i give up trying to make it look better

I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time that some of the things Yuuri says, especially in the first couple episodes, are not exactly the truth and should be looked into farther. Honestly, we knew Yuuri was unreliable the moment the show opened–he referred to himself as “dime-a-dozen,” when he is literally the only male skater certified by the JSF within canonverse. 

And he made it to the GPF, you know? He’s one of the top 6 skaters in the world, right off the bat! It took us a few episodes to understand Yuuri’s character to realize the context of these statements, but we figured out pretty early on that Yuuri is the embodiment of Unreliable Narrator™. Especially after ep10, jfc. 

Anyway, why I’m bringing this up is because Kubo seemed to confirm a little theory of mine I’ve had stewing for a while and I wanted to share it with you.

So. Episode 1. The commemorative photo scene. 

I wanna first establish that this scene took place before the banquet. During the series run, sometime just afterwards, and occasionally even now there’s debate over when that scene took place. It wouldn’t make sense to happen after the banquet because they’re not only still wearing the team jackets, but they’re also wearing passes

The outside sign has information about the competition 

and Victor is talking to Yuri about his routines

which he probably wouldn’t do if it was up to a day later. 

We know how the rest of the scene goes. Victor seems to not recognize Yuuri at all, mistakes him for a fan, asks if he wants a photo, and then Yuuri leaves, thoroughly humiliated. Or, at least, that’s Yuuri’s version of what happened. I think generally everything that was said got said, all the movements and series of events were the same, but the implications of the offer were different. 

I have multiple anxiety disorders. When I remember something that I felt was a misstep or caused embarrassment, I always remember it slightly off. A person’s tone is more mocking or condescending, my reaction is worse than it was. There’s a lot of shame when it comes to anxiety and your mind immediately assumes you’re viewed to be–and are–on a lower pedestal than everyone else. Yuuri, clearly, has severe anxiety, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to think that, since this is from his perspective, maybe reality is a bit different than what he is able to give us. 

Anyway, my thoughts had no basis, so I’ve kept them to myself, but then Kubo came out and said this:

and then the fanbase lit up in flames because Victor know Yuuri was a fan before the banquet. But this also implies one thing I got super excited about: Victor has seen him skate, before the commemorative photo scene. 

meaning that everyone’s preconception that Victor mistook Yuuri for a fan has been completely blown out of the water. 

So, why would Victor ask him about a photo then? 

I think it’s important to keep in mind that Victor likes to make people feel good about their abilities. He likes teaching others, and he likes motivating them too. He gets pleasure out of seeing people rise to their potential. 

Although he’s flighty and kind of an airhead, and tends to ignore what he doesn’t find interesting, I don’t think Victor would ignore the scorings or the competitors landing below 3rd place. Victor clearly knew that Yuuri fell to last place, hard. This is just speculation, but maybe Yuri mentioned to Victor the incident with Yuuri crying in the bathroom. Or, perhaps Victor had already seen the press about Yuuri: he’s notorious for losing his nerve during competitions and failing to meet his potential. When Yuuri goes down, he tends to crash and burn. 

(also honda’s words imply yuuri usually performs very well)

Victor likes making people happy and better versions of themselves. Now he’s faced with the competitor who fell to last place, staring at him a few feet away. A competitor who is known for his anxiety and tendency to shy away from others. A competitor who just so happens to be a fan. So, what is Victor to do to help Yuuri feel better, or even open up a bit?

Initiate conversation. Try to reel him in to interacting with an open, non-threatening question and a tried-and-true welcoming smile. 

“Commemorative Photo?”

Victor didn’t mistake Yuuri for a non-competing fan, he knew who Yuuri was and was just trying his best to make Yuuri feel better. Victor, as we’ve seen throughout the series, resorts to giving comfort through action rather than words first and foremost. Unfortunately for him, this is not what Yuuri needs. 

It backfired. But I think Victor had good intentions. They were strangers so it’s not like Victor could just walk up and start a motivating speech. He tried to invite Yuuri to talk to him, someone Yuuri looked up to, and maybe they could talk and Victor could brighten his day? 

Victor wasn’t very tactile, and Yuuri didn’t stand his ground and identify himself, so they got nowhere with that. 

I’m so glad Kubo said this. This face looks like a combination of surprise and disappointment, perhaps not only in Yuuri rejecting him but also in himself for not being able to help.

and this face 

looks more concerned and surprised that Yuuri showed rather than like “oh shit, he’s a competitor.”

Poor Yuuri. Poor Victor. They really need to communicate better. 

