here. It’s all solo work so all you need to concern with is the amount of points you gain as you go on. Again, the day and time of expiration is also there so you can keep track of your 10 days.

This is the list of points and items for those of us that can’t read Japanese. This can be found poking the purple button next to where your points are shown.

These are the random items you’ll get for each round.

Here’s the caveat to repeating a past event:

  • Event card still count in these do overs. If you or someone you know have them, they will boost your point count but the percentage won’t show like in the event. (I’ll post the photo of that when I get to work)
  • No fever tickets will be gifted. You have to purchase them if you want that gung ho kick to boost your pointage.
  • Reading the intermission stories WILL NOT give you gems. If you did it once before, good. If you haven’t, that’s not good but that it the suckage we must bare for these second chances.

One thing I have yet to determine is if you restart if you attempt one of these second chances for a 2nd or 3rd time. Most likely yes, unless they do that kindness and save your progress in that event. I’ll check back in 10 days and update this post regarding that.

So, I hope this helps. I feel like I went way beyond what you asked, but this just couldn’t have been done half-assed. If there’s anything I missed in this, please submit to the Ask Box so I can update this post. And, again, I will update come the 10 days and if I didn’t get all the books. I did try the event with the Epic Saizo card as a rank prize so that might reveal more. 

To Be Continued~

anonymous asked:

My dad found a gorgeous skunk skull about a year ago and put it on a shelf in our basement. I wanna contact the spirit, but do you think I'll still be able to if its been dead for that long?

It’s entirely possible! I know Old Jane had been dead for a little over a year before I found her, and Daru’s pelt was estimated to be anywhere between 15 and 30 years old by the time I got my hands on him, and I was able to make a connection with them just fine!

It’s possibly that the spirit inside might have moved on, but you’ll never know until you try to connect with it!

My procedure for finding out how “dead” a dead thing is, is as follows:

  1. Find a nice, quiet place free of distractions and sit down with the remains. Hold them in your hands or lap.
  2. Gather some energy into your hands. If you don’t have much experience with this, my advice is to clap your hands together a few times, then rub your palms together a bit. Lay one hand across the other and kind of cup them, like you were holding something small between them. The clapping/rubbing should have made your skin start to tingle a little bit–focus on that. I feel that our energy is carried in the blood, so the clapping and rubbing increases the circulation in that area and thus gets more energy flowing. But focus on that tingling and try to sort of draw it out more fully. 
  3. Once you’ve got some nice energy in your palms, take up the remains and sort of… feed that energy into them. 

If there’s still a spirit in the remains, but it’s gone somewhat dormant, this energy will kind of nudge it awake and give it a wee boost. Sometimes, though, I feel like the energy just sort of… goes nowhere. Like the remains are just slurping it up and dispelling it. I take this to mean that there is no longer a spirit in the remains.

Hope this helped!

Submit Again - Andy Bierack

-Smut warning-

This is a part 2 from this imagine: http://androoqueersack.tumblr.com/post/80829412452/submit-andy-biersack    

Also, I made Andy bi in this as I wanted to so there. 

You stood side stage, hidden in the wings, as you watched Black Veil Brides perform. They all moved around the stage, apart from CC of course, and Andy jumped around like a small excited child. He stood on the rhostra, jumping on one leg while the other just hung in the air and he tuck jumped in the air and back onto the stage before running to the other side. He kept looking over to you and grinning and occasionally winking. You watched as he paused and stared at the audience, stretching his tongue out in an almost Gene Simmons/Miley Cyrus type way. The squeals erupted of the young girls in the audience, you smirked to yourself as you had what they wanted. 


They all ran off the stage apart from CC who was on to perform his drum solo and Andy ran straight for you. 

“So?” He asked hopefully, he wanted a review so far. I mean, you did tell him if he performed well he’d get a reward. 

“Now do you really want a spoiler?" He shook his head and dropped it a little, he was like putty in your hands. 

