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Imagine date Jean-Luc and he’s jealous when Riker flirts with you? 

Requested by Anon~

With the relationship kept as a secret, Picard should have known that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. But it didn’t make him feel any better, seeing his own First Officer give you a bright smile.

“I was planning on going to the Holodeck after my shift.” Riker said, and the smooth tone of his voice only further frustrated the Captain. “There’s this new program going around; supposed to be very entertaining. Would you like to try it out with me?”

“Commander, you can plan your downtime later.” Picard spoke up, glancing to the First Officer. And he tried to ignore the amused surprise on your face.

Riker looked a little surprised, as well. And when he looked over, you merely shrugged your shoulders. The talk with Jean-Luc later should be very fun to have.


First of all I’m scared/flattered that I manage to look good without make up and with a cheap wig with like 2 locks, well, IT’S A-ME, LO(s)! I may actually give her a try but only in the future, and only if I found a Shura, in order to take part in some serious contest. It also makes me think of Madame Red and Mulan (my face). (?) But Bri looks better, obviously. ♥

However, this bob cut has been sacrificed for a mullet, or something that pretends to be a mullet. The colour is slightly different from the other wig, but that’s ok. I guess for a fan it won’t be difficult to recognise the redheaded classic gold saint, but I can already imagine people’s weird questions. Good.

Ps. the bust is for my Milo cosplay. I’m aware it looks scary and that mask does, too. (I haven’t said this yet, but it’s implicit I’m not going to wear any fucking mask for Camus, ma mi faccia il piacere! LOL)


I’m super happy that Yuuri basically confessed his love to Viktor on National Television. But can we consider for a moment one of the deeper aspects of their relationship?

So, before Kenjirou Minami went on he was nervous as hell. And because Yuuri was feeling anxious and unmotivated, Yuuri walked right on past him when Minami looked up to him for encouragement. Viktor was quick to reprimand him, and Yuuri realized Viktor was right. So Yuuri cheered for Minami right before he skated, and Minami skated better because his idol cheered for him.

What’s the point I’m trying to make?

Viktor and Yuuri have such a great relationship because they improve each other.

By coaching Yuuri, Viktor is learning to be less selfish- to give back to the ice skating community. As Yakov said, he didn’t believe Viktor could be a coach because he never thinks of anything but himself. And Viktor not only makes Yuuri a better skater, but a better person.

Between Viktor and Yuuri’s healthy relationship based on improving each other, I think it’s definite that Viktor and Yuuri will make it to the Grand Prix Finals.

In honor of the lovely @actualsunshinepattytolan, official Patty Tolan appreciation blog, I offer these 10 reasons for why Patty Tolan is the best friend (or girlfriend) a lady (or gent, or nb person) can have. 

  • She’s an active listener and is all about validation (She listens very intently to Erin’s story about growing up then offers immediate reassurance “Kids is mean but I believe you.” She listens closely to Holtz’s speech then offers, “that was real”). 
  • She’s got style. (”If looking good is a crime, guilty as charged”). 
  • She’s thoughtful (She gets Abby a sandwich because she’s paid close attention to what Abby likes, “I got you a sandwich”). 
  • She gives back rubs (in one of the deleted scenes, she rubs Erin’s back, trying to make her feel better from letting the ghost out). 
  • She admits when she’s made a mistake (”I love that jacket, I got that jacket, oh my mistake, it’s a sweater” In the expanded childhood scene, she offers her own experience to Erin then admits it’s not at all the same). 
  • She’ll save your life (Holtz falling out of a window, Holtz almost getting hit by a ghost axe, smacking the ghost out of Abby, etc.) 
  • She’ll snuggle with you and talk books while listening to some Stevie Nicks (the cuddle I inferred but the books and Stevie Nicks are canon). 
  • Have you seen her smile? It’s pure joy and light. 
  • She likes gentle music and cute/friendly things (Let’s face it, Patty would totally be the person to take you to pet cute lil animals when you’re feeling down). 
  • She’s like an informational sponge and could give you a rundown of the coolest places to go that cater to your individual interests.

In conclusion, how can you not fall in love with this gem of a woman?

