i give up trying to figure any of it out

This is super random and not related to anything but; why do the heroes in movies stay on the phone while the villain threatens them??

It seems really obvious that the moment the villain goes into threatening mode, you should just like… hang up… Now ya don’t know what the villain was trying to get you to do, so any threat is inconsequential. The villain has to find a new way to get the information to you. You got more time to figure out how to defeat them. Win-win.

Fueled By Desire (NSFW 18+)

A/N: So, today has been a crazy day but I started writing this last night and wanted to post it tonight ! So I wrote it in virtually 24 hours, so I hope it didn’t suck to bad. I planned on posting it earlier but I had a bit of writers block. This a Theo smut that you can thank @hardladyheart for. She’s filled my mind with dirty Theo thoughts. (Fun fact’ this gif is actually mine and my blog name used to be twfanfic-af)

Thanks to: @writing-obrien and @hardladyheart for editing and proof reading.


Word Count: 2803

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hello pals! So I’m finally reopening commissions once again! I’m in a bit of a bind because of an issue with our apartment/landlord so we’re really working hard to get any money we can right now;;; These are all mostly geared towards the animal crossing crew but I can take commissions of any sorts

The three examples of what I’m offering go in a row here: 

First 3 examples are for icons/busts! I’m charging about $15 for these!

Second two examples are of chibi fullbodies! these will be ranging from $20-25 depending on complexity of the character

Last examples are of waist up only! These will be $30-35 depending on complexity of character as well!

Extra characters range from $5-10 based on whatever style you pick!

If you want any other kind of style then just DM me and let me know what you’d want and I’ll give you an estimate!

Respective characters belong to @lazybeau @redbeanjean @lostmitten @giantclamshell @nookish

I Don’t Mean It (pt 10)

The boys eventually went back to the dorm once they realized that Taehyung probably wasn’t coming back. Namjoon filled everyone in on what went down, expecting Taehyung to probably come find you.

What no one was expecting though was the slump they found Taehyung in just an hour after the whole ordeal at your apartment. Initially, when they found the entire apartment dark, they figured that he was back at your place, finally having things figured out and just hanging out. But when Yoongi opened the door to his shared room with Taehyung, he found Taehyung curled up into a ball on his bed, tears flowing down his face void of any expression.

The boys tried to console him, putting the pieces together of what probably went down. It didn’t take a genius to see that things had gone from bad to worse. All Taehyung could say was “She won’t forgive me” over and over again.

Eventually, the boys left the room, deciding to give him some space. Well, most of the boys. Jimin stayed back and closed the door after the other five boys left.

“How could you do that?” he asked after a little bit, sitting down on the bed across from Taehyung’s. “How could you have believed manager hyung?” Jimin asked, his voice getting slightly louder.

Taehyung couldn’t answer. He didn’t know why he believed his manager instead of you. “Is it because you know hyung longer than Y/N?” he asked again, but still no answer.

“Dammit Taehyung answer me. Don’t you know how much pain you’ve put her through? You don’t get to sit here and cry about it now” Jimin said angrily.

“I DID TRY” Taehyung finally said back, startling Jimin a little. “I did try. I went to her apartment. But…But she won’t forgive me. Why should she? Jimin, she’s fucking moving because of this. I…I’ve lost her” Taehyung said, a fresh batch of tears falling from his eyes.

“W-what? She’s moving? But…but she’s friends with all of us. She..she wouldn’t leave all of us” Jimin said as if it was a fact.

“She probably thinks that you all feel the same way I did. That you won’t believe her” Taehyung said,

“But we would believe her. I would believe her..she can’t just leave like that. Tae…listen Taehyung…you have to fix this. Y/N is someone who has become precious to all seven of us and is not someone we should let go so easily. She’s especially special to you. We all know how you feel about her. And god we all know how she feels…well felt…about you. You have got to fix this.” Jimin said, placing a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder.

“You mean, she felt the same way about me?” Taehyung asked slowly.

“God you both are so blind. Yes, of course she felt the same way you idiot” Jimin said while laughing. “Look, she obviously cares a lot about us, you especially. I’m sure she’ll come around eventually, but you can’t just give up already because if you do, you really might lose her forever Tae. For now, we’re going to have to convince her to not move. After that, I’ll help you figure things out with Y/N. We’ll all help. I want you both to be happy.” Jimin said, finally standing up.

“Thanks…Jimin” Taehyung said as he wiped his tears away. Jimin was right, if he was going to get you back, he had to keep trying. Giving up after this one time wasn’t going to do anyone any good.

Jimin and Taehyung had rounded up all the boys to help them. And within a few minutes, the boys had come up with a way to at least stop you from moving…or at least to put it off.

Taehyung remembered that you were expecting someone at the door, and he thought it might have been the rumors. So, he sends out Jungkook waiting outside their door. And as expected, the movers come up pretty soon. Jungkook managed to stop them and send them back, telling the movers that they were no longer needed.

You stood inside your apartment with your eyes still red from crying before. After finally getting back to your feet, you realized that the movers were getting quite late. You call them, only to find out that they thought you canceled. They were quite pissed as they had come all the way, so they refused to schedule you in for another appointment.

“Great, just great,” you thought. It had taken you a while to find a trustworthy company to help you move, but now it seemed like you would have to try harder. As you fumbled browsed on your phone to find a new company, you heard the doorbell ring. You anxiously walk to the door, half expecting Taehyung again. But to your surprise, you find Yoongi.

You open the door, nervous about what he had to say. “Hey Y/N…mind if I come in?” he asks with a small smile.

You let him in and he stands just past the door, taking in the view in front of him. Everything was thrown about or in a cardboard box. 

“Ah, so you’re really leaving us huh?” he asked.

“Yeah…I think it’s…it’s for the best oppa” you say back.

“Y/N, you don’t have to leave. We know what happened” Yoongi says, turning back to look at you. “We know what happened, and I’m sorry that things turned out the way they did. But…but you shouldn’t leave because of that! We’ve all grown fond of you…too fond maybe. And you leaving would really make us all upset….especially Taehyung” he said carefully.

“Look, I’m not here to tell you to forgive him…although that would be nice….” he said, trailing off. “But at least, don’t punish us all by leaving ok? We’d really miss you, squirt” he said, running his hands through his hair. He always did that when he was embarrassed, you noted months ago.

“Oppa…I don’t know if things will ever be the same with Taehyung again. I don’t want to leave you all either, but….I don’t know oppa” you say, crying again.

Yoongi was flustered, not knowing what to do since you were crying. “Y/N…I know that he should have believed you. But think about it from his shoes ok? What if someone told you that the boy that you’ve fallen in love with was just with you because of money?” he said. You never thought of that. Love? You stared at Yoongi in confusion. 

“Y/N he pushed you away and believed our manager because he had so much to lose if he was right. Squirt, that boy is so foolishly in love with you that he pushed you away in pure fear. He hurt you before you had the chance to hurt him. And I’m not saying that what he did was right, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t know if I would have done anything differently if I was in his position. It’s easy for me and the rest of the guys to believe you because we’re friends. We’d believe you in a heartbeat. But for Taehyung, you’re so much more. He didn’t want to be hurt like that again.” Yoongi finished. 

“A-Again?” you ask slowly.

“We’ve had lots of people approach us for the fame and fortune Y/N. It happens more than we care to admit. I guess that’s why it was so easy for Tae to believe it. But we’ve all been jaded because things like this have actually happened in the past. But I’d like to think that me and the rest of the guys have built our trust with you ever since we moved in. We’re glad we met you Y/N…so don’t move.” Yoongi said.

“Oppa…” you said, not knowing what to say.  

“Look, take your time. I just wanted to say this and give you something to think about. Forgive him, don’t forgive him….it’s all your choice…bu–” he started but you cut him off.

“I…I think I forgive him” you said, quietly. Yoongi’s words really got through to you. He was right, you never stopped to think about it from his position. And it hurt your heart knowing that the boys had been hurt in the past due to people getting close to them with alternative motives.

“Wait…seriously?” Yoongi asked, surprised.

“Yeah…why, were you expecting me to put up more of a fight?” You said, giggling.

“Well…kinda, but like…the guys are all sitting in our room trying to figure out ways for Taehyung to get you back…I guess I should just send Tae over then?” Yoongi said as he walked back to the door.

“Wait! Uh…how about you not tell them that I have forgiven him already. I kinda want to see what he does” you say with a smile on your face.

“uh, that’s kinda cruel don’t you think?” Yoongi said while laughing.

“Hey! I think I deserve that much, don’t you think oppa!” you say frowning.

“Ok ok. Fine, your secret is safe with me I guess” Yoongi said. “I’m glad you’re staying squirt..” he said, opening the door. 

“Me too oppa. Thanks for talking to me oppa, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened. And remember, don’t tell the rest of the guys!” you said as he heads out. 

“Yeah yeah, just don’t give him too hard of a time,” he says as he walks to his own door. 

The following days were spent with Taehyung constantly showing up at your door or at work with your favorite things. “I need you to know that I never been more sorry and that I won’t stop until you take me back as your friend Y/N” he would say frequently. 

It was getting harder and harder to keep a straight face because you wanted nothing more than to just run into his arms and tell him that everything was ok. But you wanted to keep your fun going a bit longer. And it seemed like Yoongi was enjoying it too.

At the end of the week, you walked to your door only to find Taehyung standing outside with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“Y/N!” he said excitedly as he saw you. You loved how his eyes lit up when he saw you. And before you could catch yourself, you smiled at him. “YOU SMILED. AT ME!” he jumped.

“Uh..what are you doing here Tae,” you asked.

“AND YOU CALLED ME TAE AGAIN!” he said, jumping even more. Dammit, you were slipping too much. “At this rate, you might just forgive me within the year,” he said, winking at you while giving you his infamous box smile. You felt your heart melt, and if there was even an ounce of hurt and anger left, it was certainly all gone now.

“For you….your favorites,” he said, handing you the bouquet of lilies. You took them in and took the scent of your favorite flowers. And as soon as your eyes went to meet his, you were pulled into a hug. You were stunned by the sudden contact, but you didn’t resist it. You missed his familiar scent and strong hold on you, too much to push him away.

“Please, don’t be so hard no me Y/N. I need you to know how much I care about you. I…I love you so much. And not just as a friend, but something more. And according to someone who’s name rhymes with Vimin, you felt the same way about me.” he said and you could feel yourself blush and heart race. Dang it Jimin.

“So…please take me back. I need you in my life Y/N, ever since I met you. I don’t want to waste any more time without you. I’ll spend the rest of our time together trying to make you forgive me, but please just let me know that there’s a chance for that. That I still have some space in your heart” Tae said, still holding you tightly. You could feel his increased heart race. 

But you couldn’t hold it in anymore and you let yourself giggle into his arms. He pulls away from you, slightly shocked. “What…was that too cheesy?” he asks as a slight blush appears on his cheeks.

“Just…just a little,” you say, still giggling. You take a moment to stop smiling and finally staring into his warm eyes. You walk closer him, missing his warmth that enveloped you just moments before. You hold onto the sleeves of his shirt, something you’ve always done when you wanted to be close to him. “But Tae…there is that chance,” you say as you smile warmly at him. “I actually…I actually forgave you that first day, after Yoongi oppa came and talked to me…” you say, finally revealing your little secret. 

“…what,” Taehyung said, utterly shocked. “You mean to tell me that you forgave me over a week ago, and I’ve been here sulking all week because I thought you would never forgive me! Y/N!” he whined, putting his hands on your waist as if it was the most natural thing. 

“Hey! Yoongi oppa knew too! I’m surprised he didn’t tell you sooner, I was wondering when he was going to break” you said as you began giggling again. 

“Wah, I guess I deserve that,” Taehyung said, smiling again. 

“What else did you have planned out though? I don’t know how much longer I could have pretended to be angry” you ask curiously. 

“I don’t even remember Y/n. Me and the boys planned so many things, I think I could write a book– ‘How to get your girlfriend to forgive you’ by Kim Taehyung” he said, laughing at his own words.

“Girl…girlfriend?” you asked, lifting up an eyebrow.

“Do I even have to tell you how I feel for you? I said earlier, didn’t I? I love you so much, sweet girl. And I’m pretty sure you like me too. So I really want to see where this relationship goes Y/N if you would give me the chance” he said, looking into your eyes lovingly. 

You could only lose yourself in his eyes. You had to give it to yourself though, for holding out the entire week without running back to Taehyung. “Of course,” you said, smiling back.

And within the next second, Tae placed his warm lips on yours. The kiss was everything you always dreamed it would be with him. Warm, sweet, and loving.

“EWW GET A ROOM!” you heard Jungkook call. Surprised, you both turn to see all 6 boys standing by their door, watching you both. 

“Yah Jungkook-ah! You shouldn’t have interrupted them!” Jin scolded.

“Oops,” Jungkook says, laughing. You giggle, still holding onto Taehyung.

