i give up trying to can

can you believe one saturday morning, even will come home from the nearest bakery with two fresh baguettes under his arm and as he’ll walk in, he’ll start playing la vie en rose by édith piaf on his phone, humming along. and isak, who will be sitting at their little table at which they share most of their meals, (that is, when they’re not eating on their bed as they watch tv, but they try not to do that too often), finishing an assignment, will look up from his computer as he hears the music, and his brow will furrow but he’ll still have that smile on his face he can’t possibly hide

and he’ll give even a look that both says “oh my god, who are you?” and “no matter the answer to my previous question, i’m so happy to be sharing this life with you”. and even will tell him “bonjour, isak” as he leans in and kisses his cheek, and isak will laugh a little, and he’ll reply “bonjour, even”. and even will put the baguettes on the table and take isak’s hand and tug him up, and isak won’t protest 

and even’s other hand will be on isak’s hip and they’ll slowly sway as the song finishes, foreheads and nose touching, and even will whisper to him “we should go to paris one day” and isak will smile and place a kiss on his lips and reply “we will”, because he hasn’t traveled much in his life and, really, isak would love to discover the entire world with even by his side 


word count: 1793

summary: Luke is touching you in a restaurant then y’all have sex lol 

A/N: THIS IS MY SMUT OR WHATEVER SO IF IT’S BAD I APOLOGIZE BUT I THINK IT’S ALRIGHT TO BE HONEST. Also if people like me and want to make requests for blurbs or fluff whatever you wanna see go right ahead I have ideas I’m kinda lazy though that’s why this one took so long but yeah! So if you want to give feedback and stuff go for it no pressure at all.

disclaimer: i’m focusing my writing for black girls/women of color so if that offends you then don’t read this please i make it pretty obvious that the reader is black. anyone can read this though i’m in no way trying to offend anyone! 

“Y/N, we’re going to be late because of you, again!” You ignored Luke as you strapped up your black heels. The bedroom door opened as Luke glared at you annoyed. Although you’re sure he appreciated how the red mini dress hugged your curves. You glared over, admiring how the black button up he decided to wear tonight was only halfway fixed.

“Did I ever tell you how amazing you look in that color?” Luke murmured, nibbling on his slightly chapped lip. “Only every time I wear red,” you chuckled back, looking in the mirror one last time, making sure your coils were just the way I liked.  As you strolled over to him, he intertwined his fingers with yours as the two of you left the apartment and got into the Uber he called.

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Harry and y/n are dating and they're in the stage where they're new to having sex and it's a game to see who had what kink?

 It’s probably late when the boys finish the show and you’re desperate to see Harry so you don’t wait for him to come backstage but go straight on the stage. It’s safe, because fans are already gone, even the camera guys and the security guards.

“Babe” he calls when he sees you and runs to you. “Did you have fun with Lou and the other girls?”

“Nope” you pout your lips, “Well, yes but i missed you and i didn’t really enjoyed Lux bitting my finger.”

“So you did have fun but you missed me and that’s why you didn’t enjoy the girls?”

“Exactly” you smile and give him a small peck on the lips.

“But you saw me an hour and a half ago” he laughs.

“I know” you look at his lips again and then all over the stage to see if there is anyone else. “But i need you.” you whisper in his ear then bite his earlobe. “I need you so much. My period is gone and i’m so desperate to have you in me. Or for you to touch me, or anything, just please let me have you for a little.”

“Okay, let’s go to the hotel room and i’ll think about it.”

“No” you grab his hand, “I need you now. I can’t wait.”

“But we’re on the stage, Y/N, someone can come any time and catch us. Absolutely no. This is an awful idea and you’re gonna regret it when someone sees your bare ass.”

“I’m not gonna regret it. And no one will come, you and the boys finished the show so no one has work to do in here.”

“And what about the cleaners?” he smiles, thinking that he’s gonna win.

“I don’t care. I need you” you whisper again then rub yourself on his crotch and moan. “Please, Harry, no one will find out.”