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You said in an earlier post that you would not spam us with hero/villain prompts. Please, please go back on your word and start spamming us! I LIVE for the hero/villain prompts. I have so many short stories I've created because of those... You make A+ prompts. Never stop! 😘

1) “Maybe you should try giving me another hug, I’m sure that will magically make me a better person. Or perhaps true love’s kiss if you’re really committed.”
“We’re not in love.”
“Oh, okay. So it’s just pitiful aim that you’re losing so badly. Awkward! I’ll keep my suggestions to myself.”

2) “You’re not as chirpy as normal, hero. Kitten get stuck up a tree?”
“Something like that.”
The villain frowned. “Is there anything I can do?” They glared when the hero looked at them in surprise. “It’s no fun breaking you if you’re already broken…why are you smiling? Stop it.”
“I thought you wanted to cheer me up?”
“I did until you started smiling at me like that.”

3) “Now,” the villain murmured. “You sound just like me.”
“And yet you don’t look pleased.”
“You were never supposed to be me.”

INFINITE REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


“That was… A kiss?” he’d just act confused when actually he’d be having a heart attack with your cuteness “I think it was a kiss! But… You can do better, so let’s try it!”


“No, no, no! This isn’t the way a kiss should look! You’ve to give a deeper kiss, you know? Use your tongue!” He’d say “Oh let me show you how!”


Woohyun would be so nervous as you, but he’d make some jokes to make you smile and lighten the mood and when you were okay he’s surprise you with a kiss.

“You can kiss me any time you want…”


He would grip your waist and say in a low voice, pulling your chin to look in his eyes.

“Oh baby… What was this? What did you want to do with me?”


“Hey… Look at me and tell me… Do you like me?”


Myungsoo is a baby (with 25 years old, but still a baby) and he’d bite his own lips trying to keep his mind lucid. But with your act of look down he’d smile and caress your hair to make you look up.

“This… was… Oh I liked…”


“Aigo… Hajima! You’re cute but let’s forget this shame, okay baby girl?”

Hi babies <3 Take a look on our Masterlist <3

~ADM Misso

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I saw a question that someone asked a friend artist.. and I just have to say.

Don’t put yourselves down because you think “skilled, better artists” wont speak to you because you think your art isn’t good enough. Talent doesn’t make the artist decide on who they should communicate with! Personality does! We all know you try your very best, heck we were all there once too!!

Artists talents come in many different shapes and forms; if you try your very hardest and don’t give up that’s all that should really matter. We all appreciate you for your effort, don’t give up! Soon enough you’ll have someone looking to you the same way you look up to that particular artist.


There is a bit of a tough love that I’ve had to learn myself. You can’t entirely depend on someone else to help you with your art, you have to be pleased with it yourself. Sad to say but you won’t appreciate your art as much, because not everyone would like it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just don’t give up! Keep trying until you get it just right. Everyone draws/creates differently. Being fully depending on others opinions can grow tiresome and hurt overtime. If you really need it, ask someone you trust. (The outcome of their help should be more fulfilling.) People you ask should give helpful criticism, but don’t be upset if they correct it, after all you did ask for it. They aren’t putting you down (even if it comes off that way) they are or should be giving you helpful hints on how to adjust your art/creations if you are struggling to do it alone. You have to find your talent yourself, that is what makes you unique. Never be afraid to ask for help, someone out there will be willing to give you a hand.

Don’t give up.
Believe in yourself.
I believe in you, you can do it, you are all aspiring artists looking to find where you fit in with the world.~

So, I have some fluffy post-Volume 4 episode 9 Black Sun headcanons!

-Blake kissing Sun’s chest, both on and around the scar he got from Ilia.

-After discussing the three infamous face slaps and Sun’s incredibly flawed methods of helping, the two become super open with each other and always ask if the other is okay with something, regardless of the situation.

-Blake kissing Sun’s cheeks where she had slapped them.

-Sun making Blake laugh by kissing her cat ears, since they’re super ticklish.

-Both of them just being super gentle and considerate with each other.

-Ghira warming up to Sun after witnessing the two comforting each other.

-Sun wrapping his tail around Blake’s waist whenever they sit together.