You felt Taehyung slowly pull away from you. “Yoongi hyung… I think you and I need to have a talk” Taehyung says with a fake smile on his face.

“Run hyung!” said Hoseok.

“Oh shit,” Yoongi says as he runs back into this apartment with Taehyung chasing him. You couldn’t help but smile at the scene in front of you and your heart swelled with happiness. You were complete again.

A/N: Ok.. so this is the last part!! Thank you all so much for reading this and for all the support for this series. It has been absolutely great to see the response for this. I’ll be writing an epilogue for this sometime soon, so keep an eye out for it. But please let me know what you all thought of this series overall. Would you like to see future projects? 

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Switching Sides

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3542

Warning: NSFW (18+)

Prompt #20: Are you trying to seduce me by anonymous

Author’s Note: A big thank you to @mf-despair-queen for helping me with the plot cause I had no fucking clue, lol. Also, a thank you to @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me! Enjoy!

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Chapter 3 of Fanboy is posted!

Ao3 Link

The whole chapter below the cut

This is also an animation I did from one of the scenes in this chapter :)

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Okay but

AU where everything is the same except the shield is an artifact like Mjolnir. Maybe it’s a long-lost Asgardian thing, maybe it’s some other non-Earth object. Point is, the shield is enchanted so that it only obeys the will of the wielder if their primary goal is protection. It’s just about impenetrable, can absorb any shocks, and strong enough to cut through or destroy just about anything–which would make it a perfect weapon, if anyone could figure out how to fucking use the thing. It doesn’t obey any laws of physics or movement as we know it, and SSR spends years experimenting with it until they finally give up and stick it in a crate somewhere. 

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Won’t Give Up.

This was requested by no one but it was one of the pieces that I wrote in my note book! I think I am feeling pretty proud of how this turned out so I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it? If it makes you feel any better (does it?), I was listening to Jason Mraz’s I won’t Give Up when writing this – hence the title of the piece!

PS: I have been getting a lot of messages regarding ‘Not Over You’ and yes, I am currently trying to figure out how I want the second part to Not Over You to be. My first draft for it contains 382 words but we shall see if I am going to keep it or start from scratch! NOT OVER YOU will have a part two! (sometime).


One sentence summary: You lost your memory.

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“Were…” You trail off but still keep your gaze on the beautiful blue sky outside. “Were we anything before this incident happened?” You finally have the courage to ask him.

Peter is quiet for a while. You wonder briefly if this is how he normally is with you because judging from all the pity looks you have received after he visits you, probably not. There is this nagging feeling at the back of your mind; you know deep in your heart that Peter must have meant something to you but right at this moment, you can’t seem to put it to words.

“Ye – yeah, you, you could say that.” It physically hurts him to be so near you yet so far away and out of reach. How is Peter supposed to tell you that the two of you had been something before this incident? How is he supposed to tell you that more often than not, you fall asleep to the sound of his voice or that you tend to steal a sweater from him every now and then so that you can always ‘have you with me all the time, Peter’. How is he supposed to tell you that Peter had actually been planning on telling you that he no longer likes you but instead, he loves you from the bottom of his heart?

Your eyes instantaneously tear up and you glance at Peter which probably, in hindsight, is not the best idea.

Peter looks downtrodden and hurt – it makes your chest tight as you try to strain to keep your breath steady. Both of those expressions do not sit well with you. Peter seems to be the type to look better with a smile on his face – not hurt, downtrodden and looking as if his entire life had just been stolen from him.

“Could you… Do you think,” You swallow a lump in your throat, “I don’t know if I will ever get any of those memories back.” You keep your gaze locked on Peter – the moment those words left your mouth, a strange expression falls across his face before being replaced with one that expresses total pain.

Despite already expecting this – the Doctors had told him that the chances of you regaining your memories anytime soon is very slim – Peter still cannot accept it. He isn’t ready to let you go – he doesn’t want to let you go. You have become the love of his life, made him complete and as sappy as it might sound to some people, you also strengthen his heart. You bring him a lot of joy too.

Peter nods his head sullenly. “I figured – I think; I should apologize in advance.” Peter could feel tears welling up in his eyes. His heart is breaking as he tries to put words in his mouth. “I don’t – I don’t think I should – maybe, it will be best for us if I just – just stop coming.” His heart sinks, breaking in to pieces and for a moment, Peter feared that he is going to start crying.

When you register the words Peter have just said, you suddenly feel a surge of panic and you grab on to his hand, taking the both of you by surprise. You aren’t quite sure why you reached for him – actually, you probably did but your mind and feelings are a mess – but when Peter stares at you with his eyes wide, a little bit of hope lit up in them.

“I – sorry,” You murmur but as you are about to take your hand back from Peter’s arm, he holds on to your delicate fingers, looking in to your eyes, deep. You flush slightly – the way he is looking at you full of love, adoration feels very familiar, comfortable – and briefly look away from him before clearing your throat. “I don’t want you to go.”

Peter stares at you in surprise once more. “What do you – what do you mean?” He really cannot help the spark of hope that burned in him.

You shake your head. “I don’t want you to go – that was what I wanted to tell you earlier.” You gulp. “I – you feel very familiar – and my mind is trying to tell me something, something about us and I want to give us a try. Again. If you don’t mind.” You ramble softly and Peter takes a few seconds to wrap his head around what you have just said and he nods his eagerly.

“Yeah, yes, of course – I – yes,” Peter stutters as he laces his fingers through yours, blowing out a breath. Truth be told, even though he had said all of those things to you earlier, Peter knows deep down inside he probably will never be able to stay away from you – he is all talk and no bark at all.

You feel your mouth tremble in a wobbly smile. The way Peter is looking at you with so much love, your heart feels almost too full to hold on to any of it – but you realize that they are very welcomed. “Thank you, Peter.”

Peter shakes his head, bringing your hand tenderly to his lips; he kisses it before moving your hand to rest against his cheek. Your thumb rubs his cheek in a sweet caress; something that you used to do often to him and Peter suddenly feels motivated. Despite what the doctors told him, Peter is going to try his hardest to make sure you get your memories back and if it ever comes to the point where you probably have to start anew, Peter is also going to make sure he is there with you, every single step of the way.

Cognitive Dissonance (m)

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jeon jeongguk x reader

rated m 

Word count: 4007 words

written as a birthday present for one little bun 💕🐰

A nasty snicker sounds from behind you and it’s accompanied by a sharp tug at your scalp, and more giggles follow. You’re tempted to turn around and poke the perpetrator’s eyes out with the tip of your ballpoint pen, but considering as how you’re in a lecture theatre with about 200 other students, it just wouldn’t do to make a scene. 

Especially not over Jeon Jeongguk.

He never fails to situate himself in the row behind you at every lecture you share, together with his posse of friends who follow him around everywhere like groupies. He seems to take an almost perverse pleasure in irritating the hell out of you, resorting to the most preschool tendencies of pulling your hair and kicking the back of your chair to catcalling and making lewd jokes at your expense. It’s really a wonder how he managed to get into a top university like this, but your luck at having him as a fellow Psychology major is even more incredible.

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southsidesserpentroyalty  asked:

your blog is so wonderful, and your so good at writting and i was wondering if you could an agnsty fic where Betty is going through domestic abuse at home (any kind will do) and jughead figures out somehow and gets angry and protective 💙💛

I’ll give it a try!

The pain was still there, throbbing and aching, her muscles tense as she shifted her heavy schoolbag onto her shoulders. It wasn’t broken, she was familiar with what a broken collarbone felt like and this was nothing more than a pulled muscle. Distinct memories flashed through Betty’s mind, her father flinging her across the room, a Pop and then blinding pain, waking up to a bruised cheek and dislocated shoulder.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Do you want me to hold your bag for you, I know you said you hurt it in cheerleading but whenever I pull a muscle in football I can hardly lift my duffle.” Archie spoke from her right, his hands ready to take the heavy book bag from her hands.

With a delicate shake of her head, Betty smiled weakly at the pain where her fathers ring had landed solidly on her cheek bone.

“I’m okay, I just have to walk it off.” She smiled gratefully.

They were on their way to pops, Veronica and Kevin were waiting for them but Betty had stayed late to practice her routine and Archie had after school practice. because of her injuries these last few weeks she was falling behind and Cheryl was not happy about it. She didn’t even want to think of what the redheaded she monster would say if she saw the bruising lining Betty’s collar bone.

Archie had just finished telling her all about his fathers progress when they arrived at Pops.

“That’s so great Arch.” Betty placed a reassuring hand to his shoulder and he beamed down at his best friend. Suddenly a familiar rumble broke Betty out of her and Archie’s personal bubble.
She knew that voice, she could point it out in even in the most crowded of rooms.

Jughead Jones, Betty’s ex boyfriend and Archie’s ex best friend, seated at the far back booth, Toni Topaz on his left and a large group of Serpents surrounding him.

“We can leave, we can get pizza and hang out in the basement. You don’t have to do this.” Archie clutched Betty’s arm. It was too late, sea blue eyes had already met meadow green and Betty was never one to back down from a challenge. Making direct eye contact with the newly changed young Serpent who she loved desperately, Betty looped her arm through Archie’s wincing slightly.

“It’s okay. I’m in desperate need of a milkshake.”

Veronica was standing by the time they made it to the booth
“Do you want me to kick her ass. I will, you know I will.”

Betty smiled weakly at the way Veronica was glaring at the pink haired girl. In actuality none of this was Toni’s fault, sure she had played a minor role in the demise of their relationship but she wasn’t the main reason.

“I love you Jughead! I’m trying so hard to accept all of this, your new life, your new family but it’s too hard!”

“Don’t you get it?! I don’t want you to accept it, this is where I belong! These are my people, they know me! They’re like me. I can’t deal with living two lives!”

“Then I’ll leave! I’ll go if that’s what you want!”

She had been bluffing, desperately begging for him to fight for her, it hadn’t worked out that way however

“Maybe thats for the best. Goodbye Betty.”

Maybe he had never loved her, maybe it was just words. He had Toni now and if she made him happy than Betty was happy. Well.. she could present to be happy.

“Earth to Betty, you’re milkshake is melting.” Kevin tugged gently on her sleeve, the light pink sweater riding up and revealing the fingershaped bruises. Kevin dropped her hand like it was on fire

“What are those?! Betty what..”

“It’s nothing!” The beautiful blonde quickly interjected, tugging her sleeves down. Perhaps she had spoken a bit too loudly, suddenly she felt eyes on her, looking up she saw Jughead staring intently at the table.

“Nothing?! Those are bruises B! And they’re shaped like hand prints… is that why you’ve got all of that makeup on your face..” Veronica reached over the tables, her napkin quickly swiping some of the foundation away from underneath her eye and revealing the purple and yellow bruise forming quickly, tears filled the raven haired girls eyes as she gasped, Archie stood abruptly, his knuckles clenching the side of the booth

“Someone’s beating on you!” He nearly screamed it, Betty gripped her bookbag tighter to her chest “and your shoulder! It’s not from cheerleading! Someone’s hurting you?! Who is it?!” Archie’s words were laced in venom, spiking Betty’s anxiety.

“It’s nothing! Leave it alone. I’ve gotta go. I… I have too…” Betty ran from the diner, avoiding the gazes and barely registering her friends calling after her.

She ran until her knees buckled and her shoes scuffed the grassy area, she was at the park when she finally collapsed. They all knew. Everyone knew. He was going to kill her, her father was going to kill her. Pulling her knees to her chest she buried her head in her legs, resting against the oak tree.
Moments later a figured dropped beside her.

“Archie, please. Just drop it okay.”

“A name. Give me a name. I’ll end him right now.”

Betty’s eyes snapped open, it wasn’t her redheaded best friend sitting beside her, but instead the dark haired boy she was in love with, the boy who had broken her heart.

“Leave me alone, Jughead.”

In a very uncharacteristic snort Jughead shifted even closer to her.

“No. absolutely not. I’m not all the way sane but I’m not crazy.”

Betty pulled her bag from the ground moving to stand up

“Fine. I’ll leave then.”

Jughead was faster, placing his hands softly on her shoulders and nudging her down, his foot kicking her backpack out of her reach.

“Hey!” Betty argued

Suddenly Jughead was nose to nose with Betty, there was something so deep and guttural in his eyes it physically made Betty shutter when his hands came up to stroke the deep bruise on her cheek

“Please.” He whispered “please tell me who’s doing this to you. Let me end this. I can’t..” the shaky boy choked “I can’t let this happen. I can’t believe I didn’t see this.”

Betty closed her eyes, tears pouring from underneath her long dark lashes
“You didn’t see me at all. You have a new family. A new life. Why do you even care?”

Jughead shook his head quickly dropping his forehead to hers

“You. You are my life Betty Cooper. I watch you everyday. I see you leaving school and I make sure you make it home okay. I’m at Pops just to see you…”

Betty cut him off
“Don’t kid yourself, you’re at Pops to be with your girlfriend.”

