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you need to stop. have like a calm, rational, approach to something. you need to speak up. not just be a bystander to a situation, but be an upstander, be a part of it and support people. not just to see something going on and let it happen, but if you see someone that’s going through something like this to lend your support, and if everybody does that - then I think, before we know it, the world could be a much better place on the internet”

@danielhowell at #stopspeaksupport

This is a kind of experimental, unfinished thought and it’s all over the place… but I keep wondering why Dean went to face the ghoul alone. He didn’t have to; while it kind of makes sense to keep Cas near Jack, Sam didn’t have to leave too. That Dean maybe doesn’t trust Cas with the Impala is also irrelevant because he obviously got hold of another car when he drove to the graveyard - they could have used that car to get Cas and Jack back if it was a pressing issue.

And we all know that it’s better to team up than to go alone. To reinforce this, Dean’s situation gets kind of hairy when he doesn’t have his gun anymore with him (although what the ghoul said was false: Dean DID come down with a gun, he just left it with the Sergeant). It’s only with the help of Sergeant Philips that he manages to kill the ghoul.

But still, his primary goal was to go alone. And I’m just… wondering why that is.

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People think she is dramatic, but I am in groups with thousands of people who have suffered narcissistic abuse, and everyone feels like their souls were nearly destroyed after close encounters with narcissists. They are energy vampires. I Knew You Were Trouble and Better Man are like the anthems for narc abuse survivors everywhere. People posts the songs in groups I’m in.

oooooh this is SUPER interesting

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Odd question- What if you downloaded yourself onto a machine that can supposedly handle you just fine so it allows it but gets bogged down and glitchy? Would the freezing and jittery mess hurt you, make you nauseous, or would you not be able to process what was happening? Also, please tell me that your family and the rest of your world is saved in several places so that none of that can happen to them again ;~; I know you have safeguards, but I'd feel better knowing it couldn't happen again. ~<3

* it’s a little odd, actually. my  code is pretty flexible, and will kinda compress in on itself as needed to let me ‘fit’ where i’m trying to go. information and processes that aren’t immediately necessary go first, and kinda move down the list in order of importance according to my purpose in being on a particular device. get me on something small enough and i might temporarily forget that the earth revolves around the sun, but i’ll remember to tell you to pick up eggs like you asked.

* no need to worry about us getting stuck somewhere again, though, peaches. not only are we backed up in multiple places, i’ve got some new safety protocols in place.

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Laff likes classical stuff. Those suuuuuuuuper long pieces…the ones that go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and-

Quoi? You do not like? ‘ow can you not like ze Beethovan? Or Mozart? Zey were ze great masters of le musique!

Yeah, but sometimes you don’t have an hour to listen to trills all over the place.

Well, it iz better trills zan zat..’orrible NOISE you call musique.

Hey, rock is not noise.

My earz are ringing after.



I’ll listen to anything that’s got a good beat.

Um…when I’m drawing I like relaxing music. Something that does’t make me feel rushed.



I’m Daniel, 37, brown hair, dark dark brown eyes, almost black. Olive skin, Latino and 5′5″. I’m into anything tight, the more coverage the better. Wetsuitsareawesome. Add a gasmask and some ropes to keep me in place and I’m a happy, horny little camper.

 Part 1

It was looking to be a good long weekend, Friday had started and I had no plans, just me chilling in my wetsuits at home, it was going to be great.

I woke up early from excitement, and headed to my closet. I opened it and my collection of wetsuits greeted me with that familiar smell of seawater, neoprene and just a hint of sweat, my sweat. “good morning babies,” I said with a huge smile, “who wants to go first.”

I touched the thin 2mm Oneill suit; I brushed past my 4mm suits, ripcurl, quicksilver and excel; and stopped my hand on the 5.5mm billabong suit.

I think I’ll just go with the old trustworthy RipCurl, I stripped and placed my left foot into the wetsuit leg pulling over my ankle, I did the same for the right foot, then pulled the suit up my legs I needed to smooth it out a few times. I loved the feeling of the neoprene between my fingers and my legs nearly as much as I loved the tight hugging feeling surrounding my legs. My dick responded and slowly inflated.