-Sun giving Blake upside down Spiderman kisses.

-Sun falling from a tree while trying to give Blake a Spiderman kiss, making it necessary for Blake to kiss him and make it better.

-Blake just giving him fond “Oh my goodness, you’re such a freaking dork and I love you!” looks.

-Sun asking for first dibs on punching Adam in the face. (”Please, Blake? He has such a punchable face!”)

-Sun giving Blake the extra push to approach Yang when they reunite with Team RWBY.

-The rest of Team SSSN basically adopting Blake as their sister.

-Blake listening to Sun’s heartbeat to remind herself that he’s okay.


‘I never thought that I could love someone so much like I love her.’
Again and again this sentence shots through your head.
At first you thought Tate was talking about you with his mother. But then he talked about Violet and that he hasn’t seen her for a long time.
Of course you know that Violet was Tate’s first love and even when he’s a ghost, the first love you never forget.
Bad for you that Tate is your first one.
“Why are you crying?” Tate asks worried and you quickly wipe your tears away.
“Nothing. Just girls days.” You try to smile and he frowns like he doesn’t believe you.
But then he crawls to you onto the bed and lifts up your shirt to kiss your belly.
“I could make you feel better.”
“No, no. Please, just give me some time alone.”
Hurted he looks at you. “Y-you send me away?”
You nod and anger flickers in his eyes before he quickly stands up and leaves your room.

You sit on the kitchen table and look down on your sandwich. Usually you’d sit here with Tate who always encourage you to eat a little bit more. For the first time you miss your dad who’s on a business trip in europe and your older brother who’s on collage.
“You had your period two weeks ago.” Tate says coldly as he appears in front of you.
“Tate, I…” Your heart starts beating fast in your chest.
“No! You lied to me!” He shouts, tears building in his eyes. “You want to break up with me, right?”
“Maybe I should then you could go back to Violet.” You whisper with a lump in your throat.
“What?” Tate’s eyes widen and the first tears drop out of it. “I..I don’t..”
“Stop it. I heard you when you talked with your mum.” You interrupt him and standing up to leave the kitchen.
“What did you heard?” Tate holds you back on the hips, forcing you to look at him.
Quietly you repeat what you heard, with each word your heart breaks a little bit more. Saying it out loud make it real for you.
“Oh (Y/N).” Tate sighs with a smile. “I was talking about you and not about her. I’ll not deny that I’m sometimes worried about her. But you are the one for me.”
The lump in your throat getting bigger at his words. “Really? I mean, I wouldn’t blame you..”
Before you can finish your sentence Tate puts his lips on yours, kissing you softly.
“After Violet I never thought that I could love someone so much like I love her.” He repeats whispering what he said to his mother against your lips. “Like I love you and only you.”

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fuck it all, fuck it all. cant hold it back anymore. fuck it all, fuck it all. turn away and slam the doors.

i was going to marry my sunshine but then i woke up

forget about the pain and smile for a minute

why get a boyfriend when pizza is lying next to u

dont u dare say u like me unless you’ve seen me at 4am crying at the corner of my bedroom

i spend her love until she’s broke inside

hey welcome to my twitter i’m probably hungry rn

if you’re reading this give me food

everybody wanna… tell me that they don’t even know my existence

fangirling 24/7

you don’t know how beautiful i am

sexier than @meganfox

hello weird people

your lips would be perfect in mine

bitch please, my idol is better than you

i’m perfect. i’m real.

sorry, i’m busy looking at my mentions

hello bitch, i’ve been wating here for a long time

shut up, i’m trying to listen my song

my song’s are better than you

you make me listen taylor swift depressive song’s every time that i see you

i wanna kill you, but then i remember that the police exists

i’ve gotta call to my doctor and order more medicines because i’m starting to love you again

telling myself i’m gonna be alright, without you baby is a waste of time

We cut and kill flowers because we think they are beautiful, we cut and kill ourselves because we think we are not

I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute

the monsters don’t live under your bed, they live in your head and school.

every girl wants a bad boy who will be good just for her

it hurts when you can have someone in your heart but not in your arms.

find something that makes you happy and don’t let anyone take it away from you

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(I hate trying to make things look nicely laid out on Tumblr)

The alchemists’ children! Complete with mutagens because of their horrible excuse of a father who happens to be a brilliant alchemist!

