i give up on this movie


a post from @sanathequeen made me realise that these four scenes established the mains’ biggest plotlines/drives

The first one is Eva, alone, seeing on social media how much everyone is having fun without her ➡️ her need for friends

Second one is Noora contemplating the fact that she might have been raped ➡️ confronting old traumas and fears

Third one is Isak looking up for Even’s favourite director and by doing so giving us the first explicit R+J reference (there was the slowmo on Radiohead before but those who haven’t seen the movie would not have gotten it) ➡️ his need for someone to love him for who he is

Fourth one is Sana working on the russebuss and “how to succeed” ➡️ her need to become (what she thinks is) a “typical” Norwegian and how it is slowly seepping into her home Muslim identity

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Omg. So i was watching this horror thing and it freaked me out a bit, so couls you do like a reaction where reader has been freaked out after watching something scary (something with jumpscares that can scare literally anyone) and they go to their s/o for comfort and the feeling of safety from them? Tysm

REACTION: How would the boys react when you’re still scared after the horror movie is over?

Jin: “I know how to cheer you up.” By that he means he’ll continue to tell you new dad jokes he’s yet to try out as well as his dramatic monologues, paired with his best funny faces. He’ll have you laughing so much you’ll forget the movie ever happened.

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Yoongi: “You know that stuff isn’t real, right?” He says that but he’s more than willing to leave the lights on for you or keeping you right by his side so you aren’t scared anymore.

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Namjoon: Gives you a million reasons on how the stuff that happened in the movie would never happen in real life.  “It’s complete nonsense, Y/N.”

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Hoseok: Agrees that it was an awful idea to watch the movie and now you’re both jumpy and scared but he keeps insisting he’ll protect you.

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Jimin: Keeps insisting that none of it is real while trying to comfort you at the same time with cuddles and ignoring the fact that he jumped a few times as well. The main reason he’s not as scared as you is that whenever he knew something horrifying was about to come up he’d look away from the screen. Cheater.

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Taehyung: “Aw you big baby, it wasn’t that bad.” Expect alot of cuddles and teasing. He’d pretend like he was leaving you in the room alone until you kept begging him to say. He’d find you so cute when you were practically attached to his hip.

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Jungkook: Swears he’ll punch a ghost for you

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Relationship status: I love my chickens and my chickens love me, so all is good in the world~
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I only own like one lipstick and that’s only because my mum bought it and then immediately decided she didn’t like the colour anymore and gave it to me .-.
Last song listened to: SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) XD Lol, only because my bro and I were discussing it earlier today :P
Last movie watched: Uhhh, ‘The Road to El Dorado’ and ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ ^ ^ I was at my neighbour’s place for a movie night and she and her friends hadn’t seen either. If you haven’t seen ‘The Road to El Dorado’ you are seriously missing out!! My bro and I love it so much we could probably do a two-man reenactment of the entire thing. Go watch it now!!
Top three fav TV shows: Hmmm, three random picks from many: ‘Shadow Raiders’‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Westworld’
Top three fav characters: Again, three random picks from many: Naru Kotoishi (Barakamon), Draco Malfoy (HP) and Yuri Katsuki (YoI).
Top three ships: Again, again, three random picks from many: Hakona (AnY), Kyo x Tohru (Fruits Basket) and Anna x Cas (Anna Dressed in Blood).
Book I’m currently reading: *glances at the 10+ books on her nightstand* Yeah, a lot ( .__.)

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I lie in bed every night and I play our relationship over and over again in my head like a movie. We meet. We fall in love. We can’t stop ourselves. We’re meant to be. I give up everything inside me and then it stops. The movie just stops. I don’t know how it ends. It’s just me waiting for a house in Vermont that I can’t live in and a man who makes me promises he can’t keep.

she’s finally able to see how the movie ends.

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Hello^^! May I request an Iida scenario where he's been dating his s/o for a while but they haven't kissed and his s/o has been trying to make the move but all of their efforts result in Iida getting really flustered and kind of avoiding the situation (but they do kiss in the end), please? :) P.D: I really like your blog! Your writting is awsome! :);)

Sure thing lovely! =) I very much hope I could write this well enough! And thank you for your kind words, I will keep doing my best to learn and improve!

Iida shifts to give his partner a bit more space on the desk, while they pull their chair closer. They have a laptop propped up before them and are ready to look for new movies they can watch later this evening.

Feeling their hand touching his free one, Iida gives them a warm smile and entwines their fingers. His partner leans closer, their cheek resting on his shoulder.

He feels warmth unfurling in his chest and can’t help but give their hand a small squeeze. Before he can turn back to the laptop though, his partner straightens a little again. They look him in the eyes and shift closer.

Iida feels his face heat up, though while before he felt like it was too much and he had to step back, this time, the closeness sets his heart to race in anticipation rather than nerves and he swallows.

His partner’s free hand comes up to gently frame his face and they lean in the last bit of distance, giving him a light, chaste kiss.

