i give up trying to color things

random photoshop tips:

* if you want, you can always give smart sharpen a try, rather than just using sharpen. you can control the amount and how it’ll affect the surrounding area, rather than just an overall application of sharpness.

* photo filters are also a neat thing and can help unify colors of a piece or even set a mood. there are cool and warm filters, along with colors (red, orange, blue, purple, etc)

* i tend to do a separate layer filled with grey (7f7f7f), then noise > add noise > gaussian at around 3-5%, then set that layer to overlay. it adds noise to your picture and helps break up the color of your image and adds a neat effect!

* having trouble with a particular curve of your lineart? use path (pen) tool. trace out the shape that you want and then loop it back around to the origin point. go path > make selection, right click the selection, then use stroke. after that you can just erase any of the line that you do not want.

* if you want a straight line with your brush, click the starting point on the canvas, hold shift and press another point. viola! straight line. 

* if your image looks a bit flat, i find that adding a new curve layer and setting it to ‘linear curve’ helps immensely

uhh there’s a lot more but that’s all that comes to mind atm. hopefully this helps some of you!


hey, i’m opening up emergency commissions!

here’s what’s going on:

my parent’s food stamps got cut really bad? the place keeps telling my mom that she didn’t turn in the correct information at the beginning of the year. she tried to fix it and turn in every thing, but they keep refusing her. it could be months before we get a decent number of stamps again. (we are getting 60-100 which is only about $120-$200 worth of food. there are eleven of us in the house) it is only like 19th as i type this, and we are pretty much already living off left overs and that’s that we try to find deals and buy reduced food.

if you could commission me, that’d be great! i’d be able to help my parents buy food for us while i am still applying for jobs.

about the commissions:

they are $30, unless you wanna give me more (lol). full color, up to two characters. there’s not a lot of things i won’t draw, so just shoot me a dm if you’re interested! i will only be taking so many at a time, though. spots are limited, so i don’t get overwhelmed, but i will reopen them as i finish the batch i’m on, etc. 

thank you & reblogs are appreciated.

Halloween/Fall Starters

-“Did you cut yourself carving the pumpkin? Let me see it.”
-“Stay still I’m almost done with your costume.”
-“What do you say if we take the kids early and have some treats of our own tonight?”
-“Is there some pumpkin type of flavor or cooking thing you want me to make?”
-“That costume you’re wearing is super sexy.”
-“It’s warmer under the blanket cave I’ve made.”
-“Hold my hand before we go in.”
-“You shouldn’t go out there!”
-“Stay here with me until the sun comes up?”
-“The colors this year on the trees are beautiful and vibrant.”
-“Is this fresh made cider?”
-“If you bob for one apple and get it on the first try I’ll give you a kiss.”
-“I prefer you without the costume on.”
-“I’m not going as that. Nothing you say or do will convince me otherwise.”
-“I cant even see your head hardly, you’re buried in a mountain of an oversized sweater.”
-“You got a little too into this holiday didn’t you?”
-“I’m not going in a graveyard.”
-“It’s surprisingly warm out today for being autumn.”
-“Don’t scare me please.”
-“(insert other muse’s name) I know you’re in the closet.”
-“Please take a jacket on our walk or stand near me.”
-“This is super good can I get the recipe?”
-“Are we doing this? I mean really doing this? Because I hate haunted houses.”
-“OK but if someone pops out at me and I punch them its not my fault.”
-“I can help you with decorations if you’d like?”
-“Why are you so hell bent on giving me a good scare?”
-“Stop putting the blanket on and going boo.”
-“Did you see a creepy figure in the yard?”
-“A bonfire in the late fall is super nice.”
-“Lets go out of sync with tradition and make something non pumpkin related to eat please.”
-“What should be go as?”
-“We’re a little too old to go trick or treating.”
-“Why did you give the pumpkin such a stupid face?”
-“You’re a little too obsessed with Halloween.”
-“Gory movie marathon. You, me, and my couch. Right now.”
-“Lets go to a costume party.”
-“You’re going to win the contest for sure.”

(feel free to add more)


When I get dysphoria I tend to have all of these things people have said on the subject of me being trans that have bothered me end up rattling around in my head and it gives me a headache
And when I get dysphoria I tend to have trouble speaking so this was kind of my way of trying to explain what it feels like
I also wanted to show how much  just using my preferred name can improve my mood. I wasn’t really sure what the title should be and this one just kind of came to me while I was coloring it so I just went with it


“No matter what I attempt, even if it’s the most simple of tasks, it always ends in failure. Unfortunately, I find that my life is one big regret after another. Yet, after all these years, I still don’t know when to give up. Is it my fault to keep trying when the results are always the same? Is it impossible for me to make things right? Even if I’d try to give up, I don’t think I could. It’s not in my nature to submit in the face of disappointment. In the end, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. I really am an idiot.”

d gray man + favorite character requested by @aatsushiis
allen walker requested by @nea-chi

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Do you have any art advice? Sort of like obvious tips that all beginners should know?

took me a while to think up some things tbh:

  • first and foremost, never give up (cheesy i know, but freal gotta keep up your motivation)
  • keep a folder of images that inspire you (they come in handy when you have art block)
  • check out Posemaniacs.com helps with anatomy and warmups
  • draw what makes you happy
  • when coloring try to avoid using black to indicate shadow (sometimes it works, but it can make the colors look muddy)

and thats all i got. 