These poor hatchlings were Durotar’s first, and that meant experiment time for him. He wanted to better understand the way a hatchling went about growing in the egg, but instead he mucked it all up and his three precious babies are now mutated, some more than others. Tirisfal nearly killed her mate over this reckless endeavor. 

First up, the oldest, is probably the most normal. Some of the clan took to whispering about how his father must have been one of the male imperials, but knowing their nature they believed the original explanation of Duro’s experimentation. His mutagen is his horns, branched out and askew, and only partially there. He likes to flaunt them, as they aren’t nearly as embarrassing as some made them out to be.

Second is the only daughter. She was unfortunate and grew an extra pair of limbs, which has her upset most of the time. She grows resentful of her father for caring so little about them, but always receives the same response of, “I knew I wouldn’t kill you, but I didn’t know you would get mutations like these!” On the other hand, her mother tells her she’s beautiful and wishes she also had extra arms for multitasking.

Third is the youngest brother. The weakest of the trio, and probably the most unfortunate, he was mixed with some harpy muck that Durotar threw into the concoction, because “why not when I’ve got all these harpies around?!” He is flushed with feathers and has a weak constitution. His growls and cries as a hatchling resembled a baby bird’s more than a baby dragon’s. He could’ve been mistaken as a bird at that age.

I will be selling the sister once I finish her bio. I have decided to keep two and give one to my own sister for lore purposes. Whoever ends up buying the girl will get special lore privileges with my clan!


WARNING: Abuse (only aftermaths though) 

Part 1-
You sat quietly in the bathroom with your back to the mirror taking in the damage that fresh cuts and bruises on your back. You felt aching in your shoulder as you twist to try and get a better view but you give up and just drop the pick your shirt off the sink, slowly pulling it on. You heard a knock at the front door making you jump. Panicked you look into the mirror to see the black eye and already regretting opening the door because when you do your greeted by a loud gasp. 

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Imagine both Felix and Peter are in love with you and hearing them bicker all the time is driving you insane…


“I can fight”


“I have magic” Peter smirked “And I own the island”


“Oh please” Felix chuckled “I can take anything you throw at me”


“Don’t kid yourself” Peter hissed “I could cast a curse on you right now and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Or better yet, I could cast one on her. Make her come running into my arms, confess her undying love for me”


“Stop it!”


“Why?” he frowned innocently “I thought you could take anything I throw at you”


“Will you two please shut up” (Y/n) huffed, smacking them both upside the head “Some of us are trying to work here”


“(Y/n), tell this fool you love me more” Peter demanded.


The girl gulped at the intense looks both were giving her. She didn’t want to let either of them down, but she knew there was no way out of this.


“Well…” she paused “I don’t, I don’t know to be honest”


She watched the jealousy flare up in Peter’s eyes, so she hurried on with her answer.


“I love you both for very different reasons-”


“Yes” Felix sighed “But who do you love more?”


“I’m not sure”


“Come on (Y/n) you must know-”


“Well I don’t-”




“Stop pressuring me!” she snapped, glaring “And stop acting like I’m some prize to your stupid testosterone game. I am my own fucking person and I will choose who I want to choose, when I want to choose? You got that”


“Yes Ma’am” Felix nodded.


Peter just smiled.


Is Ruby Blind? A Steven Universe Theory

Everyone seems to be taking this theory the wrong way.

“NO! SHE’S NOT BLIND! If she was she wouldn’t have seen Steven or Lapis!”

Has anyone considered this: Maybe she’s not completely blind?

I mean:

  • She didn’t seem to realize right away that Steven was actually out of his cell. However, you could dismiss this with the excuse that she was too distraught to notice.
  • The famous scene: When Steven tries to introduce himself, she shouts “I can’t see!” & listens for Sapphire’s singing before making a choice on where to go. Yes, I can see why people would think that was related to future vision, but I find that it fits better to relate it to impaired vision.
  • When Sapphire stops singing, she immediately gives up on trying to find her until she hears her start up again. 