He watches you with an intensive look in his eyes and you can almost hear his thoughts. You know he’s struggling and about to give up and give you want you want so you kiss his jaw, then go down on his neck and grab his belt.

“Okay” he finally says, “but it’ll be quick and we have to be really quite.”

You smile thankfully and give him a kiss before you go down on his neck once again and start sucking at his skin.

“Wanted to do this so much” you say and lick the red spot, “You have no idea.”

“Babe, no” he moans, “don’t leave me a red mark, fans will go crazy and all the paparazzi…”


His hands travel to the back of your thighs and he lifts your dress. “Misses yeh so much too, babe. Those seven days without tastin’ yeh were a disaster.

“Want to taste me then?” you smile, thinking about the wettness in your panties.

“We have to be quick and quite. Remember?”

“We will be” you tell him, starting to unbutton his belt.

“Are yeh sure? ‘Cause every time i get down on yeh, you can’t stay quite, babe. You keep moaning loud and screaming my name. Someone will hear you.”

“I’ll be quite. Promise.”

“If you make any noise, i’ll stop” he warns you, “lay down.”

You do as you’re told and open up your legs for him. He gets on his knees and holds your thighs so you can’t move. You start trembling even from the start - when he takes your panties down your legs with his teeth, - and he smiles at how weak you are after a whole weak without his touch. 

“Sorry” you smile too, trying to calm down.

“Such a desperate little girl for me, aren’t yeh?” 

“Yeah” you moan, not really knowing if this is an aswer for his question or a urged for him to continue. “And i actually think i have a fetish for your head between my thighs.”

“Really?” he smirks, “And speaking of this… Do you think you actually have some kind of fetish for something.”

“Like… I think about your hands a lot… And your dirty talk… But i don’t really know about having a fetish…”

“Want to try something then?” he asks, smirking.

You already know you’re gonna regret this but you nod.

“Call your mom.” 

“What?” you can’t believe your ears, “R-right now?”


You take your phone from your purse and search for her number. “What do you have on mind?” you ask, not really thinking whatever he wants it’s safe. 

“Just call her.”

When he hears her voice trough the phone speaker, he licks your and start sucking at your clit, still looking up to you with a dirty glance.

“Hi, sweetie” she says and you can feel how he’s playing with you and pretty much enjoying it.

“H-hi, mom” you say and wait for him to continue but he looks at you, “Just wanted to check how your day was.”

He starts licking again, still holding your trembling legs. 

“Boring if i have to be honest. And yours?”

“Mine was boring too” you close your eyes for a moment and bite your bottom lip, “I waited for Harry to finish the show and now we’re in the hotel room, waiting for our food.”

“Can you give the phone to him, i have something to ask him about the concerts because your cousin Emily wants to go to that one in Las Vegas…”

“No, mom” you open your mouth wide, trying not to scream when Harry bites at your clit. “He’s in the shower and he’s really tired. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Okay, honey. I have to hang up now because your dad is calling me but we’ll hear tomorrow.”

“Yes, mom” you moan, not really quite, “Bye”

“Wait, what happend?”

“Uhm” you stare at Harry with a look which almost can kill, “I j-just hit my toe.”

“Oh” your mom says, but you can’t say that you convinced her. “Okay, goodbye.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” you ask him and put your phone somewhere on the stage.

“No” he laughs, “But if you want me to stop, i have no problem with that.”

“No! No, please, i need to cum.”

“Then tell me what fetishes you have.”

“I don’t know, i already… Fuck, yeah!… told you.”

“So… if you don’t like to be quite and pretend that you don’t get licked while you talk on the phone then what about sensory deprivation?”

“I-i don’t know what you mean, Harry, please continue, please, babe, i need to cum.”

“Just if you let me blindfold you.”

“What?” you furrow your eyerbrows.

“I’ll put my bandana on your eyes so you can’t see what i’m ‘bout to do”

“No” you shake your head, “I like to watch you taking care of me.”

