i give you my money

I just got back home. My mom smiled and said. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I huffed as usual, “What useless thing did you buy this time?”

I head into my room and I see it. I see a God’s gift standing on my desk.


Here I go again fanboying over Kung Fu Panda stuff.

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It is illegal to profit off of your fanfiction. I am a fan of your work, and so I felt I should say this. But it is against the law to be making any sort of money off of someone else's intellectual or creative property in writing. If the showrunners find out they could sue and make it totally illegal for us to even write fanfic at all. Please be aware that your actions could impact all of us who write. I refuse to give up my writing because you want to make some side money off yours.

I’m not making money from my fanfiction, so y'all have nothing to worry about.

getting eliminated on chopped vs cutthroat kitchen
  • ted allen: i'm so sorry, chef, you've been chopped. be well. do you need anything? a cup of coffee? a ride back to the hotel? here's my number, call day or night. i'm so proud of you and i hope you are never sad again.
  • alton brown: give me back my fUCKING MONEY

rescue /ˈrɛskjuː/                                                                                    

 verb  1 Save (someone) from a dangerous or difficult situation 1.1 informal: Keep from being  lost  or abandoned; retrieve                                                                                                                    noun 1 An act of saving or being saved from danger or difficulty

→ for mini pepper-week


안 믿을래 (Don’t believe) M/V

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Hey Wil! I'm Jared Smith, co-publisher of Retrofit Comics, we're publishing Tyler Landry's Shit and Piss comic that you reblogged. Thanks! Do you have an official mailing address that I could send you a copy when it's printed in a month or so?

No! I’m pre-ordering it from my comic shop, because I want to give you and Tyler money and support so you make more awesome stuff!


The Hamilton Mixtape Track List (Out Dec. 2, 2016)

  1. No John Trumbull (Intro) – The Roots
  2. My Shot (Rise Up Remix) - The Roots featuring Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess
  3. Wrote My Way Out – Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc
  4. Wait For It – Usher
  5. An Open Letter (Interlude) - Watsky featuring Shockwave
  6. Satisfied - Sia featuring Miguel & Queen Latifah
  7. Dear Theodosia - Regina Spektor featuring Ben Folds
  8. Valley Forge (Demo) - Lin-Manuel Miranda
  9. It’s Quiet Uptown – Kelly Clarkson
  10. That Would Be Enough – Alicia Keys
  11. Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) – K'naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente
  12. You’ll Be Back – Jimmy Fallon & The Roots
  13. Helpless –Ashanti featuring Ja Rule
  14. Take A Break (Interlude) - !llmind
  15. Say Yes To This - Jill Scott
  16. Congratulations - Dessa
  17. Burn – Andra Day
  18. Stay Alive (Interlude) - J.PERIOD & Stro Elliot
  19. Cabinet Battle 3 (Demo) - Lin-Manuel Miranda
  20. Washingtons By Your Side – Wiz Khalifa
  21. History Has Its Eyes On You – John Legend
  22. Who Tells Your Story - The Roots featuring Common & Ingrid Michaelson
  23. Dear Theodosia (Reprise) - Chance The Rapper & Francis and The Lights

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Whoosh... how the RFA members decorate their Christmas tree? (like with Jumin for example would... would he put money on the tree? would Yoosung put hand-made decorations? would Zen put photos of himself on the tree? that stuff)

(im dying please someone draw jumin putting money on his christmas tree i’ll give you my soul)


  • his Christmas tree is so…
  • well
  • bad
  • it’s plastic, small, and all the branches are very thin and probably coming off
  • but he doesn’t care and neither does MC
  • they decorate it with those dollar store plastic baubles
  • and some diy decorations like foam balls with glitter, ice-cream stick decorations, etc
  • the tree looks so much better afer decoration??
  • also they put a LOLOL figurine on the top. just for laughs