Why would she stop if she had perfect 20/20 vision? You can still look for someone with clear vision. There’s no other reason for her to stop looking. She even tries to prompt the singing again by shouting out to her. If her vision was 20/20, she probably would want to keep quiet so she isn’t caught out of her cell until reformed, no matter how desperate. Yes, they were distraught, but Garnet is all about stealth, so presumably the gems who make up her would be about stealth to some extent, too.

  • She didn’t realize right away that Lapis wasn’t Sapphire, which leads me to believe she can see vague shapes. I can see how, with very impaired vision, Lapis could appear like Sapphire. 

I’d like to expand on that.

Here’s Lapis with 20/20 vision:

Now here’s Lapis with my idea of Ruby’s impaired vision:

Consider the following:

  1. With impaired vision, it’s hard to tell that that’s not Sapphire
  2. Sapphire reformed as well, so she has a new outfit that Ruby may not be able to predict.
  • Her reaction to seeing Sapphire

Do you notice how she hesitates & waits for the other one to react? She’s not entirely sure if she’s seeing Sapphire. She thinks that she sees someone who could possibly be her, but she seems to kind of wait for confirmation? Like as if it’s really her, she would let her know in some way (as she did). 

As far as we know, Ruby can most definitely see at least shapes. There really isn’t evidence (as far as I know) behind whether or not she can see colors. 

Please stop fighting this theory, guys. I see a lot of people who are against this theory being really angry about it, which really sucks. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a disabled gem fused with Garnet? Don’t treat Ruby’s blindness like as if it’s a really bad, disgraceful thing. Who knows–if it is true, I’m sure Crewniverse could do a lot with it.


This is some non-canon Puzzleshipping proof I just saw and decided to share! Okay, so, Yugi first puts his information into the ‘Lovely Mate’ and it doesn’t match up with Anzu’s ‘Lovely Mate’ and Anzu lets Yugi keep the one he has. Then, they head to school, play the little game, and then, a teacher comes up and takes it away from him and that makes Yami pissed and then they switch. The teacher then challenges Yami to a game to try and find the ‘Lovely Mate’. While looking for it Anzu gives Yami hers to try and help look for it, and it does help! Now, once they’re in the teachers office Yami puts HIS INFORMATION in the 'Lovely Mate’, then! He clicks the button and his and YUGI’S start to beep out because, Yugi put HIS information into the one the teacher took and YAMI puts his information into Anzu’s so this is some real Puzzleshipping proof right here! By the way, the 'Lovely Mate’ is something the girls in the Manga use to see if they’re compatible with other boys, which, in other words, they use it to find their soulmate!

BTS React to Their S/O being Scared of everything

Namjoon: He would try to assure you that there was nothing to worry about. He might find it a bit humorous how easily scared you got and would find your reaction to be cute. “Look there is nothing to be scared of! If it makes you feel better, I’ll be your shield.” He’d say, giving you a reassuring smile and hold out his hand for you to take.

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Yoongi: To try to make you feel safer in situations when you were scared, he would act tough. He wouldn’t want you to feel not protected and would put up a front, even if it meant he may not even be completely comfortable himself. “See? There’s nothing to worry about since I’m here,” he’d say nonchalantly and shrug his shoulders.

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Seokjin: Knowing him, he would get spooked just as easily as you do. However, he’d want to protect you so he would try to keep himself composed when you get scared and be there to comfort you. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry, I’m here.” He’d say and put his arm around you in a protective fashion, though on the inside he’d feel like the below gif:

Originally posted by baebsaes

(This gif… I don’t know why but makes me laugh so hard. oh my lorddddd)

Taehyung: After hearing about how easily scared you got, he would sigh. “But why would you get scared when you have me to hug?” He’d ask playfully. “If you ever get frightened my arms are open wide for you to run into.” He’d say and pull you into a hug. He’d add, “See? Who can be scared when they are in a hug?” causing you to giggle.

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Jimin: Once you told him how easily scared you got, he would chuckle lightly, finding it cute. He would take your hands in his and look at you seriously, “as long as I am with you jagi, I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.” He would bring your hands up to his lips and kiss them lightly, as if to seal his promise.

