i give up with this man

(Possibly Unrealistic) Hopes For Season Three Of Shadowhunters

• Luke Garroway finds happiness. I don’t care whether it’s with his pack, his kids, his friends, his career or even with a partner. Just let this man be happy.

• If Simaia have to finish so we can have Sizzy, give them the ending they deserve.

• Speaking of Sizzy, I hope that if this is going to happen next season that it happens well.

• If they’re gonna bring Jordan in, I sincerely hope that they don’t romanticise his relationship with Maia, because that would be seriously screwed up.

• I hope we see more of Catarina, honestly.

• The Downworld Cabinet continuing to be a thing that exists.

• Clary having conflicting emotions about killing Valentine.

• More growth and development for Clary in general, really. It would be nice to see her flaws be addressed, and see her start to work on them.

• I’d say I hope for positive things for Malec, but let’s be honest, we’re probably going to get at least a wee bit of that anyway, so there’s not much point.

I think that’s it for now. I may add more later.

touch starved rp starters
  • “you are the worst case of touch starvation i’ve ever seen.”
  • “you made a mistake hugging me because i’m so touch starved i’m not letting go of you now.”
  • “i’m sorry but can you give a hug i need to remember what human contact feels like.”
  • “man you know you’re really starved for affection when someone gives you a friendly pat on the back and your knees get all wobbly.”
  • “so i looked it up and it’s called skin hunger, also known as touch starvation. so i’m going to hug you now and you aren’t going to complain because this has actually been affecting your mental health.”
  • “no one’s hugged me in years. do you mind if we stay like this a little longer?”
  • “keep scratching my head. it feels nice and i don’t know the last time someone did that for me.”
  • “the reason i am acting like a cat right now and why i’m sprawled across your lap is because i can’t remember the last time someone held me like this.”
  • “my video game spouse called me dear and i started crying please send help.”
Store Run

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Rating: PG

Original Idea: I don’t know. I just really want more Bucky and Peter interacting.

Notes: (Masterlist)(About Me) This one was fun. It’s the first Peter/Spider-Man one-shot that I have completed. I started a couple others, but this one finally got done. Enjoy!


“No,” Bucky snapped.

“Please!” Peter pleaded.

“Absolutely not.”

“Just give me ten minutes to examine it!”

“This thing is one of the best feats of engineering on the planet, and I am not going to have some fifteen-year-old mess it up.”

“I’m not going to mess it up! I’m just going to look at it!”

No,” Bucky repeated forcefully.

Peter sighed. “Fine, then. I’m just gonna borrow Cap’s bike and run to the store,” he muttered, moving to skulk off.

Bucky’s metal arm—the topic in question—lashed out and caught the kid by the collar of his nerdy T-shirt. “I don’t think so. You don’t even have a driver’s license, let alone a motorcycle endorsement for one.”

“You guys are no fun,” Peter complained.

I snorted from my position, leaned against the doorframe with my arms folded.

Both heroes whirled to look at me. “Oh! Hi!” Bucky greeted. “We didn’t realize you were there.”

“Noticed,” I remarked jokingly. “C’mon, Pete. I’ll take you to the store.”

“Oh, uh… okay! Thanks!” he exclaimed before turning to Bucky. “Maybe while I’m gone… you’ll think about changing your mind?” He sounded hopeful. His back was to me so I gave Bucky a raised eyebrow over Peter’s shoulder. The steel blue eyes of the former-assassin flicked between my brown and Peter’s brown. Finally he sighed.

“I’ll think about it,” he relented. “No guarantees.”

Peter fist-pumped. “Yes!” He turned back to me. “Let’s go!”

Shaking my head in amusement, I turned and started to head to the garage, making sure my driver’s license was in my wallet, tucked into my back pocket.

Peter put his hand gently on my elbow. “Thanks. I know you gave him a look,” he whispered.

“Welcome. When you’re happy, we’re all a little happier around here.”

“Where do you two lovebirds think you’re going?” Steve asked from under his massive motorcycle that he was fixing up when we entered the garage—which was really more like a hangar for cars since it was so big. I kicked his foot as we passed on our way to my old sedan. “Ow!”

“We’re heading to the store. Pop-Tart and ice cream run,” I replied as I yanked open the driver’s side door.

“Hey Pete! Must be fun dating an older girl huh?” Steve teased.

I cracked my knuckles loudly.