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To try and cheer you up, I'm going to give you another one of my anonymous cute headcanons: imagine Fort Max with a bot s/o who has bad eyesight that can't be fixed. Imagine him cuddling them and describing the things they can't properly see. Imagine him holding their hands and walking them the places s/o needs to go. Imagine s/o one day looking up at him and saying "you're the prettiest blob of colors I have ever seen" and him melting on the spot. Imagine him loving this bot unconditionally :)


oh heck….

that’s so cute,,,im..

thank you anon ♥ Fort Max is a darling dear

And you are the sweetest sugar pea ♥♥♥

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I'm kind of new to this but what scents and colors does Loki like? I want to get a candle

My advice is that you go to your favorite local candle seller with your intent to find Loki something He’ll like in mind and see what colors and scents stick out, and give that a try. EVEN IF IT’S WEIRD. If you keep thinking, “yes, that’s right, I can’t explain why, but” just go for it. Loki seems to have some very wide and diverse likes when it comes to colors and scents (and stones and food and alcohol and … ), and sometimes people end up using something that no one else does, because He’s decided that with you, fluorescent yellow is The Best.

Some of the scented candles and incense I’ve used have been common Loki things (like cinnamon), but He’s also shown a keen interest in using some things with me I’ve never seen others mention.


So this is submission 1 (I will be attempting to submit as many as possible before contest deadline is up). I am actually really proud of this considering it has been a long while since I’ve done digital art. Chose to try to do “A “scared” minx on a transparent background” and here’s hoping that I did a good job. Thank you @metazensae for watching my stream and giving me a heads up of how things were going/tips :D and thanks Minx for being hilarious. I am also am “Interested in paid position” so there’s that. Streamed this and it took 2 hours, 1 hour for line work and flat color and the next hour trying to figure out how to color/highlight/shadow/make it look cool lol. OH and also I’m almost 30 and live in the USA. I think that’s all the requirements requested at submission? 

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Another crack: The chocobros going to one of those drinking and painting things and Prompto, with a low tolerance for alcohol, ends up painting next to nothing of what he was supposed to. Everyone else has these nice looking sceneries and shit while his is a bunch of mixed up colors in one big swirl.

Yes! (I so wanna go to one of those) so they’re all doing their thing, slightly tipsy from the complimentary booze, and they’re all having varying degrees of success. Ignis is doing good, Gladio’s looks alright, Noct’s is a bit messy, and… Prompto. Prompto is just away in his own fucking world. He tried, bless his heart, but he’s completely smashed. He’s trying to pretend that he’s fine, but when he devolves into giving the woman next to him relationship advice while fingerpainting a smiley face on the corner of his messy canvas, they realise that there’s a problem. Oh, Prompto, what are we going to do with you?


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

… … 

Knowing you had a huge chemistry test coming up, you felt pretty helpless. Chemistry definately wasn’t your subject. You’d never been good at it nor did you like it. Stiles and Lydia were the complete opposite. Even Scott was doing good in school even though he was a part time werewolf.

You sighed as you sat down in the cafeteria. The last thing you needed right now was to fail in another subject. You grabbed your book from your backpack, found some yellow, green and red magic markers and were ready to give studying a try.

“I’m SO ready for this chemistry test! Definately gonna nail this one!” you heard coming from behind.

“Stiles, shut up.” Scott laughed as they both sat down next to you.

“Can you guys please just give me some space? I need to focus right now.” you announced.

You continued highlighting the text in your book with different colors. Everything now looked like a childish painting which was not what you inticapated.

“What does the different colors mean?” Stiles asked.
He quickly looked through your book, flipping every page you had previously been highlighting.

“What does red mean?” he asked quizically.

You clenched your jaw and took a deep breath.
“Red means I have no clue.”

“But there’s only re-“ he laughed but immediately got cut off by a kick to the leg by Scott.

You sighed and gave it one more try. Every word in the book now started to look like it was written in another language. You didn’t understand any of it.