Jughead gently brought his hands up to cup Betty’s cheeks gently

“Toni is not my girlfriend, she’s a friend. I love you Betty Cooper. That’s how it is and that’s how it will always be. I watched you go home, I made sure you made it home okay, how could I have missed it, it’s no one in school. Archie would have known, and its…” suddenly a lightbulb went off in Jugheads mind, Betty hung her head in shame.

“It’s okay Juggie. He’s working on it, he drank a lot last night and he was angry. Mom left us, she took Polly. He’s.. he’s just angry.” She protested, her voice so defeated and weak it didn’t even sound like her own.

“You’re staying with me.” Jughead dug deep in his pockets handing Betty the keychain with the keys to his fathers trailer. “I’ll keep you safe, until we can figure this out, I need you near me. I.. I need you. I’ve failed enough. Please Betty. Let me do this.”

Jughead stared team into Jugheads eyes, his hands were bunched into fists as he plead with her.

Betty nodded slowly
“Okay.” She whispered

Jughead dropped a slow kiss to her forehead, shoulders stiffening when she flinched away.

He had hurt her, he was trying to protect her but in the end he had hurt her and things weren’t okay, they needed work, but he was willing to work harder than humanly possible if it meant getting Betty Cooper back.

When he came home that night, fists bloody and lip busted he found her sleeping on the couch, hotdog at her feet

Yeah, it was way more than worth it.

Children of The Gods Ch. 2 - Demigod AU [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: So here is chapter 2, sorry I’m posting it late at night. I was having some hesitation because of how long it is. I hope you guys don’t mind the length because I just feel it’s super long but I kinda just went ‘fuck it’. I posted something about if the length matters and people were saying that it didn’t so I hope everyone likes this. Thanks guys, love ya
(Again I appreciate any feed back, and lmk if you like this length too if you don’t mind)

Ch. 1 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6

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The smile you wore when speaking to them was all a facade. In reality there was a lot going wrong at the camp, and you couldn’t help but feel something bad was about to happen. The magical barrier around the camp was faltering. Multiple monsters had wandered inside the borders, luckily being taken out before anyone found out. Only you, Kaldur, the camp council, and a few others knew of the breaches.

You had talked with Zatanna about the fluctuations but she had yet to have any answers for you. Leading to your stressed state about this all.

Not to mention you also had a missing person to deal with. M’gann had taken to mentoring a young man by the name of Garfield Logan, sharing the same immortal mother. He had a hard time coming to terms with his heritage. Thinking his adoptive mother was his actual mother for his entire life, however she has passed. Garfield had taken sometime away from the camp in order to visit his old home. You sent along a protector but he still hasn’t returned when he was supposed to three days prior.

M’gann was on your heels about this, but there was only so much you could do without proof of foul-play. You had informed the League but that was as far as you could go.

“You are thinking about Garfield.” Kaldur stated as you both walked toward the stables. He could read you like a book. Kaldur was the only other child of the Big Three in the camp. The Big Three being Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades. You are both the strongest and believed to become the strongest out of the League as well. It is known that children of the three are more powerful than any Demigods.

Sighing you nodded, “I wish there was more I could do, but the League claims they have things handled. I know I should have trust in them but Garfield is apart of this camp, making him my responsibility.” A tone of frustration more than evident.

“I understand your frustrations, but you must remember to deal with the problems at hand. We must figure out this problem with the barrier.” Kaldur reasoned. Looking at him letting out a breath, “You’re right. Let’s go talk to Zatanna again. See if she has anything more figured out.” Rerouting your path toward the library.

Kaldur and you idly chatted while making your way to the library, brainstorming some problems that could be causing the fragility of the barrier. When entering the library you found Zatanna in her usual spot in the back. Her eyes glued to a book hovering in front of her, two others floating next to her.

“Earth to Zatanna. Daughter of Hecate do you copy?” You joked, covering your mouth with your hand. Her eyes peeked up from her book. “[F/N], Kaldur what brings you by?” She looked between the both of you.

“Do you have any more answers on the barrier?” Kaldur asked as you both sat in front of her. She shook her head, “No. I have read nearly every spell and magic book here and I haven’t found a solution.” She sighed, obviously feeling the pressure from all of this.

“You know what, we’re all stressed. How about we leave this to sit for a night, go to the claiming ceremony, and deal with the rest of this tomorrow?”  You offered, looking at your just as overwhelmed friends. They nodded in agreement, all standing you made your way out of the library to head to the dining hall. Each of you talking about something other than your duties to the camp.

Zatanna was explaining a new spell until Wally came running up to the three of you. “Hey [F/N]!” he called as the three of you stopped to look at him. “What’s up Wally? Where are the new recruits?” Eyes wandering the surrounding area.

“Dick and Miss M took them to the dining hall, but the head of the Council wanted me to tell you they want to meet with you now.” He explained, giving you a sorry expression.

“So much for a break” Your shoulders slacking. “Thanks Wally, I’ll see you guys at the ceremony I guess.” Saying to your friends before heading to where the council held meetings.

The Council consisted of top members of the league. Those members being, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Oliver Queen, Diana Prince, Barry Allen, J’onn J’onzz, and Arthur Curry. Some of the most powerful Demigods and goddesses.

Walking into the main cabin at the back of the camp, you made your way to the council’s chambers. Upon entering they all turned their attention to you. “[F/N]” Bruce called your attention. “Is something wrong?” You asked, gaze switching to each member.

“We’re wondering as to what is being done about the barrier.” J’onn was the next to speak up. You nodded in understanding, “Zatanna is doing everything in her power to figure out the problem. Until then, those of us aware of the breaches have been alternating patrols throughout the night to keep from anymore monsters entering the borders.” Explaining while trying to ease their worries.

They all nodded, “Um, if you wouldn’t mind me asking. Have you had any more luck with finding Garfield?” Questioning hesitantly.

“I’m afraid we have not.” Diana said, giving you the answer you feared. Diverting your gaze to the floor, “I understand. Is there anything else?”

The League members shook their heads, “No, that is everything. We will be leaving the claiming ceremony to you as well. We have some urgent league business to attend too, thank you [F/N].”

You nodded to them respectfully before turning on your heels and walking out. Dreading the long walk to the ceremony. At least this was something you weren’t in charge of, this was all Dick’s department. Him, Wally, and M’gann were by far some of the friendliest in the camp, making them the best for the job.

And that they are.

The ceremony preparations went off without a hitch and nearly everyone was gathered in the dining hall. Everyone eager to know the parentage of the new demigods in their home. Often times the half bloods would play a game by trying to guess who the newbies parents were.

Jason, Kori, and Roy constantly felt eyes on them and heard chuckling after whispers. The three were all a bit confused, not knowing about this tradition. “Uh, hey Dick. What is everyone talking or more whispering about?” Roy asked the Demigod sitting across from him.

“Oh, it’s a little game the residing half bloods play. Whenever new Demigods or goddesses join the camp, they try and guess who their parents are by their appearance and skills. Sometimes it’s obvious but others it’s a challenge.” Dick explained cheerily, Roy and Kori exchanged an amused glance while Jason was unaffected by the new information. Why would he care about who they thought was his mother? He knows Athena is his mother, she saved him from becoming a permanent resident in Hades’ realm.

However Roy and Kori were rather curious. They listened around, chuckling at some of the suggestions. “What do you guys think?” Kori asked looking at their three tour guides and Zatanna who had joined them. The four exchanged a look. Dick held his chin examining the three, “Hmmm, well I know Jason’s so I will skip him. But Roy I think you might be Apollo like me, you’re archery skills are quite impressive. Kori I’m thinking Aphrodite because you’re gorgeous.” Dick flirted, making Kori laugh and Jason roll his eyes. ‘Leave it to Demigod of flirting to hit on Kori’ Jason thought while glaring at Dick.

Jason doesn’t have feelings for Kori or anything, but he sees her as a sister. Making him protective. Though Jason’s thoughts were cut off by Dick turning to the others, “What about you guys?”

“I kind of agree with you Dick, but I can’t read you Jason” M’gann looked over the three. “I think Aphrodite too, you’re very handsome Jason” Zatanna chimed in, not completely flirting with him but leaving the assumption out there.

Jason was taken aback by the compliment, but his expression didn’t show it. He was in fact a bit turned off by the accusation. Aphrodite? Was she kidding? Looks was the only reasoning?

Jason was about to reject the accusation but they all heard the doors to the dining hall open and close. Diverting his attention there seeing you walk in, looking rather stressed. Witnessing as you walked over next to Kaldur, leaning next to him. Your hands interlocking behind your neck while you threw your head back, presumably letting out a groan. He couldn’t help but wonder what had you stressed.

He was so busy watching he hadn’t realized Dick was telling them it was time for the ceremony. “Jay!” Dick shook his shoulder. “What?” growling shortly. “The ceremony, do you want to miss it?” Dick said calmly, being used to Jason’s temper.

“Yeah, let’s just get this done” he stood up and followed his two friends. Dick began to call the attention of the room.

You and Kaldur stayed in the back, watching the ceremonies’ beginning. It was like every other claiming ceremony. Dick gave a small explanation speech while also telling the story of how the Gods and Goddesses came to be.

Your attention peaked when you saw the claiming begin. Noticing as two symbols began to form. Above Roy formed the symbol of a hammer, signaling his father being Hephaestus. Next was the symbol of an Owl forming above Jason, signaling his mother being Athena. You didn’t know Jason well but you found it rather fitting, having seen his skepticism in the beginning.

However the claiming that had everyone in awe was Kori’s. She was claimed by Aphrodite, however a symbol did not form above her. Instead her beauty was enhanced making her even more stunning than before. Everyone immediately began to applaud, however it was completely cut off when a tremor inducing thunder clap rolled through the sky.

Your attention instinctively grabbed and as soon as it happened Conner came bursting through the doors. “[F/N]!” He yelled running over to you. “What’s wrong?” Meeting him halfway with Kaldur.

“It’s the Sirens, they’re through the barrier!” Panic in his voice. “Gather the guards, keep them as far away from the hall as possible. Kaldur, grab Dick, Wally, M’gann, anyone strong enough to hold their ground out of here. Zatanna!” You yelled and she ran over as Kaldur went to grab warriors in the hall. “What do you need?”

“I need you to make a magical barrier around the hall, hold it there, no one gets in here.” She nodded in understanding. Dick ran over to you, “What’s happening? The Sirens got through the barrier? How?!” Bombarding you with questions. “I can answer that later, I need you, Kaldur, and Conner to lead the guards and whoever Kaldur gathers to hold them back.” Talking as you and the forming group exited the hall.

“And what about you?” Conner questioned. “Me? I’m going to go get their motivation to leave.” Glancing at them all before making a turn toward the stables, the rest of them going the other way.

Breaking out into a sprint and throwing the stable doors open. Hearing the whinny and roars of spooked horses as you continued down the corridor. Reaching a stall at the end, swinging the gate open. The creature inside turning its attention to you.

Taking in it’s white coat and mane, but also the graceful yet powerful white wings. Striding over to the pegasus you held it’s head in your arms, “I need your help sweetie.” whispering to it. The creature whinnied, and you smiled leading it out of the stall before mounting. Racing out of the building before taking to the sky.

You had one destination in mind, the cabin dedicated to your father at the top of the mountain. Landing outside of it you slipped off and ran inside. Sifting and searching through the artifacts and items, finding the case your mother had informed you about.

Placing it on the desk you unclasped the locks before taking a deep breath and opening it. Your hand hesitated over the opened case, wondering whether you should take the powerful object into your hand. You were about to pull away before another crash of thunder sounded. Head jerking to look out the window before throwing caution to the wind and grabbing the object. Running back to mount the pegasus once more & racing to where the battle ensued.

Your guards and the strongest of the camp trying their best to fight off the villains known as the Sirens. They were a group of three sirens, beautiful but dangerous creatures that lured tragic souls with their beautiful voices to their doom. These Sirens go by the names Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Selina Kyle. Highly skilled and deadly.

When attacking the camp they brought monsters, each one matching the ones taken out when they entered the camp borders.

The demigods did their best to fight off the Sirens and their little pets. Jason, Kori, and Roy had joined the fight, having just as much experience as the others. However they had never taken on an attack like this.

They had each taken a few good blows. Jason was currently was stuck against a Drakon. A giant, serpent like creature. Armed with a sword he attempted to fight it off but was swiped with the creature’s tail, sending him off his feet. When it went to strike at him, he held it’s fangs back with his sword. It’s jaws were inches from his face before thunder clapped and the creature roared before falling dead.

It’s cause of death being a lightning bolt. Everyone’s attention diverting to the source.

You landed gracefully, the pegasus rearing as the lighting bolt that your father left for you was clutched in your grasp, a true god’s entrance.

The Sirens looked at you with a sneer, “Look, it’s the Princess of the Gods. What’re you expecting honey? A curtsey?” Ivy called looking over at you.

“Why are you here?” You yelled at them, tone intimidating the beasts and many of your own warriors. “Well, we’re not exactly fond of your father sweetheart or his friends for that matter. So why not target the people they love?” Selina called next.