  • she’s a sucker for those traditional Christmas colours
  • so yeah, lots of red and green
  • but her tree is so pretty
  • it’s artificial, sure, but she’s taken care of it
  • she likes to put those ornaments that are like plush snowmen and that
  • glass ornaments because she’s willing to take the risks of one falling and smashing on the ground
  • also the tinsel is placed on the tree and somehow she manages to make it look perfect


  • that Grey Aesthetic
  • has one of those white trees
  • mainly metallic-color baubles
  • the christmas lights make everything sparkle
  • honestly when the lights turn on it looks fabulous
  • he doesn’t put photos of himself- but he’s close to doing it and probably would if MC didn’t raise an eyebrow and narrow their eyes at the suggestion
  • only one side of the tree is decorated because the tree is in a corner so why even bother decorate the side facing the wall


  • g i a n t   t r e e
  • honestly how did they even fit that through the DOOR?
  • he didn’t usually go all-out for christmas but now MC’s here so he Must make the tree look amazing
  • the tree is super nice and expensive and natural so Elizabeth 3rd can climb it without danger
  • no glass ornaments. they literally won’t survive. not with a cat in the house
  • the ornaments don’t have any particular color- they’re assorted packs (but Fancier)
  • also, he manages to find baubles with cat ears so the tree looks adorable


  • is it socially acceptable to hang empty cans of Dr. Pepper as ornaments
  • MC thought he’d be all wacky and end up Memeing the whole tree
  • but it’s actually nice??
  • artificial tree of course because he’s the type who’d try to water a christmas tree with fairy lights on and probably burn down the house
  • if you ignore the cans as ornaments and the occasional cat plushie stuck between the branches it’s a normal tree
  • the baubles are mostly yellow and black to fit the whole aesthetic of the house
Welcome to Sabertooth, the gayest guild in all Fiore
—  Rufus, under his breath, as he watches all his friends get their gay on.
Last Words...Almost

Jerome laughs as he kicks the man in the face making him fall to the floor and cry out in pain. “What did I tell you?” Jerome hisses to the man with a smirk. The man spits out blood and looks up at Jerome with trembling lips. “I-I’m sorry boss. I’ll have it by tomorrow.” “Eh! No! We made a deal, and I don’t like breaking them. You’ve figured that out already huh? So I’ll give you two hours. Have my money by then or… Well I guess it’s a good thing you left on a good note with your wife.” Jerome laughs at the mans terrified face.

“I’ll have it. I swear.” The man scrambles out of the room quickly. I giggle and hug Jerome from behind. “I love it when you’re violent.” I sigh into him tightening my arms around him. “Aww me too dolly.” Jerome spins around and hugs me back. “Oh! Idea! How about we go crash a charity bash!” “Does this have anything with Bruce Wayne being there?” I ask seeing as he’s still struggling with his unfinished kill that got him killed a couple years back.

“No. I just want to see you in a sexy red number is all, and no I don’t mean covered in blood this time.” “Hm shocker there.” I giggle and kiss my clown prince of crime. “Well then. I should go get ready.” I go to our shared room and get myself presentable for rich people. It’s so much work living a double life. One full of crime and then the high life. Plus dating the one and only clown prince of crime is a challenge on its own. His always back and fourth with well everything. Even what he wants on his toast. Such a struggle between strawberry or grape.

I decent down the marble steps and pose at the bottom waiting for Jerome’s eyes to catch me. “Ohh look at you!” He stumbles over to me and grasps my waist. “So polished. So yummy! So rich!” J kisses up my neck making me giggle. “Let’s go baby. Let’s make some dummy’s screams!”

When we arrive at the venue Jerome goes and hides while I socialize with others. “(Y/n) (Y/l/n).” I look over to the owner of the voice and see Jim Gordon. Ugh kill me now. I internally roll my eyes and stroll over to him. “Mr. Gordon. It is so lovely to see you.” “You too. How are you doing? Well I hope. I’m sorry we couldn’t catch Jerome in time.” Jim asks referring to when Jerome killed my parents because they found out about us being together.