"Now, I’d love an explanation for what’s happened!” Ashley announced as he walked over to you and Andy. You both still hadn’t the time to say anything as you left abruptly and got back to the stage just as Andy was 5 minutes before going on and you were still with him. You looked to Andy as if to tell him to tell them or make something up. Did they know what he was like? Did they know he submitted? Did he normally rush off with a girl? Andy was still silent and Ashley wanted an answer. 

“Fucking,” You stated blankly, it didn’t give much away but it was what happened. 

Ashley simply laughed and patted Andy’s shoulder and nodded at you before heading to grab another bottle of water. They all soon headed back on to get to the end of their concert and then were back in the wings waiting for the fans to lose their voices for chanting screaming their name. Black Veil Brides. Going on for the encore Andy ended up at the barrier and the fangirls were clawing at him and you could see him trying to get away, you saw a couple of hands go a bit lower than he would have liked. He got free and you saw his shirt was torn more than he made it so and he simply shrugged tearing the rest so it came off his body and that was thrown into the audience for the fangirls to now claw at each other for even a little piece of the sweat ridden shirt. 

There is was again, that stupid dominance he flaunts on stage; oh if the fangirls knew he begs to be able to cum and obeys instead of commands. Flaunt now Boy as he sure as hell is getting a reward but you’d make him beg. After saying their last thank yous and goodbyes they ran off for a final time and the lights went out and the house lights went up.

“We’re juts going to change and freshen up and then we’ll step outside to meet or get swarmed by fans but then we go back to a hotel tonight. Do you want to wait in the bus?” Andy said shyly as he came up to you, sweat dripping down his body as he glugged a bottle of water down. 


Left alone on the bus, mostly, occasionally a Crew member and Roadie would enter and drop off some instruments and equipment. You took a look around, you headed to the bunks and quickly found Andy’s knowing it would be one of the top ones. The sheet was all messed up and a packet of cigarettes poke out from under the pillow and a comic lay open. There were various books in a small shelf that was built in, the books were mainly Auto-Biographies too. You bet he’s masturbated in here, to his own thoughts or picture of girls: or even guys, the thought and fact of him being bisexual was always there. 

Soon Andy burst through the bus door soon followed by the others and the Crew. Apparently they were all the drive to the Hotel but you and Andy were staying on the bus, alone. He was smart, given props. As you arrived the others filed out and you were quick to twist from your seat next to Andy onto his lap, straddling him, and kissing him lustfully. You had wanted him since the show as his sweat slicked body gleamed under the lights. Grinding your hips against his groin gently he soon was hardening and moaning softly against your mouth. 

“Aren’t you an audible one,” you smirked against his mouth as you pulled away. “Now, do you think you deserve your reward?” You stood up, standing defiantly above him, your sultry stare keeping him pinned to the sofa. 

“Um, yes”. 

“Are you sure? I mean, you flouncing around that fake dominance wasn’t great. You have those fangirls in the palm of your hand, don’t you?”

He was silent and you heard him gulp. Like a scared little puppy; perfect. You took one step closer to him and dropped to the floor, bouncing there for a for moments before looking up at him. Your hand grazed around his thigh, edging closer to the place where it was evident he was wanting touched most. You kept teasing, seeing how tense he was becoming. 

“Please,” he breathed, barely audible and you locked his contact. He froze, eyes widening. “I didn’t- I didn’t mean. It uh- it slipped out”. 

“Blabbering only makes it worse Boy”. You stood up and paced in front of him. “Now, I’m going to let those marks go and it will reward you. You are a natural performer. But you see, I normally enjoy using toys but sadly, I brought none”. 

“There is some here. I mean, I know of some here. Ash, heh, Ash likes them on the girls he fucks. I guess they are sterile too, well one is-” He cut himself off then and you knew exactly why. 

“So you enjoy the sensation or is there something else?” You knew some men just liked having a toy or two in their ass, the prostate is a major pleasure point for them and helps them. 

“It’s happened a couple of times. I liked it, I guess I am, I just like girls a lot more”. 