“You are starting a war you can’t hope of finishing.” Shaking your head at them. Keeping yourself tall and firm. Jason stared at you in awe, not only did you just save him but you were easily staring down three of the most dangerous foes he had gone up against.

Harley cackled, “Listen hunny, there are three of us and one of you. What hope do you have?” as soon as the words escaped her throat a loud thunder roared once more, making the three flinch.

“I suggest you leave now before you test my or my father’s patience any longer.” Lightly kicking the pegasus’ sides, signaling it to take a step forward.

“Alright we’re goin, but this in’t ovah” Harley threatened before they all turned their backs, the monsters having already fled. You stared as they retreated.

“I guess since you don’t want us here anymore, you don’t want the little demigod boy back?” Ivy called over your shoulder. “What was his name? Garfield?” Selina looked over at her partners.

Your eyes widened at the claim. Immediately kicking the pegasus harder, making it take off and cut off their exit. “Where is he?!”

Harley smirked, “Sorry sweetie, even with your glowstick we ain’t tellin.” Her eyeing the lightning bolt in your hand. Selina wore a triumphant smile, as if they were planning this, “But of course, we’re always up for a trade. You want the little brat, bring us the last known supply of adamantine on Earth. As the daughter of Zeus you must know where it’s held.”

Adamantine, the metal of the gods. Unbreakable, untarnishable, lightweight and resilient. “And if I don’t? What if I track you down without the adamantine?” Challenging the three. “We will just have to see how much pain the boy can take, and you wage a deadly war.” Ivy threatened in a loud whisper. “[F/n]!” M’gann yelled, looking over you saw the fear in her eyes.

Meeting their gaze again you simply stared at them weighing your choices. “Oh well, it’s your choice. You have five days time to give us what we want, or we’ll just have to take somethin else. I mean we all know demigods aren’t immortal. Have fun deciding little hero.” Ivy said in an airy, light of tone type of voice before the three walked out of the camp.

Leaving you to stare where they once stood. Hands gripping the mane of your steed. “[F/n]?” M’gann yelled again. “LET ME THINK!” snapping back. The demigods fell silent. Looking down at the lightning bolt you came to a decision. Dismounting you began to lead the pegasus away, passing Kaldur as you went.

Announcing to him, “We leave in the morning.”

Puella Magi Madoka Magica  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’ve got it all wrong… again.”
  • “If you think you can do it, do it.“
  • “It’s like you’re trying to hurt me.“
  • “It won’t be easy. You will get hurt.”
  • “How about you? What’d you bring?“
  • “This has to be a misunderstanding.“
  • “It doesn’t make any sense, does it?“
  • “Why are you doing this to yourself?“
  • “You look ill. Is something the matter?“
  • “That’s kind of harsh… I was just asking.“
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.“
  • “What the heck’s THAT supposed to mean?!”
  • “I don’t deserve it. You need a better role model.“
  • “Don’t give up hope! They’ll figure something out!“
  • “I mean, it’s better than not having anything, right?“
  • “All I know is that it was really strange and spooky.“
  • “So, at least, I saved one person. I’m glad about that.”
  • “I don’t know if it’ll make a difference, but I brought this!”
  • “I am sorry, but I had to say it now before it was too late.“
  • “Well, let’s say I’m glad you’re going into it with that spirit.“
  • “This is the first time I’ve ever felt this happy during battle.“
  • “Seriously? That’s a heck of a coincidence, don’t you think?“
  • “Why won’t you trust me? Can’t you see I just want to help you?“
  • “Think about what you want, so you don’t have any regrets later.“
  • “And I guess…you’ve seen lots of people die horribly, haven’t you?“
  • “You shouldn’t be here! This has nothing to do with you, so stay back!“
  • “Cut it out. Stop torturing me already. Why do you keep coming here?“
  • “I’m not afraid of anything, anymore. Because… I’m not alone, anymore!”
  • “You’re in no position to question my help. Or do you just hate the idea of it?“
  • “It’s a hard decision to make, isn’t it? It’s not something you need to rush into.“
  • “Remember this and take it to heart: kindness sometimes leads to even greater tragedy.”
  • “This isn’t supposed to be fun. What we’re doing is very dangerous. Don’t forget that, okay?”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to start getting into making graphic tees but idk how to start. I know you don't make shirts but you talk to people who do so I'd figure I'd ask you if you had any knowledge on getting started (where to get the shirts, etc). Thanks for reading this!

Hey there! I actually have just started trying to make some designs of my own, so I can give you some information about what I know so far!

So what I’m currently experimenting with is Screen Printing, something I was taught in High School and wanted to pick up again :-) I was planning on making a post on my blog on how DIY Screen Printing, so do look out for that as it’ll include photos w/ better instructions. 

Firstly - it can be quite expensive. I personally didn’t bother buying a ‘starter kit’ because they are very expensive for what little you get.

Here’s what you’ll need for both making & printing the screens.

Making the screens:

You can buy your own screens from an art store, or make your own. I would really suggest just making your own as they’re nothing special, super easy and cheap to make.

  • Cheap/old canvas with a wooden frame (cut out the middle of the canvas, and replace it with the silk screen)
  • Silk screen (I bought this roll, as well as another that was more expensive)
  • Nails/push pins

Preparing the screens:

  • Emulsion and sensitiser (I use the Speedball Diazo brand, you can find it online or on ebay. It can be expensive, and this will probably be the priciest part of it all)
  • Newspaper
  • Push pins (not those flat ones)
  • Dark spot to place the screen

Printing the screens:

  • Newspaper/scrap paper (it can get messy)
  • Your screen
  • Printing paint
  • Squeegee or hard card 
  • Paintbrush (for fixing up any mistakes)
  • Hose/shower
  • Old toothbrush

There is a really great video here that will give you lots of information, I found this one the easiest one to follow as she explains everything really well. You can also download her free PDF that goes into greater detail. This one is also great too, but a little more professional. 

I won’t write down how to actually do the screen printing process as it’s way too long, but you can click through to those links and they’ll teach you a lot. I will be posting that blog post on this DIY soon though, so hopefully that will teach you a little bit as well.

Good luck with it all, and if you need anymore help please feel free to contact me again! :-)

Little Holmes Part 3(Final) - Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by twentyonekpoppilots

AN: The final part dun dun dun! It’s a bit long but it’s worth it. I also experimented with the use of gifs so it looks even longer. After this go follow me because I will be posting a lot of Moriarty and your other favourite characters. Send in a request and I will be happy to write for whatever character you want me to. 

Previous Chapters: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Overall summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister.

In this chapter: Does Moriarty have a weakness?  (Based on ‘The Reinchenbach Fall’)

Word count: 5,670 (It’s worth it. I know it’s long, I’m sorry.)

Warnings: Bit long, heated make out scene but not much else, some violence in the end, some strong language.

“If you could break any bank, what do you care about the highest bidder?” Sherlock asked Moriarty. The two men have been in the flat a while, simply talking.

“I don’t. I just like to watch them all competing. ‘Daddy loves me the best!’ Aren’t ordinary people adorable? Well, you know, you’ve got John. I should get myself a live-in one.” Moriarty brought another piece of apple that he had been carving to his mouth.

“Why are you doing all of this?” Sherlock asked however Moriarty was still thinking about a flat mate.

“It’d be so funny.” He muttered. 

“You don’t want money or power. Not really. What is it all for?” 

“I want to solve the problem. Our problem; the final problem.” Moriarty lent forward, his eyes not leaving Sherlock. “It’s gonna start very soon, Sherlock, the fall. But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination.” Moriarty then whistled a descend, followed by a crashing thundering noise once he figuratively hit the floor. He raises his head, staring up at Sherlock.

“Never liked riddles.” Sherlock rose to his feet, joined by Moriarty as he straightened his jacket.

“Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I…owe…you.” Moriarty told Sherlock. 

Sherlock looked as if he was going to say something when your voice interrupted. 

Keep reading

the equation of love (pt. 9)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 10,899

→a/n: this is not the last part! pt 10 will be the finale

“I. Will. End. You.” Professor Lee’s words still played in my head like a song on repeat, reciting the mantra until it was engraved in my heart and plummeting it even lower in my chest.

Despite having Yoongi back in my life, I was more anxious and on-edge than I had ever been. Not only had he punched one of his students at an overcrowded frat party, but we’d also been threatened to be exploited by the one woman who knew our secret. I didn’t know what kind of connections Professor Lee had, but I didn’t doubt her threat for one second. I wouldn’t even put it past this lady to have ties to the president, what with all the gossiping she did.

Once she stormed out of the classroom that day, Yoongi and I had been stunned to say the least. After dodging some pretty evasive questions from Professor Park – I can see why she and Professor Lee were friends; both ladies just loved to talk – Yoongi and I parted ways upon exiting the room just to be safe. We didn’t want to give people another reason to suspect anything. But rest assured, our inboxes were blowing up with text messages from each other panicking and trying to figure out a plan (well, Yoongi was trying to figure out a plan; I was the one doing most of the panicking). But since neither of us knew what to expect from that wild card of a woman, it was difficult to come up with something of any substance that would be useful.

Until then, I was left to keep to myself as I lived in constant fear of what would happen next. It also didn’t help that I was currently walking around campus and skeptically avoiding the copious stares that were thrown my way. They seemed to follow me everywhere – through the dorm hallways, around the bookstore aisles, down the campus sidewalks. I shifted my head towards each pair of eyes I met, greeting them with the same frown that they were giving me.

Though I suppose my paranoid brain could’ve been fooling me, I knew that that wasn’t the case this time, and I couldn’t help it as my eyebrows set in confusion. Had Professor Lee already gone through with her threatening promise of “ruining” me? Why would a university so large that no one really paid attention to anyone suddenly have their attention on me? I had never caught the eyes of so many nameless students in the crowd before.

Since none of them wanted to approach me and say whatever was on their mind, all just choosing to stare from the shadows instead, I decided to just shrug it off and continue on my way to the school’s seminar. It was mandatory for all students to attend, but the time slots were arranged by last name, so most people went at different times throughout the day. The meeting for the first letter of my last name just so happened to be starting right now, so I looked down at the ground and hid my face behind my fallen hair as I quickly headed towards the huge auditorium.

The 3,000-seat room was already teeming with students by the time I finally arrived, chatter illuminating the space around me and easing my anxiety that had been steadily rising on the way here. As my eyes scanned the rows for an empty place to sit, I felt the few people who weren’t deep in conversation watching me, boring a hole into my skull until I started to physically heat up and itch under their pointed gazes. I finally spotted an empty chair in the back row and made my way up to it, setting my things down and instantly digging through my purse in complete disregard for everyone and everything in the room. Usually seminars were nothing but long lectures telling you nothing but information that you already knew, so I was already preparing myself for the hour of boredom that would soon overcome me.

What I wasn’t expecting though was to hear a familiar voice crack over the microphone, tone sickeningly sweet in my ears after clearing her throat. “I would like everyone to settle down and find their seats now. I want you all to be able to give your full attention during this… eye-opening seminar today.”

I felt my stomach sink to the floor at the sound, but as soon as I tore my eyes to the front of the room to find the owner of those words, my throat went dry and my body froze over from the sight in front of me.

There, displayed on the giant screen for everyone to see, was a picture of me and Yoongi.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; this couldn’t be happening. I had to be dreaming. I rubbed my eyes, blinking furiously before fixating back on the screen at the front of the room.

It was still me and Yoongi, clear as day. We were standing mere inches apart, seeming to be in conversation about something in the middle of his classroom. We weren’t touching or showing any signs of romantic relations, but it didn’t matter. Why would anyone have a picture of us on display in a mandatory seminar for the whole school to see? Who could even begin to have the ability to do such a thing?

And then it hit me, the answer standing underneath the raised screen with a wicked smile curling on her lips, her arms folded over her chest and her eyes glinting devilishly right back at me: Professor Lee.

What?!” I couldn’t help but screech out, though it wasn’t like I could be heard over the chatter that flooded through the room anyways.

Professor Lee seemed to understand me well enough; she just grinned even wider, tapping the toe of her high heels against the floor with a look of triumph across her features. Before I knew it she was talking again, though my rapid mind was only able to catch bits and pieces of what she was saying through the chaotic thoughts that roared within me.

“For those of you who may be confused about what you see, let me explain in three simple words that will be the subject of our discussion for the next hour: student-teacher relationship.”

Oh my god, I think I’m gonna be sick.

“That’s right, there is a student-teacher relationship happening right here in this very university.” Professor Lee’s charming smile contrasted vastly with the wicked bile she was spewing from her mouth. “It was kept hidden under each and every one of your noses, buried beneath all the lies and deceptions used to fuel the fire, keeping it alive until it burned down this school.” Her tone was laced with malice, and when her eyes found mine in the crowd and stared straight into my soul, there was nothing in them but the look of pure hatred. “And those two people are Professor Min Yoongi and (Y/F/L/N).”