  • Blue going grocery shopping with Ronan 
  •  “Excuse me I lost my daughter, Blue can I make an announcement?” “yeah sure” “goodbye you little shit, this is what you get for not letting me buy my Mac & cheese”
  • “Gansey slow down you’re going to get us killed” “I died twice and came back both times don’t tell me what to do Adam”
  • “Gansey you’re late” 
  • “A Gansey is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to” 
  • Adam:???????????????????
  • “I slept through my alarm“
  • Ronan blasting 22 by Taylor swift when he turns 22 and everybody just looks at him like????? Ronan Lynch knows other songs than Irish and metal songs????
  • Ronan: “Gansey Can you please pass the salt?”  “Can you pass your classes?” 
  • “My goal in life is not be the best but inspire people to try their hardest and make better choices in life” “Adam you say that everytime I beat you in UNO” “Oh look at me I’m Blue and I’m the best in UNO and i don’t give my friends any chances to get the sense of acomplishment at least once in their life ” “Adam shut up”
  • Gansey wishing for Noah back every birthday before blowing out his candles
  • The gangsey and everybody in 300 Fox way gathering in Persephone’s death anniversary, knitting and baking her favourite pies and cakes.

Omfg so I was helping out in the fitting room for an hour because we’re understaffed, and this mom and daughter came in and the daughter, who couldn’t have been older than 4-5, had a handful of boys t-shirts and some shorts.

And this little girl sheepishly looks up at me and says, “I’m a girl I’m not a boy but I want to try these boys clothes please but I’m not a boy,” and I was about to say something encouraging to her when her mom said, “it’s okay sweetie, girls can wear boys clothes but if you are a boy that’s okay too,” and I gave the mom this huge smile and wanted to give her the biggest hug.

I love supportive parents. They make my day so much better.

Bitty set the pie in the oven, made sure the timer was set and then continued telling his long-winded story to Jack, who was sitting at the kitchen table, avidly listening with his chin resting on his arms folded on the table. 

Bitty turned to the sink as he spoke and began to do the dishes, “-and then there was this whole to do about the store-bought jam at the bake sale and Moo Maw said to Mrs. Jameson, who lives one street over, that she can take her store-bought jam and shove it up her-”

“I think we should get married.” 

The pot Bitty had been holding fell into the sink and caused a wave of soapy water to splash onto Bitty’s front, and Bitty staggered to the side, clutching his heart and holding the counter for support. When he finally found his voice again he scolded, “Jack Zimmermann are you trying to give me a heart attack?!”

But Jack had that look on his face, the one he has when he’s lining up the puck, or the one he has after he’s just got back from a 10 mile run, the one he had before he kissed Bitty for the first time.

“We’re practically married already anyway. I think we should make it official.” Jack said, still not taking his eyes off Bitty.

Bitty spluttered for something to say, “Jack - we’ve - we’re - I don’t think - We’ve only been dating for two years. You’ve only been out for 6 months!”

“So? Timing couldn’t be better.” Jack said, a small smirk forming on his face.

BItty sinks into a chair across from Jack. “Jack I swear if this is some sort of joke, I don’t get it.”

“I’m not joking. And this isn’t a proposal by the way. But that’s coming.” Jack nodded.

“Jack!” Bitty squawked, “I haven’t even graduated yet!?”

Jack got up from the table and pressed a small kiss onto Bitty’s temple, then walked to the door of the kitchen. “Fiancé has a nice ring to it eh?” Jack said with a smirk over his shoulder.

He didn’t see, but rather heard, Bitty’s muffled squeak as he headed up the stairs with a blinding smile on his face.

Back in the kitchen, Bitty’s face was buried in his hands, but he was grinning ear to ear. “This boy.” He muttered.

I guess what hooked me up were your eyes. It’s always the eyes for me. Im always looking for something in them. Something to let me know that you feel the way I feel about you. But they show me no such signs of the love I crave from you. It breaks my heart to know you probably will never know how much I love you. And how much it hurts to love you in silence and maybe that’s because that’s how I choose to love you. Although you’d always be my entire world and you’ll be the only thing I’d ever need to breathe but I won’t show it, simply because you probably could do so much better. I’ll always feel that I don’t deserve you. But I love you so much it hurts, up to the point that i’ve never loved anyone, even myself. But if you could just look into my eyes and see the love I have for you then maybe, just maybe you’d see that I’ve loved you to pieces and I’ll never stop and maybe you’d choose me over everyone else and make me the happiest person as I will try my best to make you one as well. I’d give up anything for you because you’ll always be worth it.
—  movingforward33 

Okay, so, a couple of people recently have asked for advice on digital lineart, so I just filmed me lining this recent phanart of Phil (sped up 4X). The drawing software is Fire Alpaca, and the tablet is a Wacom Intuos Draw. 

Here are some basic tips: 

*** Make really big swooping strokes, and overlap the strokes/objects/lines - and then AFTER, erase the lines you don’t want to see. This is instead of just trying to meet lines up with the ends of other ends to close boundaries, and will ensure that overall, your lines look a lot smoother. 

*** Try drawing the lines multiple times - play around with different curves and arcs - not only will this give you more practice, which is never a bad thing, but it will make everything flow better. As you can see in the video, with some lines I drew them several times before settling on the final one. 

*** Use the transform tools in the software! The program comes with a lot of really useful tools that you can use to easily manipulate your lineart - resize, flip horizontally or vertically, move around, etc. It’s usually better to just re-draw it, to get more practice, but simply transforming the lines can be really efficient and save you a lot of time :) 

*** Flip the canvas to make errors more obvious - this is good to do at ANY stage in your art. You can do this traditionally by holding your art up to a mirror, or flipping it over and shining a light through it. Trust me, it works!! It basically tricks your brain into seeing everything for the first time. Flip back and forth a few times, making small adjustments along the way, until you’re happy with it. 