“That’s perfect. Why don’t you go fetch those toys”. 

He bolted up, obeying quickly. This will very enjoyable. He returned with a bag and you felt your excitement grow. You got him to place them all on the floor and you observed them. All seemingly great. Raising an eyebrow at Andy he pointed to the one he used -secretly. You picked it up to examine, a nice blue vibrator. This day was just getting better and better. 

“Tell me Andy, how hard are you right now?" 

"A lot”. 

“Do you want this?" 


“Yes what?" 

"Yes, Mommy”. 


His eyes widened, you were teasing pushing him to his limit and it thrilled you. He soon began to beg and plead and it was music to your ears. You straddled him once more, pulling his new shirt over his head, breezing your hands over his chest. Down to his pants and his grown erection strained against them. You stripped him of all clothing and you stripped yourself as well. 

“Lubricant? I’m not a rim-job type of girl,” you laughed and so did Andy.

He quickly stood up and you saw him go to his own bunk and he brought out a packet of lubricant. Brilliant. “Come on then, be a good boy. Lift your legs up and spread ‘em”. He laughed a little and obeyed, you quickly lubricated the vibrator and teased it around Andy’s entrance.

He growled and pushed towards the toy. 


You pushed it all the way in and turned it on clearly alarming Andy to make him cry out. You gently moved it around trying to locate his prostrate, you soon found it as you watched Andy’s eyes widen as he bit down on his lip and his hips bucked upwards. You grinned as you moved your other hand towards your folds and went directly to your clitoris, rubbing small circles. 

“You like this, hm?" 

Andy nodded, "Yes, Mommy”. You pumped it harder and faster and Andy gave it his all not to make a noise as he squirmed on the sofa. 

“Mommy- Mommy, please. I’m going to cum”. 

To that you withdrew the vibrator and switched it off. You saw him watch your every move as you made a space on the floor before lying down. 

“Come on then Biersack, here’s a part 2. Fuck me, fuck me harder than before. Make this city hear that you are fucking me and- Make. Me. Scream”. 

Andy was quick to bolt off the sofa and gently take your thighs in his hands, wrapping them around his own as he knelt above you. He licked his lips subconsciously before pushing himself inside you making you groan out. You were still in a state of bliss as he filled you as he started to move, letting you adjust. His speed soon picked up as did the volume of your moans, groans, screams and pleasured squeals. He was going faster than earlier, it’s like the concert and the fantastic foreplay gave him an energy boost. 

The knotting sensation and dropping of your stomach and clenching of your abdomen showed he was driving you to your edge. Andy’s movements of a rough direct thrust show he was trying to stretch the sensation out for longer before he to came. 

“Mommy, I need to cum,” he stated, breathing hard and sweat ridden once more. 

“Then cum, cum and drive me over my own edge!” You barely got out as Andy continued to thrust deeply in you. Your walls were clenching around his length and you began to shriek in pleasure as your orgasm shot through you and you fell limp, making Andy lean over to hold you up as he soon followed through and came in you. He dropped over you, resting on his elbows as he slowly pulled out and you both breathed heavily still recovering and entering the sex aftermath. 

“You really are great, (Y/N)”. 

“You’re not too shabby yourself Andy. Maybe next time you tour through here we’ll get this going again?" 

"Why don’t you just give me your number and maybe I’ll travel over here whenever I’d like after the tour is finished?” He chuckled and finally rolled over to lay beside you. You turned on your side and cuddled into his chest, sliding a little as both your bodies had not yet calmed down and you were sweating. He placed an arm around you and you allowed it. 

“That sounds perfect”. 

Sculpting Creativity

Description: So you wanna be a creative genius? Me too! **Added psychic bonus!**  It is a little lumpy, but it has a certain charm to it ;)

Type: Poppet

Necessary Materials: 

  • Flour
  • Piece of you (hair, nail clippings, etc.)
  • Sigil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Purple paint (optional)
  • Cinnamon*
  • Marjoram*
  • Small dish
  • Chalice or other glass container for mixing
  • **Mixing utensil

Necessary Background Knowledge: Casting a circle, Channeling Energy, Grounding, Creating Sigils, Closing a circle.

