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Suga comes into the room at the exact moment Daichi seems to have realized strapping the baby into the carrier on his chest should have been his last step, not his first. Now he has Katsumi attached to him, a backpack in one hand, Emiko holding the other, and absolutely no way to get his own shoes on.

He looks up at Suga helplessly and Suga does his very best not to laugh, because since Katsumi joined the family they’ve only taken the kids out together, but today Daichi has offered to take them both on his own so Suga can work. Which is amazing. And something Suga is a little afraid of doing himself, because Emiko can run absurdly fast on her tiny chubby legs, and Katsumi cries….pretty much always.

He appreciates this so much, but oh God, Daichi looks so cute and desperate right now, Suga can hardly contain himself.

“I did this wrong,” Daichi says.

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A MARVELous Cinderella Story Part One

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Prompt: Cinderella AU

Written for: @whotheeffisbucky’s AU writing challenge

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: Minor implied physical abuse

Summary: Cinderella Au with Bucky as the prince. This will be multiple parts.

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Rainbow Wishes

Here’s where the aesthetics start to go downhill. Stress, y’know. I made these all pretty quickly. Some of them were rushed and I tried to give every aesthetic variations in layout and in color theme. I would love to go back and try to fix these aesthetics up to make them more presentable in my eyes but I don’t have the time. As I am writing this, I have four edits to make tonight and it’s nearly 10 PM. Hopefully this is decent enough of an aesthetic for now. :)

Halloween/Fall Starters

-“Did you cut yourself carving the pumpkin? Let me see it.”
-“Stay still I’m almost done with your costume.”
-“What do you say if we take the kids early and have some treats of our own tonight?”
-“Is there some pumpkin type of flavor or cooking thing you want me to make?”
-“That costume you’re wearing is super sexy.”
-“It’s warmer under the blanket cave I’ve made.”
-“Hold my hand before we go in.”
-“You shouldn’t go out there!”
-“Stay here with me until the sun comes up?”
-“The colors this year on the trees are beautiful and vibrant.”
-“Is this fresh made cider?”
-“If you bob for one apple and get it on the first try I’ll give you a kiss.”
-“I prefer you without the costume on.”
-“I’m not going as that. Nothing you say or do will convince me otherwise.”
-“I cant even see your head hardly, you’re buried in a mountain of an oversized sweater.”
-“You got a little too into this holiday didn’t you?”
-“I’m not going in a graveyard.”
-“It’s surprisingly warm out today for being autumn.”
-“Don’t scare me please.”
-“(insert other muse’s name) I know you’re in the closet.”
-“Please take a jacket on our walk or stand near me.”
-“This is super good can I get the recipe?”
-“Are we doing this? I mean really doing this? Because I hate haunted houses.”
-“OK but if someone pops out at me and I punch them its not my fault.”
-“I can help you with decorations if you’d like?”
-“Why are you so hell bent on giving me a good scare?”
-“Stop putting the blanket on and going boo.”
-“Did you see a creepy figure in the yard?”
-“A bonfire in the late fall is super nice.”
-“Lets go out of sync with tradition and make something non pumpkin related to eat please.”
-“What should be go as?”
-“We’re a little too old to go trick or treating.”
-“Why did you give the pumpkin such a stupid face?”
-“You’re a little too obsessed with Halloween.”
-“Gory movie marathon. You, me, and my couch. Right now.”
-“Lets go to a costume party.”
-“You’re going to win the contest for sure.”

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Something is Brewing Part 2: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

As in Part 1, you can sub another house in for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that Ravenclaw best fit this storyline. If you see any errors that I may have missed in the hour and a half I spent editing this, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I’m only human after all.

After being assigned detention in a Snape’s potions class, the muggle born reader must serve it with Malfoy, the same person who earned it for the both of them. Emotions continue to bubble as the two students skirt around what they feel, though tensions eventually come to a boil. After all, with eyes the color of smoky mirrors, who wouldn’t fall for Draco Malfoy despite their friends’ qualms? By the end of the night there is no denying that something is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to indicate the passage of time

Warnings: Other than two extremely mild curse words and the tiniest bit of suggestiveness, none :)

***If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so. This is not a shameless self-promo, it’s just a notice that some of the story may not make sense if you haven’t done so.***

Word Count: 4,158

The aged bark of the willow tree is at my back, as breeze off the black lake ruffles the pages of my DADA book. It has been a long day, so I decided to get some fresh air and a study session in before dinner. Draco was absent in potions today, but Snape made it clear that our detentions would still be served.

For the entirety of this day I’ve been dreading tonight, however the note tucked away in my potions notebook has created a vague sense of anticipation in my chest.