*** PRACTICE A LOT. Seriously. I’ve been drawing with a tablet for over 10 years, and I still have a LONG WAY TO GO. Getting good at ANY skill takes a lot of patience, practice, revisions, and more practice. The rewards are sooo worth it though!! Keep going :D 

The Adventure Zone Sentence Starters
  • “Abra-ka-fuck you!”
  • “A lot of people think my big ideas are small dumb bad ideas. “
  • “Elvish is not dorky, Dad!”
  • “Hey, how long do you get to stay a fucking T-Rex, because I’m worried that some balance issues might pop up.”
  • “Hey thug what’s your name I’m about to tentacle your dick!”
  • “I don’t want you to have an infinite bag of boys.”
  • “If you’ll just look at this Extreme Teen Bible… “
  • “I’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck.” 
  • “I love this narrative thread of you trying to befriend everything that tries to kill you.”
  • “I’m giving up the guilt I feel at the shitty thing I did.“
  • ”[Name], what makes a good hero?“
  • “Normally, a much better equipped woman has to come in and save us.”
  • “Say no to bad dick!”
  • ‘Swear to God, the first thing I do when I get outside is that I rat you out.”
  • "Statistically speaking we were probably gonna kill him anyway”
  • “There are certainly folks along the way that we’ve unhelped.”
  • “Um… it’s me. Hi, I’m [Name?] You know, from TV?”
  • “Well as I always say to the wife before I hop into bed, make room for Greg!”
  • “Yeah, I’ve watched TV before. I know how these things go.”
  • “You know, it doesn’t always have to be ‘goof goof dildo’. I’m travelling around with the boner squad and I never get a chance to say what I’m feeling. I have emotions!
  • “You pop the most righteous boner.”
  • "You’re going to be… amazing.”

SUMMARY - With Steve on a mission and Bucky in a meeting , you decide to have a little fun sexting. Things get dirty when Bucky comes back from the meeting . 

WARNINGS- daddy kink .SMUT , NSFW GIF , oral (MR , FR), phone sex 

WORDS - 3k+

A/N - This was completely Taw @supersoldierslover idea . Thank you so much . You know I love you .And I am so fucking happy that you liked it . If any warnings should be added pls send me an ask . I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

[ insert Steve and Bucky image , since my stupid wifi wasn’t uploading a pic]

Walking around the tower , eating biscuits , listening to music , talking to few of the agents , you spend the last hour waiting for Bucky to come back from the meeting .

2 WEEKS . Two weeks since Bucky and Steve were sent on different missions . Two weeks since you had seen either of them . Two weeks since you had touched yourself . Two weeks since you were properly fucked . Two weeks filled with burning desire to be filled , and to orgasm . But you still remember the last words uttered by your boyfriends before leaving for their mission .

“No touching . Okay baby doll . Behave and you will be rewarded .”

There was no way they’d know if you did pleasure yourself , but you wanted to behave . You knew if you refrained until the time they came , you’d cum harder than ever .

But now Bucky was back home in the tower , but you couldn’t do anything . The meeting was sure to last another hour . So you decided to have a little fun of yours .

You went back to the room , put on your sexy matching lingerie that you knew both of them liked .

It was pink in colour . They liked it because you looks sexy and innocent at the same time.

You stood in front of the mirror admiring the way it looked .Picking up the phone in your left hand , your right hand under your panties , you clicked a picture and send it to the group chat that you guys created for the three of you . A little teasing wouldn’t hurt .

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How They Would React to You Getting Hurt


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He wants to know everything. How you got hurt. Who hurt you. Where you got hurt. Was it one of his brothers? LEO NEEDS TO KNOW OKAY GIVE HIM THE ANSWERS THIS POOR BABY IS WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU. You could probably get special treatment out of him for days.


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“Babe, sweetie, honey, cutie, LET ME JUST LOOK AT IT PLEASE”

“DONNIE NO I’M FINE” Dr. Donnie is on the case. don’t want that to get infected do we. He’ll also give you the specialist of treatment and totally make you wrap up in blankets w hot coco (even if you have just a bruise.) and for his own piece of mind, just let him look at it.