Process: So, as you may have guessed, this process can get a little messy! All the more fun, right? Since it is a longer process, I’ll number it. 

  1. The first thing you’re going to need to do is make  yourself a sigil, with a good statement of intent. I’d like you to create your own, so I won’t say mine outright, however I will give you this much: the phrase I used is somewhere on this post! Don’t forget to channel some energy into your sigil. (I’ll put a photo of mine at the bottom of the post) Also, it is a good idea to just go ahead and mix  your marjoram and cinnamon into one.
  2.  Once you’ve got that, the fun can begin! Cast your circle with all of your materials, and get yourself organized! You’ll thank yourself for it! 
  3. Take your small dish and put your sigil in it, then cover your sigil in peppermint essential oil. Set it aside. 
  4. For this in particular, I decided to mix everything together in my chalice, as it is a good symbolic representation of water and creativity. So into your mixing dish goes your flour and water for starts. Save yourself and use a mixing utensil here, as I used my hands and got stuff everywhere! While you’re doing this, you’ll need to either mentally or vocally program your spell. For me, I whispered what was going on: “This mixture represents me,” or something of  that nature. Get a good consistency, you’ll know you’ve done it right whenever it sticks to itself and not to you or the container. 
  5. The next part is going to be playing with that consistency. Add in your cinnamon and marjoram mixture. Add more water/flower if needed to get your consistency back.
  6.  Once you’re there, you’ll need your hair or nail clippings or whatever you decide. Toss them in. Grab your sigil from its dish, and drop that in as well. Mix it all together until it disappears into your flour lump, all the while programming it mentally or vocally. 
  7. Take your mixture, and shape your poppet! I highly recommend keeping flour on your hands at all times while completing this step, as well as covering whatever surface you’re working on in it (so it doesn’t stick to it when you try to pick it up later and break). While you’re shaping it, use your statements to program it: “This poppet represents me,” or.. “This poppet represents me creatively,” etc.  I’m a channeling fool, so if it suits you, charge the crap out of that poppet!
  8. **Optional** : If you’d like an added psychic boost, now is the time to take your purple paint and add a third eye to your poppet! For me, I painted the eye, added a drop of the peppermint essential oil to the eye, then also added a drop of the psychic moon water we made previously! 
  9. Once you’ve got your desired shape, and appearance, seal in all that yummy creative energy. I represented this physically by sprinkling flour all over it, then sealed it energetically. Leave it somewhere to dry, periodically checking on it and *carefully* picking it up to keep it from sticking. After some time (when the front is fully dried) flip it so the underneath can dry.
  10. Close your circle and clean up! :)

Personal Notes: Something I believe made this successful is the fact that it is something that requires some creativity to create! It’s a lot of fun but don’t forget, it can be super messy! As in, I destroyed my room making this, so learn from my mistakes and keep some flour on your hands at all times! Another important thing I think is worth noting, is that this poppet is completely doable without the third eye. If you are not ready or open to spirit work or seeing things, do not include the third eye. That said, I saw results the night of making this, psychically speaking. All night I saw movement, sparks of flitting light, sounds, etc. Actual, visible things. I wish I had a better description for you, but unfortunately words don’t do it justice. I think this poppet also attracted some spirit activity, because when I was cleaning up my horrendous mess, the door in my hallway kept opening and closing, and other small things occurred. My house was more active than usual. If you are the type to be scared of these things, do not perform any sort of spell or magic working that will bring these things about, as the results are very real and if I had tried to perform these things a day sooner than I was ready, I’d have been a terrified mess. 