Taking a deep breath you tried focusing one last time. Three’s a charm, right? "Ugh, I give up! I can’t do this!” you shouted, rougly closing your book and slamming it into your backpack, “I don’t understand anything!”. 

Both Stiles and Scott now looked at you with double pairs of very wide eyes. They both turned to eachother in confusion, then looked at you freaking out.

“Woah! Easy, champ” Stiles laughed, “We’ll help you.” 

“Well-” Scott started. “I have to meet up with Deaton, but you can handle this, right?” he winked at Stiles. 

Stiles and Scott were now communicating in a very foreign face-expression-language type of thing. 

“U-uh, yeah! Sure, yeah, definately, bro. It’s not like I have a life or anything.” Stiles stuttered. “I-I mean not that you take away my life or anything. You’re practically my life… N-not like that, I mean, you’re not my life, but you’re part of my life. You know?” he continued nervously, trying to discretely play it cool.

It was the middle of the day and the Stilinski’s house was completely empty. Sheriff Stilinski was working, as per usual, and you had your free period, so you figured you might as well kill some time and head over to Stiles’ house.

“You want anything to drink? Soda?” Stiles asked, entering the kitchen and heading for the refrigerator. 

“No, thanks. I’m good.” you replied, taking off your shoes and coat. 

The two of you headed to Stiles’ room. You sat down on his bed and layed out all of your books and markers. Stiles’ room looked more plain than you had expected it to be. Blue walls, red bedsheets - pretty neat, to be honest. As your eyes searched the room you noticed he had a lot of pictures on the walls attached to several different colored strings. 

“Hey, Stiles. What are those pictures?” you asked, pointing at the wall. 

He grabbed a hoodie and walked over to the bed. “Oh, those? They’re just some investigations I’m working on. You know, werewolfy stuff.” he explained. 

You noticed the majority of strings were red, and only a few of them were yellow. 

“What’s with the colours, though?” you asked, shifting your position on the bed.

“Well,” he started as he crossed his arms, “green are solved, yellow means working on it, and red means-” 

“Let me guess, ‘I have no clue’?” you smirked. 

“Pretty much.” he laughed.

You both changed positions on his bed, getting comfy as you were about to start working on chemistry.

“…composed of four carbon atoms and two nitrogen atoms, the nitrogen atoms being in the meta-position.” you mumbled. “What language is this?” you yelled in frustration. 

You were clearly upset over this. The two of you had been studying for hours on and off. Being the impatient person that you are, didn’t quite make it easer for Stiles as well.

He grabbed your pencils out of your hand and closed all your books as he laid them down on the floor. You looked at him, wondering what he was up to now. 

“How ‘bout we take a break?” he suggested. 

You gladly nodded and Stiles proceeded to grab a few movies for you to watch. 

Halfway in, the movie was getting more and more intenste, and you were about to pee your pants. “Stiles, that guys looks like you!” you laughed, referring to Thomas from Mazerunner. He didn’t quite understand why but laughed it off.

After a while he stood up and went to go get some more snacks. You wrapped yourself up in his big, fuzzy blanket, when you heard a weird buzzing sound. Stiles phone lid up the room. The phone was lying right next to you and you were so tempted to check his phone. You knew you shouldn’t have done it, but you finally gave in and glanced over at the bright screen. 

Scott Mccall: Did you tell her yet? How did it go? Does she like you back?

Your jaw dropped as you read it, Your heart started pounding faster than usual and you felt little butterflies appearing in your stomach. Does he like me? Is he talking about me? So many thoughts ran through your head, but just as Stiles entered the room, you quickly covered yourself in the blanket again, pretending like nothing had happened. 

“What’d I miss?” he asked, getting comfertable next to you.

“Oh, nothing. They’re just running around, screaming and stuff.” you attempted to reply in a calm voice.

Another intense scene appeared and you qickly wrapped your arms around Stiles bicep. You could feel his big muscels flexing, trying to appear larger than they actuall were. You smirked to yourself, and slowly slid your hand down to his, intertwining your fingers into his. A smile appeared on Stiles’ face aswell as yours. 

“Stiles?” you quietly asked, “I’m scared..”

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders tightly and shimmied closer to you. You turned your head to Stiles and looked at his beautiful, brown eyes. You had never noticed how good looking he was up close. At least not an inch away from you. 

An immediate thought popped into your mind. Kiss him. You already knew he liked you, so why not give it a shot. Scott probably made up an excuse to leave you and Stiles by yourself, so he could make a move on you. The adrenaline rushed through your body. You had made up your mind. Sitting up a bit, you descretely moved yourself closer to him. You placed one hand on his cheek, caressing it, and slowly turned it towards you. Stiles’ eyes were glued to the TV and he was not paying attention to your actions at all. At this point, you were so close to his face you could feel the heat from his skin. You placed a long kiss on his lips, and noticed he immediately kissed you in return.