“We’re not dating,” Peter retorted. “And she’s barely older than me by a couple months.”

The captain laughed. “I know. I’m just teasing you two. You should have seen how pink your face went young lady. You looked like you were ready to throttle me.”

“Still am,” I snapped as I ducked into the car and pulled the door closed. Peter followed my movements into the passenger side while Steve laughed. I shoved the keys in the ignition, cranked it, and drove out of the garage carefully so I wouldn’t hit any of Tony’s ridiculously expensive cars. I was grumbling under my breath the entire time.

“Relax. He was just having fun. He’s less aggravating than May’s teasing,” Peter commented.

“I know.” I shot a quick glance at Peter. The Avengers compound was out in the middle of nowhere so the road was basically abandoned but I was still fairly new at driving and didn’t want to take my eyes off the road for long.

Peter snickered and stared out the window at the fields and greenery flashing past us. My powers made me a bit jittery, trying to process all the input that I got from my senses and react defensively, so driving could be a nightmare.

I braked a little hard when we finally reached the stop sign that led onto a main road. “Sorry.”

“How did you pass your driving test?”

“I’m not used to this road. I did the driving test on roads I knew. And, I’ll have you know, I passed it the first time. The written one too,” I retorted. Peter snickered and patted my closest shoulder absentmindedly.

“I know. Tony told me. I was just messing with you.”

“You’re lucky you’re fun to be around or I’d deck you,” I remarked.

“You also wouldn’t be taking me to the store,” he pointed out playfully.

“Nope. So, Thor wanted Pop-Tarts, Tony suggested ice cream. Anything else?”

“I was thinking maybe some fun cereal. All they have is boring, bland, adult cereal. We’re still kids. I like color and sugar.”

I laughed. “Okay. We’ll find some fun cereal.”

“Also cookies.”

“Nuh-uh!” I exclaimed. “We bring back cookies and anyone sees, they will be gone within fifteen seconds.”

“Then we’ll hide them, duh. Only bring them out on movie night.”

“I’m so glad you’re up here for the summer. Having someone my age here is awesome,” I commented.

“Well, we think alike, don’t we?” he teased.

“Alike enough,” I relented.

While we’d been going back and forth, we made it to the small town closest to the compound. I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and we headed in. Peter grabbed a cart and I jumped into it with a laugh. “Hey!” he protested. “How come you get to ride in it?”

“Because you did last time,” I retorted. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Fine,” he grumbled.

“Plus, standing in the cart will made it easier to reach stuff on the top shelf,” I pointed out. Peter and I weren’t very tall. Peter was about five-eight and I was a solid five-one. He might grow some more but I hadn’t grown in about three years so I was done.

“Good point,” he relented. “I guess I can hardly use my web-shooters to snatch stuff in public.”

“Yeah that’d be bad for a secret identity.”

He pushed the cart—and me—around the grocery store while I rattled off the list from my phone, occasionally checking things off.

Finally, at the far back of the store where all the freezers were and I was buried under a small pile of boxes and ice cream, I turned my phone screen off. “Alright, nerd,” I teased. “I think we’re done!” Peter rolled his eyes but smiled.

“Great! Time to check out and head back then?”

“S’pose so.”

Which was what we did. As we got closer to the registers, I slowly got out from under the boxes so I wouldn’t look too weird just sitting in the cart. Peter stood awkwardly behind me while the checkout lady—who was an elderly, grandma type—complimented us endlessly on being such a cute couple and that it was sweet to see young people in love. Peter and I exchanged slightly-uncomfortable glances but didn’t bother to correct her. Let old people believe what they want to believe—unless those old people were Steve, Bucky, and Tony. Then don’t let them.

Peter unloaded our bags in the backseat of my old car—he insisted that he do the heavy lifting while I put the cart away, what a gentleman—then we piled in ourselves and drove back to the compound. I turned up the radio. It was a little staticky and glitchy given we were out in the middle of nowhere, but we still jammed and danced and sang. Peter had a cute voice.

Once we got back to the garage, Steve was gone. Thank the heavens. I parked and we took a single trip of stuff up to the kitchen—thanking goodness for superpowers and a lack of groceries. We really hadn’t got that much.

Still singing one of the songs that had been on the radio, we put everything away—hiding the cookies somewhere no one would think to find them.

“You’re back,” Natasha stated as she came in with a mug in her hand.