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Dating Harry Would Include - 38

Sullen mood:

- Frowning when you don’t react when he calls you and refuses to join him on couch for cuddles  
- Looking at you with a pout trying to figure out what made you this sullen today
- Calling your name until you react and turn toward him, blowing you a kiss when you look at him “Don’t roll your eyes to me Love! I see you trying not to smile!”
- Opening his arms for you, waiting for you to join him on couch
- Giving you begging eyes when you look at him for long seconds without moving
- “I’m will wait until you come sit with me! You know I will do it!” A smile appearing on his face  when you walk toward him
- Catching your hand to make you sit on his thigh when you are close enough “ What a stubborn little one you can be when you’re in your grumpy mood!”
- Rubbing his chest in giggling after you gave him a nudge “Why so much violence? You’re such a susceptible kitten!”
- His hand resting on the end of your back while his other one caress your knee
- Pushing on your arm with his nose, pressing kissses everywhere he can reach “But I can’t help of loving you!”
- Squeezing your body against his chest “My grumpy Little Queen refuses to talk to me but can she at least kiss me back?”
- Giving you pouty lips, his chin resting on your arm waiting to be kissed by you
- Pulling you closer to him, trying to reach your cheek whispering “I won’t give up so better kiss me!”
- His smile when you try to hide your smile when you bend down toward him and peck his lips
- Taking your chin and make you bend again toward him “Give me a real kiss … ”
- Laying his palm over your cheek, kissing you slowly, his tongue playing with the edge of your upper lip
- Nibbling on your lips with a smile, his hand sliding on your neck to keep you close
- His arm circling your waist when you kiss him back, his free hand sliding up from your knee to your hip
- Looking at you with a smile when you protest with a whimper after he broke the kiss
- His thumb passing gently over your pouty lips “You will have more if you smile to me, okay?”
- His pleased face when you try to not smile but end with a wide smile on your face “Here is the smile I love to see on your pretty lips!”
- Taking your arm to wrap it around his shoulder, closing his eyes when you start to play with his hair
- His lips brushing over your cheek, biting gently on your jaw while his hand slide under your shirt to caress the skin of your hip
- Playing absently with your fingers, interlacing his with yours for put them on his chest, his thumb stroking the back of your hand
- Making the back of his ringed fingers slides over the warm skin of your back, holding you closer when your arch your back
- His large hands holding your waist to make you sit across his legs, your body facing him
- Taking his face in between your hands to rest your forehead over his while his hands  slowly caress your thighs
- Kissing your palm with open mouth kisses, trying to bite you gently to make you giggle
- Laying his head on the back of the couch when you play with his hair, making him moan satisfied with your touches
- Kissing his chin and cheek multiples times before reaching his ear and thanking him for cheer you up with his sweet attentions

Groot Sized (Yondu x reader)

Looking around you your breath began to pick up and you had to bend over to keep from passing out. Everything was huge. Something had to have gone wrong with Rocket’s plan to make you invisible. The plan had been to make you invisible so that you could sneak into the fortress undetected, but obviously this wasn’t the case.

“Where’d she go? Did it work?” Drax asked as he looked at the place where Y/n was just standing.

When he went to walk over to you you quickly had to jump out of the way when he almost stepped on you. “Watch out!” you yelled making everyone look around. It didn’t take long for Rocket’s eyes to fall on you and grow wide.

“Oh this is bad.” Rocket said as he ran his paws through his fur. “This is so bad…" 

"what’s bad? Where is y/n…” Peter asked as he and Gamora walked in with groot on his shoulder. “OH MY GOD!” he yelled. “What did you do? Yondu is going to kill me. He told me to keep an eye on her and not to let anything happen to her and you shrunk her… how do you think he is going to react when he sees his wife is only six inches tall!?”

“Calm down your making her more upset.” Rocket said as they all looked to see you sitting on the floor crying.

Seeing this Groot climbed down from Peter’s shoulder and went over to you. The small tree bent down and lifted your face to look at him, giving you a small smile. “I am Groot.” He said with a smile and held his hand out for you to take.

Standing you looked up to Rocket and furrowed your brows. Seeing him hold up his paws he started working on the machine to turn you back. Turning to look at Quill you saw him and Gamora looking at each other.

“Peter you have to call Yondu…” Gamora started but the terran only shook his head. 

“No way, he’s literally going to beat me senseless.” Quill said but then looked down to see you looking at him with sad eyes. Letting out a sigh he dropped his head, “Fine, I’ll tell him to get here. In the mean time y/n/n you could always hang out with Groot. The two of you are the same size now.”

Looking to Groot you saw him smiling brightly and chuckled. Nodding everyone went to do their own thing while Groot kept you busy.

It had been fun hanging out with Groot he had shown you all the hidden places you could now fit in now. The two of you had made it a game of throwing things a Drax when he wasn’t looking. The best part had been when Groot helped you ride on the back of a dinosaur. When a voice had sounded in the ship you stopped in your tracks and looked around the seat to see your husband Yondu coming aboard. Happiness filled you to see your love again and you quickly went to run towards him before stopping and shrinking inward. What if Rocket couldn’t fix you? What if you were stuck like this forever? There was no way Yondu would want you. Feeling your eyes begin to water up you looked down before running into the small vent that Groot had shown you.

“Quill?! What was so damn important that I ad’ ta make twenty jumps in a row? Where’s my y/n? Is she hurt? Ya better not ave’ let her get hurt boy.” Yondu said as Peter and the rest of the Guardians came into the room.

“Yondu I need you to try to remain calm… there was an incident with the machine…” Quill started making the Centurian grow stiff and give him a warning look. 

“What you talkin’ bout’ boy where my woman at? I want ta see her.” Yondu growled, the fin on the top of his head glowing red.