“Hmm” he smiles, “Then what about switching roles?”

“Like… Me fucking your mouth?”

“Yeah” he laughs, “like that.”

You lift yourself up on your elbows and slowly move closer to him. You can see how your juices are falling down from his lips on your clit. 

“Should i-i…?

“Yeah” he says, “do whatever you want to.”

You move a little bit closer to him and he starts sucking at your clit again. Your fingers tangle in his hair, you take off his bandana and covers his eyes with it. “Are you enjoying it?” You slowly grind to his mouth.

“Yes, and i think i found my kink.”

“Blindfolding?” you ask and take ful grip on his hair.

He doesn’t say anything, just gives you a look and keep sucking and licking, slightly moaning because he can’t get enough of the taste of you. You don’t even have the chance to warn him that you’re about to cum when he bites at your clit and leaves you trembling and desperate for more. Before you can even take control of your breathing, he takes of his belt and pulls his jeans and boxers down. 

“I’m not sure you’re going to like this… Just tell me if something is wrong.”

You look at him, his knees are next to the both side of your shoulders and you have a close view of his cock.

“It’s alright, Harry, go on.”

He wraps his fingers around his red tip, precum on it, and takes a hold on your hair. “Is it really fine?” he asks again.

You don’t feel like convincing him for one more thing today so you take it in your mouth and starts sucking as he pulls in and out.

“You look so beautiful like this, Y/N. There’s something so erotic about your cherry lips. It makes me so horny watching them. And when you kiss me it’s always too hard not to get turn on.”

He starts trusting fast, not giving you time to prepare and you start gagging on him. Your hands travel to his balls and start massaging him, making a throaty moan slip of his lips.

“God, babygirl, i’ll never be able to take enough from yeh, won’t i?”

You takes his cock in your hand and start pumping as his head falls back down. “Come for me, daddy, let me swallow it like a good girl.” This drags him to the edge and he moans the loudest you’ve ever heard him, both of you forgot someone can hear you.

After he recovers from his orgasm, he kisses you thankfully and gives your butt a slight slap. “No one heard us, babe, we should celabrate it in the hotel room later.”

“Yeah. We should also take into consideration that i didn’t regret any of this.” you smile at him while he picks up your panties from the floor and puts them in his pocket.

“Can’t wait.”

why I love blunts when I'm feeling anxious or sad af

1. Just the rolling of the blunt can be super therapeutic on it’s own. no matter if my mind is racing or having terrible thoughts, I’m able to focus my attention on the blunt rolling for the next 2 minutes - giving my worrisome mind a lil break.

2. It stays burning which forces you to keep smoking (kind of, unless you don’t mind wasting weed lol). when I’m sad, sometimes I try loading a bowl and it ends up just sitting for hours with only one hit taken.

3. I feel soooo much better afterwards. Personal blunts are magical, I tell you wHat.

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how do you avoid mixing target languages together??

Hi! I do have a few tips on how to avoid mixing your target languages and they are:

  • If possible, avoid studying similar languages at the same time, for example two languages from the same language family (like Spanish and Portuguese, German and Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian, etc.) 
  • Don’t start two languages from the scratch at the same time but wait until you have a good base in one language before starting the next one
  • Differentiate when and how you study your target languages: you study language x in the morning and language y in the evening, language x with textbooks and language y with internet resources, language x at school and language y at home, etc.
  • Refine your pronunciation for each language and try to be as specific and precise as possible to avoid speaking language y with an accent from language x and vice versa
  • Use associations to help you get to the mental stage of studying or speaking the language: for example, if you are learning Finnish, you can imagine being in a snowy forest, enjoying the quietness, and looking up to admire the northern lights dancing above you
  • Don’t get frustrated and give up, forgive yourself for making mistakes and keep practicing, it’ll get easier over time 

I hope this helps, good luck!

