i give up i always forget how to coloring ):

Under the cut is a massive list of lyrics from Gregory Alan Isakov. I was making a list of lyrics from The Stable Song, The Moon Song, and Words for my own use and decided to round up a bunch more. I like my para titles short and bio lyrics long, so I tried varying lengths. The longer ones can obviously be trimmed, as well.  These lyrics can be used as para titles, blog titles/descriptions, on biographies, on graphics, for inspiration, etc & all that jazz. It’s a long list, but please like/reblog if you found it useful! 

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One thing I hate about social media is how you always see things but you’re never prepared with how to deal. Chester Bennington’s suicide has me so fucked up right now. Being a black girls loving the alternative and grunge scene as much as I do doesn’t come without judgment and some side eyes. Musicians like Chris and Chester made you feel like you belong.. No matter who you were, what color you were, religion, whatever.. I’ll never forget my older brother giving me the Hybrid Theory album. I listened to “Crawling” every single day on my walk to and from school on my CD player. I’ll never forget how the words just felt so right. Like everything I wanted to say but never could was written down and sung for me.. Its a painful feeling to hear that he’s gone. I know what its like to want to kill yourself because someone violated you. Feeling like a shell of a person every single day no matter how any reasons I had to be happy. Chris and Chester’s music was and still is the soundtrack to my life. I was about to purchase my tickets to his show that they were having at the venue by my apartment. It would of been my first time ever seeing him live. I just wish he knew that he had fans out there like me who followed everything he did. Who hung to every word he sang. I just hope he’s at peace finally. Maybe if I ever get to heaven, him and Chris will play me a song.

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how would you say your overall high school experience was? Going to be a sophomore this year! Freshman year was sorta shitty but I hope this year is better?? Also how do you recommend staying organized?

I definitely think sophomore year was my hardest year! Study but don’t overwhelm yourself because you won’t remember anything if you freak yourself out. Color code your notes! Relating a color to a fact/definition gives your memory a second way to remember it. 

As for organizing, I always use binders. One binder for two classes and separate notebooks. Sometimes I just put things in folders and forget about them so every Sunday I clean up my loose papers and organize them to their proper section. I also have a homework folder, so during each class when we get the assignment I put it in one folder that I go through when I get home. I also keep long assignments, like an essay or project, on the LEFT side of my homework folder so I don’t forget about it.