Iida feels any sort of nervous tension leave him in a rush and he tilts his head carefully to kiss them back, his skin prickling and tingling.

When they break apart again, he feels a grin spread over his face as he leans his forehead against theirs, his chest light and warm.

Help me Out

So I have many *many* fic ideas and I need help trying to figure out which one to do first. Please help me by sending me the number of the one you want me to finish first (after Routine Part 5 of course)

So here are the ideas.

1) Eliza x Reader: When the reader gets bored in class, they doodle on the same paper that they shove into their desk when the class is over. One day, they get a drawing back. (Modern/High School AU)

2) Usnavi x Reader: All the events in your life leading up to your wedding. (In The Heights)–there’s a lot more to this but if I say anything else it will give it away–

3) Anthony Ramos x Reader: Reader is an old friend of Anthony’s from when they were in In The Heights together. Both are cast in the new In The Heights movie, and are reunited. @linmanuclmiranda knows what i’m talking about 😘

4)Jordan Fisher x Reader: (In the Heights AU) Reader comes back from college to see that most things have changed both about themself and their home. But then they see Jordan, they find themselves going back into their old routine. They miss their home too much and don’t want to leave, but Jordan has to convince them to go back even though it kills him.

5)Peggy x Reader: The reader and Peggy are together in the mall, holding hands and kissing, like any other couple, when someone harasses them for doing so. Angelica and Eliza come to their rescue.

please please PLEASE tell me 🌹

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What are you thoughts on possible season 5 of aos? The cast is having a fancy wrapping party and Chloe announced she will be starring in some new kind of series..I'm kind of getting worried :/

i am by no means an expert on predicting things, but i think that aos will probably be renewed for a fifth season, and that season 5 will be its last. since the new inhumans show is coming out this fall (i think), they will try to do some crossovers with that (hopefully) and that will hype up both shows and give them both better ratings.

also, the new project that chloe is working on i think is a movie, so it really shouldn’t interfere with aos’ filming too much. if they don’t film the movie over the summer or when aos is on a hiatus, they might just make daisy not be in a few episodes in s5 in order for chloe to film the movie.

so again, i think it’s likely that we’re going to get a new season, but we can never be 100% sure until abc renews it

We just made a weblog!!

WHATS UP INTERNET???? Im George, this is Harold, and were coming at you LIVE from Piqua Ohio!!!

My dad just got a new computer so he set up his old one in our treehouse!! I think he meant to disable the internet thingy… but we’re not telling him that just yet! 

Anyway I think the inbox is open, so go ahead and send us stuff! Questions, prank ideas, pictures of dolphins - we dont care!!

so what button do i press now? is it this o

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If I were dating you, I would set you up on the couch surrounded by comfortable pillows and plushies, giving you the remote so you can choose what we watch together while I finish off cooking a nice dinner for us and would bring your plate and favourite drink to you in your comfort mountain. I'm not exactly sure how you'd juggle a plate, utensils, drink glass, and remote all at the same time, but maybe I'd set up a folding table for you within reach so you can give your hands a break :)

Yes!!! We’re watching horror movies or like titanic or kill bill or something. give me all the soft shit. My body is ready for this.

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up until a few days ago i haven't watched Kingsman, nor have I even known about Taron Egerton. then i watched the movie Sing and absolutely fell in love with the Johnny's voice, which made me look into his voice actor, then i watched Kingsman, and now there going to be Kingsman II and im so weak, and your posts are giving me life rn omg... but yeah i fell in love with Taron and Kingsman cause of a gorilla

That is literally the best way to come about it. Doesn’t Taron have the most beautiful voice? I haven’t had a chance to watch Sing yet but you bet I’ve listened to his songs far too many times.

Welcome to the fandom! It’s both wonderful and kind of overwhelming that you came in right at the trailer drop. But as you can see, we are all beyond excited and that we love our spy boys and that we have all collectively up and lost our cool over this less than two minutes of content.

Enjoy your stay! This is literally the best fandom I have ever been in <3


the man from uncle: gaby & illya bts  vs  actual  scene

Interviewer:  The dancing slash wrestling scene. Is something like that completely improvised or did you have to choreograph that?
No, it’s completely improvised that’s why it’s so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed it.


Nɪғʟʜᴇɪᴍ Tᴏᴏᴋ Yᴏᴜʀ Hᴏᴍᴇ.
Nᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ Wɪʟʟ Eᴠᴇʀ Cʜᴀɴɢᴇ Tʜᴀᴛ.


get to know me meme: 1/10 movies ~ harry potter series 
“seventeen, eh! six years to the day we met, harry, d’yeh remember it?“ "vaguely,” said harry, grinning up at him. “didn’t you smash down the front door, give dudley a pig’s tail, and tell me I was a wizard?" "I forge’ the details,” hagrid chortled.”