“Yup,” Peter said from where his hands were sticking to the ceiling and his feet were dangling.

“Mm,” Natasha muttered, brushing past us to the coffee pot. I made a face at Peter as I boosted myself onto the counter. He snorted. “See ya.”

“Bye Natasha.”

The former-assassin left with her coffee.

Peter dropped to the ground. “So! What should we do now?”

“Weren’t you wanting to examine Bucky’s arm?”

He lit up. “Oh yeah! I’m gonna go ask him!” he exclaimed. Giving me a quick wave, he raced out of the room. I chuckled.

He was so adorable.

There’s a Honey

Pairing: Taehyung/Yoongi
Rated: T
Author: mnsg
Length: 5K

Yoongi wakes up one morning to discover that everything he wished for has come true.


Reccer’s Note:
asdfghjkl I love everything by bree and this wasnt an exception!! It was strangely intriguing and I’m still lowkey affected by it bc of how like,,,good it was?? idk man either way, go give this some love, it deserves a lot more than what it has rn <3

-admin talia

“give shance a chance” is such a stupidly perfect slogan cause it sounds like something a stoner would say to break up a bar fight. like imagine shieth and klance fans going at it, voices raised at eachother, and in comes the shance fan, nice and smooth like, “heyyy give shance a chance man” and i dont think there’s any way to sum up shance fans in the voltron fandom better than that

anonymous asked:

I think I agree with you on this rr discourse. While sure it's his character and all, he said that as a straight cis man, I don't see this girl as gay. ??? But there are plenty of LGBTQ+ ppl who DO. I agree his excuses are completely transparent too. He even gives an example of lesbians who date men before realising they're gay! Why can't that be reyna? It could only end up as a harmful stereotype if HE writes it that way. Anyway I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in your opinion xx

Thank you! Yeah there were just a lot of things wrong with what he said…

nightmaze  asked:

Ilwe'ran for Miss Drunk Bee

“Well there’s a name that keeps croppin’ up in my life! A fantastic one at that! You familiar with the man? Real soft spoken Keeper, stripe across the eye, gorgeous wife, buncha’ cute little kids? Ah how’ve you not heard of this man?”

Bee laughs joyfully and sets her drink down, giving a happy sigh.

“I remember when I first met him…I thought I prolly gave him a godsdamned heart attack. Was on the hunt for some fancy fabric, some really rare, shiny type for someone…thought to m’self, ‘Self, why don’t we go talk to all the weavers and the like? They’d prolly know a thing or two ‘bout fabrics’ ended up crashin’ on in with a million questions for this poor man and he sat there and very carefully listened to the whole thing without once ever screamin’ somethin’  like ‘for the love of the Twelve, please stop with the questions’.”

She gives a hearty laugh and takes another drink.

“I mean when it came right down to it, the fabric didn’t even exist, was just another far fetched rumor. But he was so patient and worked with me the entire time rather than just sendin’ me off. Heard he had some wee ones and brought ‘round a bunch of cookies as a thanks for all that nonsense and wouldn’t you know it…the whole family’s just as precious! Next thing you know, I’m makin’ regular stops by tradin’ small talk. Couldn’t have asked for a better friend, really! That and he n’ his wife have got to be the cutest most loving couple I’ve seen! Ah and did I mention all his kids’r so godsdamned adorable? I ought’a bring my little sister ‘round sometime, she’d prolly get on pretty well with ‘em.”

((I know we’ve not gotten to meet IC, but I wanted to write one like we had cause I adore your character and cannot wait to actually meet them IC! <3))

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I started doing heroin again. At this moment i'm high and i fucking hate myself for it. i want to stay clean its just really hard when people just buy drugs for you. I need new friends bro. why does heroin have to be so absolutely heavenly...

Bro drugs aren’t good man. I appreciate that you want to stay clean and know you need better friends, I’m so fkg proud of you for that. Relapses are okay. It means you’re trying, just don’t give up. You can beat it man 💙

why are people still misunderstanding why we’re angry with rick lmao?? do people just not read our posts??

it’s not about him not making reyna canonically a lesbian, it’s about him saying that giving reyna a girlfriend would be like a consolation prize after having her be interested in 2 boys & at the same completely ignoring the idea that she could be bisexual. it’s about him making the excuse that she’s a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man when he pairs up literally all of his straight characters.