“Fine but just remember not to freak out.” Quill said as he looked around for y/n. Not seeing her he furrowed his brows and looked down at Groot, “Where is she Groot?” he asked and watched as he pointed to the vent at the bottom of the wall.

Knotting his brows Yondu turned to stare at Peter, “What’s twig talkin’ bout’. How is y/n in there?” he asked and saw Quill making the face he knew he made when he was worried.

“Rocket Shrunk her.” Drax said matter of factly. 

“Dude!” Rocket said holding his hands up in defense when the blue male looked to him with rage filled eyes. 

“YOU DID WHAT!?” Yondu Yelled his eyes now matching the bright red of his fin. Letting out heavy breaths he quickly laid on the floor and lifted the vent cover to look inside. At the far end of the vent he saw his wife. She was tiny, about the same size as Groot. She was curled up into a ball and he could see the small shaking of her shoulders as she cried. “Oh baby girl what they do to ya?” he asked in a sad voice and watched as her tear filled eyes peeked out from her arms to look at him. Seeing another tear roll down her cheek he furrowed his brows, “No darlin’ don’t cry. It’s gonna be alright sweet cheeks, we’ll figure this out.” turning his head back to the Guardians he felt his lip twitch in anger. “You better go find a way to change her back or i'ma kill all of ya!” he snarled and watched as they all took off towards the lab. Once they were gone Yondu shrugged off his coat and looked back in the vent towards his wife. “Now baby I'ma need ya ta come on out of that vent.” he cooed to her softly but she didn’t move. 

Sniffling you looked towards the man you loved to see his face laying on the floor and his eyes looking at you with worry. “What if Rocket can’t turn me back?” you asked, fearing a life without the man you loved in it. 

Giving a chuckle Yondu smiled softly at her, “Then I’ll just get him ta shrink me too.” he smiled. Pushing his arm into the vent he held his hand out for her, “Come on darlin’.” he said. 

Looking at his hand you gave a sigh before standing and climbing into his open palm. 

As soon as Yondu felt you seated he pulled out his arm and looked in his hand to see you sitting there looking at him. Knowing you were still sad he gave you his best smile and a wink down standing and carrying you into the lab with the others.

While everyone worked on the machine to turn you back to your normal size you made it a game of climbing your husband. He gave a chuckle when he felt you sit on his shoulder and felt as you gave him a tiny kiss to the cheek. After a while and everyone working together Rocket told Yondu to put you on the floor. Standing there you felt your heart about to beat out of your chest and looked to see Yondu’s face one of worry.

“Here we go.” Rocket said as he shot you with the beam. Opening your eyes you saw you were back to normal and quickly jumped into your husband’s arms, feeling them wrap around your middle. Kissing his lips you hugged his neck. Pulling back you nodded your head in thanks to the Guardians but furrowed your brows when you saw Groot sitting on the edge of the table crying. Walking over you crouched down and put your finger under his chin. Lifting his eyes to yours you gave him a soft smile. “It’s okay Groot. I had fun and I want to thank you for helping me all day.”

“I am groot.” he said with a sad smile.

Smiling you gave a chuckle, “Don’t worry we can still throw things at Drax when he isn’t looking.” you said with a wink.

“I knew it!” Drax yelled making you and Groot laugh.

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Discourse already on Villainous needs to stop.

all these people shitting on villainous for stupid reasons like

“the people working on it are problematic!!”

“The desgins look like deviantart ocs”

Rant under cut.

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Stark kids + the classical elements (idea by celiatully)

Sweet Nothings

Prompt from @dat-slytherin-girl: 14, 27. 40?? and how r u today? it must be stressfull writing a lott!! x

Thank you! I haven’t been writing as much lately because I have so many exams, but it is fun to write because, I’m not too sure why, I find it really immersive and it’s fun to write about Draco :) My day has been okay; I’ve actually had to sit three exams today, so I’m not too sure how they went but thank you for asking! :) P.S not my gif - I’m not talented in that department.

Prompts: “Are you trying to seduce me?” “Is that a threat?” “I’ll keep you safe”

Make a request here 

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Jimin Scenario: Sweet On You.

Request: Kkk., I feel shy already asking for this But can write about y/a waking up after the first night she would sleep with jimin and how embarrass she is “it’s here 1st time ever” that she can’t even get of bed. Maybe with awkward jimin trying not to make it obvious from his side either, y'all know how shy he can be. Ending with fluff 🙊🙊 Thank you 💖

Genre: Fluff.

You opened your eyes and the first thing you wondered was when exactly had you fallen asleep, you didn’t remember exactly, but the thoughts of last night flooded your mind making you blink out of your initial drowsiness.
Jimin was sleeping beside you, and although you weren’t naked you felt like you might as well be, with his hands around you, one of them comfortably under your tank top, the other a little lower on your belly. Suddenly you felt the need to giggle, the nerves kicking in hard. After months of going around and about with him, you had done it.