I instantly leapt out of my seat as I felt the vomit threaten to rise over the edge, not even sparing anyone a second glance as I fled down the row and out the door faster than I’ve ever ran before. Screw this meeting; I was convinced everyone at this entire school was crooked, and I was more than willing to accept the consequences of missing something that was quote on quote “mandatory”. I didn’t give a shit at this point – they could kick me out for all I care. Anything would be better than having to put up with this. Just how far had Professor Lee gone in order to pull this off and get a seminar approved for the entire school to attend? How much farther was she willing to go?

I didn’t think I wanted to wait and find out.

All I knew was that I was crying, crying, crying as I felt the weight of the world crash down around me. The harsh reality of what was happening – that we were getting exposed to every single student at this entire school – hit me like a ton of bricks until I felt like I couldn’t breathe, bringing me to my knees and crumbling me on the ground of the plush green grass off to the edge of the sidewalk. I was almost too shocked to think – was this actually happening right now? – before I was digging through my bag and fumbling to call the one person I knew I needed most.

I waited with a pounding heart upon dialing Yoongi’s number, the organ pumping on overload inside my chest so loudly that I heard it ringing in my ears and pulsing through my veins. Come on, pick up pick up pick up!

“Hello?” I heard Yoongi’s angelic voice sound from the other end, instantly making my breath lurch forward in my throat.

“Yoongi!” I blurted out, making sure no one was around before I let myself fully unleash the wrath that I had boiling over inside of me. “Oh my god, Prof–”

“I’m sorry, but I really can’t talk right now,” he interrupted in a hushed tone. “I’m with a class. But it’s about to end soon, so I’ll call you then,” he reassured me.

“But Professor Lee–!” I hurried to get in, but it was too late. The line had already went dead.

“Fuck!” I cursed out loud, trying to focus on clearing my vision and not having a panic attack as I quickly stood up and started pacing down the sidewalk and through the middle of the courtyard. Thousands of different emotions were flooding through me at once, but the two that seemed to stick out the most were sadness and pure, blinding rage. “I’m going to fucking kill that bitch!”

I let the cool autumn breeze whip across my face as I walked, taking in deep breaths to steady the catastrophe that was brewing through me. I looked down at my phone to quickly type a text to him, and it was then that I felt myself run into something.

“Ow!” I heard a voice let out in front of me. Make that someone.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I started to say, tearing my eyes from the screen to look up at the person I had bumped into. But after I did, I quickly regretted it, wanting nothing more than to be able to disappear; it was Junwoo.

I immediately recoiled, taking a large step back and shifting my body away from his in disgust as I looked him over with cold, angry eyes. “You,” I hissed venomously.

“(Y–Y/N),” Jun stuttered out my name, his eyes turning as wide as saucers once he registered it was me who was standing before him. “I–”

“Get the fuck away from me,” I interrupted him in a low voice, glaring so hard that if looks could kill, I was sure he’d be dead right now. I started to move around him to walk away. “I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“(Y/N), I’m sorry!” Jun called out, grabbing my wrist in his hand to pull me back.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me!” I screeched, yanking myself out of his hold and looking at him in bewilderment. “Don’t think just because I was drunk I don’t remember what you did. How could you?!”

“I’m sorry, I was completely wasted!” He defended feebly, a look of pain etched across his features. “I– I don’t remember much. Only that I hurt you.”

“You’re damn right you did,” I gritted my teeth, unable to keep the suppressed anger at bay from everything that had happened today as I moved forward, only stopping once I was inches from his face. “You sexually assaulted me, Jun! If it would’ve gone any farther, you would’ve raped me!” I couldn’t stop myself as I shoved my hands against his chest, pushing him away from me and making him stumble back on the pavement. “You disgust me,” I spat, grimacing at him one last time before starting to walk away again.

Only this time, it was I who halted my own steps, not he. My palms prickled with a nervous heat that began to spread like wildfire, starting at the base of my spine and creeping up to the back of my neck. In my blinded fury, I had forgotten the most important part: had he seen Yoongi at the party?

No, he couldn’t have; he would’ve said something about it as soon as he saw me. Unless of course he did see him and had just forgotten; he did say he didn’t remember much from that night, after all. Whatever the case may be, for the first time I found myself grateful that he had been intoxicated that night. I needed to keep him away from anything that might trigger his jumbled memory in any way.

“Have you been to the seminar yet?” I heard myself ask, spinning around and looking at him with false curiosity. I fought the urge to bite my lip, something that I always did when I was nervous.

Jun just stared back at me, alarm and confusion written all over his face from my sudden change in attitude. “N–no, not yet. I was on my way there now,” he explained, raising both of his eyebrows and pointing his thumb over his shoulder at the building I had just came out of.

“Don’t go!” I couldn’t stop myself from blurting out as soon as he’d spoken. Despite my sigh of relief from his answer, my outburst had him eyeing me warily, and I felt myself wince at what I knew I had to do. I gulped down the hatred and animosity I had towards him before taking a brave step forward.

“I want to talk to you about what happened,” I lied, inwardly praising myself for my acting skills as I offered him a small smile. “Over coffee.”

He continued to stare back at me in disbelief, his eyes wide and his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. “Y–yeah, sure! That’d be, uh, that’d be great,” he managed with a chuckle, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck. “How about after the seminar? It’s just that my time slot is right now, and I know it’s kind of mandatory, so…”

“No!” I quickly protested, going against my better judgment and latching onto his arm. “I don’t have time after.” While he still continued to stare at me in a daze, I started to move us forward towards the coffee shop. “I’ve been to it already anyways, and it’s stupid. You don’t wanna go–”

“Cheating on Min Yoongi already?” I was suddenly interrupted when a student I had never seen before passed by and sneered at me. She was walking away from the auditorium, her book bag on her shoulders as she glanced at us. “I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think he’s your type,” she scoffed, nodding her chin towards Jun. “He’s not a professor.”

I froze at her words, watching her disappearing form as she snickered to herself. “Slut,” I could just barley hear her mumble under her breath, but it seemed to play back in my head just as loudly as the rest.

I felt my throat close up, twisting my esophagus until all circulation of breath was cut off and I was choking on the lack of air that filled my lungs. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak – hell, I could barely breathe at this point. The only thing I could do was recite the mantra that was repeating in my mind over and over again until my vision was clouded and all I could see was red: no.

“What?” Jun sounded from beside me, but it was as if my head was underwater, unable to register what was happening until it was too late. “What is she talking about…” He trailed off, and I could practically hear the wheels turning in his mind as he worked to put together the missing pieces that his intoxicated brain had caused him to forget.

It happened too slow, it happened too fast; it happened all at once, and either way I didn’t have time to stop it.


And then he was grabbing my arm, yanking it in his hold and dragging me towards the mathematics building no matter how much I struggled to get away. I felt myself tripping over my feet, even using my other hand as I desperately tried to stop him and pry us apart. But it was no use. If I had learned anything from Saturday night, it was that Jun was definitely stronger than me.

It wasn’t long before we were in front of Yoongi’s classroom, and the boy who held me captive completely ignored the trickle of students that were still leaving as he burst through the door and threw me inside.

“Whoa,” Yoongi tensed up when he saw us, immediately on guard and barely getting a chance to shut the door behind the last student before all hell broke loose.

Jun was on him in a matter of seconds, immediately shoving his chest and causing him to stumble back against the wall. It took Yoongi a few moments to realize what had happened before he was frowning, anger coursing through his veins and surging him forward as he shoved Jun’s chest right back.

It all happened so fast that it was hard to register what was going on in front of me. Soon Jun was winding back his arm and swinging full force with a punch that Yoongi somehow managed to dodge with his quick feet and smaller frame. I watched in horror as deja-vu from the night of the party started to unravel before my very eyes, Yoongi balling his hand into a fist and hooking his arm back in a punch that would’ve landed right against Jun’s jaw had I not leapt forward first.

“Stop!” I cried, lodging myself in between them. I faced towards Yoongi, placing one hand gently on his chest and the other on the flexed muscle of his arm. “Both of you, stop!”

My presence seemed to calm Yoongi; he visibly relaxed under my touch, easing his tense stance and hesitantly lowering his arms.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jun practically foamed at the mouth, jolting forward but unable to reach Yoongi from behind me. “Professor Min?!”

“You have some nerve, you piece of shit,” Yoongi hissed, protectively grabbing my arm and pulling me behind him. “I could have you expelled for sexual assault!”

Me?!” Jun shouted, a crazed look dancing like fire in his eyes. “I’m the one who could have you fired, you fucking pedophile! (Y/N), get away from him!”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed as I stepped out from  behind Yoongi and put my hands on my hips.

“She’s not going anywhere near you,” Yoongi spat, holding his arm out to keep me back.

“Oh, and you think you’re any better? She’s your student; what you’re doing is pretty much rape as well!” Jun bellowed, a mix of anger and concern swirling in his tone. “It’s called brainwashing and taking advantage of a minor!”

“I’m not a minor!” I butted in, pushing Yoongi’s arm aside as I took a step forward. “And he’s not brainwashing me! How stupid do you think I am? Am I not capable of making my own decisions?”

“Apparently not if you’re with this creep!” Jun gestured towards Yoongi in exasperation.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the audacity of this boy. “Well I sure as hell was capable enough when I chose to reject you, now wasn’t I?” I challenged, arching an eyebrow at him.

At this Jun snapped his lips shut, leaving the weight of my words to hang in the silence that was foreign to our ears. There was a time when I would have never stooped that low; I would have never used someone’s pain and rejection against them while they were defenseless. But now, I didn’t care anymore. I had no sympathy left for him.

“Junwoo,” Yoongi finally spoke, his low voice breaking the tension that had fallen over the classroom. “I think it’s time for you to leave.”

“No!” Jun suddenly spat, seeming to have snapped back into his rage after Yoongi’s order. “I’m not letting you get away with this!”


“Are you really together?” He asked, and it was the sudden vulnerability in his voice that caught me off guard and made me stop short. I peered over at him, watching as the worry, pain, and defeat all came together in his eyes, and the sight actually took me aback. After all that he had done to me, I had forgotten that he was just a regular, 18 year old boy who was getting his feelings crushed after finding out the girl he likes is with someone else. I was so used to seeing him as a monster, I had forgotten he was human. I had forgotten he used to be my friend.

“Jun, please. It’d be best if you just go,” I spoke gently, no longer fuming but still keeping my cold demeanor towards him. I saw Yoongi out of my peripheral vision, his presence tall and unyielding next to me as he stood his ground to his student. Well, I doubt he’d be his student for much longer after this. There was no way he could stay in Yoongi’s class.

Jun looked back and forth between the two of us, a look of disgust and betrayal in his eyes before he scoffed and stormed off, pushing past us and making his way out the door.

Even after he was gone, his presence still left an eerie discomfort looming over us. I sighed, drawing a hand through my hair before glancing over at Yoongi.

“I’m assuming that’s what the phone call was about,” Yoongi said solemnly, and I could hear in his tone of voice just how done he was with everything.

My stomach twisted in fear as I remembered the previous events from today. “Unfortunately, no,” I answered, offering him a bleak and feeble grin. I opened my mouth again, attempting to tell him the disaster that Professor Lee had created, but nothing would come out. The look on his face, the sheer defeat and disappointment adorning his features – I didn’t know if I could tell him. I couldn’t be the cause of any more pain.

“(Y/N)?” Yoongi was by my side at an instant, clutching my face and using his thumb to smear a teardrop across my cheek that I hadn’t known was there until now. “What happened, baby?”

Baby. My stomach did a somersault at the term of endearment, heart lurching in my chest and causing my lips to do the same as I quickly attached them to his. The kiss turned desperate, shaky – as if grasping onto a ledge that I was slipping off of – and I could feel him frown and knit his eyebrows in concern before pulling away.

“(Y/N)…” He trailed off in a wary tone as his eyes searched my face.

I felt a sob wrack my body, clutching his shirt in my fists while he held my shuddering frame. “I don’t want to lose you,” I admitted with a shaky breath as another tremor ran through me.

His delicate fingers were on my chin in an instant, tilting my head up to look him in his eyes that seemed to bare straight into my soul. “You could never lose me,” he spoke, his voice definitive as if he was desperately trying to get this information through to me. “I’m not making that mistake again. You mean more to me than this stupid job.”

I stilled at his words, the breath cutting off in my throat as I stared up at him in shock. Did he really mean that? When he first saw me in his classroom that very first day of school, he had told me that he didn’t want to jeopardize this job. Had we really gotten to a point where he was willing to throw all of that away – the university, the teaching, his entire career – just to be together? Did I really mean that much to him? I knew he had told me he loves me, but actions speak louder than words. And I was stunned to say the least at what he was willing to go through just to be with me.

“D–don’t say that,” I shook my head, breaking out of his grasp and turning away from him. My eyes suddenly caught sight of the classroom door that was wide open, and I hurried over to peak my head out to see if anybody had been listening before swinging it shut. “We can’t be seen together.”