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Jungkook: He’d try his best to comfort you, but wouldn’t necessarily know how to go about it. “If anything frightens you just let me know,” he’d say bluntly to make sure that he knew when you were scared. The most he would think to do is stay by your side, and take your hand in his, holding on tightly to let you know that he was there for you and he wouldn’t leave you alone.

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Hoseok: When he found out how easily scared you get, he’d try to come up with a way to calm you down when you got scared. He’d settle on doing something funny to make a joke out of the situation in order to prevent you from freaking out. “Hey, jagi look over here!” He’d say and do a dorky dance, causing you to laugh.

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Always more than happy to see BTS requests.

~BangtanBunnie <3

lorics-and-legacies  asked:

Can I request first kiss prompts? Thank you :)

I can try my best! :)

  • it’s my first kiss but you’ve kissed a lot of people before and damn you’re good
  • “what was your first kiss?” “i had to give them CPR so this idiot didn’t die”
  • we had our first kiss together many years ago but we broke up and now we’re back together and you’re an even better kisser than i remember
  • neither one of us know what the fuck we’re doing movies make it look so easy
  • we’re in the middle of out first kiss and your little sibling interrupts it
  • we actually had our first kiss before we were together - it was spin the bottle
  • we were both drunk and kissed each other and we don’t remember it but our friends definitely did there’s photo evidence
  • we were kids when we first kissed each other - little did we know that we were gonna be together once we got older (our parents totally did though)

I hope you like these! :)


xairathan  asked:

Asurei? :3

  • Who said “I love you” first

i feel like asuka would say it first bc i feel like rei would have trouble sorting out if what she feels for asuka is love and she’s not sure how to articulate her emotions. so i feel like she might say it back a long time after asuka does, but when she does she finally does and has that “oh” moment, she says it with a smile bc there isn’t any doubt.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

asuka gets SUPER jealous bc rei’s wallpaper is a bento that shinji made her, and so asuka gives it her all in trying to make a bento that looks better than shinji’s (w/o enlisting him for help ofc bc she’s too proud), and her fingers end up covered in band-aids bc she keeps cutting herself. so rei ends up confronting shinji bc she’s worried about asuka, and so shinji has to act as the go-between and ask asuka what’s up, and so finally asuka is just so fed up that she blurts out, “i don’t understand why my girlfriend’s phone background is of some dumb food an idiot like you made!!!!” 

so shinji gets the idea and decides to put an end to the drama by taking a picture of the both of them, and then both girls make that their phone wallpaper. the whole thing is way too overdramatic lol

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

rei. well, rei wouldn’t exactly write notes. instead, she would draw things. like maybe she draws asuka with the fog on the bathroom mirror, and asuka sees and is just floored that rei is that artistically inclined and is able to draw that well with just a bathroom mirror and her finger, and she’s like “you’re such an idiot! why would you draw that here when it would just fade!” so asuka goes out with her and buys her a bunch of art supplies, so rei is able to draw all the portraits of asuka that she wants :)

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

again, rei, but rei wouldn’t buy cheesy gifts. she’d just buy strange gifts, like very large weird artsy sculptures that take up a lot of a lot of room, and asuka has no idea what they’re supposed to represent. or idk maybe asuka says a celebrity is hot, so rei decides to get her a life-size cardboard cutout of them lol

  • Who initiated the first kiss

rei, and she’s not even trying to be romantic. maybe asuka is upset or something, and rei wants to make her feel better, so her thought process is like “i want to make her feel better, so i’m going to put my lips against her lips bc maybe that will help.” needless to say, asuka gets very flustered.

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

neither. asuka is a late sleeper, and when rei wakes up, she just thinks asuka is the most beautiful thing in the world when she’s asleep, even when she’s drooling and her hair is all mussed up, so she won’t want to wake her and she’ll just let asuka sleep through her alarm even if it means asuka yelling at her for not waking her up.

  • Who starts tickle fights

asuka! she’ll be like “why are you such a sourpuss” and start tickling rei, and rei isn’t super ticklish but the gesture will make her smile and laugh a little bit.