You have been dating for almost a year now, and although it could be a lot of time for other couples you had taken things slow with Jimin, you talked about it and you were on the same page, sometimes too frustrated with your own attraction, but clear that for you it was best to wait a little bit longer, it was after all the first time you had sex with anyone so you had been nervous for a long time, wondering if Jimin was really the guy you should choose for it, wondering if perhaps you were waiting too long and he’d bore, you had had many things in mind regarding sex, but Jimin was always the gentleman, he never pushed or pressured, respecting your boundaries of just hot make out sessions, you had waited for this, and after what happened last night you deemed the wait totally worth it.

You didn’t know what you should be feeling at the moment, for you it was mixture of excitement, nervousness and affection. Last night had been great for the most part and the fact that you were on a completely new stage with Jimin made you want to squeal in joy. 

You turned around to stare at your boyfriend, handsome, full sexy lips and a bit swollen eyes, his strong chest and chiseled abdomen and then the sheets, what was beneath them, he wasn’t naked, but the images of last night came making you blush. It made you smile with embarrassment. 

Jimin started to breathe differently and little by little his body moved, he was waking up, and that was when you realized you hadn’t brushed your teeth and you probably had last night’s mascara all over your face.
Panicking you took his arms away from you as delicately as you could, moving away from him on the bed. You just had to go to a quick trip to the bathroom and that was it. But when you tried to sit to stand up you gasped as the pain went through your lower limbs.

Jimin woke up a bit alarmed, seeing you were trying to sit but you were somewhat paralyzed.

-Y/N? Jagi, are you ok?-

You nodded not wanting to look at him but to be honest you doubted you could stand at the moment, your muscles hurt and you realized how sore you were. 

-I’m fine- you went back to lay down, totally quiet feeling Jimin’s stare on you.

-I don’t think you are ok jagi, tell me-

You breathed in deeply, feeling flustered. -I…- you gulped, feeling a bit stupid, but you had to say it.

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When Woozi meets a girl who’s really similar to him

Thank you for requesting! I’d love to write more Seventeen scenarios, so to all the Carats reading this: please send me requests for Seventeen when I’m accepting requests again! ^^ I hope this is to your liking and as always, please tell me if it isn’t~

my personality is totally different from the personality of the girl in this scenario so idk how good this is but i had fun writing this! ^^


Drama with fluff at the end because i could not leave it out i’m sorry

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Jihoon groaned at the way his friends were admiring a girl. He tried his best to focus on his book but the continuous whispering and laughing his friends were doing was making him lose his focus.

They have such a weird taste in women, he thought, glancing at the girl they were so loud over.

Lee Jihoon, just another normal college student. Well, not exactly normal. He and his three friends were the most popular people at their college. Most of the girls had a crush on him or his friends. He had no interest in the girls who confessed to him so he always turned them down coldly. Even though he made it very clear that he didn’t want to date any of the girls who confessed to him, the confessions didn’t stop. Are we in high school or something? He asked himself every time a girl confessed to him in the most mainstream way ever: by asking him to come to a quiet place with him and confessing shyly.

And then you had appeared. Your behavior annoyed him more than anything. You walked around campus, looking cold. You had your friends but whenever he saw you, you were alone, studying or just looking around with an expressionless face. Most of the girls ignored you but a ton of guys drooled over you, not only because of your looks but also because of your personality that was very different from most of the girls there. You got confessed to every now and then. The guys used the cheesiest pick-up lines and lacked creativity. You were much like Jihoon when someone confessed to you: you coldly told them the truth about what you thought about them. You were actually even a little meaner than him.

Even though Jihoon found you extremely annoying, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat attracted to you. And that made him even more annoyed.

“I’d totally date her,” Soonyoung stated.

“Who wouldn’t?” Jun asked.

“Jihoon,” Wonwoo pointed at Jihoon.

Soonyoung and Jun turned to look at Jihoon. “Really?”

“Why would I date someone like her?” he asked, annoyed. “She’s annoying.”

“Have you talked to her?” Jun asked.

“No,” Jihoon calmly answered. “And wouldn’t even if I got the chance.”

“Well, that’s great. Less competition for me,” Jun grinned and got up from his chair before walking over to you. Jihoon and the other two watched as the situation went from Jun starting the conversation to you quickly shutting him down by saying something with an expressionless face. The situation was over in a matter of seconds and Jun returned to where the other three were sitting.

Jihoon opened his book and let out a sigh. A group of girls that was sitting behind him in the lecture hall was having a heated conversation about him. They thought he didn’t hear since he was wearing his earphones but they were so loud that he would have heard them even if the music was on full volume.

Someone sat down next to him and at first he didn’t pay attention on the person. He only turned around when he noticed who it was.

What the hell?

You sat there, flipping through the pages of your book. You had a bored expression on your face. After a bit you noticed him staring at you.

“What?” you asked. “Are you going to throw a cheesy, over-used pick-up line at me?”

“I wouldn’t do that even if you were the last person on earth,” he calmly answered.

You were a little surprised by his answer and it showed on your face, which he noticed.

“What?” Jihoon asked. “Were you hoping for me to say yes?”

“No,” you answered just as calmly as he had just now. “I was just surprised you didn’t.”