His eyes widened as you pulled away, unsure of what and why this had happened. You laughed at his confused expression. 

“I-I just wanted to try..” you explained.
You took a deep breath,“Stiles, I saw a text on your phone from Scott,” you told him, as he reached for his phone, unlocking it and seeing the text. His eyes widened in shock.
“I didn’t mean to look. I-I mean, I did, since I in fact did look, but I don’t want you to think that I’m snooping in on your private stuff. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Well, now you know.” he awkwardly laughed.

“Yeah..” you awkwardly smiled in return. 
“I like you too, Stiles.” you smiled widely, going in for another kiss.

Tag Thing

I was tagged by @thegreatficmaster , thank you Nini for not giving up on me. I know you have tagged me in several others of these as have other people, but life got rough. I will try to do these more often when tagged cause they are fun. :)

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Name: Cam

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Star sign: Taurus/Gemini

Height: 5′8″

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Green/Orange

Favorite Animal: Dragonflies and Dogs

Current time: 12:58

Cats or Dogs: Dogs but my kitten is working its way into my heart.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Dean Winchester, Wash, Kenzi

Number of blankets I sleep under:  4

Favorite Singer/Band: Too many to list. Currently strongly feeling The Spill Canvas and Chris Stapleton.

Dream Trip: Italy and/or Scotland/Ireland

Dream Job: Corporate Trainer

When has this blog hit its peak:  ???

Why did you decide to get a tumblr: Had Pinterest, found a gif (not these, but similar) of Dean drinking beer. Led me to a Tumblr profile, which led me to find fanfic and then a story got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone, so had to create an account and started writing.

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When was this blog created: September

Why did I pick my URL: Dean’s favorite things (all things that I rather enjoy too)

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I have a coupon for a haircut at Great Clips and I really wanna use it, but it’s only valid at one location, and even though I’ve not been to that particular location, everytime i go to one that isn’t “my” great clips, i end up getting a stylist who questions my decision in how short i want my hair. Like “oh, you don’t want it THAT short, do you?” And i have such anxiety about it because i know i’m fat and people always try to pull the whole fat girls shouldn’t have short hair thing, that i just give in and don’t get it the length i want.

“My” Great Clips, that’s a little out of the way in a swankier neighborhood, is staffed with younger people, two women with beautiful colorful tattoos, another with an undercut, a dude who wears DnD tshirts, and one of the ladies even thanked me for letting her give me a cute funky style because she’s used to rich old ladies who want the same thing ad nauseum (that was the best haircut of my life, btw, but i was dumb enough not to take pictures)

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Okay. Even though it’s the most ridiculous thing in the whole world, I am a huge fan of her regular costume. I am in love with fishnets so I’m so biased when it comes to them.

That being said, I think I would do something really simple and combine her regular costume and her new 52 costume. So she’d have a white button up with a red vest and a red bow tie. I would really try to emphasize a red, white, and black color scheme. I’d give her a tail coat with a red lining, and the sleeves would be rolled up on her arm and on her forearm, she’d be wearing the fishnet finger gloves that she had in the new 52. that’s my way of reconciling my love for fishnets and not totally sexualizing her.

For her bottom half, it would just be really simple leather pants and calf high leather boots, with no heels since…yanno, everyone agrees that doesn’t make sense at this point. 

and obviously she’d have a top hat with a red ribbon.


So this is done. 

I ended up putting waay more effort into this than expected, but it was a nice way of easing myself back into painting in photoshop.
Tried out a few different things here and I like the results.

I made sure to give it a removable background, and I think I’ll try making a shirt design out of this, since I haven’t updated my society6 account in ages. 



Probably should have nabbed more screens while working on the au ra one in the earlier parts, but hopefully you can see the basic workflow.

I use the same method for things with line art and use a hard brush + 100% opacity to make it look like there’s line art. 

One thing I try to work on, especially with simpler chibi pieces, is to shade with hue shifted colors. So using her coat as an example, just because it’s green doesn’t mean I’ll use a darker green to shade it. I ended up using a dark teal (or whatever that color is) but it reads as dark green in the finished art. Not really sure what advice to give picking the colors as I’m still a color noob myself, but play around and see how it works ^^

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Once you get this, please say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY💕

Spreading positivity and love is always a great thing!
1. My eyes. Always loved them and their color.
2. My ability to not give up. It’s not always easy, but I always keep on keeping at it.
3. I’m extremely hardworking especially with work or studies. I just got done grading papers and try to go that extra mile for my students. Since becoming a mom, it looks a little different, but I still do my best.
4. I can make a bed damn good. Hospital corners is where it is at.
5. I’ve had some pretty awesome car dances that I have been loving lately.