How to deal with losing interest in your language class:

As a student in a higher-level French and who is self-studying two other languages, I know for a fact that taking a foreign language can get stressful and overwhelming. To learn a ton of grammar, humongous amounts of vocab, and to know how a mind in another culture works, it can get super hard sometimes. All that stuff that goes into learning a foreign language can make it super easy to get burnt-out. And we’ve all done it. Trust me. But, it’s okay, my dude. We’ve all been there. It sucks, but you’ll get over it. Here are some tips how: 

i. take your time 

Listen, my dudes, it can be so difficult to learn a foreign language and you should already be proud of yourself for doing so!! Even in a fast-paced class, you should take it slow and make sure you don’t beat yourself over not getting it in perfect time. Language takes practice, and sometimes we don’t get it as fast as we want it. it’s okay. 

ii. ask questions/talk to the professor

Are you totally lost? Tell someone. It could be a classmate, a native speaker you’ve befriended, or your instructor. Either way, I highly recommend you talk to someone if you’re stuck on a specific concept or feel unmotivated. You sometimes need a boost from a study buddy in your target language. 

iii. remember why you’re studying

My go-to method for when I’m having a bad day in French or I’m just not getting something is simple. I simply ask myself: “Why am I doing this?” No reason is not good enough for choosing to learn a specific language. Learning languages has its benefits and even if you just like the sound of it is reason enough to learn it! Trust me, I have no incentive for learning my target language. But I love it, and I refuse to give it up when it gets difficult. 

iv. study on your own 

To be honest, this is super super important anyway. You absolutely NEED to practice a language on your own, whether you feel like it or not. Without some practice, you’re going to feel completely lost in class sometimes. You can have fun with this too: take this time to familiarize yourself with the culture more. Personally, it’s always helpful to watch movies in French or listen to music in Spanish. I learn to enjoy my target language more and to have fun with it!

v. take a break

We all get unmotivated sometimes. Yeah, language learning takes a lot of work, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and refresh a little. Focus on other schoolwork or maybe find something new to occupy your time. Being burnt out on learning a language sucks, I know, but sometimes it’s best to ride the wave a little bit. 

YOI Skaters As Things I Have Done
  • Viktor: Collapsed in the hallway because my friend wasn't paying enough attention to me, spent hundreds of dollars on a gift for same friend, and pissed off a bunch of my other friends by declaring said friend as my favorite
  • Yurio: Accidentally kicked one of my friends in the head, then laughing when she got pissed
  • Yuuri: Woke my mom up at 2am because of all the racket I was making in the kitchen while stress baking cookies
  • Christophe: Showing my friends photos of my boobs because "don't they look so good in this photo?" and getting the response "your boobs are fantastic"
  • Phichit: Keeping a folder of all the ugly selfies my best friend has ever sent me to give to her future boyfriend
  • Mila: Picked up friend and ran to PE because "your legs are too short to keep up with mine, either buy roller skates and hold onto my sleeve or let me carry you, we don't have all day"
  • Georgi: Sent my girlfriend at the time 500 seconds of snapchats in under 10 minutes before she woke up and then continued to send more after she woke up
  • Sara: Gave an hour long lecture to one of my best friends who I consider to be family on gender roles and why I generally dislike men who aren't fictional that some how turned into me listing reasons why girls are beautiful and I Love them
  • Michele: Have given the same two pieces of dating advice to one of my friends for years, "dump him" or "give me your phone, I'm going to fight him"
  • Emil: Hugged one of my best friends for over an hour, actually it was closer to two, I only let go when I fell asleep
  • JJ: Talked for a full hour about how hot I am to one of my friends and then after a few minutes of silence, whispered "oh god, I really hate myself" and then curled up into a ball and cried
  • Minami: Consistently terrifies friends with shrieking flying tackle hugs from behind, screams of terror usually ensue
  • Seung-gil: Robotically wrote the Bee Movie Script on the classroom board when we had a sub, "Do you have work you are supposed to be doing?" "Yes." "Is this it?" "No, do you have any more questions?" "I- uh, no, I guess not."
  • Guang Hong: Texted someone that if they messed with my best friend I would brutally murder them and then followed up with blushing emojis and flower emojis
  • Leo: Listened to the same song on repeat 12 hours a day, for over a week, until I could hear the song playing in my dreams
  • Bonus, Coaches + Teachers:
  • Yakov: Some how became the mom friend despite the fact that I can't even take care of myself, "I swear to god if you skip physics oNE MORE TIME", "Do your homework, I know where you sleep", "Oh for fuck's sake, come over to my house, I'm not going to listen to you bitch for weeks because you didn't want to disinfect your cuts"
  • Minako: Was running a high fever during my physics final to the point where I was fading in and out of consciousness, and aced it
  • Lilia: Developed a reputation for having terrifying kicks after I realized that the men in my karate class couldn't hold back their punches if they were too busy avoiding getting nailed in the balls
  • Celestino: Refused to stop smiling and laughing for a full day, actually got kicked out of class because I laughed so much