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Do you think that groose would be awkward af when trying to make it up to link and zelda and try to befriend them? Like after everything has happened and he comes to visit link and zelda, he would've tried to make a gift of some sort, like some strange ornament, and he doesn't really know how to tell them what he means or explain what he made and he just awkwardly gives it to them before changing the topic? I bet zelink would keep everything he made too and appreciate it even though it's weird

that’s… so cute…

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I would actually prefer someone like you to save my life cuz then we can discuss things like star trek, marvel, chris' beard to distract me from any of the procedures that need to be done that im scared of... ive actually had an mri/cat tech who had 2 sleeve tattoos discuss which ones he got for specific bands he liked because he knew i was clausterphobic and didnt want to go in the machine and then proceeded to give me headphones and his ipod to listen to while i was in there

I love stories like that!  My Cap/Iron Man tattoo helped me hold a convo about our similar love of Marvel long enough to get an IV into a guy scared of needles.  I’m fortunate to work for a company that doesn’t make us cover them up (unless they’re violently graphic or swearing).

Everyday I wake up and thank the lord for giving us Oh Sehun for all the empty stomachs this man continues to fill you’re a real one Sehun amen

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KuroDai! Kuroo is a vampire and Daichi is SUPPOSED to be his next meal???

The sweet scent of blood fills the narrow confines of the alley, hanging thick in the air between Kuroo and his next meal. The man Kuroo had stalked through the night walks at a steady pace through the alley, never noticing Kuroo the whole time, his back faced to him and his neck bare, his hair cut sensibly short to the nape.

By the time Kuroo comes up behind him, his fangs bared and ready to sink into his neck, it is too late—this close, Kuroo finally notices that the man’s blood isn’t just sweet, but sickly sweet in a stomach-turning way, and the man has stopped walking, the edge of a smile glinting sharp on his mouth as he asks, “Aren’t you going to bite me?”

[Give me a pairing and an AU setting and I’ll write you a three-sentence fic.]

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How do you think SD's will react to very obviously there stretch marks? They're only on the sides of my bum cheeks (not quite my hips but not so far in they're at the fullest part of my bum) and I don't know how to cover them up. I'm confident even if they're on show but I have a feeling it will be that one SD who can give me the allowance that I want who might think twice when they see them.

I have stretch marks there, and most other women do as well. It’s just a part of being thick, and hitting puberty as well. Honestly any man who has experience with women won’t be surprised, or have any problem with stretch marks. At this point we all know it’s a normal thing, and I don’t think you need to hide it.

aspen-arts  asked:

Toffee and Rasticore for the characters thing. ^^


and I’ll break their ass down: It’s gonna be long b


How I feel about this character

A deeply, fundamentally flawed and broken/fucked up man. Still, I feel immense sympathy for him and everything he’s gone through; I sympathise with him FAR more than mewmans. I also owe him a lot for his character helping me broaden my understanding and sympathy of/towards those who have suffered similar tragedies irl. 

I love how many different things he can be and how many different sides there are to his personality. He’s so adaptable and so much can be done with him without straying into (imo) OOC territory. You have the ghost of a destroyed child existing behind the ruthless and borderline-sadistic general; the lizard lawyer; (imo the genderfuck flamin’ gay guy); and a dude you can easily drop into (as I have seen many people do) a slice-of-life setting and have him be the problematic fave sarcastic dickbag we all know and love. 

He’s my boy. A sad boy, an asshole, and this somehow perfect balance of antagonist and victim. I love him and I want him to get what he deserves– Happiness, crew. Happiness.

½ part 2 is in “Unpopular opinion about this character.”

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

1. Rasticore. 
2. Rasticore
3. ????Rasticore?
4. Literally no one else mkay

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

Uh…. Also Rasticore? It really depends on the AU. Outside of my Mewman Princess AU, I don’t really see Toff as having, ya know, friends? 

(For the record, in MPAU, MP!Toffee develops a tolerance for Marco, a kind of mutual understanding with Star, and the closest thing she gets to a friend is probably Janna’s weird ass.) 

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

Him being nice to Ludo or the Butterflies, being gentle or soft, domestic, too fluffy, or just being like a parent or something squicks me. It just does. I’m SUCH AN ASSHOLE because there’re only a few characterizations of him I remotely accept (@colorwizard and @canis-exmachina are the big two who I fux with when I write my Toffee headcanons and characterization tbh.) 