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The Word

I found out the hard way why bringing up your religion in the workplace is a terrible idea. I’m agnostic, but I try to be thoughtful when other people tell me about their beliefs. I know there are a lot of great ideas in the religious texts of the world and I have found inspiration in them from time to time. But, I don’t really suffer from any death anxiety; and I think my morality is firmly rooted in secular humanism, and my good will and cheer is inspired by the hope of collective prosperity through scientific means. I would never begrudge someone their beliefs, especially if it gave them a sense of purpose, or drove them to do good deeds or eased their fear of the unknown. But, when I encounter people who believe exclusively and literally in one version of one sect of a religion, I can have a difficult time containing my disdain.

Which is what happened yesterday. We were having a team meeting. I’m the company’s go-to business-to-business guy. I sell mainly downtown. Rachel, a coworker, is great at winning over smaller and medium size businesses in the satellite neighborhoods of the greater metropolitan area. We’re in the “Bible Belt”, so it helps to share the faith with your clientele. We have these meetings at least once a month. Yes, they’re as horrible as they sound. Our boss is asking us to share “sales-boosting” ideas.

Rachel spoke first. She’s in her mid-forties, as sweet as a peach; would give you her last dollar and the shirt off her back if you needed it. But she always looks a bit dated: the kind of woman who wears long denim skirts and still feathers her bangs. Her only adornment was a tastefully small and subtle gold cross pendant on a gold chain. I could just imagine her knitting Bible cozies at night. She talks about Jesus every chance she gets, and in our neighborhood, it actually benefits her sales.

“Well,” she cooed. “I have found this new way of getting inspired every single night, and, it’s just really helping me out in every part of my life right now, including sales!” She smiled at the group and folded her hands neatly in her lap. “What I do is, I take my Bible, and I find a quiet spot, and I just talk to Jesus and I tell him, you know, ‘Lord, I am needing a pick-me-up right now.’ or ‘Jesus, can you help me with this problem I am having?’ I ask specific questions and then I take my Bible and I close my eyes and I flip through the pages and just put my finger down and read whatever verse my finger lands on. And, you know? The Lord just guides my hand to exactly what it is I need that day. And I have been feeling really blessed.”

Unfortunately, I have this imp inside of me that demands satisfaction and makes me do the wrong thing sometimes. So, as soon as she finished giving voice to this absurd recommendation, I flung my head back and let out a hearty belly laugh, followed by a snort. I tried to compose myself but I sniggered silently in my chair for another minute or two until tears of joy were squeezing through my eyelids. I finally got up and went out into the hallway to compose myself. But I’m pretty sure some of my big, bellowing cackles drifted back into the meeting room.

Once the imp was consoled, I walked back to the conference room and apologized to the group for interrupting. I stole a glance at Rachel and her eyes were red and watery. It killed any lingering amusement. I hadn’t meant to belittle her in front of the group like that. It was shitty of me to laugh at something that made her feel good about herself. I resolved to make it up to her later.

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#17 - Kidnapped (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Ashton: It was close to one in the morning when you pulled up to an unknown house. You hadn’t made a sound out of pure fear of what he would do. When the car engine turned off, the gruff man got out and opened the back door, nearly ripping you out and forcing you on your feet. The house was a typical looking suburban home in a neighborhood that was similar to your own. His hold on your arm was a death grip but you held in your whimpers, following him into the house. Bringing you upstairs and taking you into a bedroom at the end of the hallway, he forced you onto the bed, tying both of your wrists to the bedpost. You avoided his gaze, earning a harsh slap to the side of your face. Closing your eyes tightly, you let out a shaky breath, listening to the bedroom door shut.

Ashton’s P.O.V.

I refused to go to sleep. The police had shown up about an hour ago and I had given them all the information I could about (Y/N). They looked around, trying to find any evidence as to what happened to my girlfriend. Michael had come over to help, giving me the moral support I needed. We were sitting on the couch, trying to understand why someone would do this. But we were interrupted. An officer walked into the room, sitting in front of us, causing my head to snap up. “Well?” He took a deep breath. “There appeared to be some struggle upstairs, and some hair was pulled out. We’re assuming it is in fact the attackers due to the length and color. We’ll be taking it in for DNA testing tonight and hopefully we’ll be able to place a face to the suspect. There were also some tire tracks out front that we have determined does not belong to your personal vehicle, so there are some officers working on identifying the vehicle, assuming he used one to get away.” I stood up, partially relieved, thanking him repeatedly. We finally had some leads, but I wasn’t going to stop worrying until she was back, safe with me.

Calum: The girl had kept your phone on her after finding it, a sly smirk playing on her lips the whole time. “Do you really think he’ll miss you?” she chuckled darkly and you lowered your head. “Of course he won’t. He’s probably already forgotten about you. I mean, look at you. Lazy appearance, ugly, definitely not even close to skinny. Admit it, you’re just a charity case. He just feels bad for you. Sad, ugly girl…” Your breathing had increased, partially from anger, partially from panic. “Alright, that’s enough,” the guy from the front said. “Now take her inside, do what you will. I can’t be apart of this.” Before the girl had time to answer, he shut off the car and quickly got out. “Ugh, never mind my brother. He’s almost as stupid at you, but at least I could manipulate him to drive us right? Now get out of the car, and don’t even think of running.”

