i give up i'm so sleepy

look guys I’m so fucking excited about the idea of a malec “waking up together” scene but istg if magnus has makeup and/or perfectly styled hair in said scene I’m suing the showrunners

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“So I guess we’re not getting up early to line up for brunch?”

The reason why I stayed up so long is because when my mom and I go to see Beauty and the Beast I can fall asleep :/….

Phanfic: So kissable

Title: So kissable
Genre: So fluffy you’ll sue me
Word count: 653
TW: Swearing and I think that’s all?
Excerpt: “You woke me up at four in the morning because you wanted to kiss me?!”
A/N: I am terribly busy therefore I spend my time writting fluffy drabbles. Anyways here you have some sleepy phan fluff.

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Here is my completed road trip spread! I hope you will give this and the uncompleted road trip spread some love <3 I really like the way this turned out and I hope you do as well. Right under the word “Adventure”, I tried underlining with a mildliner but it smeared and so I tried covering that up. I don’t think it turned out too bad. :3 Thank you! Please enjoy and anticipate! :P

Y'all, I’m kinda scared though. I mean they’re giving us EVERYTHING we asked for. Hawely left, No more Henry, Katrina is evil and broke up with Crane. GRACE DIXON and Abbie MEETING. Season 1 vibes again. I mean, they’re practically on hands and knees begging us back at this point. The desperation is intense.

Then we get an epic hug on top of all that?

*heavy breathing cat* I’m so excited for Monday but I’m also scared I might have a emotional breakdown. I can’t handle this! I haven’t been this anxious about something in forever. PLEASE RENEW SLEEPY HOLLOW & SAVE A LIFE, FOX

Sleepiness is so pretty. I mean, that soft, vulnerable state of being not all the way awake, rumpled and kind of heavy.

Give me Sam rubbing at his jaw with his fluffy, disheveled sleep hair, blearily stumbling around the bunker on a half-blind but familiar quest for the coffee maker.

Give me Dean in that dead guy robe, hiding his bare legs and his old man slippers, his hair sticking up every which way and his stubble a little more grown in as he follows his nose to the kitchen where Sam has coffee brewing.

Give me those boys sitting across from each other in pretty, sleepy, comfortable silence while they sip their coffee, table small enough that their knuckles almost brush where their hands are wrapped around their mugs, small smiles creeping in as the caffeine wakes them up.

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i was falling asleep in class today and it got me thinking of sleepy sterek cuddles do u like sleepy sterek cuddles charlie

buddy, i’m so here for sleepy sterek cuddles

i’m so here for stiles yawning widely and shifting, ending up pressed against derek’s side. and derek brings his arm around him and pulls him close, lets him cuddle in and fall asleep with his head resting on first his shoulder and then his chest, while derek gently runs his fingers through his hair and maybe touches down his back, earning him small and happy sighs

i’m so here for derek suddenly finding it hard to keep his eyes open, so he moves to rest his head on stiles’ shoulder, claiming he’ll only close his eyes for a second but ends up falling asleep. and stiles just smiles, brings him closer, and lets him sleep like that

i’m so here for the two of them making themselves comfortable on the couch, maybe under a blanket, and putting on a movie that neither of them see much of. not because there’s much smooching going on, but because both of them fall asleep while cuddling because they’re just so damn comfortable like that

i’m so here for stiles being in the middle of something on his laptop and derek coming to sit in his lap, wrapping himself around him and resting his head on his shoulder, nose pressed against his neck as he breathes him in. and it happens so often that stiles doesn’t react much, only brings up a hand to give derek some head petting as he falls asleep on him

i’m so here for late night cuddling just before they fall asleep, maybe some lazy kissing included but not necessarily. they’re just enjoying being so close together, so close and comfortable

yeah, i’m here for sleepy cuddles any day

Remember Me

Parts - I - II - III- IV- V - VI - VII

 The past few weeks have been exhausting to say the least. Gail’s been running around town - meeting up with way too many people - almost as if in a hurry to get out of the force. You can see that ever since Gail heard the news - she’s been dying to get out. The urgency to do so though - painful, desperate - as if she were trying to wash off something that was scarring her.  You can’t help but feel helpless. There’s nothing much for you to do but offer moral support to Gail whenever she needed it. It’s a blur to you - it must be an even bigger blur to Gail - meeting up with officers who were her friends - their sombre farewell to Gail, all of them promising to meet up at least once a month at the Penny.

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I feel like the deportation issue is what’s gonna give us that kiss
Knowing Crane, his sole focus will probably be on helping Abbie heal while tackling the monster of the week. And the episode will end with them showing up at their door (HOLY SHIT WHAT IF DANNY COMES even though the FBI doesn’t handle that type of shit) but Crane is Abbie’s symbol in a physical form, so she can’t lose him then BAM I’m a mess on the floor