I look down acting as if I was saddened by this mention. “Better. It’s just hard not seeing them everyday. I never knew I could miss my mother’s burnt chicken, or my fathers yelling at the TV.” Jim nods with a small smile.

“Ah Bruce. Good to see you.” I turn around to see the famous boy billionaire Bruce Wayne. “Hello Jim. (Y/n).” “Bruce.” I smile and bat my eye lashes at him.

Suddenly the lights go out and a loud cackling erupts. I smirk knowing how scared everyone is. A single gun shot is heard and the whole place is silent. “Hello Gotham.” Jerome starts to cackle again louder this time. The lights turn back on. I watch as Jerome slides down the railing on the stairwell.

I make my way to the front wanting to watch the show. “(Y/n). No.” Jim holds me back. “I have to see him. He needs to see the pain he’s caused me.” I say and run up to the front. Jerome’s eyes land on me with a smirk.

“Ahh Lookie here! If it isn’t Ms. (Y/l/n). The last living family member of the (Y/l/n) family. How’s that going for ya?” He taunts me stepping closer.

I stay silent and make a tear slide down my cheek. “Aw you poor thing. Here.” Jerome reaches and swipes the tear off giggling as he does. He suddenly grabs me and places a gun to my head. “NOW! WHERE IS BRUCE WAYNE!” Bruce doesn’t stand up. “3… 2…” “I’m right here.” Bruce says and comes into view. Jerome tosses me to the side and runs to Bruce.

Before he could get to him a red light appears on his chest. He doesn’t notice. Jerome doesn’t realize he’s about to get shot down. I run and jump in front of him taking the bullet for him. The crowd screams as I fall to the ground. I fall perfectly in Jerome’s arms. I look up at him and tears start to come out of his eyes. Actual tears. As I lose my senses one by one the last thing I hear is “I love you.”

Jerome’s POV:
A week. It’s been a week since she’s been shot. The cops took her to the hospital and she’s been there ever since. I sip my scotch sitting in front of the lit fire waiting for my trained monkey to walk through the large doors.

“Boss.” I look at the time and see it to be 9:00. “Right on time Sam.” I say with my scratchy voice. He comes around and stands beside my chair. “You need to come with me.” “Whys that? Nothing left to do.” “She’s awake.” Sam says and I can’t believe my own ears.

I get up quickly and run to the car. Sam drives me to the back of the hospital. “5th floor, 8th window down from the right.” I climb each wedge till I get to the window I needed. I see a doctor talking with her and then unhooking her from some matches. Once he walks out I tap on the window getting her attention. She leaps out of bed struggling with her strength and opens the window.

“Jerome.” She sighs hugging me close. I hug her back but pull back and shake her. “Why would you do that?” “Do what?” I roll my eyes. “Take that bullet. Are you crazy?” She tilts her head as if she’s thinking. She smiles and giggles cutely wrapping her arms around my neck. “Yes.” She say and presses her soft tender lips to my own.

I take her home and lay with her all night caressing her soft milky flesh. “You know what doll?” “What?” “You’re the one person who can make the Joker cry.” I kiss her forehead and tightly secure my arms around her. “Yeah I guess I am. I love you J.” “I love you too (Y/n).”

tbh Ururu & Jinta are the Real Threat if Toushirou fucks up with Karin

sure if Ichigo gets wind of that Toushirou somehow hurt Karin’s feelings Ichigo’s gonna destroy him

but Karin doesn’t divulge her feelings to her family. Ichigo probably wouldn’t know anything until long after the fact, but Karin’s far more likely to talk to peers she can relate to on the levels she has with Jinta & Ururu


Ururu has an actual fucking cannon & Jinta’s probably got super strength if he can effectively use that kanabo

they’d destroy Toushirou if he so much as made Karin’s lip wobble