Calum’s P.O.V.

I was a complete wreck after the police had stopped questioned me. Luke had been nice enough to come over after everyone had left. I didn’t care who saw me cry, I was terrified. What if she was already..? No, I couldn’t think like that. I wasn’t losing (Y/N), I couldn’t. Luke rubbed my back as I sat hunched over on the couch, my face hidden in my hands. “(Y/N) is going to come home Calum, I know she is,” Luke said trying to give me hope. “She… She just disappeared Luke. She went to the bathroom and someone took her away. What if she’s hurt? What if she’s dying?” I asked rhetorically, my voice raising. “Calum stop,” Luke said firmly, placing a hand on my shoulder. “She’s strong, she’s going to-” We were cut off by my phone ringing in which I immediately answered. “Hello?” “Calum Hood?” the male voice said. “We’ve received a phone call from someone claiming to be the suspects brother. We’re headed to the location now.” My heart stopped for a minute listening to the news. “Where? I’ll meet you there!” I exclaimed, standing up and bee-lining to the door. He gave me an address and I ran to the car, a confused Luke in tow. I was going to get my girl back.

Luke: When you came to, you tried taking in your surroundings. It was dark, musty smelling and from what you could tell it was just unpleasant. You tried to sit up, but were stopped, looking to see that your arm had been handcuffed to the bedpost. Falling back onto the springy bed, you started thinking. Where were you? Were you alone? Was your attacker somewhere in this house? It was too dark to actually make out the room, but you saw yellow light peeking under the door. Suddenly there was a shadow. The door clicked open and you pretended to be asleep. The voice that spoke out was completely different from the one back at your house. The mattress sunk down next to you and a hand began running through your hair. You opened your eyes and looked up, seeing a different man, a younger man. “You’re finally awake,” he said softly. You tried pulling your head away, only getting so far due to the restraints. “Hey, I’m not going to hurt you,” he cooed. “Let me go then,” you spat, feeling an intense anger build up. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You’re mine now, you’re never leaving.”

Luke’s P.O.V.

I don’t think I could’ve made it home slower. The 10-hour plane ride had made me nearly mental. Ashton had spent most of the time trying to calm me down. The minute we landed, I was on my feet, and making sure I was the first one out of the plane. Unfortunately, we still had to wait for our baggage. My foot was bouncing anxiously. Ashton had given up any effort of trying to calm be down. I saw my bag and grabbed it. Luckily there was a car waiting outside for us. I didn’t want to wait anymore. Of course there were fans, but I just didn’t have time, nor did I want to waste anymore. Ashton and I got in the car and were currently on our way back to the house. I couldn’t stop thinking of the worst-case scenario. “What if she’s dead Ashton?” I asked quietly as we pulled into the driveway. “She’s not dead Luke, she’s not.” We got out, noticing a police car parked out front. I was relieved they had actually taken it seriously. Entering the house, I was confronted by an officer. “Luke Hemmings?” he asked and I nodded. “Well, when we arrived, we were immediately able to identify a struggle that took place. To our luck, there were a couple footprints, along with fingerprints on a few of your belongings. The man was identified and there are officers heading to the location as we speak. I’ve been asked to keep you here due to the threat the suspect proposes, but your girlfriend will be brought back as soon as they can get her.” He finished up with his speech and my heart began to beat quickly. I grabbed onto Ashton, hugging him tightly, knowing she would be back, safe with me. Soon. 

Michael: You weren’t sure how long you had been out, but when you finally came to, you were bound in an unfamiliar basement. Lying on your side, your hands were tied behind your back and your feet were tied as well. To top it all off, you had a dirty rag in your mouth, so no sound could escape. The door leading down creaked open, revealing the dark silhouette of your attacker. His heavy footsteps came down the stairs, walking up to you and yanking you into a sitting position. “Alright sweetheart, we’re going to call your boyfriend. But it you say anything other than what I tell you, then you won’t live long enough to actually see him again.”

Michael’s P.O.V.

The police had arrived for questioning about 10 minutes after I had placed the missing person claim. They were bombarding me with questions. Calum had come over earlier and was doing his best to help answer them, but they kept pushing and pushing. It wasn’t until my phone rang with an unknown number that they became generally interested. I was told to answer it, but to put it on speaker just incase. “Hello?” I answered shakily. “M-Michael?” (Y/N)’s voice rang out and tears started to form. “B-baby where are you? Are you okay? Baby I’m so scared, where are you?” I heard her whimper as if someone was hurting her. “B-Bring… $30,000 to 24 Bateman Street.” I felt my breath get caught in my throat as the phone was taken from her, another voice speaking out “If you ever want to see her alive again Mr. Clifford, you’ll do as she says. And come alone. If I find out the cops are involved… both of you won’t live to see another day. You have two hours.” And with that he hung up, leaving everyone in the room shocked. “Alright,” the officer said after a few minutes of silence. “I know what we have to do…”


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