That said, I guess the unpopular opinion in general is this (taken from a chatlog because CW (bold) and I (not bold) were talking about him):


“star survived toffee” toffee survived two genocides. Not attempts. Actual genocides.

He also survived the wand getting cleaved, getting hit with a dark magic spell… 

He doesn’t know how to properly express (most shit) so it channels into apathy and frustration. 

It’s characters like him that need sympathy the most (well ok not NEED, he’s fictional, but you get it). It just tore me to shreds to see the bad guy get zero sympathy in the S3 premiere simply because he knew what he was doing when the one who was manipulated and made an explicit victim was babied. They kinda both need sympathy… And, having been there in that position where I’ve been jaded and mean and cold, sometimes a little sympathy goes a very long way. Being terrible isn’t good, but internalizing it is really unhealthy too, like you said it doesn’t make you healthier, it just seems to perpetuate the idea that only nice people deserve kindness. I could scream for hours over that one though omg.!

Ex machina death is not what toffee deserved!

especially. by. the. character. that. is. only. perpetuating. this. whole. sympathy. thing. Star is a great character in a vacuum but omg it’s just a kick in the nuts to have her be the one to finish the job. They fucked up the dynamic between her and Toffee SO BADLY. Like it doesn’t even matter if he’s coming back later, that last scene was fucked right up. 

yeh I mean I wanted svtfoe to kinda show more sympathy/empathy towards monsters who didn’t stick with the mewman status quo, especially with the REALLY heavy parallels, imo, between monsters and what happened to Native Americans… :/

YES I have been screaming that since the beginning, it pissed me off so much that Buff Frog is now a good guy because he just sits there and takes it, while Toff and Rast go and fuckin DO SOMETHING about their situation and end up evil

also that thing with Moon’s mom and everyone losing it made me think of this one Onion headline, “the equivalent of 3 white people were killed in (country) today.”!
Like…. It’s called a massacre. One mewman life doesn’t level it out, and while I understand why moon behaved the way she did, toffee’s action wasn’t EVIL.!

my fucking god yes, like no im sorry one white person doesnt mean you can now justify continuing to commit genocide and systematic oppression, racism, etc.. Last time I checked the history books, people who took out tyrants were ummmmmm heros!

The thing to me is he didn’t even take them out. He just TOOK AWAY THEIR OP.!
Like have you noticed that magic, which should have no preferences or anything, and beings like Glossaryck, who should really have no preferences, favor mewmans for some unknown reason?!
Why does toffee corrupt the magic while star purifies it?!
And I just feel so horrible for him that something that took years of his life, his dedication, the sacrifice of his flesh and blood body for fuck’s sake, was undone in a couple minutes

There will be people on tumblr who are like ugh toffee’s finally dead god riddance like NO HE IS IMPORTANT AND I REALLY FEEL FOR HIM AND SO SHOULD YOU WTF ARE YOU SAYING RN!

Like how much he was prepared to lose and give up just to make things begin to approach FAIR; because NO ONE should have that kind of power over another group of people. NO ONE should have magic. He doesn’t want it for himself, and I think that’s really, really important. He doesn’t want magic. He wants it, whatever its biased-ass existance is, fucking gone.!
And that’s where what mewmans did differs from what invading europeans did, in part. A lot of natives were killed by diseases europeans brought in, although a lot of the death was a choice, a lot of it wasn’t, also. But with the mewmans, it’s heavily implied that ALL OF IT was a choice. And that is terrifying!
Also ALSO if this analogy is as canon as I think it might be, as Star explained in that re- enactment ep, mewmans arrived on a ship. They had to have come from somewhere. They already had a fucking homeland and probably multiple kingdoms/countries. What the fuck did they need more for?!
I’m giving myself heartache. Toffee deserves to have won not because he’s *my favorite* but because historically speaking he was doing the RIGHT THING!
And tbh a mewman queen who took pity on monsters WILL NOT DRIVE THAT POINT HOME as hard as someone like him could!

Like it just. pisses me off. Eclipsa has nothing to do with that message.!
It’s almost like pushing out an actual people’s rebellion in favor of white savior shit…?!

yeah I really thought Nefcy would be the one to change all that but even the crew have been saying “oh yeah toffee just got what was coming to him” like EXCUSE ME. MAYBE SOME CHARACTERS HAVE LOST MORE THAN JUST THEIR MOTHER AND/OR DAUGHTER. I know that’s a lot to lose but it’s not the upper limit!

