i go on facebook for the first time in forever

The creepy admin who made a whole cosplay community crash and burn

When I was in high school, I joined my one of my state’s cosplay communities. Interestingly enough, I was at the end of my weeaboo phase when I joined, but I still loved my anime (and still do) and wanted to give cosplaying a shot. 

The admin of the group was, eccentric, to say the least. He had a near religious obsession with 80’s mecha anime  and he tried to push this onto other people as well and would make people donate money to him so he could buy more cosplays. I also found out that he had a “love quest” similar to Chris Chan, but since I was young and stupid at the time, I thought nothing of it.

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I did some anti-anxiety exercises this morning, had a big glass of water, and spritzed myself with this vanilla pecan (or something, you know, warm and sugary) refreshing mist that I bought in a sunny shop in Savannah, and I bundled up and put on my Pete Holmes podcast, and you guys, when I got on the extremely crowded subway to go to work and had people literally pressing their bodies into me from all sides, I took a deep breath and hoped they appreciated how nice I smelled and just like RADIATED lightness and happiness out to everyone around me.

The podcast was the Jenny Slate episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes and I really feel like if that podcast could just go on forever and I could listen to some version of it every morning, I would be a happier, more balanced person.

And I know this whole post is totally cheesy and I don’t mean to become one of those #2blessed2Bstressed people who posts constantly on facebook about their gratitude and intentions, but I will tell you that when I was watching The Holiday (for what was definitely not the first time) the week before Christmas, alone in my apartment while wrapping presents, and the old man gave Kate Winslet the corsage and said “if it’s corny, or if it’s going to ruin your outfit, you don’t have to wear it,” and she says “I LIKE corny. I’m looking for corny in my life,” I burst into tears and had a very brief and satisfying cry.