Another thing I’d like to mention: These poppets take a long time to dry, depending on their size and thickness! Mine took about three days to dry completely. So, if you’re not open about your practice, make sure you have somewhere you can keep it while it dries. Mine did just fine under my bed, where I could periodically check on it. They also crack fairly easily, depending on how well crafted they are! Mine had a fairly large crack going right through the center of it, all the way around (pictured). I had to come back once it was mostly dry and mend the cracks, and continue letting it dry. Small cracks are not bothersome, but if it something that could result in a larger or more detrimental crack, it could ruin your magic. 

**Again, as I have said before, at the time of working this I was experimenting with correspondences and how they worked for me! If you have something better, or something you’d like to work with differently/experimentally, feel free! Be sure to track your results.

I became a better problem solver, wrote a bunch of awesome prose, was more inclined to participate in/deal with my little sister’s childish games, wrote a bunch of spells, etc. While I wish I got more from this creatively, I’d say it was a very good start for what I was looking for! I did like the psychic results I got as well. I will definitely make something similar in the future, but make changes to bring about bigger results (because I just like to go big or go home~)!

One last thing I’d like to mention (deep breaths, I know this is a long post): Having an improptu inspirational moment, I decided I wanted to be more connected with my poppet. Since my sigil was at the heart of it, I decided I needed it as well. With the flour  that was all over my hands, I (crudely) traced my sigil over my own heart. It just felt right.

Tip #13

Figure out your study environment! I first thought I worked best at the comfort of my own home but it caused me to procrastinate by going on Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. But I figured out that my best study space is at a coffee shop or any cafe because I would feel weird watching Youtube videos when other people are around me so this forces me to stay on task. 

Library is another great location but I don’t always come here because I can’t eat here. However, its a great way to get things done. Just bring something to drink (Water, coffee, tea, etc.) since many libraries don’t allow food. 

USE A FREAKING PLANNER! No joke it’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I would drop $40 just for a solid planner but my school gives free planners so yay! Plan out your day, week, and month. Write down your tasks and due dates. Be REASONABLE with what you think you can accomplish. Writing a 12 page essay in one day just isn’t going to happen so break it down! Once you get your assignments, start planning how you’re going to tackle it! Got it!?

SLEEP! Think pulling all nighters or sleeping late will help you through college? Trust me. Sleep is the most valuable thing ever! I did that first semester and I nearly missed my final and was late to several classes. Just sleep already! Take naps when you can to give you a boost of energy (: Nap in the library for all I care. People do it all the time! Make sure you sleep so you can function properly and absorb all the information like a sponge. 

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The Media Gets It Wrong

Harry: “Are you ever going to go home?” You ask him with a smile as you roll over to find him yet again in your bed. With only a moan in return you remove the duvet and slowly place your feet on the cold hardwood. “What are you doing?” A muffled voice asks. You turn back to see only a mop of hair. “Getting up,” you answer. Another moan comes from under the covers. You let out a light chuckle as you pull your hair back with the lone hair tie on your night stand. Loud noises coming from outside draws you to the front door, leaving Harry to sleep. As you peek out the curtains covering the glass door you are greeted by several photographers and multiple fans, both groups gathered across the street. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you groan, fixing the curtain back once you were finished looking. Deciding to ignore Harry’s inevitable fate as he left for the day, whenever that would be, you walk to the kitchen in search of something to boost your energy. It was going to be one of those days, you could already feel it. “You’ve got some friend’s outside,” you inform Harry when he finally makes his way down the stairs. “Do I even want to look?” You shake your head in response and he sits down beside you at the breakfast bar. “Studio today?” You inquire, sliding him the box of muffins you had picked up at the bakery on your way home from work yesterday. He nods as he opens the box, indecisiveness consuming him. Three muffins and two cups of coffee later he is back upstairs, scanning through his side of the closet for something to wear. Why he had a side in your closet you weren’t quite sure. He had been staying with you for the last week or so, so you were surprised that it took this long for a group to form outside your door. “Yeah?” He asks, arms out, showing off what he had pulled together once you had returned to the bedroom. “It’s a little dressy for the studio don’t you think?” You respond, looking over his black jeans, half buttoned button down, boots, and giant hat that could easily double as a sun hat at the beach. “Good enough for me,” he returns. He grabs his phone and keys off of your dresser before pulling you in for a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. You follow behind him as he heads for the front door, knowing he would want one more hug before he left. You watch as he makes his way down the stone path to the road and you can only imagine what he is hearing at this moment. “Harry, how was your night last night? You got in awful late,” one paparazzi shouts at him as the roar of the fans amongst them grows louder. “You’ve been here all week,” one more acknowledges. “How long have the two of you been dating?” Another one shouts, causing Harry to stop the stride to his car parked just along the sidewalk. “We aren’t dating mate,” Harry reveals. “But you’ve been staying with her for a week now.” “Not dating,” Harry repeats before climbing into his awaiting Range Rover.   