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

rei, but it’s more out of practicality than anything. like, asuka will be taking a shower, and she’ll think “oh i was planning to take a shower, so i’ll ask if i can join her,” and asuka is the one who registers the implications and is all blushy the first time.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

neither of them are great cooks, but they try. they end up deciding that maybe takeout is the best for them.

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

asuka would be so nervous omg, but she’d cover it up by talking a lot.

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

they’re both kind of slobbish, but rei is on a whole other level and is fine with letting spiders crawl around their place. when it gets to the point that she’s catching flies to feed them, asuka puts her foot down and decides enough is enough and takes them out.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

neither. i feel like asuka would hold her liquor pretty well, and rei is more of a quiet drunk. but i feel like rei would get very touchy-feely and would end up in asuka’s lap and wrapping herself around her like an octopus, though.

anonymous asked:

Teach me how to draw

and here’s a coloring tutorial

i am not very good at just teaching. the best way to learn though is to just keep drawing and experimenting. and not giving up because everyone starts off somewhere, i started off with terrible drawings too. but hard work pays off, and experimentation is what gets you further faster. trying different mediums, different styles, etc. all help towards getting better in general. buy a sketchbook and draw something every day. study anatomy and look for tutorials about things you don’t know how to do yet. things get easier with time, but they’ll be hard and frustrating at first. i believe anybody can become an artist though ! no matter what level you start at.

undertheroses  asked:

Forgive me for bothering you, but how come you don't like Starlight Glimmer? I don't particularly like her myself. So I'm just a little curious about your thoughts about her.

Never a bother! I love chatting with people! Anyway, it’s many reasons -

- Starlight comes across to me as if the writers wanted Sunset and couldn’t have her in the show properly (since, y'know, that High School Magical Girl money) so they made a character that was supposed to have all the aspects that made Sunset so memorable and beloved and she doesn’t measure up in any way.

- I kept trying to give her character chances and they blew each one worse than the last - also, I know they can do better and it appears as if they’re content to sit back and not put effort into her story in any way.

- Starlight makes Twilight look very VERY sketchy, she looks bad as both a teacher and a hypocrite - for one example, why was her reaction to Discord maybe, with no proof, mind controlling her friends (keep in mind her only thought was ‘they seem to genuinely like Discord now this is a PROBLEM’) 'I MUST STOP HIS NEFARIOUS SCHEME’ and to Starlight who actually mind controlled her friends and hurt them physically as a result 'oh haha my bad lesson learned that was so funny btw they’ll feel THAT in the morning’

- For someone who feels bad they sure don’t give her consequences to her actions or let her story occur naturally so she comes across as thinking she’s entitled to her forgiveness when she hasn’t earned it. No seriously, she really hasn’t earned it.

- on that point, any interesting story beats were skipped completely - meaningful interaction with Trixie where it didn’t paint her in a 'woe is me I’m so hated but I’VE CHANGED ’ despite really nothing at that point earning that sort of reaction and her literally a scene earlier forcefully controlling someone and annoyed at being called out - THE VILLAGE FORGIVING HER IN A FUCKING MONTAGE WITH NO DIALOGUE OR REASONABLE EXPLANATION - Discord/Starlight interaction and maybe calling out Twi’s shit OR Discord calls Starlight out for her shit. Some of the Mane Six not immediately trusting her OR some of the Mane Six really not trusting her after that episode where she fucking brainwashed them. Etc.

- why does every other villain have to earn reformation when it just got handed to her on a silver platter? Sunset took a whole movie to be trusted and suffers the after effects of her villainy, Discord still has hate toward him and he’s been a reformed villain longer than an actual villain even counting S4’s face heel turn moment (which, why not? The Mane Six minus Shy didn’t treat him with anything other than open contempt. Sure maybe he didn’t earn full trust and he can be an asshole but Twilight “I THOUGHT HE HAD CHANGED?” really? REALLY? Did you REALLY? Bitch WHERE?) meanwhile: I made an entire village into a Stepford Smiling cult because I was lonely and nearly destroyed Equestria out of spite just gets forgiven and a happy montage.


Those are a few reasons. Her design is cute though and her magic is neat af. So there’s that I guess.