i gonna stop

if got7 comes back with an rnb album i will be so happy. like idk if y'all understand but this is my dream for got7. they fit that genre so much. just imagine the vocals and the slow soft sexy rapping that they would do!! like give me more songs like angel, like oh and prove it, just to name a few. give me a title track that matches how great the rest of the songs on the album sound. i need got7 to snatch everyone BALD in 2017. i just know got7s potential. this is their genre i just feel it in my tits!!

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I was tagged by the beautiful @ndxmhmdx to do the accent challenge and tbh idk why I’m actually posting this but I’m really bored. Probably gonna delete it later but um don’t reblog this mess (who and why would anyone do that tbh??)

Anyways I’m just gonna tag random mutuals I guess  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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but what if………. i just never watched critrole again……….

guys how do i concentrate on reading how do i do it i used to only read for hours on end in middle school can those capabilities come back bc i am….. so behind on homework and i’m just ughhh

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It would be really helpful to know the software or w/e you're using to track ppl on your blog, the website im using isnt very specific about page visitors :/

I use statcounter.com

it gives you all sorts of metrics, but the screenshot I posted was from the “visitor path” tab, which shows you who’s looking at your blog and when and what they clicked on

How to get through house chores when you’re a writer

Tell yourself that today, no matter what happens, you’re going to sit down and WRITE.

Stand back and watch in amazement as you suddenly become super passionate about cleaning dishes, taking down the garbage bags, hanging the laundry, sweeping the floors, making fresh bread, repaving the garden path…………..


Does anyone else ever get that feeling where you’re worried you’re bugging the people you speak to and consider friends? Like for no reason at all? Like you could be mid joke, mid conversation, chatting with a group of friends and then suddenly feel like you don’t really belong there and people just feel sorry for you?

I’m doing this a lot recently.

my new years resolutions are to grow my hair out and treat it better, get rid of them fucking acne scars, take better care of my skin and find out what really works, lose 15 pounds, focus on school more, an try to socialize more maybe actual make friends and stop being a lil shy bitch