I readjusted my member to sit comfortably in an upward sideward position, then proceeded to pull the suit further up, now around my waist. I pulled my arms into place through the sleeves and adjusted my shoulders smoothing out the suit as I went along. The medium suit was maybe a pinch too small for me but I liked the fact that it was that little bit extra tight.

I reached behind me and grabbed the zipper cord and pulled it up, feeling the material surround my torso and pull taught around my muscular chest. My cock reacted instantly and I felt it growing between my skin and the suit.

I headed over to my mirror to admire myself a little.

I picked up the boots, gloves and hood ready to put them on, but at the last minute decided to leave them for later.

With that I headed to the kitchen to whip up a breakfast. I had my breakfast and watched some TV, then played some xbox. This was a going to be an epic weekend just me chilling in my suit. I did some more things around the house, and like it does when one is having fun, time flew. It was already lunchtime.

I decided to head over to the beach pizza hut to get my favourite Hawaiian pizza. I threw on some tracksuit pants and a hoody over my wetsuit, not sure if it was really hiding it or if it looked super weird, but who cared.

I ordered the pizza and went to sit on a log with my feet in the sand, I was there for a while when a buddy of mine walked up the beach.

It was Matt, he looked so good walking up the beach with his wet Oneill suit hugging his tall muscular body. His short blonde hair was almost dry already, and he was carrying his surfboard under his arm.

“Danny boy”, he greeted from afar, “Whats good bro?”

“Aah, nothing much, just enjoying the longweekend.”

“You came to surf?” he asked looking at my wetsuit. So you can see it I thought to myself, but tried to act nonchalant about it.

“Nah, I wanted to but doesn’t seem like the waves are brewing.” I tried to sound confident and threw in a slang term, brewing? Is that even a real saying?

“ha-ha, yeah same here, was out there for a while now but no good waves coming in. Now I’ll just head home.”

“Order up.” Came a call from inside. I headed and got the pizza.

We were about to part ways when I opened my mouth again, “Well you could come over to my place for lunch, this pizza is way too much for me alone, and I’d enjoy a partner for my xbox missions.”

He hesitated for a second then decided to come along, we headed back to my place and went inside straight to the TV room and started the xbox. As the game was loading I casually stripped to my wetsuit, before remembering I had a guest. As I turned back I see that Matt had made himself comfortable on the couch, still clad in only his wetsuit, maybe not even realising I matched him.

I dropped onto the couch next to him and grabbed a slice of pizza, and the gaming commenced.

After he had died, in the game, and I was trying to still salvage the mission, I could feel his eyes were not on the screen anymore but on my body. Then I felt his hand touching my thigh, I instinctively paused the game and looked into his eyes.

He looked back into mine and said these words that shook my world, “Hey Daniel, would you like to be my little wetsuit gimp for the weekend?”

A few seconds of silence crept by before we broke the gaze and both burst out laughing. The laughter faded quickly as we both contemplated what just happened. An awkward silence fell over the room.

“I was just saying that…” Matt started explaining trying to get out of the uncomfortable silence.

“I’ll do it,” I cut him off, “You can tie me up right now.”

“O-Okay,” he seemed flustered, but quickly composed himself. “Let’s make it fair, I tie you up and we see if you can escape, if you don’t then I own you for the weekend, If you do escape it’s up to you what happens next.”

I dropped the game controller and headed to my bedroom followed closely by Matt. He dropped his backpack on the floor and opened it up, and pulled out about five coils of rope.

Instantly his entire demeanour changed. I got up on my bed ready to be tied up.

“On the floor Danny Boy, that’s where you belong.” His body language and voice tone suggested I do as he says, I got off the bed and stood in front of him. “Ok, turn around and place your palms together.”

I did as instructed but was surprised when the first rope I felt was around my elbows, he looped them a few time before pulling them tight, but not too tight. Instantly I felt the wetsuit around my chest pull tighter than it already was, my pecs and abs now clearly on display as well as the erection that had returned for the first time since this morning. I felt him working the ropes around my elbows until I felt the rope circled around my wrists.