“(Y/N),” Yoongi spoke again, except this time his tone was grave. “What’s wrong?”

I whipped my head towards him, silently trying to steady my heart that was pounding a mile a minute in my chest. I hated this; I hated being on edge all the time and having to walk on eggshells everywhere I went. I just wanted to be with Yoongi, even if in the most innocent sense. No more lies, no more deception, no more sneaking around. And definitely no more Professor Lee.

“Are you finished for the day?” I asked.

Yoongi slowly nodded his head in silence, his eyes still searching over me for any signs that would reveal what I wasn’t telling him. “Today’s Tuesday. It’s my early release day,” he nodded, taking a few steps forward. “Why?”

I took a quiet but deep breath, and with it released all of the pent-up nerves and tension I felt coursing through each and every synapse of my brain. But even as I relaxed my body from the tips of my fingers to the bottoms of my toes, I still didn’t feel at ease here. I would never truly be until I was at the one place where I felt safe – the one place that I truly called home now.

“Let’s go to your apartment.”

Yoongi and I left one after the other; I just told him that it was best if we didn’t raise suspicion, and thankfully he easily obliged. I even insisted that we drive separately, but now that I was alone in the constricted confinement of my car, I was regretting that decision.

I couldn’t stop the gut-wrenching nausea that was swimming in my stomach, my nerves from today and from the thought of telling Yoongi bubbling up inside of me and making me feel like I was about to puke. How would Yoongi react to hearing the news of his face being plastered up on a big screen for every student at the university to see, as well as vindictive lies being spread around from the root of Professor Lee’s mouth as she planted seeds in everyone’s minds about us? A part of me wondered if I should’ve sat in on that seminar so I would’ve known what was said, but then I quickly shook the thought from my mind. Curious or not, I knew I couldn’t put myself through that. Thank god I ran out when I did, because if not, the people in the room would’ve started to recognize my face. All eyes would’ve been on me, and I would’ve been trapped. And that’s exactly the way she wanted it.

I had a spare water bottle left over in the drink holder to sip on while I drove so I could calm my stomach and quench my dry throat, and thankfully the route to his apartment wasn’t that far. I let out a sigh of relief once I put my car in park next to his, the hum of the engine cutting off as I turned my keys and relieving me of the consuming nightmares that danced in my mind when I was left to myself.

Yoongi lazily draped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side as we waltzed over to the building, up the stairs and into his apartment on the third floor. The overwhelming scent of cinnamon and spices filled my senses as soon as I stepped into the living room, and I tried to focus on closing my eyes and breathing in the aroma in hopes that it would soothe my swirling mind. I soon felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around my waist from behind, enveloping my back in his chest while he rested his chin in the crook of my neck and slowly swayed us side to side.

“Tell me what happened,” he spoke gently before attaching his soft lips to the sensitive skin just below my earlobe. “I want to help.”

His kiss sent a glow of warmth bursting through me, starting from the sweet spot on my neck and sending shivers down my spine. I breathed in deeply, keeping my eyes closed and rolling my head to the side so he could continue his actions. Each touch of his soft, plush lips sweeping across my skin felt like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, spreading its wings and flying for the first time after finally being set free.

Maybe I didn’t have to tell Yoongi what happened. Maybe we could somehow escape the reality of our worlds – run away together and never look back at our problems or this chaotic life that we lived. The more feathery kisses he left on my neck, the better the idea started to sound. Would it be so bad, eloping with him? He could get a job at another school, I could start up at another university. We could be together – really together – and not have to worry about hiding from everyone. We could truly be free.

Bzz bzz.

I immediately frowned when my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I really didn’t want to answer it, since Yoongi’s touch was sending me into pure euphoria with goosebumps dancing along my arms, but I reluctantly reached back and grabbed it before opening my eyes. It was a text from Jun.

Wow. I just finished the seminar. You really are as much of a slut as everyone makes you out to be.

I felt my throat closing up as I read the message in my head, my breathing supply cutting off until there was no more air circulating through me and I felt like I was going to pass out. Yoongi’s ministrations slowed to a stop before he turned his head to look at the screen as well. I quickly tried to shut off my phone, but it was too late; he was already reading it.

“What?” I heard his deep voice interject in confusion. “What seminar?”

I took a deep breath, gathering my courage and holding in all of my nerves as I turned to look at him. “That’s what I had called you about,” I breathed, looking up at him with uneasy eyes. “You know the mandatory seminar all the students had to take today?”

“Yeah,” he answered, ushering me to go on.

I frowned, looking down at my shoes and fidgeting my feet. It’s not that the subject didn’t anger me; it’s that I didn’t want to anger Yoongi. I didn’t want to add more to the reasons why we shouldn’t be together. The list just kept getting longer and longer, each word wrapping around my heart and tugging it tighter until I could feel it bursting at the seams.

“Professor Lee is in charge of it, and when I went in there today there was a photo of us together on the big screen,” I finally said.

There was a moment of silence. “Wait, what?” Yoongi’s voice tore through the air, clouding it with his confusion. “Of me and you?!”

I nodded solemnly. “We weren’t doing anything, just talking in your classroom, but still. She was running the seminar, and she’s showing that photo to every student in the entire school.”

Yoongi stumbled backwards, his hand on his forehead and a distant look in his eyes. “You’re joking, right?” He said, finally meeting my gaze again. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, a pained expression on my face as I silently shook my head. Yoongi stood gaping as he looked past me again at nothing in particular while my words resonated in his brain. “What’d she say about it?” He finally asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I ran out of there as soon as I could. That’s when I called you.”

“If I would’ve known that’s what it was about, I would’ve been down there immediately,” he said with a shake of his head. “Why are you just now telling me this?!”

I frowned, nibbling on my bottom lip nervously as I avoided his eyes and looked down at the floor. “I–” I started to explain, but nothing would come out. “I–”

“What are we still doing here?!” Yoongi interrupted my useless stuttering in the same frantic tone he had before. “We need to stop her!”

“It’s too late,” I let out with a wince as I watched him head towards his keys that he had placed on the counter when we walked in. “Everybody has already seen it. The whole school knows by now.”

“Well we can’t just sit around here and do nothing, (Y/N)!” Yoongi turned to me then, walking up and gripping my shoulders in desperation. “Who knows the awful things she’s saying about you? Are you really okay with that?!”

“Of course not!” I finally raised my voice, the shrill sound ripping through the room and silencing him. “You don’t think I know what she’s saying about me? What she’s already said about me? Why the fuck would I be okay with that?!”

“Well you’re not acting like it!” He argued back, gesturing to me with frustration. “Do you really expect me to just sit here and pretend that I’m fine when everything is on the line here?”

“You don’t think I know that?!” I faced him fully now, not holding back as I let my emotions fly free without trepidation. “You don’t think I know that I could get expelled? That you could get fired? That this relationship, everything you and I have fought so hard for, could get ruined in the blink of an eye? I know this, Yoongi! I know and it scares the living shit out of me because I don’t want to scare you away again!”

My words echoed throughout the room, these walls holding the reverberations of every single one of our fights inside the confinement of its structure. If these walls were covered with every single conversation that we had ever spoken to each other, I wondered: would there be more love or hate written down? I was so busy worrying about losing him, but was our relationship even a healthy one? Was it even worth it?

“I– I think I’m gonna go,” I finally spoke, looking down at the ground as I moved to grab my keys from across the room.

“What? No,” Yoongi’s voice finally broke before his hand was on my wrist to stop me from going any farther. “What are you doing? We need to talk about this.”

“What’s the point?!” I lashed out as I stayed with my back to him, unable to look into his eyes as I fixated my stare at the front door ahead of me. “Weren’t you the one who said we need to do something about this?” I asked meekly, though I knew that wasn’t the reason for my actions. “Being together isn’t going to help that.”

“Neither is leaving,” he said, his tone slightly pleading now. There was a moment’s pause before I started to feel his feather-like touch on my waist, singeing my skin with his fingertips as he tentatively inched me back towards him. “Why are you trying to run away from me?”

The sound of his voice was so fragile, so heartbreaking just then, and I exhaled a shaky breath I hadn’t known I’d been holding in. I closed my eyes as I felt my mixed emotions washing over me in a silent yet raging storm. Why was I running from him? I had been the one who wanted to get him alone in his apartment, after all. I’m the one who wanted to ignore the problem and bask in our blissful love like a cat bathing in the sun on a summer’s day. Leaving him now would just make him question our relationship further. Why did I always self-sabotage like this?

I squeezed my eyes tighter, inhaling one more breath before turning around to face him. The sight of him always shook my resolve, throwing any last sanity and logical reasoning I had out the window. His heavy eyes on mine took my breath away, though this time it was not just because of the beauty they held in them; it was because they were filled with tears.

“Yoongi,” I instantly melted, my voice cracking with emotion as I reached forward and wrapped myself around his neck in a tight hug. Yoongi clung back to me, his arms engulfing my frame and his hands gripping me in place within them.

We stayed like that, silent and sturdy in each other’s embrace for who knows how long. I stood on the tips of my toes so that my face was buried deep into the crook of his neck, nuzzling the skin with tightly closed eyes and a rupturing heart beneath my chest. I could feel his too, the close proximity of our bodies and minds in this moment causing me to experience every little thing that he was. The pounding of his heart, the goosebumps on his skin, the tears in his eyes. I could literally feel the love radiating within him, bouncing between us and reverberating throughout our clashing souls.

I love this man. I will always love this man. And I am never letting him go.

“I’m scared too,” Yoongi finally broke our silence, his voice strained and barely a whisper in my ear. He adjusted his hold before pulling me tighter again, as if I would slip between his fingers if he spoke the wrong words.

I let out a breathy, silent sob. “I know,” I reassured him, nuzzling my nose against the curvature of his throat.

I felt his body shudder on mine, and it took me a moment to realize that they were sobs racking his body. He was sobbing in my arms, clutching onto my skin for dear life and placing the exposed, vulnerable weight of his emotions in my hands. I had never seen him like this; Yoongi was always so composed, so strong and sure of himself. I had never seen him at his lowest point.

“Hey,” I cooed, gently rubbing one of my hands against his back as the other cupped the side of his cheek to get him to look at me. “Baby,” I searched his face as he avoided my eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he spoke, sniffing loudly in a failed attempt to make the tears stop. “And I’m sorry for getting you into this mess to begin with. You deserve better than me.”

“What?” I sputtered, my face instantly wrinkling up in confusion and distaste. “No. Yoongi, look at me.” I gripped the bottom of his chin and jerked it in my direction, making sure that his eyes were on mine before I spoke again. “Don’t you ever say that, do you hear me? It’s not true.”


It’s not true,” I interrupted in a louder voice, repeating my words in hopes that they would finally resonate with him. The expression reflecting from his soft face, the tears swelling in his brown eyes, the sob quivering through his pink lips – I couldn’t bare to see him in this much pain. It completely broke my heart.

“Come here,” I spoke gently, making sure to maintain my hold on him as I carefully led him into the comfort of his bedroom. I walked him over to his bed, carefully placing him down on the blankets before crawling in next to him.

“There is nobody better than you,” I told him, my face full of sincerity as I looked up into his eyes. “And if there was, I wouldn’t want them. There is nobody more perfect for me than you.”

Yoongi just stared back at me, the hint of a smile gracing his pink lips before they fell again into a groan. “How can you say that with everything that’s going on right now? How can you say we’re perfect for each other when the entire world is against us?”

I had been prepared to rebuttal anything he threw my way, but when he spoke those words, I grew silent. He was right; the entire world didn’t want us to be together. It was just me and him alone in our feelings, and how selfish of us would it be to deprive the world of what it wanted? Was sticking by each other really the right thing to do, when all we were told was how wrong it was?

When I didn’t respond, Yoongi crumbled again. “See, I told you,” he frowned, turning away from me to face the wall as I heard a sniffle escape his nose. He tried to keep his tone steady, strong, but I could still hear the emotion threatening to break through and cracking his voice. “I’m…” He paused to take a deep, shaky breath. “I’m just so scared of losing you, too. When I feel you holding back, or pulling away, it worries me.”

His words took me aback; I had been expecting some brooding, loss-of-hope from him, but not this. His thoughts sounded familiar, since they were the exact thoughts I tortured myself with every night about him, but that was because he had pulled away in the past. I had never done that; I had always latched on and tried to stick together during the hard times. So to hear that he faced the same worries as me was nothing short of surprising.

I reached down and placed a hand on his shoulder, gently rolling him back over to look at me. “When have I ever pulled away?” I asked him.

“Just now, in the living room when you were about to leave,” he answered feebly. “You don’t have to pretend like you don’t have doubts, because I know you do. And it scares the living shit out of me to think about you leaving me.”