Liam: “And you’re just going to let them believe that?” Your roommate questions over a dinner courtesy of Pizza Hut. You nod and reach for another slice of the mushroom and cheese thin crust you had ordered. “Why?” You had asked yourself this question a hundred times and you still weren’t sure you fully understood your reasoning. “Because no one needs to know what really happened.” “But don’t you think you’re kind of allowing him to get off?” ‘Yes’, your brain says. “No,” your heart answers aloud. “He cheated, and yet everyone thinks the distance broke you up. That seems a little uneven, don’t you think?” She was right, but you wouldn’t tell her that. Sure, he had cheated, and sure it hurt, but there was no sense in making a terrible situation worse by ruining his reputation. ‘Cheater’ was not an easy label to shake. “I don’t see how basically ratting him out would help anything,” you admit, sitting your half eaten slice back in the box, your appetite quickly going. You were doing him the biggest favor possible by not going to the media and telling them the truth about your situation. They had just assumed the touring broke you, and no one ever came to double check their story. The story they missed being Liam calling you in the middle of the night to confess his actions. He had let the alcohol get the best of him and of course there was a girl around, there always was. He had gotten her back to his hotel in Barcelona undetected, how, you were still wondering that yourself. She had stayed in the room until well after he had left for the next city, and the fling was over. You credited him with telling you after it happened, but that’s about it. This being one of the only reasons why you kept quiet, that, and you still loved him. Yes, it hurt, but there was no need to go seeking revenge on someone you knew you still had such strong feelings for. “What does he have to say about all of this? You not saying anything,” your roommate continues to prude, bringing you from your thoughts. “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him,” you reveal. “He’s one lucky ass. If I were you I would have ruined him. He wouldn’t even have time for the band he would be surrounded by so much hate.” You chuckle at her harsh words. You would never sell him out, even if it meant hiding the truth.

Niall: You watch on as your ex is plastered all over the television screen in front of you. “One Direction’s Niall Horan, back at the pub for a fifth night in a row,” the celebrity gossip anchor begins. You knew this Niall, unfortunately. Upset Niall drinks, and seeing as he had been to the pub every day so far this week, he was upset. It hadn’t even been a week since the breakup and it felt like everything was still falling apart. “It just isn’t there anymore,” he had told you. Not really specifying what “it” was. “Sources say Niall is enjoying the freedom he has now since his recent split from (Y/F/N). They are also saying his presence at his local pub is bringing some well needed attention to the area.” “Or he has a drinking problem,” you answer for the so called ‘sources’ that had informed this delusional human being of your ex’s antics. You knew Niall could handle his alcohol, when he drank causally. Five days in a row was not casual. As you turn the television off, not wanting to hear any more about Niall, your doorbell rings. You look at the clock, noticing it had switched over to AM without you even noticing. Who was at your door at this time? You turn the porch light on and slowly open the door to reveal a very intoxicated ex-boyfriend, your very intoxicated ex-boyfriend.  A smile stretches across his face once he notices you had opened the door. “You actually came to the door,” he says in relief. “What are you doing here?” You inquire, trying to keep the harshness out of your tone but failing. “I came to see you,” he answers, pointing to the taxi at the road that was now driving off. “You’re not staying here,” you remark, beating him to this own plan. “Where am I supposed to go?” He asks, walking past you and into your living room. “Home?” You close the door behind him and follow him to the couch, his space still indented in the cushions. “You would really kick me out?” “Yeah, I would. Especially since you’ve been acting like this all week. Why are you drinking so much?” You question, desperate to know the answer. “I don’t know any other way to fix this,” he begins and you shake your head. “No, that is ridiculous. Answer me, why have you been drinking so much?” “It isn’t ridiculous, it’s the truth,” he begins, sitting down on the side of the couch that once belonged to him. “I drink because I don’t want to remember you.” “Yet you’re here,” you interrupt. He ignores you statement and continues. “I know I shouldn’t be drinking so much, but it’s only because I hate my life without you.” “You shouldn’t have bullshitted your way out of the relationship then,” you retort, succumbing to the anger that was building. He had everyone convinced that his partying was his ‘freedom’ yet in reality it was his addiction and you couldn’t understand how that was going unnoticed.