That was the end of your conversation. The lecture started and you two sat there, taking notes and listening to the teacher. You both thought the lecture was boring. Eventually you started to doodle in your notebook and he observed you from the corner of his eye without even noticing he was looking at you.

Weeks passed by and every time you were on the same lecture, you sat down beside him. He got used to it so he didn’t really mind you doing so after it had happened a few times. He actually found himself enjoying looking at you doodle in to your notebook. He didn’t admit it though, not even to himself.

One day you didn’t come to the lecture because you were sick. Jihoon wondered where you were and was unable to focus. He felt the need to know why you hadn’t showed up. The next day you did come to the lecture even though you weren’t feeling too good.

Jihoon kept taking glances at you during the lecture. “Why didn’t you come yesterday?” he asked in the end.

“I had a pretty bad fever,” you said and he could hear from your voice that you were still sick.

“And you’re all healed now?” he asked.

“No,” you stated. “But I still came.”

For the rest of the lecture you two were quiet and listened to the teacher. You weren’t exactly quiet though since you had a little bit of trouble breathing thanks to your clogged nose.

Jihoon put a few coins in to the vending machine and looked at the options. Before he could buy the drink he wanted to get, he noticed you sitting a little further away, holding a book. He tilted his head a little while looking at you.

She looks sick.

You sneezed.

Cute, he chuckled subconsciously and when he realized what he had just thought, he shook his head, trying to forget about it. He turned back to the machine in front of him and after a few seconds of hesitation, he bought a drink. Once he got it he walked over to you. You didn’t notice him until he handed the drink to you. You took the drink and looked at him, a little surprised.

“What is this?”

“Can’t you read?” he asked, pointing at the drink’s label.

“I can,” you calmly said. “I mean you giving this to me. Are you trying to seduce me or something?”

“Keep dreaming,” he gave a laugh.

“Uh huh,” you said and focused on your book again, expecting him to leave.

Jihoon looked at you for a bit. “Get better soon. I don’t want to sit next to someone who keeps sniffling the whole lecture,” he said, trying to make the statement sound as cold as possible.

“Tsundere,” you said with a smirk.

“Shut up,” he nudged you with his elbow before walking away.

“Thanks,” you said while he was walking away.

“You’re welcome.”

not all managers are demons. but some are demon warriors!

So a little while ago, I worked at a popular fast food chain known for these golden arches to hell. Anyway, I was on the night shift and I despised the manager and the customers. Most of the customers were coming home from the bars, or high. So they were really nasty, rude and one actually waited in the parking lot for me. I had refunded him his money but refused to give him his food and he pitched a fit about it. Then threatened to follow me home.

My manager wouldn’t call the police (or let me either)  during that incident and I ended up hiding in the restaurant til nearly seven in the morning when he finally gave up and went home. This manager was just awful, they mostly stayed in the office, eating a sandwich and the fries all the time while they slowly did paperwork and other manager duties. Never helping me with any midnight rushes or anything. The manager was also gay and very proud of it, (which isn’t bad. I’m bisexual myself) But, like, he was constantly putting straight and bi people down, talking shit about other employees, and always fighting about politics. He also wouldn’t let me listen to my own music, insisting we listen to his, and he’d blast it really loud to where I couldn’t understand customers or him a lot. And on top of that, he was constantly talking about all of his mental disorders to excuse his laziness. in short, he was a very unprofessional manager, and I dreaded going to work every time.

After a while, I got sick of it and filed a complaint with the GM, who listened intently and told me he was sorry I was putting up with that and he would talk to the manager. So, a few days later, I come into work and am surprised to see a different manager. This time, a girl probably no older than 18 (she had to of been at least 18 to have that position anyway!) but she looked much younger. Anyway, she says she was the new night shift manager and i went about my normal duties.

This…girl…was…AWESOME. she helped with cleaning duties, was very patient when training new people and would help with the piles and piles of dishes. The evening manager sucked ass and would leave us with a lot of stuff. But, the night manager was super awesome about helping out and dealing with the more difficult customers. Calmly giving them the corporate numbers they demanded (and making notes as to what REALLY happened during those bad interactions)

A lot of the customers who came in at night (mostly men) would try to bully her, because she was so young looking. but she had none of their shit. I don’t think she raised her voice more than three times while we worked, but when she did, they would totally cower away in fear and run away with their tails between their legs. I totally looked up to her. Things definitely changed for the better. I wish I could say that she stuck around and shaped the store up, but after nine months, she quit her job and moved away. And a few months later, I quit and got a job elsewhere that didn’t make me want to tear my hair out.