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I was just trying to play with your imagination by using words fluffy victuuri because I am a loser who can't into AUs and have no ideas but enjoy AUs and your art, sorry for giving you no ideas but i saw words "very angsty victuuri" and panicked

Here’s some sketchy fluff just for you before I cry for hours writing this angst.

Issues- Part Seventeen


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Death, violence, and of course swearing! 

Word count-2,308

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Seventeen

Before I could open the door my body froze which caused Negan to almost knock into me from behind. Not that I would be complaining about that if he did.

Turning around to face him I opened my mouth but quickly shut it again. 

Unable to form the words spinning in my mind. How can I explain that I don’t want him to gloat at what was about to happen. Just because I wasn’t fighting him on it didn’t mean that I agreed with it, that I wanted him to to do it. 

Truth be told I don’t think he really wanted to do it either. I think he just did it because he had to, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be in charge for long and he wouldn’t be protected, he wouldn’t be able to protect all of the people who he does. Including me.

“What is it doll?” His face softened while I was stuck in thought “Just spit it out y/n” he always knows.

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Waaaah I can’t believe how fast my followers grew from I decided to have a giveaway at 100 followers to I now have 169 X__x so sorry for being a bit late! I can’t express how happy I am to see that people like my content ;v; I will try and keep up my work for you all!

So what will I give away! I was thinking since this is my first giveaway I will start with a Chibi as the once I have posted here before!

So for the Rules!

1. You must follow me to participate in the giveaway.
2. You have to re-blog and like this post! (Only one entry per blog)
3. No giveaway accounts!
4.  If you win please reply to me within 48 hours or I will pick a new winner!
(I will message the winner here on tumblr in PM)
5. I will choose the winner with a randomizer.
6. If you unfollow me right away after the giveaway you will not be allowed in future giveaways!

The giveaway will end the 12th of June 8 P.M CEST!

And for the chibi I won’t draw any super detailed armor or furry for that matter. (Ears and tails are ok) And if anything else I am not comfortable with is requested I will tell the winner xD

I think this was all and I wish you all good luck!  ❤ ❤ ❤


You don’t know my struggles. You can’t see the constant beat down my soul has taken from people, even my own family, body shaming me and bringing me down.
I am NOT perfect. I’ve dealt with insecurities about my lower half for my entire life. I still to this day can’t walk outside with out feeling scared and getting cat called.
This is a world when an insecure woman sees another woman trying to raise herself up she gets defensive and lashes out with things like “must be easy being body positive with a body like that.”
No. Just no.
I’m here and I’m confident and if 23 years of suffering and fighting for that confidence dosnt give me the right to post body positive selfies then I don’t know what will.
Thanks, bye.

Okay, what the fuck youtube? This might be me already in an attitude because of being woken up 4 times while I was trying to sleep… but what the hell is your obsession with shitting on fidget spinners? I have seen so many videos where the topic isn’t even ABOUT them, and there will be a side comment about how they are shitty and horrible. 

Can people get their heads out their asses for ONE minute? Like, can we just, as a people, not make fun of something just because they’re popular? Personally I don’t give a shit about them outside of the fact I’m happy that for the people that get use out of them it’s helping. I’m delighted it’s bringing a release to people with anxiety and helping with concentration. But when it comes to neurotypical people that use them? As long as they aren’t abusing them and making it so that people that NEED them can’t have them in class… Then I don’t see the harm. They are aids to some and toys for others.

Why the hell are people going out of their way to push in their viewers faces how ‘hip and happening’ they are that THEY haven’t falling victim to the appeal of spinners? If you don’t like them, if you find them annoying… ignore them. It’s really easy to do. Why are you going out of your way to make people feel bad for owning a fucking TOY? Not only are you being a fucking douche canoe to people for enjoying something, you’re also making the people that use them feel ashamed for it. I don’t throw words around easily, and I’m sure these youtubers don’t mean it… but dammit, they’re being ableist. 

