i give up i can't find the source

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A while ago you had an ask come in which basically said that anti-kin always use plenty of sources, but otherkin never do (and when they do, it's just links to tumblr blogs). But. I just can't find any sources at all. Do you have any good links that oppose otherkin? I've been trying to find them for a year by now...

Yeah man. If you actually give me a bit to process that I woke up today at a good time I can do a little hunting lol. I know at one point way before that specific ask, when we used to answer things intelligently and not shitpost, I had made an entire master post of sources. Some of you guys might remember it including squirrlygirrly

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Hey bro I could really use some help. i'm compling a list of resources to give my parents about trans things (I'm ftm) and I need a lot of good, reputable, and preferably scientifically-backed-up sources. However, every dang website I've been on is all "Transgender people don't need dysphoria", which is obviously NOT HELPING ME CONVINCE MY PARENTS TRANSITIONING IS A MEDICAL NECESSITY AND NOT A CHOICE, and I can't find sources. Can you help me? Props is they're not on tumblr, they hate this lol.

Honestly, I think that Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide is pretty good on covering a lot of transitioning stuff.

Other informative (and relatively unbiased sources) I found include an article from the American Psychiatric Association (though it does include some ze/zir stuff), the passage about gender dysphoria from DSM-V (it starts on page 283), and here is a study (it’s a PDF file) that found certain similarities in the brains of transsexuals (mtf and ftm) to cis individuals of the corresponding genders.

I hope this helps, anon!

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where is this from /post/165582202113/jinkook-backhug ? thx u

hello anon, it’s from mnet’s bts comeback show~ Sadly, I screen recorded the part so i don’t have any link to give you and i’m not sure if there’s an upload of the whole video as well ;;A;; If anyone has any video source please feel free to comment on it!~