Louis: “No, no, no!” He says and your face winces once more. He was so quick to deny engagement rumors. Sure they weren’t true but did he really have to dispel them as if the insinuation disgusted him? You had watched the interview at least ten times, that question pulling at your heart a little more every time you hit replay. You had dealt with engagement rumors before, especially since Zayn had popped the question to his other half. However, he had never reacted like this. The questions began to flood your thoughts. Why was this his reaction? Was your relationship not as strong as you thought it was? Was a future with him even a possibility? You had never had an issue with him setting the rumors straight in the past, so why now? As your brain mulls over the different questions, your phone rings, bringing you from your thoughts. The familiar name and emojis on the screen brings your heartbeat to a quicker pace. “Hi,” you answer timidly. “Hey, everything alright?” He questions from the other side, noticing your shy greeting. “Why did you say no like that?” Your question is out before you can pull it back in. “What?” He questions, unsure of what you were actually talking about. “That interview, they asked you if we were engaged,” you answer. He sighs loudly over the line and you prepare yourself for whatever answer he was coming up with. “Babe,” he begins and you interrupt him. “Don’t babe me, answer me.” Your tone was harsh and he continued carefully. “We aren’t engaged, I was just simply answering the question. I didn’t think that would even be a topic of discussion, so when it was asked that was just my reaction.” “But why was that your reaction,” you question, not impressed at all with his explanation. “I don’t know, it just was.” You could hear the annoyance in his voice. “Why does it bother you so much?” He continues. “Do you see a future with me?” You counter, completely ignoring the question he had asked. “What are you even on about?” He replies, already done with this conversation. “Answer me Louis!” You practically shout over the line. You wait for an answer, the seconds seeming like days. “I don’t know,” he replies honestly and your heart sinks. “You don’t know?” You counter, anger filling your mind, but your voice remains calm for now. “Yeah, I don’t know. I’m only twenty-two, I don’t even know why we are discussing this right now.” “Because we have been together for three years and you just said that you don’t see a future with me. Why are we doing this if there’s no future in it?” Your point was valid but he couldn’t see it. “Okay, seriously? I call you before the show to tell you goodnight and you throw this bullshit at me? I’m done with this conversation.” He was 110% over you and the subject you had brought up. “We are not done!” You shout, feeling no remorse for his intentions. “Yes, we are,” he answers before the line goes dead and you scream in frustration. What were you even doing? He obviously doesn’t see you in his future, yet here you sit in his house, surrounding by a mixture of yours and his things as you had been for as long as you cared to remember. Yet now, after hearing his answer, everything feels different.

