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Name of creature in the ocean that looks like it has a shell but also has tentacles that looks like a Pokemon?

I’m going to take a guess that you’re talking about a nautilus? 

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Nautiluses are super cool!! They’re the oldest living subclass of the cephalopods, and really haven’t changed all that much since the late triassic! Their ancestors were called ammonites which appeared waayyyy back in the devonian period (419.2–358.9 million years ago). I had a whole post on ammonites a long time ago which you can find here: http://squidscientistas.tumblr.com/post/124712468719/firstly-you-guys-are-awesome-and-i-love-this

Nautilus shells are composed is many gas chambers and as it gets bigger the nautilus will close off one of the chambers and move its body into the next one.

The wikipedia article on nautilus is super in depth and helpful so if you want to know more, check it out! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautilus

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ISTJ musings: How I experience my Ne
  • Ne: Hey, hey guys!
  • Te: Oh God not you again, I thought I told you to go to your room and stay there.
  • Si: Didn't you create enough damage last time?
  • Ne: You guys you don't understand! I got the most awesome idea-
  • Te: No.
  • Ne: But come on now it's really good!
  • Si: Remember what happened last time when you had an "awesome idea"?
  • Fi: I still haven't healed from that. It was so humiliating!
  • Ne: Yeah I'm sorry about that Fi, I didn't mean to embarrass us in front of the whole school.
  • Si: Yeah, here's a list of all the times you've humiliated us with your stupid stunts and made Fi cry *takes out a long roll of paper*
  • Fi: Don't remind me of those!!
  • Te: No need to read that list. What we concluded was that we should never listen to you again, Ne. Now go back to your room.
  • Ne: FUCK YOU, I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME! *runs away and carries out idea*
  • Fi: Someone stop her!
  • Te: Too late. I had better go do some damage control. *leaves*
  • Fi: *storms to his room sobbing*
  • Si: *sighs* Not this shit again. *writes down date and what happened for future reference*
  • Te: *arrives back with a defeated Ne* Now you go in your room. No dinner for you tonight.
  • Ne: I really thought it would work... *pouts and goes to her room*

 This is my first time doing this so uh I apologize if I’m doing this wrong! Anyway, a few days ago I checked my blog and saw 2000 followers! I was really surprised and its all thanks to you guys! I’m glad to know people actually like this blog, I’m pretty sure I’m here to stay and hope you are too. Also Feel free to msg me! I think im an easy going person! Anywho that’s all i have to say. Here’s a couple of awesome blogs for you guys in no particular order!

@ephemeral-moon, @iijima-yun, @nosirrahsamoht, @gurikajis, @rininn, @chimisu, @hotococoa, @kv3dia, @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new , @hexagon431, @hunari , @onetofudonut, @ushinaki , @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga, @cutegirlsdoingcutethings , @meidocafejp, @cyaron, @okappo, @narumeias, @simplykasumi, @aoichan, @ama-neee, @mangonuggets, @kudokawa, @skynohoshi, @tippy-the-rabbit, @zlvneptune, @izukumi

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I need a bit of help - I want to write a horror novel (focusing on demons/witches/the paranormal), and I've got some general ideas but have no clue what exactly to write about or direction to go without it being too cliche or campy. Any prompt ideas? Thank you so much! Also your blog is super awesome and incredibly helpful - wouldn't change a thing (maybe have another ask box day lol but it's all good).

Well you could check out the tags I have for demons, witches, paranormal, ghosts, and horror for some ideas. I think there are quite a few :p But here some more:

  • A witch’s ghost who tries to find a way to get their powers in the afterlife.
  • Every time you do something really bad you create a demon and that demon is unleashed to hurt someone else.
  • There are good demons and bad demons. The good demons punish and control evil spirits in the afterlife while the bad demons run rogue trying to drum up some more business.
  • Ghosts are spirits who have escaped from hell and must hide from demons who try to bring them back. Some ghosts hide out in people’s homes and sometimes those demons find them there. The demons do what it takes to bring the ghosts back, even if humans getting the way.

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favorite kingsman fics?

OH SHIIIIII- ok nonny. i have….184 kingsmen fics in my bookmarks on ao3. 
This is some SRS BSNS right here. u ready for this? 

1. Here is a link to my kingsmen bookmarks, i highly recommend ALL OF THEM, ok? Ok. 

2. I will proceed to list a few of my all time favs, alright? And my bookmarks mainly consist of only completed fics, so i’ll be missing a TON of really awesome WIPs, so i apologize. send me another ask maybe for my fav WIPs and i’ll go through my subscription list (its -massive-). 

In no Particular order:
~ Class of Conduct by Fideliant, this also has a sweet ass sequel

~Withdrawal by @saucefactory i fricken love touch starved things ok

~Levamentum by DistractionReaction, this has some sweet ass classic eggsy-breaks-down-because-surprise-harry-ain’t-dead! in it, fuckin love it.

~Strife of Camlaan by themocaw, this one is paaaaainful, but its so SUBTLE AND GOOD AND AHHHHHH EGGSY MY BABE! u tell that mean man what for :>

~Under my skin (tried so not to give in) by @venvephe its a frickin SWEET ‘lets kiss because we need a distraction on a mission!’ trope. v hot ok.

~Kingsmen: the Misadventures Edition by LazyBaker, eggsy gets truth serum’d and its just FABULOUS ALRIGHT? i reread this one often

~Pleasant Dreams by was_adamant, its short its sweet, its DADDY ISSUES OK

~Carbon Copy, by alexwhitewell and plingo_kat ITS MERHARTWIN AND THE FUCKING ARTWORK BY @blinkingkills IS SO AMAZING ITS MY PHONE BACKGROUND 

~The Fire’s Out But Still It Burns by Vacilando, who i’m p sure is @getinthefuckingjaeger but its been a while and i forget D:, this ones tragic and i LOVE IT, eggsy keeps calling harry’s old phone number ok. <3

~A Little Fucked Up by ace_thetic, short sweet, violence kink and AWESOME!