Something about the way he said it, something about his words made me snap. I knew what he was feeling all too well, and I knew it was agonizing. The last thing I wanted was for Yoongi to feel that way about me, as if I was the one that would leave him. The thought of him feeling even an ounce of pain was enough to worry me, much less enough pain to make him cry. I wanted to do something for him, wanted to take his mind off of the stress of today and make him feel good.

I quickly sat up, lifting my leg over both of his so that I was straddling his waist as I leaned down at took both of this cheeks in my hands. “I. Love. You.” I said aloud, putting emphases on each syllable so that he would understand the severity of what I was saying. “So,” I stopped to place a fleeting kiss to the underside of his jaw, “so,” one to his cheek, “much.” I was planning on finishing with a kiss on his nose, but Yoongi moved his head up and captured my lips in his instead. I hummed in surprise by the sudden movement but quickly relaxed into him, the feeling of his taste mixing with mine instantly melting me into a puddle of goo as he never failed to do.

“I love you too,” he spoke once our lips parted. “But I’m just… I don’t know, I don’t want you to–”

“No buts,” I interrupted him, gently shoving on his shoulders to push him down against the bed. “You worry to much, Oppa.”

“O–oppa?” He sputtered out, his eyes widening as I started to slowly rock on his lap. “Don’t call me that, (Y/N).”

“Why?” I peered down at him with innocent eyes and tilted my head to the side. “You don’t like it, Oppa?”

“N–no,” he breathed out, his hands flying to my hips as I felt something in his pants start to harden beneath me. “It just stresses the fact that I’m so much older than you.”

I stuttered with my movements as I pondered his words in my head. That thought had never crossed my mind before, and for a minute, I began to panic. Had I really just made things worse than they already were? But then I was reminded of his erection now throbbing in his jeans against my core, and I smirked to myself.

“Oh? Does it?” I teased, grabbing one of his hands from my waist and lifting it to my mouth.

“Babe, really, now’s not a good time–”

Before he could finish his sentence, I was already sticking his index finger between my lips. Carefully I flattened it against the expanse of my tongue, feeling the long, bony digit on my taste buds and curling my wet muscle around it. I was sure to keep eye contact with him, gazing beneath my lashes and trying to maintain my innocent act as I slowly began to suck.

“Oh shit,” Yoongi shivered beneath my touch, his soft lips parting ever-so-slightly as he looked up at me with a mix of bewilderment, apprehension, and lust. “(Y/N), what are you doing?”

I simply hummed in response, sucking harder and harder on his finger as I slowly resumed the rolling of my hips against his. “Do you not like it, Oppa?” I asked after I eased him out of my mouth. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh my god,” he groaned as I bared down against his dick, his eyes watching intensely as I licked a small stripe up his finger. “N–no, don’t stop.”

I giggled before swooping him back in my mouth, taking his finger all the way to the hilt and forming my lips into a tight “o” as I flicked my tongue around it. I felt every bone, every wrinkle and ridge of his knuckle before gently biting down and scraping his skin as I pulled him all the way out again.

“Why the fuck does that feel so good?” He marveled, his chest panting slightly as he stared at me above him.

“You know where else it would feel good, Oppa?” I raised my eyebrows in question as I formed his middle finger as if he was flicking someone off before sticking it in my mouth.

“Mm, where?” He sighed, closing his eyes and rocking his hips up to meet mine.

I smirked as I watched him become a mess beneath me. The things I was doing were simple – just sucking his finger, calling him Oppa and grinding against him – and already he was rock solid in his pants. It gave me the confidence that I could do this, I could pull off this kinky fantasy of his and have him coming undone for me in no time. And to me, nothing ever sounded so sweet.

I released the digit from my mouth before leaning down, my chest laying on his and my lips hovering just above the shell of his ear. “Your cock,” I whispered before gripping his lobe between my teeth sensually.

“Ah,” Yoongi visibly shuddered, and I noted with satisfaction the way goosebumps appeared and made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. “Yes, god please baby,” he pleaded as his hands moved to my ass to press me harder against him.

I smirked to myself for the third time, the fact that he had completely abandoned his previous worries and replaced them with thoughts of lust and desire pleasing me so much, it was hard to contain my giddiness. But I did, somehow managing to keep up my innocent and sensual act as I lowered myself down his body until I was hovering just above his crotch. All the while I kept eye contact with him, never breaking our heated stare as I started to undo the buttons and unzip his pants.

“I just wanna help you relax, Oppa,” I purred, sticking my ass in the air and slowly swaying it side to side as I arched my back over him like a crouching lion about to pounce of her prey. “Do you think you can do that for me? Do you think you can let me take care of you today?”

He let out a shaky, audible breath, and while his eyes were closed and focusing on pulling himself together enough to form a coherent response, I was pulling his pants down, hooking the waistband of his boxers under my thumb as well and leaving him fully exposed to me in one swift motion.

Yoongi licked his lips in anticipation, and it was only after he swallowed thickly did he open his mouth to reply. “I–”

“Mm, Oppa,” I hummed, grabbing the base of his dick in my hand and standing it upright in my face before giving the very tip a kitten lick. “You don’t sound very enthused. Do you even want this?”

“Yes!” He practically choked out, finally opening his eyes and leaning up on his forearms so he could look at me. When he saw my wide, innocent eyes perched above his red, swollen cock that was practically throbbing in my grip, he visibly faltered. “God, (Y/N). Yes.”

I giggled to myself, positioning my mouth teasingly close so that he could feel the tickling heat of my breath wrap around his member like a thick winter coat. “What exactly do you want, Oppa?”

“This! You!” He spat quickly, his tone turning desperate now.

In an instant I was crawling over him, my body shooting up his until we were face to face and only millimeters apart. “I want to hear you say it,” I demanded in a firm voice before taking the soft flesh of his bottom lip between my teeth and tugging backwards.

For a second, I could’ve sworn I heard Yoongi gulp, but then he was suddenly taking a handful of my hair in his fist and pushing me down into a rough kiss before yanking me away again.

“I want my cock in your mouth,” he articulated the words against the shell of my ear, “your tongue wrapped around my head until I’ve face-fucked you so hard you can’t breathe. You got that, dongsaeng?”

Now it was my turn to gulp, the pressure of his grip at my scalp and the realization that he had actually just called me his fucking dongsaeng dropping like an anchor in my core. And even still, I couldn’t help but inwardly grin; I knew I could make light of this age-gap of ours.

“Y–yes,” I stuttered out, the hardness in his voice and the intensity of his eyes knocking me speechless.

“Yes what?” Yoongi tugged my hair tighter, his face moving in front of mine to gauge my reaction to his words. And that’s when it hit me; even in this rough, dominant behavior, his eyes were still searching mine to see if this was okay. If I showed any signs of trepidation, I knew he would stop, because that’s just how Yoongi was with me. Even in his lust-driven, sexual haze, he still showed his love for me, whether he was aware of it or not.

And it was with this knowledge that I was able to hold my head up high, to meet his unyielding gaze with a stare of my own and send the shivers of desire that he had cascaded down my spine right back to him. “Yes, Oppa.”

With that I was off, shifting down his body and gulping his entire length in my mouth all the way to the hilt without a second’s warning. My eyes started to water as I felt him hit the back of my burning throat, and I knew I probably couldn’t take him in this deep again – but hearing his loud moan of approval from above me was enough to make it all worth it.

“Fuck,” he groaned, his back instantly arching off the bed as his other hand flew to the back of my head as well. “Jesus, (Y/N), how the hell do you do that?”

I just gave him a mischievous glance as I eased off of him, my mouth eliciting a flittering giggle before flattening my tongue on the base of his cock. I made sure to flicker my eyes back up to his, capturing his gaze with mine in an effort to get him even more hot and bothered as I slowly dragged my wet muscle up his taut skin. He was unable to look away, completely mesmerized in my actions as if I was performing magic before his very eyes. And to him, I very well was.

“Well?” I spoke once I got to the top and swirled the tip of my tongue along his slit. “Where’s this face-fucking I was promised?”

Maybe provoking him was the wrong decision – either that or the right one – because Yoongi suddenly growled above me, the sound almost animalistic as it crept from the depths of his chest and fell from his lips. “When I’m done with you, that pretty little voice of yours won’t be able to speak for a week.”

I felt his grip on my hair tighten, and I knew that I was successfully getting him riled up again. “Is that a threat or a promise?” I whispered with a tilt of my lips, my head cocking to the side and sending him a challenging look. “Because I’d like to see you try, Oppa.”

And then his hips were bucking up, his hand holding my head in place and his dick getting shoved into my mouth at such a pace I thought I was going to get the wind knocked out of me. I let out a gargling noise around him as my saliva spilled through the crevices and dripped down his length, unable to control my actions anymore as he completely took charge.

I felt him hit my gag reflex with each thrust, the girth of his member stretching my lips wide around him and filling me whole. The back of my throat stung and my eyes and nose were watering from my air supply being cut off, but I didn’t care; I could endure the pain if it meant pleasing him.

“Let me know if it gets to be too much, baby,” he breathed heavily in between pants, and there it was again – the flourishing feeling inside my chest that warmed my heart with a pink glow and radiated nothing but true love for him.

There was nobody else in this world that I would trust enough to do what I was letting Yoongi do, and that’s because I knew that no matter what, I would always be safe with him in the end. No matter how much chaos we went through together, whether it be wild, dangerous adventures between the sheets or fending off an entire university against us, I knew I would always be okay as long as I was with him.

Automatic relief shrouded my senses as I felt him suddenly pull out of my mouth, though even through my desperate gasps of breath to fill the air in my lungs, I still drew my eyebrows in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as he scooted away from me, and I sat up to rub his leg in concern.

Though instead of the frown I expected to be adorning his features, Yoongi simply smiled at me. “I want to finish inside of you,” he explained.

I was immediately shaking my head. “No, this isn’t about me. I want to focus on making you happy–”

“Baby,” he cut me off in a gentle tone, grabbing my arms and lightly pulling me up the bed and into his chest. “Nothing makes me happier than making love to you.”

I couldn’t do anything but stare at him because he rendered me speechless, took my breath away, and god how did I get this lucky? I let a giggle escape my lips as I brought my hands to his cheeks, careening his face so that he was looking up at me with those hypnotizing brown eyes and adorable baby-face.

“I love you,” I said to him, my voice barely a whisper even though we were the only two here.

Yoongi grasped onto my wrists, holding my hands in their position on him and looking up at me as if I was the entire world above him. “I love you too, (Y/N).”

And then we were kissing, so passionately and tenderly as if we could physically channel the love we had for each other back and forth between our two beings. Lips to lips, chest to chest, heart to heart. The simple act never got old when Yoongi was the one I was doing it with, because the feeling that he gave me from my head all the way to my toes was always there, humming like electricity in my veins from a single touch.

His tongue flickered against my lips and it wasn’t even a question to grant him entrance, my entire being wanting nothing more than to be as close to him as humanly possible. The way he swirled the wet muscle in my mouth, mixing my saliva with his and dancing its warmth into every crack and crevice elicited an explosion of butterflies in my stomach that instinctively fluttered down to my core, causing me to involuntarily buck my hips as I felt my panties grow wetter between my thighs.

It was Yoongi who groaned at the feeling of my center against his, the temporarily-dormant feeling that I had given him earlier suddenly springing back to life again. He took my movement and ran with it, now bucking his hips up into mine as well and creating what was once an innocent kiss into something much more heated and laced with hunger.

I let out a strangled moan that sounded somewhat of his name, the feeling of his solid erection against nothing but the thin cloth of my pants hazing my mind and clouding my senses. Soon I felt cool air and hardened flesh against me, and I looked down to see that somewhere in the midst of my lust-intoxication, Yoongi had gotten my bottom half completely naked.

I didn’t even have time to question it because suddenly I was feeling his length slide against my slick folds, and I was falling back into my haze again. There was the faint feeling of his lips moving away from mine to assault the skin of my neck just as they had my lips, leaving them swollen and bruised and heightening our rough movements even more.

When I finally grasped ahold of the situation, remembering that I was on top of him and ultimately in charge for the day, I pushed myself up by pressing my palms against his chest before fiddling with the long black tie around his collar.

“Mm, you know, you look so sexy with this tie, Oppa,” I purred as I moved up to the buttons on his shirt. “But I think it’s time for it to come off.”

But apparently my pace was too slow for him, too languid and sensual, because as soon as I started yanking open the small buttons and revealing his milky skin, Yoongi suddenly pushed his member into me and ripped through my walls.

“Ah!” I let out a startled moan and I fell forward against his chest, the immense pleasure happening so abruptly that I was already seeing blinding light and stars in my vision. I gripped onto his half-opened shirt for dear life, his thrusts already fast and heavy and burying to the hilt inside of me. “Ah! Yoongi!”

“I couldn’t take it any longer,” I heard him growl through his breaths before he leaned up to capture my lips in his again. “Fuck,” he groaned against me.

I lapped up his words with my tongue, squeezing my thighs against his hips to balance myself as I struggled to undo the rest of his buttons, all the while trying to keep up with his pace and not fall off of his frame. He continued fucking into me with no mercy, making what should have been just a five second undressing-process more difficult than usual.