Seriously, instead of being annoyed just be happy that the popularity is making these available to the people that need them. Because usually things designed specifically for people with disabilities cost way too much money. And honestly? The negative behavior is just reminding me about how everyone made fun of snuggies when those too were originally designed for people in wheelchairs that have a hard time putting coats on.

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My editing sucks so much and then i look at urs and my jaw drops to the floor 😢

There is hope for everyone, trust me 😂😂

Just dont give up and be patient when practicing. Also dont try too much to be as good as someoe else.. it can be frustrating. Just make your own thing and with time you will see, it gets better and better. Everyone starts somewhere.

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I wanna believe Ali can be AD. I wanna believe Marlene is that clever. One big reason that could point to a liar (Ali!!!) being AD: AD calls aria & asks about what the liars talked about. They have no way of confirming, but if AD IS a liar, they could confirm yes they said that and know aria is on their side (or coming to it/pretending whatever). Because how else does AD know they can trust what aria says??? She coulda made literally anything up.

I definitely see the logic there. But at the same time, what type of villain would AD be if they don’t at least ask for some info? They have to at least try. And whatever Aria gives her, they’ll take. But yeah, I see your point.

Something new
  • Hey guys hope everyone is having a good day! I thought I might try something a little different and ask you guys for suggestions for peeing myself and then I can write about it. I'll pick the ones I like, and don't worry I'll still have my own accidents and all that, I just think this could be fun and change up what I post maybe. If I don't pick yours please don't feel bad or hate me lol. I think it'll be easier to do the ones I like instead of trying to do them all. At the end I'll say who suggested it to me so you'll know which wettings were suggested. You can always give me suggestions, there's no time frame for this.

I’m trying to make things beautiful again, because I’m sure that at one point I could look at the leaves on a tree and be inspired.

I’m trying to make things painful again, because I’m sure that at one point I could look at the belt on a waist and be horrified.

There are so many daily monsters and obscenities in this world. But nothing bothers me. Not even cutting myself hurts anymore, if it ever did to begin with, so I gave up.

There is a life beyond the extent of my mind, a life beyond my memories. But I’m stuck in the past, trying to feel something resembling childhood, and therefore missing the feelings of an adulthood. Trying to receive motherly and fatherly love that I was never given.

I can give off the vibe of sentience to others but I’m dead inside. I call my smiles compulsive lying. The warmth that comes from my soul, that fireplace we roast marshmallows on in the serene scene of winter snow that floats down our window type of warmth, that so many people seek in me is a falsity to hide a starving dog in the icy cold that was trained to comfort the rich or lose it’s legs.

You taught me fear. You taught me survival instinct. You taught me how to hear strange noises that don’t exist whenever I’m too calm because my mind will no longer let me believe that I’m safe. Maybe you didn’t intend for me to learn those things but I did.

Maybe you did all the things you did to me out of love. And hell, if that changed anything. Wild animals are calmer than me.

How can I let you know that you did damage?

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I'm gay&not everyone knows because we live in a super conservative area so this new friend of mine-we became good friends-doesn't know&we were talking the other day about lgbt things &I told her I'm gay. She said "good, so you'll eat me out one day?" I told her no fuck you and then left. She kept texting me "I'm sorry, didn't mean to be rude" I said our friendship is over& 4 days later she came to see me& was tearing up/apologizing. I said I forgive u but we can't be friends anymore. Am I wrong?

You’re not wrong, it depends on your point of view of things.
Personally, I believe that you’re being too harsh with your friend, since she apologized and went after you after she did something wrong. It’s normal to say things you don’t mean. Maybe she was just trying to break the ice. Who knows? I’d give her the benefit of the doubt. I’d try to be friends again and watch her for the things she says. But it’s up to you, and it’s totally ok if you don’t want to be friends anymore.