~Fight of Flight by bellax_xmuerte, its angsty and heavy and really awesome because eggsy is scared and guilty and just OUCH!!

~Past and Present (they don’t matter) by @plinys its a groundhog day au, its angsty with a happy ending yummmm

~Next to Me by Wirewrappedlily, its awesome! super happy ending, eggsy has ptsd and harry saves his booooi

~are we human, or are we dynamite by randomhorse, PACIFIC RIM AU PACIFIC RIM AUUUUUU!!!!

~Ace of Spades by manic_intent, its a what if eggsy was on valentine’s side au, and its awesome, a bit dark (a lot dark?) and it has a realistic alternate resolution to the movie ok

~As Men to Fear the Dark by proxydialogue, @proxydialogue its a fix-it fic where harry is following eggsy (its been a while since i read it) but it involves bamf spy fun and a crazy villain and yessss, much fun

~pause the (tragic) ending by Nillen, its a Harry is the civilian and eggsy is the spy au! AHHHH!

~Random Access Memories, by Fideliant, @fideliant eggsy gets a super computer downloaded into his brain. its awesome, then maybe not so much lol, happy ending though!

~Keep you like an Oath by @kirkaut ITS SO ANGSTY BUT ITS SO AMAZING OK i  don’t wanna give a summary because it would give it all away!


~Downtime by Hartwinning or @thorins-arkenstone its cute and about non mission things, like massages! 

~Cherry lips by @faedreamer daddy kiiiiiiiiiiink and rent boy for the thrills eggsy! its steamy, and angsty, and hot, and i love it mmmmmyes

~Tailor Shop by Rougewinter, Harry is cursed to be a mannequin au! its super cute and fluffy

~Avia by Cortesia, or @awesomehartwintrash its WING FIC! AW YE

~Exposed by Callay, @calllay its a shy eggsy fic where he’s not used to being loved! ahhhh it melts my heart i love it so

~another head aches, another heart breaks by driftwoodq, ok i really fucking fucikng love this story. harry has bad ptsd and is very depressed, but eventually pulls it together for eggsy and its angsty but has such a good ending and the journey to it is so rich and just, one of the best imo. 


~ My Saints Fallen Series, by Rochester, this one IS ALSO SO GOOD I FUCKING WEEP EVERYWHERE FOR IT! its not complete but by god i don’t fucking care its one of my top favs. 

~Putting of the Ritz by lazulisong is so fucking funny and in character for me actually, because eggsy is snarky as shit and harry is an asshat and its gr9.

~No Charm Equal by @potentiality-26, Harry is Eggsy’s cupid and needs to set him up with love but yknow it don’t work that way :>

~How not to attack Harry Hart by @enjoy-acne, its freshly finished and SO GOOD AND FUNNY AND REALLY IN CHARACTER AND I LOVE IT UGH MY HEART!

~Patience and Sheer Determination by @blacktofade, eggsy is sold to harry au and its angsty and amazing and i really like affection starved, but wary of it eggsy ok. my weakness!

~Hold your Breath by Sheepie, @sheepunderthemountain its about an abused as a kid eggsy and some long lasting side effects. painful. delicious. 

~Flame Keepers Series by Deepdarkwaters & thekookster, @deepdarkwaters it has such a rich character base, and amazing plot and its really thoughtful and funny and great and this is one of my top favs as well. just. too good!

~One Night by Nickygp or @kingsmanhartwin its the judge and rentboy au! p gr9

ok. this ended up as way more than ‘just a few’ omg, but i just couldn’t decide! theres SO MUCH! i tried to list some of the fics i love with lesser hit counts, and you’ll notice i gravitate towards depictions of ptsd, abuse, mental health, recovery, and tons and tons of hurt/comfort, though i do prefer happy endings i can totally enjoy a good angst fest :>

lemme know what you guys think! also, i tried to get every author’s tumblr that i know, but i know i missed a ton, y’all should tag any i missed :D

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You are not rude at all. You're my favourite person in the world after Jo and my mum.

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The Best-Worst Writing Advice You Will Ever Get

I have a writing tip that will probably make your head explode. Yes, explode.

No, really! It’s illogical. It’s counterintuitive. It will make you think that I’m some kind of sad idiot, but stick with me, okay? I promise it will at least make you think about the way you go about writing.

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Are you kinda mad about the September thing? Well I kinda am cause I'm goin' into sixth grade and I don't know if I would have time for watching it cause my dad has this rule that we can't do anything electronic related. Soo I guess it's a problem for me. When my mom was still...here she used to let us have a snack and watch a show before we started our homework. Supposedly my dad didn't know! She was really awesome. Just like you Atilee! Actually you remind me of her a lot.

Ah, for me the bump isn’t all that upsetting, but then again I’m quite a bit older than you so our situations aren’t going to be the same! 

Maybe once September rolls around you could be sure to consistently get a good start on your homework before asking for a time out for something electronic related. I’d hope if you explain to your dad that this would be a once a week thing, and prove that you are focused on your work first with this coming second that he would be understanding! It sounds to me like your dad is just trying to get you focused on your work which at this point is really important, but maybe getting him to see Steven Universe or other TV/electronic time outs as a reasonable reward for you doing a great job on your homework it’d be alright! Good luck starting sixth grade!