I glanced behind me and saw that there was still some rope left, that’s when I felt his hand on my shoulder, he turned me around and forced me onto my knees, then helped me onto my stomach, after which he quickly bound my ankles together very closely to my wrists.

I was dressed in my RipCurl suit and in a hogtie, could this day get any better, it was about to…

Matt flipped me over onto my back, I felt a little exposed with my rock hard cock clearly showing through my wetsuit.

Then Matt did the second unbelievable act for the day, he leaned in over my body to bring his face to my crotch, which meant my face was at his crotch, he proceeded to lightly kiss my erection through my suit. I was enjoying a front row seat to Matt Jr., who was also engorged by now. He moved back slowly as I watched his abs pass my eyesight, then his pecs, then his strong neck till finally our mouths were at the same place, he leaned in and gave me a soft upside down kiss.

As his lips moved away he spoke, “you have five minutes to get free, otherwise.”

“Five minutes, is that all”, he didn’t give me any time to relish in the kiss. I tried my wrists and my ankles, such a simple tie, but so secure. Matt knows his ropes. Theres no way I can escape this, wait, I think I feel a little slack around my elbows. I worked my elbows in circular motions focusing all my energy into this one motion.

The wetsuit grew warm very quickly and I felt a little sweat build up on my forehead. Matt came back into my field of view, his body perfectly encased in his wetsuit and his steel blue eyes staring straight into my eyes.

“Times up, my little gimp.”

With that he pushed a rubber ball into my mouth and buckled it behind my head. He reached deeper into his backpack and produced some leather belts and I think I heard chains rattle.

I looked up at my bedside clock. It was only 3 o’clock on Friday. I was going to be Matts toy until Monday afternoon.

This was going to be an EPIC longweekend.

to be continued…

thanks @wetsuitsareawesome

Maguuma Jungle - Metrica Province - Soren Draa
Alli: He’ll be here any minute, father. Please be hospitable.
Xann: Oh, I’ll be very hospitable.
Crabb: Zapilicious greetings, Alli. What’s crackling? You must be Papa Xann. I’m Crabb of the Incinergen krewe.
Xann: Where are you taking my daughter, Crabb?
Crabb: Sir, I thought we’d go into the city for dinner at this little human place I know.
Xann: Human food? Zapil-ick!
Alli: We’d better get going, Crabb. See you later, father.
Crabb: Keep it snapping, Papa Xann. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Alli. She’s my own special phosphoradorable flower.
Xann: Oh, I’m not worried.
Xann: DOM-555i, engage. Initiate chaperone sequence.
Alli: Father!
Xann: You geniuses have a good time.
DOM-555i: Hands—where—I—can—see—them—at—all—times.

eli-the-writer-guy replied to your post “i still feel really uneasy about the whole crossover thing esp now…”

Just remember that it’s an AU based off of a comic AU and that the heroes are being brainwashed and that as soon as they find out, they take down the N/azis brainwashing them and become good again. So the heroes will still be heroes in the end and shouldn’t be held accountable for anything that happens in the AU since they literally had no control over any of their actions.

yeah, that does not make me feel any better, i have a lot of mixed feelings and i’m sad,

the next couple weeks all their social media stuff is going to be promoting this, and all the tags i like to go see are going to have n/azi imagery all over the place. 

and i’m just, really sad. 

Rip lil peep. He saved my fucking life

2 years ago i was about to fucking slice my neck open with a butter knife when lil peeps “benz truck” came on and i instantly knew that everything was going to be ok.

I have been raped, tortured, ensalved, killed, and raped my entire life and i just couldnt do it anymore. Lil peep thank you so fucking much for saving my life i wouldn’t be here today if it wasnt for your golden soul.

Now that you’re gone i know you’re gone. You’re in a better place. Im speechless and i dont know what to do right know but listen to your music and cry

Rip lil peep, The golden soul

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I'm going to be switching between three characters using 1st person perspective, but I'm not sure how to make the transition without confusing people. What is your advice on writing 1st person perspective shifts? Thanks for your awesome help!