Finally when the last button at the bottom of his shirt unhooked between my fingers, it was flying open, my hands pushing the material back behind his shoulders with such intensity you would have thought it was made of fire. I didn’t remember how he got the long white sleeves down his arms, but soon he was reaching around to pull my shirt off too, undoing the clasp of my bra and flinging it across the room faster than I could blink.

It was then that he sat us up, wrapping his arms around my waist and flattening his open palms against my back to press our bare chests together. I gasped at the refreshing feeling of skin-on-skin, the wild entanglement of our beating hearts driving each other mad with the exhilarating intoxication of lust and love.

“(Y–Y/N),” Yoongi managed to choke out, his breath hitching drastically against my lips and causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head in ecstasy. “I’m so c–close.”

I instinctively clenched around his unrelenting length inside of me, wanting nothing more than to coax him over the brink of his sanity with nothing but my embrace. “Cum for me, Oppa,” I moved to whisper in his ear, my rasping voice only heightening his feeling. “Let go.”

And then he was coming undone beneath me, his body sweating and his wet hair sticking to the side of my face and his expression utterly fucked out of this world. I could feel my high rapidly approaching from the mere sight of his agape mouth, but before I could realize what was happening, I felt Yoongi reach between us and press his fingers onto my clit.

Blinding light flashed before me, waves and waves of sweet euphoria rushing through my body and causing me to shudder repeatedly in his hold. The feeling was violent, unyielding, as if it had been pent up inside of me for days and was only just now getting its release. The only sound that could be heard from miles around was the chorus of our moans that filled his bedroom in that very moment.

Once I was no longer a shrieking mess, the sharp pleasure slowly easing into a dull warmth, the realization that Yoongi had taken the time during his orgasm to help me to mine dawned on me like the sun streaming through the opened blinds on an early Sunday morning. Even during such a stimulating, euphoric moment, he was still thinking of me, not wanting us to finish with me being left unsatisfied no matter how many times I told him that this was all about him.

“You need to stop being so perfect,” I smiled jokingly once we were collapsed on the mattress, and I reached over to lightly smack his chest. “It’s making me look bad.”

Yoongi just chucked, drawing my body into his and inhaling deeply into my hair in the crook of my neck. “I’m just trying to catch up to you,” he breathed, and I couldn’t help but giggle at his cheesiness.

We continued to bask in the radiance of our worn out, bare bodies that were tangled together over his sheets before there was suddenly a vibration coming from the nightstand. Yoongi frowned, reluctantly sitting up to grab his phone before snuggling back into me. He held the screen up over his head for both of us to see, and I swear my stomach plummeted to the center of the earth when I read the text.

It was a picture of Yoongi and I kissing, looking as if it was taken through the window of his classroom door, and with it was a message from Professor Lee that read:

Dr. Kim knows.

My vision started to tunnel while looking at the photo, though I frowned as I tried to make sense of her words. “Dr. Kim? Isn’t that the…”

“Yeah,” Yoongi spoke in a low voice, and when I turned to look at him, his face was blanched as if he had just seen a ghost. “The dean.”

(Dreamswap) Unconventional (Dream x Nightmare)

Something that I’d been working on here and there for a while…

Whoops? •u•

Setting: Dreamswap, prior to the Great Shenanigan. (we should totally start calling the apple incident that)

16+, I guess? 15+? Implied stuff. (how do ratings work)

Frankly, I love the idea of Nightmare being the cheekiest yandere dork imaginable and Dream just being so done with him.

Dream woke up in their small house one night, his concern immediately building up when he gained his bearings and noticed that Nightmare was not in the bed next to his.

If he was not there, something happened to him, or rather… or he happened to something, in all honesty.

Dream groggily grabbed the clock on the table next to him and held it up to his face so he could see it in his blurry morning vision.

It was… three AM.

He just heck no’d, putting the clock back down and falling back asleep on his stomach in about a minute and a half. He was not going to figure out where Nightmare was, not at this hour.

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Takin Commissions

Hey guys, just lettin y’all know that I’m talkin commissions as of now. Since my home life isn’t exactly “stable”, and I dunno how long I’m gunna be livin in this apartment, gettin a job doesn’t seem like a good idea atm. So I figured I’d open up some commissions to try and fill this gap a little bit until said stuff becomes more stable.

Anywho, let’s get into the prices shall we?

-Full body=$10

-Full body=$20

-full body=$25

-Full body=$30

Multiple characters: Price on Commission

Will do:
-pretty much any fandom art

Will NOT do:
-heavily brutal scenes

More complex characters/mutiple characters will take longer to make. Please give me reference to chacters upon

If you have any questions/concerns, send me an ask, and we can work it out ^u^

Jungkook The Kink Explorer

Originally posted by jeonbase

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-smut (Warning: Read at your own RISK.)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 4607 words
Summary: Jungkook  wants to know what is your kink and he’s not backing up until you tell him.


Jungkook was soundly asleep like a child in the embrace of his mother with all of these fluffy white blankets wrapped around his toned body. This night and all the other ones have been keeping him restless with never ending requests and paper work to fill up. Coming back 3 AM or at dawn, Jungkook always got back at home around these unhealthy hours of the day. Slipping right next to you at night when he thought you wouldn’t notice his presence, yet you always did and you felt pained every time he sighed of tiredness. He wasn’t the type to openly complain about how hard it was becoming at some point. He might have been the hardworking type but looking at his dark circles, the way he gave you that tired smile, how he’d always ruffle your hair and tell everything was okay. You only felt like crying. Were you the one who made him like this? Was that tired sight of jungkook a result of marrying you? He could have been living dream of his life, up there on that stage yet he gave it up for his undying love towards you.

You rub your eyes before staring at the man right next you. His beautiful eyelashes shadowing his cheeks and the way his pink lips parted majestically to let out those cute whimpers and breaths. You may haven’t been able to see him much for a little while now but you still feel

“Jungkook…” you poke his arm

“T-Two…more…minutes…” He mumbles while pulling the blankets closer to his body

“Kookie-ah…” you pout at the sight of his pitiful sight “Are you that drained?” you sigh before brushing your fingers

“I love you” he mumbles

Your face soften up at those words.He may have been drained and tired with eye bags slowly reaching down his cheeks yet he’d still mention these three words. Did he loved you that much? Were you that worthy to be his? Were you worthy to be with a hardworking man like him? You couldn’t give him anything yet he was still there sleeping next to you. The only thought of it made harbor that pained expression on your face.

“Don’t be sad…” He mumbles once again without opening his eyes

He felt you would be pained like this. It’s not like he needed to open his eyes to know that you were hurting. He was your other half and he could feel you.

“I’m n-n-not!” you wipe that tear on the crease of your eyes

“I’ll always be by your side, so you shouldn’t cry” he makes himself more comfortable with his blankets before peeking out his hand out of the giant wrapping of blankets around his body

He holds out his larger hand to hold out his pinky and wrapping it around your own pinky.

“We promised to stay forever that day on the aisle and I’m never letting you go” he slowly opens his eyes to stare at you with the look of true love ( A/N: KILL ME I DID NOT JUST WRITE THIS ASDFGHJJKL)

You looked at him for a few seconds before that pained expression on your face turned a little more joyful as you stared back onto his eyes. The man closes his eyes to drift back to sleep and you smile. It wasn’t long before you analyzed him from head to toe. Jungkook may have been unaware of it, but he managed to make you smile even if he didn’t try. The way he looked like some sort of gigantic worm who appropriated all the blankets to itself almost made you laugh out loud. He looked so cuddly and fluffy like a gigantic neck pillow. You clamp a hand around your mouth because this sight of him is too cute and you can’t resist but giggle. You take out your phone and snap a few pictures.

“My giant little worm” you chuckled at yourself before you tap his cute nose

“Are you having that much fun?” his tired face stretches slightly into a smile as he keeps his eyes closed

“Yeah, you’re super cute” you give him a thumbs up before snapping more pictures “AND SO SQUISHY!!!!!” you poke the blankets

Jungkook wraps the blankets around his body tighter with a little grunt due to tiredness. He clenches his eyes shut tightly to keep on sleeping without getting disturbed. This action only made him look more like a little worm. You chuckled at this sight

“What’s so funny” he opens up his eyes to stare at you with a little resentful look

“You’re just so….” You struggle to keep yourself composed

“Stop laughing at me” he pouts before wrapping the blankets tighter around himself “I’m not talking to you anymore”

“Hey” you push him and his blankets with a smug look on your face “Why so serious?”

Your sudden little strength makes Jungkook rolls to the side of the bed. If it wasn’t for the last strength he had left in his body he would have fell on the floor.

“Why are you pushing me?” He turns around to give you that look of disbelief “Are you picking a fight? “His eyes shot open

“Yeah” you nod cutely

“Yeah??????” he tilts his head “Why fight first thing in the morning?” he makes that meme face before crouching his shoulders “Can’t we just cuddle or do something that requires less body strength” he kicks the blankets as he sits next to you “ And STOP LOOKING AT ME WITH THOSE EYES”

“What?” you blink

“Don’t feign innocence!” he pokes you “You obviously want something out of this!” he scoffs

“Am I being that obvious?” you hide your face in your hands

“Look at you being all shy” his eyes rounded “Was I scammed while getting into this?” he tilts his head while chuckling

“I’m not a scammer” you roll your eyes “You fell for the trap” you smirked “You got yourself into this, Jeon Jungkook” you whisper in his ear

“This girl” he shakes his head while chuckling “The marriage terms were that we’d stay together for the better to the worse huh?”

“I’m sure I can win against you” you cross your arms around your chest

“I’d like to believe that you’re a scam Y/N, but you’re way too innocent for this” he pulls on your cheek

“So what??! I still managed to GET YOU IN THE END” you stick out your tongue

“ Oh so you were that eager to get me in the end?” he tilts his head playfully “Seems like you were quite smitten over me” he pulls on the side of his collar in a sexy motion “ I mean….who wouldn’t ?” he gives you that seductive gaze before bursting into laughter

You blush a few shades before you scoff at his sudden behavior.

“Look at you going?” you scoff “you SEDUCED ME!” you cupped your cheeks in embarrassment

“Let me dig through this and figure out why you’re acting up this morning” he shifts closer before staring at you from head to toe

His large eyes looked at you innocently at first. Analyzing that messy hair and that bare face before he broke into a smile. It wasn’t long before his eyes travelled to the way that strap from your camisole fell on the side of your shoulder. He gulped before suppressing a low grunt that left his sinful lips at your delicious sight. His eyes travelled lower eyeing the way you were wearing only one of your favorite fuzzy socks, god only knows where the other was. Jungkook stares at you while being completely perplexed by this before voicing out his inner thought about what’s going on. He was feeling stuck in between lust and adoration.

“Did you woke me up to fight me?” he gives you that meme face

“No” you shake your head to the sides and that strap only fells lower from your shoulder

“You want a kiss this early in the morning?” He raises his brow before suddenly pulling your waist closer to collide against his sturdy body

“No it’s not that” you press your face on his shoulder to hide yourself

“What is it then?” he licks his bottom lip while trying to look at the ceiling and avoid any form of eye contact with your bare shoulder

You try figuring out an excuse to give him because you don’t want to sound too cheesy by telling him how much you yearned and missed him for the past few weeks. It was never your style to try surrender to jungkook and admitting things like these.

“I like picking on you” you stare up at him cutely

His reaction was different than what you expected.

“You like bullying me?” he blinks at you before that smirk reached his lips soon enough “Is that the birth of a new kink that I’m seeing?” he tilts his head playfully

“N-NO WAY!!!” you cover your face in shame at the word kink

“Finally! AFTER MONTHS OF MARRIAGE I FINALLY FIGURED OUT SOMETHING YOU WANT” he brings his fist up in a celebratory motion

“Hey!!! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING” panic shots through you as you punch his arm “Stop saying nonsense!!!!?Who said I want this???!!” you turn a few shades of red

“Oh MY god….” He stops to stare at you “Babe….” He gasps while staring at the arm you just punched

“W-What?” you stuttered

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The Scars Make the Man (IzuOcha One-Shot)

Summary: It is hard for Deku to wrap his mind around the fact that he is dating Ochako Uraraka, the best girl he has ever met. For an awkward guy like him, navigating romance was a monumental challenge. One that would lead him to try to hide the ugliest part of himself — his scars.

Some days Izuku wondered whether falling in love would be the death of him.

The idea of even being in love was something he hardly ever fathomed as a child, isolated and unpopular as he was. Nobody was interested in associating with a quirkless loser like him, even as a friend, let alone a crush. He hardly even interacted with girls; they tended not to acknowledge him and he was far too shy to try to change that. His childhood had left him with zero experience when it came to romance, and for a long time, he was fine with that.

But now he cursed his social ineptitude and fortunes with all his might for leaving him wholly unprepared for the lovely, horrifying world of dating.

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