Well, last summer, I was at a well known theme park in Orlando, and guess who I ran into there? my freaking awesome manager. She apparently had gone to culinary school ,did an internship and scored a job as a chef in one of their best restaurants. Super proud of that girl. I follow her on instagram, and learned she actually has been dealing with depression and anxiety. her job as a manager really pushed her to her limits. So, one day, she decided she had enough and that she did not want to work with the general public. so she had moved to a whole different area, and changed herself. All I’m saying is, that even though she struggled a lot internally, she didn’t let that affect her life or bring it with her to her job. She acted professionally and didn’t bring other people down


hey there anon

Now, while I know that katsudeku would most likely never become canon (and while it breaks my heart, im totally okay with it). BUT you know what. I’ve started to ship them ever since the start of the manga, it was during the well-known slug villain scene when king-of-explodo-kills got captured, it was just so beautiful for me. dekus’ will to save kacchan despite everything kacchan’s done to him, his shout of kacchan’s name as he desperately tried to save his friend, and the expression on Kacchans’ face, he just looked so vulnerable as if he was asking for help, he wanted to be saved it had a lot of impact on me and it was there and then that i told myself ‘that’s it, that’s my ship!’

sure, they may not be in talking terms as of now. but they’re slowly, very slowly, in their own pace, getting there. They’ve managed to change their perspective of each other and because of that, they’re trying to become better, stronger. Whether or not it’s intentional, they have both managed to make an impact on the others life: kacchan has realized that he isnt the only one who’s strong and talented, he’s managed to lessen his shouting and violence and is trying to get better, to not stop trying to give it his all.

deku on the other hand has viewed kacchan as someone worth looking up to and becoming a source of inspiration, he admires kacchan a lot and sees him as someone worth surpassing.

the thing is, while i do agree that kacchan has caused deku troubles (and i do hope that he apologizes one day) they were kids, and while that doesnt justify kacchan’s actions and behavior, what im trying to say here is that they were kids, they make mistakes and learn from it and would probably try to correct their mistakes, and i think that’s what’s happening with them.

katsudeku isnt as toxic and unhealthy as some people claim/make it to be. In the end, it’s just kacchan’s inflated ego (he’s a head full of pride) that’s preventing him from recognizing his care towards deku; i mean, if people reread the manga they’ll see katsuki isn’t that bad of a person at all, he can be caring and nice (though he can be very subtle about it), honestly kacchan isnt the nicest character nor is he the most honest. kacchan can be violent, but he doesnt take it to a point where in he’ll try to kill someone. He wants to be a hero, fighting bad guys excites him and just like deku, he looks up to All Might, and i believe some people tend to forget that. Katsuki is a very complex character whose personality isnt just that of a bully. he’s full of depth and character development (and i can’t help but love him and would want to protect him) and this is why i believe, deku never really took his bullying to a point where he’d actually jump off the roof and stop aiming to become a hero. katsuki might still call him deku, but i think the intensity and the reason is different now. remember that time when kacchan got kidnapped? when he said deku that time, it got to me. he wasnt angry or upset but he looked concernrd: kacchan knew they’d lost and if izuku tried to reach out to  save him, izuku will get dragged with him or worse get hurt. he wanted deku to stay back in order to protect him, and that just speaks volume to me.

and let’s not forget the fact that izuku still calls katsuki “kacchan” of all things, and katsuki lets him, sure he might shout and look pissed but he just lets it go, and i just love that.

i mean just look at this, when izuku found out that the villains were targeting katsuki, he was worried and he still cares for kacchan.

and here we have king-of-expolod-kills itching for a fight, he looks hella pissed and he knows izuku’s the one behind it yet he still let the nickname go, he just brushes it off, he doesnt get mad at deku.

i mean look at their genuine concern for the other… sure, this ship is a little bit problematic, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Cover - Jungkook Smut

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Coming home, you slammed the door shut, signalling your boyfriend of your arrival. You quickly took of your shoes and laid down on the couch as Jungkook made his way towards you. “Hey babe, how was work?” He greeted you with a sweet kiss. You smiled to yourself a little and sighed deeply. “Absolute pure chaos, that’s the only way I can describe it.” He looked at you with worry and kneeled next to you as you laid on your back. “How about a neck massage, does that sound okay?” He smiled sweetly. You simply hummed and got up immediately, thinking about how lucky you got with Jungkook. He took your hand and lead you to your shared bedroom where he went to sit on the side of the bed, his legs wide open. He patted the space between his legs, signalling for you to sit there. You slowly placed your behind between his thighs and immediately felt his big hands on your tense shoulders. As he worked your muscles with his strong palms and fingers, your stress slowly flowed away. You let out a relieved sigh as you tilted your head backwards, leaning it on Jungkooks toned shoulder. Soon, your boyfriend began planting small kisses all over your neck and shoulders. As you moaned slightly, the kisses became more intense and not long after that, you felt his hands slowly rubbing your thighs. You were enjoying this a lot, untill his hands began traveling under your shirt, to your bare stomach. Your eyes quickly shot open and you pried his hands away while standing up without a word. Jungkook was very surprised, of course. He got up right after you and came to ask you what was wrong. “Nothing special, I’m just still really stressed from work…” You lied, slightly convincing the man in front of you. “Alright, well, d'you want me to run you a hot bath? That should make you feel better.” He said while kissing your forehead sweetly. You simply nodded and stepped towards the bathroom, waiting for Jungkook to follow. After he had run your bath and added a nice bath bomb, he made sure to kiss you before leaving you alone with all of your thoughts.  

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