Anyone can be “I”, so you’re probably going to need to label your shifts. I recommend only shifting at chapter breaks (the only other place you can shift is a clear scene break) because it’s more acceptable to label chapters than scenes. Still, I would never burn a book just because scenes were labeled, especially if it worked with the style. Chapter labels just tend to be a little neater and are already enough of a “break” that a label (which takes readers out of the story for a second) would be better off there. 

You also really want to make sure you have three very unique voices. Here’s Finding Character Voice to get you started, but your readers really need to be able to differentiate your narrators once they turn the page and can’t see the label anymore. 

(This is a little out of the scope of your question) but you can also write with a close third-personal limited narration, which directly imitates first person in everything but the “I” becomes “he/she/they”. You still can write thought mixed with exposition, can still write internal reactions like “what an idiot”.

First person:

I closed my eyes, savoring what I could of the moment of solitude as the lobby’s unnatural hush invaded the small space. What I wouldn’t give to be back in my apartment until the week was over.

Close third limited:

Cory closed his eyes, savoring what he could of the moment of solitude as the lobby’s unnatural hush invaded the small space. What he wouldn’t give to be back in his apartment until the week was over.

First person can still work as long as long as you can differentiate character well enough, but you should know there’s another option for a close perspective that allows for easier narrator differentiation. 

So, labels are your friend, and your characters need to be easily differentiated by narration style. I’ve seen some Young Adult authors use different fonts for each narrator, which I suppose worked, but that’s a choice that really depends on the audience. I wouldn’t do that for anything above New Adult because it came off as a little annoying to me. Your strength of writing should be doing the work that a font would. 

Good luck with your three narrators!

i am agreeing with everyone that is saying that the american interviews for bts are shit, all they care about is their country and nothing else, they want people to know how good america is and because they have bts in america right now they think that people will think highly of america.

america isn’t that good of a country, just like many countries out there they aren’t good as well, however america seems to be the only one to call themselves “the greatest country” and a place where everyone wants to go when in fact that’s not true.

but hey, i’m from the uk and we aren’t good ourselves, i can and will admit that. If bts came to the uk and i was interviewing them (lol happy dreams) i would of course, ask them how the trip has been and what do they think of the uk so far, however i would also talk about:

  • their collaboration with UNICEF
  • what do they think of the world today and how can we make it better
  • would they like to further collaborations with other companies 
  • would they want to make their own organisation like UNICEF
  • how much their fans love them and how their music has helped many people overcome difficult paths
  • of course i would do fan questions as well but sensible one
  • (maybe a fun little game to make them less tense like would you rather??)
  • more about them and how kind and amazing people they are.

basically I wouldn’t keep asking them uk related questions because that’s not what the fans want and bts might not like it as well, i want them to be heard and seen like the amazing artists they are, not just some popularity for my country. 

The Wandering Whumper’s Season of Kindness, Day #3

She’s my sister from another mister, the whump blog I always reblog from (and with pretty much the exact same tags). She’s the kind of person who, had we been fortunate enough to meet in real life, would probably be my best friend. She’s none other than @fyeahvulnerablemen and I love her. Seriously, you won’t find a better human being on all of Tumblr. She’s the backbone of this community and someone I can always go to for anything and everything. Jo, you make this world a better place. Thank you for all you do. I hope we stay friends forever.

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Any beast/highlight blog recommendations? I'm new (and fuk do I know I'm late) but I completely fell for the boys. Also is it Yoseop or Yoseob, Cause I'm a bit confused :/

Hi there! Better late than never ^-^ Either spelling works! In Korea it’s ‘Yoseop’ but English is weird so we spell it with a ‘b’ haha. I’ll give you some of my favorite blogs:

  • @beastoids (edits/gifs)
  • @yooneroos (multifandom but if you pop into her inbox and whisper ‘junhyung’ she’ll be really happy)
  • @yangyoseop (really beautiful gifs/gfx)
  • @lightnetwork (a great place for up-to-date info on the boys. it’s a network so check out their member page cause i’m definitely going to forget some blogs)
  • @mykpassion (gikwang pics and really beautiful fan art!!)
  • @halloweenpumkin (gifs/another person who loves junhyung a lot)
  • @love-highlight (multifandom but really cute!)
  • @soliseob (multifandom but makes really pretty gifs!)
  • @highlight1219 (updates on junhyung mostly, but updates on the other members as well. occasionally gifs too)

you can search for some fyeah blogs too. i know i’m forgetting a lot but this should be a good start! let me know if you have any more questions! welcome to the light family <3

Here’s what makes me sad: we rush to place blame and not be at fault and we perpetuate all the worst parts of rape culture.

So, here’s my place in the thing: I should have done better. I should have known that the individual in question wasn’t 18. I didn’t for valid reasons, but I need to seriously examine my vetting process for friends on the internet. And I would advise all of you to do the same.

I cannot go back. I can only move forward. Moving forward, I will not engage in any discussion of explicit content unless I’ve talked to you in real life and can confirm your age. What everyone else decides to do is their call.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

"Go ahead call my parents"- "Alright then if you insist"

The Background: This happened a few hours ago. I work at a large chain of pizza restaurants. Let’s call it Pominos Dizza. Like most places, we get a few prank calls a week from pre teens. Usually it doesn’t bother me and I’ll go along with it because it gives me something to do when it’s slow. But being a Friday night, we were busy and I wasn’t having it. Me will be me, and K will be kid.

The events:

Me: Hi thanks for calling Pominos Dizza, how can I help you tonight?

K: trying but not succeeding in holding in his laughter Hey is Mr Wall there?

Me: Um no sir there isn’t one that work here.

K: What about Mrs. Wall?

Me: Nope none of those either

K: Then how is your building standing up?!

K: laughter from him and background

This went on a couple more times with classics such as “can I place an order to your sisters house?” And the CLASSIC “is your refrigerator running? Then you better go get it!!!”

Finally I had had enough. I let the kids know I was done playing games.

Me: alright look it says here that your dad’s name is dads name (we keep names and addresses of past customers and their orders in the computer for future orders just to speed up the process) If you don’t stop this I’ll give him a call and let him know what’s been going on.

Usually this would stop the kids. I knew it did back in my earlier days of being a dumb kid. But some people just can’t be bothered and have to push the envelope a bit too far.

K: I know you won’t. Go ahead and call him.

Oh boy he didn’t have to ask me twice. I hang up the phone and get back to work for a little bit, knowing that the kid will be camped at the phone to answer it for the next 15 minutes or so.

The compliance: I get back to work, free of prank calls from the kid. I should of left it there, having solved the problem, but hey the customer is always right and at Pominos Dizza we always give the customer what they want.

After the supper rush is done, around 45 minutes to an hour later I fulfill the request. I’m still me, D is dad.

Me: Hello this is kushlord666 from pominos, how are you doing tonight.

D: not too bad, what’s the reason for the call?

Me: unfortunately, we’ve been getting a number of calls from this number. We’re really busy and its pushing customers away because of the wait times. Can you please have a talk with who I assume is your son and ask him to knock it off?

D: Oh goodness I’m so sorry I’ll have a chat with him and his buddies.

Me: Thank you so much and thanks for choosing pominos!

At this point I think the story is done. Kid will get a talking to, won’t do it again and that’ll be the end of it. Boy was I mistaken.

Around 30 minutes later a man and a chubby kid around 12 years old come into the store. I don’t think much of it, thinking they’re just getting a few slices for a snack. They come up to the counter and ask for kushlord666.

Me: Yes I’m kushlord666

D: I think my son has something to say to you.

The kid is visibly nervous. He keeps looking around the store, won’t look me in the eye.

K: I’m very sorry for calling you, I know you’re busy and it won’t happen again.

Then to further the awkward suffering of the kid who I kind of feel bad for at this point, the dad places an order for carry out, and sits in our small eatery section where the kid has to try and avoid eye contact with me for the next 20 minutes. Left me a good tip too.

At pominos dizza, the customer always gets what they want.