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anonymous and daisyjohnson-sq asked  daisy johnson or kara danvers 

a product of people saying pansexual and bisexual are the same thing and using bisexual as an umbrella term for all multisexual people that is really starting to grate on my nerves: being told a character is pansexual, when they’re actually explicitly stated as bisexual.

I feel like I’ve said this so many times, but apparently it isn’t sticking, so; pansexual and bisexual are not terms that, in a general sense, are interchangeable. and funnily enough, pansexual rep and bisexual rep are not interchangeable either. *

bisexual rep is meant solely for the people who identify with bisexuality, and it isn’t pansexual people’s place to take it and claim it as their own. pansexual people also should not have to settle for finding rep or relating to characters who don’t actually represent them, as they weren’t created for or with them in mind.

it’s so frustrating seeing “this character is pansexual!” only to see it followed up with “or bisexual, whatever” or to find out that they’re actually canonically bisexual. the more people use bisexual to mean more than just bisexual, the more people will try and say that bisexual rep is more than just bisexual rep, and the more other multisexualities will get erased. and that isn’t fair to anyone.

bisexual and pansexual people deserve to have their own separate rep, and should be able to have their own separate rep. there shouldn't have to be this weird sharing/stealing and debating over unlabeled multisexual characters.

I feel like we've progressed from people denying the existence of pansexual people, to people acknowledging us, but only as a nondescript, subset of bisexual people. which, seeing as it’s still gross pan-erasure, isn't actually progress at all.

* I know there are pansexual people who also identify as bisexual, and therefor will also feel represented in and relate to bisexual characters. but that doesn't make those bisexual characters suddenly pansexual, or rep for pansexual people who don’t also identify as bisexual. this post is obviously about the pansexual people who don’t identify with bisexuality, and is meant in, again, a general sense of what the two terms mean separately, as most of my posts are.

On a related note, if anyone knows of any “similar” religions to satanism or just any religions that are seen as more new age or deal with like….magic, or the occult, etc., it would be rlly cool if you could hmu because I’m just trying to find something to fill what feels like this hole in my personality :/