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Just realised I subconsciously assume all Anon messages are from the same person which left me confusedly babbling, ‘b-but you asked me what would happen!’ in response to Anon no. 2.

ANYWAY. You are entirely correct, Anon no.1, and here is your explanation Anon no. 2:

Also if everyone you love is dead, no one can kill them!


‘Scuse me I’ma just- hop right into the amazing world of the Monster Office
-Mod Eles

“Hello- Err… I’m Jamison, and I’ve come to help out on keeping our buildings neat and tidy, especially the windows.” He snaps his red rubber gloves, fidgeting. “I think I look too fancy to be a window washer…”

Everyone else looks fancy he’s just trying to fit in - Mod Eles


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anonymous asked:

Mom, I've had a stressful day. I forgot that oven gloves existed which led to me losing the ability to move both of my pointy fingers(whatever they're actually called) and because it's my dads birthday I had to put up balloons with my remaining 8 fingers and I had to babysit my brother at the same time. The only reason I can write this is because of autocorrect. For once. Anyway, no requests just looking for attention. You're the only thing keeping me going right now. ;)<3

Aw, I’m sorry you had a stressful day D: hopefully tomorrow will be better! You should get someone to kiss your fingers better because, ya know, that's how healing works ;-)

anonymous asked:

I saw your stretchmarks post, and I just wanted to say that I'm about 5 foot 3, I have 31 inch hips and a 24 inch waist and my hands fit into age 7 gloves. I'm a tiny human. I'm going to be 19 in April and I literally wear UK size 2-3 shoes & kids/teens clothes. Even I have stretch marks!!! They're literally super super common, even on tiny people like me! And they look damn good too. They're nice little reminders that you have grown and that your body can adapt because it is strong.

Yessss! Thank you for this! Everyone can have stretch marks. ^^^^^^^

New test mog!

Head: Eagletalon Cowl (LFR Elisande)
Cloak: Wrap of Unity (guild rep)
Shoulders: Fearless Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders (current Legion PVP?)
Chest: Fearless Gladiator’s Chain Armor
Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt
Bracers: -shrug- not mogged cause who sees those?
Gloves: Clawshaper Gauntlets
Belt: Industrial Lifting Belt (…I can’t remember where I got it, but it’s WoD)
Pants: Leggaurds of the Legion (Endtime Dungeons)
Boots: Dead End Boots (Endtime Dungeons)
Crossbow: 200 World Quests hidden Ravenguard skin

It’s not perfect, but it’ll work until I can get the Eagletalon cloak and win more battlegrounds. I’m also trying to get the LFR version/LFR Eagletalon, which is this gorgeous green and silvery grey with orangish gems and it looks sooo good. (I have the gloves, and the hood goes with everything it seems.)

Normally I avoid cloaks, but a friend pointed out the hood looks better with a cloak, sooo.

Konig Glove - 6 Hour Review

I wore my brand new Konig’s for most of Axel’s workshop. Here’s the short list of impressions:

  • The glove fits. I’m a medium, so that’s nice. I had been worried they’d come out too small but I could make a fist out of the box. New model are definitely more immediately limber that way.
  • Glove protects reasonably. Less than SparringGloves, and the lack of a protective cuff is annoying, but safer than an RD or Comfort Fencing.
  • Movement in the fingers is about on par with my broken in SparringGloves. The thumb is noticeably less mobile, although thumb grip is still possible.
  • The glove is strained across the base of the palm when you grip. This and the thumb base are where I focused the neatsfoot oil.
  • I’m a bit worried on durability. There’s a lot of strain happening at the base of the thumb, both with the leather being stressed and the stitching being right where the sword rubs on the right hand.
  • Oiling the white leather made it instantly turn brown. It looked like I soaked them in coffee. I’m ok with this. You may not be.



hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)


I wanted to draw this for Valentine’s Day but I was too busy and didn’t get to finish it on time! :0 So happy belated Valentine’s Day I guess!

There’s a lot of text in this one. I know people complain about Fi talking a lot in Skyward Sword, but dude, everyone talks a lot in that game. Especially Ghirahim. He won’t shut the hell up in cutscenes.

Ghirahim’s rant is inspired by the salt I’ve experienced while playing Overwatch.