YEAH UM. HE DID NOT DESERVE WHAT HE GOT?? He did fucking god’s work getting rid of magic. Mewmans should shut the fuck up and learn what it means to not be overpowered bastards who can step all over anyone without it.
Like they’re only really nice to either magic-adjacent beings or those who recognize them as superior and it’s… yikes!

yeah that’s one thing I started thinking about recently was how their definition of monster is sooooo bullshit, like flying decapitated horses are okay, demons are okay, but no, lizard men, frog men and bird men are monsters.

Even within their own kingdom it looks like a classist nightmare (river’s parties, anyone?)! Yeah that’s something I’m gonna mention in CHO 9, why Toffee doesn’t identify as a monster, because it’s a mewman-created term. 
It’s using his oppressor’s language to define his existence and he’s having none of it! Cause like what the fuck even is a monster? He’s septarian.!

he’s such a badass, even if he’s pretty messed up in the head. People better be reading CHO and considering all of this, it’s insanely important that we keep talking about it. And I had never considered river’s parties but YES the whole kingdom is absolutely just a classist nightmare, that Diaz Family Vacation episode was kinda like woah hold onnnnn, Star is way up in that castle and everyone else literally lives in mud down on the ground ummm

feudalism, man
But even though they might be in similar class situations, mewmans are fed nightmare fuel about monsters. Maybe it’s in part to circumvent collaboration? I’m going dark again but like
Divide and conquer, man

they’re good

Or maybe it was in the beginning but now even the higher ups believe the lies their ancestors started (ex. Moon)

yeah they’ve got this down to a science, it’s just maddening that it’s probably been close to a thousand years, if not more, that this shit has been happening and nobody’s been able to rise above the propaganda or even question it. It sounds like eclipsa got pretty close but obviously didn’t make any lasting changes

and eclipsa making changes now won’t even make me happy because of the whole savior complex thing!
cause they’ll still owe the mewmans their liberation in some capacity, even if it was a mewman outlier

exactly, ugh we need toffee back in the scene, this is just a damn mess!

bring back my freedom fighter, equalizer son so we can have an actual good time
like I like eclipsa’s character but I??? don’t GET her???!
And people even have the audacity to want her to be harmless
oh it was all a misunderstanding! She’s not against mewni she just likes exotic d! fuck right off!

yeah, I think a lot of people don’t take the show’s messages very seriously at all, simply don’t make the connections or choose to ignore them altogether. ”

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

110% of my headcanons and fic. I’m not kidding. 

Make! Tofficore! Canon!

I wish they’d say what happened to septarsis, or have used Toffee’s character as a freedom fighter and liberator, just one who happened to be radical and violent, but used that to demonstrate that sometimes that kind of behavior comes from a place that’s beyond worth understanding. 

This is super long so I’m answering Rast in Colorwizard’s ask k bb? :) <3

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i dont have DID but i absolutely get dissociative episodes (mainly due to PTSD and depression). non-DID dissociation is just as valid imho because it happens? anyway? like my brain just dont give a heck.

yeah man its. really frustrating for me. i know for a fact that i’ve blocked out certain really bad memories of events and that stuff will trigger it and bring it back? which is ironic bc me wanting to be able to remember things ends up in me forcing my mind to forget things but heyoooo

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25. “Do not. Tempt. Me.” Can I be super weird and prompt 'Jack Rackham pissed as hell at anyone and everyone'? Because I can hear him say that as he's about to kick some butt. - Kat/beneaththeblacksails <3

I had a lot of fun with this, thank you for giving me a Jack prompt! It might not be exaaaactly what you had in mind but I hope you like. <3

Keep reading

i. I remember you in summer. It was the 5th of April when I first met you. You were holding a book in hand, your eyes darted towards my direction. For a moment, I thought you were staring at me until she walked passed through me. From that time, I knew you’re a man who’s deeply in love with a girl. A girl you loved with all of you but end up breaking heart.

ii. I remember you in my cup of coffee — how it gives warmth to my cold mornings.

iii. I remember you in the traffic lights — how your face turned crimson as each second passed, annoying you big time.

iv. I remember you in each autumn leaf — how I fell in love with you.
Fast, deep and rooted.

—  180817 // remembering you in bullets