Zayn: You had noticed the starring and the whispers behind your back when you stepped out in long sleeve shirts in the middle of summer. Yes, you were hiding the bruises. Yes, they knew you were hiding the bruises. Yes, you knew that they knew, but how else were you meant to go about this? This was your third day in a row fully covering your arms. So of course it was a record high in the UK, why wouldn’t it be? The stares naturally came whenever you walked into a shop no matter what you were wearing so the attention you had just gained didn’t bother you. You ignored the low conversations you were hearing from behind you, wanting to get out as soon as possible and leave the drama behind. A few quick selections later you are at the register paying. You keep your comments to yourself as you see the attendant behind the desk rake your wardrobe choices with her eyes, a smile remaining on your face once she makes it back up to meet your gaze. “Is everything okay?” She inquires, catching you off guard. “Pardon?” You reply, needing her to repeat herself. “I know it’s not my place, but everyone knows why you’ve been wearing those long sleeves.” You look around the small boutique to notice every single pair of eyes on you. “I’m sorry I still don’t know where this is going,” you say honestly. “The bruises. You have so many bruises.” She acknowledges, nodding to your arms. “Okay?” “You don’t have to stay with him,” she offers, placing her hand on yours. You pull away quickly. “Excuse me?” You take offence. “You can leave him, it isn’t as hard as you think,” she laments. “Wait,” you begin, pausing to try and wrap your head around what she was insinuating. “You think Zayn did this?” “Everyone does,” she reveals, pulling a magazine from under the counter to reveal your arms on the front cover and a distraught picture of your boyfriend beside them. You rip the magazine from her hand to read the cover, ‘(Y/F/N) Hiding Abuse From One Direction Boyfriend Zayn Malik - Long Sleeves in Summer, Staying Inside - The Signs Are There’ “Bullshit,” you remark after reading the front, tossing the rubbish magazine back at the attendant. “I got these at work. Zayn does not abuse me.” You say loudly, unable to even fathom that situation. “You don’t have to be in denial,” the woman continues. “Lady, you are the one in denial,” you retort, taking your bags off of the counter and quickly exiting the shop. As you walk away you pull your phone out to call prime suspect number one. “Why are you so abusive!?” You shout into the phone before he could even greet you. “What?” He questions playfully recognizing your tone. “Well according to everyone in the shop I just left, you are abusing me,” you reveal. “What?!” This time his tone serious. “Exactly. Everyone seems to think that the bruises on my arm are from you.” “Who is everyone?” “Well it’s on the front cover of whatever magazine they had back there, so I’m assuming a lot of people. I have been getting a lot of stares lately.” “That’s because you go out in winter clothes.” “Well it’s that or people really think you’re beating me.” “Well maybe you should try to be more careful at work,” he counters, his playful tone returning. “Hey now, scooping ice cream is a demanding job!” The two of you laugh the situation away, hoping the allegation would disappear on their own. 

Preference: He catches you singing in the shower. Part 1


You woke up at around 10am and Niall had already left for work, he left you a note saying he would be back at around 5. You smiled and lazily walked downstairs and into the kitchen, to find Niall had left you some pancakes, smiling and giggling to yourself a little you warmed them up in the microwave. After breakfast you went and hoped in the shower, you pressed play on your music and started singing along as loud as you possibly could. You were in the middle of your favouite sing when you heard a familiar chuckle from behind the shower curtain, you smiled to yourself a nd pokes your head around. “Can I help you, this is a private concert and I don’t think you have any tickets sir.” I said to him, raising an eyebrow as I did so “Baby i don’t need a ticket..” He said smirking as he took his clothes off “But I did love it when you called me sir” he growled, still smirking as he started kissing your neck..


Waking up alone, once again. Zayn was on tour, he was ment to be back home a few weeks ago but management added extra dates to the tour. You took the news pretty well but you were still on extremely upset. Sighing as I got out of bed and walked to the shower still half asleep but, as soon as the warm water trickled down my back I had a boost if energy. Forgetting about my sorrows i switched in the radio and started singing to whatever song was playing, and it just so happens One Direction were on. “Baby you and me, stumbling in the street, sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it” you pretty much shouted at the top of your lungs “You and me and all our friends, I don’t care how much we spend, baby this is what the night is, oh, oh, oh, oh” you quickly spun round as you heard the angelic voice of your boyfriend “Zayn!” I grabbed a towel and run into his arms.