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Alice I'm starting to feel like what if I'm not supposed to be a writer? During the day I'm always looking forward to being done with homework so I can go write, but then I'm too tired to do it or I have no ideas or I try writing a short story based on a writing prompt but I hate it and give up. I've always thought of myself as a writer but except for a couple of novels I wrote when I was younger I haven't written anything. I wish I did write more though... but I don't know how to start

There is no such thing as ‘supposed to be’ because that implies that fate is real, which it isn’t. You either want to be or you don’t. If you want to write a story, do it, if you don’t, don’t. You can’t force yourself because you’ll just hate it if you do. But it also sounds like you’re trying too hard to be the sort of writer that you’re not - write what you want to write, don’t pressure yourself into writing prompts and stuff like that. Take time to form some ideas before sitting down and thinking you have to come up with a storyline on the spot.

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do you do poly! relationships? if you do can I request for woozi and seungkwan and reader. thank you!! (btw, are you new? I'm loving your blog ❤)

i’ll try, altho ive never done one before so it may suck sry;( and thank u so much, yes i am !! :~)

  • seungkwan is always the first to get up in the morning and will deliberately wake up u and jihoon by singing at the top of his lungs
  • jihoon has a shorter temper than u so will wrestle seungkwan onto the bed which is cute .. until he starts strangling him and gives him very serious death threats
  • ur the one who insists on making breakfast and jihoon and seungkwan are always endearingly supportive of ur cooking skills even when u serve them black sludge
  • “well it’s nutritious at least”
  • neither of them like losing which makes monopoly the bane of ur relationship
  • and both of them hate when u call them cute but will always call u cute instead
  • seungkwan and jihoon practice songs together w seungkwan singing whilst jihoon plays piano and harmonises, looking so in love w each other
  • and for real .. its the most beautiful thing in the world
  • theyll try to get you to join in but tbh ?? u just love to sit and watch with the biggest smile on ur face
  • jihoon will teach u piano sometimes which is just an excuse for u to sit in his lap
  • u never actually remember what he teaches u because ur too busy focusing on ur close proximity and how he moves ur fingers up and down the piano
  • honestly ?? seungkwan will get a bit jealous and try to steal u for the rest of the day
  • lots forehead kisses !!! nose kisses !! tight hugs !!! cheek poking !!
  • u always plan romantic date nights but end up splayed out on the sofa just cuddling instead
  • u all love each other and take care of each other so much. everyone is jealous of ur relationship

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a huffie cuddling with a gryffindor would be like: the gryffindor tickling the huffie while they are trying to focus on one of their hobbies, or taking a nap, or ending up lifting the huffie and throwing them onto the bed mattress to continue the tickling session until the huffie gives up trying to resist it, followed by a cute but rising passionate session of kisses. uwu (im not sure if we can send you hcs like these to share? im sorry if we cant tho 🙏 )

Yeah that would probabaly be exactly what would happen! :3 I can imagine that being the cutest couple!

(And yeah you can :) Sometimes I won’t be able to post them if I’m clogging up my blog with too much writing though. Need a good balance between pics and text lol)

I’m sorry that all those ppl still send you ship-asks ;;;;; I’m gonna try to cheer you up a bit and show u ur bday present since I can’t hold it back anyway;;;

it’s okay!!!!!! i think it’s over now thnk da l0rd

but AW MAN!!!!!!! IW ASN’T EXPECTING THIS??? UR MAKING AN EDIT………… OF ME?!?!?!?! (or well jjinomu) THAT’S SO CRAZY even im too lazy to even do that but i cant believe u did it AAA I LOVE THEM!!!!!! thank u omg my birthday is too far zoomzoom december when will it come

THO i’m gna give u a hint on some details about that character hehe they have a lil mole under their left eye that i always forget to draw for some reason but OTHERWISE AAA CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they’re also supposed 2 be portrayed as a 6 year old child but that’s a detail that’s not important too hehe)

i can’t believe ur making me that’s insane im so shook dude  
i am so cheered up i feel very happy and idek why but this is such a nice thing??? bless ur soul i’m going 2 finally have a persona-model aw sik